but they never could quite realize this understanding


Kate Reese, a 13-year-old living in Reno, Nevada, used to think there was something wrong with her.

“I began realizing I wasn’t necessarily straight when I was around 5 or 6,” Reese said. “I saw girls holding hands and thought, I could go for that. Girls were just more interesting.”

Reese may have gone quite a few more years thinking that the innocent schoolyard crushes she harbored were indications of her deviance. But she was able to seek the language to describe herself, and assuage her worries, in a way older LGBT people never could — she had the internet.

“Now I understand what ‘queer’ means, because all of the information is online,” said Reese, who privately started identifying herself as queer sometime in the fourth grade. “Now I understand LGBT terms, and that it’s not a choice. I thought something was wrong with me until I saw all this research. Now I know people like me are out there.”

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Could you write "We had one really bad date and never spoke again and now our friends have set us up on a blind date" with sterek?

(I also wrote a companion piece from Derek’s POV)

Stiles realizes he hasn’t been on a date in awhile, but he didn’t think it was this bad. He’s just been focused on his career, becoming a doctor had been very all consuming.

He hadn’t quite realized that his last relationship had ended over two years ago. He can sort of understand why Scott insisted he go on this blind date.

Which is why he’s sitting in a nice suit in the best restaurant in town, one he hasn’t been to since high school, waiting for his date who Scott promised him he’d love.

Stiles had only agreed to go if he didn’t have to plan a thing, apparently, this is how Scott believes romance should begin. Stiles would much prefer burgers and beer down at the pub, but it’s too late to change anything now.

He’s been here for ten minutes already, but he was early, he knows that.

He’s nervous.

It’s a blind date, he knows he shouldn’t get his hopes up, but he’s finally at that point in his life where’d he really like to be able to settle down and get serious with someone.

He shoots a quick smile to the waiter who glares at him when his bouncing knee nearly knocks a water glass off the table.

It’s getting close to time, he hopes that he’s not about to be stood up, that’d be even more crushing.

Stiles pulls his phone out to text Scott that he’s probably going to be stood up when he looks up again-

He wishes he had been stood up. It’d be better than this.

This being Derek Hale.

Derek, who’d he’d been absolutely crazy about in high school, who he thought was the coolest person alive. Derek, who still looks absolutely, jaw-droppingly amazing as well as being the epitome of Stiles’ type. But most importantly, Derek, who after months of trying to work of the courage Stiles had finally asked to prom only to have him not even make it through the dinner, in this very restaurant too.

Derek, who Stiles prays is not his date.

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don’t ever settle for anything less than you deserve. be there for people who are there for you. say nice things to people, even if it’s just a “have a good day” or “you look nice today”. be who you know you are. don’t let people manipulate you into thinking you’re someone you’re not. be the best person your tiny body can manage. realize that you aren’t mentally small. your brain is one of the most beautiful places when you let it be, and you know that. quit making it that ugly place you’re so used to. love the ones who love you even more because you never know when you could suddenly lose them. be kind and gentle. understand that you won’t always have your way and that’s okay. be so kind that people wonder how you do it. spread positivity and inspire people. don’t let anyone’s cruel words define who you are and always love unconditionally.

-advice I gave myself last night


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Kol listened to him, rather quietly and patiently. Which meant he was truly interested in what he was telling him. “But…” He frowned, it was just so odd to him. “We must have crossed paths, I spent a lot of time in imperial Russia. You could say I am a bit of a russophile…” He winked at him, and felt bothered he was just learning of him now. And then he realized how big the world still was.

He watched him take out a flask, and he could smell the blood in it. He made a face. “Why do you drink it from there when you have so many humans just waiting to be bitten?” He would never understand it, especially drinking from bloodbags, that was quite vile to him.

His eyes lit up at his last sentence. “Would I be interested? Of course I want to get my old powers back!” He felt his stomach flop, just the mere thought of it sent him into an euphoria. “Let’s do it!” He got up and tapped his foot excitedly. He could be overenthusiastic, and wanted everything now.