but they do seem to help

6th house is ultra hard to figure out and experience. i am always thinking about this and wondering how to all of the 6th house elements together and 6th house is mercury ruled and we all know how variable and elusive that mercury is, so he also brings many positive qualities because he rules and exalts in virgo so there is good skills mentally and dextrously, the capacity to learn new abilities quickly and become competent at many different skills and competencies, an inherent understanding of pure health and its relationship to mind and body (but they can ignore this lol), domestic pets like our dogs and parrots like is this another part of ‘something else has needs and exist and i want to make sure this time they are recognised’ and these people make great professional healers and therapists like nurses, physios, counsellors, spiritual healers, because they can coalesce their natural health knowledge, intricate hands that dress wounds and hold the hand of a frightened person. A LOT of problem solving goes on in medical industries. there is a lot of nobility and personal development associated with the 6th house, and it is not a BORING house its not just about boring routine and the washing, it can be the ritual of the morning beauty routine for venus in the 6th or sex for pluto or meditation for neptune.

i love liz greene’s quotes on the 6th house the most

“Planets in the 6th ask us to acknowledge our interconnectedness with the invisible world, and do what we can to express the relationship in the rituals of our everyday lives"

“The 6th house has always had a poor press. Generally equated with duty, service, and health, it has also suffered the indignity of being given rulership over small animals. But this house will not yield up its secrets without considering the nature of Mercury, its natural ruler. Mercury has many functions in myth. But whatever he is doing – guarding travelers, helping theives, acting as messenger for the Olympians, inventing musical instruments, or guiding the souls of the dead – he is the god of borders, interfaces and connections. The 6th house is the interface between what is above and what is below. Although it is earthy, it is also the arena where everything we have developed through the preceding five houses is given form and anchored in everyday life.“

well heres a lot of love for our 6th house angels. in the shadows in work and service AND it seems in astrology


Cavendish felt his body tense the closer his partner came, his heartbeat deafening as it pounded in his chest. Dakota wrapping his arms around his neck caused a shiver to shoot up his spine, it taking everything in the older man not to lose composure altogether– least his breathing betray him.

And yet those shaded covered eyes seemed to look right through him. All knowing in a way that usually frustrated him. Dakota laughed.

“C’mere, ya big lug,” his breath was warm and moist, and Cavendish couldn’t help but stare at the lips that nearly touched his own. 

“If ya wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask.”

I had a scene in my head and went for it.

Study Date

Request: Can u please do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader just got box braids or something and he can’t keep his hands of the braids bc they’re just so smooth and his gf looks so good he’s just being super affectionate and touchy?

You sat in the library trying desperately to study, despite the fact that your boyfriend seemed to be dead set on doing anything but studying. He was toying with one of your braids, which was normal Peter Parker behavior. He liked how smooth the braids were when you first got them done. It wasn’t so much annoying, as it was distracting. You had a biology test to study for, and a paper due next week. You didn’t have time to gush over how adorable your boyfriend is.

“Peter. If you’re not gonna help me with biology then go away,” you said in a stern voice.

“Okay. Okay. I’m sorry,” he laughed, leaning closer to look at your notes with you, “Are you still stuck on protein synthesis?”

“Of course I’m still stuck on protein synthesis there’s like three-thousand steps,” you snapped at him.

He took your notebook and went to a clean page, then began drawing a diagram. He explained the diagram in great detail, in a way you could understand.

“Why doesn’t the textbook just say that,” you sighed as you looked back at the super long explanation the book has.

“Capitalism,” Peter shrugged, “They’ve go to fill up the book with a bunch of words so it’ll be big and they can charge more for it.”

“Have you done your English paper,” you asked, looking over at him, only to see that he was holding one of your braids above his lip to look like a mustache, “You’re a dork.”

“Do I look like someone who has finished their English paper?” he countered, ignoring your jab at him about being a dork, but he still smiled at it.

“Well you should get started, and stop playing with my hair. I thought the point of this study date was to combine our knowledge and get A’s. We can’t be a true power couple if one of us is slipping.”

“You know the teachers talk about us.” Peter began looking through his book bag for his notebook.


“Mmhm. I think most of them approve. Your english teacher likes me.”

“Well that’s saying something, given that you never speak in her class.”

