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Transcript - the one and only

Text conversation between Sana & Jamilla. 

5/7 2015

Jamilla: I heard you are gonna go to Nissen?

Sana: Yeah! It will be nice but a little stressful too. No one I know will go to that school. But you go there. Good to know a third-grader.

Jamilla: I will watch out for you. <3 Just as I did at Urra.

Sana: Aw, thank you. <3 You were my angel in 8th grade. Hopefully I won’t end up in a class full of racists.

Jamilla: Inshalla.

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If the alternative is starvation, work is never truly voluntary. The fact that people overlook this contradiction never ceases to amaze me.

I know the common rebuttal here is an appeal to nature- “Well, people have always looked for food or starved!” which ignores a few things.

First, that the same ancestors who lived in those ancient conditions were also gatherer-hunting nomads, out of necessity. They could not stay still in one place, like we do today. The second they settled and began to grow food was the second that people could afford not to produce food, and thus could do other things. This, in itself, must have seemed a drastic economic change. One wonders - were these first non-food-producing humans resented because they did not help to produce what they ate?

Second, we are now producing a lot more food than we need, with a lot less people than it used to take. We’ve gone from a world where you needed a small village to support just a few full-time non-food producers, to one where 40% of the global workforce, a minority of people, works in agriculture.

The circumstances have changed. We have the capability, as evidenced, to construct economies where the majority are not directly producing the means of life.

It is therefore a choice, not a necessity, to construct a world in which people starve if they do not work.

Provided we maintain the current system? We have other incentives, both negative and positive, which we can use to fulfill the same social function of encouraging people to work - all without recourse to threats.

Nothing necessitates starvation except for the desire to exercise power over others.

Life Begets Life: Arrow 5x23 Review (Lian Yu)

“Lian Yu” a summary:

I love the journey we take on stories.  I particularly love the journey we take with television. There’s really no medium like this. The experience is over in a couple hours with a movie.  We can control how quickly we read a book (even if we have to wait for additional sequels). But television? Television is a week to week story that spans years. Or at least it is if you watch live from start to finish. Television can be a long and arduous journey. Full of ups and downs. Great episodes and horribly bad ones.  We walk the road with the characters in real time. It’s a serious time investment and the hope is the story eventually connects. That the threads the writers weave come together in the end and we can see the full picture.  "Lian Yu" is one of those rare storytelling gifts that repays all the many years of patience.  

We started this journey with Oliver Queen five years ago. We have walked each step with him. We’ve rejoiced with Oliver in his moments of triumph. 

We’ve grieved with him. 

We threw things at him with every maddening step backward.

Step by step, we’ve watched Oliver come back to life. 

It hurt and he fought it for a long time, but slowly Oliver began to learn how to live again. Instead of shutting himself off, he chose to build a life filled with purpose





and love. 

He’s clawed his way out of the dark and into the light that was always there, deep inside.  

It was all leading somewhere. A destination, a choice, Oliver had to make. No matter how far Oliver has come there is always a piece of him that remains on the island… and on the boat.  Oliver had to return to Lian Yu, one last time, so he could finally let it go. So he could finally come home.

A hero’s story is fraught with triumph and tragedy. There is both in “Lian Yu.” The great tragedy is once Oliver decides who he is, and is ready for all that entails, he’s faced with an impossible choice and loses what he’s spent years building.

Or did he? Adrian Chase is the master chess player. He was always ten moves ahead, even in the final moments, but perhaps there was a move Chase couldn’t foresee. One Oliver set in motion years ago, in a moment where he clung to the light and held to Diggle and Felicity’s faith in him. A moment where Oliver kept a promise.

Let’s dig in…

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anonymous asked:

I'm concerned as to whether or not violence actually affects anything positive. I get that it's supposed to scare them into shutting up, but it doesn't seem to be having that effect. It seems to be helping their victimhood act. I get that people should know better than to fall for that act, but the fact is that they apparently don't, so we need to take that into account strategically. It would obviously be to their benefit to pay fake rioters to do violence. Should we then do that for free?

This is a hotly-debated question among anti-fascists and anti-racists.  Here’s the way we believe this question should be approached: if you discovered that there was a gang of fascists was in your community recruiting members and publicly organizing, what could you do about it?  Here are the range of options:

1) Ignore them and hope they just magically go away.

