but they said he did good

…when the prisoner knows the name of the French dish served for dinner and the refined and cultured British officer does not. This was a good addition to the scene. In the book, LJG is surprised that Jamie can read, let alone that he knows French.

“You are interested in French novels?” he blurted, not realizing until too late how incredulous the question sounded.
Fraser glanced up, startled, and snapped the book shut. Very deliberately, he returned it to its shelf.
“I can read, Major,” he said. He had shaved; a slight flush burned high on his cheekbones.
“I—yes, of course I did not mean—I merely—” Grey’s own cheeks were more flushed than Fraser’s. The fact was that he had subconsciously assumed that the other did not read, his evident education notwithstanding, merely because of his Highland accent and shabby dress.
While his coat might be shabby, Fraser’s manners were not. He ignored Grey’s flustered apology, and turned to the bookshelf.
“I have been telling the men the story, but it has been some time since I read it; I thought I would refresh my memory as to the sequence of the ending.”
“I see.” Just in time, Grey stopped himself from saying “They understand it?”
Fraser evidently read the unspoken question in his face, for he said dryly, “All Scottish children are taught their letters, Major. Still, we have a great tradition of storytelling in the Highlands.”
“Ah. Yes. I see.”
The entry of his servant with dinner saved him from further awkwardness, and the supper passed uneventfully, though there was little conversation, and that little, limited to the affairs of the prison.


-I know, Auror!Harry is canon and confirmed by JKR, but think about it : Harry doesn’t want to fight anymore.

-After the War, Kingsley asked all the A.D to join the aurors, but when Ron turned down the proposition, Harry’s confused.

-Harry talked with all his friends, not better.

-He decided to visit Pr.McGonagall and when he said, “I want to change minds without fighting”, she looked at him very seriously, and said  “Be a professor”.

-It hit him.

-Harry announced his choice, and everyone’ve been supportive to him. Hermione helped Ron and him to pass their N.E.W.Ts (She’s doing a 8th year), and everyone came to 12 Grimmauld Place for the renovations.

-He did his 1st year in common with Neville, who wanted to be a Botanic professor. 

-Ginny and him are no longer together, but they’re still good friends, and Harry’s eating every Sunday at the Burrow.

-At the end of the year, he knew what would be his speciality : DADA

-During his 2nd year, he still saw Neville, they talked about school, what became their old classmates…

-When Rita Skeeter caught him kissing a boy, he didn’t deny : he’s a proud black bisexual man.

-Once a week, Hermione, who’s  working at the Ministry of Magic, Ron, who’s working at his brother’s shop, and Harry, go to little pub, run by a Squib, and they talk about their jobs, gossips, and a little about the past.

-Harry also discovered that Dean and Seamus are dating since their 5th year, and that Oliver and Marcus kissed after the Battle. How could he be so obvious?!

-I think he’s seeing a psy.

-During his 3rd year, Harry was one of the best of his promotion. He works hard, has a huge memory, and is naturally gifted in DADA.

-He learned self-defence in the muggle world, it helps him to be more relax and… attentive???? idk, he just likes it.

-The international Quidditch star Ginny Weasley did her coming-out, with the support of her family, her team-mates and her ex-boyfriend, for the greatest pleasure of an ex-Ravenclaw.

-When Harry finally graduated, he has new friends, an almost-normal life, and even if he still has nightmares, they’re less frequent and painfull.

-Harry is Neville’s best man at his wedding with Hannah Abbott.

-Right after his graduation, he sent a owl to the Hogwarts’s headmaster, Pr McGonagall, and she answered that the place of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor has always been for him.

-Harry Potter is now professor at Hogwarts, and you know what?

-Draco Malefoy is also a professor at Hogwarts, but this story will be for another time.

A Rare Blast From the Past

Mother-dearest was bitten by the cleaning bug, and has been going through boxes that nobody has opened in years.

While doing so, she found this:

My Evil Cat Skits

Aka the first book that Pop ever wrote when she was 10-years-old.