“Okay, but I get good grades, and I listen when she speaks… if I’m honest I think she only likes me because of my association with you.”

“It’s possible. That’s how Mr. Montogomery is with me in Bio. I think he knows you help me study.”

“Well what kind of boyfriend would I be if I let you fail Bio because Montgomery talks too much about his home life to teach,” Peter laughed.

“Oh my god yes! If I have to hear one more thing about his ball python named Monty I’m going to scream.”

“It’s a cool snake, though, you have to admit.”

“He can chat about snakes on his own time. I have to pass this class with an A.”

Peter smiled and rested his face on your shoulder as he leafed through his notebook looking for the info on his research paper.

“Pete, your organizational skills need work,” you complained as you looked at his resources.

“Leave me alone. I’ll fix it one day,” he grumbled, pulling out the handouts he’d put in his notebook for safe-keeping.

“What’s your thesis, Pete?” you asked as you looked over the diagram that Peter drew again. He sighed and turned his head so he could press a kiss to your cheek.

“You know I don’t have one.”

You turned to look at him. He gave you a cheeky smile then leaned forward and kissed your nose.

“Peter Parker. If you don’t focus on your damn research paper,” you chastised, despite the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. He huffed a little and looked back at his research.

“I really just want to say that Faulkner was a shitty writer, and his book needs to be publically executed.”

“Then make that argument. I’m sure you can find many sources on that,” you smiled as you made a note on the diagram. Peter got to work. You were allotted thirty minutes of peace to look over your flash cards, before Peter was playing with your hair again.

“Pete,” you warned in a low voice.

“They’re just so smooth,” he sighed letting the braid go.

“How’s that thesis coming along?”

“William Faulkner was a shitty writer because he relied on overly edgy themes to hook his readers, his writing is indecipherable, and his stupid made up town is stupid and made up.” Peter grumbled.

“Well it’s concise. Ms. Kris will appreciate the humor, but it won’t help your grade. Try using an academic voice.”

Peter rested his cheek on your shoulder and wound his arms around your waist. You did your best to ignore him. If you gave in, neither of you would get any work done, and that simply was not an option. Nevertheless, Peter persisted to be absolutely adorable, and it took every bit of your will power to ignore him. He eventually went back to writing, leaving you to study for even longer this time.

“You know, I think you’ll be fine in Bio,” he admitted quietly.

“I hope so. I’d really hate to ruin my A in that class,” you huffed.

“You will be fine, wanna know why?” he asked, you glanced at him suspiciously. You knew this was a trap, but you weren’t exactly sure how. You narrowed your eyes and looked at him.


“Because you’re my girlfriend and I’m not going to let you fail,” he smiled, toying with a braid again.

“You think you’re so smooth,” you rolled your eyes but you couldn’t help your smile. He kissed your cheek, and before you could chastise him he started working on his paper. All you could do was shake your head.

~Mod Lillian

darcybehati  asked:

How long have you been learning Korean? I desperately want to learn but legitimately find it TOOOOO confusing. Like hangul throws me overboard 😫 How and where do I start!!!??

Hello!! We have been learning for about 2 years (kinda) casually now but it gets a lot easier! Once you have some of the basic grammar points down and basic sentence formation you can suddenly understand a whole loaaddddd of things - even if you only understand part of it, thats still pretty good! 
As for learning Hangul, which is a very good place to start! It might seem a little hard now but its very easy, I remember when I first learnt it Rosa was helping me (she learnt it before me) and I remember she showed me how to write Taemin’s (Shinee) name: 태민 so because I knew how to write and say his name, I suddenly knew 5 characters: ㅌ-T ㅐ-ae ㅁ-m ㅣ-i ㄴ-n boom! How easy was that? If you have idols you like you can learn Hangul by looking up the Korean spelling of their name, it will probably also be useful to look for a hangul table (which is v easy to find on google) just for reference but otherwise that might be a fun way for you to learn! You still might have to learn a few characters that you cant find in someones name but hopefully it won’t be too difficult! (here is our post)

Good luck!!


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Not really sure how to start this, but here I go. How about Steve being included in a game of D&D with all the kids?

