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Why the next Elder Scrolls game should be set in Elsweyr

So one of my friends recently asked me some questions about Khajiit religion, and it got me on a Khajiit kick, and I realized I’ve never put my case for the above out into the blackness of the internet. Note I’m not saying other locations wouldn’t be deserving–just that I think Elsweyr, at this particular point in the lore of the universe, is the prime candidate for a game.

What is Elsweyr

Elsweyr is the homeland of the Khajiit. Set in the central south of Tamriel, it borders Cyrodil in the north, Valenwood in the west, and Black Marsh, roughly, in the east. The land itself reflects the dual nature of the Khajiit–the north is a hot, sandy desert inhabited largely by nomadic tribes, while the south is lush and tropical, home to many plantations, with several large cities where most of the population is concentrated. Already, we have the setup for a great world, with lots of visual variety in addition to cultural variety.

Why Elsweyr works so well

  • It has great fodder for dungeons
  • Cyrodil had Ayelid ruins and oblivion gates. Skyrim had barrows and Dwemer Ruins. Elsweyr? Egyptian-style tombs buried in the sands of the dessert, complete with mummified corpses. Delving the south? Ancient temples and ruins from before men or mer were even on Tamriel. It represents a chance to see things older than we ever have before.
  • Crime is widespread
  • Not just the bandit camps, but organized crime–smuggling, drug trafficking, theft, scams. Khajiit carry a reputation as criminals for good reason, and it is likely a game set there would put Skyrim’s plentiful bandit camps to shame.
  • It is visually stunning
  • Vast shifting dunes. Plantations on stilts. Rainforest-like jungles. Great cities and entrenched strongholds. Elsweyr doesn’t just have a great variety of climates, it has a variety of some of the most visually contrasting and appealing climates. This isn’t skyrim where everything is grey, white, brown or green–the foliage alone has all the colors of the rainbow.
  • It’s full of characters
  • Anyone familiar with the Elder Scrolls series knows that Khajiit are often some of the most memorable characters. From their wit to their playful nature, each one is memorable in their own way.
  • They’re visually diverse
  • Khajiit biology is tied to the moons–there are a total of at least 17 kinds of Khajiit, ranging from elves with cat tails to intelligent housecats to man-sized tigers. This means that everyone you meet will be different, and cities full of them will not feel as homogenous and bland as Skyrim’s cities often did.
  • They have a unique philosophy
  • While Khajiit have a version of the monomyth that features many of the Divines we’re familiar with, by and large they worship Azurah, and follow the teachings of a Bhuddist-like philosophy called Ja-Kha’jay. After a game that asked pointed questions about what a deity was in the Elder Scrolls universe, Elsweyr is ready and waiting to ask “What does it matter?”
  • It has a newly relevant ruin with a lot of historical importance
  • If you delved into Skyrim lore, you probably picked up that Talos, who went on to become Tiber Septim, founded the third era by conquering Tamriel, thanks in no small part to a giant bipedal machine called the Numidium, which was powered by the heart of the dead god Lhorkan. The building site of this machine, the Halls of Colossus, was built in Elsweyr, after the Blades forcefully evicted the area of the native Khajiit. Not only that, but at some point during or after the Numidium’s construction, it began poisoning the surrounding area, rendering a large swath of Elsweyr uninhabitable to the present day, with descriptions often recalling radiation poisoning. You do the math; an old, abandoned ruin, once home to the heart of a dead god, now in territory controlled by the Thalmor, who have an expressed desire to achieve deity, possibly at the expense of the mortal world.

