but they never hesitate to help one another

Feeling sentimental tonight especially after having the honor of being able to talk with one of my close friends.

Let this be a friendly PSA to never hesitate in telling those you care about that you love them and that their friendship, their existence is important to you.

And also that if you’re struggling with anything at all, please seek help and support and all of the comfort you can. You belong in this world. Heck, if you ever need to just vent to somebody, my asks are always open.

Let’s make it through another year, one day at a time.

A Game of Thrones sentence/starter meme || part 4

“You better put on something pretty.”
“Do I frighten you so much?”
“Tell it all, and tell it true.”
“No lasting harm was done.”
“At least have the courage to do it yourself.”
“It’s just a dream.”
“I have not been the most valiant of protectors.”
“But it is one thing to be clever and another to be wise.”
“I looked at my reflection in the water earlier and scarcely recognized myself.”
“There are worse things to spend money on.”
“I am not accustomed to being summoned like a serving wench.”
“Family, duty, honor.”
“I beg you, let me help.”
“Old sweet friends should never hesitate to rely upon each other.”
“To see you again after so many years is such a joy.”
“The gods are cruel.”
“I can only stomach so much ineptitude in any one day.”
“You won’t win any honors killing him.”
“They hate me because I’m better than they are.”
“They hate you because you act like you’re better than they are.”
“You shame them. Does that make you proud?”
“So how do you like the taste of your victories now?”
“Makes you wonder what lies beyond.”
“There’s much to be said for taking people unawares.”
“That was a grievous error.”

Quinn loved weddings. There was just something about celebrating two people’s love for one another that she loved seeing and loved helping them celebrate it. Of course many people thought that weddings were a waste of money and completely commercialized but to Quinn, she absolutely loved it and thought the opposite. A wedding to Quinn was to showcase the love between the two people getting married and Quinn never hesitated to show remind people that, that was what weddings were about in case the couple forgot.

Entering the restaurant that her new clients told her to meet them at, she smiled when she saw the happy couple and a few other people sitting there. “Hi Miriam,” she greeted the brunette with a happy smile while she pushed back some of her hair. Smiling at the group of people, Miriam had told her that she was supposed to meet the family of the couple’s that were to be part of the wedding. “I’m Quinn James,” she introduced herself to a few people before stopping at a rather attractive blond. He was cute, that was for sure but he struck her as someone that seemed so off putting. “Quinn James.”

ok but jack being happy because of bitty. jack openly smiling and lending bitty his coat and just being so overwhelmed by his feelings for this adorable southern baker that he runs across campus and kisses him. jack being over the fucking moon that bitty loves him–loves ALL of him–and has never asked for him to be anything but jack 

and then there’s bitty becoming a braver person because of jack. bitty overcoming his fear of checking/learning to cope with his fear of physicality in general (something i can’t wait to learn more of, tbh). bitty becoming brave enough one day to finally tell his parents about him and jack. bitty never hesitating to help jack even though it kills bitty inside to be so close to him and not be able to have him 

jack and bitty being such perfect complements to one another. being so in sync without even being fully aware of it. the two of them falling for each other so gradually that they’re at first afraid to accept those feelings, but also falling so hard that once they do, it hits them like a freight train 

just… jack and bitty loving each other and helping one another not because they’d ever change anything about the other, but because they inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves they can be