but they have so much in common like

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On the topic of Regency ladies going commando, how did they deal with their periods? I've been looking online a bit, but haven't found any concrete answers. Do you have any ideas?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s not a lot of concrete information out there that I could find, likely as it was so deeply associated with women, and to this day there’s a pervasive sense of cultural ‘ickiness’ about the subject.

Elizabeth I apparently had some kind of girdle apparatus she used to suspend absorbent cloths in place, and it’s likely that active or working women of Austen’s time may have done so, too, depending on their flows. Also it was quite common for women to simply allow their undeclothes to absorb the blood–after all, petticoats and stockings were much easier to wash regularly than outer dresses.

Of course this is an age of floaty near-sheer muslin gowns, but women probably had the sense to save those for days when they weren’t menstruating; and if ever things got to be Too Much, a genteel lady could always retire to her rooms and let it be known that she was ‘indisposed’ to callers. Of course working women didn’t have such luxuries, but then they were likely not the ones wearing the finest muslin dresses, so they probably rigged something up with garters or pins or girdles and got on with their days. It’s only in the late 1880s that any article I looked at began to address the issue of bleeding into petticoats, which began to be seen as unhygienic, (by A Cis Dude of course, lol,) which is when the  more contained rags-and-girdle apparatus began to see wider use, and after the first World War we then begin to see disposable pads developed, followed by tampons in the 1920s.

There were known treatments for cramps, however–a ‘bladder’ partially filled with hot water and held to the lower belly is the Regency version of a hot water bottle, and some women would take Peruvian bark (also known as Jesuit’s bark) to treat monthly aches. This was the dried and powdered bark of the chinchona tree, which was often used to treat malaria, and remains our major source of quinine, today. Its medicinal properties include being a muscle relaxant, which is likely why it helped with cramping.

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I was thinking about designing some characters, writing up episode descriptions, putting them in a pitch bible and sending it to Sam Register. Am I crazy to think that way since I am not even officially in the business? I want to do this so bad but I don’t want my creations to fall in just anyone’s hands. I want to be involved in the process.

Having something you put all your heart and soul for it to sit on a shelf forgotten is an experience I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go thru.  And it’s very common to lose all rights to the characters and concepts, so unless you’re willing to take the months and money to negotiate a contract, I would think very seriously before sending anything off unsolicited.  Personally,  getting anything into development is pretty much the same as winning the lottery, but stuff get’s made all the time so it’s possible.

In the meantime, don’t feel like your ideas or stories aren’t valid unless they’re made at a studio.  I encourage everyone who has a story they want to tell to pursue other creative outlets.  Try a webcomic, making a short film, a storybook, you can have them available for anyone to see online, for free, or via gum road, youtube, patreon, or set up your own website.  It’s very important right now that artists and writers take control of their own future.

In the end, only you can make that decision, but be aware that pitching is the beginning of a long hard road, that may or may not pay off, that may or may not go smoothly.  

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omg sis..........u ship drake n olivia........whats ur hc of them as a couple

omg 👀 dralivia is my JAM ok

  • both grumpy as fuck
  • out here acting like they don’t care but obviously they care sO much
  • drake hates nobles and is a commoner
  • olivia hates commoners and is a noble
  • both in love with someone who doesn’t love them back, forced to be around that shit all the time and just taking it in stride, keeping the thirst to themselves
  • drake likes redheads this is based in approximately zero fact but i firmly believe it
  • guys its so good its such a good setup for the enemies to lovers trope like can u IMAGINE
  • both of them are pissed about their respective life situations and just like arguing about commoner/noble shit like just going awF
  • all up in each others’ faces like “u dont know me! u dont know my life!”
  • and there is just so much pent up sexual tension,, so much flirty angry banter
  • and they just make out!!!!! it just happens, its just there and they’re both like i fuckin h8 u but they are still making out
  • it’s like a hatesex thing they do Not talk about it afterwards but drake is 100% olivia’s booty call
  • and he’s always like “this is not happening again, this is the Last Time” but that’s a fat lie and olivia knows it
  • they just get off on dragging each other
  • olivia insults all of his clothes when she takes them off
  • afterwards they sit in bed contemplating their life choices and olivia is wearing a silk robe and drake is drinking and sometimes they have a casual conversation about court intrigue before they both go back to being faux-disgusted at the other
Nomination Post: MOVIES

I’ve learned a lot since movie day at last year’s THE GIFTENING. I feel more ready now. Prepared to face its unique challenges. Confident that we can have subtitles up more than once every thirty minutes or so, and that we can manage sound the entire time. CHARMING THOUGH THAT DISASTER WAS. Still, we had so much fun that I folded Movie Night into my Patreon, and I’m excited to bring it back to THE GIFTENING this year. (Read about THE GIFTENING here!)

