but they don't have these hats


Zoro and Luffy friendship/broship/second-to-captain-ship
I don’t know how you can name their relation- it’s like- superultranakamaship
I just like the dynamic. I mean, Zoro bowed to Mihawk, and Luffy offered some of his bento to Zoro. that gotta be like- Best friend stuff you know

one of the greatest crimes of the harry potter movies was the absence of dobby wearing a million socks and hats. i have never seen a more relatable character and i am so offended 

*charlie voice* “AMANDA! AMANDA! I gotta talk to you about apple tree!” And I open the website and what do I find? Not a single goddamn convincing entry in those articles. There IS. NO. APPLE TREE. In that yard…Mac more than half the articles on the show have been made up! BBC ONE sun at 9 GMT is a goddamn ghost town.

Inktober Day 17: Battle

This is partially a commentary on the nature of mental illness, but this post by @multsicorn is also relevant.


I haven’t seen any Parsley fanart
That’s unacceptable

THIS WAS VERY… Experimental? There’s a few things I’m not happy with but overall I’m trying to improve my poses and effects…. Y’know. So that they’re not always stuck at the same ¾ angle. So please excuse any mistakes, I’m just…. learning, I guess!

I’ve included a version WITH the Lucidia on it, and without- Cause I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

hands are hard

[Parsley belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

anonymous asked:

You're super cute wow hello

I can’t help it! I’d try to be less-dazzling if I knew how….

I’m just wondering if someone else in Durham will recognize me because of SDM… that would feel super weird and cool at the same time.

Like, imagine having to explain to people if I met a photo client or a future wife that way. “How’d we meet? Oh, y’know, the regular way… they recognized me from the Scooby-Doo-themed humor blog I run.”

Not sure where the alleged cuteness comes from, though. Maybe it’s the hat?

…yeah, it’s definitely the hat.

Ah, speaking of! 

It’s an old Stetson from England that my grandfather gave me. They don’t make that type anymore, prolly due to– 

–the recent popularity of wearing tires on your head.

Once the gang started the trend, it just took off. Kids these days, I swear!

Yeah, I’ve been told a surprising amount that I look like him… guess if I want to disguise myself, I’ll need to grow a mustache.

…or on second thought, maybe not.



Your “hapy” picture with camel, 5 piastras