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XVIII: The Moon – Damien

The Moon Arcana is associated with creativity, inspiration, dreams, madness, illusions, fear, fantasy, the subconscious, and trickery. It can also represent being attuned subconsciously to the world around, gaining the ability to sense things without being told about them or without anyone else knowing.

My entry for @martianunicorn‘s MapleStory Tarot Collab! I’m a huge fan of tarot cards, especially the Persona series, and having this collab like a wish come true! It was hard trying to design the card for Damien and bringing in all the elements, which resulted in a first very cluttered draft, but in all it was a ton of fun! 

Explanations are done below as it’s long.

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My ego and persona are Cancerian.
I have moon in the 4th and lots of Cancer energy in my chart. I do see significance in the past, that does not equate to being “hung up” on it and in no way does it debilitate me, which seems to be the popular belief. Sure, it used to though. It was tiresome, self-destructive and like the crab, I buried underneath the sand and retreated into myself constantly because I was the only thing that I trusted enough, I was my own “home.”  It is better now, because as time went on I began to reflect and reevaluate the experiences that held me down. Now I know how to contemplate deeply on my emotions. Doing so allowed me to use my past to move forward, such as looking back on past mistakes that I can prevent in the future, or remembering affectionate memories that motivate me…or even remembering sorrowful memories that also motivate me to move forward, so that I won’t have to experience them again. For instance, my childhood wasn’t so great and that is my drive to help other children as a career. These reflections give me genuine healing powers because it’s what makes me empathize with others. This is not me trying to debunk “Cancers never let go” because they don’t…the crab’s claws grasp and hold on to feelings tightly and glare cautiously from beneath the sand. What I am saying, is that there is a healthy manifestation of holding onto feelings and remembering…it is a matter of utilizing it correctly. 

Transfer Student

A/N: I rewrote this since i had a better idea for it!! I hope you guys like it!!

Prompt: coming from the american school of witchcraft and wizardry, Ilvermorny, the new student at hogwarts seems to impress everyone.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x The Reader

Words: 1015

Warnings: Hufflepuff reader!!

“Excuse me, thats my seat.” Someone rudely spoke behind Y/N, making her turn around.

“What? It is?” Y/N looked at him, the to the person sitting next to her. “Dad, what does our ticket say?” He mumbled something to her, making her look confused.

“Sorry, but these are our seats?” Y/N showed him the ticket, making him eye her, before sitting in the open seat next to her.

Y/N watched in amazement as some of the quidditch players flew by, wishing she could be one of them. She always dreamed of being on a quidditch team, this year she might actually get a chance, since she was transfering to Hogwarts for her fourth year.

“Dad, you think I’d be able to make the quidditch team at Hogwarts?” Y/N asked her dad, but he hadn’t heard her over the yelling.

“You go to Hogwarts? How come i’ve never seen you there before?” The platinum blonde who was sitting next to her asked, since he had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

“I’m transfering there for my fourth year, and hopefully the years after that.” Y/N smiled, the boy looking at her blankly. “I’m Y/N.” She turned to him, sticking out his hand.

“Draco Malfoy.” He shook her hand, a smile on Y/N’s face.

“So you go to Hogwarts? Whats it like?” He thought about it for a moment, before speaking, a small smirk on his face.

“Its fun, but theres mayhem sometimes, you know, with Potter around.” Y/N looked at him strangely, unsure of who this ‘Potter’ person was.

“Who?” Draco looked at her surprised, before his smirk returning to his face.

“A git.” He paused, Y/N biting her lip, try to stop herself from laugh at the word 'git’. “Hes dumbledores favorite student, gets into trouble, but never gets in trouble, people call him the boy who lived, blah blah blah.” He told her, Y/N noticing the anger in his voice.

The crowd roared with excitement, a team obviously scoring. Y/N looked out into the field, the Irish cheering. She grinned, seeing all the excitement it had caused, wanting so badly to be out there.

“You ever play quidditch before?” She asked Draco, watching the players on the field zoom past where they were seated.

“I’m the seeker for Slytherin.” He cockily commented, Y/N looking at him in amazement.