The problem with this, of course, is that it does not work.  History has very clearly shown us that ignoring violent racist extremists doesn’t make them go away; on the contrary, it gives them license to intimidate, attack, and eventually murder the people belonging to groups they’ve targeted - racialized people, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, religious minorities, etc.  This is because fascists take your total disregard of their presence as a sign that you agree with them.  It also lets the people they target know that no one will defend or support them.  As novelist Joy Kogawa put it, “if there’s just one thing that history teaches us, just one thing, it’s that bystanders and perpetrators are both on the same side.“ 

2) Report them to the authorities.
People that believe this is the way to address fascists in their communities are often extremely disappointed with the result.  The authorities aren’t going to do anything to stop fascist plans until they have injured or killed somebody.  To our mind, that is far, far too late.

There are other problems with relying on the authorities to solve fascism and racism as well.  The old saying “cops and the Klan go hand-in-hand” doesn’t just come from police going out of their way to protect fascists and racists while viciously attacking those brave enough to confront fascists.

It also comes from decades of evidence of police involvement as members of fascist and racist groups themselves.   Some notorious examples of this include:

- the police in Greensboro, North Carolina colluding with the KKK to allow them to shoot up an anti-racist demonstration, killing five people;

- this asshole:

- this police department/KKK Klavern in Florida;

Then there are things like the time when the Canadian spy agency funneled money and intelligence to one of the main organizers of the neo-nazi Heritage Front, allowing it to grow into the largest white supremacist group in the country.  Or the time when Germany’s intelligence agency, which had been paying money to neo-nazi organizers, became aware of a neo-nazi gang’s serial murder plot and instead of stepping in, actively obstructed and tampered with the police investigation.  The neo-nazi gang would go on to murder nine immigrants and one police officer along with committing two bombings and fifteen bank robberies.  

Finally, there is the fact that in most cities, racialized people are more likely to be killed by police than by any other group of people.  So no, 2) is not a great option.

Which brings us to:

3) Take up some form of passive protest against them.

The favorite choice of liberals everywhere!  But the problem with pacifism is that it only works when the opposing side has a conscience.  Fascists not only lack that, but they actively fetishize and valorize violence as a legitimate political mechanism, a preferred political tactic, and a philosophical principle that builds group cohesion and commitment.  So bravo to liberals for deciding to do something about fascism but they quickly discover that they have to then choose whether or not they wish to be the victims of fascism, because opposing fascists necessitates self-defence.  Liberals that don’t understand this wind up making the same mistakes of people like the White Rose Society.    

So what’s left, then?

Expose, oppose, and confront them whenever they appear and defend yourself and your community as necessary.
This is the tactic the majority of antifa choose.  It’s also the one that has, to our mind, the most effective over the last seventy years or so.  There’s abundant evidence of that to be found in examples like The 43 GroupAnti-Fascist Action, The Torch Antifa Network, The Anti-Fascist Network, and dozens more.  


5) Hunting down and killing fascists.  

Which, to our knowledge, is very illegal in most places.

So Anon, which do you think is the right option to choose when fascists are publicly organizing and recruiting in your town?

Of Flower Crowns (Elriel Fluff)

This one was inspired by this gorgeous pic. I blame it fully for this drabble and its tooth-rotting fluff. 

The garden had been a sanctuary for Azriel and Elain since the very start of their relationship, back when they had been nothing more than tentative friends thrown together in a time of need. But even then, Azriel had always enjoyed being able to sit on one of the many benches, wings out as he quietly watched Elain tend to the blooming flowers. It was a still, soothing peace – one that he had often yearned for in his long existence, but rarely attained. His friends were a rowdy bunch after all, and the world was forever a dangerous place; far too dangerous to allow him any measure of rest.

But Elain, lovely Elain… she could calm Azriel down like no other and yet could also set him all ablaze with a single touch. (She was shy and sweet, no doubt, but underneath all of that careful poise, underneath all of the ingrained manners and etiquette, was a fiercely passionate heart. She was truly a wondrous thing to behold, in every aspect of life.)

As their relationship progressed from friendship into something else entirely, they spent more and more of their time in the garden of the house she kept with her sisters. Azriel treasured the moments they had together amidst the carefully manicured plants… Like when he would be lounging on his usual bench, eyes closed against the bright sun, until Elain would suddenly be at his side, a small smile tugging at berry-colored lips. She’d settle softly next to him without out a word, her body half on top of his so they could both fit on the bench’s narrow iron frame.

