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Business and Pleasure - Part 10

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,201

Warnings: Swearing

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The two of you had fallen into silence, both seemingly lost in thought. The appetizers were delicious, but you couldn’t do more than pick at them. You were too distracted by your thoughts to focus on eating.

So much had happened in so little time. Sure, it seemed like you had your best friend back, but who knew how long that would last. He seemed sincere earlier, but there was no way to guarantee that the two of you wouldn’t get into another stupid argument and find yourselves right back where you started.

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So this is thanks to @wheeloffortune-design’s art/AU proposal about a world where Jack doesn’t play hockey and is a chubby history nerd. I got thinking about him as Bitty’s French tutor who got dragged unwillingly into a Youtube series, and @udnoestaaqui proposed that the series’ viewers had trouble figuring out if it were fiction or reality, and well…. (Thanks to Talhi for help with the French!)

You really can’t blame them for wondering. Jack Zimmermann has an online photography portfolio that says he’s doing a minor in Fine Arts at Samwell, and he (along with Larissa Duan) is listed as a camera operator for fellow Samwell student B. Knight’s self-produced documentary Patriarchy In/Action. Fans can point out that there are camera angles and tricks he seems to enjoy in his photography that are used in Cuisiner en Français but have never been seen before in Check Please!  It would make sense if a long-time Youtuber like Bitty had teamed up with a fellow Samwell student and budding auteur and tried to make the next social media sensation.

Not to mention? It’s so meta. It works on so many levels.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a recommended reading list for early era sci-fi stories? Like, what you think helped define the genre in its infancy? You seem to know so much, and I want to try and maybe become more knowledgeable of geeky literature roots.

Well, here’s a few recommendations to get you started on reading early pulp-era science fiction: 

Slan by A.E. van Vogt (1940). This one is about a young boy who is a Slan, a member of a tendril-headed race of telepathic mutants who, in the future, are hunted and hated to extermination by normal humans. Our hero’s parents are murdered in front of him, and he is forced to go into hiding. It’s a great premise: you’re running in the night, and the wolves are after you. The book is really worth reading for the villain, Kier Gray, dictator of earth, a man described as “magnetic and tigerish.” A huge part of the book deals with him outsmarting all the people who want his job, and you grow to actually admire him. Like Julius Caesar or Napoleon, he’s a great man…but not a “nice” one. 

The Black Flame (1948). Anything by Stanley G. Weinbaum is worth reading; his career as a scifi writer only lasted 18 months, before he died of cancer, but in that time, he totally transformed the genre: his “Martian Odyssey” changed scifi because it had truly alien and incomprehensible aliens. Black Flame is one is one of my favorites because it’s actually a scifi romance, in that the romantic story is the “A-plot” and not a subplot. Our hero is a beefy modern-day Chris Hemsworthian engineer who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic future ruled by immortals. The most memorable is Princess Margaret, the Black Flame. Her moods turn on a dime, and she can go from the most achingly alluring woman ever, the kind you’d sell your soul to have, to being cruel and pitiless in an instant. Despite that, you get the feeling she is actually vulnerable, isolated from mankind by her immortality. I don’t know your gender, but in general, all the women I’ve lent this one to love it, because it’s a love story and the Black Flame is so cool.

Galactic Patrol by E.E. Smith (1939). This is not the first space opera, but the first space opera that had everything in play as we know it. It features the Lensmen, space-police assembled from dozens of races. It’s great, pure adventure stuff, and is the first book to have platoons of marines in strength-boosting power armor. It has imagery like the hyperspacial tube that lets you cross 20,000 light years in seconds, if you survive. “The Hell Hole in Space.” Mind battles where the reflection and parried mind powers make hundreds of innocent bystanders fall down dead. Space battles with literally millions of starships. Assembled from thousands of races, the Lensmen are the predecessors to multi-species hero organizations like the Jedi Knights and the Green Lanterns. The alien lensmen are really alien; my favorite is a telepathic dragon, and another is a psychologist from a planet of cowards. None of it is schlocky, it’s all deadly serious. The Lensmen have a kill-count that would make Brock Sampson blush, and the villains are frighteningly ruthless, cold, and competent. My favorite is the blue-skinned, cold, supergenius leader of the pirates, Helmuth, who was such a frighteningly effective villain. You figure out he’s not the usual bad guy when he refuses to accept the hero’s apparent death at face value, and because a body wasn’t found, assumed the hero faked his own death and continues looking for him.

