but they look better like this

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a hook-nosed man was shouting at a cowering woman, while a small dark-haired boy cried in a corner…


I had a go at making @everlasting-random-art  ‘s human papyton as sims! I love their designs so much -so here they are. (Sims wouldn’t let me make his hair two colours so Papyrus is blond now).

And yes, that is a meme on Mtt’s shirt. What else would it be?

key in college
  • double major in architecture and classical studies
  • only writes in drafting lead pencils 
  • they’re heavy and now if he writes with anything else (like pens) it’s WEIRD that they’re so light and his handwriting gets a bit wonky so he’s like nah and switches back 
  • oscillates wildly between super crazy outfits and comfy sweats 
  • but honestly his sweats are still fashion af with like leather pocket detailing or paisley patterns up the leg 
  • it’s v hard to miss him on campus and when he walks next to onew the fashion discrepancy is so. real.
  • also people stare but he looks good and he’s going to wear what he wants~~
  • motto: it’ll take the same amount of time to get ready if he dresses trendy or not so he might as well???  
  • always willing to let friends borrow clothes and takes great pride that their wardrobes have gotten better just by associating with him 
  • he’s been featured in the uni catalog multiple times and he and his mom both save them and he looks really good in them: either candidly laughing with ot4 or just walking around with glasses looking scholarly af
  • packs his lunch from home every day even if he has to run around the kitchen with his toothbrush in his mouth while he fries eggs and preps salad
  • on every monday literally does not understand where the weekend went
  • stops at the cafe every morning to “buy” americanos (make jong’s life miserable) so that he could actually wake up  
  • he actually did work at the cafe with onew and jong for a little bit but quit bc he hated it 
  • will sometimes walk behind the counter and get himself coffee when it’s their shifts (jong: *advances threateningly with a broom*) and walks away triumphantly, coffee in hand 
  • they found it much easier to just hand him coffee before he starts an incident (onew: you’re srsly going to go to uni jail or something / key: *takes a sip* no such thing) 
  • also literally the only reason why he started drinking black coffee was bc people take forever around the creamers/milk and kim kibum does not have enough time to wait around for them to stop moving at sloth’s pace 
  • always carries around a tube for his sketches that he slings around his shoulder 
  • it’s also good for smacking people with (mostly used on minho when he gives him that slow up down like water you wearing / key: you have NO right to judge choi) 
  • but otherwise he takes care of that thing like it’s his own child and he calls all of his sketches his babies 
  • and as much coffee he drinks he makes sure that there are never any coffee rings on the draft paper 
  • taemin’s not allowed to sit at the same table as him when he’s sketching bc of that one time he spilled some of his hot chocolate and key almost died 
  • it’s super cool to watch him draw bc he gets really focused with his ruler and he just clearly has such a vision that just comes to life on the paper 
  • also takes the time to draw trees and little people around the structure (taemin: is that us / key: yeah i draw all of us in all my sketches) 
  • as much as he loves the creative parts of architecture he’s also really interested in the mechanics behind what it takes to BUILD a building and have it be structurally sound
  • tbh he thought he would absolutely hate physics but it just kinda makes sense?? it’s the order of the world and he appreciates that there are certain absolutes 
  • when he goes out with his friends he’s always pointing out what influences each building has and basically geeks out about the buttresses and sidings and stuff!!!! which his classical studies major definitely gave him a deeper appreciation for 
  • when it’s too cold for too long he gets restless af bc he’s more of a spring/summer person
  • so as soon as it hits ~22°C he’s out on the quad with his huge reflective sunglasses spread out on a blanket 
  • jong brings his speaker out and plays music and they attempt to do homework but they’re honestly just rolling around playing games on their phones 
  • RIDICULOUSLY good at candy crush 
  • srsly he plays so often he finishes all the levels and has to wait until the next update for the next level like is there some elite scoreboard for that bc he would definitely be on it???

i know this may seem like a very simple message to give, and it is, but it’s also one of the hardest ones to understand.

 i’m in a very good place in my life and i’m definitely better than i was 3 years ago, but this is still something i have to remind myself every day, and when i find it hard to believe, sometimes i look for things that i know that can cheer me up, like playing with my dog, hugging my mom, listening a song i used to love but forgot and watching funny videos, between those there are Thomas Sander’s videos, who are always so fun and positive. today i watched his “reasons to smile today” and honestly i felt my mood improved dramatically, so i thought maybe if you’re in a bad place mentally right now, or know someone who is in one, you could watch some of his videos if you don’t know them. and remember this message. 

also, this is the quote i found:

“There is too much good happening and I firmly believe you will contribute to that good. You’re allowed to feel sadness. You’re allowed to feel fear. Many people are going through things I could never even possibly understand. And I hope to be there to try to understand as best as I can, and I hope the we will all do that. But the important thing to keep in mind is… You’re also allowed to feel happiness. You all deserve happiness.” - Thomas Sanders. ( @thatsthat24 )

i know they lost. but im so so proud of the leafs. like beyond proud it’s so unreal. they have worked so hard and even though tonight it didn’t work, it will work in the future. the maple leafs weren’t even supposed to make playoffs but look at them. they are so wonderful and i hope they know that we love them. the pens better kick the caps ass.


