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I'm nb and afab and I have like chin length hair so obviously a lot of people assume I'm a girl but I don't correct them bc nobody takes it seriously so I'm stuck in school w/ loads of people and teachers who use wrong pronouns and sometimes deadname me and ahhhhh idk what to do!! I dress masc sometimes but I just look like a lesbian or a slob. It doesn't help my depression and I don't have any adults to talk to about it so idk what to do

Hey, friend

First off, nothing wrong with looking like a lesbian and dressing in a non-feminine way doesn’t make you look like a slob!

I’m afraid that I don’t really have a concrete answer for you. If your school has an anti-discrimination policy which includes trans students, you can insist that teachers use the correct name and pronouns on that basis.

Another thing that could be done is you could join/create a club at your school for trans and nonbinary students. That way, you’ll have people to talk to when it gets to be too much and your group could arrange events to educate the faculty and your fellow students.

There are also many nonbinary communities online which you can vent your frustrations to. (Though be very wary about telling strangers too much about your life)

There was a useful addition to my previous answer to this question, but I redid the whole post to get some trash out of the notes and because the answer was for a different question.

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Rosie, I just want to say your advice is so helpful to everyone and you are so genuinely kind and it is just so nice to see. I think it's awesome how you try to connect with your fans. You've even helped me cope with a few things in my personal life. It's so cool you help people every day without even realizing it. I so wish I could just have a whole conversation with you because you're absolutely great☺️ ~stay gorgeous~

Thank you so much!! I think the best advice comes from experience. And remember, to gain experience is to make mistakes!! I’ve made loads!!! Sometimes you’ve got to get things wrong to get things right again. People always message me with problems and I’m glad if I can help them even the littlest bit!! xxxxxx :)