(Someone even helped me make an About the Author page. I’M SCREAMING, I was trying to be so professional about it. Go Kid Me.)

(awww lookit lil fifth grade me with glasses. Mother-dearest even helped me straighten my hair for that picture!)

Let’s read through this exciting tale, shall we?

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Ice Cream Sundays



Requested: nope

A/N: kiddos, i cant. 

Words: 1198

Warnings: veto 

I woke up finding Y/N fast asleep next to me, I quietly got out of bed and grabbed the towel draped over the door before walking into the bathroom and getting in the shower

“Morning.” She called from the bed while she rolled over stretching.
“Morning gorgeous,” I grinned throwing the towel over the door again, “how did you sleep?” I asked as I walked over to the cupboard with a smug smile plastered on my face.

“Good, I had a dream that I could eat a lot of ice cream without being sick but then this golden retriever took one of my ice cream cones and was like ‘have a good one bro,’ but he sounded South African and he said bro like brew so I think it was my subconscious telling me it was you.” She jabbered on as I pulled on a pair of boxers.

“I’ll buy you an ice cream to make up for golden retriever me.” I chuckled and walked over to the bed before pressing a kiss on her head. “Do you want some coffee?” I asked while taking the cup from her side table, she replied with a nod.

I stood at the kettle waiting for the water to boil when she walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my torso and pressed kisses all over my shoulder blades to my spine. “Hey you.” I chuckled and poured the water into the mugs, stirring the coffee. “Thanks.” She smiled sleepily and took the mug of coffee from my hand before walking over to the couch and wrapping herself up in a blanket and reaching for the remote.

“Do you wanna watch anything? If not I’m putting the bachelor on.” She giggled and took a sip of coffee.

“Whatever, you just want to perv over all the guys.” I smirked and sat down next to her planting my legs over hers.

“No!” She whined and held on to my arm, “You’re the only one I want to perv over!”
“Oh really?” I smirked and cuddled into her side.

“Yeah, I do it almost every morning.” She teased, placing sloppy kisses on my neck and tracing a hand over my chest.

“Can’t even be naked in my own room.” I grinned as she carried on.
“Oh you absolutely can.” She mumbled between kisses, I pulled her onto my lap and peppered her face with kisses as she giggled uncontrollably.

“Well good morning to you too.” Joe said suddenly from the door causing her to jump off my lap in shock then start giggling again. “You guys are too cute.” he chuckled and walked over to the kitchen but I mean, no sex around me. Please.“

“Oh my word.” She giggled and leaned over pressing a kiss on my cheek before playing the bachelor.

“Y/N! What is this?” Joe joked as he sat down beside us with a bowl of cereal.

“Still up for ice-cream?” I leaned over and whispered in her ear. She nodded eagerly, “Come on let’s get dressed then.” I said patting her thigh and standing before taking her hand and pulling her up.


I took Byron’s hand pulling myself up before he wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked to his room. I flopped onto the bed stretching my arms. “What are you wearing?” I sighed, too lazy to get up. 

“Probably jeans and a shirt, why?” He said while digging through the clothes in his cupboard.

“All I have here is the dress I wore on Friday night.” I sighed and rolled over in irritation, “I’ve been wearing your clothes all weekend.” I chuckled as he pulled on a shirt.“

