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Benjamin Imagine - Sweet Secret

After the reader finds out that she’s pregnant, she fears Ben’s reaction and starts avoiding him until he confronts her…


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The moonshine fell through the window as you sunk deeper into the sheets of your bed.
You heard Ben’s slow and constant breathe next to you as you slowly turned around to look at him. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t retain to lay your head on his chest and cuddle close to him but the circumstances simply weren’t normal, at least to you.
You still saw before your inner eye the first positive pregnancy test laying in your hands, the second, the third.
And every time you tried to not believe your eyes even when you deep down knew that those test weren’t lying, as much as you wanted them to.
And every time you thought about it you had the same questions in your head that began to terrorize you more with every time they showed up.
How should you raise a baby in this world?
Were you even mature enough to be able to give a little human being everything it needed?
Could you protect it from any danger this world had?
Could it ever grow up without having to fear to lose everyone around them?

You had taken the test about one and a half week ago and since then, those questions didn’t leave you alone.
You had realized that you could never prevent this baby to be born, not because you didn’t have the stuff here, but because you had already developed motherly feelings for it and it was Ben’s baby you were carrying .
And with that the biggest question in your mind build up more.
Would he want the baby?
You had never talked to him about kids, that’s nothing you had have in your mind until the moment you had to realize that it was a bigger matter than you ever thought it would be.
You knew how loving he was, how much he cared about you but you didn’t know if the panic when realizing that you were pregnant would overwhelm him and let him make decisions you didn’t even want to think about.
You would have to tell him someday at least when your body would begin to show that you were pregnant.
You looked at Ben’s relaxed sleeping face before he moved towards you in his sleep and you felt his warmth coming closer.
You felt guilt coming up in you, not only about not telling him, but also about being unapproachable to him since you knew about the baby.
Every time he touched you, every time he leaned in to place a kiss on your lips, every time he told you he loves you made you want to just run away.
The fear in you that he could leave you once it was out, made you act unapproachable even when you tried to overplay it.
But you knew that he was noticing your different behavior.
He knew you too good to not see it and he began asking you what was wrong you just brushed off while you tried to avoid eye contact to him.
You hated lying to him and you felt like you were betraying him. You turned around again, looked outside the window knowing that also this night wouldn’t offer much sleep to you.

As you woke up in the morning, after roughly two or three hours of sleep, you found yourself laying in Ben’s arms, his face close to yours.
You felt the guilt and fear coming up in you again, motivating you to slowly free yourself out of his arms before you sat up on the corner of the bed.
You were glad that at least the morning sickness that had started shortly after you found out about your pregnancy and which was already problematic to hide  seemed to not be present today.
”(Y/N)?”, you heard Ben drowsy ask before you felt his hand stroking softly over your back creating a shiver that run down your back.
You hastily stood up, swallowing as you looked at him.
”Are you okay?”, he asked as he sat up and looked concerned at you.
”Yeah”, you said nodding before you rushed over to the wardrobe and pulled clothes over your body.
”(Y/N), somethings wrong, come on, please let me know when something is bothering you”, he said while you felt the panic increasing.
”It’s not, I got some work outside”, you said trying to escape the tightening feeling that created around your chest.
”It’s not even six, Ezekiel-”, Ben said looking from the clock to you.
”Yeah, I know but I rather finish it now when not everyone’s outside yet”, you said cutting him off as you pulled a jacket over your body knowing that this time your lie wasnt the strongest one but once you were out of the room it wouldnt matter anymore.
”Bye”, you said before Ben could even respond and rushed out of the room.

