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An observation of Markiplier TV

Emphasis on the observation part because I’ve never really been good with theories. I have a number of things to do today but unfortunately, I watched this video and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Hopefully this’ll quiet my mind and let me function, and who knows? Maybe it’ll help someone out there with their own theories too. :)

So, let’s talk about this scene:

We got one hell of a group here BUT what I’d like to focus on is their seating arrangement and what that could mean, because if there’s anything I’ve learned in videos like this it’s that EVERYTHING is by design. This entire table scene (props to the Editor btw) has so much hidden psychological subtext in it, so while I’m no professional I’ll still do my best to uncover them all.

First off, let’s look at the table: Rectangular with two long ends and two short ones. Pretty normal setting yeah, but is it beneficial to their situation (i.e. finding a way to ‘take control’) where everyone easily agrees? Nope. Because tables like these embody competition and a clear sense of authority, and I love this detail. It means that while they could’ve easily gone for a round table to promote cooperation, they go for this because of course, no one’s going to cooperate that easily.

This setting, however, works better in the business cooperative world, because you got two people (Darkiplier & Wilford) who can control the meeting from both ends of the table and are essentially the people everyone will need to look up to.

Here’s a great detail though: In this kind of setting, the more powerful of the two is usually the one opposite the entrance to the room. This allows him not just a vantage point of whoever comes in and goes, but complete control as well. And as we see where King of the Squirrels pops up:

Originally posted by antisepticjack

Which we can easily tell was from the right of the room based on the direction his body and eyes shift to, we can point out where the entrance is and who was right there:

But yeah, in this moment it didn’t seem like Will had control over King’s sudden entrance but let’s face it: he doesn’t care. He already knows that there’s more than one king in that room.

Speaking of, let’s move on to the seating arrangement.

Obviously we got Dark and Will at the ends as the higher ups, but I’d like to talk about Googleplier and The Host.

In medieval times, kings would often have their advisors right at their side at the table. This actually explains the term “right hand man”, because the king would have them close at hand to help him rule, unless of course, he was left-handed. Looking back at Dark’s antics, I have reason to believe that he’s either left-handed or ambidextrous.

Originally posted by http-darkiplier-403forbidden

Which I guess would make sense, considering that while Ed, Bim, Silver and Dr. Iplier were all concerned about their parts in the video, only Google and The Host were able to keep a level head and not lose sight of their main goal/situation.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is Wilford’s idea for Markiplier TV. I must warn you though because this is going to be a bit of a stretch so stop reading if you’d like BUT… I think he may have been inspired by Anti.

AGAIN, please bear with me. Jack’s mentioned before that Dark and Anti ever meeting each other was very unlikely, which in Dark’s case (being the alter ego that’s been pushed inside the most) could be more than true. However, Wilford makes up for this as he’s the only one not bound by the laws of physics and is, potentially, omnipresent. So it’s possible that he’s aware of Anti (since he was aware of Septiplier after all) and his methods (i.e. using social media to have his fans notice him which then gives him control) BUT, being Wilford, he goes about it in his own roundabout way which is, of course, TELEVISION.

So, yeah, this is all I can come up with. Excluding my attempt in theorizing at the very end I hope this was helpful. Now I’m just hoping that my thoughts on Antisepticeye don’t get too hectic and end up like this long wall of text. Thanks for reading. :)

annaanonly  asked:

Hi. I don't know if you have plan to translate Kubo' interview in Pash March. But if could, could you please DON'T translate it? Especially the ep 10 part how she explained about the ring, marriage or club member thing. It's just a suggestion. Because western fans would probably not happy if they know what Kubo said about the ring. And we are all confused why she said that, it's illogic. So just to keep everyone in YOI fandom happy, could you don't translate it or just omit that sentence?

Hello! It happens to be the interview that I’m translating right now (I was too braindead yesterday night so it’s taking longer than I planned). I understand your point, however that’s something I really cannot do. I mean, I cannot skip an interview because it has some contents that might disappoint a part of the fanbase. If the creators meant certain scenes to have a certain meaning, and they decide to say out loud what that meaning is, unfortunately the only thing fans can do is come to terms with that. I personally don’t think that what she says in this interview is ruining their relationship, maybe also because the way I have always interpreted this scene (more exactly, the way I interpreted Yuuri’s reasoning behind his action) isn’t very far from that.

