but they look diffrent

What The Signs Are Afraid Of

Showing weakness - Anybody who has never been close to an Aries would never know that they are actually very sensitive and emotional people. They hate showing their more emotional side because they see that as showing weakness.
They fear that showing their sensitive side will end in others walking all over them or pitying them.

Not being in control - As a fixed sign, Taurus’ hates not being in control. When things change too fast that they can’t process or really accept the fact that things will no longer be how they were before, they get really depressed. They isolate themselves and try to hold onto what they are familiar with instead of following the stream to the unknown.

Not doing enough - Geminis’ are hard workers, even though they have a hard time focusing on one thing at the time. They always get things done, but they fear that they aren’t doing enough and that everything they do constantly need improvement. They are never 100% satisfied with their own work - even with others admiration.

Being rejected - They are very sensitive people and don’t take things like rejection very easy. They don’t care about who or where they are rejected from, it is the fact that they aren’t wanted somewhere or by someone that they are afraid of.

Being forgotten - As everybody know, Leos’ love being the center of attention, so when they get forgotten they start fealing small and unloved. No matter how much confidence a Leo has, they still need some type of validation from others and without that, they start feeling invisible and unimportant.

Not being needed - Virgos want others to need them. Feeling need means a lot to them because it means that someone can’t do something withouth their help. Helping others distracts them from thinking about their own problems, but directs their attention on fixing others problems. So when they aren’t needed, they get sucked into their own deep and dark thoughts.

Telling people how they really feel - Libras are always trying to solve other peoples problems or be the shoulder others lean on. This is why they never say how they personally feel about the situation - To uphold the balance they have already established.
They fear saying what they really feel because that might make others look at them diffrent and ruin the balance.  

Finally opening up only to getting hurt - They are very emotionally closed people which is why it is rare that they open up to others - because they fear getting hurt if they do. That is why they go out of their way to keep their distance to others. 

Getting too close to others - They have a fear of getting too close to others and committing. The idea of no longer being able to do whatever they used to do, without considering others feelings is terrifying to them and it makes them feel trapped. This is why they tend to distance themselves from others before anybody gets too attached.

Having their hard work go to waste - Capricorns put a lot of time and energy into everything they do. They bust their asses to get to where they want to be, so when all their efforts goes to waste, they break down.  Things like this stay in the back of their minds till forever. Even with their will power to start over, they have a doubt in the back of their minds that their abilities to do it all over again won’t be enough…again.  

Being seen like everybody else - Aquarius hold a certain pride in being different, so when they are generalized or put in a category with others, they start feelings small and insignificant. This is why they often are protective of what they see as ‘theirs’.

Not being able to help someone they love - Watching someone they love hurting is hard because they put themselves in their loved ones place. They make their loved ones problems their problems, so when they can’t help them, they personally feel affected because of how emotionally invested they are in helping.

What The Signs Are Afraid Of

Showing weakness - Anybody who has never been close to an Aries would never know that they are actually very sensitive and emotional people. They hate showing their more emotional side because they see that as showing weakness.
They fear that showing their sensitive side will end in others walking all over them or pitying them.

Not being in control - As a fixed sign, Taurus’ hates not being in control. When things change too fast that they can’t process or really accept the fact that things will no longer be how they were before, they get really depressed. They isolate themselves and try to hold onto what they are familiar with instead of following the stream to the unknown.

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SO last night I had a dream about Felix and how he looked differently, he looked like this in a way? I like this design better than his current design…..i wanna re-design him because his current design is literally all over the place and it looks like garbage….maybe I’ll just modify it

“I am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an X-Men, a lover, a wife, a queen. I am all these things. I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits.”

                                     -Ororo Munroe of Earth 616, X-Men Worlds Apart #4

regional dog reviews

growlithe- the original. a happy boy!!!! a lovely boy!!!! i can see how loyal he is just by his face. i trust him with my life 10/10

snubbull- lovely pink and cute but why are you so Angery!!!! grrr!!!! 10/10

poochyena- a serious boy with a secret loving side to him. i would give him my life!!!! 10/10

houndour- the shadow the hedgehog of pkmn dogs 10/10

lillipup- this pupper gives me 10 diffrent types of happiness!! every time i look at him i am amazed by how gorgeous and wonderful he is!!!! purified me, helped my crops grow, donated all of his money to charity, ended world hunger, started world peace. 11/10

furfrou- this kalos doggo is more fashionable than i will ever be and i admire his stunning personality and good looks, an ideal role model!! 10/10

rockruff- his fluff!!!! his tail poof!!!! his rocks!!!! this is an all-around perfect pup with the best qualities of any dog!!! 10/10

“don’t tell anyone i get stung by bees! i’m not weird like that!” -bee boi i met in my dream whom is probably hiding something

i talked to him and he told me he lost his family and his new family was a bunch of bees. i drew this picture and gave it to him. so when i woke up i had to make this drawing a reality. 