“No way! Man thats so cool. I’ve always wanted to play quidditch, but we didn’t play it back in Ilvermorny.” Y/N shrugged, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Do you wanna get out of here? Go someone more quiet?” Y/N agreed, following Draco from her seats.

The rest of the night, the two of them walked around the campsite, talking about whatever came to their minds. They headed back to see the end of the match, both feeling great, having made a new friend. Once the match ended, everyone was enjoying their time in their tents, till screams came from all around.

“Y/N, go straight to the forest, get out of here. I have to help deal with whatever this is.” Y/N’s dad yelled at her, as they saw what the commotion was about.

Y/N hesitated, but left to the forest, praying her dad would be alright. She saw a strange symbol in the sky, unsure of what it meant, but kept running. Ahead in the forest, she saw frieghtened people, and the familiar platinum blonde she had befriended over the last couple of hours.

Y/N caught up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder, startling him. “Who the h- oh. Sorry Y/N.” He apologized, once he saw it was her.

“What’s going on? What’s the thing in the sky?” Draco started explaing, nothing making sense to Y/N.

“Don’t worry, you should be fine here.” He commented, slightly smiling at her.

Y/N sat in a compartment of the Hogwarts Express alone, reading her book. She was buzzing with excitement, also nervous. People on the platform not only looked at her weirdly, but people on the train looked at her strangely, too, since she didn’t look young enough to be a new first year.

A group of boys passed, Y/N looking up, seeing the same old platinum blonde hair she had seen at the quidditch match. Sliding the door open, she called out his name, gaining his attention. He waved, while his two goons looked at the two, probably confused.

Once they had gotten to Hogwarts, Y/N was directed to the Great Hall, one of the teachers telling her to come up to the front. She noticed a hat on the stool, assuming it was the sorting hat. As everyone filled into the tables, the hat began to sing, Y/N highly amused.

“Before we start the sorting of our first years, we have a new fourth year who has transferred here from Ilvermorny.” One of the teachers announced, everyone began murming to each other. Y/N’s name was called, making her push through the crowds, to the stool.

Y/N sat herself on the chair, everyone staring at her like she had a second head. The hat was placed on its head, and she could hear it speaking, thinking it was incredibly weird.

“Hmm… Smart, and loyal, brave…” The hat spoke, Y/N turning red as it spoke about her. “Hufflepuff!” It yelled, Y/N standing up, and walking over to the table that was clapping for her.

She sat at the end of the table, first years joining alongside her. After the sorting finished, Professor Dumbledore began to speak. As his speech came to an end, everyone had dived into the food. Y/N grinned as people at her table tried to make her feel comfortable, Y/N sometimes seeing Draco looking at her from across the room.

Finished Not Perfect
My mantra: Finished Not Perfect This video was edited by Kesh: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMkh2PYXpQh52d3m2bzNNA Thanks for putting this together Kesh...

Back to normal programming soon… but I feel like this is an important thing to watch if you’re anything like me and struggle to put pen to paper.

My output of anything at all greatly reduced over the past few years because I’ve become self-conscious about doing anything that didn’t come up to the standards I set myself (so… everything I do!). I spend a lot of time comparing myself to my peers and artists I follow online, many of whom are a lot younger than me and already far better. Sketching and practicing felt like admitting how shit I am to myself and everybody else, so I avoided it altogether, and left larger things unfinished as soon as I hit any kind of snag or disappointment. I’m trying to swallow my pride and say HEY LOOK I’m nearly 29 and I still make a shit ton of mistakes and fuck up hands and I can’t draw faces.

The mantra ‘finished, not perfect’ has really hit the nail on the head. It’s painful to remind myself of my failings and how I haven’t worked as hard as I could have, but to confront them is the only way I can overcome them in the end.

Plan B

An imagine for @svu-stories! Enjoy!!!

“This is never fun.”

“I know.”

Rafael held your hand as you sat on the faux leather table wearing a paper gown that hardly passed for clothing. Everything about it was cold. The room. The way the nurse wearing pink scrubs spoke your name as she poked and prodded and left without so much as a friendly look. Would the doctor be any better?

“It is your turn,” he said.

“And here I am.”

I should be angry.” Rafael’s fingers danced across your cheek and you felt your lips shift into a smile in the wake of his touch.