You began doing your usual work, feeling like the biggest asshole ever for leaving him that way, but you hadn’t known how to help yourself on another way.
The whole morning and forenoon, till the first people began to leave for lunch you kept working, trying to distract yourself from the thoughts in your head.
You finally made your way over to the dining room and entered as you knew that Ben wasnt inside.
You got your food and sat down next to a few others, put a mask onto your face and tried to smile to not let them see what was actually going on in your head.
After some time, they left to go back to their work, leaving you alone again with your thoughts.
You felt a lump creating in your throat as your head began to pound by the thought of Ben leaving you and the baby, the tears you had tired to hold back came up and you felt how tears began falling down your cheek as you looked down to your hands.
You suddenly heard Jerry coming from the kitchen while humming a happy song. You hastily wiped your tears away and looked up to him.
“(Y/N)?”, he asked still happily before he seemed to see your slightly red eyes.
“What’s wrong?”, Jerry asked concerned as he walked towards you and sat down.
“Nothing”, you said trying to not let him see what was actually going on in your head.
“I see that you’re lying (Y/N),…Bens also worrying about you”, Jerry said as he placed a plate with cobbler on the table.
“Did he send you?”, you asked still looking down on your hands.
“No, but we’re friends (Y/N), so I do care about you too”, Jerry said sitting down, he sounded unusual serious.
You swallowed, looked up to Jerry and breathed out.
“Promise me that you won’t tell anyone, especially not Ben”, you said nervously playing with your hands.
“I promise”, said Jerry while he ate a spoonful cobbler and you still struggled with yourself before you finally raised your voice.
“I’m pregnant”, you said swallowing.
It was out.
Even if you didn’t know if you should be glad about it your worried.
“But that’s great!”, Jerry responded suddenly smiling widely.
“No it’s not…”, you said while your voice cracked while you felt tears coming up again.
“Bu-but why?”, Jerry asked bewildered.
“I-I’m not sure if Ben wants the baby…”, you said swallowing.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t he?”, he asked still a bit shocked about your reaction.
“We’re still young, he already has to take care of his brother…and..a baby in this world-”, you said not being able to finish the sentence through the lump in your throat becoming even bigger. 
You saw Jerry reaching out his hand to stroke over your arm before he raised his voice.
“He loves you (Y/N), he’ll love the baby too…and you have to tell him, he deserves that…you know that too”, Jerry said in a seroius and still concerned voice.
“Yeah”, you breathed while you swallowed hard knowing that one day you wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore anyways.
“I’m gonna, but I need some more time”, you said looking at Jerry who slowly nodded.
“Okay, Im gonna be as silent as a grave”, he finally said.

The dusk was already set in while you walked through the streets of the kingdom as you saw Benjamin coming around a corner.
You felt the panic packing you again that made you turn around before he noticed you.
You were ashamed for yourself and your reaction, you normally were a strong person but the thought of losing him messed your mind up.
You walked hastily down the street into the other direction while you heard Ben’s footsteps coming closer and faster, before you saw out of the corner of your eyes how he walked next to you.
”We need to talk”, he said while you felt his glance on your body.
You didn’t know what to respond, so all you did was keep on walking.
“Alright, what’s wrong with you? And don’t tell me there isn’t because I see there is!”, he said completely serious before he stopped walking.
You stopped as well and turned around while you felt cold shivers running down your back, your heart pumping against your chest knowing that you couldn’t escape anymore.
“I-I..”,you began to stutter but you didn’t get a word out of your mouth. You looked at Ben who looked swallowing back, his eyes filled with pain as he raised his voice again.
“I dont know what to do anymore…I just…is there someone else? Are you being that way because of that?, he asked, his voice trembling, knowing that he had to be extremely churning to have the suspicion of you having an affair. 
"God no, Ben there is no one else than you, I swear”, you said swallowing.
“Then please Tell me what the real reason is”, he said almost begging.
If you wouldn’t tell him now, you would risk losing him, probably more than telling him your secret.
And with that you had made your decision.
“Ben…I…I’m pregnant”, you said looking at him even if you were scared of how he would react, but instead of saying something he just walked towards you and pulled you into his arms.
“God (Y/N), I thought I would lose you”, he muttered into your hair while tightening his hug.
“So did I…I thought you might leave me”, you said still trembling but hugging him back before Ben backed away to look at you.
“I would never leave you”, he said looking into your eyes before continuing.
“We’re gonna make it, it’s not gonna be easy but I know that we can do it together”, he said cupping your face with his hands before leaning in to kiss you.
For the first time since the suspicion of you being pregnant had come to your mind you could kiss him again without feeling anything but good.
“I’m sorry I did that to you, I’m sorry that I doubted but I was just scared”, you muttered against his lips as you slowly let go of each other.
“It’s okay, It’s okay as long as you promise to not ever think that I’ll leave you and our baby”, he muttered back while you felt how your body filled with even more warmth.
“I promise”, you answered before you felt how Ben laid his hand on your belly and stroke softly over it and a wide smile created on his lips.
“I love you both”, you heard him mutter as he looked up from your belly.
“I love you both too”, you answered looking smiling back at him.
And with that, every doubt was gone and even though you knew that a hard time was ahead of you, you knew that together, you both would turn these hard times into good ones with your child.


