but they look diffrent

regional dog reviews

growlithe- the original. a happy boy!!!! a lovely boy!!!! i can see how loyal he is just by his face. i trust him with my life 10/10

snubbull- lovely pink and cute but why are you so Angery!!!! grrr!!!! 10/10

poochyena- a serious boy with a secret loving side to him. i would give him my life!!!! 10/10

houndour- the shadow the hedgehog of pkmn dogs 10/10

lillipup- this pupper gives me 10 diffrent types of happiness!! every time i look at him i am amazed by how gorgeous and wonderful he is!!!! purified me, helped my crops grow, donated all of his money to charity, ended world hunger, started world peace. 11/10

furfrou- this kalos doggo is more fashionable than i will ever be and i admire his stunning personality and good looks, an ideal role model!! 10/10

rockruff- his fluff!!!! his tail poof!!!! his rocks!!!! this is an all-around perfect pup with the best qualities of any dog!!! 10/10


so I was looking up diffrent quartz’ and I found one I never heard of before so I made a Lil gemsona :>
I modeled her hair after rose, keeping it a Lil shorter and messier tho. And now that we’ve seen the approximate color of blue diamond’s quartz uniforms I added that in too.
I feel like prasiolite would be quiter than an amethyst and slightly more elegant but she’d have the same sense of humor.

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I was redesigning my fursona and when i finished I realised that she has the same eye to forhead stripe as finch and I'm kinda afried to post it incase people say I copied like that's the only similar thing about them other than that they look completely diffrent

Ohhno man thats completely fine omg its just stripes dude :‘o i gave those to finch bc i was inspired by some irl cats

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Meepers I think you look fine❤! And everyone turns out diffrent y'know? But I think, well to say this straight on, you look very sick.. you need to take care of yourself! I- We, want you to be heathly, it's not that hard y'know

I know, I’m trying. Thank you for your concern tho that makes me feel good♥

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I *think* I've narrowed down my current daydream to the orignal (and wow. it's sure changed a lot haha) and now im just like: did you two split from this one person or where you these two people just with slightly diffrent looks and way way way different personailitys

same tbh.

*send me anonymous maladaptive daydreaming confessions and ill post them*

“I think it would be really interesting if every gem had a diffrent way of looking when their gem is broken. Like Pearl would get joints like a doll, Rose would have had almost thorn like scars going trough her body which look like want to rip her body open, Sapphire would have snowflakes that break of parts of her body, ruby would have flames that engulf breaking parts and her “skin” would drip to the floor only to disappear into thing air, etc”