It was late in the evening, just growing dark, when Steve arrived at the Wheeler house. He walked up the drive with a pack of cigarettes in hand, fully prepared to make the climb to Nancy’s room; they had plans to study for their English exam, which Steve was actually looking forward to—there was one thing he was good at, and it was writing. Nancy always seemed impressed after reading them, and sometimes she actually asked for his help for a change.

And so, feeling more than prepared, he hopped up into the first ledge. That was when he heard them.

“You cannot do that!”

“Yes I can! It’s my turn!”

“That’s bullshit! We were going counter-clockwise! And besides, Mike asked Lucas.”

Steve bit his lip, sparing a last glance at Nancy’s bedroom window, which was softly illuminated from the glow of her lamp. He sighed, jumped down, and rounded the corner of the house.

The basement door was just slightly ajar, like one of the kids had run in and forgotten to close it all the way. Steve slowly pushed it open, and started to laugh.

They were all standing around that dinky table, yelling over one another, but that wasn’t what got him; it was their costumes—different coloured capes, wizard hats, fake beards, and plastic swords. Dustin was whacking Lucas repeatedly on the arm with his, while the other boy pounded his fist on the table. “This is serious! The princess is in danger and we’re surrounded—”

“Oh my god—”

“We don’t have time to take a detour—”

“Oh my god, you guys—”

“Will, what do you have to say about all this?!”

“Lucas! Shut up!”

Max’s voice broke over all of theirs. She was staring right at Steve, eyes wide in horror. The boys turned, faces red with embarrassment. Mike ripped his fake beard off. “Uh… Hey, Steve.”

Steve had hardly managed to gather himself. He leaned against the door frame, gasping. “You guys…” he shook his head, “You’re gonna kill me, I swear.”

“We’re not wearing these for comedic affect,” Max spat. “What do you want?”

Steve had to admit, she looked a little intimidating holding her fake sword—besides, he knew how well she could handle herself with a real weapon. He sobered a little. “Alright, alright,” he stepped into the basement and closed the door behind him. “I’ll stop.”

Mike rolled his eyes. “If you’re here for Nancy, she’s in her bedroom,” he said.

“Not anymore,” called a voice.

Nancy was descending the stairwell, smirking slightly. She cocked her head at Steve. “I thought we were gonna study?”

Steve swallowed. “We totally were,” he agreed. “I was just…”

“Teasing my little brother and his friends?”

“Well, no—”

“Steve,” she grinned, “did you wanna join the campaign?”

His face flushed. Mike dropped his figurine. “Dude,” he whispered. “That would be—”

“Ridiculous!” Max piped up. “Totally, totally—”

“Awesome,” chorused the other boys.

“You could play as the ranger!” Will suggested, thrusting a piece of paper at him. “Mike’s been doing his part, but it’s not the same.”

Steve gingerly took the card, glancing it over. It was thoroughly detailed, filled out in Mike’s messy scrawl. Jesus. He glanced up at Nancy, who was still smiling. Slowly, she nodded. “It’s fine, just… Say goodbye before you leave, okay?”

Grinning, Steve pressed a kiss on her cheek. “You’re the best girlfriend ever, you know that?”

Mike grimaced. “Gross!”

Nancy laughed. “You’re the human equivalent of a dog, Steve.” With that, she ran back upstairs, and Steve settled down at the table. Dustin thrust a wizard’s hat on his head and handed him a spare cape. “You’ll need that,” he said ominously.

And thus began the most ridiculous three hours of Steve Harrington’s life, filled with yelling and thrown pizza and plenty of dramatics. By the time Nancy came back down, Steve was lying on the ground pretending to gush blood while the kids whacked him with their fake weapons.

“You traitor!” Will yelled, though he was smiling.

“Kill him!” Dustin roared.

They started tickling him, which only made Steve laugh harder. He caught Nancy’s eye from where she was leaning against the stairwell column, and his breath caught in his throat. She was beaming, and that made it all worth it.

