but they just are so canon in go


“How would Kojuro react when MC is turned into a cat?" 

Well, that’s not just a crack headcanon now, Voltage has made it canon in his epilogue for this event. And the answer? They still converse and it is mega cute! And so much more so because Kojuro likes cats but for some unknown reason cats hate him, hahaha, poor darling!

I recommend buying all the epi for this event. It’s so worth 2 pearls each if you like crack stuff. 

The hashtag for this event should be #CRACK TREATED SERIOUSLY, hahahaha



The kinds of SNS shippers:

The kind one: just the mom basically. You go to her to ask your questions and feel better. Main blog is her sns blog. Is always polite somehow? Everyone loves them.

The debunker: will literally call out all your shit, they don’t care you ship what they ship. Canon doesn’t phase them. They literally will bring up screenshot after screenshot, MLA format essay, master posts, links to posts from fucking 3 years ago, that embarrassing thing you said when you were 12. They will fight you. When you are real with them, they are so funny and cute. You melt.

The asshole: They don’t bring any canon facts, are just assholes with gifs. Funny, not at all serious, takes light of the whole thing. Will make fun of you endlessly.

The pixie: EVERYWHERE AT ONCE? Always loving and liking and giving feedback? How? Quick at all hours. You even change up your times to see if they are around and yup.

The babe: super chill. Just wants to enjoy the ride. Cool to literally everyone, you can’t tell if they like anyone more than anyone else. Even haters get similar treatment. They honestly are just trying to reblog art and funny memes.

The angel: either a loved artist or writer. Mess with them and you catch fists.

The Nerd: takes it way too seriously and personally. Literally cries about this stuff. Thinks about it daily. Will be both the mom, the pixie and the asshole. They are almost too much to bare but they are funny and a great support, even if they are embarrassing.

The Misanthrope: has and won’t really speak to you. But comes up with the most random and funny shit. Gets 1000 notes and responds to nothing. Leaves just as swiftly as they came. If they respond one day, months later, you gasp.

The what-the-fuck-are you here for: says that Sasuke and Naruto are hot together. You urge them to seek depth of character. Please! They shrug.

The baby: they aren’t new, but they are the sweet and the adorable ones. They are soft personas who just want to love. They don’t have anti content for anything. They are almost too pure. The only one the asshole is nice too.

The anti: just here for the anti part. Literally gave up awhile ago, still learning to laugh.

When Emori is confronting Clarke, she says “You were loved, told you are special”.
Do you see what’s going on here???
Literally one episode back Clarke called a certain someone special and now there’s a canon! dialogue showing us how close is the line of “love” and “being told you’re special”.
There was indeed a love confession at 4x06.

My character height headcanons

Sam: hella tiny and he’ll strong 5'0"

Ashley: just below average 5'3"

Jess: 5'2" and will kick you ass

Emily: 5'5"

The twins: canonically their 5'8" which I love. Hannah would be so uncomfortable about her height but Beth would be like “I AM AN AMAZONIAN WOMAN”

Josh: 5'8.5" and not letting go of that one half cause technically he is taller then his sisters

Matt: 6'0" and wont kick your ass but guard it with his life

Mike: 6'2" cause he’s already a walking cliche

Chris: 6'2" too cause he’s a lanky giant

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I shared with you my husband's embarrassing line ("careful, this [tea] is almost as hot as you"). Today my best friend joins the list of "overly sweet things Victor would say to fluster/amuse Yuuri". We got tea and I needed sugar and she said she was tempted to go "here you go, sugar for my Sugar" and I just choked. Not laughed. Choked. We were drawing and she helpen me with a post-canon YOI comic and it was a great day even if I'm physically unwell. I hope you're having a good day, too!

AKSLDJFSADFAFDS VICTOR TOTALLY WOULD SAY THAT. It’d be so cringe though that even he would wince and be like…. Okay…. I don’t think I’ll use that one again. Yuuri groans too but he really finds it super cute and then they throw food at each other and make a mess

Aww too bad you’re unwell but the comic sounds cool ;o ;o ;o I hope you have an awesome day!

