but they obviously care so much for each other

Pictures of the Eros costume popped up again on my twitter tl and I scream a bit every time I see it BC LIKE



Yuuri could obviously fix his hair on his own without problems but it’s so sweet that Viktor just takes over all of these things AND THEY OBVIOUSLY LOVE IT AS WELL and tons of people already discussed it but the act of brushing someone’s hair has a much more intimate history in Japanese culture as well

THESE TWO ARE SO PURE THEY CARE SO MUCH FOR EACH OTHER ON EVERY LEVEL AND OBVIOUSLY ENJOY ALL OF THESE SMALL THINGS THEY DO TOGETHER A GREAT DEAL I love how their relationship blossoms so seamlessly in the moments we don’t get to see in the show

I wanna just bring to everyone’s attention that in these gifs ,

Richie tentatively takes Eddie’s hand. He knows his blood will be on Eddie’s cast until he gets it changed. Eddie knows this obviously, which is why he’s so reluctant and looks away.

But Richie very confidently takes Bill’s hand.

Richie loves and cares about all his friends so much, even if his trashmouth tendencies bother each and every one, and he knows they’ll never leave him. He knows they will never forget about him.

Edit: i know that they forgot each other, you little shits, shut up

I love how in Six of Crows we don’t have any of this love triangle crap?

Nina and Matthias have a very long and complicated history with each other. Matthias kidnaps her to kill her but then she saves his life and he falls in love with her and then she betrays him and has im locked up in prison but then she saves him AGAIN and he hates her but then they fall in love all over.

Kaz and Inej have a very interesting way of showing their affection for each other. They obviously love each other but they both struggle in letting the other know. Inej is the only person Kaz could ever care about more than himself and he loves her so much he lets her go pursue her dream of hunting slavers when actually he wants her by his side. (+he found her long lost parents)

Wylan and Jesper didn’t know if the other was into them. Jesper used to mock Wylan in an atempt to show his affection. When Wylan went to look for his mother Jesper was so sweet and supportive. Jesper made the first step - or at least thought he had when actually he went and kissed Kuwei. Wylan was really upset about it which just proved that he liked Jesper. They get the ending they deserve.

renora is so pure? they’ve been best friends since, as toddlers, they found each other hiding from a village-murdering monster. they’ve been protecting and caring about each other for like 10 years!! they’ve been by each other’s side for that long! they love each other so much! it’s one of the sweetest, most wholesome relationships in the series and i absolutely loved the importance they had in volume 4. i honestly dont care whether they end up dating or not, as long as theyre together. platonic or romantic, they will never leave each other’s side and i just love them so much.

“My parents are gross...ly in love” - Bruce Wayne x Reader (x batfam)

Hi ! I see you all the time in my notifications, liking my stuff, so thank you very much for that @xsxaxjxax, and thank you for the compliment as well !! Here’s your request, I don’t know if it’s any good but hope you’ll like it ! (Oh also, #3.being sickeningly affectionate with each other SOMEWHAT A BIT NSFW) : 

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You heard them coming in, but you couldn’t care less. And given the fact that your Bruce was still kissing you, he obviously didn’t give a damn either. 

It was too perfect to stop. You rarely had time where things could be like that. 

Your husband had a day off, and you called in sick just to stay with him, the occasion too good to pass on. You had a wonderful morning together, staying in bed late, enjoying each other’s presence, talking about anything and everything, making love a lot. When you finally got out of bed, you didn’t bother to dress nicely as usual. You both just put on sweat pants and a hoodie, and, hands in hands, went to get your late breakfast. 

Your sons were there, and when they saw the both of you coming in, giggling like idiots because their father was tickling your sides lovingly, they all sighed. Oh, that was one of those days uh ? One of those very rare days where you and Bruce didn’t have to worry about anything because things for once went alright, one of those very rare days where you’d almost turn into conjoined twins because you wouldn’t let go of each other for a seconds. One of those days where you grossed out your children on a regular basis. 

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Season 2 Klance and Shallura Analysis

Alrighty so this is another one of those voltron prediction/theory/rant its basically an analysis of some parts of season 2 not all bc that would take me forever but just a few key parts (aka the key to my heart Klance okay bye). So grab a drink because this is an essay folks that I spent way too much time on than I should have. Let’s begin shall(ura) we? (I hate myself)

So I’m gonna start with a very good and very platonic (in my opinion) relationship, which is K//allura. Okay okay, they have so much potential to be bffs its exciting.