Saying what I think more in detail would require me to make a full post just about my personal analysis of their relationship, and that would be long, but anyway I just want to say that, as a person who likes Victor and Yuuri together, I personally do not feel that this interview is ruining their relationship or making it more shallow…

anonymous asked:

I just came across your tumblr while searching for PHS gifs. I came across your writing about the different scenes in SWDBS and I FELL IN LOVE - with your writing and with the drama and the characters all over again! You put into words so beautifully what I was thinking and feeling. I don't know how to appreciate art (paintings) but I can appreciate your writing. I literally had goosebumps while reading it. Will you still be writing more about scenes from the last few episodes? <3

OMG! THANK YOU! I’m blushing here! I’m happy you enjoy them and like I promised few days ago I fully intend to write more about the final 2 episodes but unfortunately I had to postpone it to the next week because I have a backlog on my thesis (I spend too much time gushing over the finale last week, I admit it!). But don’t worry, next week I’ll have more time - I already have the drafts, screencaps and notes with ideas so I’m going to write them no matter what.

20 First Lines

@mostlikelytofangirl tagged me to share the first lines of my 20 latest fanfics~

Unfortunately, although I have written (or started) A LOT of fics, I haven’t posted much of them. *ahem* So… here’s some stuff I dug up. A lot of these probably won’t be official first lines because I might decide to change them later, but they are the current opening lines in my notes. ^^’ For the fics that haven’t been posted, I’ll link to my tags for them instead (some don’t have tags though, so sadly no links). Also, some of the WIP titles are working titles and might be subject to change later.


The Perks of Being A Superhero (Ioryuu, Boueibu)
“Hey, Io,” Ryuu suddenly broke the room’s technology-induced silence from where he had sprawled out on his back along the foot of Io’s bed, dropping his phone to his chest in thought, “You ever wonder about Wombat’s English?”

Candy Hearts and Chocolate Kisses (Akorima, Boueibu)
‘There is no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful.’

For Love And War (Ioryuu, Akorima, Enatsu, Boueibu Medieval Fantasy AU)
Once upon a time, there were three powerful kingdoms divided from the others by a great mountain range called The Terra Mountains.

[@purplerose128 wrote the actual first line of Chapter 1, so the following is the first line I wrote for it.]

And when Io turned six, his parents introduced him to adventures of his own.

A Rose’s Thorns (Driftwood, Boueibu)
“Hey, doll, bring me one of your rainbow frappes, will you?”

Baby You Slay Me (Could be seen as Ioryuu or Gen, Boueibu)
It was an ordinary day like any other in the Defense Club room.

Forever Nevermore (Ioryuu, Boueibu Angels and Demons AU)
Angels and demons were fundamentally different.

Unnamed Pillow Boys fic (Ryuushi/Nao)
The cafeteria was noisier than usual today, pockets of chatter rising and dropping around each table as he walked by, but Ryuushi didn’t mind it much.

Gentle Hands (Arima-centered, Gen, Boueibu)
For as long as he could remember, he had been having this recurring dream.

Selfishly Selfless (Atsushi-centered, Enatsu, Boueibu)
(It was because of this that) En couldn’t help noticing that Atsushi was quieter than usual.

Draco’s Twin Headaches (Gen, Harry Potter, features OCs)
“Watch where you’re going!” Draco Malfoy declared, turning sharply to face the intruder who’d bumped into him from behind.

Unnamed Harry Potter ficlet (Gen, Harry Potter, features OCs)
“Looks like it’s gotten late out.” Kyle sighed as she and her brother moved quickly and steadily on their way to the Hufflepuff commons.

Another unnamed Harry Potter ficlet (Gen, Harry Potter, features OCs)
Kyle bounded into the Great Hall with her brother closely in tow.

Yet another unnamed Harry Potter ficlet (Gen, Harry Potter, features OCs)
A streak of emerald in the corner of their vision prompted the twins to halt in surprise just before they were pulled into a warm and enthusiastic embrace.

Unnamed Free! fic (Kisuikuasa [Kisumi/Ikuya/Asahi], Free!)
Asahi was currently stuck at a not particularly problematic but still slightly frustrating dilemma.

Passion’s Play (Akorima, Boueibu Moulin Rouge! AU)
Arima never wanted what his family had planned for him.

Flight Rising AU (Boueibu, features OCs)

The Student Council’s origin stories (for the Kinakorima storyline)
Rosette had stopped to rest for a moment or two in The Gladeveins, finding herself quite relaxed and at peace in the beauty of the wildlife around her.