“Shambleau” and the Northwest Smith horror-space opera stories by C.L. Moore (1933). If you ever want to see where Han Solo came from, read the Northwest Smith stories, published by C.L. Moore, about an amoral, pragmatic and hardboiled space smuggler and criminal, in adventures that are moody, dark, and more like horror than like adventure stories. The best of these is Shambleau, where Northwest Smith discovers an alien creature that may be the inspiration for the legends of Medusa.

A Princess of Mars, Gods of Mars, Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The most influential science fiction writer of the early part of this century, Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Mars/Barsoom stories are set on old, dying Mars of endless warfare, flying navies, swordfights, and beautiful princesses in need of rescue. They’re romantic stuff about heroes, gallant deeds, and daring and villains. The books have giant apes who live in crumbling lost Martian cities, and a beautiful girl who mentally controls lions.

The Hand of Zei by L. Sprague de Camp. De Camp is wonderful, but read this book right after the John Carter of Mars stuff. It’s kind of like Army of Darkness, in that it’s both a satire and also a great straight example of sci-fi planet romance stories at the same time. The hero is a neurotic oedipean ghost writer. The evil sinister mesmerist who commands the evil pirates is a velociraptor creature who is a germaphobe and spooked by loud noises. It’s absolute great fun and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Sinister Barrier by Eric Frank Russell (1939). This horror-tinged scifi novel has an amazing premise: imagine if the earth had been conquered and ruled in secret by invisible energy beings in another plane of existence who feed off our sensations of fear, pain, and terror, using the human race as cattle. Our hero is a scientist who discovers the existence of these beings, and has to flee for his life when he realizes the true nature of the world.

More of Harley being like Joker’s sister

More of her being his wingman when trying to impress Batman

I wanna see her doing stuff like brushing his hair and helping him apply makeup (other than his regular lipstick)

I also wanna see Barbara being Batman’s wingman

The pet names Joker calls Harley in this movie are making me insecure and i need my actual ships validating

I mean

She calls him Boo Boo, and that seems like a really best friend-y thing—
Doctor’s Orders

FIC REQ: can you please do a reid x reader (dating or not,, whatever u like)where the reader is on her period and he just takes care of her n it’s just fluffy n cuttteee cause it’s almost that time of month 4 me n i need this to ease myself lmao

Note: TW: period mentions. also lmao it took me like a week to get the motivation for this, sorry 2 the anon who requested it. p.s. cranberry juice helps with cramps, it’s always worked for me and i highly recommend it

Law and Order: SVU blared on your laptop. You curled further into your couch, clutching your abdomen and groaning over the noise. It was that time of month again, and this time around seemed to be particularly harsh. So, you did what anyone with searing abdominal pain and cramps would do, and spent the day eating ice cream and watching Netflix in your boyfriend’s apartment. You and Spencer have been dating for about a year now, and you spent more time in his apartment than your own.

Your phone buzzed from across the room. You groaned, rolled off the couch, and crawled over to grab it, almost knocking a lamp over in the process. Spencer had just texted you, he’d be home in five minutes. You lay prone on the floor, in too much pain to bother crawling back to the couch. Another round of searing pains hit you, and you curled into a fetal position, clutching your stomach and squeezing your eyes shut. A few minutes later, you heard Spencer’s key turn in the door.

“(Y/N)?” He called, dropping his bags on the floor. You groaned from across the room. Spencer rushed over.

“Holy shit, are you okay?” He bent down to your level, hand touching your shoulder. You rolled over and nodded.

“Cramps.” You groaned, pulling yourself up off the floor. Spencer helped you over to the couch, and you burrowed back into the cushions. Law and Order still played on your laptop.

“Are you watching one of those dumb crime shows? You know those are totally inaccurate. Besides, you’ve got the real deal right here.” Spencer sat down at your feet. You scoffed at him.

“I don’t care if it’s inaccurate, it’s entertaining and distracting me from the pain.” You said stubbornly, propping your feet up on his lap. He began to massage your feet, working his thumbs into your soles. You sighed loudly.

“That feels so nice…” You closed your eyes and leaned back into the couch.