First off, I took the whole Galra Keith and Allura tension as a message the creators wanted to convey to the viewers about judging someone merely by their race. Honestly I really love it when tv shows, especially kids shows, integrate bigger ideas like racism into their stories. Its subtle yet satisfying and I really really appreciated this particular scene with Keith and Allura.

Allura is describing her hatred for the Galra which is basically her hatred toward a part of Keith that he can’t even control. He never chose to be Galra, it’s just in his blood. And obviously that hurts him because its a part of who he is:((

Like ugh this is so sweet guys. So as you know from the title of this, I don’t ship K//allura at all, but this scene was very special to me in a much different way than how I feel from a romantic interaction. Like this is a genuine moment between two characters that are haunted by the same group, the Galra. Keith is part Galra, he has a part of the enemy inside of him which is probably causing inner turmoil maybe even self-hatred within him. And Allura as we know hates the Galra for killing her entire civilization. These two have a deep character development from this scene alone. We see that Allura has matured from being bitter toward Keith for being Galra to understanding that a person should not be judged by their blood but who they truly are. Also we see that Keith has accepted the fact that yes he may have a part of the enemy within him, but that does not mean he has to be anything like them. He is also pretty stand-off ish and doesn’t like opening up necessarily. He’d much rather keep to himself (other than Shiro), but he is finally opening up to someone else as well. He forgives Allura immediately despite how offensive her bias opinion was towards him. I just love Keith. 

So these two are super close now or should be? Which is pretty awesome considering… Keith is super close to Shiro too. SO now he’s close to both Shiro and Allura who are both, might I remind you all, much older than would be appropriate for him to have a romantic relationship with. Anywho, this reeks of space parents and an angsty teen.

Which then leads to Shallura and why I believe it is pointing toward canon woot woot love these goobers. Alright so I’m solely focusing on a few scenes in particular where my heart was pounding and my eyes watering and I was clutching my heart while screaming at my computer screen. The feels man the feels. 

I just about swooned at this. Like these underrated moments are what really get me. Like I love the whole Shiro taking Allura’s hand and telling his wife to get some rest, that got me feeling some sort of way. But this scene guys. In the heat of battle, Shiro is concerned for Allura. He’s basically saying “I wish I could be there to take care of her but Coran you have to do it for me.” I cannot guys I cannot.

She could’ve called for anyone else. Was it Keith? NOPE IT WAS SHIRO, PEOPLE!!

Never forget honestly. This is the face of a broken man. I have never seen Shiro more distressed and this pic doesn’t do it justice but when you watch this scene his eyes are glistening like he’s about to cry. The calm, collected leader Shiro is on the verge of tears? omg I can’t. 

Honestly this is my weakness. When a character gets hurt and another character goes ballistic and rages. Like Shiro is so determined to kick ass in this scene and avenge Allura. End me. 

For Shallura, they both have an understanding that they need each other. They are each other’s support especially considering they both are the leaders and are the older ones of the group. They help bear each other’s responsibility which is much different than Klance’s dynamic. For Klance it is much more playful and focused on chemistry. And also because they are younger it is much more naive and afraid. Both Keith and Lance obviously care for each other but they try not to show it especially when the other is present. They are self-conscious and afraid of what the other will think, that the other doesn’t feel the same way. Shiro and Allura, however, both know that they care for each other and they aren’t afraid to express it through calling each other’s name during battle and other small gestures like that.

Which I forgot to mention that everyone is freaking out over a simple hug between Allura and Keith but like have you noticed that both Klance and Shallura have not had a proper hug yet? Ummmm is this a slow burn fic or… Seriously tho, I’ve watched plenty of shows and animes (I’m shameless) to know that usually the canon couple does not have that special hugging and seal-the-deal scenes quite so early in the series because all the anticipation builds up until the perfect scene is created. I swear a tender Klance and Shallura moment is coming I swear. 

Which then leads to my mains, Klance. I just have to admit that one of the many reasons I love these two is because of the fact that Keith and Lance are like my fav characters of all time. And I can relate to both of them at the same time idk. Anyway, back to what’s important: evidence of canon.

So… Do I really need to show these? Like these scenes do not need further analysis it just reeks of dorks-in-love-who-don’t-know-they’re-in-love-with-each-other-and-who-don’t-know-that-the-other-is-in-love-with-them. Man I love Klance. 

