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“Kiss Me” Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,293

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request: Could you do one where you’re not super tomboy but you don’t usually wear “girly things” and to go undercover you have to wear a short black dress, basically what happens is a lot of tight spaces with you and dean and some accidental rubbing against each other here and there and it ends with some good smut where he basically just hikes up the skirt of your dress and you realize how convenient dresses can actually be 

Warnings: Smut, language, lots of sexual tension, unprotected sex

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“There’s no way in hell you’re going.” Dean shakes his head, not even considering the idea of you going on the case with them.

“Come on. You’ve been training me for months now, besides it’s not like we’ll be doing any actual fighting. It’s a goddamn dinner party. All we’ll be doing is socializing and stealing that dumb bracelet.” You argue.

You had been living with Sam and Dean for a few months now. They’ve been training you to be a hunter, but refuse to take you on any actual hunts yet. They keep saying that you just aren’t ready, despite kicking ass in training. Tonight they were supposed to be going to some fancy dinner party/auction at some fancy collector’s house, and you were desperate to go along.

“What if something goes wrong, huh? What are you going to do then?” Dean questions, obviously getting frustrated.

“Then I can be a helpful asset to the team! I know what I’m doing. I’m getting training from the best hunters in the country.” You beg.

“Dean, she has a good point. She’s going to have to start somewhere, and this is probably the best place to do that. The chances of anything going wrong are slim.” Sam defended you.

“What, both of you are going to gang up on me now?” Dean rolled his eyes. “Fine, you can go. But if you get hurt, I get to tell you that I told you so.”

“Ah!” You say in excitement. “Thank you!”

You’re not sure why Dean is so protective over you. You’re only a few years younger than Sam, not too big of a deal. You can take care of yourself. But ever since you moved in with them, Dean has been overly-protective of you, and honestly, it could be a bit much. You feel like he treats you like a little, helpless girl instead of the woman you are.

“But, those clothes are a no. You’re going to have to wear a dress.” Dean pointed to your outfit.

“I hate dresses. What’s wrong with my clothes?” You frown. You were wearing ripped skinny jeans and a flannel, nothing too fancy, but you wouldn’t consider it ugly. You like your clothing, even if it’s not the girliest.

“There’s nothing wrong with them,” Sam interjected, staring down Dean. “This event is just really fancy and we have to fit in.”

“I don’t even own a dress.” You realize. “Or heels. Or anything fancy, for that matter.”

“Guess you can’t go on the case then.” Dean sighed dramatically.

“You wish, Winchester.” You roll your eyes. “What time is the event?”


“I’ll be back later.” You glance at the clock, seeing that it was almost one in the afternoon. You definitely had time to run to the mall and grab some stuff before tonight.


A few hours later, you returned to the bunker with a few shopping bags in each hand. It had been a successful trip- you managed to find a relatively cute but not expensive dress that had matching heels, and also some earrings.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you carry shopping bags in your life.” Dean commented as you walked past them to go to your room.

“There’s a first for everything, right?” You shoved a couple bags in his arms, making him help you bring them to your room.

“You know, I’m not trying to be mean. I just don’t want to risk you getting hurt.”

“Dean.” You set the bags on your bed, turning around and looking at him in the eye. “You don’t have to act like my big brother. I’m okay. I can take care of myself.”

Dean looks at you, seeming like he wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut.

“I’ve got to start getting ready, so…” You trail off, implying that he needed to leave.

“It’s only four. It starts at seven.” He raises his eyebrows.

“Uh, trust me, girls take a long time to get ready. Now, get out.” You laugh, playfully shoving him out the door. He raises his hands in surrender, and closes the door behind him.

You are determined to look good tonight, to go all out. You rarely ever dressed up, hence why you didn’t have any nice clothing. This was probably the last time you’ll ever dress up as well, you hate dresses, so why not make the most of it?

You started out by taking a shower and making sure that you used your favorite body wash that left a good scent on you for hours. You normally only used it for when you were going on a date, but this is a special occasion.

You then blow-dryed your hair and curled it, which was a nice change from your usual ponytail you typically threw it in. Next you applied makeup, which was also a nice change from the bare face you normally sported. You have clear skin and decent eyelashes, so you didn’t think you needed makeup on a day to day basis. Tonight, you were rocking a smoky eye and red lip combo, thanks to the YouTube tutorials you had watched. You attempted to put on fake eyelashes, but they were a complete fail so you just went without them.

The last thing you did was put on your dress. You looked in the mirror and admired yourself once it was on. Man, is that dress sexy. It was a tight, bodycon style that stopped just below your butt, showing off all the right curves of your boy. Paired with the black heels, you looked good.

You were about to grab your purse when you hear a knocking on your door.

“Y/N? It’s almost seven, we’ve got to-“

You interrupt them by opening the door, revealing both Sam and Dean standing there. The reactions of both of their faces are priceless. Sam raised his eyebrows and glanced away, doing his signature nervous gulp. Dean, oh poor Dean, he didn’t know what had hit him. He couldn’t look away. He had never seen you look so… Good.

“You can take a picture if you want.” You tease, walking past them. They both cleared their throats and watched as you walked past them, not moving a muscle.

“You know, boys, we’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on it.” You say.

“Yeah yeah.” Dean mumbled, rushing to get to the impala.

The ride there was uncomfortable, to say the least. You couldn’t sit in the backseat since Dean hadn’t cleaned it, and you didn’t want to get anything on your dress. Sam was entirely too tall to sit back there, and there was no way in hell that Dean was letting either of you drive. So, that left you to be in your current predicament- squished between the both of them in the front seat.

Sam was polite enough to try and scoot over as far to the door as possible, which was nice. You had some room, but you were still basically attached to Dean on the hip. Your thighs were touching and your shoulders were bumping into each other, and no one said a word the entire ride there.

When you finally reached the house, you couldn’t be more happy to get out of that car. You stepped outside of the impala, enjoying the feeling of the warm summer air hitting your skin.

“How are we going to go about this?” You asked them, leaning against the impala. You couldn’t exactly go inside without a plan.

“The bracelet is inside one of the upstairs bedroom, inside the top drawer of one of the dressers. We’ll socialize for a little bit, whatever, and then I’ll excuse myself to the bathroom and go find the bracelet upstairs. You and Sam can keep watch downstairs.” Dean directed.

“Okay, sounds like a plan.” You say. You link arms with the both of them and walk inside the house, which was absolutely beautiful. You’re enchanted by architecture and all of the collections spread about the house. It was something out of a movie.

“Grab a glass of champagne. Fit in.” Dean whispered to you, not looking at you as he waved to a person across the room. You took a glass from the table behind you, taking a small sip as the person Dean waved to came over to the three of you.

“Hello! What brings you guests here today?” The man asks, all smiles. He must be the owner of the house.

“Just very interested in seeing what you have up for auction today, Sir. You have lovely collections.” You tell him, putting your charm on.

“Why, thank you!” He smiles.

“So, why don’t you tell me about some of these pieces? I’d love to know more.” You lie, hoping to keep the man’s interest long enough for Dean to sneak upstairs. It wasn’t exactly the plan, but it would work. You shoot Dean a look, and he gives you a thumbs up, and you can see him dash away upstairs.

“This piece of art work I got from Venice, isn’t it lovely?” He pointed to a painting.

“Yes, it certainly is.” You pretend to admire it.

He keeps on talking, and at some point you zone out. You look back over to where Sam was standing, hoping to see Dean standing there, but he wasn’t back yet. Odd.

You glance over to the other side of the room, and two men in bodyguard suits are talking, grabbing your attention. They keep glancing over to the stairs and over to Sam, and your heart drops. They must be suspicious.

“Excuse me, sir, but I am going to have to get back over to my friend. Thank you so much for telling me about the history of your painting.” You rushed. You didn’t wait for him to respond while you went over to Sam.

“Sam, those men are onto us. I have to go get Dean.” You say from a few feet away so the men don’t think you’re talking to him, so they think you’re just grabbing another glass of champagne.

“I’ll go.”

“No, they are already staring you down. You take one step and they will follow you up there. They haven’t noticed I’m with you yet. I have to go.” You turn around, taking a sip of the champagne.

“Be careful.” Sam whispered, not daring to look at you.

“I will.”

You walk upstairs, making sure the men don’t notice you. They’re still watching Sam, thankfully. When you get up to the top, you see Dean standing in the hallway, closing one of the doors to the rooms.

“Did you get it yet?” You asked, running over to him, which is difficult in heels.

“No, there are so many goddamn rooms in this house, I’ve still got like five more rooms to check.” He says. “Why are you up here?” He questions.

“People are onto us. You need to hurry.”

Just as you say that, you can hear people walking up the stairs. You grab Dean and pull him behind one of the columns, just to where you two were out of sight to anyone walking in the hallway. You admit, the two of you were in a compromising position. He was leaned up against the column and you were pressed up against him, your head against his chest.

He goes to say something, but you press you hand against his mouth and raise a finger to your lips, indicating that he needs to be quiet.

“I don’t see anybody up here. You’re just being paranoid, Seb.” You hear a man’s voice booming from down the hallway. The voices trail away as well as their footsteps, and you peek your head around the corner.

“We’re clear.” You whisper. Your bodies are still pressed together, and Dean looks down at you, you feeling his hot breath against your skin. His eyes are sparkling and his arms are wrapped your waist- you admit, he looked really good.

“We, uh, we need to find the bracelet.” You say nervously, pushing yourself away from him.

“Right. The bracelet.” He nods, following you back into the hallway.

“I haven’t checked this room yet.” Dean points to a door, and you follow him inside. Just like the rest of the house, the room is absolutely beautiful.

You walk over to the dresser, pulling open the top drawer. A shiny bracelet with a blue stone in the center of it was set on top of a pillow, almost begging to be taken.

“This it?” You hold it up to Dean.

“Yes, thank god.” Dean shoves it in his tuxedo pocket.

You footsteps approaching the room, along with the same man’s voice from earlier. Panic fills your chest and you freeze. How are you supposed to explain this if they walk in? You can’t exactly just be like, ‘Hey, yeah we were stealing your jewelry. Excuse us.’

“Dean, kiss me.” You say.

“Wh-“ He begins, but you cut him off by pressing your mouth to his. He kisses you back immediately, sneaking his arms around your waist and bringing you into the same position you were in at the column. The door to the room opens, and you and Dean pull apart.

“Oh, we’re terribly sorry-“ The man apologizes, blush filling his cheeks.

“Yeah, you should be.” Dean snaps, and the door closes. The two men outside start mumbling and then they walk away.

“That was-“ Dean looks at you, an expression you can’t quite read.

“Yeah, fuck, that was close. Good thing I was here to save the day.” You joke.

“Yeah. Close.” He breathes heavily.

“We should leave now. Before someone realizes its missing.” You start to walk out the door. Dean is silent as he follows you back downstairs. Sam has a relieved look on his face when he sees the two of you coming back unharmed.

“I thought you were both screwed when I saw them go upstairs.” Sam says, the three of you walking back to the impala.

“Yeah, we came close to getting caught. They opened the door while we were in the room grabbing it.” You slide into the car, back into your uncomfortable middle seat.

“How’d you manage to get out of that one?” Sam looks shocked. Dean grunts, and sits down to your left to start the car. His hand landing on your thigh doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Said we were looking for the bathroom.” You lie. You’re not sure why you just lied to Sam, but the feeling of Dean’s hand inching up your thigh was not a feeling you ever thought you’d get from Dean. Sure, he’s attractive, but you had never really thought of him that way before… Not until tonight.

The drive back to the bunker was ten times more uncomfortable than the drive there. Dean’s hand never left your thigh, but the minute it would get to the hem your dress, he would bring his hand back down to your knee, repeating the process. Your breath was hitching and you were sure that you were soaking through your underwear. If Sam noticed what was going on, he never said anything. He just kept his eyes focused on the window the entire time.

The minute you got to the bunker, Sam shot out of the car and went to his room, looking uncomfortable. Oh, he knew.

“Y/N, we have to talk…” Dean sets the keys down on the kitchen table.