“You know, when you have cramps on your period, it’s actually because your hips are expanding to make room for the uterine tissue that’s being shed. Essentially, you’re going through a mild labor.” He said. You laughed and looked up at him.

“In that case, if you ever get me pregnant, you’re giving me daily foot rubs.” You giggled.

“I have no problem with that,” He stated, grinning widely at you. “Oh, I brought you cranberry juice and chocolate ice cream like you asked.” He got up from the couch to retrieve your supplies from the floor. You watched your boyfriend as he got you a bowl and spoon from the kitchen, a dreamy grin on your face. You sat up as he handed you the bowl, sitting next to you. He reached behind you to grab the blanket over the edge of the couch, and you lifted your arms so he could spread it over your legs.

You leaned into his side and he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He pressed a kiss to your forehead as you both leaned back to watch Law and Order.

“I love you, Spencer.” You looked up at him, gazing into the big brown eyes you’d fallen in love with.

“I love you too.” He grinned at you. You’d never get tired of that smile. You curled into his side as the dulcet tones of murder played from your laptop.

“Okay, that’s totally incorrect, real serial killers don’t-” He complained, but you cut him off. You pressed a finger to his lips.

“Shh, just watch. It’s entertaining.” You giggled at him. He huffed dramatically. You laid your head on his shoulder, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

rockruff-dailys  asked:

How do you draw your doggos so cute?

MHi @rockruff-dailys! OKAY, WHEW! This may seem long-winded, but please bear with me, and I hope this answer is satisfying :) 

This part is a little more subjective; what I personally find interesting or cute or something that I want my own style to strive to is unique to me, and will probably be unique to you, but I think it does help to take the time to look at other art, and contemplate what you like about it, what maybe you’d like to emulate, or what you don’t!

So one of the big sources of inspiration for me are children’s books; there’s a wide range of talent and styles that art directors will look for, so there is reallly a niche for everyone (as long as you can get your foot in the door, which is a post for another day)

Some favorite illustrators and their takes on dogs:

Christian Robinson, Gaston, Last Stop on Market Street, Leo: A Ghost Story

Kristine Lombardi, Lovey Bunny and The Grumpy Pets

Japan Wave stationary

Their styles are not perfect one-to-one matches for my own style, but there are brush strokes and textures and expressions that they pull off effortlessly that I personally adore and find inspiration in! The point is that it’s art that excites me, and that I try to emulate in my own work somehow, all to keep the creative flow going and to keep being open to new ideas and color palettes.

Other cool sources for inspiration:

Catbird Literary Agency – a cool resource for anyone who wants to get a look at a lot of different art styles in one place (and dream illustration agency ;’D Haha maybe someday) Artists of note on Catbird: Camille Garoche, Kerascoët, Mike Yamada

Shiyoon Kim

Claire Keane

Olivia Hyun – Especially her Inktober 2016 challenge, which is very much appealing to doggo fans

;’D Again, it’s all subjective – but kind of making inspiration maps or knowing what inspires and excites you vs what repels you can help with developing your own approach to what makes a “cute” dog that you can personally be proud of.


Imagine sherlock inviting you on his investigations because your company makes him calmer and helps him think.

The cab pulled right on time as always and sherlock pulled john away from it, opening the door.

“John you and mycroft get the next cab go and find put more about the family”. “And you will be doing what exactly?” john asked with his raised eyebrows. “Ill be investigating but i need to concentrate” sherlock explained getting into the cab. He sat down but didnt shut the door.

“Y/n what are you waiting for? He asked. “You said you need to be alone” you said confused looking to john who didnt seem confused at all. “I know” sherlock nodded “but you help me think so please get in the cab”.

Utterly shocked you hesitated before hopping into the cab. Sherlock swung the door closed and gave an address to the driver. You sat with sherlock, confused at why you were there, he said you helped him think but how? You werent overly smart, you were average. You werent skilled in the subject matter, just a tag along really.

“Sherlock” you said sudddenly “ can i ask you something?”. “Yes of course” he nodded continuing to look out of the window. “How do i help you think, i dont talk through my deductions with you like john or have extensive knowledge like mycroft,”. Sherlock shrugged “i dont know y/n you just help, when im with you i feel happier and calm and i can just think, especialy if im close to you like sat next to you, i find its best not to read into it its very confusing”.