I have Dyslexia and I am proud.

I was made to believe when I was younger, being diffrent wasn’t really a good thing. You had to look like everyone else, talk like everyone else, think like everyone else. That’s just what was acceptable in society. 

I was 5 years old when I started school. I was like every other kid, scared yet excited to be starting school. As time went on, I realized I didn’t learn the same way the other kids did. Most of them were already able to read full sentances fluently, yet I was stuck at every other word. The other kids would sinker whenever it was my turn to read. I thought it was my eyes at first. I constently asked my dad if I could get glasses. I never told him the true reason why I wanted them. I was afraid of what he would think.

When I would get the yearly checkups, the doctor told me I had 20/20 vision and there was no reason for me to have them. The devistated me. Now I started to belive I was infact, a stupid kid. When I bearly passed the grades, I found it harder and harder to read. When I was in 5th grade, my classmates were already readng novles while I could bearly read small childrens books. Now instead of quiet snikers, there was banterous laughter everytime I was called on to read something out loud.

This is what a normal sentence looks like to you at a first glance.

Tish is waht a nromal sntance loks like to me at a frist glsnce.

I’m not exaggerating when I write that. That is what a small sentence would look like to me. That was the reason why I felt like I was stupid. Because I couldn’t read properly, I wasn’t motivated in school. I was in very general classes. I was placed in some classes with kids who really did classify as mentally challenged. Not saying that it was a bad thing, but back then it lowered myself esteem to rock bottom.

You wanna know something funny? I still read the mixed up sentence better then the one above. It’s just what my brain can process. It wasn’t until @purrtlepuff made me take a test on the internet. When I was 18 years old I discovered I had Dyslexia. 

I learned this 13 years to late.

13 long years I had convinced myself I was stuipd, I was worthless, I was nothing. All because my brain mixed up letters on a page. So when I did research on Dyslexia, I descovered some intresting things.

We are offten refered to as, dumb, lazy, unmotivated, “not trying hard enough.”

That’s not the case at all.What people don’t seem to understand is we get sick from trying to read. Our brains can’t comprehend that muh of information as fast as we want, making it overload itself and our bodies. Sometims we get head aches, nausea, or we loose focus because our brain can’t do it all at once.

This is what happened to me, and I still get headaches if I read/write too long. I felt so relived to find out that I wasn’t stupid after all. My brain just processes things a little diffrently then others. It makes me imperfect. And you know what?


There are so many other things I am good at! Editing, game design, Acting, singing. They’re all encluded to the long list of what Dyslexic people are good at. I am unique. No one can take it away from me. It’s who I am and I intend on embracing it. It’s made me stronger and it gives me a reason to push for my passions.

If you have Dyslexia...


Don’t let anyone else say other wise!

If they do, just write a sentance backwards and then make them read it fluently. Then they’ll think twice.

~ Mama Scribb

everafterhighfangirl  asked:

Hello 😄 Can I request how RFA + Saeran would react if MC had twin sister who looked just like her just with diffrent hair color? Thanks 😊

AGH!!! I’m so mad! i was writing this and i thought i had posted this BUT NOOO my dang phone decided to delete this! i’m. so. mad.

Anyways Rant Over, MY FIRST ASK!!!! YAY.


  • when he met your twin he was just visiting your family
  • you decided to play a little trick on him and went to the same room your twin was in
  • when he sees your twin he’s like ???? what?
  • poor baby thinks it’s you but isn’t sure because??? you wouldn’t just dye your hair randomly right??
  • Yoosung pls i wasn't even out long enough to dye it
  • If your twin says that she is you he kinda believes it at first
  • when you come to where they are you and your twin laugh like crazy and he’s just like y tho?
  • if he sees you and your twin together it reminds him of a character select screen when two people choose the same character


  • welp.
  • your twin probably begged you to let her meet him
  • so you probably plan a little prank on him
  • when he sees your twin he’s like who tf are you?
  • Mc wouldn’t dye her hair so who tf is this chick
  • if your twin tries to act like you he’s already cringing
  • no stop only mc can do that 
  • if you then come and explain she’s your twin he’s like oh okay
  • probably the one who gives less fucks about you having a twin tbh


  • A twin?
  • you decide to tell her right away cause we’re not messing with baehee
  • she actually wants to meet her so you go to this cafe downtown
  • your twin texts you when she arrives and you excuse yourself to go meet her
  • welp let’s see how long it takes Baehee to figure out that’s your twin
  • she goes and sits with jaehee 
  • jaehee just looks at your twin, she knows something is off but she doesn’t know how to put it. 
  • you notice her talking with your twin and hoo-boy looks like baehee is analyzing everything she says
  • then you just swoop in and she’s just “Oh MC, i was talking with your twin just now, she’s really nice!”
  • Baehee approves, your twin approves, everything is great.