MORE PALADIN CHILDHOOD HEADCANONS (+ broganes, klance, and all of these are based on my childhood and i had a weird childhood - enjoy!) - also i’m posting a paladin families fic on my ao3 soon - showing what their families are getting up to on earth now that their kids/siblings are missing (just cause vld doesn’t seem to be doing it); it’ll be sad, obvs, but hopefully really silly and fun too! (it’s a prequel to a collection of return home fics I’m writing, which will of course have klance - pls let me know if you are interested it!! as it really helps motivate me). the fic is up: hold on, I’m coming for you

it snows:  

  • shiro tells keith he can’t run out in the snow in his bare feet, and keith stares at him, uncomprehendingly, before saying, confused, ‘i don’t have bear feet, i have little boy’s feet’. shiro blinks at him, then it registers, and he bends over at the waist and laughs so hard he cries. 
  • pidge, hunk and lance do a test of courage by walking out over a frozen lake. the ice cracks loudly under pidge and hunk, sending out jagged lines, but not under lance. and lance, feeling overly confident and smug, begins jumping about it on it, yelling ‘the water is my friend! the water is my friend!’ the ice promptly breaks under him, and lance takes an impromptu swim.
  • keith and lance have a competition of who can make the ugliest snowman of the other (to this day, they still do it whenever it snows)
  • keith was once sledding as fast as he could go down a hill, lance was ambling along at the bottom, completely and innocently unaware, when keith suddenly rounded the corner and took him out at the knees. (miraculously, Lance fell right into Keith’s lap and they both continued on sledding; Lance, wide-eyed and shocked as he tried to get his head around what has just happened, and Keith continuing on, visibly completely at ease as if this was how it had always been). 


  • keith used to have long, inky black hair, down to below his shoulders but then:
  • on a rare family trip out to a hotel, keith decides to have a nice relaxing bath. and it is relaxing until his older brother bursts through the door, switches on the spa function, crying ‘don’t hog the spa if you’re not going to use it properly!’. keith’s long hair immediately gets sucked into one of the jets, tangled up, and he gets dragged under the water, thrashing and yelling. shiro laughs at him until he realises that he’s being serious, and then shiro almost breaks the spa in his desperation to rescue him. keith decides to keep his hair short after that, and thus the mullet is born (lance almost cried when keith came in with it on the first day back at school, ‘but keith, you hair was so pretty’. keith looks at him, dead in the eyes, completely serious and says, ‘i did it to protect myself.’ ‘okay,’ lance says immediately, fully convinced). 
  • keith asks lance to help him prank shiro. they stick a whoopee cushion under a couch cushion, and shiro can easily see it sticking out at the edge, poorly hidden, and can clearly hear the two of them snickering behind the door, but he sighs and sits on it anyway. keith and lance won’t shut up about successfully pranking him for weeks after
  • pidge and matt went through an entomology phase, and used to hang out in the woods by their house collecting bugs. that was until a fly tried to crawl up her nose and pidge realised she hated the outdoors. 
  • whenever there’s a spider in the house shiro will get keith to get it, but if keith’s not home shiro will scream as he traps it under a cup, scream as he runs through the house at top speed to the door, scream as he throws the cup away from himself and scream quickly wipes himself down to make sure the spider isn’t on him. keith was just arriving home from school once when he did this, and he just stared at him for a long moment before shaking his head. shiro couldn’t look him in the eyes for the rest of the night.
  • keith loves looking at the weapons and armour sections of the museum they go onto on a school trip, and he drags lance, his buddy, around the whole place by the hand for the whole time that they are there - lance would complain, but he sort of likes that way keith’s face looks, smushed up against the glass of the display case, his breath fogging the screen
  • hunk for sure had one of those pretend cooking kitchen sets, and he used to make plastic food in the oven that he serves at all the tea parties he hosts and that lance and pidge all happily pretend to eat. (the first time keith attends one, he just stares at them all, wildly confused as he watches lance pretend to chew on a plastic croissant and ask for seconds).
  • lance walks up to keith and asks him, ‘do you know who my crush is?’ keith’s heart begins to beat double time, ‘no, who is it?’ he asks, and lance makes sure to do it exactly the way his big sister showed him, he stares straight into keith’s eyes and says, ‘my crush? well, I’m looking at him.’ 
  • lance has a dog that he loves with all his heart - he and keith always try to race his dog when they go swimming at the beach, the dog always wins when keith and lance turn the race into an impromptu splashing fight.

anonymous asked:

hey maybe this won’t help much or do anything at that but you’re doing the best you can for yourself and what you see yourself as isn’t who or what you really are. you aren’t what your negativity tells you you are! i know it seems like your worthless and too much, (I know that feeling) but you deserve happiness and good moments. no ones perfect, no ones ever just a pure good person. your a human that deserves life. sorry, this was very cheesy. i hope you feel better ❤️