"Oh,” he said pondering for a minute, “you could wear you dress from Friday again.” He said with a cheeky smirk.
“No!” I laughed, “Absolutely not!” I exclaimed.
“Why?” He chuckled, “It looks nice.”
“Because it’s not a ‘let’s get an ice-cream on Sunday morning dress’ it’s a 'I want to get laid now dress’ so no thanks.” I giggled. He sighed and held up two pairs of jeans, I pulled myself out of bed and took the lighter pair. I slipped them on only to have them fall straight back down “fabulous babe, just fabulous.” I teased and sent him a cheeky smirk. “Do you have a belt for me?” He nodded and got up, taking one from the draw. I pulled the jeans back up and looped the belt through them, “We make such a great team!” I grinned.
He laughed then looked over at me again, “I’m glad, can you put a shirt on so we can go?”
“What if I don’t want to?” I smirked and turned to him only to have a shirt hit me in the face.
“Oh my god,” he yelled playfully making me break down in a fit of giggles, “Can you just get dressed! I want to get ice cream!” He kept yelling between laughs.
“Okay! Okay!” I gasped as my stomach ached from laughter. I walked over to Byron’s cupboard and took one of the many sugglife hoodies and pulled it over my head, “Have you even called an uber?”

“You have legs woman, use them.” He sassed making me gasp and slap his arm lightly as he walked past. “I’m kidding! But we’re walking.”
“You mean you’re walking?” I teased.
“Oh so I’m being stood up now?” He cocked an eyebrow at me.
“No you’re just going to carry me there.” I giggled and stepped out the door

“What flavor do you want love?” He asked and brushed a hand up and down my arm.
“Bubblegum please.” I smiled up at him making him press a quick kiss to the corner of my mouth.
“Can you get us a table then?” He smiled and let go of my side.

I walked to a small table in the corner of the vibrant ice cream parlor, the pastel pink and blue chairs were littered around the tables with faint music playing in the background. Byron was stood in front of the counter chatting away to the old lady while she scooped up the ice cream, I watched as he placed the money on the counter before stuffing his wallet back into his pocket and taking the two cones from the lady. He winked at me as he walked over making me chuckle and shake my head, I pulled a chair out for him as he got to the table.

“Thanks bru.” He said and plopped down in his seat before handing me my ice cream.
“Hey, it’s only a pleasure my dude.” I rolled my eyes, “what did you get?”
“Vanilla.” He simply stated before taking a big kick out the side.
“That’s so… vanilla.” I smirked, he groaned and rolled his eyes.
“We need to make this a tradition.” He sighed contently after a minute.
“Yeah, ice cream every Sunday morning.” I agreed.
“You mean ice cream sundays."He winked and nudged my arm.
"Our puns are too good today babe.” I chuckled, “I love us for being so puny.”
“I love you.” He chuckled and pressed a kiss to my cheek making blush deeply.

anonymous asked:

How long did it take William to forgive Grell after the Jack the Ripper phase?

Not too long tbh. She received her punishment and did a good job on her house arrest tasks. They started to talk to each other a few days after her first session when Grell came into his office when William’s shift was over to clean up his place. William was still working and said that she didn’t have to clean, since it was already late and she could do it tomorrow. But Grell refused, because she took her work schedule very seriously and so she started to vacuume his office.

Grell didn’t see it but William couldn’t help but smile at her commitment and he said he wished she would be just as dedicated in her real job as a soul collector. That was the first start to their usual conversations again - as friends.

Two weeks later Grell entered his office again to clean the windows. She slipped down the windowsill with her bucket and William caught her on time before she could hit the ground. They stared at each other for a second, lips brushing for a kiss and they made out on the floor for several minutes before William reminded her that she had work to do.

artsyharreh  asked:

I need a good love story. How did you and Robert meet??? You two are too cute and i cry from the adorableness I get from you two.



Literally he messaged me on tumblr saying i was cute and i was like aw thanks and then later he did that thing like “explain urself on anon and ill say if id date you” and i said i would and then we talked again and now we’re dating LOL