Cover art headcanons

Okay you know what? I know I said I wouldn’t write that shit down but I cannot not write it down. It makes me physically ill to think I am not writing it down. I know the cover art requests aren’t ‘canon’ and only the cover stories are but like a good friend of mine said, Oda rarely drew stuff he does not consider canon, even in cover art. So, it might be canon, it might not be.

So I’m just going to justify how it could be by a bullet point list. I want to explain why it isn’t all that out of character. The image of Crocodile selflessly helping some dog who he had no benefits to gain from is really ooc but let’s make it not.

Headcanons about the dog

  • This dog has been abandoned / has no owner.
  • At some point in his life, Crocodile lost his hand. Going off my own headcanon, Crocodile was left for dead, wet and alone. The reason why he is helping that dog is because he relates to the animal. He , too, would have loved to not be alone when he was wet and pathetic. It fits with my own headcanons of Crocodile feeling a bit sympathetic to those left in the rain, alone. I even had a thread with @scarlethaki where he found her wounded, in the rain, and he decided to help her. Maybe because it brings bad souvenirs so it would explain why he’s sheltering the dog from the rain. 
  • Croc never actually showed hate for animals, in fact, he seemed to like them enough. He owned bananawanis and once owned a bazooka that ate a dog devil fruit. He also had a few animals/ zoan users during his time in Baroque Works (Unluckies, miss merrychristmas, Lassoo, that frog theme miss Father’s day etc..) and we also saw him on another cover with some well dressed rhinos. Croc actually loves animals because they won’t betray him; Animals are honest, people are not.

Headcanons about his clothes/lack of rings

  • Assuming that he dropped the rings, the scarves and the haughty attitude, we can guess that Crocodile is in a place he judges comfortable enough to lower his guard. Do you see where I’m going?
  • Crocodile is not wearing his usual clothes, he’s not wearing his rings, he’s allowing water to pour on him and making him vulnerable. Assuredly, this place makes him feel safe enough to allow these out of character things to happen.
  • Okay I’ll say it. He’s home.
  • Crocodile is probably visiting family and in my headcanons, he’s the eldest son of a family of 5 boys. Maybe he’s visiting them and that’s why he allows himself to look weak, to look like he might have used to be at some point in his life. There is no need for him to look intimidating, no need for him to wear his fortune on his sleeves and hide his neck. 

That’s it, I made headcanons to justify that cover that was ooc to me but now it isn’t anymore and I made myself sad and happy I love SIR CROCODILE JFC.

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Oh, then what exactly is your blog for? To praise undeveloped, forced, one-sided relationships like NH? Relationships like this one, in which Hinata had no purpose her entire life other than to get to Naruto's D and finally get noticed by N-N-Naruto-kun (let's all praise the genjutsu for helping Hina with this)? Relationships in which the mother lets her son go in an incrediby dangerous mission and all she says to the son is to take care of her husband? Thanks for making me laugh, hahahahahhaa.

I fail to see the joke.

It really wouldn’t be hard to demonstrate how very flawed everything you just said truly is, but I’d rather not waste more time than I have to, so I’ll just make the following very clear:

My blog is a safe haven for ALL the canon ships.

If you’re incapable of supporting one without bashing another, then I’ll repeat - go elsewhere, because this isn’t the place for it.

Namjoon: Hey, I’m going to the store, do you want anything?

Seokjin: Yes, I want all the time back that I spent raising and feeding you children after all of these years

Namjoon: Yeah, I’ve got like eleven dollars so…

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How would Levi react to the young cadets petty gossip? A little entertained or downright annoyed?

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I headcanon that he secretly gets a kick out of all the gossip that floats around the Corps. Especially from cadets because they’re usually so extremely ill informed. So, it’s entertaining to hear the rumors they come up with or whisper about since they’re almost always super far off from the truth. 

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I would freaking love bellarke sex but just imagine this: there isn't any more bedrooms available at Beccas so bellamy is sharing with Clarke and it's the first night he's there and him and Clarke are nervous and quiet and a little awkward and they slowly lay down on their backs side by side on that bed and it's so soft and gentle and pure and they eventually fall asleep wrapped up in eachother or maybe they roll on their sides, facing eachother and just gently kiss I'm crying g

hey. hey. nonny. 

let’s go with that. let’s do it. make it canon.

AFTER they have explosive, passionate sex in the woods during their next Bellarke reunion.