I’m confuzzled

Okay, so there was a post earlier last night (since it’s like dawn now)…. And so I started to create a character for the post with DnD 5th… I’m also using OrcPub for part of the creation help (it’s not nearly as helpful as I was hoping… I’m sure it is a great site, but not at the moment for what I”m trying to do it seems)…

So, I’m making a bard that is a part of an artisan guild, race Tiefling. I get 3 skills from being a bard, 2 (Insight, persuasion) from the guild… But OrcPub is telling me to chose 6. Assuming the 2 from the guild is a part of the count then…

Where the hell is that last skill coming from?

anonymous asked:

Hi. About two months ago I took a huge leap in my life and told my parents I'm gay and they kept asking if I was trans and I kept answering no even though I am and they kept saying "thank god we wouldn't be able to hand that" I've only told one person about this and I don't know what to do. Help?

Jay says:

I think that, if they did have to “handle” it (for lack of better wording), they could. A lot of people look at people in difficult situations and think “I’m so glad I’m not in that situation I couldn’t deal with it”. Then they find themselves in that situation and they realize they can handle it, or at least that they have no choice because it’s already happening anyway. Transitioning can seem intimidating to parents, so they respond the way your parents are acting. 

If I were you I’d mention trans people, maybe something trans-related in the news, or a trans friend/acquaintance (maybe not by name, don’t out people). If they respond positively or neutrally, especially if you mention something a few times kind of spaced out and they’re consistent, chances are they’d adjust ok. If they’re more negative then I’d be more cautious. 

non-consumerism is a super important way to protect the environment, biodiversity and the habitats of many different species of animals.

i know it’s not as glamourous but i still hope that not consuming newly manufactured products will soon be as popular and applauded as vegetarianism / veganism / clean eating, because it’s just as crucial to the earth.

this is why raintower is still so small - there have been times where i could have sold more and done more but i chose not to because it would have meant supporting manufacture. i ask myself sometimes why i live this challenging low income lifestyle and come back to the same thing — i would love to have a little more financial wiggle room but it’s not the top priority. top priority is doing something good and decent and constantly showing my respect and veneration of the earth.

non-consumerism is a shift in lifestyle but it’s not as difficult as it may seem and quite fun when you get going. i’m here to help — if you have questions about how and why to do this feel free to ask and i’ll respond as best i can.


“we need to consume less and manufacture less” isn’t an opinion i have, it’s a scientific, physical, mathematical fact that can be easily googled. we haven’t colonized mars yet, earth is all we got and it will not be enough for us at the rate we are going. besides there are no cute animals on mars so even if we move there and humanity keeps on going after making earth unfit to live on i would really miss the oceans and rainforests and far out animal antics.


all the pragmatic stuff aside.

what about the metaphysical, spiritual

any item brrought into your home or worn on your body should vibe with the energies around you, strengthen your flow, calm your anxieties, make you feel connected. how something is created and procured plays a big part in this.

this is my main aim with everything i make and every time i hear that it’s working i float on clouds and all the struggles are beyond worth it.


i think part of the shift humanity is going through at the moment will make us more aware (once again, because really we have always known) of the importance of energy. we will be more intuitive again which will make us trust ourselves more deeply and therefore able to love more deeply and and be more vulnerable.


i’ll sign off the same way i did in my newsletter: you’re cosmic stardust, don’t give up on your dreams, i love you, stay punk!!!

transparentpaintersuit  asked:

Just being nosey, how's Ducky doing?

Doing good. A little slow to get up and down but a new supplement seems to be helping that. A little deaf. But aren’t we all? 🙂He still hears his food hitting the bowl!

I keep posts about him aging to a minimum. People mean well but whether it’s online or real life whenever it’s brought to someone’s attention that Ducky isn’t a puppy they seem to feel the need to dwell on his age and to inexplicably start telling me about all the dogs they’ve had who died younger. Seriously. All. The. Time. I know I’ll get responses to this question from people doing that exact thing. I’ve decided to begin asking people who do that how old their kids are, and then replying “Oh. I hope you’re taking them to a Doctor soon. Isn’t that they age when…” and then getting distracted and wandering off.

