but they really look alike don't they

  • Child Canada: m-merci-I mean, t-t-thank you for taking me i-in, England.
  • England: of course, love.
  • England, in his head: is this child really America's twin brother? They don't act nor look much alike-
  • Child America: whoah, watch out!
  • England: America, I told you to stop twirling that bison- CANADA WATCH OUT-
  • Child Canada: *catches it with one hand* oh.
  • England and Child America: WHAT THE???
  • Child Canada: s-s-sorry?

Katherine of Aragon / Mother of Mary I of England
Anne Boleyn / Mother of Elizabeth I of England
Jane Seymour / Mother of Edward VI of England

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okay but how about fraternal twins Grantaire and Combeferre who don't really look alike unless you look very closely and no one knows they are related until one of them makes an offhand comment like "yeah me and my twin ..." and everyone is like "YOU HAVE A TWIN??" "yeah you known him for years?"


No one fucking knows they’re remotely related and they’re actually pretty fucking similar if you cut R’s hair, give him a shave, and make him take out his contacts and slap on his glasses

And everyone just assumed they’re interest in similar things and ability to talk in unison was just a really weird best friend situation until

A) Ferre one day mentions off handedly him and his twin are complete opposites skill and learning wise and they’re both “WHAT A SECOND FERRE”

And he just kinda
Slowly looks at them like
“You guys…. r u… for real rn?”


B) R got a haircut similar to Ferre’s because they were discussing practical hair styles and he was just “there is literally paint in my hair and it’s getting in my eyes holy heck it’s time for a change”
And maybe he had to shave because he had a meeting somewhere important and had to look professional and probably was too lazy to put in his contacts and welp
Now you got a very tired Art Ferre™ and
Everyone is shocked
Everyone is shoook
And Ferre is just
“Oh hey bro you look good today”

Courf or someone is just “… bro? Wait.. as in like not a friend way? Is he actually your brother?” And Ferre once again
I’d like

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hey there wyrvel, so idk how to start this off but... could you... maybe... explain to me why exactly yamamoto, the good, friendly guy™, is a natural born hitman that's a-okay with murder (according to one of your metas)? like... i really don't get it, which is embarrassing to say because he's my favorite character, but then again i'm only a casual fan. however i adore your meta, so yeah... so if it'd be no problem to youcould you explain how takeshi is cool with murder? bc i really don't get it


I feel like people assume he’s happy-go-lucky, but in the early chapters, Yamamoto has a really sedate, reserved personality. When he interacts with friends, he’s pretty chipper, but if you look at his panels when he’s just observing, he’s pretty…aloof, I guess? He’s usually smiling, but he’s just taking it in. A very “hmmmmmmm B^)” attitude. Even when he’s talking to people, he has a pretty cool, laid-back look.

Yamamoto’s acclimatization to violence is also notable, in that he never had one. He got attacked by yakuza and beach slobs alike, and he’s like “okay! I just have to wreck them with my baseball bat!” with zero transitional logic between that. It just made sense to him? Which is natural for a gag manga, so let’s give that a pass for a second

But in the Kokuyou arc, in his fight with Ken, he had his big revelation…that this is a life-and-death all-or-nothing gang warfare situation, and he, who was already trying to kick Ken’s ass, was like “oh! okay! yeah I’ll get into it now, my bad”. He was informed he needed to change his entire worldview and inflict levels of abuse he’s never performed before and his response is “makes sense”. All the other characters are already Like That - Ryouhei, for example, specifically joined the boxing club because he wanted to get violent in a controlled environment, and that’s still not enough for him - but he’s a regular civilian that just rolled with it.

Yamamoto’s “natural-born hitman” nature is that he easily changes his logic and plans on the fly, is willing to jump to extremes if they’re necessary, has zero problem with accelerating levels of violence, and is innately observant of his surroundings. It’s an indication of his adaptability in the context of the underworld. He’s the character that innovated the most out of all of them - what did he make, like, 6 special moves on top of his existing moveset? That’s pretty advanced, even if you’ve been specifically trained by Reborn.

The ‘Yamamoto is probably super down with murder’ comes from a link from the Future arc, where he cut someone so badly they almost died, seeing them actually get murdered he was like “Yikes! Even I didn’t press that envelope” like Yamamoto…were you willing to?? In just the Varia arc alone you felt bad about letting an assassin badman trying to kill your friends die?? Yamamoto???????

And he was totally willing! Because when he faced off against Daemon, it was specifically with the objective of making Daemon dead. He was angry and frustrated and Daemon not only manipulated his close friends, but victimized his new friends too. And his first response to this is “death is the perfect resolution for this”. This was not his answer for any other situation. He doesn’t think it’s necessary to kill people, and it’s even “not really his thing”, but he was always fully capable of going into murdermode. Accelerating levels of violence is already completely natural to him.

A few links of this are fanon, though, like the [YAMAMOTO INTENSIFIES] where he’s on the edge of the knife eager to receive more information, or that he’s even actively aware of how ready he is to eviscerate people at any one given moment and how odd that is in comparison to the other Guardian’s view of violence. I don’t think Yamamoto even understands that everyone else needs a long process to move their mindset as far as he does in 0.5 seconds, but it’s just more interesting and fun to pretend he does?

Renegade Division series: 3 of 8

Zion.T. Hitman. Trademark weapon: SW1911-E series pistol. Specialising in the accidental disappearances of the opposition. Real name: unknown. Background: unrecorded.  Near impossible to locate. 