Aside from common sense stuff like no porn, I’m pretty open to any movies available on any of the major streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon), and can possibly go outside of that for something particularly enticing. I would probably recommend NOT a Miyazaki or Disney film, as I’ve seen a few of them by this point and It’s never quite the charming experience for me that I feel most are hoping to see me get from it. BUT IT’S UP TO YOU NOMINATE WHAT YOU WANT.


To submit your nomination for game livestream, send me an Ask (Anon okay and welcome!), or leave a reply to this post via either Tumblr or Disqus. You have until 11:59 PT Saturday, 16 December 2017, and will be reminded. Often.

Fucking love movies. Feed me, Seymour.

On Body Hair and Women

So I’m a young, cis white woman. However, I’m mostly Italian and have got pretty dark, thick, and fast growing body hair, especially on my eyebrows, armpits, arms, and pubes. And my whole life, well since around puberty, I have been treated like shit for this aspect of my biology. The moment I got a dusting of hair under my arms, my mother would admonish me or just straight out make fun of me for it. “Getting pretty bushy under your arms now kid, huh?” I remember her saying clearly about a few stray armpit hairs as I played with my younger sister. There was once a discussion (that was lead by a transphobic gay man, btw, so he was never going anywhere NEAR a vagina) about how women should shave all their pubes away or they were gross. When I said I didn’t do this because its uncomfortable and I tended to get irritation down there if I did, the appalled look I recieved is still ingrained in my mind. Even farther back then that, there was a girl who was mocking any woman who was participating in “No Shave Novemeber”.

You know what I asked her?


She said something about because men find it gross.

I asked “Why do you care?”

And she had no answer.

Speaking of boys, last night I made an offhand joke to my boyfriend about how people called me gross for my body hair. And what my boyfriend did (this boy has not asked/demanded I shave any part of my body for his pleasure) was walk towards me, gather me up in a hug and say, “I’ve seen that hair and it’s your perfectly normal human hair. It’s supposed to be there. And there’s nothing wrong with it.”

And I wanted to cry. I knew logically that of course I was supposed to grow body hair, but society and the people around me have always told me that I was supposed to have smooth baby skin or I was gross. I made the decision to stop shaving my arms (I still shave my armpits for odor reasons) and other parts years ago for my own happiness and have been feeling the consequences ever since. All it took to break me was telling me that it was perfectly okay to be human.

I have a sizable amount of body hair for a cis white woman, and there are many WOC, trans women, and especially trans WOC, who’ve got so much more than me and I’m sure recieve much more shaming for it. I understand that shaving is a choice some women make, but is it really? In so many ways women of all kinds are taught that they aren’t even supposed to be fucking human. All the “choices” we’re presented with are be a “woman” and be shamed or be human and be shamed. By this point, there is no point in crying for all women to stop shaving because I have no say in what they do with their bodies.

But I just wanted to assure people that whatever hair you have, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s perfectly human and that regardless of whatever ideal you strive for, I hope you understand that and can come to love all parts of yourself.

Seventeen as shit my bio teacher has said


Jeonghan: “I will always call you kids. Even when you’re 30 I will still call you kids”

Josh: “It’s not mitosis, it’s YOUR-tosis!”

Jun: “Is anyone feeling dramatic today?”

Hoshi: “Who wants to learn the digestive system in Japanese?”

Wonwoo: “If lawn bowls was an olympic sport I would win”

Woozi: “Should I just do my job and tell you the answer?”

DK: “We have so much in common, like how we both breathe air! Let’s be best friends!”

