but they still take the time to do flirty marriage banter

Haters: you only ship SwanQueen because they are two women together. Shouldn’t any lgbt pairing make you happy? That is what you want isn’t it?

Me: shouldn’t any hetero couple make you happy? No a simple pairing between two women will not make me happy because it isn’t what I want. What I want is a beautiful story, well written and well developed and that is what SwanQueen is all about. You ship CS for god knows what reason but I’m not gonna get into that now. I ship SwanQueen because I see potential, love, care.

I see Regina and Emma, friends and mothers to their son. I don’t want them together because they would look hot tho that’s certainly a plus but that’s not the main reasons. I’ve seen them fight each other, seen one of them try to kill the other, I’ve seen them hate each other. Then I saw them trying to change while the other one believed she could. Saw them grow, making many mistakes on the way but still never once did they turn away from each other.

I saw them go through the rough patch and came out victorious. Saw them as they worked together to save THEIR son. I saw them win the battle and in the process saw a friendship starting to blossom. I saw one of them give up their happy ending so that the other could have one with their son. Saw them hurt when their son couldn’t remember his other mother and saw as the other comforted her and told her everything was going to work out. I saw that friendship grow as they worked together to save the town.

I saw as that friendship almost crumbled because of one mistake the other made. I saw as said person didn’t give up on them and tried her hardest to protect that bond they’ve worked so hard for. Saw as the other gave in because in all honesty she didn’t want that bond broken either. I saw one try to comfort the other through a heart break.

I’ve seen them sacrifice themselves for each other, the ultimate sacrifice being one sacrificing their whole being into darkness just so the other could be happy because they couldn’t stand the chance of watching the other being unhappy once again. I’ve seen as they fought that darkness, seen as one of them never gave up on the other because she understood what it was like to be the one filled with darkness.

And now I’m seeing them once again work together to save the other’s ungrateful, useless boyfriend. And after seeing all that, all the hell they’ve been through together I’ve fallen in love with their story. I want to see them realize that they have feelings for each other.

I want to see them as they act awkwardly because of the realization when they are around each other. I want flirty banters and one of them seeing the other staring at them and they look away while blushing. I want them to hug, to
Initiate contact just because they like having the physical reassurance that they are there and because it gives them a sense of safety.

I want to see how one asks the other on a date. How they both nervously look for the right dress to wear. I want them to shyly complement the other. Then the goodnight kiss at the end of a wonderful date. I want to see them share secret smiles, meaningful glances -more than the ones they already share- and more dates.

I want to see the other ask like actually ASK not just assume because of the dates and goodnight kisses at the door. I want see one ask the other to be their girlfriend. I want them to share their first night together and for it to be clumsy and full of nervous giggles at the beginning. Then I want to see the morning after, see one of them wake up and realize who’s in their bed and smile brightly at the thought. I want them to share their first breakfast with Henry who rolls his eyes at the giggling and sharing of food.

I want to see them cuddle near the fire, one drinking wine and the other a beer. Want to see them share meaningful stories whether they are sad or happy. I want to see them taking care of Henry as a couple. I want movie nights and date nights and family dinners where Regina pretends that a night at the Charmings isn’t what she wants to do but she and everyone else knows she secretly loves to spend time with the idiots because they are friends but most importantly family.

I want to see their first fight as a couple and then see how they make up. I want stupid arguments that end up in Regina saying ‘you’re an idiot’ and Emma responds with 'your’. I want family vacations, road trips, family night with board games or video games. I want to see one of them propose to the other preferably Regina because I want to see her ask for Emma’s hand in marriage.

I want wedding planning with a craze snow and a very out of the loop charming because he has no idea what is happening around him. I want to see him walk Emma down the aisle and see Henry give his other mother away to the one at the altar. I want to see their honey moon. Want to see them expand their family either with a magic baby or adopting. And while all that is happening in their lives I want to see them also battling for the safety of the town together like they always do but not just as friends.

I want a story. SwanQueen story. So no two random women put together as a paring will not do for me.

The 100 prediction game: pre trailer

I was tagged by the lovely and most insightful @mego42 in this, and I am probably going to sound a little bit like an echo, but let me just say WHERE THE FUCK IS THE TRAILER?

that is all…


1. Bellarke kiss (How it happens is irrelevant) - yes/maybe So I think we either get a heavy implication of a kiss about to happen, or we get a full on kiss. But here’s my thing, I don’t think the aftermath of the kiss (their first kiss, not their last) is going to go over all that well. More on that later. 