So instead let’s over-analyze a few other scenes…

“Babe I thought you would have my back.”

“First you forget the bonding moment now this.”

Look this one is a stretch lol but just look at Keith’s face. When you watch this scene, Keith goes from his signature annoyed and irritated look to a betrayed and frustrated look. Maybe that’s just me, but aside from that, he doesn’t necessarily look pissed off, his face changes from his usual pissy look to something much different. Obviously what Lance says does calm him down enough not to yell back at him, but he also looks frustrated because no one understand him or his secret about his past with the Blade of Mamora and all that good junk at this point. I think it is especially bothering him that he can’t just upfront say what he is hiding, and instead he knows he is looking like a fool in front of them (and especially Lance). 

Body language is important. Keith turns around as not to face them, I think he is hurt because obviously this whole situation is important to him but not even Lance seems to understand him. And I seriously think Keith and Lance have like this weird mutual understanding usually. Like ya they fight I get that, but usually they kinda get what the other is trying to get at I feel, idk maybe thats just me. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how blue Lance’s eyes are in this… I love my son…

So like if you look closely at this scene you notice that when Lance is making eye contact with Keith, Keith has his typical “I hate you Lance but really I don’t but I’m gonna pretend like I do” face. But right when Lance looks away Keith actually looks sad and kinda hurt. Out of everyone, he hates that Lance is the one revealing his flaws, and even he knows its true. Lance stop insulting your husband. He’s actually sensitive about what you think of him:(((

Uhhh lowkey I think Keith is just as insecure as Lance is, but he just doesn’t show it… Oh the Klangst!

And another thing we get to see in Season 2 is that Lance is showing ALOT of concern of Keith’s wellbeing which is pretty big if you ask me because season 1 was basically Pining!Keith worried about his boyf. Now we get to see some worried Lance.

Honestly, like I mentioned before, the creators are going for a slow burn. And both Shallura and Klance definitely have their little hints and subtle moments that are very easily missed. But that’s the point. If it’s too obvious then the ending won’t be as powerful, the couples won’t be as special. Also, the development of both of these couples is going slow but very well thought out and I actually appreciate it a lot. I know for a fact K//allura won’t be canon because their interaction is too straight-up(lol) for it to be canon. It could be said as “predictable” but idk I just get a total brotp vibe from them nothing more, plus if they were hinting at canon for them, they wouldn’t have them hug so soon. Also their reactions and facial expressions toward the hugs and touches would be very different. It wasn’t tender like the Bonding Moment™ or the Shallura hand grab™. Facial expressions and reactions are key! Keith looked indifferent when Allura fell into his arms and their hug was sweet yes but it wasn’t hesitant and nervous like a couple who just discovered their feelings for one another would react. It was a hug between two people who recognize their bond. It was a strong bond yes, between two lovers? no I don’t think so. Allura, herself even confirmed how she now viewed the paladins as her family and it just felt to much like a familial bond I couldn’t see anything more to it. If Kallura was to be canon they would have more subtle moments than in-your-face big moments. Little details in the way Keith or Allura would look, or in the background they would be gazing at each other (*cough* like Keith does to Lance *cough*) It’s the little things that count, remember that.

The only ship I was concerned that would be canon was Sh//eith, because they have an obvious bond that is much different than everyone else. But ever since the “Shiro, you’re a bro to me” happened, it basically killed any chance of it happening. Which in my opinion is much better because Klance and Shallura have so much potential and their stories can expand and be written so well. As it is, the creators are doing a really good job at unraveling their stories slowly but just enough as to give the viewers hope which is the goal usually for tv shows. They try to make the shippers suffer sometimes *sigh*. 

Anywho, if you read up to this point thanks for listening to me rambling about space parents and space ranger partners lol! I loved season 2 because it revealed a lot about Keith not only through the obvious backstories and blade of mamora stuff but also through his interactions. And yes Keith is my fav lol. Anyways, I am 99.9% sure Klance and Shallura are gonna be canon but by no means am I saying you shouldn’t ship what you want. You do you, folks. Ship on and enjoy the show!

hold my beer

Ok so this is yet another idea that I will NEVER have time to write (for those that follow my Cross the River one shots, I’m still sorry for inflicting the half finished fics on you haha. But I’m not sorry for inflicting this idea on you

Three words:

Drunk. Ladynoir. Wedding. wait is ladynoir even technically a word?