We can have it both ways.

hot damn


(did you see that? I did a play on the fucking kiss already, but I made it cuddle. Yeah. I want cuddles. And sex. Yeah. And kisses. Yeah. All of it. They’re going to make us suffer so I want all of it. Fuck you JR.)

Anyone else in a desperate mood for an intense, heartbreaking, heart pounding, angsty Voltron story of death and tears where you can’t stop reading till the end and after you finish you just sit there staring at the screen for a few minutes and later get it confused with canon because it was so good? Cause I am. I’m tempted to write it myself.

@chuunikun ​ replied to your post “When you gave me that Sormik is canon link the only problem is that I…”

I was nice to a female cashier the other day, so clearly I love her now lol. Straight people are so weird, two boys that have a really deep relationship can only be friends according to them, but a girl and a guy will literally just say “hi” to each other the same people start screaming “canon!” from the top of their lungs. That friend there is erasing a canon gay couple and character by shipping that, so I can’t really expect them to be smart.

Anyway, according to the friend Sorey should’ve have left Alisha to die in the ruins, right? Because him saving her and helping her get ready to go back home and then going to save her again like a decent human being clearly means he’s head over heels for her despite him being extremely gay and having a boyfriend (or future boyfriend, however you see it).              

Yes because apparently you can’t be a decent human being to someone of the opposite gender without being romantically interested in them.  /sarcasm

It’s like, yes, a guy and a girl can be Just Friends and be decent human beings to each other.  Really.  Heteronormativity can just take a long walk off the world’s shortest pier.

Fooled By The Trickster Pt. 3

Part 1 Part 2

Prompt: Sam, Dean, The Reader and Cas, get put in The Walking Dead universe by Gabriel/The Trickster

Pairing: Paul Rovia x The Reader

Word Count: 933

A/N: Okay, yes, I know Paul “Jesus” Rovia is canonically gay, but I started this series, before I knew that, so I need to finish it, and it was requested. Please. Do not send me hate mail. 

Tags: @originalbish98 @kerrionmywaywardson

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I’m excited for next episode because early on in the anime I complained that Tohru’s instant and unwavering loyalty of Kobayashi was incongruent with the rest of her character, but the anime has treated us RIGHT the past few episodes, so I’m actually optimistic that they’ll give a good explanation when they go over how Kobayashi & Tohru first met.

My guess is that Kobayashi inadvertently did more than just save Tohru’s life, but gave her a chance at a new one. Tohru was probably more unhappy than she’d willingly admit before she met Kobayashi, but never really questioned the way things were. Until Kobayashi came along and made her think maybe they could be different, and maybe she wanted that all along.

Deacon Headcanons

A few Dee head-canons just because me and one of my buds love him so much
•Along with a fear of heights, Deacon also hates spiders. In fact, he hates anything with 5 legs or more. He’s just an arachnophobic spy who forces sole to kill them.
•barely sleeps. He only sleeps at HQ or when Sole is around. He just doesn’t being alone while sleeping but he can’t just be around anyone, only people he trusts. Mostly leans on Sole while going to sleep or while he takes a nap. That dork <3.
•Makes food for Sole while they are fixing up a weapon or just taking a nap. He stores it in their bag for later. Sole considers him one of the best cooks in the commonwealth.
•Wants sole to be happy no matter what it takes. Want that sweet leather jacket that is too expensive?already somehow in your pack. Want that amazing and absolutely ear shattering mini gun? It’s already in your hands. This man doesn’t want you see you sad at all.
•loves to go on long walks with Dogmeat and Sole near a river or ocean, its relaxing for him and seeing Sole and lil dogmeat playing fetch just melts his heart.
•Deacon shows Sole ( and only sole!) his secret tree house. They mostly have sleep overs and read to each other while eating fancy lads. Deacon loves these days very much.
•Hates when people flirt with Sole. Even though he knows he will probably never have a chance with Sole, it still irritates him whenever a guy or girl comes up to them and starts flirting. Sure he thinks Sole is an amazing person, but he knows they won’t do anything that makes him or them uncomfortable. So Sole just says no to them seeing how on edge Deacon seems.
• He loves Sole very much and just wants the best for them. If Sole says that they love him, he would have to do a double take and asks them if they are okay. No one would want someone like him, right? Right? RIGHT BETHESDA?( sorry). But if Sole says that they are sure they want him, he’d be up the fricken wall with joy and would probably suffocate Sole with a massive hug and kiss