You nodded taking in all he’d said when sherlock sighed “it doesnt make sense!” he cried hitting the door. “come on you can work it out, i mean your sherlock holmes for christ sake” you smiled placing your hand on his. Sherlock didnt move his hand from yours but instead took your hand straight away, holding it gently in both his hands as he stared at the taxi drivers head. Minutes late he gasped and started laughing. “So obvious” he smirked “thankyou y/n” he grinned kissing your hand “always a help”. He called for the taxi to stop and gave the taxi driver more money “take this beautiful woman home ive wasted enough of her time, this should cover it keep the change”. He shut the door and smiled “thanks y/n ill see you later”. “Bye” you smiled waving. You took out your phone and called john who picked up straight away. “John what on earth is going on with sherlock, ive never seen him like this”. There was a long pause before johns answered. “Ow god your just as clueless as he is, okay meet me at bakerstreet in half an hour, ill explain sherlock”.


Extract from my diary, February 1963:

Wednesday, Feb 20 

Liverpool. Miles: 241 - Cash Petrol - £3 0s 11d. Hotel - 15s 0d. 

Thursday, Feb 21 

Liverpool. The Beatles - Honey mag. Miles: 67 - Cash Petorl £3 9s 6d. Coventry. Photocall - ‘See You Inside Show’. Hotel £2 10s 6d. Drinks 7s 6d. Garage (parking) 10s 6d.

Friday, Feb 22

Return from Coventry. Miles: 147. 

I drove up to Liverpool in my 1938 drop-head Rolls Bentley. I loved jazz but I didn’t like pop music and I had no idea why Honey magazine should want to send me all that way to photograph a group called the Beatles. 

I met them in a pub and the looked as though they were still at school. We rushed about Liverpool taking pictures. They were very helpful as I tried to think of shots to do - except Lennon, who seemed very bored and kept looking away as I tried to line up a picture. In the evening I went to the Cavern Club for more shots. I can’t remember a note of what they played. I gave the pictures to Honey magazine and lost the negs. In 1964, the Beatles’ welcome-home at Heathrow from their American tour made headlines and even I could see that they were phenomenal. Only then did I desperately search for - and eventually find - the Liverpool negatives. The cheques are still coming in. 

[Michael Ward, Mostly Women: A Photographer’s Life]

Photos by Michael Ward of the Beatles, taken in Liverpool in 1963. According to the photographer’s diary, as above, the date was the 21st February and not the 19th February, which is the generally accepted and published date. According to Beatles Bible, the Beatles played the Cavern on the 19th and were in Birkenhead for the 21st, but why would Michael Ward’s diary be incorrect? (Although, I suppose, it’s possible the boys played the lunchtime session on the 21st where the photos could have been taken? The diary suggests Michael Ward left before an evening show would have started to get to Coventry).

Curiouser and curiouser.  

this a post (complete with links, pictures and other tips) dedicated to all of you struggling through what seems to be a hell they call high school. i get it. i struggled through it, all my friends endured it and you’re probably in the same boat of wanting to throw yourself down each flight of stairs that presents itself. but please don’t do that! i’m here to help, friend!! this is a comprehensive list of all the things i learned from my time in high school. i hope this helps at least one person out there! as always, if you guys have any questions, my ask box is open :)

before we get into it: this is a link to my study routine because some people have been asking for it and don’t have a section in this post to put it under so i’m just going to leave it here.

self-care advice:

okay so, i’m going to be completely upfront with you. high school is hard. it’s especially hard if you want to do well. i can honestly say that senior year took its toll in more ways than one when i didn’t take care of myself or pay attention to my body’s needs. so here are some self-care tips to keep you happy & healthy.

1. eat a lot & stay hydrated

when you’re trying to finish a 2000 word essay, or pretty much all but shoving toothpicks in your eyes to stay up studying for an exam the next day, food is your best friend. food helps your brain work better and you’ll find that your concentration levels increase when you study on a filled stomach. there are lots of brain foods out there like dark chocolate, nuts, vegetable sticks etc. but don’t forget to reward yourself with a food of your choice after you feel like you’ve done a lot of work. couple all of this with lots of water to keep you feeling refreshed.