“Why you?”

“Because everyone but me is getting you out of your clothes this morning.”

So sexy as he pressed a quick kiss to your lips. Holding his arms, your fingers sliding towards his hands, you deepened the contact and smiled when he moaned against you. The door cracked open and your husband blushed liked a schoolboy out well past curfew.

But you caught his hand and curled your fingers into his.

“The doctor will be with you shortly,” the nurse said.

“Thank you,” he murmured.

As soon as the door closed you nudged his shoulder and laughed.

“Now this was worth the trip downtown.”

“What was? Seeing me scared?”

“Seeing you like a teenager.”

“A teenager?” he echoed. “You think I could have afforded a tie like this back in the day?”

“Maybe a pretty girl bought it for you.”

“Right. Because the scrawny kid with the big mouth was on everyone’s wish list.”

“You’re far from that now. But you are all mine. And you better stay put.”

His face was almost crimson as you used the purple and silver stripes like a leash to draw him closer.

“You’re going to get us in trouble,” he warned.

“Good. It’ll be the most exciting part of the appointment.”

Silencing his argument with a kiss, you felt playful. Giggled as you fell back and crumpled the sheet with his body on top of yours.

“You really are crazy,” he said. Still he reached under the gown and stroked your thighs. How were his hands so warm? Too much time in his pockets.

That was not where they belonged.

“Maybe you can play doctor?” you asked. “Make me feel better?”

“I… but here?” he asked, moaning into your mouth as his coat started to slip. The paisley suspenders. How lovely they looked against the sky blue shirt.

“Yes here, darling.”

You worked your fingers around the buttons and fondled his chest. Rafael’s heartbeat throbbed as you caressed his skin and nuzzled his neck.

“Now this is fun.”

“It’s playing with fire,” he sighed as his fly fell and he started to writhe on top of you… just inside you. His lips were on your hair as his nails couldn’t help but tear into the gown. Squealing in delight, you scooted to the edge of the table, balancing your body so close to his desire and smiling as you ruffled his hair.

“At least we’ll have a story to tell.”

Mi amor…

He had no more words as you left the table and forced him into the wall. Surrounding him as he surrounded you, there was no chill. Nothing but his heat ready and oh so willing. You liked the look of his emerald eyes so wide as you twirled into his hips, nipped at his ears…

“I… oh my God!”

The voice of the nurse caused Rafael to lift you up off the floor. He covered you with the what was left of the gown, his coat, and looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole as he returned his hands to his pockets.

Must have been how he looked as a child. A small part of you still wished…

“Just another few minutes. Maybe sooner.”

Once she fled, you leaned into his shoulder.

“Don’t be bashful,” you whispered.

“This is not the time or the place. You need to take this seriously.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Don’t say it like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like you’re sad.”

“I’m not,” you replied.


“Pinky swear.”

Your little fingers locked and he said nothing else. Another kiss as his hand left yours and he tucked his shirt into his slacks. The doctor came around with arched eyebrows and said that your health was second to none.

Not entirely true but you were hardly able to argue as you struggled to keep the gown closed and Rafael lingered just a few feet away.

You flashed back to another doctor’s office, a woman in white telling Rafael that it might be a good idea to lay off of the fatty foods and scotch. But in spite of that, he could still look forward to a long and happy life.

And now you were on the same page.

“Mrs. Barba, I think we’re all set.”

Alone with your husband again, he started to gather your clothes.

“Turn around,” you said.

“Seriously? After you tried to have your way with me now you’re being modest?”

“I need a minute to let this sink in.”

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” His tone was worried as you waved one finger in the air until he faced the wall. You slid into your jeans, buttoned up your blouse. The woman in pink avoided your eyes as you left the office and Rafael spoke faster than usual as you walked down the steps and paused at the landing.

Falling to floor as you tried to catch your breath.

“What is it?” he worriedly asked. “The doctor said—”

“That I’m fine. Both of us.”

“Then it’s all good.”

“I know. I’m glad.”

He sat beside you and held your hand.

“We need to be if we’re really going to do this.”

Because this was Plan B. Not exactly the way you intended things to go down. But the more you rolled it around in your mind, the more you realized that Jingles was sweet. Life was full of love.