“Look, it was just purely for business-“

“No, it wasn’t. You felt it, too. And I could tell how turned on you were in the car.” Dean walked up closer to you, pinning you up against the kitchen counter. “Remember earlier today when you told me that I think of you as a little sister?” He fiddled with the hem of your dress.

You nodded, unable to form any words.

“You couldn’t be any further from the truth.”

He smashed his lips against yours, his kiss full of lust and need. He lifts you onto the counter, not breaking the kiss as he lifts your dress up past your hips, revealing your black lace thong.

“This is pretty.” He says, and he brings his head down to your lower area. He takes your thong between his teeth, bringing the lacy material down your legs and onto the floor.

It was the most erotic thing you’d probably ever seen.

Dean starts planting kisses up your legs, starting from your calves and stopping right at your upper thigh.

“Dean, please, stop teasing.” You breathe out, desperate for more.

“Be patient, baby girl.” He mumbled against your skin, and finally his lips pressed to your clit. You moan, the feeling of his tongue on you radiating throughout your body. He enters a finger inside of you, making you moan even louder. You clamp your hand over your mouth, but Dean reached up and moved your hand.

“Don’t. I want to hear you.” He smirked, entering a second finger. With the rate he was going, you weren’t going to last very long.

“Fuck, Dean, I’m going to cum.” You’re a moaning mess, and he picks up his pace. You clench around his fingers, coming around him. Dean removes his fingers and puts them in his mouth, licking them clean.

“You taste so sweet.” He gets up, giving you a deep kiss. You’d never had a man kiss you after eating you out, but man, did it turn you on even more. Or maybe it was just Dean.

You brought your hand to his pants, palming his hard erection through the clothing. He groaned, and you started to fumble with his belt. Sliding it off, you pulled down his pants and his boxers in one motion, leaving his hard member in your hands.

“Damn, Dean.” You commented. He was perfect. He positioned himself with your entrance, and entered himself slowly.

“Fuck,” Dean hisses, throwing his head back in pleasure. He starts to move at a faster pace, the only sounds in the room being both of your moans and skin slapping together.

“I’m going to cum again,” You tell him, the pleasure you’re experiencing being more than any you ever had. The man knows what he’s doing.

“Cum, Y/N, cum on my cock.” Dean says, and this brings you to your second orgasm. The feeling of your walls clenching around him made Dean reach his orgasm as well, his warm spurts filling your insides.

“Holy fuck.” Dean breathes out, pulling out of you. He grabs a towel from the drawer beside you, wiping the two of you off.

“That was…” You trail off, unable to find words.

“You were great.” Dean tosses the towel across the room, it landing right in front of the laundry room. You hop off the kitchen counter, and Dean hands you your thong.

“Sam’s gonna be pissed you just used a nice towel.” You laugh. You slide your underwear back on, and you pull your dress back down your body.

“Worth it.” Dean smiles at you, kissing you once more.

“You know,” you pull away. “Dresses are way more convenient than I remember.”

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Can I have BTS reaction when their girlfriend follows them all day, doing aegyo to ask for their dick ('cause she wants it so bad) 😂 thanks!

BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Doing Aegyo to Ask For Them:


Jin had been busy for the past two weeks which meant the only contact you two had was strictly phone calls and occasional video calls. So when he had finally come home, it annoyed you that he decided to spend this time home cleaning or doing other house chores instead of spending time with you. He wasn’t ignoring you but you wanted to have him and he just wasn’t getting that. “Jinnie~” You cooed for the millionth time that day, giving him the cutest pout you could muster. The older male had caught on to what you were getting at but he found entertainment in letting you drag on. Moving closer to him, you locked eyes with him, that pout still plastered on your lips “You’ve been home for three days already and you haven’t touched me once.” With one last attempted, you squished your cheeks together. “I want you Jinnie, pleaseeee~” Jin chuckled, his heart already won over. “Anything for you, princess.”

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Something about him just never ceased to turn you on, from his sunshine like personality, his radiating smile, and the way he stole everyone’s attention when he danced. You found it hard to control yourself around him and it didn’t make it better that you knew just how amazing he could be in the bedroom. That dancer body of his sure knew how to work. He had dance practice today and you had tagged along, maybe being a bit too clingy if you had to admit it. You watched as he worked for hours, every hip thrust and body roll caused your cheeks to flush hues of red. “Hobiii” You called out, dragging out his name with a smile. His body came to a pause, chest raising and falling rapidly, sweat running down his face, even in this state he was perfect and it was just eating at you. “Yes?” With a smile, you pulled him over to sit. “Don’t you thing you deserve a little break?” You asked with a cutesy grin, your fingers softly trailing up his arm. “I guess, maybe i can just sit down for a few minutes.” You frowned and shook your head. “That’s not what I meant Hobii~ I think I can help you relax.” With an arched eyebrow, he looked towards you, a smirk on his lips. “And how are you going to do that y/n?” You laughed softly, creating a heart with both of your hands. “With my love, of course!” Though you tried to act cute, your eyes spelled out lust more than anything. “Then, show me how much you love me.” Hobi said lowly, opening his legs while shooting you a wink.

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You felt as if you were being annoying but you didn’t know any other way to get what you wanted. Yoongi had been stressed out with work, you had been frustrated beyond belief and so intimacy was something the both of you could use. Now you just had to get him on the same page. You had been attached to his side, constantly trying to get his attention. “Yoon-” Your voice was quickly silenced as he began to talk. “Look, y/n, can you please stop being so fucking clingy? I have a lot of work to do and you aren’t making it an easier on me.” His voice had some bite, your facial expression falling into a frown. He had never spoken to you that way and you wanted to believe it was because he was stressed out but you couldn’t help but take what he said to heart. “I just thought we could both use some ‘us’ time.” You murmured, eyes prickling with tears as you tried to hold them in. His heart ached as he realized the situation and immediately regretted his words. “Y/n, I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean any of that, I just haven’t been in the best mood lately.” He looked up at you with an apologetic yet straight face. “What do you wanna do?” He said with a sigh, your cheeks turning red as you thought of your answer. “You, if that wasn’t obvious enough.” 

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

You had tagged along with Namjoon and the rest of the boys as they went place to place filming different interviews. You enjoyed watching the energy all the boys had while speaking about their love and appreciation for their fans and work. But you always kept your eyes on him. You loved the way he always included all the boys even when questions seemed to be directed towards him. He was such a great leader and person overall, you couldn’t help but think how lucky you were to be able to call him yours. As the day went on, you couldn’t help but be turned on by his mind, the way he thought and the answers he gave that were always wholesome and well thought. It didn’t help that he was definitely serving looks like nobodies business this particular day. As you guys traveled from place to place, you never let his side, maybe even being a bit too clingy but Namjoon loved it. It wasn’t usual that you were this latched on so he was just sucking it up, being equally as clingy to you. The lingering touches, the way you were only calling him by a nickname, your cute faces and actions. “Babe, you seem different today. Is something up?” He murmured to you as you all stepped out the car to walk into the next building. Your eyes met his as you gave him a tiny shrug. “I thought it was pretty obvious what was up, Joonie~” You cooed gently back, biting your lip as you parted from him so the boys could set up for their next interview. You sat behind the camera, watching as the interviewer threw questions at the boys. With a smirk, you puled out your phone, sending Namjoon cute yet naughty messages. He felt his phone vibrating but ignored it as he didn’t have the time to check his phone. Your eyes met with his before you excused yourself form the bathroom. There you snapped a quick, suggestive picture, underneath reading, “I need you, Joonie oppaa~” A you walked back in quickly,pressing send and watching as he finally took out his phone in curiosity. His thumb quickly scrolled through each message, his eyes widening as he got to the last one. He couldn’t believe you had sent that kind of picture while in a public place. He looked back towards you with an amused expression before mouthing the word ‘home’.

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Jimin had been home for a few days, resting as he was finally given a break from all their promoting. You guys had finally been able to spend time together, the days had consisted of lame movies, cuddling, snacks, and just quality time overall. But it had been a while since you guys had been physical and you didn’t really know how to bring it up to him. “Jimin.” You cooed softly as you guys sat on the couch, laying your body across his lap. “Yes, y/n?” You looked up at him with a pout, your hands playing with the fabric of his shirt. “I’m bored, why don’t we have some fun~” Jimin looked down at you, his face obviously in deep thought. “Well, we can go out and do something?” He suggested, causing your eyes to roll. He definitely didn’t get what you waned. You sat up, straddling his lap as you looked into his eyes. “I want to have fun here though.” You whispered, nuzzling your nose against his cheek as you pressed your body against his. “M-maybe we can find something around here to do but their isn’t much but the tv.” You chuckled, leaning in to leave tiny kisses on his face hat trailed slowly down his neck. “I want you Jiminie~ We can have fun with each other.”

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Saturday had rolled up and luckily Taehyung had a day off. You had wanted to spend the day with him but the weather had something different in mind. Due to the downpour, you and Tae were imprisoned in your home. You didn’t let this ruin the day though and instead went on a quest to pamper your boyfriend. He had been working late hours, coming home beyond tired, so today you felt he deserved to just stay in bed and rest. Tae noticed this care and accepted it with open arms, wondering how he had gotten so lucky. You started with breakfast in bed, making all of his favorites and presenting it to him clad in one of his oversized shirts. You knew he loved when you wore his clothes and you could see already that he was happy. As the day went on, you continued to tend to him, making him lunch, cuddling up to him, even giving him a much needed back massage. “Y/n, I don’t think I could thank you enough for today.” Taehyung murmured as you guys laid in bed, your body encased in his arms. “Well, there is one way.” You murmured, flashing him a large smile as your hand slowly trailed down his body to his waist. Tae’s eyes widened slightly before he gave you a knowing smile. “Ah-” You cut him off, standing up from the bed. “How about me and you take a hot bath Tae Tae~?” Within seconds, he was up, dragging you to the bathroom.

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You had Jungkook had been dating for a while and of course the talk of taking the next step came up numerous times. Except, your boyfriend just so happened to be the biggest tease in history and would always get you worked up before leaving you to suffer and finish yourself. He always used the excuse of being busy or having to get up early the next morning for practice and you were fed up with it. Two could play this game and you were ready for your turn. You knew if there was one thing Kookie couldn’t resist, it was when you acted overly cute around him. It was something you used to get your way occasionally but of course he knew this. You spent the whole day holding his hand when you guys went out, giving him surprise kisses here and there, even calling him by his nickname more than ever. The male knew what you were doing but he couldn’t tell exactly what you wanted. “Baby, what do you want?” He asked with a smile as you guys finally made it home after a long day, the two of you sitting in your bedroom. “I want you, Kookie.” You whispered, climbing onto his lap. “We haven’t had us time in so long and I’ve been craving you..” Your voice cooed softly, your hands slithering under his shirt. Jungkook wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. “You’ve been so adorable all day, how could I say no?” You giggled, your lips attaching to his neck as you pressed your hips against his. “Then don’t” Your kissed up his neck before connecting your lips with his. They molded perfectly together and from that pressure against your thigh, you could tell he was enjoying it. His hands went to work on your shirt, pulling it off quicker than you can react. Now to get him back. You pulled away, heavy breathing between you two, a smirk growing on your lips. “Don’t you have early practice tomorrow? Wouldn’t want you being tired.” You quickly rolled off of him, getting up grab a glass of water. “Get some sleep, Kookie~” He looked stunned for a moment before he got up with a chuckle. “That was hot.” He commented before grabbing your wrist. “But we both know you want this as badly as I do.” He said, dragging you back to the bed. “Now lets finish what you started.”

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-I really hope this was okay! Sorry for being gone for so long ;; School has been kicking my ass and I just haven’t had the time to sit and write. On a good note, I went to my first BTS concert on Thursday and it was amazing! I wish I could go back omg-


This is going to be a long story. 

Some of you, those who have been following me for a while or seen me at conventions, know that I am *trying* to branch out into designing toys rather than just making them. There are a lot of reasons for this, primarily so that I have time: time to design new things, time to rest, time to do literally anything other than crochet delightful sea creatures - you get the gist. 

It’s not that I don’t love making things, I do. And I’m certainly not going to stop making things; I’m pretty sure I can’t, to be honest. But I have to admit that it would certainly be much easier on me, at least for my wrists, to have sewing machines do most of the work. 

