but they needed a photoshoot for that


Nia Amur Eiden:

Founder of the Rags to Riches, Billionaire Eiden Rainbowcy

I’m debating for October doing a huge photoshoot (as I’m a photographer) incorporating the signs and planets.

Hmu with your idea of what each sign should look like, no matter what. Color scheme, height, eye color, ethnicity, clothing, and background. I need to know which models of mine would be best used in each area.

(If they all knew their birthtime I’d just use their rising but they don’t)


“I’ve shown enough of the cute and humorous me. Of course that is a part of my true self, but I am going to show a lot of more of my serious and hardworking Jackson. I am not a native Korean so I am fully aware that my activities are restricted. Backups to that restriction is what I need. I broke into entertainment with my bright image and I enjoyed it. I want to keep doing that. In China, I want to do acting. If I get recognized there first then move over to Korea, I would have a lot more confidence.” 

–  Jackson Wang for Kwave Magazine