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I have a backup URL picked out and it is AMAZING, but I’m not going to use it. But there are some things I need to say before I can intellectually move on, if you care, feel free to keep reading. This is longer than I usually write, sorry.

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FAQ: Short guide to enlarged pores

Firstible i Must State that you wont ever be “poreless” because pores are literally necessary parts of the skin and u will always have them. You cannot permanently shrink them because the skin Needs lipids to like… you know… serve its damn funcion.

if your pores are enlarged you:

1. likely have a self esteem problem or body dysmorphia and nobody else sees that your pores are large but yourself.

2. your skin might be dehydrated and/or overexfoliated and is trying to compromise for its destroyed lipid barrier by producing a whole lot of oils. Then you need to work on your moisture barrier first.

3. your skin is just oily and its ok

If your skin is oily theres some ways to combat the sebaceous filaments (not blackheads!) on your nose and tzone

Most effective one are clay masks. I personally love green kaolin clay because its not too strong and it pulls all the excess oil out of your pores effectively, leaving them small. You should repeat this once a week and it doesnt give permanent results as your skin will keep producing oils because its fucking necessary. You should also moisturise right after using a clay mask so you dont over dry your skin.

A semi-permanent option are chemical exfoliants, bha (paulas choice 2% bha is really good) is oil soluble so it penetrates the skim deeper through the lipid layer. AHA exfoliants arent oil soluble but remove the outer layer of dead skincells leaving your skin smooth and make your pores tiny with longterm use. Chemical peels (like the 30% aha by the ordinary) are also a good option but not for beginners.

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Do you know of any fics where either Steve or Tony is drugged/high off their butt, so they act all silly and funny or even confess stuff that they have kept hidden?

Love is its own high, right? Some of these are alcohol confessions, so hope that’s okay, too.  Also, check out the truth serum rec list from @ishipallthings for more along these lines. 


Unforeseen Side Effects by Fickle_Obsessions:  In a quick effort to make Loki docile, the Tony Stark releases an experimental drug that only effects Asgardians. It gets Thor too, but hey, he had no choice. It works a little too well. Loki goes from trying to destroy the world to braiding Thor’s hair as well as other things. Steve helpfully sticks around and clutches his pearls while Tony waits for the drug to wear off.

I’m No Superman by kellebelle:  Tony gets hurt. While he’s in the hospital he is on morphine (aka some sort of ridiculous emotional truth serum and Tony is in no way happy about that). Sappy times ensue.

I’m Engaged to Captain America? by StarSpangledBucky:  Tony gets his wisdom teeth taken out and is given a high dose of morphine. Bucky, Steve and Clint arrive to pick him up and Bucky starts recording the whole thing because he knows what morphine does. The trip back to Avengers Tower leads to some entertainment from Tony and a concerned yet joyed Steve, who can’t wait to show Tony the shenanigans that went on.

Steve Really Can’t Handle His Alcohol by Heartithateyou:  Steve manages to get drunk with the team for the first time and he decides to confess what he really thinks of his teammates.

Steve Rogers, Nurse McSexy by @wordsplat:  Tony does not handle his morphine well, and Steve has been pining way too long for this shit.

The Star Spangled Man With a Plan by cleo4u2, xantissa:  Written for Tony’s birthday: Tony finds Steve drunk and ends up confessing his feelings. It ends surprisingly well.

This Has Happened Before by Kamaete: Tony wakes up in the hospital and his first order of business is to flirt with his cute nurse. Steve isn’t a nurse, but he’s not quite Captain America right now either. Regardless, he is there when Tony wakes up.(Tony has temporary amnesia while in the hospital, Steve is de-serumed presumably in the same event that injured Tony.)

Five Times Tony Confessed to Steve Drugged by Majinie:  …and one time he was sober.
Or: Tony shouldn’t be with Steve when he’s tired/drugged/drunk. He talks too much.

No Shirt, No Shoes, Yes Service by @ashes0909:   Club boy Tony Stark is very high, and very thirsty. Good thing Steve Rogers works at the bodega across the street.

‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky by jazztrousers:  During his catching-up on American culture and music in the years he’s missed, Steve has some questions for Tony about smoking pot. Tony can’t resist an opportunity to get Captain America stoned.
Side effects include dancing, snacking, stupid jokes and a little kissing when no-one’s looking.

Stuck With You (Seriously?) by Jaune_Chat: Steve and Tony are drugged, captured, and wake up in a very compromising position. There’s really only one way out. Sex.In other news, Tony thinks the Avengers need better villains. ;)

Friend post - Chris and Marie-Béatrice

Don’t take it personally if I don’t mention you in these posts. I appreciate every single one of you I’ve met here, I really do. I’m so grateful of this amazing simblr community. But I just wanna give special thanks to some. And for the discord guys I wanna say that I’m way too shy for group chats so you probably won’t see me there very often. I’m so sorry for being like this.

The party posts are gonna take a long time to do, sorry for that but I will do them!