So. The dragons. 

I finally made enough money to get a run of plushies made, and I decided to start with my red dragons as my first line. Dragons were one of my most popular items, but they were a lot of work to make, so I figured they would be perfect as plushies. 

I decided to go with Gann Memorials for my production. Now that I’ve already made my mistakes, I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I should never have partnered with Gann, but since nobody felt the need to tell me anything about them previous to my giving them quite a lot of money, that’s who I went with. I did have one person tell me that they were “skeevy”, but since she wouldn’t go into any detail or even use any other words to describe them, I assumed her issue was personal in nature and dismissed it. I wasn’t planning on spending time with these people, I reasoned, just entering into a business arrangement with them. I don’t care if they’re skeevy. I care if they’re competent. 

Well, now I know. 

We began in July of 2015, a year and a half ago. I made the initial phone call (which was grand, because I have social anxiety and calling people on the phone is one of my least favorite things to do). Chris Gann (hereafter Chris) was a genial guy, very much a salesman - but, since I was looking to buy things from him, that was pretty much what I was looking for. We set up an account for me. Promises were made, verbal assurances; they specialize in quick turnaround for orders, I’d have them in less than three months (assuming that I don’t take forever making alterations, of course), they have very high quality standards, et cetera. 

A few days later he set up a Basecamp account. Basecamp is an app for communication between people working on a project together. I can definitely recommend it; it works out beautifully for that precise thing. The account was started July 27. 

So far, so good. 

On August 11, he sent me the first sample images. They needed some tweaking, but I was starting to get excited. I made my recommendations and he went off to relay them to the production team. 

On August 19, he sent the second sample images. These were very close. I accepted this version:

Cute, right? I think it’s cute. Grumpy, but not off-putting; now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I can see where I would make further changes, but it’s still very cute.  

September 1: Chris tells me that the dragons will be shipped to me in October. 

September 7: Chris informs me that these guys are going to need tags. I hadn’t thought about that, but I whip up an acceptable tag design (it’s not great but it’ll work) and send it off to him two days later. I don’t hear back from him until October 2nd, when I ask for a shipping estimate; Chris assures me that they’ll ship by the end of the month. 

October 21: Chris asks me to approve the tag design that I had sent him. I’m a little confused, but I approve. The day after, I approve of the shipping mark and I start to get myself emotionally prepared to receive a large shipment of toys. 

October 29: I check up again on the time frame. Chris says he’ll ask. 

November 2: Chris says that they’ll be shipped by the end of the week. 

I want to point out here that Chris told me they would be *delivered* by the end of October, not shipped at the beginning of November. I’m a little unhappy with this, but you know, things happen. Whatever. I’ll probably shop around for the next line of plushies due to this delay; he hasn’t lost my business forever at this point, but neither has he pleased me to the point where I would go with his company again as a matter of course. 

November 5: Chris sends me pictures of the final product. There’s not much in the way of variation from what I had already approved, so I assume all is well. He also tells me that I’ll be getting extra product on their dime. I am pleased by the prospect, as that would mollify me about the delay. Unfortunately, it turns out not to be true. 

Novemter 18: I receive the boxes. I do not believe in putting things off, so I opened them immediately and went through my product, counting and sorting carefully. I am widely dismayed by what I find. 

I ordered 350 dragons. It’s a small order, in the way of these things, but it was what I could afford. I did receive exactly 350 dragons, but they were not what I had approved. Every aspect was correct and acceptable *except* the most important part of any mammal, toy or not: the face. In this case, the eyes. Of the whole order, 17 dragons had split seams (not a big deal, I’m handy with a needle and I understand that they underwent significant squishing in order to fit them into as few boxes as possible to make shipping affordable); 46 were correct, as in their eye placement and shape were in a range close to what I had approved of; and a whopping 286 of them had what I have to call drastically incorrect eye placement. Here’s what I mean: 

The eyelids are too low and placed at the wrong angle, making it look sleepy (still sellable, but not what I paid for). The eyelids are, by the way, glued into place. 

These eyes are totally wrong (and, may I remind you, glued into place, so I can’t fix it without cutting the eyes out completely). That’s just… wrong. 

This guy has to be my favorite. One eye is significantly larger than the other one and has been placed about a quarter inch higher; the eyelids are entirely wonky - and still glued into place. 

Dec 3: Chris tells me he is trying to work things out with the factory; I send him the above images for clarification. He says he may just have me keep what I received and he will replace the entire order on his dime. 

I am, at this point, entirely depressed. I feel like a failure. I have a certainty that this issue will not be corrected, and even if it is, it won’t be corrected in anything like a reasonable time scale. I feel that I have wasted a very large sum of money and way too much time and it makes me angry and hugely, vastly, deeply disappointed. 

January 5, 2016: Chris asks me if the appearance of the dragons I received is somehow different from the sample I approved. I wonder to myself if he has working eyeballs, or at least knows someone who does, but I respond in the affirmative and re-send all of the pictures, including the one I approved for reference. All of these pictures are still in the Basecamp account. All I have to do is scroll to look at these exact same pictures, but I send them again anyways. I also ask for honesty, here; if he’s not going to fix this, please at least have the decency to tell me about it so I can move on with my life and not have to expend my energy trying to get something done here. 

January 7: Chris takes umbrage at the notion that he might just possibly not bother to fix these glaring mistakes, as he is nothing if not forthright and good. I point out that the delivery took much, much longer than he had initially told me, and that the extra product that was supposed to be included with the shipment never showed up. 

January 8: Chris says that he  misspoke about me getting extras; there will not be another box forthcoming, he was mistaken about that. He does graciously allow me to keep the gigantic pile of unsellable, wasted material that they sent me, and promises that he’ll have the dragons remade at his expense and the issue with the eyes will definitely be fixed in the next batch. (This also turns out to be untrue.)

January 9: Chris tells me that the next batch will ship out after the Chinese New Year. This makes sense to me; holidays always mess up shipping times, and these are travelling across the planet, after all. I settle down and assume they’ll be here in six to eight weeks. 

April 20: This is more than six to eight weeks, you will notice. Chris tells me to expect a shipment some time late next month. I have given up on ever seeing these damn things. 

September 23: Chris sends new pictures for approval. It has been over a year since the first time I went through this process; I was told that I would have them in under three months. Over a year. I’ve moved to a different state by this point and yes, I was snippy. I pointed out that in the FIVE MONTHS since I last heard from him, my address had changed. 

I liked the new ones. These looked angrier. If I got dragons like these, I would be able to sell them in exchange for money. 

November 16: Chris asks me for my delivery address. Again. I ask if this indicates that they will be shipped soon, but there’s no response. 

January 10, 2017: Gene Gann, another employee of Gann Memorials, informs me that I should expect my shipment by mid-February. 

February 8: Gene asks me for my phone number, which I supply, so the shipper can get into contact with me to set up a delivery time. 

February 15: The shipper calls me. We set up a delivery time. 

February 17, 2017: I receive six boxes full of dragons. They have the same qualities of the first batch, only there are more of them this time. Four - I repeat, four - are correct, in that they match the above picture. A further 189 are in sellable condition, looking sleepy or disappointed rather than angry but otherwise having no defects. 27 have split seams, only three of which I bother fixing since the other 24 have devastatingly bizarre eye placement. 303 dragons go into boxes with glued-on, incorrectly placed, wrongly sized eyes. 

In the end, I’ve received a total of 243 dragons that are in a sellable condition. Only a small portion of those actually resemble what I ordered. 589 dragons can only be sold as misfits. I put some in grab bags, feeling guilty. I see them in trash cans at conventions and can’t really blame anyone. 218 dragons, which should have been sold at a profit to fund the next line, are utterly unusable. I have scrapped them and am using their stuffing to fill other projects. 

I am bitter about the entire thing. I am angry. I am never, ever going to do business with Gann Memorials again, nor will I recommend them to anyone, as I cannot with good conscience do so, because if they had an experience anything similar to mine I would be wracked with the most horrible guilt. 

I *am* going to try again. As tempting as it is to simply give up, to assume that there is something lacking about my character, that there is something about me that makes things like this happen, I won’t do it. I’m saving up for another line of plush toys. I am shopping around for a different company to work with. 

My hands are tired and my blood pressure is high, but I’m still going. 

(I want to put in a disclaimer that I am not assuming anything about the personal morality of Chris or Gene Gann. I do not want them attacked or thought of in any wrong way because of how all of this went down. This was a business deal, and sometimes they go sour. This could have been a series of misunderstandings, mistakes, communication errors, unfortunate events, what have you. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives. These are things that happened, and they will affect who I do business with going forward, but I don’t assume that these are bad people. I don’t think I could encourage anyone to have a business relationship with this company and these people, but if you want to have a beer with them, I’m sure they’re very nice.)

Of Old Memories And Future Moments

Surprise! A wild phanfic has appeared! I was watching PINOF8 when suddenly I had a moment of inspiration so I wrote this oneshot. Hope you like it!

summary: “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer‘‘ it said. Oh no. What would have happened if Dan had found something more interesting than a lip-balm inside Phil’s bedside drawer?

word count: 2.6k

no trigger warnings

They had been filming Phil Is Not On Fire 8 for some time when…

’‘Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Dan said, pulling Phil aside so he could read the screen better “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer, okay!” he exclaimed, rapidly moving towards it while Phil repeatedly saying “no” and trying to stop his friend.

Dan opened it and found a lip-balm which he picked up and exageratedly spoke to Phil, “How pale are you?”

Phil didn’t even have time to respond before Dan threw the lip-balm inside the drawer again and searched for something more he could show to the camera.

The black haired boy was still, not even daring to move a muscle. He wanted to stop Dan before he found something he didn’t really want him to see but it was too late.

“Phil, why…?” Dan looked at him, two pieces of a ripped photo on his hands, which he slowly put together to properly see the picture.

It was a photo of them back in 2012, before everything went down. It was a selfie of both of them, happily smiling at the camera while Dan’s hand squeezed both of their faces together. He remembers it well.

They had been a surprisingly warm Autumn day and they had been sightseeing London for hours when they stopped in Hyde Park for a rest, the sun was setting and not many people where there, only a few birds tweets could be heard. They sat under a tree, their thights touching while their backs were resting against the tree trunk, a pile of orange and red leaves around them.

“Let’s take a selfie to remember this day…” Dan said, taking the pocket size digital camera they had been carrying around all day.

Phil leaned a bit closer so he could fit into the frame, not really wanting to invade Dan’s personal space. Even though they had been together for a few years, he knew Dan didn’t like getting his personal space invaded, and he respected it.

“Phil, don’t be silly, get closer!” Dan laughed at him, one of his hands reaching his cheek to squish their faces together, not a centimetre left between them. Phil felt relieved and he finally allowed himself to smile properly before a flashing light blinded him.

He didn’t even have time to change his pose when he saw another flash of light, this time Dan’s lips on his cheek, giving him a peck.

“I really want to print these two, I really like them… what do you think Phil?” Dan’s voice brough him back to earth, shaking his head a bit and looking at the camera screen. They really were good photos.

“Yeah, I like them too. We look so happy, you make me so happy…” Phil whispered, giving Dan a peck on the cheek as the brown haired had done a few moments ago.

“You make me happy too…” Dan told him before kissing him hard against the tree trunk. Their kiss only ended when the last sun rays soaking their faces faded away, letting them know that the day was over even if they didn’t want it to end.

“Dan…” Phil’s timid voice brought him back to the moment they were now. Dan looked at him and then back at the picture which he still had in his hands, sad and hurtful memories clouding his mind now. His eyes were starting to water, not really wanting to recall the horrible argument that lead them to their break-up back in 2012, and how Dan had ripped that picture…

It was to much. The pressure was to much. After the “Valentine’s Video” had leaked a few days ago Dan couldn’t handle the comments he was receiving. He couldn’t imagine this was happening. And yes, in his mind it was all Phil’s fault, even though deep down he knew it wasn’t but he didn’t have anyone else to blame that’s why he was screaming at him right now. 

“Why did you even film that stupid video?” his voice sounded around the living room while he paced around.

