but they never chill anymore

Art block ew

it’s 3am insomnia is kicking my ass and i have an exam tommorow but here i am thinking about the mess sherlock s4 was ??? like not even the tv show on itself but those time when s4 was airing, like the russian leak ?? sherlock and kermit ?? “manly embrace” ??? the fake episode theory and apple tree yard ??? something’s fucky ???? “oh geez that’s me” ??? wild times kiddos, those were wild times

[Pentagon] Too Close

**Request for a jealous Wooseok**

“I’m just leaving now. I’ll be there soon,” you say into your phone as you sling your bag over your shoulder.

“I’ll see you soon then,” your boyfriend responds from the other end. His deep voice strained from the hours of practice he just finished. You are to meet him at the studio then walk home together.

However, you are running late. It’s already been 10 minutes over the time you were supposed to meet him, but you assured him that he didn’t need to walk all the way here to meet you. You’d get there as fast as you could.

Feeling rushed, you end the call before even saying goodbye and shove the phone into your purse. You run out the door onto the busy walk and quickly hurry towards Pentagon’s studio. You don’t get far before realizing you forgot one important thing…your coat.

The air outside is chilly and the wind cuts right through the thin fabric of your shirt. You instinctively wrap your arms around yourself and attempt to stave off goosebumps, but to no avail. They litter your exposed skin and shivers consume your muscles.

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anonymous asked:

A prompt with two best friends (one is a lesbian and the other is a gay) and the both get in a situation where they switch or swap bodies like in Freaky Friday? And their reaction to them finding out and their reaction or experience after a couple weeks like that and then they get in an argument about how to change back? Idk sorry haha

“You know what, I thought I never wanted to see a dick, possibly for my entire life, but after this experience now I know I never wanted to see a dick.”

“Not too big on the genitalia, but you really do keep in shape.”
“Soccer and ballet, my guy.”
“Oh, no, I know. Your practices have been killing me.”
“Not as bad as trying to color in all your commissioned art. Hey, if I do your- my homework later, do you think you can touch up the shading?”

“I think the worst part about this is that guys keep trying to flirt with me in public and I get excited until I remember that they’re flirting with me as a girl which most likely means they’re straight.”
“Or they could be bi.”
“True, but I can’t ask for their number because this is your body, you’re into girls, and eventually, hopefully soon, I won’t be in it anymore.”

“I never realized how chill the girls at our school are with you being gay.”
“Yeah. No one ever really made a fuss about it. The guys, though-”
“I know.”
“Brandon’s kind of nice to you. Or, me, I guess?”
“Yeah, but he makes me uncomfortable.”

“It’s you’re fault we’re like this in the first place!”
“How was I supposed to know that girl was a witch?”
“Just find her and make her change us back!”
“I can’t.”
“Why the hell not?”
“I didn’t get her number. I was too embarrassed after…”
“For fuck’s sake!”

“It’s not that simple.”
“Of course it isn’t.”
“There’s no need to be snappy with me.”
“Well, I’m sorry, but I’m not used to being on my period. I’ve already ruined, like, three pairs of your underwear.”
“God dammit.”
“How do girls do this for five days?”
“Dude, there are girls who have it way worse than I do.”

sometimes i feel like @littlesunshinedae and me are the only two patient exo-ls in this world lmao

I’m excited for the next Boruto episode where Sarada and Boruto will fight. 

It’s like the next generation of Uchiha and Uzumaki fight 

but look at the poor lady at the back 

“Why Shino-sensei, why you got to do this at the cafeteria?”

“bruh, it’s just bread. it’s not like I’ll never make it anymore so just chill your ninja ass.”

Chilled to the Core - A Future Rapple Story

This is a request from an anon!! They asked for Rapple with 14, 15, and 16 from an ask meme, “Betrayal, Dark, The End”!


Brief Summary: Raven Queen leans against the balcony of Apple’s castle and waits for the wind to tear her apart.

This story is set in a future AU!

Word Count: 539

Fic requests are open!!  -  Or you could ask me things from this writing meme!

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“Dude, it’s midnight, we’re already waaay passed curfew. We might as well stay out a little longer, sit on the roof and laugh at stupid memes, we NEVER get to chill anymore!” (For Ectober Day 2: Midnight)


he first heard her play this record at her mother’s house a week after her remission. 

in her mother’s living room, scully ran her fingers over the records shelved next to the books, the intricate way she looked at each title and fraying sleeve building a warm energy in the mostly-vacant room. there was something about being in someone else’s living room, he figured, that made him feel both comfortable and incredibly uneasy; though the elements of home were stacked up throughout the room, they were never the elements of his own home, of anywhere he’d lived, so all of the warmth was artificial for him even though she relished in it.

the room was dark as she pulled “new skin for the old ceremony” off of the shelf, and in the kitchen, there was a plate of warm cookies waiting for them, maggie’s little way of convincing mulder that he was welcome here even if bill was still in town, still celebrating his sister’s miraculous recovery, and still questioning how exactly she could have been saved. with the sky turning to an evening red, she took the record out of the sleeve, her hands as graceful and steady as a surgeon’s, and when she brought it onto the aging record player, she seemed practiced in her motions until she set the needle down midway through the first song, skipping the introduction altogether.

when it came to her illness, he could never question her about it, could never bring himself to ask why she gained atypical quirks or did things like this, stand silently in the living room and play a record for no reason; as “chelsea hotel no. 2″ started to play, he wondered what she could mean by this song, if she’d even meant to play it in the first place, but as he took a slow breath, the record bringing a lower pitch to the evening, he let those wonders fade away. padding over to the window, she leaned against the sill even though she had plenty enough strength to stand on her own. the record skipped on the word limousine; uncomfortably, he stayed in the middle of the room while she stuck to the edge. 

on that sunday morning, she’d asked him to come over - just for the afternoon, she’d said, a casual invitation that he would’ve taken with ease had she been in her own home, but because this was familial territory, he’d been hesitant - for reasons he didn’t know. though he figured she wanted his company, she didn’t seem to need him specifically; they’d made sandwiches for lunch, played a half-assed game of monopoly, laughed at times, all things they did normally, but he knew that his presence was replaceable, that any of her other friends could’ve come over instead. don’t ask, he told himself, but as he approached her by the window, he needed know.

“scully?” he asked quietly, deeply, in tune with the record.

half-turning, she faced him at an angle, her emotions unreadable. 

“why did you invite me out here?”

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