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I know that you don't like kids!au but, what about Derek being a single dad and his daugther said that he looks like a Disney Prince. So, for her birthday, he dressed un like a Prince? And someone saying "you look alike Disney Prince but you are actually a King "

This is a cute prompt, but I’m not sure I’m the best person to write it, sorry! (Kid fic/single dads is really not my thing.)

I’m going to post it here and maybe someone else would want to fill it?

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I know it's bad to compare other artists to eachother, but today I saw some of the new gorillas CD art for the first time and instantly thought of your art style. Like, I don't think they look alike at all really, but it just has the same feel, ya feel?

YOOOOOOOO OMG no this is a huge compliment lmfao jamie hewlett is a huge inspiration to me asdfgdf. thank you!

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People have been creating theories that Aya and Chuuya are siblings, because they look alike (not really) and know martial arts. Plus, Aya has no last name so that why people believe its possible. What's your thought on this. I honestly don't think they're related, but who knows.

If we’re judging purely based from their designs, they look like they can be related, but I don’t think so? A Heartless Dog revealed Akutagawa had a younger sister which we would later find out was Gin. Compared to that, there’s nothing suggesting Aya was connected to the mafia or Chuuya had a younger sister.

As for the martial arts, it could just be Aya exaggerating her claims. We haven’t exactly seen those martial art moves in the chapter, righ~t?

(cr: @dazaiscans)

“I’m so tired of teenage girls stopping me on the street thinking I’m my brother. I get it, he and I look a lot alike. That’s what the word identical means. But I really thought the fact that I’m covered in tattoos and he’s not would help people tell us apart. Apparently not.”


Whoops first sprite edit in a long time and it’s Lazy Town and Homestuck.

Oh no.

First is Robbie Rotten. His blood color is the middle color of his symbol. He’s a lazy royal. His handle is lethargicMastermind.

Then we have Sporti Custor. His blood color is the color of the 10 on his crystal-holder-thing. His handle is energeticSuperhero.

Finally, as a bonus, Glanni Glæpur Sportacus: Sporto Caston. Could vaguely be related to Sporti Custor. His blood color is the color of his chestplate thing. People wonder why they look so much alike. His handle is tirelessProtector. EDIT: IM CHANGING HIS NAME. It’s Ithrot Alfurn. That is all.



Bases by MiseryGK on deviantart. they’re really good bases.

'She's the Man' Sentence Starters
  • "Well hey there, pretty lady."
  • "Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours."
  • "Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."
  • "I am convinced he's hiding something."
  • "Have you ever tried to run away in high heels?"
  • "I'm a boy, I promise."
  • "A few days ago I kissed this girl at a kissing booth."
  • "...and when I close my eyes, I see you for who you truly are, which is UUUG-LAY."
  • "Who's your daddy?!"
  • "Man, I just, I'm not really good at talking to girls."
  • "Do you... like... cheese?"
  • "Could you be a girl for just 5 seconds?"
  • "You don't have to flirt with her first, okay, genius? You're paying for it."
  • "Beware the old guy chewing gum... it's not gum."
  • "Are those real?"
  • "What does your heart tell you?"
  • "Wake up, I've been waiting for you."
  • "It's not a wig!"
  • "But why? He's so handsome, and rugged, and chiseled, and great."
  • "What are you talking about? Why are you lying?"
  • "I'm allergic to the sun."
  • "I played soccer once... or was it chess?"
  • "God you and your brother look scarily alike from the back."
  • "Remember, chew like you have a secret..."
  • "Why, why do you always talk about girls in such graphic terms?"
  • "Nonsense! You don't need a man to wear a beautiful dress!"
  • "___---, be a good boy."
just like Papa
  • Sarada: Mama, why do you love Papa?
  • Sakura: Ah, well there are many reasons.
  • Sarada: Is it because he's handsome?
  • Sakura: Papa is very good looking but it's not the only reason.
  • Sarada: He's a genius too!
  • Sakura: Yes, he is. He's very smart. He was top of his class back in his Academy days.
  • Sarada: He's also very strong!
  • Sakura: Mm, he was impressive beyond belief.
  • Sarada: And he has the Sharingan!
  • Sakura: *laughs* Yes, yes.
  • Sarada: I want to marry someone just like Papa.
  • --
  • Sarada: Kakashi, you used to have Sharingan?
  • Kakashi: Mm, yes Sarada-chan.
  • Sarada: Why do you wear a mask? Do you have funny looking beaver teeth?
  • Kakashi: No, is that what your parents are telling you?
  • Sarada: No, but let me check just in case. *checks*
  • Kakashi: Ah, well now you know.
  • Sarada: Hokage is the strongest in the village, right?
  • Kakashi: I suppose so. But there are many other strong people in this village. Like your mother and father.
  • Sarada: Your hair is silver! People who are really wise and smart have that hair color.
  • Kakashi: Are you just calling me old?
  • Sarada: You're smart, and strong, and you don't have funny beaver teeth. You and Papa are a lot alike.
  • Kakashi: I know. He and I were similar in a lot of ways and that was why he was my student.
  • Sarada: I'm going to marry a man just like my Papa!
  • Kakashi: Are you now? I didn't know you were looking so early.
  • Sarada: I have to start now! You're getting old!