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So now that the show is done, are you going to continue to bitch about the ending/hinata or will you drop it and move on with your life? Lol I'm just wondering because antis make me laugh and it's fun reading your posts.

idk, are you going to continue stalking blogs clearly labelled ‘anti’ and get butthurt – over someone simply stating canon fact – to the point that you actually send anon hate, just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion regarding fictional characters? lol, i’m just wondering because y’all also make me laugh. like, it’s fun that you’re so obsessed with us that you, ironically, stick around harassing us.

[1] the fact that you place so much importance on the “show” finishing, as if that’s magically going to change anyone’s views… 😂 canon has been complete for three years now, honey. yet we’re still here~!
↳ …yeah, don’t try to pathetically invalidate others feelings with a mention of the series’ completion, as if that holds any weight what-so-ever in an argument. news flash: people are allowed to maintain anger, upset and disappointment… it’s, like, human nature~!

[2] how many times must i say this, i wonder… the textual and discourse analysis that i usually post is fucking common practice in academia! i feel like a non-stop record here, can y’all just comprehend that already?
↳ “addressing and analysing the problematic nature of media texts – exploring their underlying social issues – is literally the basis of a b.a. (or higher) degree, done by tens of thousands of scholars… why is it suddenly such a freaking problem when hinata’s involved? as if you’re strictly not allowed to speak poorly of the high and mighty background character representative of a misogynistic, male-dominated industry perpetrating sexist ideologies onto their audience.”

if i could stop copy and pasting that real simple fact in order to justify something so widely comprehended – just because y’all can’t handle anyone “talking shit” about your fave – that’d be great.

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You know a couple is good when evenr their MENTORS gave possible shipping canon <3 Just imagine Ruby and Sapphire having a double date with Winona and Walkace xD

Not going to lie, Gracefulshipping is one of my favourite ships.

But honestly Wallace and Winona make the perfect beta couple (ok so there’s a little age gap but you’re practically considered an adult at 10 in Pokemon so..) and I’m pretty sure the four of them going to Wanda and Riley’s wedding counts as a canon double date. I’m joking of course :P or am I…?

Seriously though, the chapters in RS where the four of them are working together in Sootopolis city are pretty much just one big, we’re potentially going to die, everything is being destroyed, Ruby and Sapphire’s issues mixed with Wallace and Winona’s problems, will we live through this?, double date. Again joking… hehe

And yes, Wallace and Winona do make the perfect beta couple :). I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind going on a double date with a couple of 11-15 yr olds hehe. Every couple needs their beta couple.

TFW you go Darius Sup and get an S+

// I thought that I had won top lane , so I picked Darius cause I had just bought a chroma.

So, the game starts and SURPRISE, the Singed wants to go top. So I’m like “fine , why not” I don’t wanna start some fuss or some shit, so I go sup without the starting item.

We DESTROYED. The Karma and the Ezreal.

Draven was super cool, even offered to let me take the canons, which I declined.  We got an early double in the first 2 mins

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do you think klance is going to be canon? we have a confirmation of 6 seasons they've definitely got time to make it cacnon

i’m pretty sure i’ve answered this numerous times but idk what to think if i’m being honest. i just don’t wanna hold my breath only to be disappointed in the end lol. for me it’s just become easier to not expect anything so that way when/if it doesn’t happen i’m not as disappointed, especially for sga and poly ships. but this also serves to help because if it does happen (i.e. korrasami) it feels so much better than you can imagine because it’s almost like you’re five and you got that toy you wanted more than anything on christmas morning. no matter how much i want klance, i’m just not entirely convinced it’ll happen and i prefer just indulging in art and theories and stuff but if i actually get hopeful i know i’m just gonna hype myself up only to be let down. maybe it’s just a personal problem that only applies to me because hell i don’t even think that some of my heavily coded m/w ships will happen. but if you want to believe it could be canon, by all means believe it. i’m not saying you should or shouldn’t. but i just prefer not to get any hopes up.