Phil didn’t even respond, to scared to confront Dan, so he just shrugged his shoulders, making him smaller in the sofa seat.

“You knew I wasn’t ready to come out, and yet you outed us with that video! What made you think you had the right to do that, eh?” Dan’s face was red, he was angrier that he had ever been.

This time Phil tried to defend himself, “Because you are my boyfriend and I wanted to thank you and show how much I love you, that’s why I made the video and it leaked because of a YouTube glitch, it wasn’t my fault!”

Dan wasn’t listening as he was too angry to think clearly, he was still conviced Phil had made this all happen.

“Well, it’s a strange way to show how much you love me, making a video of pure bullshit so everyone can know what a happy couple we are when we aren’t!” Dan said, grabbing the photo of them squeezing their faces together that was resting in the bookshelf and shoving it into Phil’s face before ripping it in half and throwing the pieces onto the floor.

Phil’s face fell as soon as he saw Dan ripping the picture. He looked at the pieces that were now lying on the floor before speaking up “Are you not happy with me?”

“What?” Phil’s question took him surprisedly, he didn’t expect to hear that from the blue eyed.  

“Are you not happy with me? I don’t want to be the one who makes unhappy, you don’t deserve that…” Phil spoke, his timid voice was loud enough so Dan could hear it.

“Damnit Phil! No, I’m not happy! I told you I was but no, I’m not and I don’t think I have ever been” Dan lied, still angered about the video thing, wanting to hurt Phil as much as he had hurt him, even though it was not the same.

Phil let a tear slide down his cheek and quickly cleaned it with his hand, hoping Dan didn’t notice. And he was right, because Dan keept screaming at him.

“I tried to be happy but you just keep doing things that made me wonder why do I like you! This was the last straw Phil… We should break up.” Dan’s last words were almost quiet, he didn’t meant to voice those word. They were a lie. But his brain  and his anger weren’t cooperating.

Phil lifted his head and looked at his brown eyes, “let me fix this, you are my best friend too, I cannot lose you Dan…” he pleaded him, taking a few steps forward and trying to grab his hands, but thinking it twice about it Phil retracted them to he side.

Dan considered what Phil was asking him. He didn’t really want to lose his best friend either. So he took a deep breath and responded “let me think about it, and yes, you are gonna fix this because if you don’t we are done.”

And with that Dan left the room, letting Phil sat back down on the sofa with his head buried in his hands before picking up the ripped picture and saving it in his bedside drawer, where he knew Dan would never find it.

Dan remembers now how Phil had stayed days and nights trying to take down every single video and hurtful comment that he could find, trying to fix it. To fix them. He also recalls Phil’s voice, asking for forgiveness and trying to get back together, but Dan couldn’t handle it. Not anymore. He was still angry at Phil, angry at himself, for being insecure, for not trusting him enough  .So, not really wanting to lose Phil he agreed to stay as friends until today.

“Dan…” the blue eyed’s voice brought him back to reality, fixing his gaze in the clear blue orbs that were watering. Oh no.

“Why did you save it? After I hurt you so much why did you?” Dan questioned him. Phil didn’t know that he had lied all those years ago and he decided he was going to tell him, but he needed to hear Phil’s statement first.

“Yeah, you are right, you hurt me with your words but I hurt you too. You said I made you unhappy, but I kept staring at that picture and I knew our smiles were real. We were happy. I didn’t know what I did to make you so miserable so I’m sorry for whatever I did…” Phil took a breath before continuing, “I saved the picture because deep down I knew I had made you happy at some point in our relationship, the laughs and smiles of that day couldn’t be fake, I know they weren’t. So that’s why it was in my bedside drawer, because everytime I feel down, even though it hurts, I look at and compare it to many of the photos I see of you on Tumblr to see if you have the same smile as you did. And you have it. You have the same smile and I realized that even though we are not together you are happy and that’s what matters.”

Dan was crying, he didn’t expect those words from Phil. He hadn’t done anything wrong, and he still was beating himself up because Dan had lied all those years ago. He just wanted Dan to be happy, and Dan hadn’t done anything to thank him.

“Phil no,” Dan said, leaving the picture on the bed and hugging his friend, who circled his arms around his waist, bringing him in a much needed hug. “Phil, I’m sorry and you are gonna hate me for this but I lied to you all those years ago.”

“What?” Phil whispered, trying to untangle from the hug but Dan didn’t let him.

“I lied to you. I was happy with you. You made me happy. I lied because I was hurt. After the video leaked and I read all those comments I was angry and I wanted to hurt you too. I knew it wasn’t your fault but I was still a kid and I didn’t know how to react… I was in such a bad place with uni and then this, it had been all too much to handle and I eneded up balming you and hurting you. I’m sorry Phil, I’m so sorry.” Dan was fully sobbing now, his face buried on Phil’s neck, whiskers smugged.

Phil was silently crying too, not really making any noise so Dan wouldn’t have to worry about him either. Dan was right. He had been a kid when all of that happened, and even though their relationship had been strong the pressure of fame and the comments had hurt, leading Dan to break their relationship so he didn’t had to deal with all of it. He had been in a bad place then, but Phil understood everything now.

“Dan, shhh Dan… I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.” Phil tried to calm him down, but it didn’t seem to be doing much. “I understand now why you did what you did. I understand. I’m sorry too.”

“But Phil you have nothing to be sor…” Dan tried to explain himself but the blue eyed didn’t let him.

“No, Dan, don’t try to excuse me” Phil grabbed Dan’s head and made him look into his eyes, “you have grown so much since that happened, we both have. I made mistakes too, I hurt you too, and we have learnt from them…”

“I’m glad our friendship was strong enough so I wouldn’t lose you.” Dan whispered to Phil, hanging his head down and picking the discarded photo again, putting the pieces together to look at the picture again. He wasn’t crying anymore, but some of the tears left fell onto the picture.

“You will never lose me. I promise you that,” Phil said, picking up one of the photo’s pieces and lookng at it, “Even if neither of us would want to admit it we needed each other, even as friends, even if we eneded up not speaking for weeks I was reassured that you were still in the flat.” the blue eyed said, knowing Dan felt the same.

Even if they hadn’t spoken for weeks he was glad Dan was in the other room, it was a sign that neither of them was ready to let the other go, that they still needed each other, even if it was a few feet away.

“Wait here…” Phil stood up, leaving Dan confusedly sitting on the bed, but before he could say anything Phil came back with a roll of sticky tape.

Without a word, Phil took the two ripped pieces of the photo and tapped them together, making it whole again. He lifted it and gave it to Dan, “here, for you.”

Dan was deeply touched by Phil’s gesture, but he couldn’t accept it, he had damaged that photo and with that their relationship and Phil had fixed it again for him. He wanted to bitterly laugh at the metaphor, to be honest.

“Phil, I can’t… I ripped it in the first place, I don’t deserve to have it back.” Dan told him, handing it back to him but Phil put his hands behind his back making it impossible to give it to him.

“No, no, it is a ’'no return” gift, now you will have to keep it forever!“ Phil said, a smile on his face.

The blue eyed’s silly antics made Dan laugh and even though he could leave the picture just there, he couldn’t bare himself  to do that.

’'Thank you” Dan sincerely said, looking onto Phil’s eyes and triying to communicate with his gaze what he couldn’t with his words, hoping Phil would understand. Not just for the picture, but for understanding, for forgiving him, for being such a good friend… even if Dan still loved him like he had done years back. He never stopped to be honest.

“No need to thank me, there is nothing sticky tape and a truthful conversation cannot fix.” And with that Phil winked at him, grabbing the sharpie from the nightstand and drawing the whiskers back again in Dan’s face, who smiled widely at him at the gesture.

“Now c'mon, we still have a few questions to answer.” Phil said trying to grab the phone that was on the other side but before he could do it Dan tackled him onto the bed, landing on top of him, grabbing the sharpie from his hand and lifting it to Phil’s face, “yours are smudged too, you spork!”

They both laughed and Dan started his work. Phil didn’t even realize he had his eyes closed when instead of a sharpie he felt a pair of chapped lips on his, making slowly move them, enjoying and remembering the sweet sensation of Dan’s lips he had missed so much.

Once the kiss ended, Dan looked at him, scared of his reaction.

“You know? You laugh at me for having lip-balm on the bedside drawer, but if you plan on kissing me again I suggest you start using some!” Phil told him jokingly, making Dan release a breath he had been holding before hitting him on the chest before burying his head on the crook of Phil’s neck.

“I hate you.” Dan whispered into his ear.

“I hate you too.” Phil responded, before hugging Dan a bit closer, just the sound of their breaths in the room.

Phil Is Not On Fire 8 could wait.

yoongi scenario | pitter patter of tiny paws

♡  min holly’s family is gaining a new member  

genre: fluff
word count: 1.2k
requested by anon

[Min Holly’s Point of View]

Sunday’s are supposed to be lazy days. Normally, I’d spend them curled up in Yoongi’s lap, with him pushing his fingers through my curled fur, while he watches moving pictures on that funny box in the living room. You’d cook pancakes for him, and slip me tiny scraps from your spot the sofa. Mmmm… I love it when you do that. But you’ve been slipping me scraps of food less often lately. It has something to do with the vet saying it’s not good for me. Plus, Yoongi says I’m getting pudgy. Which isn’t true! I’m still able to run and jump and chase cats out of the neighbourhood. But… maybe I’m not as active as I used to be. But the same goes for you. You’re not as active as you used to be either. And you’ve gotten a lot bigger recently. I don’t think it’s fat though… There’s another explanation - I can sense it. You’ve been getting ill, and your moods have been swinging about, and one night, when Yoongi was fast asleep, I caught you sneaking out of bed to raid the fridge – you know I’m up for a snack at any time of the day… but really? Cucumber and mayonnaise? What were you thinking? This unnatural behaviour means something big is going to happen. It’s going to happen soon.

It’s happening… right now!

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REQUEST: I Will Be [Ravus/Reader] Part 1

0.o Wow, you guys really love Ravus, huh? :D I don’t blame you! And I’m glad that you like my depiction of Ravus! >///< Just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside that you trust me with writing him! The request details are under the cut. This is the continuation from QED.

Originally posted by stephicness

~ Quick note: You asked for a headcanon, but I raise you one and give you an entire fic.

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Okay, so I first saw this picture a long while ago and immediately started searching for ANY FanFictions that contained a younger Tom Riddle and older Harry Potter romance. Nothing. I found nothing! :(

Sooooooooo… I’m writing one!

I wanted SO BADLY to read a Tomarry romance that was the stereotypical time travel story, but not like all the others that usually had Harry travel back in time to try to “change” Tom or “change the future.” No. I just want Harry to go back in time to fall for Tom.

If anyone else is interested in reading something like this, please keep reading.

My FanFiction information -

Title: The Explosion

Universe: Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Genre: Romance, Drama

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Harry Potter, Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort

Summary: Usually, in other Fics, Harry goes to the past, meets an older or same age Tom in Hogwarts, and is sorted into Slytherin. Harry is usually there to change Tom and Tom is a “teenage Dark Lord.” In THIS Fic, Tom is a bullied 3rd year, believed to be a Mud-blood, and has his first ever crush on Henry Peverell, the 6th year Gryffindor, who is not there to change Tom, but rather…

A preview of one of the chapters (I don’t believe this will be chapter one):

Tom sat at the very end of the Slytherin table while the rest of the students that should have been crowded around him, were squished together to keep as far away from him as possible, as if he were a disease. Today was the second day of his third year attending Hogwarts and, so far, nothing had changed. He had hoped for another Muggle-born to be sorted into his house, since he was the only one, but the sorting hat was cruel. His Pure-blood housemates still treated him like Mud-blood trash, leaving him friendless and isolated. The bruises on his face, as well as many other parts of his body which were concealed underneath his robes, were all that he had gained as proof of his attempt to fight back against the bullies last night. No one here was weak enough for him to defeat and prove his worth as a Slytherin, as a Wizard.

No, he thought sullenly, I’m just not strong enough. If only I could bring more than two books with me over the summer. I’ll show them all. Someday…

“Silence please,” came the friendly voice of Headmaster Dippet. “I have a surprising, yet no less wonderful, announcement.”