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You fell through one of the many holes in the collapsed roof, crashing down harshly upon a pile of stone rubble. The shock of the impact knocked the wind out of you and for a moment you feared you had somehow fallen back into your own world. Wouldn’t that be just your luck? Your vision cleared and you looked around the gray chamber, the walls leaning and crumbling inward. You reached out slowly to retrieve the sword which had clattered from your grip and used it to help yourself to your feet.

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headcanon when veronica thought she was going to climb through jd's window all sexy-like then she felt how cold his room was and just screamed "sHIT" and fell through the window

JD is actually a vampire tho that’s why his room was cold so he was able to dash out real quick and catch her

the bells

I don’t think I was ever as amused
with music
as she was

the way the
hammers fell on
piano strings
or the way
breath made its
through any brass

I don’t know if I got it
like she got it
because she would suddenly get
when the bells rang
the glass of our window

as we didn’t do much on a
sunday morning

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My bias is Jimin and my friends are into BTS so I watched the bs&t mv for them and instantly fell in love with Jimin and went through all BTS's mvs to watch him and I almost changed biases but Jimin is always who I come back to, I mean just looking at him is like a kick to the chest I love him sm

Jimin in BS&T was something else. 

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He’s also genuinely just a good person, very kind and very empathetic towards others. He’s such a hard worker, too. We’re lucky to have him. He’s a good egg.

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tell me about the moment you fell for your bias!

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Best NG moment? Besides the obvious cooler kiss etc

There are too many good moments, but I’ll choose the ending of Season 2. That or “I fell in love with Jess the moment she walked through the door.” This always tell me that Nick always has and always will love Jess.

Drabble #318

VII: characters are attacked

“What on earth…” Carolyn began, as they fell through the door.

“I think you mean ‘when’,” Martin said, still breathing heavily from their impromptu marathon. “That is not 1801.”

“It’s Peru in the 1530s,” Douglas clarified. “Nice scenery. Not much in the way of gift shops.”

“We were chased!” exclaimed Arthur, the only one who didn’t seem out of breath. He displayed his arm proudly, still swathed in the makeshift bandage they’d fashioned from his sleeve. “They were really fast. And quite cross.”

Carolyn sighed. “Right, drivers, get us out of here.” She went off to locate the first-aid kit.


Merry Christmas!! The zine these drawings were originally meant for kind of fell through so I decided to post them today as a gift to you all instead. The theme was about giving kindness and helping out the community, what better time to share them than the holiday season!

Out of all of them, the Marinette and Alya one is my favorite. Which do you guys like best? :)

if you’re stressed about your grades/future: “you are young and you will take your damn time.”

A few days ago I had an emotional breakdown about my future (surprise lol.) It’s not as though this doesn’t happen daily, but it’s dawned on me that I couldn’t even discern my true desires from what my lack of self confidence was trying to feed me.