2. Octavia love interest in season 4: No I… really don’t think so. I have some faith in Jason still, (come on man, don’t let me down) and the girl who lived under the floor for 16 years deserves to do a little independent soul searching. Let her fall in love later, when she’s older, and good and ready.

3. Ice Mechanic romance: Maaaaybe. To be fair, I don’t have strong feelings either way on this ship. I look forward to their banter? I could probably get behind a sassy Raven and Roan romance in which they end up hooking up because they’re mocking Bellamy and Clarke behind their backs but…. I also would just enjoy their friendships.

4. Rasper romance: Maybe Here is where I get in trouble with my friends, because I’m actually fine with Rasper? I see the tropey downsides of it for sure, geeky guy gets with the amazing, beautiful girl, but I think Jasper is a long way from where he used to be. He’s grown a lot, he’s been through relationships, and loss and scene the ways he’s been a dick, chosen death, chosen not to give up even when it all feels hopeless, and I think he can come out the otherside in s4 stronger. S1 showed he could at least support Raven in her genius, even if he can’t match her, and I think the whole s1 quote about “not how I want to be loved” is important for Raven too. She’s had to forcibly give up a lot in the last year, I think the symbolism of her choosing someone who understands her pain but in a different form, also chose to alleviate their suffering and came back from it… Idk guys, I’m just saying. I think it could work.

5. Kabby get married/proposal in some form: No Boning? Hell yes. But marriage? I just don’t think anyone is going to be like “ok we’re defining ourselves as x or y or z. I don’t think it fits in their universe right now. I think instead we will see support, love, loyalty and sacrifice. 

6. Clarke will fall in love with one of the new characters: lol come on. I won’t necessarily rule out hooking up. But no.

7. Monty/Harper will stay together for the season: Yes, give them both some love please @ god and the writers

8. Miller/Bryan will stay together for the season: Unless Brian dies of his leg wound, I don’t think they’ll break up. They’re going to raise chickens guys. Chickens.

9. John/Emori will stay together for the season: If anyone touches a hair on Emori’s beautiful head and effects my rights to see her beautiful smile I will personally be coming for them, along with Murphy. So in a word, yes.

10. Minty romance will come up like Cinderella to take the prize: There were some interesting hints a Minty in 3a so….. maybe? but like….. I don’t know how?

11. Other: I also will get flack from @storyskein for this but like…. I can potentially see Bellamy and Echo having a sex thing, but not an emotional thing. I don’t think it’ll last, but I see it as possibility and not as something that would make bellarke impossible. Bellamy and Clarke could honestly both of a ton of casual sex and at the end of the day still be each others.


1. Kane dies:  …yes
2. Abby dies: please no
3. Echo dies: Yes
4. Bryan dies: No
5. Jaha dies: No (with his contract? lol no)
6. Luna dies: Maybe
7. Indra dies: Don’t make me watch this
8. Other: Write down names who haven’t been mentioned in 1-6. Meg mentioned Monty. Please don’t take him away. Roan too, maybe

Plot - Who is initially on Team “Fight” / “Give Up”?

1. Clarke: Fight
2. Bellamy: Fight
3. Raven: Fight
4. Jasper: Fight
5. Monty: Give Up
6. Kane: Give Up
7: Abby: Fight
8: Roan: Fight
9: Luna: Not Applicable
10. Jackson: Fight 
11. Octavia: Doing her own thang, screw the world, screw your teams
12. Murphy: Fight
13: Harper: Fight
14: Miller: Fight
15, Other: Name another character, not yet mentioned, who will have a strong stance one way or the other critical to the plot.
Emori: Fight
Bryan: Fight
Indra: Fight

Plot - Miscellaneous:

1. Roan becomes the new leader of the grounders: No, Not a nightblood, not an universal ground ruler

2. Luna becomes the new leader of the grounders: No, too prettily put together. I think she’ll have a say in things, and an opinion tho.

3. Bellamy will be willing to give up his spot of the “lifeboats” for someone more “worthy”: Yes, but in true Bellamy fashion

4. They will either: Find/given the boats or build their own?  Listen…. when @storyskein gets around to posting her thoughts, then you’ll know what I think.

5. One of the missions is to shut down a nuclear plant and they manage to do so? Maybe for the sake of drama and tension and bellarke worrying about each other and their friends, possibly.

6. Are we going to see any historical landmarks? (bonus for guessing which ones) Please.  Remnants of the White House would be dope.