2. pamper yourself

i am completely aware of the fact that high school students don’t have the time to go to a spa or sauna every other weekend. however, you deserve a nice long bath or a good face scrub every now and then. other things you can indulge in:

  • sheet masks
  • body lotion (especially the nice smelling ones)
  • scented candles
  • hand cream
  • nail polish
  • eye masks
  • a good facial cleanser
  • serums
  • bath bombs

and the list goes on. trust me, being physically relaxed plays a big part in how your brain performs. if you feel a bit gross, take a shower before you start studying. it’s little things like that that’ll make a massive difference.

3. sleep

everyone says it, i know. but it’s so important. if you don’t get sleep the night before because you were cramming for tomorrow morning’s exam, go home and take a nap in the afternoon. get some shuteye in one form or another. pls. 

4. believe in yourself

it sounds so weird, and it’s usually not included in posts like these but in my opinion it’s one of, if not the most, important factor in high school success. think about it. if you’re spending those years of your life doubting whether your answer is correct, whether your science report is as good as the next person’s or whether your friends truly like you, you’re using up a lot of energy that could be used for things that’ll actually benefit you in the long run. that’s why my blog is titled “breathe” - because that’s exactly what you have to do, and sometimes that’s the only thing you can do in order to keep going. chin up. you’re going to be okay. you’re doing great. i believe in you. and you should believe in you too. 

organisational tips:

1. plan everything

i’m telling you now, get some kind of planning system. whether you want to use a bullet journal, a planner, a diary, an app, a computer program or your grandma’s paper napkins, seriously just pick something. when you have seven different classes and you have assessment for each, i highly doubt you’re going to remember every task that goes along with them. so, just take my word for it and plan plan plan.

here’s a link to how i used my planner back in high school. 

i also recommend a whiteboard monthly calendar so you can keep track of all of the important dates you need to remember.

2. post-its

i love love love post-its. i honestly can’t stop myself from buying them - especially the cute animal ones. post-its saved my butt when keeping my books organised and easy to navigate. you can use them to separate different semesters, chapters, lectures, topics etc. i also use post-its to mark any questions, sections or subjects that i’m unsure of so that i can ask my teacher about it the next day. i then write down the answer or explanation on a separate sticky note and stick it next to the question so i can refer back to it when studying for exams.

+ look at all the different kinds of cute post-its you can get!

so you can obviously get all your standard, basic post-its.

buuutttttttt, you can also get all of these fun ones too! they make studying a lot easier and a lot more fun, trust me. 

3. figure out a system that works for you

so in high school, i liked having notebooks for each class and having an accordion folder to hold all my papers. that worked perfectly fine for me but there may be other methods that work better for you. i suggest, especially if you’re just about to start or just started high school, that you experiment with different organisational systems to find which one suits you best.

i’ve got a page dedicated to my favourite supplies and how i use them. i hope you can get some inspiration from it in some way. 

motivational tips:


go on google, tumblr, facebook, instagram, weheartit or whatever tickles your fancy and search up some quotes that inspire you. it sounds really corny, but i’m telling you that it works. i had three quotes above my desk and they always used to motivate me when all i could think about was crashing into the comfort of my blankets. i would pick quotes and write/draw them out myself so i could add my own spin on them. i used:

  • “make hermione proud”
  • “effort only fully releases its rewards to those who refuse to quit”
  • “you have galaxies in your head, don’t let anyone tell you you cannot shine”


2. studyblr

this community! it’s the best motivation in my opinion. whenever i was in a procrastination slump, i would scroll through the studyblr tag or scroll through studyblr blogs and before i knew it i’d be ready to study for another hour. it’s honestly one of the most helpful resources, and if it’s available to you then i deffinitely recommend that you use it!

3. music

get yourself a study playlist. it’s amazing what music can do for your mood. add a mix of songs that will get you pumped to blitz through that 5-star difficulty chemistry question and songs that will help you concentrate when you need to find the right word for that english essay. studying when it’s dead quiet is weirdly deafening to me and i can’t concentrate if there isn’t some sort of background noise. just add whatever helps you - whether it be panic!, classical or in my case, kpop hehe

i have a playlist suggestion on my blog if you want to try listening to some new songs. :)

that’s all, folks!

in all honesty, high school isn’t going to be a walk in the park if you want to succeed. it takes dedication, a lot of persistence and a consistent work ethic. you need to know what you’re aiming for, and you need to want it just as much, if not more, than the person who wants the same thing. my high school experience was stressful and anxiety inducing, but i can honestly say that the rewards on the flip side are very much worth it. you’ve got this. you’ll do a lot more than survive. you will succeed. 

