but they look better like this


should I cut my hair off?

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I can imagine that the only person to put up a fuss about Tweek's last name would be Richard, he'd probably try to twist it so Tweek feels like he has to keep his last name when he gets married. Like, Tweek tells his dad about wanting to become a Tucker (mom is cool with it) but Richard is proud of their last name so he passive/aggressively encourages Tweek to reconsider and keep the last name. What do you think? :)

I feel like it’d be a bigger issue than good ol’ passive aggressiveness. Tweek wanting to change his name is an obvious sign of his disconnect to his family, and it’s a slap in the face to Richard. They both know it. For Christ’s sake… his name is Tweek Tweak. It’s… basically the same name twice. Richard’s name, twice. Tweak. A testament to everything Tweek hates… 

Plus, Tweek’s their only son. Their only son who is shedding their name, and leaving it to die. Men obsess about names and bloodline’s and the like- but I feel like it matters to Richard more than most men. His business, his son- all given his name. 

But once he swallows the pill and accepts that he can’t change the outcome, it’ll be easier. I bet you he’ll hold a grudge against it for the rest of his life, though… God I Hate Richard. 

au where most things are the same but when boba fett is captured in that arc where he tries to kill windu, the clone troopers all just collectively adopt him and refuse to let him go to prison

boba now has a few million big brothers who make him write an apology letter to the other cadets he dumped in the escape pod

‘ this is our new baby brother ‘, says fives, ‘ we found him in the dumpster ‘


‘ he’s so tiny and small ‘


the best, most charismatic and handsome mc

i really miss those depictions of vampires where they actually looked “creepy” but not “creepy” as in the exact same as modern vampires but just with fangs and blood constantly splattered on them

like i miss those depictions of vampires where they. ya know. look like dead people. and had those HUGE teeth, off-colored eyes, long ears, long fingers, etc etc like the only times u see vamps like that are in horror movies but like gimme a love story w/ a creepy looking vampire like that, i’d LOVE to see it


the past 9 years in a nutshell

I wonder where they get all these fancy clothes in ME
imagined some special believer uniform for MC