  • It’s quite a few years into the future and Adrien and Marinette are happily revealed and happily married. Everything’s just friggin peachy
  • One day there is an akuma, a girl who got dumped by a dickhead bf for another girl and then goes on a rampage to show everyone she is ‘good enough.’ After they defeat her, they try to cheer her up
  • Chat, being Chat, thinks that being a flirt will help boost her self-esteem, bc, you know, getting flirted at by a superhero is an ego boost no matter how sad you are
  • Lo and behold, it backfires
  • The girl (lets call her Ada) gets pissed off that Chat is flirting with her right in front of Lady, because “Aren’t you guys like, together??”
  • Chat backpedals, Lady facepalms. No it’s still not official or public that they’re together (keep work separate from home, yknow what I’m sayin, and besides, it’s unwise to let Hawky know the full extent of how much they care for each other because they don’t want to be emotionally manipulated in battle)
  • The girl is like “shit I thought you guys were like.. the perfect relationship. Obviously not. If even you aren’t together, then where’s the hope for me…. sighh….” :’(
  • Ada is so upset that they decide to let her in on a little secret. That in their civilian lives… they are married
  • Ada is all,  :’D omg seriously
  • (^..^) and >(:-:) are like, yeah, but dont tell anyone. It’s a secret. ((SLAPS YOU WITH HEAVY-HANDED FORESHADOWING)) Hey I know what’ll cheer you up, Ada. Lets go out for drinks!
  • AND SO MY FRIENDS, that is how Adrien and Mari end up spending a night on the town with a recent akuma victim as Chat and Lady…

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Can I just point out a theory that maybe Chloe doesn’t actually have feelings for Adrien?

Maybe she cares about him because he’s the only one she really has?

I mean we know that they’re childhood friends and DESPITE her behaviour, Adrien never abandons her. But it’s also extremely obvious that Chloe is really insecure and vulnerable.

If you think about it, Chloe has no one to rely on. Her dad loves her, he’d give her pretty much anything that’ll please her and more. But have you noticed they’ve had next to no emotional connection? It’s all materialistic? Not like you see with Marinette and her Dad, who show a really strong and healthy bond with each other. Chloe’s dad, on the other hand, doesn’t provide the kind of relationship that Chloe needs. Plus her mother seems to be ??? Gone ??? There’s obviously an unhealthy friendship between Chloe and Sabrina, so they’d never talk about anything with any depth. (Side Note: however, I do believe Chloe genuinely cares for Sabrina). I’m sure Chloe knows that no one really likes her, they just tolerate her (as you do in high school)

The only one who has literally stuck with her and always cared about her for as long as she can remember, is Adrienne. So, of course, she’d love him and want to be his world. He’s her world, she has no one else to love. And of course, she probably dreamed of being with him since they were kids. But it’s not hard to believe that Chloe’s confused platonic love with a sort-of romantic love. It’s normal as a teenager to do that. Especially the lack of genuine love Chloe has seemed to experience.

Maybe Chloe doesn’t want to be with Adrien, she just wants him to stay with her. She doesn’t want to lose her best friend and that’s why she’s so possessive about him (which is why I say sort-of romantic). She’s not trying to show off because she’s trying to prove herself- she’s doing it because she’s scared of losing her best friend. Her feelings aren’t romantic, they’re platonic.

Chloe & Adrien won’t ever happen, but they will always stay together.

After all, he’s the only one that can understand having an absent mother and a father with an important role, as well as Chloe herself.

Imagine Allura finding some old Altean dramas and Lance getting hooked on them even though they’re in Altean. He can’t really tell what they’re saying, but he can figure it out by body language. He starts shipping the main male and female who are always staring at each other wistfully in the show and maybe even starts writing fanfiction for them (which he knows no one will actually read, but he’s inspired and he finally has an outlet to put his emotions). One day he’s watching an episode and rather than the male and female lead getting together, the male lead ends up kissing another male character. Lance is not only heartbroken for his ship, but super confused. He calls for Allura and asks why they put the two guys together instead of the male and female leads when they obviously were showing chemistry. Allura tells Lance that the male and female lead hate each other, that’s why they’re always glaring at each other and the male lead has been saying he’s had feelings for the other male the past two seasons and they finally got together and honestly, Lance, Alteans don’t care much about gender so why does it matter that much? And Lance is just FLOORED, like, he had been misinterpreting the WHOLE show. And maybe seeing the two Altean male characters together makes him rethink about how he feels about the gender of his partners and that maybe he’d never really thought about guys that way. But now that he did, it made sense why he had always had a weird hero worship thing for Shiro and why he liked watching Keith sharpening his knife and why Hunk’s laugh filled his chest with warmth and he didn’t know what was happening but it opened up an entirely new prospect of flirting with different aliens and the guys on the team. The team is annoyed because Lance flirts 100% more with everyone despite their “gender” but Lance couldn’t be happier.