Tom looked up from his untouched dinner toward the head table. What he saw made him frown in confusion and his dark brown eyes light up with curiosity. A handsome boy stood beside the old man. He had strange hair. It was black, straight, shiny, and he wore it in his eyes. Literally. In fact, the boy was flipping his head to the side right now to toss his bangs from obscuring his view. Tom had never seen someone style their hair in such a way. Almost every boy, aside from the ones with unmanageable hair that they inherited genetically, either had a perfectly straight part in their hair that was off to one side of their head, occasionally using styling grease to keep it in place, or very short hair so they would not have to deal with it falling into their faces. Even Tom’s hair was parted and greased down on both sides to keep it from curling. He hated that it curled.

“This,” the old man began as he wrapped an arm around the strange-looking, yet surprisingly gorgeous, teenager’s shoulders, “is Henry Peverell.”

So? Is it any good?

Dumbledore will have a minor role. The trio is hardly mentioned honestly (but you’ll understand why). Lord Voldemort has a minor role until later on in the story. I have the outline written already, the basic plot finished, and a few chapters/scenes written as well.

You can count on it being uploaded to both FanFiction.net (FFN) and ArchiveOfOurOwn.org (Ao3). I will post links soon. :)

NCT When You Act Cute

Request from: @bts-is-everything​ (thank you soooo much for your request! ur url-is-everything ;))

Submission: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Nct reaction to you acting cute when you want something from them(like candy or a hug..something like that)…Thank you! 🙂❤️

Genre: fluff

883 Words


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Visiting the Past

Gif credit to @bonniebird

Finn Shelby x Reader

Prompt #3: “I’m not losing you again.” (Requested by @ireallylikeyoutoo)

“What can I get for ya, lass?” The barman asked as you sat down.

“A whiskey on the rocks please,” You smiled to him. You remembered him, Harry; though, he didn’t remember you. It had been a few years since you were in Small Heath last.

“Here you are,” He placed the drink in front of you, “Now, what’s a pretty girl like you doing drinking this early in the day?”

“I just got into town and the ride here was a pain my ass so I needed a drink,” You laughed in return as you sipped the liquor.

“Ah, train?” You nodded and he chuckled, starting to tell you about his last train ride and how awful it was because there was a sick child on board who couldn’t stop throwing up but his parents wouldn’t get off the train so the whole train car smelled terrible. You chuckled at his story and finished your drink when the doors were thrown open, gaining both of your attentions.

It was Polly. She spotted you and her eyes went wide. She ran towards you and wrapped you up in a hug, “I knew it! I had a feeling I had seen your dress this morning!” You giggled as you hugged her back gently.

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Cake or Nothing

Originally posted by hobipd

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok x reader

Words: 2,003

Warnings:….two swear words

No matter the struggle, his 23rd candle must be lit on a cake made with your own two hands.

A/N: This took longer than I’d hoped sigh but I had to do something for our hope. It may be rushed but nevertheless, Happy belated birthday sunshine.


 The 18th.

 No it can’t be the 18th.

 You blinked, once, twice.

Digging the heel of your palm into your eye, rubbing away the sleep in hopes it was the reason why you were seeing a glaring 18 on your phone screen, just below the time, an ungodly hour of 8:02 in the chilly morning.

 See, it couldn’t be the 18th because that’s the day your beloved, fast asleep and snoring obnoxiously, albeit adorably into your shoulder, turns 23; the day you’d have been frolicking around in since 9am in the bitter morning gathering all his friends- mostly to force party errands on- and pouring all your love into cake batter- strictly vanilla. He said he hates chocolate. Well actually he said he doesn’t like too much chocolate at once but that’s baloney and roughly translates to a fake chocolate fan.

 But by George if memory served you right, today was Friday not Saturday and you could buy everything you needed without a time constraint breathing down your neck.

 You nudged Hoseok’s head slightly, letting it loll onto the edge of the pillow as you reached over his frame to grasp the charging phone tucked under his pillow- black, shiny and new. His unfair ass wouldn’t let you buy new shoes but the very next day signed a contract with the devil for a $700 phone and unlimited data all for himself.

 That’s why he gets a shitty-non-chocolate cake and no present.

 You spent a second trying to find the lock button, still hazy with sleep and victim to habit of an old and tragically outdated iPhone, but soon enough the screen alit and your heart plummeted.

No, you weren’t still cloaked in slumber’s illusion, nor had your phone somehow skipped a day in its calendar, it was in fact 8:02am on Saturday, the 18th of February.



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It's a Date (2D x Reader)

••Hey guys!! I got bored so I decided to write a little fic. Hope you like it! (Btw we’re almost at 100 followers! Go us!!)•• Most of the time when the band gets the day off, they all choose to stick together and stay home, after all, they do spend a lot of their time working. They usually just sit around watching TV- just generally relaxing. Today, however, Noodle and Russel had both left by the time 2D had woken up, leaving him alone in the house with Murdoc.
Murdoc seemed to be showing no signs of getting up anytime soon, so he tried to find a way to occupy himself for the time being. As if you could read his mind, 2D’s phone alerted him to show he had a text from you.
“Hey D, you’re off today right?? Come do something with me!” the text read. Smiling down at his phone, he quickly replied “yeah, I’ll pick you up in an hour?” before leaving to get dressed. Generally he didn’t like last minute plans, the uncertainty of what he was doing gave him anxiety, and he spent a lot of the time out worrying about what was going to happen next, however you seemed to always have a plan, so his anxiety was lessened by this.
He soon arrived outside your house, texting you to inform you that he was there. You ran out your front door and waved enthusiastically at him, before locking your front door and getting into the car.
“Good afternoon, Stu! How are you? Enjoying your day off?” You asked, bombarding him with questions.
“Someones hyper, aren’t they?” He chuckled, giving you a gap toothed grin.
“I’ve barely been awake for 2 hours!”
“Well you should get up earlier!” You smiled at him, unzipping the large bag you brought with you. (You promptly pulled out a piece of paper with ‘sunshine’ written on it. He kicked you out of the car. Jk.) “What you got there?” He questioned, quickly glancing at you, before looking back at the road. “Food… some money, my phone and keys, and some more food.” You replied, pulling your phone out of the bag. “Music?” You asked, pretty much already knowing the answer. He smiled wide and nodded, as you connected your phone to the speakers. “Where are we going anyway?” He asked. The two of you had been driving for about 10 minutes now, and he had pretty much just been following the motorway. “The next beach that we find!” You grinned, looking down at your phone. “Theres one with an arcade about 30 minutes away.” You said, opening up youtube on your phone. “By the way” you started, turning up the volume to max on your phone. “We are only listening to karaoke classics”. He gave you a quick glance before laughing. “You’ll be singing?” He enquired. Yes, you’d be singing. In the worst voice you could possibly sing in. You didn’t answer his question, you just laughed as Don’t Stop Me Now began to play. It wasn’t long before both of you were belting out lyrics to Livin’ La Vida Loca and Barbie Girl in the worst (and loudest) voices you could possibly do, although 2D’s was still quite good. After a while of singing, you realised that you had driven past the beach you intended on going to- and the few beaches after that. It has began to get late, and the gloomy British weather would make it pointless to go to a beach now. “What should we do now?” 2D asked, pulling the car into a Tesco parking lot to figure out what you were going to do. “Well,” you started, “this is going to sound boring- and completely different to the original plan don’t get me wrong, but- and hear me out- I need to do food shopping” you finished, unbuckling your seatbelt. “Food shopping?” “Yes. Like shopping for clothes but with food instead.” You reiterated. “Sounds fun?” He questioned, pulling out a cigarette and a lighter. Getting out of the car, he lit the cigarette as you grabbed money out of your bag and ran to get a trolley. You stopped the trolley as soon as you got to him, and simply pushed it in front of him. He gave you a blank stare, tilting his head and taking a puff of his cigarette. “Hold it.” You demanded. He grabbed a hold of the trolley, holding it steady, as you began to climb in to the main part. He began to laugh at your idea, and questioned what you were doing. “You cant tell me you haven’t wanted to be pushed around in a trolley before?” You asked, pointing forwards, and telling 2D to ‘drive’. He began to push the trolley, throwing the cigarette to the floor. “Well, I doubt I’d fit. I got a lot of leg.” He said, motioning to his abnormally long legs. “We’re switching half way through.” You said. “I- That’s not a good idea.” He said. You were walking through the first aisle of the store, looking around at the colourful fruits and vegetables. You were leaning out of the side of the trolley, picking up items you needed, and telling 2D to get anything you couldn’t reach. He kept looking down at you in the trolley, laughing as you talked about random topics or making puns about the food. It was really cute- although weird he must admit. You’d gotten about half way through the store before you stood up in the trolley and shouted “SWITCH”. 2D jumped a bit at your sudden outburst, watching you (clumsily) get out of the trolley. “I still don’t think that’s a good-” you cut him off before he could even finish the sentence. “You are getting in that trolley Stu-Pot.” You went on your tiptoes and grabbed his face with one hand, squishing his cheeks together and staring into his eyes. “Trolley. Now.” You let go of him as he stared at the trolley, wondering how to go about getting in. He climbed in, and squished himself to sit down, avoiding sitting in the half with food. He looked incredibly uncomfortable. “Oh my god- I- I need to take a picture of this” you laughed, quickly grabbing your phone to snap photos of the blue haired male. He simply stared up at you, not knowing whether to feel annoyed or find the whole situation funny, I mean- he is sitting in a trolley in the middle of Tesco. Even though he was perplexed on how to feel about the situation, he was more than happy to be in this moment. He was spending time with one of the people he cherished most- the person he had the biggest crush on. The two of you continued to run through the supermarket, 2D squashed into the trolley, picking items up from the shelves for you. You completed the errand quite quickly, much to 2D’s dismay. After loading all of your shopping into the car, you sighed and got into the car. 2D hadn’t started driving yet, and as he was just about to start the car, you turned to him. “Hey, D?” You said, staring thoughtfully at him. “Hmm?” He hummed, putting the key in the ignition. “Do- are you- would you like to.. uhm, come over? For dinner, and maybe a zombie movie marathon? I mean, you don’t ha-” you were stuttering and rambling, before 2D stopped you. “Movie night? Sounds like a good time!” He said, giving his signature toothy grin towards you. “Like.. like a date?” You added quietly. 2D became red instantly. He certainly didn’t expect this to happen, but he was ecstatic! “Definitely,” he grinned, “it’s a date!”

Truth - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: The reader and Lin are as close as two friends can be. One night, a bit of jealousy leads to spilled feelings. 

Warnings: Multiple swear words, yikes! 

Word Count: 2,240 (so sorry)

A/N: This is both my first Lin fic, and first fic to be posted on Tumblr. Let’s give it a whirl! I take requests, just send in an ask! Also, a huge thank you to @ourforgottenboleros for proof reading this, and I absolutely have to credit this sudden writing inspiration to @manuelmiranduh and @alexanderhamllton who are both wonderful geniuses in their own. Thank you for making me want to do this.

askbox | masterlist 

It’s during Yorktown that you notice. Lin is looking at you with the stupidest, dorkiest (and cutest but nothing would ever get you to admit it) grin on his face before he almost misses his cue and continues to sing. You re-focus and make your priority continuing the show, but for the rest of the evening, between sweating on and off-stage and listening to the roar of the crowd, the complete adoration on his face is planted in your mind like a bad idea; stubbornly stuck with no hope of being forgotten. After bowing your way through the lasting applause, you slip into the wings, smiling and giving and receiving compliments on a job well done before collapsing into a chair and beginning to undress. Your whole body is sticky with sweat, your mic has slipped considerably but the amount of endorphins in your body make you feel invincible. It’s when you have your shirt almost completely struggled over your head when Lin bursts in with a cloud of excited words. 