Mingyu: “I’m like the stomach, I’m a bag of muscle”

The8: “Grab a kid, throw him off the balcony and tell him what you learnt today”

Seungkwan: “We all know I beat the other teachers in a high note competition”

Vernon: “I’m hip, I’m cool. I’m down with the kids”

Dino: “I will be teaching you the process of mitosis through the form of a dance I have choreographed”

I received this tweet today and it totally made my morning! 😄 I‘ve heard it from various people before and I love that you are all so open and awesome. It‘s such a great feeling to be something like a bridge between fandoms. I love it when people come together.
Raúl and Jason couldn’t have more different personalities and lives, but they have something in common: A beautiful soul and being a source of inspiration. I’m no one, but I like to think that I can spread a little bit of their magic through my art. ❤️

You guys are so awesome and you make this so much joy for me. I‘m grateful.

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Anything in particular that they bond over?

Well, they bond pretty quickly over the fact that Tweek can’t touch literally anyone else without going blind… so that’s interesting… 

Something that I like about their relationship in canon that I want to maintain is that they don’t really have that much in common. Tweek only really sticks to Craig because he insists taking Craig to his brother to be read, and they bond a lot on the trip East…

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Can we talk about how compatible taekook actually are with each other tho? they have the whole opposites attract thing with fashion and shy/outgoing, but they also have so much in common, with gaming, photography, sense of humor, etc. they're also each other's biggest fans, they find each other hilarious, tae is in love with jks voice, jk supports tae in everything (like cypher, hwarang), they always pick each other (US interviews). also random cute things, like their matching moles, handshake..

pt2 ….karaoke duets, lip syncing dramatically, yin and yang outfits, I could go on and on… Take away all the shipping drama, and u can’t deny that they are the best of friends, they balance each other, real or not I’ll always think they’re soulmates.

people who disregard their interactions and their validness as a ship are so ugly tbh like ?? even if they aren’t romantically together they can’t just take away their friendship as a whole.

  • Sigyn: This is Loki, my best friend and life partner, and the one I trust with everything and whom I adore above all others. My dearest most precious person, who can do no wrong in my eyes because he's so brave and dedicated and smart, and we have so much in common. I just adore this man, look at him, isn’t he beautiful? Isn’t he swell? Yeah, my guy Loki——he’s the best. I love him.
  • Loki: I guess Sigyn likes me, yeah? But I don’t want to assume or anything, you know.

Okay so I keep seeing people unironically posting this on my timeline all the time

I just wanna clear something up about it

1)It is an undoubtedly bad drawing, yes, the rule of art is generally “it’s wrong if it looks wrong” and this clearly looks wrong
2) The person who did that draw-over doesn’t have a much better grasp of anatomy and, I’m going to assume, isn’t very familiar with what bodybuilders look like

The Liefeld drawing was referenced from this photograph of Arnold Schwarzenegger;

this is a pretty common bodybuilding pose and photography technique, to do these slight upshots to emphasize the size of the chest as much as possible. You can find a million photos of even just Arnie striking this exact pose in different situations;

The thing about competitive bodybuilders is that their dimensions are so outside the realm of what the average person is accustomed to that they can look “out of proportion” in real life. Parts of the body that can’t change size like the head and hands appear comparatively small, and the girth of limbs can make them appear shorter than they really are

(In order these guys are Ronnie Coleman, Moustafa Ismail, Daniele Seccarecci, and Jay Cutler if you want a source) side note, comments about the body type being “unattractive” aren’t necessary in this conversation, bodybuilding on this scale is a form of body modification, akin to being heavily pierced or tattooed. In other words, they aren’t doing it for you.

The problem is, if you make art referencing a body type that appears out-of-proportion to the layman and don’t fudge the scale of individual elements to make it seem stylistically balanced, it will look wrong to the audience. You can show someone a tracing of a body like this and it will more than likely appear more “wrong” to them than a version taking artistic license to enlarge the hands and feet and enlongate the limbs to something the contextually feels correct.

Honestly, it is technically possibly to fit a fairly correctly proportioned human arm behind that shield;

The wrist on a human body is about even with the groin when the arm is out straight, there’s room to fit a limb that long behind the shield. But the arm looks incorrect for a number of reasons; The chest wouldn’t appear at that angle if his far arm wasn’t wrapped around to hold his wrist like it was in the reference, the shield obscures line of his spine which causes his midriff to look massively thick, hiding the forearm behind the shield emphasizes how comparatively short the limb would feel even if the proportions were perfectly accurate, and the star on the shield causes viewers to assume at a glance that his arm is bent (if you look at the shield assuming the first point clockwise from the top is the actual top of the star it looks more in-proportion, but you have to stop and think about it so the drawing has already failed)

