but they obviously care so much for each other

You know what they’re doing right about Magnus & Alec this season? The fact that there’s a Malec scene in every episode (except ep2) but they have also focused heavily on individual storylines for both of the characters like we’ve learned so much about Magnus. And Alec has gone on this insane emotional journey and it’s just nice. Because you see them caring for the characters separately and then when they bring them together it means even that much more especially when they share their struggles and heartaches with one another, communication is very obviously a main factor for them and it’s been worth it to wait for this date to watch them really blossom individually and even together and now they get to like take a second and be there with each other and be romantic and flirty and it’s gonna mean that much more because of the build up and communication and watching them become comfortable. It’s just a really beautiful sight. And something I am so not used to seeing on TV.


This one is kind of on the deeper side and goes along with the debate on medic and the soul stealing. Aka, here’s my input:

I can’t bring myself to believe that medic took their souls and left them to infinite damnation (never being able to pass on) just out of selfish intentions. As in-character as it may seem, I really don’t believe it. We have had many instances that show medic truly caring for his team (ex: EOTL, him returning to the RED team, voicelines, etc). 

The comic has really expressed how much the mercs care about each other so here’s my theory:

Did medic take their souls away so they can’t pass on? Yes. But one thing was never made clear. If souls can be extracted, can they be put back in? One got lost to the devil so medic could return, but obviously he has a talent for getting out of shit. What if medic took their souls before they disbanded on purpose? He knew that they were about to be pulled into a situation where he wouldn’t be able to save them all.

So what do ya do? Take their souls until it’s all over.

Everything is finished, everyone is ready to go home, and medic pipes up like “oh btw uh here ya go have these back I was holdin them for ya <3″

anyway he’s a v smart man


“I think Betty is obviously very skeptical as to why Veronica’s being sweet to her but in the end it’s because Veronica is trying to change her image and be a better person. She thinks that hanging out with someone who seems very sweet and wholesome is gonna help her do that. It’s not so much as a frenemy situation for right now, but they care about each other. And you definitely see that.”

i absolutely love kanan and ezra’s relationship i love how much they obviously care about each other especially in season 1 they dont try and hide that at all its not a traditional more macho student and teacher bond they GENUINELY CARE FOR AND LOVE EACH OTHER and dont try and hide that for the sake of the whole Real Men Dont Cry Over Each Other trope that happens so much especially in scifi and i LOVE it i love space dad and his space son so much i love all their visible anguish when the other is in trouble and i love their hugs and how gently kanan talks to him in the first season i LOVE them

The reason I can’t highkey ship Guts/Farnese is because all everybody talks about is Guts/Casca. I mean…..fuck, poor girl….she likes him but he likes someone else and even if she tells him it’s gonna lead no where. She even helps babysit the woman he loves, I’m sure she gets some comfort from having his gratefulness but if she didn’t I can’t imagine it would be anything but fucking painful to keep caring for Casca.

Sure she might like Roderick but she still currently likes Guts and Guts is too singleminded to actually notice that there’s a rather nice girl pining after him (let’s not get into Schierke’s crush too mkay?).

This is why I say it’s difficult to ship Guts and Farnese together, because the majority of fans are already rooting for Guts/Casca and see them as the perfect couple that deserve each other so much and compliment each other perfectly, they can’t see any other option that’s not Casca and honestly Farnese has her merits too.

She obviously cares about Guts a great deal, she did some crazy bullshit before but she’s come really far in her character development. She’s obviously willing to help out and make herself useful, not just sit around and be a damsel in distress. She’s brave and kind and she’s no longer ruled by her emotions so much. She’s been discreet about her love for Guts and even willing to sacrifice her own freedom to help the group go across the sea to Skellig Island.

Unrequited love is painful. It’s so much easier to just ship Farnese with Roderick or Serpico (which is itself a whole ‘nother can of worms), it’s so much easier to just deny her feelings or wave them off like just a crush but…..she’s gonna be so heartbroken if Casca returns and immediately goes back to Guts.

Few thoughts from JTS — 13x16

I honestly set my expectations low for the episode. I know it’s a Japril-centric episode but I didn’t wanna get my hopes up. Then suddenly, bam! They kissed and went from there! IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN YOU GET SURPRISED, you know? Although I know it’s inevitable to happen since they’re obviously so in love with each other. I’m just so happy right now and I can’t contain my feels. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the next episodes! Sometimes Shonda likes breaking our hearts, but this episode was an exception. When April said that Jackson never stopped taking care of her and Harriet, that hit me right in the feels. And before they kissed when Jackson was giving her the “I love you so much” look, I knew from that moment something was about to happen. I even tweeted, “WHY IS JACKSON GETTING CLOSER!?” Then it all happened very sudden! I didn’t even have time to collect my thoughts ‘cause I was already screaming and squealing and jumping around. My favorite part was when they’re cuddling and April had her head on his chest. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever. Just thinking about that makes me sob. Right now, all I know is I’m very happy! It could’ve been better if it was the series finale (I’m still a bit scared about the future but for now I’m going to embrace all these happy moments). JAPRIL ROSE AND THEY’RE RISING AGAIN!