Why they work now

  • They’re an outside perspective
  • Though technically part of the Aldmeri Dominion, Khajiit are natives to Tamriel, and are generally skeptical of both elves and men. This makes them an excellent background for a story about the conflict between men and elves, which Skyrim obviously built up. We will get to see not only both sides, but what each side looks like to a people unconcerned with either of them.
  • They’ve never been more accessible
  • Because Elsweyr is now part of the Dominion, it’s been instilled with an influx of Thalmor, trying to control their society and generally being perplexed by their culture. Not only does this provide a great source of conflict for the player to be involved in, it gives the writers a way to showcase the quirks of Khajiit culture without making the game totally alien and unrelatable.
  • They’re the most politically uneasy ally in the Dominion
  • Elsweyr joined the Dominion, not as Elsweyr, but as Anequina and Pelletine, the two countries it was originally formed out of. This is because the Mane, the Khajiit spiritual leader, was assassinated by the Thalmor. The Mane served as a mediator between the two halves of Elsweyr, and without him, the balance between the two fell apart. They both joined the Dominion after it claimed responsibility for ending the Void Nights, but there are several indications that the common folk are unhappy with their new Thalmor rulers. Combine this with a long tradition of Khajiit rebels and nationalists and an old racial conflict with the Bosmer, and Elsweyr is the best place to start for somebody looking to chip away at the power of the Dominion.
  • Its experiencing an identity crisis
  • Anequina. Pelletine. Elsweyr. What is the homeland of the Khajiit? This is a question the Khajiit are very much struggling with right now, and there would be no better time for us to explore a culture than when it is trying to find itself, especially as an outside group (the Thalmor) is trying to force their own culture and religion on them.
  • They’re primed for a player character
  • Their spiritual leader is recently dead. Their country is fractured, their culture under assault, and they very recently spent two years with the focal point of their lives absent. What happens when the type of child you have is determined by the moons and they aren’t there anymore? Is it random? Does it go on as normal, but without a reference? Are all the children stillborn? In any case, it’s mass panic at best, and there would be a great deal of lingering trauma over that. To put it in the simplest terms, the Khajiit have the most problems that could be addressed by a legendary hero coming in and shaking things up.

I know you want to go to Alinor and punch the Thalmor in their faces. I know Black Marsh has undergone several radical, often concerning changes. I know Valenwood is fantastically interesting, as are the lands beyond Tamriel. 

But have you considered going Elsweyr.

Soldier Girl Up in Here

Request: I have an idea for an imagine… I never do this which is why I am on anon when I am normally public. What if the reader(fem) was military and recently discharged and happens to be the right place and right time to stop something bad happening to p!atd. Zach ends up hiring her to security and then brendon and her realize they have more in common than they think. Her with PTSD and him with the anxiety. It might be stupid so you can change it up or not use this at all. Idc. Just thought to help.

A/N: Here’s the start! More to come :) Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think!

Your iPod was one thing absolutely sacred to you when you were deployed. During so many sleepless nights, you kept Panic! playing in your ear buds. It gave you something to focus on and something that reminded you of home.

When you got stateside, you found out they had released an entire album while you were away. You were instantly downloading all the tracks from Death of a Bachelor and listening non-stop. There was a whole new era of Panic for you to explore.

Actually going to a Panic concert was surreal. You were technically in the same room as Brendon Urie. If only he knew what a positive effect he has had on your life.

Once the show actually starts, you begin to feel uneasy. It’s so crowded and loud. You try to concentrate on this music, Brendon’s voice, how amazing this experience is, but you are stuck in the anxiety growing in your stomach. The sound overtakes you and it’s all down hill from there.

You can feel the blood rushing through your body. The sound of the drums and the screams of the fans fade into explosions and children crying. You feel desert sand scratching your face and feel the weight of equipment on your shoulders. You can’t breathe. You have to get out of there.

You stumble out of your row and run up the aisle. You keep running until you are outside. You emerge out of an exit, completely out of breath. The night air was cool and smelled nothing like the desert, no heat of the sun beating down on you. You lean against the cinder block wall and slide down to sit. Once you can breathe again, you are numb.

You feel absolutely nothing. No anxiety. Just nothing. Between the exhaustion of hyperventilating, running, and panicking, you were spent. You felt some distant buzzing in your body and ringing in your ears.

You have no idea how long you sat there, curled up in your little ball. This is ridiculous, you thought to yourself, I am not a weak little girl. I am a soldier. A highly trained fighter. What is wrong with me? What have I become?

The sound of a door being pushed open pulled you from your thoughts. You hear a group of people laughing. You would recognize that voice anywhere. It’s Brendon Urie. You hadn’t even realized the tour bus was a few yards away, a line of barricades creating a walkway from the door to the bus. Oh my god.

A fog light illuminated their path, but you are left in the shadows. The entire band is walking together, chatting happily.