We Have A Rat In The Club Chapter 4

Happy dragged his feet as he came to his room. He wasnt looking forward to seeing Y/N after he just killed a guy.
“Hap you okay brother”? Juice asked.
“Yeah, everything went good”?
“Yeah nobody came and she hasnt been out so…how did it go”?
“Its done, now we go after the rat”. Happys mood changed.
“Alright I’ll go get Chibs and Tig”. He said as he disappeared around the corner.
Happy opened the door, seeing you still sleeping he changed back in to his hospital gown.
Just as he was about to sit back down you woke up. “Hap what are you doing out of bed”? Y/N asked as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.
“I just went to use the bathroom and now I’m back”.
“Is it over”?
“With that one but theres someone else that needs to be taken out”. He said as he pulled you close.
“Frankie Diamond”. Happy gritted his teeth.
“That new guy from Nomad”?
“Yeah, he’s been with Darby the whole time he was patching into SAMCRO”.
“Why would he do that, how could he betray the club, betray you like that”. You said getting angry.
“He wants you thats why he got with Darby, he knew Darby wanted retaliation for his cousin”.
“Me”. “Why me”? You quivered out.
“I dont know, he didnt say”. “But I promise he will never get you..ever”. He shushed you as you cried.
The door opened and Happy was ready to attack. It was Chibs, Tig and Juice.
“Hap calm down”. “Whats going on”? Chibs asked concered.
“Frankie Diamond, he’s the rat and he wants Y/N”. Happy growled
“SHIT”. Chibs yelled.
“What does he want with Y/N, he hardly knows her”? Tig asked, scratching his head.
“I dont know, he’s a dead man for ever bringing her into this”.
“I need to get out of here, Juice get the Doc and tell her to sign me out”. Juice nodded and went to find doctor.
“You’re sure that your ready to leave”?
“No one threatens my family and I just sit on my ass waiting for them to come to me”. Happy ripped out his IV and was getting dressed as the doc came in.
“Mr. Lowman, I advise you to not leave the hospital, you could get infection or tear something in  your chest and cause major bleeding”. She warned him.
“Listen Doc, you either sign off or I’ll get someone else to”. “Its up to you”.
She handed the papers, he quickly signed and walked out. Hand in hand with Y/N. His mission was to make Y/N feel safe and try not to get killed.

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Penny: Amy, what’s wrong?

Amy: My boyfriend’s a jerk.

Penny: Well, I know he didn’t cheat on you, so what happened?

Amy: I had to go to my aunt’s party all by myself, and everybody was like, where’s this boyfriend you’re always talking about? Is he real, or did you make him up like Armin the miniature horse breeder?

Penny: Who’s Armin the miniature horse breeder?

Amy: The pretend boyfriend I invented to get my family off my back. It unravelled quickly when I couldn’t answer the question how’d you two meet?

Penny: I would have thought at a miniature horse show.

Amy: Oh, that’s good.

Penny: Mm.

Amy: I panicked and said Woodstock. I just wanted to show Sheldon off to my family.

Penny: Sure, I get that. I mean, he’s your first boyfriend and all.

Amy: Not just my first boyfriend, he’s the best boyfriend. I mean, think about it. I’m dating Sheldon Cooper.

Penny: Yes. On purpose.

Amy: He’s handsome, he’s lanky, he’s brilliant, and his skin has that pale, waxy quality.

Penny: Well, sickly is the new sexy.

Amy: Yeah.

Penny: Mm. You know, Amy, sometimes when you’re in a relationship with someone you really care about, the sucky part is, it leaves you open to getting hurt.

Amy: Do you ever worry about Leonard doing that to you?

Penny: That’s hilarious. No.

5 x 19 The Weekend Vortex

title: salut d’amour ( ao3 / ff.net )
pairing: kazubisha
length: 2.5k
rating: T
“Do you know how to waltz, Kazuma?” Bishamon asked.
additional notes: @themusicalbookworm​ commissioned me to write dancing kazubisha, so. :’))) (thanks gio ilysm) (also, this is the song they’re dancing to.)

“Who knew Tenjin could throw such a hell of a shindig?” Daikoku said, his eyes traveling from the blazing chandelier overhead, to the luxurious open bar, to the dance floor in the center of the cavernous chamber, golden surface gleaming under a new coat of wax.

“Where did you think he spent all his money? Ray Bans? Beard cream?” Yato appeared next to Daikoku, keeping his nose in the air and his eyes squinted against the glory of the room.