Aki and Haru ask for advice about courtship (for the Beppuyumo storyline)
Kinshiro’s eyes were immediately drawn to the meek sound of his name and he noticed the twins standing awkwardly in the entrance of the lair.

Ryuu’s general thoughts on Io (for the Ioryuu storyline)
Ryuu liked Io’s wings.

Ryuu is afraid of Akoya being competition (for the Ioryuu storyline)
“Leave Io alone!” Before Ryuu knew what she was saying, the words were already out of her mouth.

Cute Punk AU (Ioryuu, Boueibu)
“You really believe in that romance stuff?” Io asked.

[I started writing a scene for it, but I decided I’m probably not going to ever do anything more with it, so it’s in @purplerose128‘s hands. She actually wrote/rewrote more of that scene, so that’s no longer the official opening line for it. I just wanted to share what I had for the sake of it.]

Binan Koukou: Remastered (Gen mostly, Boueibu season 1 rewrite)
Everything was completely under control.

A Very Supernatural Nightmare Before Christmas (Destiel, Supernatural Nightmare Before Christmas AU)
“So, has Dean finally removed his oversized pumpkin head from his ass already and declared you his blushing bride? Though, if anyone’s the bride, it’s gonna be him,” Gabriel stated while Castiel sat sewing the sleeve back onto his coat.


That’s technically more than 20 lines/fics, but oh well. This is the bulk of what I’ve been working on. I’m so sorry I’m not more productive. I had so many plans I just couldn’t live up to. ;;v;;

I tag: @darth-salem-emperor-of-earth, @freezingdreamer, @alittleshadow, @bibilittlebutterfly, and anyone else who hasn’t been tagged yet that wants to do this~ It’s not an obligation, of course, but this looks fun. ^^

// In the comics, Bruce is a detective who captures criminals and hauls them off to jail. He doesn’t kill them because he believes that hardened criminals have the ability to change. Unfortunately, the DCEU’s Bruce Wayne seems to believe that human life is expendable. In the desert dream, he kills men by shooting them with a gun. In another scene, the Batmobile is weaponized with machine guns. This Batman brands criminals, throws them in jail, and then lets them face the consequences. This Batman is not humane at all. He’s just a guy on a one way mission to clean up the streets of his city by trying out mafia the mafia.

The problem with Snyder’s Batman is that he is a caricature of the real thing. If you read the comics or watched the animated series, you come to understand that Batman doesn’t use violence simply to get rid of people. He doesn’t use guns or knives. His Batmobile is basically a bullet proof car that can transport him from place to place that has gear in there that can help him, but that will not kill anyone. The same with the motorcycle.

The reason why Bruce Wayne doesn’t kill people is because his own parents were murdered in front of him. That event left such a deep scar on his psyche that he simply cannot bring himself to do the same thing to the rogues, even the ones that he despises the most like The Joker. He can rough them up, but he will never kill them.

I cannot state enough that Batman is a humane superhero, but Snyder seems to think that a humane Batman is not a realistic Batman.

yaelstiel  asked:

Aeren queen of fics! how are you this morning? I hope spain isn't too hot now. can I ask you for a fic, if you ever read one (even a short one) about the detox in s4 or s5? a fix fic for the detox scenes? if you have and even if you don't - have a wonderful day ♥

Detox!Sam Fic Recs

hello yaelstiel dear, sorry for the late reply, this week was pretty messed at home, these fics are what I can remember about the detox, mostly Gen but I think a few wincest there too :)

Here It Comes, There It Goes Again  What with detoxes and resoulings, Sam’s memories of the panic room can’t be good. So it’s unfortunate that they are under some supernatural siege at Bobby’s and retreating into the panic room and closing the door is the only way to be safe. Sam is in his right mind and he’s not tied down and no one is doing anything to him and he’s fine, he’s just fine. There’s plenty of ventilation, of course he can breathe. And he doesn’t need to open the door. The closed door is what’s keeping them safe. He does. not. need. the. door. open. He’s fine.

The Hashish-Eater The h/c fic challenge prompt here: Sam’s first panic room experience, please. Probably prior to being tied down. Sam’s craving for demon blood and his general hallucinatory state lead him to think that drinking from the only available source of demon blood on hand is a good idea. Said source? Himself.

Thirteen Conversations About One Thing This fic deal with the fll out after Lucifer Rising, plenty of Sam/Dean angst and supportive Castiel.