You see a figure on the opposite side. You silently hop up to your feet, the person’s malice practically tangible. You start to move towards the band as the stranger came closer to them. The guys were halfway to the bus when the figure slipped between the metal rails, standing a few feet behind them.

At this point, you stop being a civilian and the soldier in you takes hold. You had dealt with many dangerous people. You knew their body language, the way they carried themselves and you knew–this was a dangerous person. You begin to sprint, and sure enough, you see the glint of light reflecting off of a metal knife the person was holding.

“Brendon,” A crazed voice erupted from the girl.

All of them turned around, surprised to see someone had followed them so closely. They immediately notice the knife in her hand. Before any of them could begin to react, you had arrived.

You swiftly leapt over the barricade. You easily take the girl down, then kicked the knife out of her reach. You are kneeling with a knee placed into her back, pinning her down. She was a wicked young girl, probably about 14.

She was screaming and crying, but after a moment she stopped fighting you. In fact, she had completely given up, laying limply, face down on the concrete just crying.

A horrible memory poured through you. You were suddenly back over seas, holding a little girl in your arms–an innocent life caught in your crossfire. You remember the sound of her crying…

You flash into reality and immediately lighten the pressure of your knee. This girl was clearly no longer a threat and you allow yourself to become a civilian again. You felt sorry for her. She was completely broken, clearly had psychiatric issues, and was so young. You remember the little girl from overseas.

“Okay, okay,” you try to soothe her, “Easy sweetheart.”

You realize there are people around you moving and suddenly security guards are taking over, allowing you to step away. The girl is being brought back into the building, her hands now bound together. They were roughly pulling and dragging her, even though she was not fighting them in the least. Some sort of sympathy came over you and call out to them.

“Hey take it easy!” You yell, perturbed by how the guards were treating her. “She’s just a kid,” you add with a disapproving and bitter tone. To your surprise, the guards do become more gentle. Perhaps they realize roughing up a teenage girl was not much of a power trip.

You turn around and see the band looking at you, Zach standing a few yards in front of them protectively. Their faces ranged from expressions of horror to very impressed. You turn into this awkward mixture of starstruck fangirl, soldier, and cool-headed civilian.

“Uh…” You don’t know what to say. Should you even say anything at all? Maybe you should you just run away, stay anonymous, batman style? The boys stood frozen in place, but Zach stepped right up to you. A smile takes over his face.

“Well hello there,” Zach greeted you with an incredulous grin, “Who is this knight in shining armor?” You realize he’s asking you to introduce yourself.

“Y/f/n, sir,” You respond. Zach looks back and Brendon shrugs his eyebrows with a smirk.

“Why don’t you come inside, Y/n,” Zach turned to the side and waved you in front of him.

“Um, okay!” you reply quietly with a shocked chuckle.

The boys climb on the bus and you follow them in.

“Nice to meet you Y/n,” Brendon shakes your hand. “I’m Brendon.” Obviously it was a formal introduction but you couldn’t help but laugh to yourself.

“I, um, I know who you are,” you look at Brendon as well as the rest of the band, scrunching your face and giggling. “I’m kind of a fan,” you say sarcastically.

They all laugh and you are caught off guard for some reason. Your joke actually just made Panic! at the Disco laugh. Okay. That happened.

“That was amazing,” Brendon commented on how you made quick work of the threat outside, “Thank you,” He said so sincerely, you feel a sort of connection you never had before. He held your eye contact and gave a gentle smile. You’ve done your fair share of “saving” people and sure, you’ve had people be very grateful before. But this was… Different.

You break away from the moment and the boys all all sit on various pieces of furniture. Zach gestures for you to sit on a chair. You seat yourself and look around. Brendon. Dallon. Kenny. Dan. Zach.

Holy shit. How is this happening? What kind of bizarre dream are you in?

“That was fucking awesome!” Dan said disbelievingly. You just laugh in response, a bit flustered by such praise.

“So,” Zach began, “How did you learn how to do that?”

“The army, sir,” you reply, “Two tours in Afghanistan.”

“Soldier girl up in here, huh?” Dan replies very impressed.

“Thank you for your service,” Kenny replies.

“You’re welcome,” You reply simply with a smile.

“How long are you stateside for?” Zach inquires.