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for the character thing; have you done Kayano yet? I really love her but she's so pushed aside for Karma and Nagisa, and was just poorly handled as a character overall,,,, I only wish her good

got your other ask (thanks for the clarification!) so here you go, thanks anon! and it’s okay haha, rambling about kayano (or anything, really) is always welcome <3 my fault for being so confused

  • What I like about them: my good amazing beautiful wife? she has so many hidden depths and so much potential as a character and yeah canon did a huge disservice to her but on the bright side, it leaves some things up to the imagination (yes I’m being optimistic shhh). I’m incredibly impressed by her resilience and determination - she’s one of those people who are willing to snap necks to achieve a goal, and I really, really respect that. She also clearly loved her sister dearly and her death hit her very hard, and she was willing to go to such extreme lengths to avenge her, and I am absolutely here for unhealthily revenge-obsessed characters. Also, she’s so talented! Like! She’s an amazing actress, is incredibly intelligent (passed Kunugigaoka entrance exam on the first try, which iirc is unprecedented), and is quite physically adept, as shown in her fight with Okano, one of the class’s best fighters. and I really like that her character arc was all about her relationship with her sister (added dimension to both of them) and her ridiculous perseverance because kayano during the kayano arc was angry and relentless and fucking vicious and that’s really something I’d like to see more often in female characters because! Let them be like that! Instead of soft vulnerable creatures who could never ever hurt a fly, like the girl she was pretending to be until she was like, haha, whoops that was never me! (And yes after the kayano arc all that goes to shit and I am still angry about it because not only was it sexist for various reasons, it made no fucking narrative sense. Continuity what continuity?)
  • What I dislike about them: nothing she’s perfect. I mean the whole getting sidelined and steamrolled for nagikae and the resolution of the kayano arc was bullshit obviously, but I consider that a choice that Matsui made and I dislike Matsui for it and it is Terrible but not my wife’s fault.
  • Favourite moment: ahh fuck I like All her moments that don’t involve Nagisa and even then some that involve Nagisa anyway because even tho their relationship romance wise sucks, the friendship is rlly cute and I’m fond of it. hmm probably when she and Nagisa are cleaning up the stuff from the class play with Korosensei and she reveals herself to have tentacles and then she looks down on the class with that expression that’s cruel and malevolent and not at all her “usual” sweet soft self. you know the one. this is a gay answer. I know. But also in terms of plot twists and what it meant for her character it’s Good
  • Least favourite moment: nagikae kiss as a resolution of the kayano arc was total BS so either that or the boob jokes. please stop with the boob jokes
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: her sister’s death and moving on from it and the Struggles of moving on from her adventures in 3-E because that must’ve been really hard for her given that her entire family was dead / didn’t care about her and her friendships from the past year were built on a lie but she!!! manages to be successful and brilliant and talented anyway!! she is so remarkable and strong and amazing but yeah basically future!kayano moving on and getting a happy ending
  • An interesting AU for this character: I feel like canon divergence AU where she returns to class E as Akari not kayano (what I’d hope is) is the predictable answer so you know what. AU where she’s the protagonist. I want it. Give it to me
  • A crossover: -
  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship): yukikae obviously??? ok look I have not been thinking abt those two nearly enough lately but they’re both these girls who appear typically passive and soft and feminine, who put up that sweet appearance but also have problems with their family / parental figures and I think they’d be able to understand each other because really, they’re both acting like Everything Is Fine when it’s not always but they love and support each other already and I
  • Other ships?: okuda, rio, other girls I probably don’t remember rn. ohhh I’m kinda on the fence abt karukae rn but I think I ship it That Way it’s. good and really interesting
  • BROTP: karma, nagisa, a lot of the girls (s/o to kataoka), aguri ofc, happiness and a successful life
  • NOTP: nagikae in-canon is a train wreck and fandom portrayals of it (and kaede overall) def leave smth to be desired but tbh I consider myself open to it because like I said it does have potential! Potential that was never fulfilled! Damn that’s like my catchphrase when it comes to kaede now tbh
  • An assortment of headcanons!: //can’t be bothered to come up with any especially bc i just wrote this all on mobile whoops.
tl:dr; I really adore my wife. She’s amazing and talented and so admirable and strong. I love her I love her I love her!!!!