BNHA 161

Very late into the game cuz of thanksgiving but here are my thoughts about it:

Before I get into what I really wanna say, you guys know I obviously have to blab about Deku:

030 Shirtless Deku~Okay, so he apparently still has his scars?? Looks like Hori did forget to draw them after all, and the way he immediately cut the doctor off was freaking hilarious. The boy already knows how bad his arms is so he doesn’t need to hear it again. Still though, that means the handicap is still there…

Oh Izuku you sweet precious child, you were already planning on visiting her? Izuku’s literally the sweetest thing ever, and I love Dadzawa so much.

Now getting to the main issue. It was pretty obvious that Izuku was in a good mood before he found out about Nighteye, guess he was under the impression that he was going to survive and everything would be alright (kinda reminds me of a similar scenario in Naruto) But anyway, looking at Izuku here, you could tell that he was obviously shocked and a bit happy to see All Might, since he hadn’t seen him in a while…

But his expression is just so… gosh darn it Horikoshi…. 

It’s really sad that these two care about each other so much, but because of their contradicting ideologies they could never make up. Now AM finally gets to see him again… but for the last time. Nighteye’s constantly been searching for a way to change All Might’s future (even after everything that happened to them, Nighteye still cares about All Might ;A;) while All Might has been blaming himself for not being able to properly face him after all these years. 

…And then poor Mirio comes in. I honestly keep forgetting that everyone knows about All Might’s true form, so when I read this page I was like “lol what?”


Omg Mirio….MIRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, what this this ray of sunshine do to deserve this? He lost his quirk, and now he’s loosing his mentor. A few chapters ago you wouldn’t even believe he could make a face like this, and then Izuku’s expression too…. gosh darn it Hori!!!!

I just feel so bad for him… I feel like everything’s he been through, and everything he’s worked for,  has just gone down the drain, and has become absolutely worthless. Honestly, not even Shouto’s backstory made me this sad.

And like most people predicted, Nighteye finally acknowledged Izuku. Not in a way that would make him be a better candidate for OFA, but like, a true hero who believes in hope…or something like that. I just love the fact he thinks highly of Izuku now.

Nighteye did look into Mirio’s future though, and judging by his expression in the next page, I think Mirio will become a great hero in the future, a great QUIRKLESS hero probably.

And he smiled…he knows how amazing Mirio’s future will be. 

All Might’s face hurts me so much here…like I really wasn’t expecting him to cry. the man has been through so much in his life, and to lose someone that cared about him so deeply…is just too sad.

But on a sidenote…

Dadzawa, the Lock family, along with two precious bois and their dad.

Added bonus:

IDGAF-Zawa. I mean the guy’s had both arms broken and twisted, a broken face, and pretty much lost all the skin on his elbow so 10 stitches is like a mosquito bite for him XD

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mac and Charlie pre the Reynolds. Like, all they had was each other. I bet Mac was very protective of Charlie- and Charlie was accepting of it. He didn’t make fun of Mac for his ocular pat downs, in fact, he still doesn’t. Before Dee and Dennis came along, neither of them had anyone to impress. They just cared about each other. Then, all of a sudden these competitive, destructive rich kids were hanging out with them and they felt the pressure.

Take Charlie’s scene in The Gang Misses the Boat when he tells Dee he only bullies her because he feels pressure from the guys. I think it’s the same dynamic with Mac and Charlie. Mac obviously wants to impress Dennis/get his attention, so he makes fun of Charlie. Charlie wants the same from Mac, so he gives it back and goes after Dee. (You could argue that Dennis is root of all of it.)

But in CharMac team up episodes (Mac and Charlie Die, Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare, Chardee Macdennis ect.) Charlie and Mac aren’t at each others throats. There’s a much more genuine, tender care for one another. 