“God, tonight was awesome! You did really-“ 

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She’s the tear in my heart

I’m alive

A weak smile was plastered on your lips as Noah freaked out over the fact he got a study session with Zoe. Audrey gave you a sympathetic look while you sipped on your coffee, letting the liquid scald your mouth. It left a bitter taste on your tongue; that seemed to perfectly match the constricting feeling in your chest. You’ve completely and utterly lost your chance with Noah, now that Zoe was in the picture. She seemed to have caught Noah’s interest more than you. Even if you have known him for a much longer time and was there whenever he called. Out with the old, and in with the new. You watched sadly as Noah rushed off while calling out that he’d text you what happened later.

You laid your head on Audrey’s shoulder while she wrapped an arm around you. The mug burning your hands, but you couldn’t be bothered to set it down. The sensation didn’t at all match the uneasiness that clutched your stomach. I guess now it’ll be the Bicurious, Romantic, and the EX- Virgin. Study session always, a l w a y s led to something else.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You waved her off trying to pretend the aching in your chest was normal. Her hands rubbing your arms gently in an attempt to sooth you. You loved her for trying, but this was a pain you could only really conquer on your own. Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love again with someone who feels mutual. You almost felt like throwing up at the thought of having to hear Noah exclaim about how he finally got laid.


It had been hours since you last heard from the boy that made your heart pound. You found yourself laying on your bed, classic horror movies playing as you drowned in your thoughts. Clad in a large shirt and underwear considering being home alone meant pants were not allowed. A half diminished bowl of popcorn laid abandoned on your nightstand. Pillows seeming to become your best friend, covered in tear stains and cuddled in your arms.

Kudos to him for finally finding someone he genuinely liked. Maybe you two weren’t meant to be, hell maybe you were supposed to be the crazy friend that lived with fifty cats. You fought back a giggle at the thought of you living in an apartment always covered in cat hair and showing off pictures of them like they were your babies. Too bad you wouldn’t have a certain blue eyed beauty beside you in that journey. Of course he’d be there with his wife that unfortunately wouldn’t be you. You could almost see Audrey trying to set you up with anyone she came across. Bless her soul.

You quickly shook your head trying to get rid of the depressing future in front of you. Jesus, you sounded like a typical love sick teen. You almost wished this could be a romantic movie or book. Where you got the guy you loved and lived happily ever after. Even if you did get Noah, the Lakewood slasher would probably ruin it the moment it started. You bit back a snort at the thought, what start? The imaginary one that you hoped and prayed would come true? Yeah right. This wasn’t a fanfiction or fairy tale. You jolted as Audrey snapped her fingers in front of your face.

“You dead?” She joked as the killer on the screen slashed the girl that resembled you.

Rolling your eyes, you replied bitterly, “Oh, ha ha.”

Audrey gave a look before pausing the movie you didn’t even realized was nearly over. She shuffled to sit on her knees in front of you, adorned in shorts and a tank top. After the fiasco at Grindhouse, she had decided a girls night would be effective immediately. Tubs of empty ice cream cartons were left around the disastrous room. You sighed before turning to face her, pout forming on your lips.

“Stop pining after him, he’s an idiot to realize the gem he has in front of him.” She demanded.

Your gave her a desperate look. How were you supposed stop pining after a guy you have loved for years? It wasn’t like you had a switch that you could turn off. It was much harder than that. You sat up, holding the pillow in between your legs and squished it against your chest. A whine spilling past your lips as you rested your chin against the pillow.

“How? How do I just stop having feelings for one of my best friends?” You hissed out.

Audrey went quiet at the remark and sighed. You knew she hadn’t thought about how, only that you needed to try to. You leaned forward resting your forehead on her shoulder as she ran her fingers through your hair. God, if only she was your biological sister. She was already your honorary one. Noah would be your honorary brother if you didn’t happen to be deeply in love with him.

“I mean who wouldn’t fall for him? He’s the hot dorky kid that seems to always brighten your day.” You chuckled dryly.

It was true. Noah Foster always seemed to be able to cheer you up whenever you were down. He’d either say something incredibly stupid and make him look like he regretted his entire life. Or he could be sweet and bring you something you loved like candy. Hell, just hearing him ramble about a new horror movie made your lips twitch into a smile. Almost everyone knew you loved Noah, except Noah himself.

You sighed as Audrey mumbled soothing words shaking you from your tragically wonderful thoughts. You both froze as a rather loud knock pounded against the door. Automatically, you sat up and gave Audrey a frightened look. The booming knock sounded again making you scramble out of bed. Fingers grasping a baseball bat you kept in your room ever since the killings started. You ignored Audrey’s hisses to come back as you padded down the stairs. Bat held in your grasp tightly as it shook slightly. Heart pounding louder than the knocks that echoed throughout the house. You swallowed harshly before swigging the door open, arms raised to fend off whoever would dare to try to scare you.

“Hey, hey!” Noah almost screamed out, hands coming up to protect his face.

“Noah? You nearly scared me to death.” You gasped out, dropping the bat to smack him on the arm.

He grimaced before stepping into your house, shutting the door behind him. Your eyebrows furrowing as he looked confused and distressed about something. His fingers running through his hair, a nervous habit he’d had for as long as you could remember. His toes bouncing as his lips seemed to be mouthing something. You crossed your arms feeling slightly flustered as his gaze flickered to your exposed legs.

“Just spit it out.” You mumbled.

Noah’s paced as his mind attempted to throw out a proper response. You felt yourself become more anxious while each second passed. You rubbed your upper arms nervously as Noah took a shaky breath.

“Zoe and I kissed-”

You felt your heart drop as the words spilled from his mouth. Oh, o h. He’d come here to tell you that he’s in love with her. You swallowed back the sobs that formed in your throat. Trying not to laugh hysterically at the idea that he came here to tell you he loved you. Tears burning your eyes while you bit down on your lower lip.

“And during that I realized she isn’t who I wanted. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see Zoe, I saw someone else that I wanted to be kissing.”

Your stomach squeezed uncomfortably. Teeth nibbling at the tough nails on your fingers. So he was telling you he had fallen for someone else. Someone that wasn’t Zoe or you. You weren’t sure if you were relieved or even more depressed. Yet another girl you’d have to compete against.

“It was you, Y/N.” He breathed out.

You sucked in a harsh breath as your eyes snapped to his in disbelief. This had to be a dream. He couldn’t possibly be saying you were the one he came to gush about. Your fingers fell from your lips as you stared at him. Eyes searching his worried ones to try to figure out if he was messing around with you.

“What?” You whispered.

“You. I realized the person I really wanted was you.”

His thumb swiping over your bottom lip, releasing it from it’s imprisonment of your teeth.  Fingers sliding into your messy hair as his thumb brushed against your jaw bone. Other palm holding your hip as he pulled you against him. You stumbled towards him, chest connecting with his. Your hands resting on his shoulders as you steadied yourself.

“What are you-”

You couldn’t finish your sentence as your words got caught in your throat. Breath hitching while his nose brushed against yours. Bright eyes staring into yours before fluttering close insyc with your own. Lips hesitantly meeting the others as grasps tightened. Fire sparking throughout your veins. Mouths moving against each others in a passionate kiss. Fingers sliding up his shoulders to bury themselves in the hair on his nape. He tasted like peppermint and popcorn. Making your tastebuds tingle. Every emotion and pent up feelings being poured out by just a simple human contact. You shivered as his thumb brushed against your cheek bone making goosebumps appear on your bare skin.

“Finally, Jesus Christ.”

You both jolted back in embarrassment as Audrey smirked at the pair of you. Her bag hauled over her shoulders as she patted your back before leaving. Startled and flushed, your gaze hesitantly met the pair of eyes staring at you. He let out a breathy laugh before pressing his lips against yours once again. Intended to never let you slip out of his fingers.

She’s a tear in my heart

i’m on fire.

Bad Reputation (Song Preference)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,301

Requested: Yes

A/N:I hate that i’m making you all wait so long for stories but, I promise i’m trying my best here. Today i’ve dedicated the whole day to writing and emptying my inbox sooo wish me luck. Hope you all enjoy :-)

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

All my friends have seen her naked

Or so the story goes

The cafeteria was abuzz with gossip and mindless chatter of the hormonal teenagers. It smelled of leftover pizza and stale fries. The room was so overcrowded the fire marshal would have a stroke at the large amount of student all squished into the small space.

Michael sat and observed the busy place. Person after person passed by his bored eyes as they all went to their designated places. Michael’s people watching was interrupted but a slap on his shoulder.

“Right, Mike?” he looked up to see his friend Calum smiling at him mischievously.

“What?” Michael asked with a confused expression.

“Luke was just talking about how he got some sick nudes from that Y/N chick” Calum chuckled.

Luke was seated across from Michael and looking at his phone triumphantly. “Yeah man, I was talking to her last night and she sent me this super hot snapchat” Luke beamed.

“Eh that’s not that impressive” The fourth member of the group, Ashton, interjected. “I mean hasn’t like everyone seen her naked?” He inquired.

“I mean duh” Luke replied “But she’s still hot” He finished.

Mistakes we all make them

But they won’t let it go, no

She got a bad reputation

But I know what they don’t

Michael simply rolled his eyes as his ignorant friends. He had known Y/N and he knew that she wasn’t the type of girl they thought she was. She was smart, funny, generous, and kind. He could remember when they used to be best friends up until eighth grade. High school was when everything changed.

Michael began getting closer with Calum, Ashton,and Luke and soon they had started their band together and that began to take up majority of his time. Meanwhile, Y/N had met her former boyfriend, Blake. They were together for about six months until she finally broke it off after the incident.

In the beginning of their relationship, Y/N and Blake were very sexual and were known to show more PDA in the halls at school. They were inseparable and constantly had their hands on each other. Pretty soon, the two would exchange sexual pictures back in forth, sometimes even in class. On their half year anniversary, Y/N went to surprise Blake at his house since she knew that his parents were gone for the weekend. When she had arrived she caught him in the bed with another girl. She was absolutely heartbroken by this and broke up with him immediately to much of Blake’s dismay.

By this time Blake had a nice collection of Y/N’s “pictures” and out of anger he showed them to all his friends and his friend showed them to their friends and so on until the whole school had seen them. Not only was Y/N embarrassed but she was also hurt. She would’ve never expect someone who she trusted so much to betray her in such a way.

She got a bad reputation

Nobody gets too close

A sight of a soul when it’s breaking

Making my heart grow cold

After all of this, Y/N’s friends didn’t want to be seen with her any longer which left her alone in the big school. She was mocked and teased constantly. Michael pitied her and tried to reached out to her, but she became introverted and withdrew from all social interactions.

He soon began to miss their youthful friendship and he couldn’t figure out what kind of a guy would do such a thing to her.

Pretty soon after the incident more people started to say that she had sent them pictures as well or she had performed sexual acts. At this point Y/N was weak and beaten, so she simply took all the hit to her reputation.

Michael knew better than to listen to the harsh rumors. He wanted so badly to pick her back up and place her back down on her feet again so she might have a fighting chance again. He had wished that he would have kept in touch with her throughout the years.

And I don’t care what they say about you baby

They don’t know what you’ve been through

And trust me, I could be the one to treat you like a lady

Let me see what’s underneath, all I need is you

The school’s bells rung signaling that classes had ended for the day. Michael walked out in the parking lot to his car. He hopped into the driver’s seat and turned on his radio to a deafening volume. Loud music would drown out the rest of the world and help him think. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove when he looked out his side window to see Y/N walking all alone.

Michael pulled up next to her and slowed down so he could go the same pace as her.

“Hey Y/N” He said to her.

She didn’t even look up. She kept her head down and shoved her hands in the pockets of her skinny jeans and continued walking.

“Are you on your way home? I can give you a ride home if you want”. When she remained quiet he continued speaking “Y/N, you okay? If you want to we can talk. Just get in the car and I can drive you home,you look tired”

The girl halted her steps causing Michael to step on his brake pedal which made him stop as well.

Y/N looked up at him “Why do you suddenly care, Michael? You haven’t talked to me in years. Why now are you concerned for me? Do you pity me? I don’t need your pity. I just want to walk home. Alone.” with that she tore her eyes away from his and walked at a faster pace, trying to get away from him.

Michael started driving again but didn’t leave her side “Look, I don’t pity you. To be completely honest, I miss you. I miss our fun times and our friendship” he confessed

Y/N scoffed “If you really valued our friendship so much then why did you ditch me?”