“I’ve been honorably discharged, sir,” You reply trying to hold your face steady. Zach nods.

“It’s just Zach,” He replies, referring to your use of ‘sir’.

“Force of habit,” You shrug with a chuckle. Zach looks to Brendon and tilts his head a bit. Brendon returns his gaze.

“We’ll be right back,” Zach says slowly as he gets up and Brendon wordlessly followed him into the back of the bus. Hm. That’s weird. The boys seem to have knowing looks as well. What are you missing? You are left alone with the rest of the band and Dallon speaks up to fill the silence.

“So where are you from?” He asks.

“I’m from Massachusetts,” You reply, “About 45 minutes outside Boston.”

“Oh I thought I heard a bit of an accent!” Dan chimed in.

“Yeah I definitely still have remnants of it for sure,” You nod. Your mind wanders, thinking about what Zach and Brendon are talking about. You hear their voices low, but you can’t make out any words.

”You thinking what I’m thinking?” Brendon asks.

“Yup,” Zach confirms.

”I think she’s a perfect fit,” Brendon nods.

“I didn’t really have a girl in mind I guess,” Zach laughs to himself.

“A fucking beautiful girl, too? She sure does know how to hold her own,” Brendon smiles.

“Military doesn’t fuck around,” Zach adds.

“So, we’re in agreement then?” Brendon asks.

“Definitely,” Zach confirms.

Zach and Brendon return into the room and they sit down.

“Y/n,” Zach started, “We’ve been looking to step up our security.” You nod absentmindedly. This was starting to sound like a proposition… “We think your military background would make you an excellent candidate for the position.”

Wait… What? Is he? Are they? Is this? Your only response is a curious look. You can’t comprehend what he is saying without a very specific confirmation of what you think is happening. Brendon notices and helps you out.

“We’d like to hire you, Y/n,” Brendon said reassuringly, “We would love to have you on board.”

You are too shocked to speak at first. You probably had the dumbest look on your face but you can’t be bothered to wipe it away.

“Me?” You ask.

“Yeah you,” Zach laughed. You’re an idiot, of course it’s you.

“So I’d work for you guys?” You ask.

“Yes,” Brendon chuckles. They were offering you a job, of course it’s to work for them.

“I would… Go on tour with you and everything?” You ask hesitantly.

“Yeah,” Brendon says.

“Wow, I… Oh my god, I don’t.. Wow!” You can’t muster up a coherent sentence. Brendon finds your shock incredibly endearing. He smiles at you so sweetly.

“As long as you can provide a couple of references and clean background check, it could be a done deal. Tell you what,” Zach begins, “Let’s exchange info and you can think about it for a while.”

“Ugh I don’t need any time,” you reply with a humorous tone. Everyone laughs a bit.

“Alright,” Zach replies. “We can get together soon and talk figures and details, okay?”

“Yes,” you reply softly, and get totally pumped, “Yes!” you smile wildly, barely understanding the wonderful situation that has unfolded. You look down at the floor and shake your head. “Wow, what a night, I can’t… I went to a Panic at the Disco concert, I took down a teenage girl like a fucking adversary, I met Panic at the Disco, I got hired by Panic at the Disco. I’m going on tour with Panic at the Disco. What the fuck is happening right now?” You spill out the entirety of your night, the words pouring out at an embarrassingly high speed with no breaks for a breath.

You look up and all of them are quietly laughing, amused by the summary of your incredible night.

“Damn, that’s quite the fucking day,” Brendon giggles in agreement. You melt at the sound.

Zach gives you all of his contact information and you set up a time to meet.

“Thank you so much!” You address them.

“Oh my god, no,” Dallon replies, “Thank you! You saved our asses tonight!”

“Anytime!” You reply happily.

Each of them hug you goodbye, Brendon is the last. He squeezes you tightly and releases you. His face falls into seriousness as he speaks quietly to you.

“Really, Y/n,” he says kindly, “Thank you.” His gaze on you feels like warm sunlight. You can only nod in response.

You part ways and step off the bus. You walk away and once you think you’re far enough, you begin to celebrate with yourself. “Holy fucking shit!” The realization came over you. You grabbed at the air and yelled “Panic at the Disco?! Brendon fucking Urie?! Fuck yeah, Y/n!”