7. Other: Write down a plot scenario not mentioned which you think will happen.  

  • Octavia forming new relationships outside of skaikru and trikru before she comes back to her people
  • Contradicting my last point, a major break down of us vs them to become “all of us” (especially interested in this with Bellamy)
  • Another station from the Ark? Maybe?
  • Nicholas Cage, if we can trust the writers instagram, is actually immortal and the true leader of the Grounders.

Plot - Bellarke:

1. Will Bellamy cut Clarke’s hair? Lol I wish. But not actually. I don’t think it works for where they are right now. 

2. Will Bellarke share another hug? Sorry, have you been watching this show? Unless one of them dies in 401, then yes. Even then, there would be a hug.

3. Will Bellamy say “I need you” in some form to Clarke? see above

4. Will we get a shirtless Bellamy and Clarke staring at him? Absolutely not. At most, maybe a sneaky glance, but full on staring, nah. I do think we will see a reestablishment of bellarke being snarky and flirty together, coming back to that initial attraction we saw in 108 and 109, as they have more time together, but not in this way. Mouth staring? Hell yes.

5. Will both either get on the lifeboats or stay behind? @storyskein WHERE YOU AT. (at the end of the day, with the lifeboats)

6. Will either of them open up about their feelings to someone else? If Yes, to whom?  Someone is getting called out. My money has for a long time been on Monty, coming from behind, as the one to do it. No, he doesn’t have Murphey’s snark, or Roan’s sideeye, but he knows Bellamy and Clarke in ways others don’t. He was Clarke’s guy in s1, he was there at the MW control room, he saw bellarke say goodbye and he was Bellamy’s guy in s3. Monty’s gonna spit some truth and I am going to love it.

7. Other: Write down a Bellarke scenario not mentioned which you think will happen.

Ok ok ok, so I just want to put this out there. I really do think we are going to see bellarke have a moment that’s going to devastate us. I think we’re going to see Clarke reach out for physical comfort, not in a demanding way, but in a way she thinks they both want. I think at most we’re going to get a kiss out of it (maybe) and then we’re going to hear a very painful, very final sounding conversation where they agree they just can’t. 

And this could be for any number of reasons: “There’s not enough time.” “I/we still have to heal.” “I can’t think about you like thati(read: I can’t physical and not have it be more)”. Even: “This isn’t us.”

And they’re going to agree and I promise you, we will all panic and think that bellarke is dead, that Jason has ruined our ship and we are over. But then, guys. But then, from that sidelined, given up potential, from their teamwork and the ways the get each other when no one else does they’re going to come back. That physical attraction I talked about earlier? That’s going to come back in their quieter moments around the fire at night, when they have time to be together after a trek to a power plant. When they convince each other to join a party after working to hard. 

I think they’ll be a mid season something that makes them question that reasoning that they can’t be more in a big way, and by that point, they’re going to have reestablished their friendship and their banter and their trust and their attraction and everything that makes them them. 

As Bob said, their relationship needs to be “addressed and readdressed”. 

I’m tagging @storyskein (because PLEASE), @thelovelylights @velvet-tread @nataliecrown and @raincityruckus. And anyone else who wants to get in on this.

CARYL Are Relationship Goals

CARYL might not have a traditional relationship label YET, but that doesn’t mean that their relationship isn’t already defined with some very common ‘couple-like’ troupes that ultimately give a lot of insight in to what Carol and Daryl ‘together’ are and what they could easily be in the future. 
Essentially what I am saying is that there are a lot of things that Carol and Daryl already do for and around each other that alludes quite heavily towards a true on-going relationship. 
There is an air of intimacy and comfort when they are together that suggests closeness and emotional freedom, which is normally reserved for on-going romantic relationships. 

Especially on television. 

When you take into consideration that Carol and Daryl are two characters whose history, experiences and personality, all suggest that they would be the least likely people to both initiate and achieve emotional attachments, the fact that they cared enough about each other to TRY and maintain a close bond for so long, alludes that what is being nurtured between them is something people rarely achieve in their lives. 
It’s one of those once-in-a lifetime kind of connections that are literally life-changing in ways that MATTER. 

Carol and Daryl in no uncertain terms changed the kind of person they both are today! 
Their social and emotional fate were directly influenced by each other’s presence and that TRUTH reflects in the traditional 'couple’ attributes they are already mutually showing on screen. 

Let Me Show You What I Mean; 

They are both PROUD of the person they’ve changed into and how far they’ve both come from the beginning; 


They are both PROTECTIVE of one another emotionally and physically; 


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