  • Omg this little shit
  • i love him but seriously
  • he’s a flirt 24/7 so if your twin comes around he will flirt with her
  • at first he thinks it’s just that you got a wig but no
  • you talk different
  • you act different
  • shit that’s not you
  • he’ll look around to make sure he didn’t accidentally trade you with this woman who looks scarily like you
  • you randomly pop up next to him and say that’s your twin he’s just like oh that makes sense
  • he’ll still jokingly flirt with your twin unless it bothers you
  • if your twin tells him anything weird or embarrassing about you he’ll love it
  • “you’re the prettiest twin tho”
  • Zen wtf we have the same face


  • YeS 
  • i mean after his background check on you he already new so..
  • HoLy ShIt MC
  • he’ll drag Saeran along with your twin so you all can mess with people
  • “Twins are usually attracted to other twins so saeran might end up with your twin MC!”
  • Cue saeran sighs
  • your twin is done with him
  • she just wants to go home MC pls 


  • Oh that’s nice
  • cool you had a twin too?
  • immediately wonders if you and your twin are in a good relationship or not
  • he doesn’t want you to be like him with his twin
  • when he meets her he’s pretty chill
  • until seven appears and he’s so done
  • “Saeyoung fuck off”
  • “So i can leave you with BOTH ladies?”
  • *saeran punches saeyoung*
  • he’s fine with your twin and is kinda glad she isn’t like seven
  • when you get home he’ll probably ask you one or two things about her and that’s it
  • he doesn’t really care but hopes he won’t confuse you two

Omg, the writing in this one isn’t as good as when i first wrote it ugh. I’m so mad at myself Lmao. anyways, i hope this is what you wanted? i really hope so! -Mod Nin

anonymous asked:

I was looking at some behind the scenes pictures of the reboot movie (more specifically of laraboot in the bike) and I couldn't help but notice how thin Alicia's legs are. This is not a jab at her looks, which are gorgeous, but for how long will we get fashion model looking action heroines with completely unfitting body types for the stunts they are supposed to be doing? Classic lara was portrayed with thick muscular arms and thighs and abs at least...

I have nothing against Alicia Vikander as an actress, I don’t even know her - never watched a movie with her. I don’t like the character nor the reboot itself, so I’m not enthusiastic about the game and the actress either, but it’s not personal anywway.

It’s true Classic Lara Croft was an athletic woman and Angelina Jolie was casted and trained to play her role the more fitting, the better. To be honest she did an amazing job and delivered a fine portrayal of the character, despite I never liked the classic movies. 

What about Vikander? Well, Laraboot doesn’t look athletic either. She’s a totally diffrent character, a thinner, more delicate girl… she doesn’t shine for any physical ability and condition. As I said I don’t know the actress but Vikander doesn’t look like a bad cast at all. She reminds me of Laraboot, precisely. Well, she’s even more gorgeous than her.

She also looks more athletic as the actress has been obviously training for the role, but still, she’s not like Classic Lara, who was athletic, positively amazonian :)

So in this case I think Vikander was casted after the character, and the character looks what it looks… a delicate, thin, slim girl, not an Amazon. Obviously it’s not the kind of person who can face a physical challenge, struggle for survival, and all those things. That’s why she mostly looks like a pretty face covered in rags and blood and dirt - nothing really inspiring, nor appealing but… it’s exactly what Laraboot looks like.

Summarizing: it’s not the cast, it’s the character itself. The character doesn’t look like the type for an action, adventure, survival envinroment. The actress was correctly casted after the character, I think. The character is what it is - honestly, and in my humble opinion - bad written.

PS: Of course, I know it’s an origin story and she’s not supposed to be Hulk from minute 0 and all that shit, but still, she doesn’t look pretty much changed in Rise, and again, they put more attention in modelling her ass and hair, than in an athletic, well fit body. You know, running away from boobs aka sexualization, you forget other essentials…