Still, something was amiss. You agreed to try.

And you both needed to be up to the task.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” you finally said.

“No,” he agreed.  “It’s going to be interviews and interrogations and everyone prying into our lives.”

“So I probably shouldn’t try to have my way with you in a doctor’s office.”

“More’s the pity,” he smirked. “But we do have to be on our best behavior.”

Something about that irked you. Having to sit silently while others judged and determined the next chapter of your lives. It was supposed to just be the two of you in a perfect, private moment. But that was Plan A, the faulty plan, the plan that had your body attached to the bargain. Maybe that was why you teased him out in the open?

Because one shocked expression from a nurse was nothing compared to what was in store.

“Are you hungry?” you asked as you started to stand and Rafael jumped up to help you the rest of the way to your feet.

“Always,” he answered. “There’s a place on the corner. A burger and cheese fries would— ”

“We’re getting wedge salads and you’ll keep it to one cup of coffee.”

Rafael pouted as he held your hand and you walked together into the light of day.

“Yes, Mom,” he said as he kissed your cheek.

You liked the sound of it. It might take months. Or years. But that happened in the natural order of things, too. A long road ahead. You were both healthy.

And somewhere, somehow a child was waiting to become yours.

You liked the sound of that even more. 

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Emotionally I think Camila is better than Zayn. Camila is very confident when performing in her solos while Zayn is so nervous awkward on stage solo. But he is really good in singing don't get me wrong. Camila may look weak but actually not.

Camila’s strong and smart, yet vulnerable and easy to manipulate

Staring in the mirror,
My reflection feels like there’s something wrong,
Why can’t you love me?
I’m doing everything to make things right,
For you and for me,
But why do you run when I feel so incomplete?
And you make me ask myself who I am
Together we’re not the same
And I feel you so close, but gone
Who are you?
And oh no, don’t cry
It seems like so hard, but it’ll get better
Here I am today, I want you to look at me
Don’t turn your head away
I love you like the stars
It seems like you’re hurting like the clouds
I’m not satisfied for what I can see
You’re sad and you’re falling apart
In my heart, I feel connected
It hurts me like stabbing the broken mirror into me
I can see it in your eyes,
You want to have the love that you always give
But I need you, and I want you more than anything
I can barely breathe
I don’t want to see you like this
I want to close my eyes and forget about your face
But I want to pull you closer,
I want you to focus
Give me the attention
You completely imprisoned yourself on that thing,
Full of insecurities and lies
Listen to me,
I don’t need the love from somebody else right now
You need the love from me, I always wish you could feel
But I also need you
You’re so selfish that you don’t want me
You’re the confusion all over my head
You can take off the clothes I use for my confidence
You can bring my heart down
I need your love, and I want you to see that
Through my eyes, you’ll understand
I need you to complete who I am
Please stop wanting to be someone else
I accepted you like a sorry
But don’t avoid me like a mistake.

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Does Clive have a flirty kind of personality like PJ? im making a child for you two so im just wondering

His personality is a whole lot like mine (Check FAQ)

But he’s funnier, better looking, more charismatic and yes more flirty than me

Look, I’ve said this before and I will say this again. I will fight you, man. I don’t care if you’re an anime character or like 30 years old. You’ve treated your brother and his interests like dirt and saying that you raised him? You earn money but that doesn’t have anything to do with raising a person. MUTSUMI’S FAMILY TREATS HIM BETTER THAN YOU. AND THE KID’S KNOWN THEM FOR ONLY A YEAR. SO TELL ME AGAIN THAT YOU RAISED HIM BECAUSE I SURE AS HELL DON’T SEE IT. TREAT YOUR BROTHER WITH THE SAME DAMN RESPECT HE GIVES YOU OR SO HELP ME I AM ACTUALLY FIGHTING YOU. CALLING YOUR BROTHER OF ALL PEOPLE AN IDIOT AND NOT EVEN BEING THERE FOR HIM IS NOT OKAY, YOU LITERAL GARBAGE CAN.


So I made a rant post a few days ago arguing that if Mofftiss wanted to do a redemption story for Sherlock’s frosty, mean-spirited sibling so badly, they already had Mycroft for something like that, it would have been way more cohesive and also not horror-movie-pastiche crappy. 

