but they make fabulous music

Summary of Danger Days
  • Look Alive, Sunshine: make this the national anthem pls
  • Na Na Na: the song that everybody makes sodium memes out of (also really bouncy and has an awesome power beat)
  • Bulletproof Heart: Gravity memes
  • Sing: Kind of represents what MCR stands for + don't watch the video unless you like runny eyeliner
  • Planetary (GO!): Crazy epic party song + more memes goddamn
  • The Only Hope For Me Is You: really beautiful song when you think about it and kind of sad and nostalgic
  • Jet Star and the Kobra Kid: Don't you fucking dare die on Party and Ghoul DONT-
  • Party Poison: REALLY PEPPY and awesome w/ great rhythm and beat
  • Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back: ???Musical masterpiece much + awesome lyrics
  • S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W: this is kind of sad and eerie and pretty at the same time
  • Summertime: This is beautiful. That is all
  • Destroya: FFS STOP MOaning
  • The Kids From Yesterday: the alternate title for this could be 'If Sing made you cry, you can't handle this!'
  • Goodnite Dr Death: Keep running keep shining mean something
  • Vampire Money: our fight song ftw!!!

Today I did a spell! (Exciting I know)

I’ve got an interview tomorrow for a job I know I’d do great in, so today my last day of prep I set aside about 45 minutes to do this throw together confidence/get that job bath spell. But now that it’s done back to refining my answers and pulling together questions.

~green candle (with sigil of your choice for confidence in interviews)
~warm water
~a playlist of fabulous music that makes you feel awesome and like getting that dream job (one song I used, BO$$ by Fifth Harmony)

Optional items:
~green items (I used stones)
~Bath Bomb (I used Lush’s Guardian of the Forest)

A girl wearing a My Chemical Romance t-shirt sits down at a table and is eating by herself in the school cafeteria. As she starts getting stared at, she gets uncomfortable and when she gets ready to leave, a boy slides into the seat next to her and whispers into her ear:

“Why aren’t you making noise, killjoy?”

anonymous asked:

top 5 movies?

-high school musical

-high school musical 2

-high school musical 3: senior year

-sharpay’s fabulous adventure

-the making of high school musical

I wish Taylor was around being her massively fabulous self & making music when I was in elementary, middle & high school. She’s the epitome of what a role model should be & you, young swifties, are extremely lucky to have Taylor “guiding” your lives. She debuted when I was in my early 20s (& not making the best decisions tbh). I truly feel that taylorswift has/& continues to guide our youth on the right paths. Taylor could be veering in the direction as many of her peers & constantly partying it up, instead, she chooses to be responsible with her life & the lives of the millions of swifties that look up to her. I can’t help but to think how different my own life would be if I were born 10 years later. Albeit, I’m sure there’s a reason for everything (even the tragedies I myself have endured). I’m grateful for being a survivor & having the fortitude & wherewithal to, not only, continue my journey, but to be a fighter. Coming to the realization that I don’t only have to be a fighter when in peril, struggling & fighting my damnest to stay alive, I can fight for who I want to be as a person & not settle for what & who society wants me to be. Also, fight for the things that I know, deep down to my core, that I can achieve & not allow fear (anything or anyone) stand in my way, or beat me down. Knowing I have Taylor in my corner has made these last several years bearable. Her music has been a crutch when I could not stand on my own & it’s been that shred of light guiding me through my darkest hours. Witnessing all of the wondrous things Taylor’s been doing as of late (& long before this era), warms my heart & genuinely makes me happy. So while I still think it would’ve been quite beneficial for me to have had a Taylor Swift in my life growing up, I thank God everyday that he did manage to make her in my lifetime. Taylor Alison Swift is truly magical.

6.11 Episode Reaction: The Rise and Rise and Rise and Rise and Rise of Sue Sylvester

Will she ever fall? 

I mean.

I love Glee. But I have never been one who thinks it is a tightly written, character driven, well plotted writing show. I’m (pleasantly) surprised when I get process and fully completed story arcs. I think I’m in the ‘often clever but definitely chaos’ camp - with various hits and misses mixed in with a brilliant cast and parody+music+emotional realism that makes me feel lots of fabulous things far more often than it fails. But sometimes Glee’s last minute or not sure what to do with itself chaos does fail (at least for me)…

I am a lover of Glee. I follow only people who love Glee and are intent on having fun and enjoying themselves. There is not a single person or post I have seen that loved the episode. There are a couple (I mean literally, two) folks who are specifically choosing to find the things in the ep they liked despite its flaws (recognized), but literally everyone else on my dash are having some negative thoughts about this episode - some with rage, some with laughter, some with sighs.

And it almost amuses me that in an episode about learning about not repeating mistakes, Glee repeats its mistakes. Pretty epically…

Six things for the episode affectionately numbered 666:

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