There was just nothing quite like the sheer warmth of those moments. He hoped the memories of them would forever stay clear in his mind, that even decades, centuries from now, he would remember the feeling of Elain Archeron lying atop his chest, her head tucked into the crook of his neck as he ran his fingers through soft, soft hair.

The first time she’d done it, laid with him like that, she’d been so hesitant, afraid of making the wrong move, of scaring him off… afraid of asking for what she truly wanted after she’d had her heart so brutally broken. But when Azriel had opened his eyes to find her standing nervously in front of his bench, her hand half raised towards him, he had only reached out and tugged her onto him. He could bear her weight easily, and would gladly do so for as long as she wished. Elain, for her part, had worn a soft smile as she slowly relaxed into his body, her cheeks flushed with color. There was no embarrassment in her countenance, however, not with Azriel.

So, yes, their time in the garden was precious. It was a place so wholly peaceful that even Azriel, who lived the majority of his life wreathed in shadows, who greeted pain as an old friend, could not help but bask in it. It was also the only place that seemed to ease the visions that so often plagued Elain. Though it did not happen nearly as often as it once had, there were still days where her mind was so full of the threads of their futures that she could barely think. Days where Azriel could do nothing more than be there and listen to the soft murmurings of futures he could barely decipher, watching over the world around them as Elain’s eyes remained clouded and sightless.

There was nothing else he could do… but bring her into their favorite sanctuary. The peace of the garden helped to rein in her visions, the quiet buzz of life around them giving her strength. It was the familiarity, Azriel thought, that helped her most; the one tie apart from her sisters that she continued to have to her former mortal life.

Today was another bad day. Azriel had awoken to Elain’s feverish mutterings, had tried to calm her in his usual way (soft hands stroking down her sides, kisses pressed to her shoulders as he tried to bring her back into the present). When that didn’t work, he immediately wrapped a shawl around Elain’s shoulders (modest even in immortality, Azriel knew she be humiliated if she woke to find herself in nothing but her thin night gown) and spared a brief moment to pull on some pants, forgoing a shirt in his urgency. He lifted Elain gently, holding her tight to his bare chest as he walked them down into the ever-peaceful garden.

Instead of heading to their bench, however, he sat amidst the grass, Elain laying against him in the v of his legs. He knew that she would come back faster down here, amidst the product of all her hard work, the flowers rustling in a gentle breeze. So Azriel sat, keeping his arms around the seer as a reminder that he was there, but loose enough that she didn’t feel locked in. (It was hard for her, when her body was here with him, but her mind elsewhere. She was often panicked when she came back.) 

Azriel sat and he did what he did best. He listened. His wings were a shelter around them, the riddles of Elain’s visions contained within as she muttered them to him. Azriel memorized them all, catalogued them for later. He was the spymaster after all, even on days like these.

Slowly, slowly he felt Elain return from wherever she’d been. He only relaxed fully when she crawled away from him though, her hands going into the flowers all around them. Her mind was still half in the future, eyes slightly glazed, but she kept her hands busy, using the task in front of her to regain control. Azriel watched as she methodically picked flowers, weaving them together with a kind of artistry that all of the Archeron sisters, even Nesta, seemed to possess.

He stayed carefully silent as he leaned back onto his elbows, his attention never wavering from Elain. She looked so heart-achingly beautiful in the dawn light, soft and gentle but with that innate strength of hers shining through as she slowly mastered her powers.

And then she finally, finally blinked. Her eyes were clear as they gazed at him. Blessedly lucid.

“There she is,” he said softly, proudly.

Elain immediately smiled, even through her exhaustion and pain. She crawled back into his embrace, wrapped loose arms around his shoulders as she ducked her forehead against his. Her eyes closed. “Hello,” she said, her voice filled with relief. 

Azriel’s hand went under her hair to rest on the back of her neck. “Hello,” he responded in kind.

(There would be time to question her about the visions later. She deserved a little bit of peace first. She always did. Azriel would have given everything he had, if only he could continue to give Elain Archeron the peace she deserved.)

She shifted back a bit from him, her arms falling into her lap as she looked at the flowery creation she held in one hand. Her fingers trailed over the red and pink petals. 

“What’s that?” he asked.

A mischievous glint lit in Elain’s tired eyes. “It’s for you.” She crooked a finger at him, gesturing for him to duck forward.