I allowed self-deprecation to get the best of me, and it turned an erroneous decision into one that seemed the most “right for my situation.” I had a plan. But I was not confident nor happy with that plan, so I fell apart. 

Parked in front of my dad’s house, I voiced the concern that–although I thought was a result of flakiness–actually stemmed from an acute source of insecurity. 

My dad then turned around and told me something that I’m positive will stay with me forever. 

“Don’t you dare feel like you have limited options based on your past mistakes. You are not limited and you will never BE limited. Don’t rule any opportunity out right now. You’re not running out of options, you just haven’t found all of them yet. You have so much power left.

I asked him what power a teen/young adult could have, and he looked at me with so much conviction and said, “Youth. You have youth, and youth itself holds so much power. You’re only 17. I wish I were 17. I wish I had that much more left in me, but I don’t. You are 17, you are young, and you will take your damn time.” 

I initially interpreted this as a projection of his own regret. But now, I interpret it as empowerment. I think about it whenever I feel completely overwhelmed by all that I have left to do. Why should I consider quitting now? I’m only 17. Many of you are also of high school, college, or graduate school age, and we have such a long way to go. We’re only so young, and compared to our parents–people who have so many decades of experience under their belt–we don’t know the half of what life has to offer us. And that’s ok, because we have so much left to experience. 

In college, I want to explore different courses. I want to find something that’s right for me, but in order to do so, I need breadth of experience rooted in thoughtful discussion and exposure to a range of things. Although I love art, I want to obtain a liberal arts education as well. And finally having said this, I realized that whatever I thought was “right” was only only a thinly veiled attempt to evade my insecurities.

Records don’t matter. Grades are trifling in the grand scheme of things. My future job is only a portion of what will comprise the best days of my life. Bad teachers, vague assignments, tough environments–I can trudge through the difficulties and I will prosper, because that’s what I can do as someone with youth on my side. This isn’t to say that someone who is older doesn’t have the same privilege. My dad wants to continue to program, and all the more power to him!

But that only exemplifies how much time we have as people who are so young. We have a leg up, and I’m certain that we need to utilize the extra time, stamina, opportunity, and youth that we have to make decisions based on our own situations–not on what other people expect of us, and certainly not according to what our stress and anxiety wants us to believe. 

(The last bit is incredibly difficult, I know. But it’s a process!) 

This isn’t to say that I’m not going to worry and stress. I will! Hell, I’m stressed right now just writing this. But I’m improving. 

Ironically, this studyblr doesn’t thrive in standardized education. This studyblr struggles not with content, but with structure. This studyblr is really nervous about the coming year. But even then, I still have so many choices that it’d be insulting of me to become my only limitation. Obstacles are not impenetrable–not when I have so much power on my side. 


7 character deaths: Sirius Black

And Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather’s wasted, once-handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind and then fell back into place.
Harry heard Bellatrix Lestrange’s triumphant scream, but knew it meant nothing — Sirius had only just fallen through the archway, he would reappear from the other side any second… .
But Sirius did not reappear.


BTS Reactions To Catching You Pleasuring Yourself


“Jimin,” you purred into the phone. 

You could practically feel him gulp, “Jagiya, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” You feigned innocence.

“I’m at practice right now,” he warned. 

“Hm?” You let out a breathy moan as you ran your hands against your skin imagining it was his hands instead of yours. 

“F-fuck Y/N just wait until I get home,” you heard him whisper before hanging up. You smiled, happy to have gotten the reaction you wanted. 


Your heard him before you saw him. You laid casually on the couch as you heard the sudden opening and slamming of your front door. You must’ve really riled him up. 

“Hey,” you said sweetly, as he finally found you in the living room. 

His shirt was soaked through with sweat and his chest rose and fell heavily, just having come back from practice. You bit the inside of your lip trying to stop yourself from kissing him right there and then. You wanted to tease him just a little more…however Jimin knew exactly what you were doing and he had little patience to play your game today. 