So I think about them as kids, or in high school before they met the Reynolds. They spent their days throwing rocks at trains, avoiding their shitting parents, wrestling, and just taking care of each other. And I love the gang’s dynamic as a whole. I love CharDee MacDennis, possibly more than is healthy. But I can’t help but wonder where Mac and Charlie would be if they’d never met Dee and Dennis. Probably just living in a shitty apartment, maybe owning the bar, maybe not, and still taking care of each other. 

Mor & Az

I know that a lot of people don’t ship these two or even see them as a ship (or didn’t when they first read ACOMAF) and I just… didn’t understand at first? But I think I’m starting to get it.

Mor & Az are not a typical “love at first sight, let’s get over some challenges and have tons of sex and then be together 5ever” kind of couple. They are much more subtle than that, but because of this, they are also much more realistic.

Mor & Az are glances at each other to make sure the other is ok. They are putting each other first, before anyone else. They are deep, steady devotion that lasts over time.

They have the potential for grand gestures (e.g. him saving her from the Autumn Court), but that is not required for them to love each other, or to show each other that they are in love.

They are not public - they are private. They don’t need to show everyone around them how they feel. It’s already apparent in the way they treat each other, look at each other. They don’t need to prove it to anyone else.

They are subtle gestures and daily acts of kindness that add up to a lifetime (or lifetimes, as it were) of caring, which is much more important than a flash in the pan of heat and sex marathons.

This is what a sustained, long-term relationship looks like. This is also why I said that I wouldn’t mind them having children at the end of ACOWAR. They are already familiar and comfortable and still devoted, after all these years.

Whether or not they have consummated their relationship or not is sort-of… beside the point. Because that is only one aspect, and (as Feyre found out with Tamlin), that can’t be the only thing holding a couple together. There is a lot more to relationships than sex, and that’s exactly what Mor & Az have, is all those other parts - a strong, devoted, loving relationship.

And (assuming nothing has happened between them before, which I sorta doubt) neither of them would let the other suffer from fruitless hope for a romantic relationship, given how much they care for each other. Mor wouldn’t let Az suffer if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, and vice versa. So don’t come around here saying they are just very good friends bc he obviously loves her, and if there was no hope then she would have told him so. Because they hate seeing each other suffer.

BUT… I do think that there is a very good chance they have something going on, or have in the past. But that’s maybe another post.

You know what they’re doing right about Magnus & Alec this season? The fact that there’s a Malec scene in every episode (except ep2) but they have also focused heavily on individual storylines for both of the characters like we’ve learned so much about Magnus. And Alec has gone on this insane emotional journey and it’s just nice. Because you see them caring for the characters separately and then when they bring them together it means even that much more especially when they share their struggles and heartaches with one another, communication is very obviously a main factor for them and it’s been worth it to wait for this date to watch them really blossom individually and even together and now they get to like take a second and be there with each other and be romantic and flirty and it’s gonna mean that much more because of the build up and communication and watching them become comfortable. It’s just a really beautiful sight. And something I am so not used to seeing on TV.

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any prompts for two people who truly hate eachother but they're forced to live together?? xx

- They try so hard but they can’t ignore each other
- Those poor neighbors. The amount of noise complaints the landlord received is endless
- Snarky comments, sarcastic comments
- A hiding B’s shoes right before they have a super important meeting to be at
- B switching out the sugar for salt when A is making coffee/tea
- More fighting ensues
- The police have been called multiple times
- But as much as they hate each other they never hit the other person
- A refuses to do any of the cleaning
- B refuses to run errands
- So in a way the arrangement works
- B brought home a cat one day even though A is allergic
- The cat runs away one day and B panics
- B blames A obviously
- A yells, B yells
- B starts to cry while shouting and A notices just how much B cares for this cat
- A stops yelling and offers to help B look
- They both look in silence
- When they find the cat they’re both overjoyed
- The next morning A finds a stack of allergy pills on their bed from B

Stiles listens to his dad ask him the same question that comes up way too often, and gets lost counting the dark flecks that scatter across the white expanse of the all-too-familiar hospital ceiling. Here again, and ‘He’ll be fine,’ the doctor says.

His dad wants to hear it from Stiles’ lips, though. Is he okay?

Is he really okay?

His answer doesn’t come as easily as it used to, no quip or snap back like it’s easy come easy go. The feckless lie sticks in the back of his throat, burning away like a hot coal choking the life out of him.

I’m fine.