Thicker Than Water  Know how Dean took issue with Sam’s whole blood junkie problem? As well he should, yes. But, here’s the thing - he and Sam get cursed and wake up in the morning in the wrong body - Sam in Dean’s, Dean in Sam’s, and Dean has this itch, this hunger, this salivation, that won’t go away. He can’t stomach a burger or a steak or meat because it just makes everything worse, but life’s life and a job’s a job, so they keep working. But, when all’s said and done (with the job, not the curse) and Dean goes for a beer and Sam elsewhere, in comes Ruby. And God does he ever hate her on so many levels, but she smells so good and he wants what’s under her skin. He needs it. He has to have it. If you want to make me really happy and be a total bastard, you can flip them back and leave Sam with suffering the drying out in the panic room ordeal so that Dean has angst.

Empty Shells  This time is different. This time, it wasn’t Sam’s fault. This time, Dean won’t let his brother go through it alone. Missing scene/tag for 5x14 “My Bloody Valentine.” Rated T for Sam’s freaky hallucinations. 

Dependency   Sam has a demon-blood addiction. Maybe a 12-step meeting will help.

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down   Exploring the ruins of Bobby’s burned-out house was not one of Sam’s better ideas.

Reset   (this is an AU, not what you were asking but a good reading  :P) Takes place in Season 5, where ‘My Bloody Valentine’ left off. The horseman Famine made Sam relapse into his demon blood habit, forcing Dean and Cas to lock him in Bobby’s panic room again. This is my take on the fallout.

This didn’t exactly come out the way I envisioned, and I ended up having to crop out a lot of it, unfortunately, ‘cause it just wasn’t working (thus the weird aspect ratio I’m sorry). BUT I’m happy with it regardless. :) I haven’t drawn Olicity in what feels like ages… and ages… so this was actually fun to do. (Ha, fun… SO MANY HAPPY SCENES TO CHOSE FROM, and my brain brought me THIS.)

(more Arrow fanart)

anonymous asked:

Why do you believe Gale has remorse for what happened? There's nothing in the text that showed him having any remorse. Even in his last scene w/Katniss, the only thing he mentions is how he's no longer a romantic prospect. I don't think he's a bad guy. I just can't love a character that's so blinded by hate he disregards his humanity. If he were a real person, which unfortunately there are people like him in this world, he's one of those soldiers who kills civilians in their homes & villages.

I will preface this by clarifying something. I love Gale’s character. Not like I would love a person. I love what Collins with his characterization. I also do not excuse one iota of what he’s done.  

I also wish I saved my metas from the past because in one, I do make the argument that Gale is a stand in for all the angry, disenfranchised, oppressed men who are recruited into terrorist organizations and in the name of a greater power or cause, commit atrocities against innocents.  

But in terms of Gale’s remorse or lack of it, I have as much textual support that he is remorseful as you have that he is not. I am doing what you are doing and extrapolating based on my understanding of his character and his meaning in the book to determine what I think will be his motivation and future actions. I would argue that I have a hair more than you do because the tone of his exchange with Katniss is one of a person who acknowledges that he has failed at something. 

“That was the one thing I had going for me. Taking care of your family,” he says. “Shoot straight, okay?” He touches my cheek and leaves.”

He knows he fucked up, though he does not clarify.  But he doesn’t blubber on and on about apologies and remorse. What would be the point?  (He is just like Katniss - would she have gone on and on if she realized what she did was too big for forgiveness?). He’s lost Katniss - he admitted to Peeta as much in Tigriss’ basement when he admits that she loves Peeta, that she never kissed Gale the way they kissed - so that’s not the point. He lost his only redeeming quality when he built the bombs that lead to Prim’s and the  Capitol children’s death.  His weapon would have violated every Human Right’s Accord and the Geneva Conventions because they targeted the wounded and aid workers (though I still believe children were not his intended target). His words became actions he could not take back.  You don’t get his remorse because his story ends there.  SC sends him off like a lone cow boy riding into the sunset.

I’m so glad papofglencoe brought up Oppenheimer and Einstein.  We don’t revile them because they were publicly remorseful for their participation in the building of the bomb and, let’s not be naive, because we are part of the winning side of the war - otherwise, they might have rightfully stood for prosecution in a war crimes tribunal for the massacre of innocents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki).  Gale goes off to a glamorous job in D2 because he won the war for the rebels.  We don’t get the privilege of seeing Gale’s remorse because the ambiguity is what Collins wants to leave us with, to stimulate the kind of discussion we are having now.