Chris / @all-you-need-is-love-us

My super cool wolf girl! You’re so caring and kind and such a strong person. Everytime I feel down I think about the wolf story and it gives me so much strength. Maybe it’s silly but it actually does! I love you and your amazing blog! If I ever get better I’ll definitely start to learn Russian again!! I would write ”I love you” in Russian here but I only know how to say it, I don’t know how to write it ahaha!! Thank you for existing, you’re awesome! 💖

Marie-Béatrice / @simsophoniques

You’re such a sweet soul! You’re always so kind and supportive and I feel like we can talk about everything! And you always know everything about all the things I ever ask! You’re such a great friend and you deserve all the best in the world! Here’s the hug I promised, I love youuuu 💖

oh hey look an oc! how peculiar!

name: Astra Ophelia

Age: 23

Role: Shop/Business owner.

Lil bit of info: Astra is a ballet teacher with a huge love for children. She always treats anyone like family no matter how rude they’re to her. When not doing anything, she normally goes around town helping out people with anything they need.

Her pasts isn’t too traumatic or anything. She was just raised as your normal, innocent child trying to achieve her dreams. She does like to outdo herself with outfits so she is a bit broke.

Response: OMG! I LOVE THIS STYLE AND THIS OC SO MUCH?? We will get some of these other ocs to be apart of her class! That would be so much fun!! Do ya think she does ballet for boys too? XD

Thanks for the submission!

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Urgent ask please!! Lance's crush is getting dumped by her boyfriend bc he didn't love her anymore and lance just walks in on them, sees her cry and stuff... Ahhh sorry if this is too specific but I'm not good rn and i just need some love sorry (T^T)

Hello!! Sorry this took a little longer than I would have liked, I didn’t have access to my laptop for most of this weekend.

“I just don’t love you anymore.”

Lance heard that through the door along with the sound of you sobbing, and he felt his blood run cold. He knew that voice- it was your longtime boyfriend— the same one who, less than a week ago, you had been talking about how in love you two were. He stopped dead in his tracks without even realizing it, and all of a sudden it clicked that he was listening in on you being broken up with.

He was completely in his own head— debating if he should intervene or not, if he should just wait until you were alone to talk to you— and then he heard you let out a choked sob and he all but kicked down the door.

Your eyes were red and puffy and you were sitting on the corner of your bed, your boyfriend— ex-boyfriend standing above you looking annoyed. Both parties turned to look at Lance, and you couldn’t help but feel relieved to see him.

“What are you doing here?” Your ex sounded bitter, much more so than you were used to.

“Don’t you think you should leave now?” It was more of a demand than an actual question, and Lance had no problems throwing him out if need be.

If he were being honest, he couldn’t understand how your ex could have fallen out of love with you— you’re gorgeous and fantastic and kind and wow could he go on about how amazing you were.

As your ex passed him, Lance turned his gaze towards you. The second that the door closed, he spoke up.

“Hey…” He sat down on your bed next to you, “I’m really, really sorry.”

You didn’t say anything in reply, instead just grabbing his hand. Lance could feel butterflies in his stomach, and he knew it was because, ultimately, in the back of his mind he hoped someday instead of you and your ex it could be you and him.

He wouldn’t act on his feelings, of course- not now at least. This wasn’t the time for it. For now all he wanted to do was just be there for you. He wanted to comfort you in whatever way he could, because god, even if he wanted you, watching you get your heart broken was horrible.

“Why don’t we just… I don’t know, watch some movies? Have a spa night?”

“Yeah… That sounds nice.”

He stood up slowly, pulling you along with him. He squeezed your hand a flashed you a weak grin. He was upset about this whole incident himself, but all he really wanted was to try and make you feel better.

“You deserve so much better than that guy.”

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I don't understand how in this fandom Max and Lucas are in Slytherin?? They are both Gryffindors. Like CLEARLY. Eleven too, but she can also be in Slytherin. But Mike is the only clear Slytherin of the characters to be honest, because he is extremely resourceful and loyal to the ones he loves. I think the fandom needs some Harry Potter tinkering.

To be honest, I’ve barely had any interaction with Harry Potter since I read the last book the day it dropped. I’m not an expert on sorting and so I’m happy to see everyone’s different ideas about where the kids would end up. I think all the houses have their merits and I think that the kids all have traits that could fit them in different houses but yeah…I can’t really comment on it myself. I’m just along for the AU ride!

Low waste goals

Hello! I decided to create and share a short list of things I’d like to tackle in terms of reducing my waste. I’ve already made a few considerable changes but I know there are plenty of things to work on.

Maybe writing down some of those things will help: 

  • Buy a wooden toothbrush (as soon as my stock is empty)
  • Stop accepting flyers just for convenience
  • Reject free stuff and giveaways I don’t actually need
  • Stop picking up (free) magazines I won’t read more than once and can’t pass on to someone else enjoying it too…
  • Find an alternative for napkins (maybe get fabric ones?)
  • Make a plastic free make up remover (suggestions, anyone?)
  • Also a plastic free hair conditioner (?)
  • Sort out things I own but don’t love ✔️
  • Give things I own but don’t love to family, friends or strangers
  • Go to the next meet up of my local zero waste store (maybe get involved)

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Every single passing day I check out your tumblr and you’re amazing!!! Super attractive, super fun, you look like you’d be a blast to be around!!! Anyone asks me who my wifu is and I say it’s you hands down!!! My question is, would you like me to draw some fan art of you, and if so what picture should I use? I’m very tslented and I think you’re the most beautiful thing I could even attempt to contact let alone draw lol (might already have some portraits of you as a furry?)

