but they don't have such a scene unfortunately

This didn’t exactly come out the way I envisioned, and I ended up having to crop out a lot of it, unfortunately, ‘cause it just wasn’t working (thus the weird aspect ratio I’m sorry). BUT I’m happy with it regardless. :) I haven’t drawn Olicity in what feels like ages… and ages… so this was actually fun to do. (Ha, fun… SO MANY HAPPY SCENES TO CHOSE FROM, and my brain brought me THIS.)

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11x20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley”
“You are going to choose Amara over me.”

I know this scene must have caused a whole lot of conflicting emotions and uproar within the fandom judging from how many asks I received on this moment after the episode had aired. And while I have written about my impression of this moment here and there in replies already, I kind of feel the need to type out something a little more complete. Fair warning ahead, I think my reading of this scene will probably not be all too popular.

I have seen and read lots of disappointment over Dean breathing in the fog as most analyzed it as a drastic setback and similarly alarming action as when he overdosed on pills in 11x17 “Red Meat” because he thought Sam was dead and wanted to trade his life for Sam’s. While I agree that Dean’s readiness to die is unsettling, sad and downright infuriating at times, him breathing in the fog here didn’t feel at all comparable to 11x17 to me personally.

For one, I am pretty certain that when Dean took a breath he was expecting for it to have no effect on him given that Deputy Harris had told him as much before her co-worker shot her. I understand that this doesn’t change anything about how Dean still took the chance. I think though to just see this as another incident of Dean’s co-depdency showcasing that he thinks he is worth nothing without Sam I think slightly misses the point and oversimplifies or oversees some aspects that imo should be taken into consideration here.

For one imo the focus here is much more on Sam’s co-depdency rather than Dean’s as we see Sam afflicted with his darkest thoughts and those speak very clearly of how he deep down fears to lose Dean and not be the most important person in his brother’s life any longer. And to me the crux of the scene here to evaluate Dean’s following actions is that Sam voices concerns and fear that Dean himself knows.

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