He’s said it more than a million times, and no super-hearing anybody has heard his heart skip a single beat. Or maybe they did, but that thought doesn’t make it any easier, because that means they’ve ignored it a million times, too. And it should be easy, he’s brilliant at lying straight to his father’s face these days. Stiles knows how to twist a definition to make it true, how to believe in nothing and make it something.

He’s fine.

Molehills out of mountains.
Tip of the iceberg.

Shrink it down until it’s just an ember, a single flicker of pain low in his chest. It burns enough to remind him that it’s there, but cool enough for him to force the words out.

He stops counting the tiny holes in the ceiling, and plasters a bright, brilliant lie across his face.


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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Gotham episode 3x06, after Oswald announces in the beginning of the episode that he plans to confess his feelings to Ed, in their first interaction together in the episode they are both equally as awkward and nervous around each other. Of course we know Oswald is because he's nervous about confessing his feelings, but why Ed? For Ed, this is supposed to be a normal conversation like they always have, and he's never been nervous and awkward around Oswald before, so why now? The scene could have simply been Oswald being nervous, but instead it is not just shown but EMPHASIZED through the acting, the camera work, and the editing that Ed is not only acting the exact same way as Oswald is, but that he's disappointed and almost heartbroken when Oswald doesn't say anything. All of this together not only implies but very obviously makes it known that Ed also loves Oswald in return, yet this is never mentioned ever again in both the show and by the actors and writers. In fact, they constantly say that Ed has only felt so much as admiration and deep caring for Oswald as a friend only. So why include a scene conveying that Oswald and Ed feel mutual romantic attraction towards each other, but pretend that half of the scene didn't actually happen????
reddie hc: eddie always carries around extra supplies in case richie gets hurt

so i thought of this earlier today when i was submitting a headcanon to someone else:

- we always read about richie carrying the extra inhaler for eddie, but what about eddie carrying extra things for richie?

- granted, richie doesn’t really need them, but it makes eddie feel better knowing he’s better safe than sorry (and that he can take care of richie just as much as richie takes care of him)

 - so eddie definitely always carries extra bandaids and disinfectant for richie when he does stupid shit and gets cut or scraped up 

- and eddie definitely wouldnt let richie get away with swatting him away when he’s trying to address richie’s wounds

- (not that richie really minds anyway because he likes having eddie so close to him)

- (plus he finds it really endearing that eddie cares so much about his health like nobody else really had before)

- so one day they’re fooling around in the barrens right? running around, chasing each other, boys being boys and all that - when richie trips and falls into some jagged rocks he was trying to jump over

- “FUCK!

- there’s cuts all up the front of his leg and knee, eddie obviously comes running over clutching his fanny pack, hand already on the zipper

- tears well up in richie’s eyes when eddie sprays the disinfectant on his scrapes, because ‘Fuck, that shit fucking stings’ but he can’t let eddie think he’s a bitch so he tries to stay chill

- eddie is quietly concentrating on covering all of the exposed flesh on richie’s leg with fifteen bandaids, and richie admires how cute eddie looks all focused, and notes how his tongue pokes out of his mouth a little bit. he thinks its so fucking adorable

- once he’s all fixed up, his leg heavy with bandaids and still kind of stinging, he puts on his posh british accent, “Another incredible surgery if I do say so myself, Doctor K! Tally-ho!” and gets up to go run back in the water again

- “Don’t go back in the water, the bandaids will come o-!” eddie tries to warn him, but richie is already knee deep once again

- “Oh fuck,” he registers what eddie said and looks down at the bandaids, now floating away in the water

- “I’m sorry, Eds,” he apologizes, trudging back up to where eddie was still kneeling on the ground

- eddie just sighs and rolls his eyes, trying to hide his smile, opening his second fanny pack and pulling out another box of bandaids, motioning richie over to come sit again

- (richie looked like he was genuinely distraught over ruining eddie’s carefully placed bandages, and eddie thought he looked like a sad puppy and that it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen)

- he reapplies the bandaids just as carefully, failing to hide his smile

- he just really loved taking care of richie and was complimented by the fact that richie tozier actually let eddie take care of him

you know what i absolutely love??? how alex and magnus dont get together right away. how they both so obviously care about each other and very much would like to kiss some more at some point, but alex knows that she’s not quite ready to jump right into that and magnus is completely cool with it, cause maybe he’s not either. how the fact that they’re not making out at every possible opportunity doesnt make their feelings any less real. how soft and understanding and wonderful it is. god bless.