If you were to dump the shield and put the arms in a position that matches the way the chest is flexed, it makes a lot more sense what he was going for;

Which honestly isn’t even outside the realm of what actual human bodies can potentially look like;

I know this drawing is a long dead horse that everyone is sick of seeing beaten, but I wanted to throw this out there because hey, it’s a good example of what liberties to be mindful of taking when you work from references.

the reason why publications like the NYT put out these weird profile pieces on white supremacists and drone on and on about how they are just “regular run of the mill average” people is because it’s actually fascinating to these always-white and always-liberal journalists that these nazis can be so shockingly like them. they’re obsessed with why people who are so similar to them in every way (i.e. middle class, well-educated, typical household-of-america) would choose to promote so much violence against racialized people. 

every one of those articles scream “i’m not like this…so why are you?” because these pretentious, clueless Ivy league brats are so befuddled why white people so identical to them could be so hateful. 

it’s never surprising to anyone living a life of marginalization that the nazi next door likes typical shit like Friends or onion rings but these journalists obsess over it. their assumption is always that nazis and white supremacists and racists are these clear-cut monsters that they have nothing in common with, and their main concern is the ability to feel safe about being different from them. 

no matter how educated they are, white people literally cannot fathom white supremacy as a constant, everlasting component in the organizational fibre of eurocentric societies – it’s always “fringe” or some other distant ideology they have nothing to do with – “those guys over there are the problem” 

so when they’re confronted with this truth that, actually, white supremacists have always been their uncles, husbands, girlfriends and cousins, it feels like a 100% novel discovery to them and that’s why they write those fucking essays about Nate the white supremacist like they’ve just unearthed some new and riveting truth about humankind 


Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:


sassy Slytherin!Yoongi🌵🐍


Iris and Daisy Birthday Week: - Day 5 - Marvel and Dc

» Daisy & Cisco

We're Already Married

So, I am supposed to be working on a chapter of a story and an angsty oneshot. But this fluffy drabble had to be written. It just had to.

               “Draco, we need to talk.” Lucius told his son firmly as he and Narcissa walked into the room.

                “Mhm. Go ahead.” Came the little three-year-old’s distracted voice.

                Lucius rolled his eyes before stepping behind his son and peering down. “What in heaven’s name is that?”

                That had Narcissa circling the table and looking at her son’s face. His tongue was peeking out of his lips, eyes were narrowed in concentration while brows were furrowed and he seemed to be drawing something on a spare piece of parchment. She blinked uncertainly at the pure disaster of scribbles that were everywhere. If it wasn’t supposed to be a ball of rubbish, she honestly had no idea what her son was attempting to draw.

                “It’s Dobby. Can’t you tell?” Draco looked up with a wobbly lip and sad eyes as he pointed across the room to the house elf. As if the thought of it not looking like Dobby was a disaster.

                Lucius looked over for the first time and noted that the elf was in an odd pose with an apple balancing on his forehead.

                At his arched brows, Dobby hurried to explain. “Master Draco asked Dobby to be his muse.”

                “Is that so?” Lucius drawled with a heavy sigh. “Draco, you can’t order Dobby to play with you.”

                “Why not?”  

                Patience was not Lucius’ strong suit. He looked to the ceiling briefly before shaking his head. “We will have this conversation at a later date. There are more important things to discuss.”

                Draco hummed a little before looking up with wide eyes. “Am I in twouble? If so, Dobby did it.”

                A soft surprised noise emitted from the elf and Narcissa couldn’t help but laugh lightly. “No, you aren’t in trouble and don’t blame Dobby for things he didn’t do.”

                “Sowwy.” Draco apologized as he looked down at his hands.

                “Sorry.” Lucius corrected. For some reason, pronouncing R’s were hard for his son.

                Draco’s brows were pinched in confusion. “That’s what I said.”

                “No, you said—” Lucius paused as he decided to let it go. “Nevermind. What I have been trying to tell you is that we have come to discuss a pureblood tradition with you.”

                That had Draco’s expression souring. “No thanks.”

                Narcissa covered her mouth as she tried muffling her laughter. Salazar, she loved her son.

                “Draco.” The hard tone of his voice had his son straightening up and giving him a serious look. Finally.