You paused, thinking it all through again. You stomped, you skipped, you hopped. “YASSSS”

You sang the chorus of Victorious to yourself, feeling perfectly nerdy.

Little did you know, Brendon peeked from the window of the bus and smiled to himself. He watched your whole celebration and couldn’t help but giggle as you sang his song. He was in awe of your personality, such an incredible combination of strength, humor, and beauty. What a girl, he thought to himself, what a girl.

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Ritual Music for Space Witches

Some spacecraft and telescopes are equipped with sensors that allow them to record radio emissions from various celestial bodies. These recording can make for excellent background “music” for meditation or during rituals. I like to work with the planetary hours and playing the radio emissions from the planet I’m working with is a great way to draw in and harness it’s energy. 

I’ve complied a list of some of these recordings. I’ve only included videos 30 minutes or longer so that you won’t have to restart them mid-ritual.

The Sun





Martian sandstorm



Saturn’s  rings




The Moon





Cosmic background radiation

Short videos:




99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Episode 1: Fav ♡M♡a♡t♡s♡u♡j♡u♡n♡ scenes.

#1: Venting frustrations… to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” acapella style… which is SO not the point~~ (^_^)

#2: two cutie-patooties~~

#3: Jun-kun’s shout-out to Riida’s monkey year.

#4: all that ear-touching, back-turn with fabulous lighting

#5-6: Miyama-sinseh’s comedic timing in pointing out similar hairstyles during a touching moment between Tachibana-sinseh and the accused’s son. (^_^;;;)

#7-8: Sada-sinseh leaving Miyama-sinseh in a bit~ of a pickle

#9-10: Miyama-sinseh cooking to focus.  We’ll just focus on you in the meantime, MJ.

Episode 3 favs ♡ ♡ Episode 6 favs

u ever just.. .. copy and past 1002 facebook comments into a word document and then format them so its one comment per line and replies are indented then pop them in an excel document and make all the replies’ backgrounds grey so you can tell they are replies and then wrap text so it looks nice and it takes multiple hours so you feel like you’ve achieved something and need a break but really you didn’t analyse them yet and are not tangibly closer to finishing ur hell thesis??

It’s a Marshmallow World

My gift for @reyyskywalkersolo as a part of Bellarke Secret Santa exchange. I hope you like it and happy holidays! 

Bellarke Christmas coffee shop fluff, that’s all there is. 

Huge thanks to @alltheworldsinmyhead and @thejgatsbykid for looking it over for me; you are amazing and you deserve all the chocolate there is in the world! <3

It’s the first day of December and Clarke isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit at all.

Her day was a mess, her socks are wet from the sludge that seeped into her boots and if she hears another “Merry Christmas!” she’s going to deck someone with an appropriate amount of joy.

And just as someone dressed into a Santa suit stops to wish her happy holidays, she spots it - a coffee shop, conveniently placed right on the corner. All of its lights are pouring onto the pavement and to Clarke, who would do anything to get warmed up, it looks like heaven.  

She rushes across the street, her nose seconds away from falling off and her fingers chunks of ice but the moment she steps inside the Dropship Café it feels like she’s been wrapped into a big hug.

The place is brimming with people, students much like herself occupying the tables next to electrical outlets and other sorts – some of them are quiet, some are loud, but all the voices make for an excellent background noise.

The Dropship Café feels like a coffee shop should – cheerful, warm and homey and so she makes her way toward the counter, nearly stopping in her tracks as she spots the barista. He’s beautiful in a way that makes her want to get out a piece of paper and spend the whole evening sketching him. Messy curls brushing the dimples in his cheeks, constellations of freckles and when he smiles at her, the corners of his eyes crinkle.

“Hi, welcome to the Dropship, can I take your order?”

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A new piece!  

I’ve been rewatching Sailormoon lately as I work since it’s all on Hulu.  The Japanese is right at the level where I can watch without subtitles making it excellent background noise!  :)  

I’m up to Sailormoon S now which means my two favorite characters, Michiru and Haruka, have appeared – so here’s a little Haruka!  She’s the best in my book.  I drew her with Michiru, as well, but I’m going to color that one…so stayed tuned!