Fiona Staples was like one of the only good artists Archie Comics ever had aside from Dan Parent (the guy who does the classic style stuff) and they just let her leave without finding anyone of talent to actually replace her I swear the weeb shit I drew in 8th grade looks better than the mess they hired

Here are some of Fiona’s panels they were so aesthetically pleasing like look at this comparion


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a wholesome name to fit a wholesome man

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Please don't get your cat spayed, shell have to get her kittens aborted and thats awful D:

It is sad and I naturally feel some sadness getting it done, but it is necessary. Preventing fetuses from developing into kittens is way, way better and more humane than it is to indirectly contribute to the death of many, many live cats and kittens that never saw a home because of overpopulation. I am also fortunate to be able to afford having this done after many generous people donating.
If it makes you feel any better, these fetuses may look like kittens and be naturally cute in away and it may hurt to terminate these things that appear to be kittens. But they are not kittens, and it is important to cats alive now that we do not let our emotional responses to visuals rather than facts sway what we must do.

Edit: and there are cat abortions that are performed when the kittens are so developed that they can live outside the womb, but it is rare and dangerous for vets to get this procedure done. Luna is in the very early stages of her pregnancy


ive been seein a lot of style challenge things going around and it looked fun!! so here’s my take on it,, i just drew myself 9 times bc i couldnt think of a character to do. i chose a couple of the styles bc theyre like. formative to how i draw now? (fma & the vocaloid boxart) the rest were suggestions and ones i chose cause i thought theyd be fun  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (click for better quality :^/)

also go check out @tubular-todd‘s art bc its??? super good i dont think i did it justice tbh

i completely agree that you shouldn’t date someone for who they could “potentially” be

however, when mental illness comes into play, it can look like you’re doing just that

you have to separate who they are from what their illness is… supporting someone through illness in the hopes of better days does not equate to trying to change someone

I haven’t seen the new episode yet (so I’m not sure if they’ve chosen a wedding venue yet), but I think that the wedding takes place on the roof of the library.

Just hear me out.

First off, there is the background.

So those are obviously roofs of other buildings, and they’re way too high up for this wedding to be at ground level. Other people have noticed this as well, I’ve seen. BUT I HAVE MORE.

This clearly isn’t a wall, it’s being held up and draped to look like window curtains.

This is fake grass. Duh. But the tiles also look like they’ve been laid down in the area (in the other pictures as well) so the ground looks better than, well, a dirty roof.

At the bottom there, those lines look like telephone wires to me. Now that part is a bit of a stretch, but in the circle is what looks like part of the clock tower dome. And it’s way too close for this to be a wedding on the ground.

And finally, we’ve seen the top of the library. It’s HUGE and overlooks all of Storybrooke from every angle.

Yeah, I know this is a shot in the dark, but it’s the best I’ve got.

okay what really fucks me up about deckerstar is how luci’s entire demeanor has changed? like. he’s still the same person but he’s like Softer? his edges have been smoothed out and it’s so subtle but when you look back it’s so clear that loving chloe has changed him for the better without making him a different person. he’s never been bad but now he’s Human in so many ways. and it’s the same for chloe like she was so “uptight” at first and on guard and now she’s softer in a different way. they make each other soft. they’re so good oh my god, they’re so good.

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67 + 32 with Spencer

“My clothes look really good on you.”

“Just kiss me, you idiot.”

Spencer had woken up later than usual, he was still half asleep when the smell of coffee led him to the kitchen. He rubbed his eyes, and blinked surprise to see you wearing the shirt he had on last night. 

“My clothes look really good on you” He said with a big goofy smile on his face as he poured the fresh coffee into his cup. “You like it?” you said as you twirled around a couple of times. 

“I love it, you look better than I do in them” 

“Just kiss me, you idiot” 

on omid and gender

I know just about every writing tutorial under the sun urges authors to distance themselves from their characters, but I felt like writing a little blurb about how certain aspects of Omid’s character have become super important to me over the course of his existence.

As I’ve mentioned before on my main blog, Omid is a trans man.  It took me a while to figure this out.  I knew he wasn’t cis when I first made him, but that was the extent of my knowledge.  As time went on and I kept developing this character, I began to get a better understanding of his identity.

The thing about Omid’s character that is important to me is his presentation.  I realize I’m treading into personal territory here (which I try to avoid on my webcomic blog), but I struggle a lot with my gender.  A lot of this surfaces with me hating myself unless I present as hyper-masculine as possible–which is impossible for someone who looks like me.

Even within the fictional universe of Shai Away, Omid presents rather femininely.  However, he is very confident with the fact that he is a man.  He dresses the way he does because that’s how he feels comfortable and it doesn’t make him feel any less secure about his gender.  Oh he feels insecure about a lot of things, but gender isn’t one of them.

I don’t use my characters as emotional crutches, but I do find comfort in this.  It’s also one of the reasons why I don’t like making “lol omid looks like a girl” jokes.

I know it’s kind of cheap “B-grade representation” to go word of god when it comes to lgbt representation instead of putting it in the actual canon.  But idk.  It’s only chapter 4.

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It may be possible for me to go on T before im able to get top surgery and while I'm really excited about going on T I'm paranoid that it'll make my breasts look weird. I have double dds and I know if I lose like 20 pounds my binder will look better but im still just really scared I'm going to look gross when I'm nude but I don't want to pass up my chance go start T over something like this. Has anybody else gone on T before top surgery?

I’d say that majority of trans masc people go on T before surgery! I’m sure you will look fine!