Daww! Thanks! And I absolutely love fan art! I wanna see all of it!

BTW as for that second ask (I’m pretty sure it was from you too) asking if I need anything…


Marry me? - John Shelby


I’ve been away for far too long so even if it’s not the best thing I’ve written I’m uploading some fluffy John… God knows we need it. I’m working on some other stuff tonight so fingers crossed it won’t be as long between uploads now. Anyway sorry it’s not my best work but I hope you enjoy it anyway, big love to you all xx

‘Here, take my hand. Everything's fine, just hold onto me and keep moving.’

I obeyed John’s command without question. The burning intensity in his eyes told me that now was not the time to question what was happening. Moving quickly, I peaked behind me. Everything seemed calm, people drinking away their recently won money or endeavouring to start up a fight over why their horse had lost. Not a thing to create the sense of urgency that John seemed to be feeling. 

‘John, what’s wrong?’

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Would anyone be interested in a Secret Santa/Week/Big Bang/Reverse Bang for BruceThor? If you are, let me know, and maybe jolt down some dates, and we’re on our way. Oh, and would you prefer it to be hosted here or on ao3? This ship is sailing too slow, so let’s show it some love! 

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What kind of s/o would Liechtenstein and Switzerland would want?


~ Someone who likes to organize. He’s a stingy bastard so he would love if his s/o would keep check on what they really need, when the next shopping trip’s gotta be etc.

~ He doesn’t particulary like couch potatos. His s/o does not need to be an extreme athlete but he would appreciate hiking or working out with them.

~ Someone secretive. Boy got some juicy secrets and isn’t as “neutral” as he likes to make people belive.

~ Preferably someone calm to balance his hot-headedness. Also they shouldn’t be too weird. He doesn’t like the unexpected, it annoys him.


~ big brother 

~ She loves crafting, so she would love if her s/o shared her interests. Or at least indulged them.

~ Also prefers someone calm yet quirky. Her everyday life can get a bit bland so she wouldn’t mind a someone who brings a little bit excitement into it.

~ They’d have to get along with Switzerland. If they didn’t that would be a deal breaker.

~ She’d love if she and her s/o would spoil one another. Taking care of each other, treating each other. Big fan of balanced relationships. Doesn’t like dominant partners.

little-allie-cat  asked:

hello friendo, I need some Advice,, so i wanna make a blog kinda like yours cause I honestly think it would be So Cool ™ to make headcanons for people and just make the egos our own and stuff but I have literally no idea where to start. any pointers? thank u my dude, and keep up the amazing work. ❤️💙🖤💓


That’s all there is to it, that’s all I’m doing here. I’m just an incredibly hyper CHILD who loves these guys to death, and I love talking about them so that’s what I do. I talk about them, a lot, and people see that and they come to chit chat too.

It’s really not that difficult once you get over the fear of “Oh what if theyre gonna jdge me and what if they dont like this and yada yada” like NO. okay. NO. dont think that EVER and just do it. If you spend all your life worrying about what other people think you’re never going to do anything jst fuckin HAVE FUN


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So I just saw a stage production about witches and romance where one of the plot points was for the witch to fall in Love she had to loose her powers. And I was watching the plot unfold I kept thinking, “What kind of witches are these?” Immediately followed by, “Man, this could have been more developed and tragic/intriguing”, finished with “There needs to be some form of production of Mizu’s ‘Claws That Snatch’ cuz that’s the representation supernatural romance/intrigue/drama NEEDS ON STAGE!”

((Follow up on stage anon talking about a production of Claws too reluctant to go off anon))) Thoughts?

(((Omg again I gotta stop))) Because if I’m wrong in anyway please shame me for being so.

No no no don’t you ever apologize! Are you kidding me? I hope you realizing you’re talking to a theater graduate cause I definitely have thoughts on the matter actually!

And I’ve thought about it but the more I did the more complications I found. Mainly Lena transforming into a werewolf/wolf and the flow of the story doesn’t really feel like a stage play so there would have to be A LOT of tweaks. 

But I think it would be fun to write another supernatural themed play for kicks. 

I’ve put WAY more thought into Claws being a tv mini series, like netflix style, ten episodes. in and out and done. still would have to build an actual…like plot, my story is a bit more on the slice of life type which is great and I enjoy reading and writing those but I would gladly tweak that. 
I definitely do want to remake Claws into a novel and fix some things and add things sooooo I mean it’s not completely impossible to see this story in different mediums! 


Pre Kerkeros fluff because you all deserve it after the stunt I pulled yesterday 

Tbf that was psy’s fault so…don’t kill me, haha

Look at how happy and cute they were before Kerberos… poor babs *hugs them*

Hope you guys enjoy~!