“Jagiya,” he paused, “do you know how hard it is to dance with a hard on?” 

Met by silence, he took matters into his own hands. He lifted you off from the couch and sat down, lifting you back up to have you straddling him. It wasn’t long before his lips moved frantically against yours. You instantly gave and buried your hands in his hair.  As he lifted his hips to rub against your heat, you felt how big he’d grown. You couldn’t help but feel a little proud about the affect you had on him.

“Bedroom,” you murmured against him as you began to grind your own hips against his. He only nodded as he stood up with your legs now wrapped around his waist, and headed towards the room you shared. 

As he sat you down on the bed he whispered a warning against your ear, “I’m going to make you feel just as frustrated as you made me feel.”

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You let out a content sigh as you entered the shower, and felt the heat of the water fall against your skin. You loved the warmth, it felt almost like a blanket. 

You had just begun to wash your body when sudden thoughts of the night before began to fill your mind. You felt yourself flush as you remembered Taehyung’s mouth against your body, his wicked tongue against your heat, his hands lost in your hair as he came undone and the his sweet moans that left his mouth as he reached his high. 

You felt yourself grow more and more hot by the second. Before you knew it, your hands had already began to move across your body. You didn’t even bother to be quiet, apart of you wanting Taehyung to know what you were doing. Moan after moan left your lips and soon enough they reached Taehyung’s ears. 

Taehyung had been fast asleep, when you woke up. You had managed to get into your shower without waking up. However, when you were only a few minutes into washing, he had begun to regain consciousness. 

He let out yawn as his eyes blinked open and a small frown graced his lips as he naturally looked to the other side of the bed. Your lack of presence making the bed seem strangely cold. 

He was just about to get up and find you when he heard the water running in the washroom and realized where you had gone. He was just planning to wait patiently for you to finish, but your the sounds of your moans instantly drew his attention.

His eyes widened as he realized what you were doing and his body moved before his mind could think. Your moans grew louder and louder the closer he drew to the door. As he quietly opened the door, he began to undress himself.


You were close to finishing when you suddenly heard the shower curtains being drawn. 

Taehyung stood there completely naked as he licked his lips, “need some help?” His voice an octave deeper than usual.

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“Jungkook come on,” you whined as you straddled his lap. 

“Are you that needy Y/N?” He asked with a small chuckle.

You blushed at the question and hung your head low, your hair shielding your face from him as you nodded. 

“Maybe later,” he said as reached his hand to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear, “I shouldn’t be late today.” With that said, he picked you up by the waist and settled you on the bed before heading to the shower. 

You let out a huff as you laid back on the bed. You heard the water start, and began to anticipate what you knew would soon follow. A smile graced your lips as you heard Jungkook singing in the shower. It was something he often did and you loved it.

As innocent as your thoughts had started, they soon headed in a different direction completely as a result of your neediness. You bit your lip as you began to imagine Jungkook in the shower….naked. Before you knew it your hands were wandering down your body as you thought about his muscled back and toned chest. 

Jungkook was in the process of washing his hair when he heard you moan. The water drowned you out for the most part but his ears were still tuned to you. Although they were faint, he still heard them. 

I can’t even leave her alone for a second, he smirked to himself. 

Lost in your own pleasure you didn’t realize Jungkook had finished in the shower until you felt his hand pin your arms above your head. You barely had a second to think before his hand slipped between your thighs. His fingers began to provide the same pleasure yours had been just a few seconds ago. 

“Aren’t you going to be late?” You asked breathlessly, cheeks flushed.

The smirk from before returned and turned more devilish, “oh trust me Jagiya, it won’t take me long to get you seeing stars.”

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Ahh I apologize that this is so late! I honestly was having such a hard time with this request idk why but here you go! c: I hope it came out ok<3

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There will be moments when we will yell at each other. There will be moments when we will be insecure on our relationship. But through all of this, never forget why I fell for you in the first place.
—  Poets Love Her
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