He did so. And then Elain reached up placed the flowers atop his head, hands almost benevolent as she settled them in his hair. Azriel blinked in surprise. A crown. She’d made him a crown. He felt something like heat fly to his cheeks.

“I’m not entirely sure a spy like me is fit to wear a crown,” Azriel finally managed to reply, sardonic.

Elain watched him for a moment, her fingers tracing over the whorls of the Illyrian tattoos that covered his shoulders. (Their design was unlike those of his brothers – these swirls looked like smoke and mist and shadow.) Finally, she looked up to meet his burning gaze. “You’re much more than just a spy, Azriel,” she said in a soft voice that left no room for argument. “And you deserve more than just a crown.”

He had to swallow past the emotion in his throat when she took one of his hands in hers, kissing the inside of his scarred palm without fear or revulsion.

“Regardless, I think something’s missing here,” Azriel told her after a pause, reaching out to pick a pretty white flower with his free hand. He put it gently behind her ear, tucking her hair around it. “There. Now we match.”

Elain responded with rosy cheeks and a smile… and then by throwing her arms around him again, pressing kisses to his jaw. She was always so beautifully tactile with him, especially after a vision. He buried his head in her neck for a long moment, wanting to just breathe her in. Her arms tightened around him at that, fingers running through the hair at the nape of his neck. Azriel held on long enough to be surrounded by nothing but Elain, by her comforting scent.

When he reluctantly loosened his hold, she didn’t go far, only placing her forehead against his. This time she kept her eyes open though, and he would had to be blind not to see the love and adoration and want shining there.

“Hello,” he said again, his mouth mere inches from hers, his voice rough.

“Hello,” she replied, breathless.

Azriel’s eyes flicked down to her lips for the briefest moment. “I’m going to have to kiss you now.” 

Elain smiled, a thing so bright it was almost painful. “If you insist.”

And he did. After all, how could he not? It was Elain.


Summary: Dan is worried that his social anxiety is going to mess up his job interview, but that becomes the least of his problems when he gets his vibrator stuck up his butt the night before.

Warnings: smut, unsafe anal practice, vomit, hospitals, puns

Word count: 10k

A/N: This is a weird little idea I had one morning about Dan getting a vibrator stuck up his bum, then I somehow managed to fill it with chicken/egg puns. Enjoy! (It was a hard decision whether to post this or another fic, but I decided you guys deserve the long one as I haven’t posted in over two weeks)

Dan was nervous for his job interview. He was as prepared as he could be: he’d thought about all the questions he might be asked and how he would answer them. He’d even made notes about the company in case he was expected to have any background knowledge.

Still, he couldn’t relax. Dan had tried a few things to help him relax: a warm bath, some relaxing music, a cup of tea and a good book… but nothing seemed to be doing the trick.

Dan only had one idea left, and laying back on his bed, he decided to give it a shot. He needed an orgasm, a moment of bliss, with the relaxed exhaustion that followed. He wasn’t just going to aim for a standard, hand job on the penis, kind of orgasm through. He’d been experimenting with anal play recently, having achieved a prostate orgasm a few times with his fingers, and more recently, with a new toy. He wasn’t an expert on the world of sex toys and vibrators, so he thought he’d start out small. He’d purchased this little egg shaped vibrator, not wanting to get anything he couldn’t cope with and so far, it had been amazing.

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You hear them long before you see them. You recognize two of the voices, but why would they be here? They’d escaped, if they’d been caught again you’d know. Someone would have bragged about it, and this place would have been full of life but so far it’s just been you.
They’re not trying to be quiet, and there are more than just the two voices you recognize.
“Wait, is this grass?” A male voice asks in surprise. He’s not from around here, he’s American for sure.
“Yes.” Her voice is soft and when she caresses one of your flowers you know exactly who it is. Gesturing aside the vines you can see her magic working its way around the door, instead you use the vines to rip the door out of the doorway. “Ah.” Wanda says sounding pleased. “Hello.”
“Hi.” You say softly looking at the group she’s got with her. Pietro you know, he gives you that impish smirk and you roll your eyes. There are two other men staring at you, one has short blonde hair and is wearing a star on his chest, Captain America. The other has longer dark brown hair and is wearing a black leather jacket with a missing left arm. The left arm is missing to show off a metal arm, The Winter Solider. Why aren’t they trying to kill each other?
“Woah.” Captain America says as the two men stare at your room. It’s full of greenery, flowers are everywhere.
“So, you’ve got flowers.” The Winter Solider says looking around the room. He doesn’t seem quite as in awe as the captain does.
“Didn’t you tell them about me?” You ask Wanda.
“Not really, we just told them you were enhanced.” She tells you with a little shrug.
“Guys, you told us she’d be able to help us destroy Hydra. All she does is make pretty flowers!” The Winter Solider snaps.
“Thank you.” You say with a smile and he looks confused, “You said my flowers were pretty. And I can help you destroy Hydra. Why do you think they had me locked up?”
“How can plants help us fight Hydra?” You’re not liking his tone of voice. Instead of answering you show him, with an outstretched hand and a flick of your wrist he, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, finds himself wrapped from knee to shoulder in vines and hanging upside down.
“You were saying?” You ask sweetly with a small smile on your face.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: Part One, 24th May