What I find remarkable, though, is that Gale gets this grotesque amount of hatred but Beetee, who actually brought the bombs to life, is either treated benignly in fics or is ignored altogether.  Johanna, who voted to send Capitol children back into the games, is depicted (and I am guilty too so don’t worry) in fics as the sassy best friend.  Haymitch essentially lied to Katniss and Peeta and never really planned on saving Peeta from the Quarter Quell arena, leading to his hijacking, and he’s kind of a dick to Katniss throughout the book, even abandoning her when they returned to 12. Why does Gale get the brunt of all this hatred when every single major character in this trilogy (with a few notable exceptions) behaved reprehensibly in consequence to war? 

I’ll just leave the question there.

Thanks for the ask!

Leo Fitz Appreciation Post

So I really love Fitz a lot and I know it’s only been 10 episodes and clearly this hiatus + winter break = me going insane, but I’m pretty sure Leo Fitz sits firmly in my top characters of all time, and with the way the show is going, and if it lasts as long as I hope it does, he’ll probably take over as favorite.

So basically, this is a post about why I love Fitz. My personal manifesto if you will, that’ll probably grow and adapt over time. But for now, this is it. Note that a lot of this is somewhat headcanon/opinion, based on the few episodes we have, but the main points stem straight from canon. Also note that this is probably not as organized as it may seem. (2700 words, 5 pages)

In summary:

  • Unashamed genius, modest hero
  • Hides behind words, but easily read
  • One half of a practically married couple that’s incredibly codependent
  • His general dynamics within the team

Keep reading

FitzSimmons love theme?

I’ve been noticing a recurring musical track that’s been popping up in season 2 during certain FitzSimmons-related scenes. Not in every scene, however. Only in scenes where the elephant in the room or something close to it is being addressed. 

The first time this theme played was in A Hen in the Wolf House, during Fitz and Jemma’s reunion at the end of the episode. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but then I noticed it again in A Fractured House, when Fitz tells Jemma that she left when he needed help and asks her why. Then it plays a third time in Ye Who Enter Here when Jemma tells Bobbi about what happened in the medpod and they discuss what exactly her feelings about Fitz are.

Listen carefully to Bear McCreary’s score during these scenes. It’s the same musical cue in every case, each time played during a particularly emotional or shippy moment. This is something Joss Whedon has always liked to do in his shows, most notably with Buffy/Angel – they had their own “love” theme; a familiar sad melody that would always play during big emotional scenes they had together. Fans grew to associate that particular track with the relationship between those two characters and every time it played, they essentially knew they were about to get their hearts ripped out.

I suspect that Jed may have liked this formula because it looks like they’re doing something similar here with FitzSimmons. On one hand, this is pretty cool as it’s a nice piece of evidence that they’re closing in on getting together for realzies or at least heading in that general direction. Unfortunately, it could also be an indicator that there’s a lot more heartache to come for these two.

My advice? Play those scenes back a few times until that musical cue becomes familiar to you, then the next time you hear it in a new episode, be sure you have a box of tissues handy. If I’m right, when that track starts playing during a FitzSimmons scene, you’ll probably need them. 

alyssagisme  asked:

Hey! I don't know if you got my message (I'm still very new to Tumblr), but I wanted to know what you'd think about TWD redoing the fence scene between Rick and Michonne later down the line. I think it'd be really iconic and maybe this time it's Rick walking up in need of help?! Thanks😁😊👍

Hey there! I didn’t get your message, unfortunately.

Now, you must know how much I love their first meeting at that fence, right? It is actually one of my favourite scenes in all of television because of how iconic, intense and wonderful it was. Let’s have a look:

I remember seeing it and thinking, Wow, that’s awesome! I had a feeling that this type of iconic meeting would lead to something iconic between these characters, and here we are with canon Richonne (still not over it!). The vulnerability that enveloped them was so palpable. Here is a wounded Michonne seeking out people she does not know just after other people tried to kill her; here is distrustful, melancholic Rick who is a little crazy and dealing with the loss of his wife. What is it about these two characters meeting for the first time that warranted such a meeting? They could have just as easily met out on the road, but for some reason, TPTB wanted this dramatic meeting between the two; something that fans would forever remember.

Your idea is absolutely wonderful and I thank you so much for sharing it with me. I feel like your scenario would be a great call back to their iconic scene and would be great storytelling for this pair who went from distrust, to common interests, to friends, partners and now lovers.