And then I got a ludicrous idea in my head that wouldn’t go away so I decided to do a bad manip all about it:

Who agrees with me that THIS would have been WAAAAYYYY better than the Final Problem??

I’ll just leave this here

The more I look at the Hudders troll the scarier she gets

What have I made???

nvm this is almost as traumatising as tfp

Pen Pal in need!

Hello, wonderful community of studyblrs! 

I am looking for anyone who currently lives in a Spanish speaking country and is willing to physically send letters in order to help me hone my Spanish skills. (Just to clarify, we would be sending letters to each other in Spanish, but if you would like to improve your English, I can definitely help with that as well- we can just alternate in sending letters in both English and Spanish!). 

So, if you’re interested, please contact me! This would really help with bettering my Spanish as well as helping me fulfill my creativity strand of CAS activities. 

ALSO, I will try my best to send small goodies now and then (small enough to fit into a regular sized/business envelope). 

Thank you so much!

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what do you do when you feel sad

I hope you feel better and if you need to take to someone, you can message me.

some tips to feel better:::

  • get up and move around: go to the gym, go for a walk, go see a movie
  • take deep breaths
  • eat some healthy food
  • wash your face
  •  take a warm bath
  • let it all out then try to relax
  • take a nap
  • spend time with pets
  • stay productive: read a book, do work/homework
  • listen to music, classical makes me feel better
  • watch cartoons
  • put on a nice candle
  • go out and feel the suns rays and look at nature
  • pet an animal
  • put on some cozy socks
  • talk to someone about it
  • go to thrift store n try on clothes
  • treat yourself to something nice

Anonymous prompted: Phil and the team find real May from her captivity. Philinda reunion after?

I’ve had an idea for this for a while now and you gave me the perfect excuse! Beware, this is angsty, but as promised, there’s a happy, fluffy end!

She was back for three days and he kept avoiding her. He hadn’t even really looked at her ever since he got her out of that creepy room.

And it had to stop.

Whatever his problem with her was, whatever bot-May did that was so horrible … Blaming her for that was just unfair and she had enough. How could she make things better if he didn’t even give her a chance?

No, she wouldn’t stand for that.

Which was exactly why she would now knock against his door.

She’ve been standing her for almost five minutes and that hadn’t gotten her anywhere either.

Melinda pressed her lips together and raised her hand.

If he didn’t want to be friends again, if he wanted to dissolve their partnership over something a robot had done, so be it! But he better say it to her face because then she would … she would what?

She’d be heartbroken.

But this was hurting her already. She missed him. She’d gotten used to just get crumbs of him, she’d gotten used to keeping things mostly professional, but before she had been kidnapped he had asked her to finally open that bottle of Haig and that just must’ve meant something to him too.

They couldn’t just be over.

Before she could knock, the door opened and Phil almost ran into her.

He quickly took a step back and stared at her with widened eyes. “May.”

She took a step back too and dropped her hand.

At least he didn’t call her agent May like he had done when he had recruited her.

“We need to talk,” she said.

He looked down and turned his head away. “Now is not a good time.”

God, this was awful! “What did she do?” Her voice broke. She would not cry now, she just wouldn’t! “She wasn’t me, you know? You can’t blame me for this.”

He pulled up his shoulders. “I know.”

“Then please let me fix it.”

Finally he raised his gaze to hers again. “We kissed,” he mumbled. “She kissed me and I …” I bit his lower lip and shook his head. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

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Dean Drabble #13

Submitted By: @jkqueenly
You giggled as you watched your boyfriend drum on the steering wheel and jam out. It was a Metallica song that he loved. You enjoyed watching him as he freely did his thing because it was just the two of you.
“Come on princess sing with me!”
“I don’t think so Dean.”
“Come on baby it’ll make you feel better”
You laugh, “You make me feel better.”
He grins, “I hunt therefore I am.” He belts out the lyrics to “Of Wolf and Man”
He looks expectantly at you “harvest the land” you sing as he grins and kisses you.
“Yea thanks babe” you grin kissing him again glad you had him to care for you.

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