“Why the snark?” Daikoku asked, frowning. The open bar, at the very least, had his stamp of approval.

Yato shrugged. “I just don’t see the big deal. So he’s loaded. Whatever.”

Daikoku glanced across the room to where Tenjin was holding several of his guests rapt with stories of his many achievements. Among the spellbound listeners were Yukine and Hiyori.

“Ah,” he grunted, comprehending.

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anonymous asked:

Louis was never considered 1 of the most popular ones as well... And Syco always treated Louis as back up singer, not giving him solos and all that, so they didnt think he had the talent... So did they seriously only signed him to save face and say they got one of the 1D boys?? Cause that is infuriating. They dont really want him, they just wanted to look good. And now, although I dont think they are trying to bury him cause he still brings money, it's clear the promo is very very subpar... :(

Actually, Louis was often #2 or #3 on fan “rankings” of the members, but I agree that they treated him as a disposable back up singer.

But I said that it APPEARS that they signed him to save face, I have absolutely nothing solid to back that belief up with. I say that based solely on what we’re seeing.

I don’t like when something I say as an observation or as a guess gets misinterpreted as a statement of fact :)


He was looking at his apartment, and deciding what he should do with it until he heard a loud knock on the other side of his bedroom wall. He walked of to it and looked at it before knocking on it expecting a response. 

“Uh…can you please keep it down? That really loud!” he said, kindly. He wasn’t going to be rude, that was unnecessary, and he smiled when he heard gentle tapping on the other side instead.

He walked over to his table and grabbed a small plate of food, to take to his neighbor. He did just move in and he wanted to make a good impression. 

anonymous asked:

So why did Cait mention he left then? He had plenty of reason to be in NYC for Barbour prep for example. Why would she lie and risk being outed as such if he had been spotted? Especially with posting the France pic in MPC and be outed as a liar to them when honesty is one if the big pillars of the program?

I honestly don’t know, your guesses if you have any are as good as mine, but that their reason for doing something isn’t clear or understandable to us doesn’t mean they didn’t do it in the first place. At this point of the game I don’t trust any of them when they volunteer such information, may be used as diversion. 
The Provence pic was weird as fuck, and he wouldn’t have been lying since MPC people say he never said he was writing from there so his using and old pic wouldn’t constitute lying to them. He may have left NY when Cait said he did and gone anywhere else (to do some extra movie work, to Scotland,…) or he may had stayed, kept a low profile and rested. 
There actually are many options since we only have a few pointers as guidelines of their whereabouts and the rest of the time there’s nothing, not a trace, not a sighting, not a mention. Nothing. 