Where to begin with this? I’m not sure whether to give opening assessments of the characters first, or line by line details. How about we start with the characters!


Thomas is just really delightfully funny. You forget that he doesn’t look like Ron, because he inhabits the character so well. Because he’s so jovial and bubbly all the time, the second timeline Ron is a stark and entertaining contrast. I think he’s brilliant, and he’s one of about five or six cast members who is completely nailing it already.


I adore Rakie. She exudes Hermione’s authority, and she has this beautiful sort of Hermione-ish quality to her that I’m not sure I ever personally felt from Noma. She just has this presence about her. I feel so comfortable when she’s on stage, I trust her implicitly, and she and Thomas have already given me one of my favourite ever Romione moments.


Helen’s Rose is simply adorable. She’s young and bubbly and seems like she’s having so much fun. I love how she has no time for Scorpius’s flirting, and she seems to have such a sweet relationship with her parents.


I was surprised and delighted by how much I liked Jamie. I was really worried about him, because in the past I don’t have a good track record of enjoying Harrys who weren’t played by Jamie Parker, but I didn’t have any issues with him. There were a couple of decisions that he made that I thought were really beautiful, especially in the second timeline. I could really feel a change between his normal timeline Harry and how he was in the second timeline. You could tell, especially at times in that timeline, that he loves Albus and wants the best for him.


I lot of the good Ginny moments come in Part Two (which I hadn’t realised; it’s fascinating how a new cast changes the whole balance and feel of the show), so I don’t think we’ve seen too much of Emma yet. But what I have seen I’ve liked, especially things she did around the duel scene. I can’t help but wonder if this cast have rehearsed the second timeline a lot, because that felt the most complete section of Part One for me.


From the first moment I saw the first photo of Theo in character, my impression was that he was uptight and insecure and nerdy, and that’s exactly what we got on stage. The photos and videos actually do give a really good sense of how these characters are being played, looking back on them with hindsight. I think Theo is really scared, but there are flashes of how he will be when he’s relaxed, and I do think we got a small sense of how he’ll be playing Albus going forward, which is entirely contrary to anything Sam or Tom ever did (although I actually really like that).


James has always been my favourite Draco. He exudes confidence and pain, and is one of those actors who’s shining. His Draco feels the most complete of all the characters on the stage, just because he’s had so much time to dig into him. I am so excited for his big moments in Act Two. I should also mention that it helps that James seems to have chemistry with everyone, from Thomas, to Jamie, to Samuel. All the people you want him to have chemistry with.


There is nothing to be said about Samuel beyond wow. His Scorpius is nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before. In a similar way to Theo, it’s the opposite to how Anthony or James played Scorpius. Brimming with confidence. Enthusiastic and excitable. His crush on Rose is so explicit and painfully cute. He’s just adorable, and he’s owning this character in a completely new way. Scorpius is Samuel’s now, and I’m delighted with him.

And with all that initial assessment out of the way, let’s have a look at the play itself!

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More animenorth prep spam here’s the photo prints thanks for all your help with pricing!! Here’s what I have for 4x6

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Prices seem okay?


Hurts so bad but feels so good.

A Jonerys au

Daenerys targaryen doesn’t believe in anything more than a fling but Jon Snow might be the exception.

Late nights and the party life is the only way Daenerys targaryen knows how to live. Though when she meets Jon at her friends party Daenerys is instantly attracted to the dark stranger.