you can do it! i believe in you! 

stay motivated x

My RoseGarden Headcanons

-When Oscar first meets Ruby, the first thing he finds enchanting about her, is the color of her eyes.
-The very first thing Oscar says to Ruby is the very first thing that Ozpin said to her: “You have silver eyes.” Ruby just thinks it’s a coincidence.
-Even though Oscar may be kinda short, like Ruby, and seem kinda scrawny, he’s actually pretty muscular, from doing all that work on his aunt’s farm. (Pretty sure he has a six pack underneath that shirt).
-Ruby helps Oscar forge his own weapon (while he’s still trying to figure out how to use Ozpin’s cane, though).
-Even though Qrow is helping Oscar train, Ruby takes every chance she gets to train him, herself.
-Oscar is somewhat of a natural when it comes to fighting, but not as great as Ruby, so he asks for her help with certain moves.
-Ruby, sometimes, likes to teach Oscar how to use Cresent Rose.
-Oscar and Ruby can be kinda clumsy when they’re around each other.
-Not only is Oscar a farmer, but he’s also a baker, and likes to help Ruby bake treats for her Uncle Qrow and Team RNJR, including chocolate chip cookies.
-Oscar and Ruby like to go out for walks and talk about how NOW they have great big responsibilities to uphold.
-Ruby and Oscar tend to get distracted during training because they have a habit of thinking about each other, a lot. 
-During battles with Grimm, they have each other’s backs.

Hey, guys just a little tutorial on how to do male lips!

First, you put foundation and concealer on your lips as needed. Since I have fuller and pink lips; I needed about 3 coats, but use however many coats you need!

Second, you draw little lines on the corners of your mouth to make your mouth seem longer. (Please excuse the super awkward position)

Finally, you can shade in the inner parts of your lips to acheive a thinner lip affect.

I hope this helped a bit!


Brandi was just closing up when the bakery door opened, and without looking up said, in as pleasant a tone as she could muster at the late hour, “Sorry, we’re just about to close.”

“Just us, Brandi,” a familiar voice sounded and Brandi looked up to see Victor and Elizabeth entering the store. Victor smiled, and Elizabeth looked her over slowly from head to toe and then turned to close the door.

“Oh wow, soup!” Victor exclaimed from the other side of the display.

“Something you’d like in particular, Elizabeth?” Brandi asked, coming around from behind the counter to assist.

“There’s quite a bit leftover, isn’t there?” Elizabeth sniffed.

“Well the rain didn’t help-”

“What do you plan to do with the day-olds? Sell them, donate them, toss them?”

“Well, Denise didn’t have any particular policy in place, so-”

“No, well Denise never seemed to have need to sort out leftovers.”

“Mom?” Charmaine said, coming out of the kitchen. She was clearly surprised to see customers still in the store. “Can I help with something?”

“Why don’t you see if Mr Aspir wants something,” Brandi said.

“No need,” Elizabeth said curtly, waving a hand at Charmaine. “Victor, come on. We’re leaving.”

Brandi motioned to the display. “I’d be happy to give you some lemon cheesecake, half off.”

Elizabeth looked from the cake to Brandi. “No. Come on, Victor.”

Brandi walked them to the door. Victor passed through it first, giving Brandi an embarrassed grimace as he left. Elizabeth walked out behind him, stopping with the door ajar, and bore her eyes into Brandi’s.

“Nice hat,” she hissed, and closed the door behind her.

thecosmicblues  asked:

okay so I'm re-reading Breaking Dawn and this has always bothered me I just never thought about it as much as I am now but do you think Edward actually loves/likes Renesmee? Obviously he was not in favor of her being born in the first place, and I can't help but think that he just doesn't care for or even like her that much. What's your opinion?

I think this is part of the problem with this whole “worshipful” thing SM went with. Edward speaks of her with reverence but we don’t see a lot of like … actual interaction with her. There’s something lost there. Even his Christmas gift of an iPod seems kind of impersonal? I know he included his favorite music on it, but there still seems like there’s something ‘distant’ there. 