HIGHLIGHTS: BTS at SBS Cultwo Show Radio (170921)
  • Chainsmokers were the first to ask for a collab with BTS. After BTS accepted they were sent 10 beats right away.
  • Jin: we say bts in America because they don’t even know what Bangtan Sonyeondan means so they won’t be able to make fun of us
  • Namjoon asked Hobi yesterday in a serious tone “Why do foreign fans like us? what part do they like about us?”(they can’t believe it and they think they have nothing special) and Jhope answered him “seriously why do they think we are funny?” But the MC said that their music is great like reaaaally great (AMEN someone was there to speak the truth)
  • MC reading the comments “My mom tells me Bangtan works harder than me” the host answered to that “Yes they put their blood, sweat and tears”
  • The MC said that BTS will probably be in history books to let people know more about South Korea. BTS humbly thanked him.
  • Jhope said the choreography for this album is the hardest they had so far.
  • Suga said all their content get translated fast (in the second) so BTS and himself are amazed whenever tahta happens.
  • Jimin buttoned his shirt and someone texted the station asking “Jimin why did you button up”.  Jimin said it was just too much. Then the host thanked Jimin for doing so and Suga said “but mine is unbuttoned too” (He was wearing a shirt underneath lol)
  • The host asked them what are they majored in high school. Jimin said contemporary dance and the MC said “yeah your face look like contemporary dance). V said dancing and singing.
  • A fan asked that she wanted to hear Tahyung and Jungkook more. The MC asked if they don’t talk much to which Jimin answered "No they talk the most” and JK added, “I don’t know when to come in/get into the convo”.
  • Suga and JK got a cold.
  • The MC said Jimin looks like he was naturally born with blonde hair (it suits him so well)
  • Jimin: we all cried when we first performed at the Olympic Gymnasium. there were chills all throughout our bodies
  • The dome tour next month is their first JAPAN biggest tour and one con holds 35000ppl and they even cried w 1500ppl so they r thrilled n nerve
  • Host: is pied piper about the fans because they follow you guys around? bts: yes host: are you dissing them? yoongi: we’re thankful (Read this analysis to understand why they are thankful HERE).
  • Q. how was it performing with Seo Taiji yoongi: it was an honor hoseok: he’s very detailed he helped us one by one with the dances. Namjoon: Seo Taiji kept calling us his sons. there’s a year difference between him and Jungkook’s actual dad
  • Cultwo said they used to have 8000 fans but bc they didn’t take care of them they have 5 now lol (Insinuating that they should take care of their fans).
  • host: rap mon’s good at English who’s good at Japanese bts: rap mon hoseok: he’s very good with languages host: How about Chinese bts: jin
  • What do u wanna eat so bad rn? Jimin said chicken, Jin jelly, Suga obok jaengban (Jimin said he was an old man for picking that), V ggomak, Jhope Nakjji, RM meat and rice and Jungkook ramen.
  • They said they eat Three meals a day but because of the schedule (packed), they lose weight every day. Jimin: (worried fans would be worried about them) WE’RE EATING VERY WELL DO NOT WORRY ABOUT US
  • MC: you guys kicked down Ariana grande Justin Bieber Shawn Mendes Namjoon: I feel rude saying kicked host: YOU DID KICK THEM DOWN
  • They started talking about “top social artist” and the host asked them to tell Bieber something and V said in English “Justin Bieber I am your fan”.
  • Namjoon’s motto “Let’s live life sexily”
  • Taehyung: [his life motto is something in satoori his dad says] it means “that’s nothing! just forget about it and do it/move on!”
  • Jungkook changes the instruments he is learning every 3 months so the MC said he is probably good at none. and JK answered, “That’s why I am trying to change my moto” (‘It’s better to die if you have no passion’ to which SG answered in the past 'Jungkookie is going to die soon’).
  • Jimin: we’re coming back through the comeback show with DNA so please anticipate it and love us a lot thank you! 
  • [end of show]

Cr sugafull27 rosoidae

au where bitty comes from a family of, like, eight siblings…and he’s the tallest of them all.

More things Bruce has said to his kids:


“You were such a cute kid. What happened?”

“So, if everyone else jumps from the roof, would you jump too? … I know that you jump from the roof every night … It was a rhetorical question!!”

“I love you, but go away”


“Do you understand English?! I said no more killing!”

“Language, dammit!”

“You cannot sell your brothers on Craigslist!”


“Why did you just put that in your mouth? … I don’t care if it was a dare! Spit it out!”

“I’m not talking to you until you put on pants”

“At what point did you think it was a good idea to test how long you could go without sleep?”


“He is your older brother, do not use him for target practice”

“I understand that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, but don’t let the dog lick your Popsicle!”

“Did you give Tim a black eye? … No, the dog was not the one to do it, try again”


“Why did you put makeup on Dick? Now he won’t stop talking about his cheekbones“

“Stephanie, you don’t even live here, why are you paining the living room?“

“Will you stop trying to hug Damian? He claims that affection makes him breakout in hives“


“You’re my favorite child“

‘I need you to watch the boys while I’m out … Yes, I know that most of them are grown men, but they seem to get into trouble when left unsupervised“

“I’m glad that I have one sane child“