The catch? He wants nothing to do with her.

Shocked but intrigued with the brooding man Daenerys just can’t seem to get Jon out of her head. Now determined to have Jon for herself Daenerys won’t stop till she gets what she wants.

And what Daenerys Targaryen wants Daenerys Targaryen gets.

Jon Snow wants nothing to do with Daenerys targaryen.

When Jon’s cousin invites him to a party Jon sees no harm in it until he meets Daenerys targaryen. Immediately struck by her Jon can’t help but want her. Been hurt before Jon is determined to keep his distance. But somethings are easier said than done.

Because there’s something that keeps pulling him back to her.

Now stuck in a game of tug-a-war Jon and Daenerys both will be tested in the art of love. But happens when the game turns into a battle of the heart? With love and heartbreak on the line can Daenerys really be with Jon? Can Jon fall in love again? Or will both their worlds change along with their hearts?

Let the games begin.

Hey y'all! Here’s another AU for the amazing jonerys fandom even though I know I should be working on my fanfic (😭sorry😭) but let me know what you think! Enjoy!. 😚

patron-saintof-sluts  asked:

Red velvet: Reader meeting Thomas' parents and vice versa? (Headcanon, Or drabbles! Whichever you prefer!)

reader meets thomas’ parents

  • you’re nervous as heck
  • thomas is so chill you want to punch him
    • thomas: “baby, relax”
    • you, sarcastically: “ahh, yes. now i am perfectly calm. thank you for telling me to do that.”
    • thomas: “…” 
    • you: “i’m sorry i’m just reallt nervous” 
  • they’re actually very kind and generous 
    • they’re constantly like “do you want this” or “do you need something” 
    • you’re sure it’s just them being good hosts but it puts you a little more at ease
    • it’s clear where thomas gets his heart from
  • his mom and you click fast (thomas told you she likes everyone who isn’t martha)
    • you offer to help her clean up after dinner which to you seems only polite, but she’s surprised by this
    • you’re just so thoughtful and caring and she knows you’re going to take care of her thomas
    • plus, she sees the way that thomas looks at you
    • it’s clear you two love each other
  • his dad is a little quieter, but he’s still just as kind
    • he talks to you about school/your job
    • it’s nice to see that you’re going somewhere and you’re doing your own thing despite thomas’ wealth
    • hearing you talk about your own goals is what impresses him the most
    • he tells you that previous girls have looked to thomas as their way out of working…it’s a relief to see you’re not like them
  • when they ask how you met, you both say “online.” 
    • thomas’ parents are really conservative. if he found out how you really met, he fears it wouldn’t sit well with them
    • it’s just easier that way

thomas meets reader’s parents

  • thomas doesn’t mind–once again, he’s annoyingly calm about it
    • he even bought your parents gifts
    • thomas, jokingly to you: “does this gift say thank you for making your daughter or what” 
    • you: “shUT UP”
  • your parents are wary
  • mainly because thomas is like 10 years older than you
    • your mom is especially nervous
    • your dad’s just even more on guard when he comes into the house with you
  • your dad is the first to come around
    • he sees the way he treats you…he doesn’t have a doubt in his mind that he cares for you
    • it’s little things like how he’ll help you take off your coat or pull your chair out for you
    • it’s things your dad did for your mom and he knows your in good hands
    • plus, thomas’ gift is super nice so he’s like “i like him”
  • your mom takes a lot more convincing
  • you expected your dad to be grilling thomas with questions but it’s your mom that’s digging deep
  • thomas answers every question without missing a beat and he’s just so confident and so sure that “yes, i love your daughter” that your mom just gives in
  • you reach for his hand under the table and squeeze it
  • he knows this is you’re way of telling him “you did good”
  • you also tell your parents you met online. you don’t tell them that you were a sugar baby. 
    • your parents would have a fit and you were sure you’d be pulled away from thomas immediately.

trashlandlord  asked:

Hello! I'm writing a mystery about a teenage girl who lives in a small, rich beach town and a bunch of girls her age are going missing. To prevent this from happening to her, she tries to get involved and try to find out who is doing this. How can I make this mystery more exiting and leave the reader on the edge of her seat? How can I make it original? And what are some good title names? Thank you! 💕

Well it already seems like you have a very interesting and engaging premise! A good place to start now is to research the tropes of the genre. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid everything on this list, of course, but it does mean that readers of the genre will expect these things, so to surprise them the most, you will want to avoid as many as possible. Some other things to help would be:

  • Leave hints throughout the story, but don’t be heavy handed. Make sure to leave things out–the reader shouldn’t know everything you know.
  • Give clues that are open ended: meaning they can point in many different directions or towards very different people so the reader is left wondering who the bad guy is or how the missing people disappeared. Don’t make them false clues, however; don’t lie to your reader. 
  • Make sure the bad guy, if there is one, has a good motive and a unique one at that. Researching tropes again will help. Think of yourself like a detective: who do they always suspect first in a murder? The husband? The secret boyfriend? Then make sure your bad guy isn’t either of those. 
  • 25 Things You Need to Know About Writing Mysteries
  • Writing a Mystery Novel (7 Tips)
  • How to Write a Mystery

As for titles, generally you want the title to be referenced in the story, either a quote that someone says once (for example: “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is the title of a novel and a description the narrator says once about the characters near the end) or a description of the story over all (which may or may not include their name: “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”). And here are some more resources: 

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Things I want to see in S3

(ft. Black Paladin Keith because people need to give this boi a little more credit) (Also ft. Klance because I can’t help myself)

  • Though everyone is in shambles after Shiros disappearance, Keith somehow pulls everyone together. He tells them he knows it’s really hard. Everyone knows it’s hardest on him. Shiro is the closest Keith has ever had to family.
  • He shows compassion for his team mates but he also reminds them gentle what they are there to do
  • Lance is really not ok with it at first
  • Things between Keith and Lance become very very rough. And for a while only seem to get worse
  • Lance is jealous and feels more insecure (Just feeling like he’s just a filler and just annoyed with the fact that he always seems to be deemed second right after Keith (again I’m not really about really depressing angst bc my boi deserves all the love in the world))
  • Keith is frustrated because he’s sick of fight with Lance
  • Hunk and Coran try to smooth things over with both the paladins but not much works.
  • At least not until Keith is forced to make a big conflicting decision and turns to Lance
  • Lance wants to know why he turned to him and not the others
  • Keith tells him that Lance is really good at detecting whether or not he’s being too impulsive.
  • Lance gives him his honest opinion and also feels included and they talk all night devising a plan
  • they then explain the plan to the others and alter it to other points the team brings up
  • that works out so well, Keith starts going to Lance more and more
  • they end up getting along and only bicker (but it’s really only friendly banter)
  • The team starts really working together as a team and Keith really pulls through and becomes an excellent leader and Lance is a great second in command
  • (Allura becomes one of the paladins and everyone is really worried about her because she is a princess but she asures them that this is her war too. And plus, what’s a princess with no kingdom? She tells them they are just as important as she is and also they all know Allura knows how to kick ass so…)


  • Pidge and Keith bond over Shiro’s disappearance and become very good friends
  • Keith hates fighting with Lance because he likes Lance and he just wants to mend things with him
  • The more Keith and Lance talk, the more they get into their personal lives and really bond
  • Hunk and Lance’s relationship grows and they spend lots of time with each other
  • Everyone silently ships Keith and Lance
  • The more Lance and Keith fall for each other, the more Lance and Allura become almost like siblings
  • Pidge is the first to find Shiro and he asks her in horror if Keith and Lance have been getting along (there’s no telling what trouble those two could get into with each other.) Pidge tells him that they actually have been getting along just great and Shiro says he’ll believe it when he sees it (sure enough… Shiro does a surprise)

anonymous asked:

Hey, can you help me? I told my mom i was genderfluid months ago and she kinda dismissed it and recently I told her I wasn't straight which she also dismissed. But she lowkey just told me she homophobic and transphobic, and idk what to do. I love her so much and to know that she thinks it's a phase or something hurts so much. She said once I turn 18 i could do whatever I want but till then I have to obey her.

She also seems to think that my being trans is due to one of my other friends being trans and now doesn’t want me to hang out with that friend as much. She told me to hang out with my other friends but she doesn’t know almost all of them are LGBT in some way. But I can’t out them to her so I cant really tell her that hanging out with my other friends is not going to make me cishet like she seems to believe. And I just don’t know what to do. I’ve known I wasn’t straight since I was born and I known about not being completely cis for about 2-3 years now but I doubt that will change her mind. I don’t want to grow up and have to distance myself from my family(they all follow my moms beliefs) just to be happy. I love them so much and i don’t know why they can’t see that them telling me this is a phase is hurting me so much. Any advice I know this is a lot. Thanks for letting me rant .I don’t know who else I can talk to as I don’t want to bother my friends.