“It’s complicated” he explained. “I was a dumb freshman and I didn’t know any better, but you have to believe me. I changed as a person since then”

“Yeah, well, I’ve changed too.” Y/N stated simply.

Michael sighed at the stubborn girl “Y/N, i’m sorry. I really am and I want to move forward. I know that you’ve been through alot in the past year but I do not pity you. I’m trying to reach out to you but you keep pushing my away. It’s not healthy and I love you and I don’t want to see you suffer anymore”

Y/N covered her face with her hands and soon he saw her shoulders shake as sobs racked her body. Michael quickly pulled his car off of the road and ran to her side. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her.

When he had eventually calmed Y/N down enough he lead her to the passenger side of his car before getting back into his own seat.   

“You’re right Michael” Y/N sniffled. “I push people away. I can’t help it though, imagine if the people you trusted the most had hurt and abandoned you. It pains me so much. So, I lock everyone out. I don’t want to. I just want to be normal again.”

Michael reached over and grasped her hand and gave it a light squeeze. “I’m here now, and I can see what’s underneath all those ugly rumors. I see you as the beautiful, intelligent, sweet, funny person you are and I promise I won’t leave you again.”

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

Seventeen as people I’ve met in College

S.Coups: My Shakespeare professor that’s fresh out of grad school, but has quickly become super popular with both students and staff. Makes a lot of dumb dad-level bad jokes, but they’re actually hilarious because he’s the one saying them. Has a comb over even though he’s only thirty. Most anyone who’s ever taken one of his classes would probably take a bullet for him. Super passionate about his work and does everything he can to get his students as excited as he is about literature. 

Jeonghan: This ridiculously beautiful art major who always looks shockingly perfect even when she runs in the room ten minutes late with paint smears on her face. She’s completely unreal and belongs in some sort of indie movie. I lowkey thought she didn’t like me for a whole semester until she complimented me on my lipstick one day, and it felt like a blessing from the lord himself. 

Joshua: Catholic honors-student girl who seemed very normal at first, only talking about makeup and lacrosse boys for the first few months of our friendship. Turns out she actually reads a lot of One Direction and 5SOS imagines. Can eat a banana without using her hands (it’s terrifying). Gets really excited about Mac and Cheese. She can tell the best stories, and has everyone rolling around on the floor in tears by the end of them. 

Jun: Ridiculously ripped even though he’s not an athlete, constantly drowning in girls asking him to sleep with them (which he usually accepts unless he’s writing a big paper or particularly invested in an episode of spongebob). Likes to walk around the dorm building with nothing on but a pair of gym shorts. Kind of a douche but also a really cool guy who will pop your back for you or give you his extra ethernet cord if you ask. His favorite song is Life is a Highway. Yes, the one from Cars. 

Hoshi: This girl on the golf team that really loves the moon. Her snapchat story is almost always pictures of the sky. Cried when we got to look through a telescope for astronomy class. I’ve only ever seen her wearing non-athletic clothes a handful of times. Kind of odd, but makes you feel really special and funny when she talks to you. 

Wonwoo: The guy that lived next door to me last year who smoked a lot of weed but was otherwise a great neighbor. Wore a lot of big hoodies (the hoodies actually weren’t actually that big, he’s just small). Always late to floor meetings because he was either asleep or in the dining hall. Came off as a badass at first because he talked about the fact that he did car-jousting and had a crazy resting bitch face, but sometimes I could hear him singing show tunes through the walls at night. 

Woozi: Girl who was on her debate team in high school, and therefore makes really class discussions scarily intense. Immediately takes over any group project, which is nice because you don’t have to do anything, but at the same time makes you feel very inferior. Pulls all-nighters about twice a week, has an addiction to cheap energy drinks, and is really good at putting on eyeliner. Not so secretly reads a lot of gay fanfiction in her free time. 

DK: This one guy who wears an abundance of obnoxious Taylor Swift shirts. His reputation proceeds him and literally everyone on campus knows about “Taylor Swift guy”, but you can never find anyone who actually knows his name. One of his shirts hangs outside his dorm window as a kind of Taylor-pride flag. 

Mingyu: Ridiculously tall guy that lived on the floor below mine. Crazy beautiful face (there were some rumors that he modeled when he was younger, but I don’t know if those are true or not) but a kind of cringey personality. Obviously made up stuff for attention sometimes, but other times seemed pretty cool. Wears nothing but white dad sneakers. 

The8: Graphic design major that is a literal cinnamon roll; he’s so little and squishy that you just want to protect and love him forever. Really likes adventure time. The longer you get to know him, the more you discover that the innocent squish act is mostly a front, because he’s actually a sarcastic ass with a grindr account. 

Vernon: The president of the whole college. Upbeat and cool with the students, even though he’s decades older than all of us. Came from nothing as a child, but now definitely has more than a few dollars. Likes to end speeches with Eminem lyrics. The first time I visited the college he literally dropped the mic at the end of his welcome talk.

Seungkwan: President of the history club who seems like he’d be quiet based solely on his appearance, but is actually ridiculously good at shit talking and telling people when they need to get themselves in check. Sass master. Uses the phrase “cool beans” a lot. Easy to assume that he’s gay, but is actually very VERY into girls, he just doesn’t talk about it much. 

Dino: My freshman year roommate. Smol. Undecided major. Can name any and every scooby-doo episode in existence by heart. Once asked me if Hamilton was “that play about George Washington”. Has a Chic-fil-A calendar in her room and genuinely thinks the cows that misspell words are the funniest things ever. 

Hotel Chelsea : 1960s Ashton One Shot

Inspired by Leonard Cohen’s song “Chelsea Hotel No. 2″. He was my brother’s favorite artist and this song is honestly just the best. If you haven’t heard it, I do suggest listening to it before reading this. 

Word Count: about 2.2k

[Year 1969]

Room 424. 

Like a second home to Ashton, but smaller, and hardly ever used for vacation. He doesn’t particularly like the place, it’s inner walls irreversibly associated with the routine business trips his father used to bore Ashton’s childhood with. He dreaded coming here, never having a choice in the matter, too often forced to leave his mother and siblings back in Ohio to spend months at a time with his father in Manhattan, to be shown the ropes of managing his predetermined future. He should be grateful, he reckons. How many other people can say that they’ve been treated to such a sure thing? Ashton was handed the all-desirable American Dream at a young age, served on a freshly polished silver platter. Maybe an abnormal childhood wasn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

Returning to the Hotel Chelsea became less of a headache after his father died. It happened sooner than expected, leaving Ashton responsible for one of the nation’s leading oil companies by his mid-twenties. After years of feeling powerless in his father’s shadows, he finally got to start calling the shots–making beneficial decisions that his superiors used to overlook, hiring more hands to take some of the workload off of himself, planning meetings to specifically accommodate his schedule… yes, he’s much happier this way, less spiteful of the hotel now that he can check in and out as he pleases. 

But he’d be lying if he said that was his only reason for maintaining his guest status. 

Ashton clenches his jaw before the feeling overwhelms him and gives him no choice but to exhale his held breath. His abdomens tighten with the release, his chest heaving dramatically as he begins to refill his lungs. Hallucinated stars flash under his closed eyelids, and he imagines that this is what it must be like for her when she’s on LSD. If it’s a similar experience then he might just be able to start understanding her obsession. 

The hair he frenziedly took hold of slips between his fingers as she removes herself from between his legs, wiping any escaped wetness from the edges of her mouth. The mattress shifts with the absence of her weight, and even though Ashton’s body hasn’t yet recovered from the numbing orgasm, he wishes she would’ve laid her head on his shoulder instead of wandering off toward the room’s open window for her hourly cigarette. 

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Let’s make a baby part 4 D|H

A/N : This is part 4 of the LMAB series (omg that abbreviation looks like lamb uhmm I feel like we should not use this) This is a super fluffy and cute part. It’s like the calm before the storm. (yes, I have some drama planned) 

(pt1, pt2, pt3

I remember how Adrian walked into our room while Dan was already downstairs. “Good morning” he said, his voice much deeper than it was when I first met him. “Morning” I said back and smiled.

“So… you are pregnant ?” he asked grinning. I nodded proudly. “Once the baby is born, can I be the godfather ?” he said and his faces glowed with excitement. “Maybe, who knows” I answered and shoved that thought to the back of my head so I would remember it for later. “I hope the little thing will not look like Dan. I saw some baby pictures and believe me he was not one of those cute squishes but more like a drooling monster.” he laughed. “I was cute though” he added. I couldn’t hold back loud laughters although I felt a bit bad for laughing at my boyfriend. “So, if you are pregnant does that mean that you and my brother have a lot of sex ?” the teenager boy smirked at me mischievously while I still tried to calm down.  “Okay that’s enough!” Dan, who had just walked in, said sternly.

It’s been two months since I’m pregnant now, the flat was full with pregnancy books and Dan had read every pregnancy page on the internet that existed. “When should we tell my viewers ?” he asked at the breakfast table. With him being famous there were some additional obligations. “It’s way to early. After our second ultrasound maybe and we haven’t even been to our first. By the way it’s been now 10 days since I should have gotten my period.” I said more excitingly than I should have. “Other exciting news are that me and Phil are doing the radio show today.” he informed me. I took a bite from my toast and nodded. “What is today’s hashtag ?” I wanted to know since they are always hilarious.”Well, Phil is going to talk about how he -” that’s all I could understand before I was too busy with concentrating on my stomach that felt like it was filled with stones. I felt some warm semi solid food rising up my throat and to Dan’s surprise I jumped from my seat and sprinted to the bathroom. I made it right in time. As soon as I knelt down in front of the toilet I opened my mouth and started puking. It was honestly disgusting. Dan rushed after me and although he hated vomit nearly as much as moths and the dark he knelt behind me and held my hair back. His warm hands stroked my back as drops of sweat appeared on my forehead. My throat made that awful sound as I pressed my hands against the white tiles. It was way too early for throwing up,but after my breakfast and some stomach acid had left my stomach I felt better. I was left with a burning and sore throat and a bitter taste in my mouth. After I cleaned my face off I sat down on the sofa in the living room and Dan jogged to the kitchen and got me something to drink.

“Here you go, baby” he said as he handed me a glass of strawberry juice. “It looks like you do have some 5 weeks pregnancy symptoms.” he said with a half smile. I felt mixed emotions about that, I mean throwing up was definitely bad but since the cause of it was something so good I was sure that I could get through this. Dan sat down beside me and I leaned against his chest. “Thank you for being such a supportive boyfriend” I whispered while I played with his huge left hand. “Anything for my two babies” he said proudly. Since I felt like I hadn’t slept all night I decided to rest a bit while Dan prepared some stuff for the radio show. At around 7 pm he slowly opened our bedroom door to find me still half asleep in the bed. “Sorry to interrupt, darling” he said and turned the light on. He walked over to his wooden closet and got the black thermal shirt out that he had recently bought. I watched him as he took off the t shirt he was currently wearing and although he would never believe me I thought that his body was actually really fit. To be honest shirtless Dan was such a weakness of mine. “Your so hot, baby.” I whispered as loudly as possible. He grinned. “If I weren’t that tired, I would definitely get up and you know” I said with heavy eyelids. “Sweetie are you alright ?” Dan suddenly said and walked over to the bed. I nodded. “Yeah, I’m just tired.” I reassured him. “Those symptoms seem to hit you hard, darling” he said, pitying me. “I feel bad for leaving you alone. I could call in and have Phil do the show on his own ?” he suggested while he softly kissed my forehead. “Wouldn’t you also feel bad for leaving Phil alone ?” I asked and smiled. “Well, he is not to one who is pregnant.” Dan explained. I laughed and shook my head slightly. “Go and help Phil, I’ll be alright.” I spoke completely sure. But he was still not convinced. “Are you-” he started but I cut him off. “Just go to work, Daniel” I laughed and he pressed a last kiss on my lips and headed to the radio station. 