If a scene like the one you proposed were to happen, it would be wonderful to see how much time has changed everything for these two people. Instead of approaching each other on opposite sides of a fence with trepidation and vulnerability, we could see Richonne being reunited. We could see the sheer overwhelming relief that would encompass their entire beings at finally laying eyes on one another after an arduous separation. That, Dear Shipmate, would be amazing to watch. 

Thank you!

Advice: Scenes Don't Just Happen

 asked: My book opens with my character getting ready for school surrounded by creatures that she can see, but pretends she can’t see. I can see it great in my head and it would translate awesome on screen but I have no idea how to write it so people see exactly what I’m seeing.

Welcome to being a writer! ;)

As much as I’d love to say that rendering the scenes in our head onto the page is a piece of cake for every writer but you, unfortunately that’s not the case. All of us struggle with this same issue from time-to-time, some more than others, and that’s perfectly natural and perfectly okay.

Writing is a challenge. Often it requires you to stare at a blank page for hours on end as you try to figure out how to describe the scene in your head. Other times you find yourself describing the same thing over and over again, constantly backspacing and typing something new until something works. This is part of the process. There’s no magic trick or handy way to bypass it. It’s just what writing is.

The first step to getting what’s in your head down on paper is to trust yourself to make it happen. The second step is to just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time or even the tenth time, but if you don’t try, you’ll never get there. Start by simply describing what you see in your head. Imagine that it’s a scene in a movie and you’re describing it to a friend who can’t see. Get the basic layout of the scene out, then go back and fill in the details. Be sure to talk about what the character is feeling and thinking, what she is doing as she gets ready for school, what the creatures look like, and what they’re doing. Add any other relevant details like what sounds and smells the character experiences–do the creatures smell to her? Is the smell of bacon wafting up from the kitchen downstairs? Are her siblings having an argument in the Jack and Jill bathroom? What else is relevant about the day? Keep at it until you’re happy with the scene. You will hit upon something that you like eventually.

pajama-sams-socks  asked:

I don't know if anyone has asked this yet, but would you like to see the hyenas in the next movie with Harley and Joked?

I was asked this, but a VERY long time ago lol

No, but only because it would be too hard to do in live action and look realistic enough. They’d probably have to use CGI and that often is so blatantly obvious that it’s special effects it tends to mess the immersion of a scene. I’d like to see them, but I don’t think it could be done unfortunately :(

anonymous asked:

I don't want to be rude or anything. I just want to ask your opinion on Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad. I've heard some pretty terrible things and I'm just curious. Don't want to cause issues but I honestly don't see how ppl like him... :/

I loved what we got to see of his performance. Particularly the scene where he’s circling Griggs (the mean prison guard), like he’s about to have him for lunch. And especially when Griggs kissed his ring and Joker goes from scary to playful. Just the way he delivers the line “I can tell you really meant that” with that big Joker grin on his face. It was pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, they cut so many of his scenes and didn’t really give him enough time on screen to win any of the skeptics over. Such a shame.

Anyway, as far as what you’ve been hearing, I’d take all that with a grain of salt.

His “gifts” to his costars were totally embellished. Even David Ayer said some weren’t true. Not to mention his costars love him, and visited the set on their days off to watch him work.

Just be careful what you choose to believe on here.

His haters are so extra.

I honestly, have never seen a group of people enjoy hating someone so much.

Their hatred is almost an art form.

They’re even worse on Twitter. Completely out of control. Dragging people that are literally minding their own business, just because they don’t hate him too. It’s really gross.

If you post anything positive about him on there, there’s an 80% chance one of his haters will quote you and try to humiliate you. They’ll screenshot your edits and post pics of celebrities making a disgust face next to it. They’re terrible. A 1,000 times more “problematic” than his stans will ever be.

We’re literally just enjoying something we like. We get attacked by multiple haters for it, and they call us disgusting. The irony.

So keep that in mind when reading about him on any social media.

anonymous asked:

JOHN NOBLE LIVE TWEETS #SLEEPYHOLLOW: nice work from Tom and Nicole is this scene - Nicky's doing great work - Tom and Nicole are looking beautiful - I don't do much with Abbie unfortunately. Nicole is always hardworking and pleasant in my experience - Lyndie and Orlando are fantastic together AND NO MENTIONS TO KATIA, BYE!

Mmm, shade or he just forgot? I suppose it’s shade either way really.

(He should work more with Abbie - they have such an interesting dynamic…)