My parents had both been homophobic and transphobic in the past and so I was afraid of what they might think if they knew I was queer. Two years ago, I came out to my mom as bisexual. Her first reaction was confusion as to what bisexual even was, followed by relief- relief that “at least I wasn’t a lesbian,”

Today, my mother is one of my biggest supports. She encourages me to go to Pride Festivals, she comes to Drag shows with me, and she helped me with my campaign for the president of my campus Pride organization. I credit the flip she made in the past two years to the fact that I kept the conversation open. I didn’t shy away from telling her when something she said was hurtful, I told her about how I came to the realization I was queer, I reminded her about when I was a kid, the fascination I’d had with gay characters (Specifically Jack from Dawson’s Creek lmfao), and eventually she began asking me questions. No matter how stupid they seemed, I answered them. Sometimes I answered questions that were horrifying to explain (Try to keep a straight face while you explain top vs. bottom to your mother). I know it can be tough, upsetting, and sometimes embarrassing but I encourage you: keep talking about it. Because it’s the only way she’s going to grow. 

No- not everyone in your life is going to grow with you and accept you, and it’s going to hurt when that happens. But you have to remember that they don’t experience what you experience. They don’t know what you know. So my advice is to continue to be open with her, tell her more about being genderfluid, and that you were born this way and hanging out with cishet people isn’t going to change who you are, tell her that you’ve always known. 

In any case I wish you the best of luck and pray that you never have to explain top vs. bottom to your mother. 

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Tbh piano seems like the hardest thing ever, but its really not. It's good for your mind and can help with your hand posture, focus, and attention which helped me a lot with my art. If you do chose to play piano, good luck!

i rly want to try! idk if i should to learn myself at home or attend classes tho

everything in this season has kinda been the opposite of what is seems?? like i feel like sana and isak’s convos rly highlight that cause sanas like ‘you’re alone’ and ‘do you want help?’ but like if u reverse that so its ‘i’m alone’ and ‘can you help me’ it rly makes sense like thats what sanas trying to say but she doesn’t know how to reach out for help, buy she knows how to help others.

bellezzarue  asked:

[pt 4] it has one. I apologize for spamming you, but I hope that I can help you realize this. So, just remember what that geeky little teen(me) told you. Everything you do has meaning and purpose. Even if it seems little, it could grow and encourage/start new, amazing things. Everything you do has a meaning, Sai. Thank you. <3

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Oh dear Rose, it seems revealing your massive monsters have affected me with some rigormortis, can you help?

I don’t know dear anon, what do you think?

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It's really weird how nobody has commented on Sophia leaving PD - not even NBC. Our only confirmation is Derek's tweet (which Jesse liked on Twitter). Do you think something happened behind the scenes? It just seems very last minute and not like a normal exit...

I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, it’s 5:30 in the morning here, and I got like three hours sleep, so please forgive me for rambling….I honestly don’t know what to think. Part of me does believe it, where part of me doesn’t. One thing that’s really bothering me is that tweet, I can’t help but feel like that was sarcasm. Why would someone who created Linstead, and knows how much most fans love them, make such an absurd and insensitive remark at a time when they know the fans are upset and hurt. We know Derek loves to rile everyone up, And I kind of feel like he was seeing how everyone was eating up the rumors, and then was like I know this isn’t true but I want to see them squirm until they realize that. Also why would Jesse like it? I feel the only reason he’d like it is because he knows it isn’t true. He knows how the fans love Erin and Linstead, and at some points it seemed he was their biggest shipper. So why like a tweet making fun of them ending? Also why go through with renovating a place, that your leaving, and last time I remember Frankie, you know Soph’s puppy, was still in Chicago? Why? Doesn’t make sense at least not to me. I’m probably thinking too much into it, but I think I’m going to relax a little until I hear more from either Soph herself or NBC. I agree it is weird, and I don’t know what her reasons are, it could a number of things. Again sorry for rambling. If you don’t agree thats fine, part of doesn’t either. But please don’t come at me, guns blazing, please let’s just agree to disagree on this, cause I really don’t want a heated discussion about this. Thanks and Much Love ❤️