Ducky was happy with his new sweaters today, annoyed with me when I wouldn’t give him dinner early, and did his best to convince the Lady that he needed a tater tot.

So same as he’s been for 13 years or so. 😊

psa; positivity campaign

In light of recent events, and how torn everyone seems to be– I suggest how we spread goodness and honor memories is through a positivity campaign!




anonymous asked:

I've recently been telling a lot of people about my identity, but I always seem to hesitate because I feel like they'll judge me for saying I'm genderfluid because of the sort of "joke" that's been brought up with it and gender identity, which led me to question myself even more?? Like I know I don't know what I feel like (he, she, they, etc) but I don't wanna keep id-ing as genderfluid because of the annoying gender jokes that rose up last year. Any idea what I can do to help myself out?

Alright anon, here’s the deal: screw them. If people want to make jokes about your gender, they’re not your friends, and not people you want to be around. Your identity is real, and valid. You shouldn’t question yourself or your identity simply because people around you are ignorant and intolerant. I know it’s hard, and it feels bad all the time because people joke about it. What matters in the end is that you feel, and anybody who wants to mock you can come kiss my pretty fists. 

To keep yourself emotionally safe:

1. Only come out to people that you’re sure are safe, or are likely to be safe. 

2. Stay away from people who make jokes about you to the best of your ability. They’re assholes, and not worth interacting with.

3. Every time you hear a joke, remind yourself “I’m valid, I’m here, I’m real, and they can’t change that.”

We support you here, with whatever you may need. Good luck friend <3

~ Wren

fadhilitheone  asked:

This might seem like an odd request but anyways Remember how there was an artist who did a klance drawing of Lance practicing gymnastics trics on a rope and keith walks in and then Lance said something like "I always love an audience"? I cannot find the artist but I remember you doing a lil bonus picture for it so can you please help me get a link to the original artwork BECAUSE AFTER LANCE'S PERFORMANCE IN S4 I SCREAMED BECAUSE I REALIZED THAT THEIR ARTWORK IS NOW CANNON AND I WAS SO HAPPPPPYY

omgg i actually drew the whole comic :)) you can find it here


lscholar replied to your post “for what it’s worth roxy definitely displays a SHITTONNE of passive…”

i always thought gamzee’s status as bard of rage made him super kismesisetically attractive? kind of like how hope also has to do with sex?

Like, granted on that front, the Bard is basically contrived to frustrate people, both within the comic and without. Here’s something I drew to that effect when I was trying to figure out the Rage aspect in my last reread:

I guess my issue was more that it seemed at odds with Kanaya being a lesbian? But I think this may have to do with Hussie’s approach to psychosexual development: in saying the trolls are fundamentally pansexual, I think there was an implicit statement that humans are fundamentally pansexual. There was an Q&A where Hussie said that within troll society, Kanaya preference for girls was more on par with a fetish than what her attraction might represent in human society, and I can’t help but wonder if that was a slight misdirection. It would, to me, seem consistent with Hussie’s approach that both homosexuality and heterosexuality are being regarded as fetishistic preferences in their own right? And one fetish just happens to be more broadly encouraged within the social sphere…

Of course this is a reduction that doesn’t get into the power dynamics at play in gender and sex, and I won’t pretend to be well read on theories of sexuality but like… Homestuck seems to operate in a world where the psychosexual baseline is total non-differentiation, and preferences/dynamics are developed with time, sometimes in opposition to the societally enforced preferences. The lack of distinction/barriers also seems related to why the trolls (ie the subconscious) view incest as a bizarre, alien construct.

This asserts a degree of construction on a portion of identity I think a lot of people consider innate?? Not entirely sure how to feel about that.

anonymous asked:

Been reading your blog lately and I can't help but think that Taylor could have been forced to do things that she didn't want to. Because it seems impossible for her to always be on charge of everything. And also do you think that Karlie used drugs or was influenced/force by the industry that she works in? Thanks!