Status Update

Uh, what’s on my mind?  Fuckin Facebook… uh, let’s see …

Went to a bookstore today.  Sometimes pieces of my old life float to the surface.  I get seized by it, weird, irrational thoughts like I could use a new book or It’s been awhile since I checked out that bookstore.  The urge happens almost too quick for me to realize it, and before I know, I’m walking through the door into the cool air of the bookstore.  New releases are propped up invitingly on small stands.  Beyond, another room is crammed full of books on shelves, spines out, words clamoring to be heard.

I still have a list of books I haven’t read that I want to on my iPhone.  I wander around the stacks, idly flicking through my list.  There’s less now than there was before, and it isn’t because I was able to check them off - it’s because one day, I was looking at my lists and I just suddenly got so pissed off, totally shaking with rage, and swiped angrily to the left - delete function - on entry after entry.  I was left with the few still there, and even just glancing at those caused my body to knot up tight like a fist.  I put my phone back in the pocket of my gym shorts and stretched out my arm.  It had been back and biceps day at the gym, and I could feel the soreness starting to creep into my muscles.  The muscles that were prominently on display - well, OK, my triceps, those are really starting to pop - because I’m wearing a tank top.  That’s all I wear out in public now - tank tops and gym shorts.  Today, flat-soled Vans and Nike ankle socks.  A baseball cap turned backwards.  My glasses, in the searing sun, have turned to shades, at least, partially. 

What am I doing?  I thought.  I don’t look like I belong here.  The people who run this place, those fucking twig-like hipsters behind the counter in their floodwater khakis and their saddle shoes, their fucking immaculately trimmed beards and ostentatiously simple black-framed glasses.  Their mild confusion at my presence.  I’m guessing.  I’ve only picked up one or two books the whole time I’m here.  I’ve looked at my phone more, which keeps binging loudly in the quiet store.  I’m sure heads turn, disapproval is broadcasted.  Look at the dumb jock answering his phone in the bookstore.  Like someone talking too loudly in a movie.  If it rings, I decide instantly, I’m going to –

It rings.  I swipe right to answer.  I am about to say “Hello?”  or  “Hey,” like I normally do, but suddenly I make a different choice.  It’s my friend, and we’re supposed to meet up for dinner – for some chow – later, like, not too later, just in like an hour or so, “What’s UP bro?”  comes out of my mouth, almost like a horse’s bray, and this time I can just see the looks on the hipster’s faces, on the nice-looking girl in the summer skirt idly leafing through a book of short stories.  Irritation, disapproval, all invisibly pointed at me. 

But here’s the thing.  It felt amazing.  It felt like the biggest rush in the world, like taking a rollercoaster straight down and around the fuckin loop at 100 miles an hour bro.  And when he answered, maybe he was a little unsure because of how I’d answered the phone - I mean, that’s not me, right? 

I was out in the sun again before I knew it, glasses turning back into shades.  I spend a lot more time out in the sun these days.  The bell on the bookstore’s door jingled loudly, as if trying to match my volume.  And here’s the other thing - since I had so abruptly ratcheted the volume of my voice up to 11, the knob broke off, or at least, it felt like that, and I just couldn’t keep from talking as loudly as I had when I answered the call.  The whole way down the street, phone tilted to my ear, talking as loudly as possible, heart hammering, everyone in shouting distance able to hear me. 

Fuck.  When did I turn into such a d-bag?  I used to go in that bookstore all the time bro.  I used to, I used to sometimes compulsively buy a book even though I didn’t know who the author was or anything about it.  I used to spend hours in there, just paging through the books.  It seemed like a movie I saw once about someone who spent a lot of time in a bookstore, just paging through the books, but it couldn’t have been a movie I saw.  How boring would that movie be?  Unless someone robbed the bookstore and there was some real, y’know, action, or something to it. 

The sun was making me dizzy, which wasn’t the first time that day.  It’s been kind of hot out lately, but every moment I don’t spend out in the sun is a moment I feel kinda bad on the inside, like I should be outside as much as possible.  I should be showing as much skin as possible.  I need to be as tan as possible.  It makes the muscles pop more.  And that’s what matters, muscles and protein.  Man, I’m gonna eat a huge fuckin steak tonight at dinner.  My bro won’t like it much, he’ll probably sniff and say somethin about how the cow died inhumanely, or whatever.  I actually, secretly?  Have never really cared about that, not really.  I just need the protein.  I may have agreed once or twice, but I was just playin along, because I didn’t want the fuckin lecture.  And I’ll keep the shit about going into the bookstore to myself.  Nobody saw me do it, I’m sure, and I don’t want anyone knowin I went in there.  It was a dumb choice, why would I spend money on books that could be going to food, or supps, or more gear for working out?  I seem to always need new gear for working out, I mean, I only wear sleeveless shirts to the gym now - why wear sleeves?  How will I see where my muscles are growing?  That seems obvious to me.

So it’s kinda funny when my bro at dinner is all quiet and weird.  I know he’s gay and I know he’s got a crush on me.  Fuck, I got a crush on me.  It’s not gay, it’s just called ‘mirin.  Hard to look away from myself when I’m flexing in the mirror, stare right into my own eyes, dare me to flex even harder, really show off my fuckin biceps, flex my traps, my lats.  I think I’m gonna start paring down my collection of books, too.  I don’t have room in my room for the shelf, anyway, and it’s the perfect lighting to put a full-length mirror in.  Oh, wait, I just did that.  I forgot.  Two days ago.  I remember standin in front of it just last night.  Right?  That’s right.  I open up my phone and flick through to Photos and yeah, there’s a bunch of me posing.  Posin in different gear too.  But I’m not the one holding the camera.  My bro is. 

“So, do you remember any of last night?”

Shit.  I think I kinda do.  It’s fuzzy.  Like … “Was I drunk?”

“Naw, you haven’t had a drink in weeks, bro.”

He says bro funny.  I feel a weird vertigo, like my chair is slowly tipping backwards.  I flick through my Photos.  I’m posin a lot.  In different gear.  Shit, that’s a fucking singlet, I didn’t know I had a fucking singlet.  Something looks weird with my eyes.  Like I’m sleepwalking.  And there’s my bro, my big bro, in every shot, holding my phone, staring right at me, staring right at me even now, at dinner, over the table.  “Yeah,” I say, uncertainly.  What’s happening?  I’m falling, but I’m sitting straight up.  The back of my head feels heavy, like someone is pressing on it.  My brain feels squished, like when you screw your eyes shut really hard.

“You just been making different choices, Brendan.  How’s that working out for you, bro?  You’re healthier, now, aren’t you?  Fitter.  Happier.  More muscular.  Hotter.”  He licks his lips and smiles.  “Isn’t that what you want?”  He pauses.  Takes a sip of water.  I’m silent, because no words are coming to mind.  I wait for him to continue.  His words have a weight to them.  They are each like depth charges, exploding in my head.  “Tell me what you want, more than anything in the world, Brendan.”

I do the only thing I know how to do.  I lift my arms and I flex, and I grin, because fuck it, flexing feels fucking amazing, and my bro is laughing, and he’s lifting his phone, and he’s snapping a picture.  “This one’s goin on fuckin Facebook.  Ah, shit, this is the best thing ever.  Aren’t you glad you went to that hypnotist with us, Brendan?”

“What hypnotist?”

“It’s OK,” my bro says.  Soothingly.  It does calm me down.  I was gettin kinda riled up there.  “Don’t think about it too hard.”  He laughs.  “Well, harder than you can, anymore, anyway.”

Okay.  That sounds about right.  “Okay,” I say.  The protein has arrived, anyway, a huge steaming bowl of rice and chicken and veggies, and my mouth is watering so much that I think I must be drooling, but fuck it.  I wish I didn’t even have to use a fork, I wanna just shovel it into my face with my hands…

“And after we’re done here,” my bro is saying.  Was he talking the whole time?  I couldn’t remember the words he’d said, but I remember the sound of his voice.  I look at him again.  He is kinda nerdy.  Not real hipster, not really.  Glasses, the haircut.  He’s smart, too.  He’s really the only smart dude I hang around, because most guys I don’t get when they talk smart like my bro, but you gotta have at least one smart guy around when you need to make choices.  I usually make the right ones, anyway, I mean, c’mon, how hard is it.  Muscles, protein.  Maybe an action movie in there somewhere, or a trip to the beach, or rock climbing, or tossing the football around in the park. 

Hey, those all sound like awesome ideas. 

“Bro?  You in there?”  My bro is snapping his fingers in front of my face and laughing.  “Damn, you’re slow.”

“Sorry, bro,” I say, through a mouthful of rice and chicken I didn’t even know I was eating.  “What were you saying?”

“After we’re done here, I’m coming over to your apartment.  I’ve seen what it looks like, and you need some help dumbing it down.  I’ve got some ideas for you.  And there’s a lot of clothes you can get rid of and make space in your dresser for more gear.  Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yeah,” I say, because whatever he’s saying, it’s cool with me, he’s my bro.  I just gotta get this fuel in me, because my body is fuckin hungry as shit. 

“And I might let you suck my cock,” my bro says, waggling his eyebrow at me.  “No homo.”

“No homo,” I repeat, still mowing down on my chow.  Fuck, this rice and chicken and veg is awesome.  I could eat this forever.  Every day.  Well, that and my protein shakes.  “Sure, bro.”

He leans back, grinning.  “Fuck.  You’re perfect.  Never change, bro.”

And I grin, and I flex again, and he checks his phone.  Probly checking up on my Facebook.  I let him have the password, because fuck that, all that shit is too complicated.  It’s better to have my bro make those choices for me.  I trust him.  He’s never let me down.  And he won’t.  He knows who I am, who I really am, who I’ve always been, and who I’ll always be.

So … what’s on my mind?  Well, muscles, and what I’m gonna lift tomorrow, and uh, I dunno, stuff like that.  

Eh, I was gonna update my status, but I’m just gonna let my bro do that for me. He’s better at all that shit, anyway.   All I need is the gym.   And my bro.

He looks at me over the table and grins, and presses a button on his phone, and I hear the sound of a post being made.  “Go ahead,” he motions, and I pull out my phone.  There’s the picture of me, flexing in the restaurant, shit-eating grin on my face, hat backwards.  Already the Likes are coming in, and some comments, and I’d look at them, but I don’t care that much about that shit anymore.

“Cool, bro,” I say, and dive back into my food.  I even eat what my bro doesn’t finish, and after we leave the restaurant, I’m confused a little, mostly full, feeling kinda dopey.  I almost wander into traffic once … or maybe twice, that was kind of embarrassing, but my bro was right there to stop me from walkin into the road.  Haha.  I’m funny when I’m full, I just wanna lay down and gobble on my bro’s knob.  He lets me do that.  He calls me a dumbass knob-gobbler, and I’m kinda okay with that.  My bro can do whatever he wants, because he knows best.

So … what’s on my mind?  Well, muscles, and what I’m gonna lift tomorrow, and uh, I dunno, stuff like that.  

Eh, I was gonna update my status, but I’m just gonna let my bro do that for me.  He’s better at all that shit, anyway.   All I need is the gym.   And my bro.

Engagement Movie Night - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1310

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Bad writing

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s SPN Movie Night Challenge. My movie was Tangled. 

You could honestly say that several years ago you never envisioned yourself sitting around the table inside the bunker with such an eclectic group of people. Tonight was movie night. It was a tradition you started when JoJo was old enough to start watching movies. Tonight was her night to pick the movie and the guests, but it had also turned into a makeshift engagement party for Dean and you. JoJo invited everyone she could think of and everyone showed up. So here you were, sitting around the table eating pizza and wings with Dean, JoJo, Sam, Eileen, Mary, Cas, Crowley, Garth, Bess, Jody, Donna, Alex, and Claire.

Sam and Eileen were still the only two people you had told about your engagement other than JoJo, so you figured now was as good a time as any to drop the news. JoJo was about to explode with eagerness and excitement over it. “Mommy, Daddy? Can we do it now?” She questioned, face covered in pizza and BBQ sauce while she ate her pie.

“What do you say?” Dean looked at you to see if you were ready. “You wanna?”

“I wanna.” You nodded.

“Guys!” Dean yelled over the commotion. “We uh…we have something we wanna tell you.” You’d been hiding your left hand under a long sleeve sweater all night and it was starting to drive you insane, but nobody noticed.

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