but they have the most scenes with eachother's bf's

I’m honestly soooo looking forward to Magnus’ story arc in the next few episodes. Ever since he said Camille was his rock, I’ve been hoping for a situation to establish Alec as his rock. Not to put him back together because bamf can do that himself, but someone that he can confide his up most insecurities and vulnerabilities to.

Just damn, Malec are deprived of bed scenes but one scene that Malec have that the straight couples haven’t is one on mental healing, and they are DEFINITELY better at communicating to eachother than other *wouldnt tell my bf that my ex and I aren’t related even though we’re best friends and apparently tell each other everything* couples.

Yes, it’s OK to be frustrated over the unequal amount of sexual scenes between Malec and the straights couples, I just hope people also appreciate the amazing arc that Malec has been given, that isn’t something petty like Climon’s.

It’s clear that narratively, the writers give Malec the strongest storylines both separately and as a couple. I guess it’s just overshadowed by frustration and I get that.