Well, Tay evolved in a very protected and secure environment: her parents, (and esp Andrea), were always with her during events & tours, plus BM is a small label, and from what i’ve seen & read, Tay was quite mature very early, and didn’t go wild with partying, alcohol, drugs and crazy stuff…and remember: Tay’s parents both had a high level career: Andrea in marketing and Scott in finance. In these sectors, people are not naive, they tend to be careful…

Plus, even if she was probably sollicited by a few creeps and pervs (Harvey Weinstein style (eww these pics of them together make me sick), i’m confident nothing of that sort happened…Her parents have been super involved in her career (and in its management), from day 1: it’s a very important point :) 

Plus, to be honest, the fact that she’s gay may have also been an element that protected her (same for Kar)…When straight pervs know you’re gay, they are less tempted to come after you, some still try, yes (Weinstein tried with Cara & Jess Chastain (but we can agree he’s def one of the worst ever), but not as many..

Same regarding Kar: there are no rumors/stories about her & drugs. From what we’ve heard so far, she’s part of the smart & clean ones: no drugs, no sex for contracts, that kind of things…But clearly sometimes having a beard also helps young models (esp the closeted ones, whether they’re gay/bi/fluid/pan…) and brings them some security, depending on who they beard for/with, sometimes it can help protect them from creeps & pervs, it’s true…

And someone like Derek, who has known about the dark side of these industries for a long time, would have done his best to help protect his little sister…No doubt. Don’t forget that Jerk was a safe bet: clean guy, no drugs, no wild partying, he wouldn’t have tried to sleep with her…At the time, he was definitely a better/safer option than Leo or a few other ones…

anonymous asked:

Asalamulaykum sister, It’s been a good 6-8 months after giving up a haram relationship. Im busy focusing on myself, my iman, increasing knowledge of the deen. However i cant seem to find closure, i keep going back and imagining scenarios. Should i go for therapy? But that would involve discussing my sins and i dont understand if i can do that. This is not something i want to share with my parents or friends either, its personal. Pls help JazakAllahu khayr for your time, may Allah reward you.

Wa Alaikumussalaam

Praise be to Allah

The basic principle is that it is obligatory to conceal one’s faults, and that a person should not expose himself when Allah has concealed him; rather disclosing that may come under the definition of committing sin openly, and Allah has warned the one who commits sin openly that He will deprive him of His pardon. 

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) say: “All of my ummah will be fine except those who commit sin openly, and it is part of committing sin openly for a man to do something at night, then in the morning when his Lord has concealed him he says: O So and so, I did such and such last night, when his Lord had concealed him all night, but in the morning he discloses that which Allah had concealed for him.”

Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5721) and Muslim (2990). 

What is required is for the individual to beware of exposing himself or of telling anyone about such things, unless it is for a valid shar‘i purpose. 

One such purpose is to seek a fatwa concerning oneself, or to ask about the ruling of Allah concerning someone like him, or to admit that to the qaadi (judge) so that he may carry out the hadd punishment on him, and so on. 

With regard to the doctor, what appears to be the case that if there is a valid reason that justifies doing that, such as if one who is addicted or drinks alcohol tells the doctor about it, and the doctor is specialised in dealing with such things, so that he can help him to treat the problem and give up that bad habit, then in such cases there is a combination of medical interests, the interest of treating that disease, and spiritual interests, which will be served by giving up that immoral deed and major sin, and repenting from it. Everything that may help a person to give up evil is prescribed in his case, and is either obligatory or recommended. 

But if there is no valid reason or interest that it is hoped will be served by telling the doctor about such things, then the Muslim should conceal his faults and refrain from speaking about them, and he should ask the doctor to overlook the issue. 

Usually, a smart doctor has the insight to understand what he needs to know from these symptoms, so the one who is faced with that problem has no need to expose himself or tell lies. What he is seeking of treatment for himself, if treatment is required, the doctor can base on what he sees in his examination of the patient and on what he understands of the implicit meaning of he says. 

And Allah knows best.


anonymous asked:

So I don't wanna bother you but I don't know what to do. My mum knows I'm trans and seemed to be really open to it and even helped me pick a name but she never calls me by it or he/him pronouns. Every time I remind her she says of course but then doesn't.

Hey there! I would just keep correcting her until she gets it. Every time she says your birth name, say your real name. Every time she says the wrong pronoun, say the right one. But only say your name, and only at your pronoun. Don’t use extra words like “it’s (name), remember?” Or “don’t forget it’s (pronoun)”. Just say (name) or (pronoun) because that’s what gets it to stick better. Good luck