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Remember that time Booth wanted to spend his day off with Brennan, even though it meant having to go to a boring lecture he didn’t care about. He was willing to sit through a lecture about ancient history just so he could be with Brennan, aww. He obviously missed her. Sure, they still saw each other pretty much every day because of work, but they hadn’t really been able to properly enjoy each other’s company for a long time. Brennan took the first step in the Valentines day ep and Booth followed suit :)

Booth is a big fan of the Peloponnesian War.“ Oh, bless your precious heart Brennan, I don’t think Booth has any strong feelings about an ancient Greek war…you, on the other hand.. :) <3

Okay now that I’m a bit more free I’m thinking I should probably challenge myself to write at least a bit every day, maybe 500 words… I have the RBB and a couple other things to work on, but if you guys wanna send me some short prompts for whenever I get stuck or need to ‘warm up’ first, that’d be awesome :DDD

i am super embarrassingly heartbreakingly invested in poe being canonically gay and i am also legitimately so glad that for ONCE EVER fandom has not just decided to unilaterally ignore a black man having an extremely slashable relationship and have, instead, rallied behind it

but i really wish it would do that without being gross and dismissive about finn and rey’s relationship in ways that literally just mimics the exact same language and rationale always used to exclude black men as romantic interests in both fanon and canon

the fact that you’re shipping poe/finn doesn’t actually make ignoring the obvious romantic setup of finn/rey by discussing how there’s ~no chemistry~ and finn’s so much more like a brother to rey and she so obviously doesn’t return his feelings any less hurtful

like here’s the thing: with john boyega and daisy ridley as leads, with rey and finn written as they were, their relationship being the huge focus that it was, their caring for each other being the emotional throughline for the film that it was, they set up a fucking star wars trilogy to revolve around a black leading man in an interracial relationship with a white woman which is still such a huge taboo it’s straight up fucking embarrassing

and yes it would be a magical occurrence of wonder and delights if finn/poe was actually canon, but it’s already pretty fucking wonderful that finn/rey is so idk maybe don’t casually shit on that bcs it’s kinda important

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Is it possible that Magnus saying "nothing" was more of a "I am not here to pressure you or want anything from you while you are missing Jace"? Of course, I definitely still agree with you that Magnus should be allowed to set some boundaries too

I mean trailers are always sketchy to predict from, but I really don’t think so. Magnus’s body language and tone are really closed off; like yes he’s backing off but it isn’t exactly him being thoughtful of Alec. He’s backing off because that’s what he does when the other person isn’t listening and he knows there’s nothing else he can say – and that it isn’t worth the effort to keep pushing.

We saw him be like this in 1x12 when he tells Alec he has a choice: I’m done, the ball is in your court, do what you want but don’t look to me for approval. Magnus has always run cold where his temper is concerned, whereas Alec runs hot, so it’s interesting when they have conflict. I think because Alec grows louder while Magnus becomes very quiet, it’s easy to mistake Magnus as…less angry or upset, but I don’t believe that’s true. For Magnus, his icy biting words are the equivalent of Alec raising his voice. They both have a temper and they both express it freely; it just manifests in opposite ways.

The Stolen Throne

I’ve been reading The Stolen Throne that @ceruleanfirefly leant me, and while I’m only on chapter 8, I have to admit this book is giving me a whole new insight into Loghain Mac Tir’s motivations and logic for the things he did in Dragon Age: Origins. Not to mention it’s great to finally see Maric. 

Loghain and Maric’s relationship is really fascinating to see develop. You see how much they both care about each other. Maric is obviously the most important person in the world to Loghain, and I would argue that the same goes for Maric concerning Loghain. 

However, as I keep reading this book, I kept having a niggling sensation that I’ve seen this dynamic before. Especially with Maric. 

When Katriel is introduced, it finally clicked. Maric is Dug the Dog. 

And all I could do was facepalm alllllll throughout chapter 8, because OH MY GOD MARIC YOU DUMB ASS.  

So behold. The image of my new BroTP. Loghain and Maric, BFFs.

This show has ruined me.

Whoa, a new gem! This is awesome. But wait … If she was in the mirror that whole time, then …


Oh, no.

No, stop.

You aren’t stopping.

This is the exact opposite of stopping.

I will not ship this.

“Lapis … She sounds so unhappy.”


But it doesn’t stop.

It never stops.

And it’s like,

Every time they share a scene,

They’re always each other’s highest priorities,

even when they should probably be worrying about themselves.

And I can’t help but ship it.

  • me: *kicks down your door*
  • me: Asahi and Nishinoya have an incredible relationship. Their friendship is built on a strong sense of mutual respect and trust, and they're obviously very important to each other. Asahi thinks very highly of Nishinoya and always listens to what he has to say, whether it's silly or serious; he also feels more confident with Nishinoya around, and Nishinoya motivates him to do better. Nishinoya cares /so much/ about Asahi. Nishinoya is critical of Asahi to the point of helping him improve his skills, but never so critical so as to discourage him. He is Asahi's biggest/loudest supporter (as he's shown cheering on/praising Asahi on numerous occasions), and he really appreciates Asahi for who he is. Whether you interpret their relationship as platonic or romantic, it's really just a great dynamic to think about.
  • me: *putting back your door* talk to me about AsaNoya

How adorable was Matteusz in this week’s episode?! He just makes you fall more and more in love with him and you wonder why he isn’t a main character. He’s far better and more interesting than some of the main characters. He obviously cares about Charlie so much, and Charlie doesn’t want to do anything that could possibly ruin their relationship. They love and support each other so much and it’s beautiful.