                “When you come of age, you will be drawn into a marriage contract. This is something that most purebloods do and it is a standing tradition of the Malfoy family.” Lucius shot is wife a look when she crossed her arms. He knew that she didn’t agree and wanted Draco to find his own spouse but that wasn’t the plan.

                “I’m alweady mawried.” Draco interrupted excitedly!

                Lucius blinked rapidly. “You want to run that by me again?”

                “Hawwy asked me to mawwy him today! I said I would if he let me have his pudding. He did!”

                “And who pray tell is Hawwy?” Lucius shuddered at the pronunciation.

                “Hawwy is my best fwriend. He has pwetty eyes and he said I do too! We are mawried.”

                Narcissa smirked at her husband. “You hear that? He’s already married. Looks like that marriage contract is moot.”

                “Narcissa, you can’t possibly—”

                She stood up rapidly, holding out her hand for her son to take. “I can and I will. You want to explain to your son why he can’t marry his best friend? Because if so, you can deal with the aftermath.”

                Draco looked between them rapidly. “But…” His eyes filled with tears. “We alweady mawried.” The sniffle he released had Lucius closing his eyes. “Tomorrow’s the anni- anniver-” He scrunched up his nose as he looked to Narcissa for help.

                “Anniversary?” She offered picking him up and holding him close.

                Draco nodded rapidly as he wiped his eyes. “Yes. I want to give him a gift.”

                Narcissa smiled softly. “How about we go see if we can have one of the house elves cook him something. What kind of desserts does he like?”

                “Tweacle tawrt.”

                Lucius watched his wife and son walk out of the room with a shake of his head. He looked over and noticed that Dobby was still in the same awful pose. “Cease that at once.”

                When the elf let out a noise of relief, Lucius rolled his eyes. “What are the chances that I’ll get my way in the end?”

                He knew that Dobby couldn’t lie to him, so he was interested in hearing the response.

                The *pop* of the elf’s departure was heard and it had Lucius putting his face in his hands. “That’s what I was afraid of.”

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I watched COCO a couple of weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m 20 years old, I live in Mexico and the movie made me cry like I haven’t in such a long time. Here’s why.

First, I was confused by the name because “Coco” is a nickname for women called “Socorro” but as the movie goes on you realise *mild spoiler* the story is not entirely about the boy, Miguel, it’s about his great grandmother, Coco. I had wondered if Miguel would call his grandmother “Mamá” because it is very common in Mexico. They did. I call my own grandmother Mamá Marga and my family call my late great grandmother Mamá Chuchita. It’s such a little detail but it truly resonated with me.

Mexico is a place with a lot of history and many ancient traditions. Día de Muertos is just the best known. Día de Muertos has Aztec ancestry making it one of our eldest traditions. This day it’s surprisingly not about religion not even about death. It’s About Life. It’s about what it means to be alive, about those who have left but more importantly how we choose to remember them. It’s a celebration of their life and celebrating their memory because we choose not to forget.

The tag line for Coco is “Remember Me” and damn me if it’s not true.

The “Altar de Muertos” is another detail. We, more often than not, put up an Altar. At home, at school, at the office, in the streets, everywhere. The movie explained it so well I’ve heard of children who now want to put up an Altar with enthusiasm and love for now they understand their own tradition and it reminded us, as adults, the true beauty and meaning behind it.

Something that was not really in the movie was the dog Dante. He is a Xoloitzcuintle a Mexican breed of dog as ancient as the Aztecs. The legend says that these dogs helped you cross to the afterlife if you were kind to them in life otherwise you would forever be lost.

In conclusion, Coco is a beautiful movie. It’s not without flaws just like family. Mexico has problems. Yes, we have corruption. Yes, we have crime. Yes, we have poverty. But we are so much more than that. Mexico is full of color. Mexico is full of music. Mexico is full of delicious food. Mexico is full of incredible people. Mexico is full of those grandmother’s hugs and wisdom.

Not so long ago our country was tested with two great earthquakes and we were reminded of our solidarity. Common people going out of their way to help. Mexico was reminded that we have hearts of gold.

We are so much more. When they say Coco is a love letter to Mexico, they are not lying. Sometimes I wish we ourselves saw how beautiful our country is more often.

People praising Coco internationally makes me so glad. It was made with love and care. It’s all about those little details. Gracias Pixar.

P.S. Go watch it and bring tissues 😭🇲🇽💀😍