Obviously SM intended for Edward (and Bella) to love Renesmee very much. But the show doesn’t always match the tell, and sometimes even the tell isn’t very flattering on Edward’s part (saying that Bella is more beautiful than Renesmee, or when Edward and Bella are talking about how they love each other more than anyone had ever loved anyone else and leave out their love for their daughter). I think part of the problem here is that when you set up a couple as this really intense, super-devoted, “literally nothing matters more than you/our love” kind of couple … it’s hard to add a child into that. Carlisle/Esme’s relationship is different, it’s a giving, inclusive sort of relationship, their love for each other sort of radiates outward to encompass their whole family. Bella and Edward’s love is so focused and so insular, that SM ended up having to walk this line of trying to honor that “you are the ONLY thing that matters to me! I would literally DIE without you!” love they have and ALSO make them loving and attentive parents.  I don’t know that she always succeeded with the later. 

I’ve said before there seems to be a lot of joy missing with Renesmee. Little kids, no matter how smart and otherworldly, are also fun, silly creatures full of laughter and make everyone in their orbit act younger and sillier and surrender a little of their dignity. That didn’t seem to happen with Renesmee and I think that missing warmth and joy and silliness is part of the reason that people didn’t always feel the love there. 

Peter Parker + “Why’d you cover for me?”

You’d never been friends with Peter Parker. Yes you knew him (because he lived three doors down). And yes you spoke to him (when your mom needed you to run things back and forth between his Aunt May’s apartment and yours). Hell, you even use to play with him as a child (when none of your friends could have a playdate). But you two were never friends; you were acquaintances.  

But when Peter started missing school or coming home late everyone seemed to ask you where he was, what he was doing-like you were his keeper. And at first you hated it, but after three months of Peter skipping class and missing curfew you felt somewhat responsible to help the boy you grew up around.

So so started covering for him. You started forging notes from May, saying that Peter was sick, or something of the sorts. You’d tell May, when asked, that the school’s robotics team had a meet coming up and they had to stay and work late, or that he was a sound techie in the school play and rehearsals ran on forever. All the while Peter had no idea, not that you minded. You liked doing good acts anonymously-it made you feel like a masked hero, like Spiderman (or that guy in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil).

So when the second Tuesday of February rolled around you didn’t know why Peter Benjamin Parker was waiting at your locker. He was leaning against the cool metal, his head down so people couldn’t see he had a black eye (but nowadays when didn’t he) and a cut lip.


“Hey Y/N,” he greeted, smiling.

“Can I do something for you?” You wondered, eyebrows knitted together. You hiked you bag higher up on your shoulder.

“Uh yeah,” he shifted his weight, “The teacher’s keep saying that you’ve been handing in notes from aunt May, and May’s been saying that you already told her that I’m at robotics and rehearsal-”

“And?” You cut him off, your eyebrows raised as you popped a hip.

“Why? Why’d you cover for me?” He asked.

“Because ever since your uncle died you’ve been acting not-Peter-ish and honestly I get it, you’re hurting. You shouldn’t be penalised because of that.”

Peter sucked in a deep breath, and for a moment you thought he’d tell you to shove off, that he can handle himself. But instead, all he said was “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Parker.” He pushed off your locker. His face was heating up and he had a small smile playing on his lips,

“Do you want to walk home with me?”


“It’s just, uh, pizza,” he struggled to say, “I want to get you. To say thank you.” You stare at him for a minute, you look at how his fingers played with the hem of his shirt, and then to his rosie tinted cheeks and hunched shoulders.

“Sure,” you agree, brightly, “Just let me put my textbooks away, kay?” He nodded, a bright smile on his face.

You were never friends with Peter Parker, but after that day, you really hoped you could be.

i feel like relationships for gay people are so limited. like i cant just meet a guy on a train and then fall in love with him right there and then because it just doesnt work that way for gay people, or at least ive never seen it happen. Its so frustrating to me that it seems like straight people can fall in love literally anywhere and gay people cant. The places that do aim to establish that connection between gay people are often at the ever constant threat of being assaulted by a hate crime. i just want to find someone who i can love and will love me back, i dont think thats asking too much. but in this day and age, i dont think thats possible, because its not so easily accessible to me. and the fact that gays are often represented as sex crazed doesnt really help at all, not to mention that a lot of gays are really racist and I really wouldn’t date a white gay. im just. Bitter and mad at how good straight people have it

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Dallas dating a girl with anemia and heart issues? (Love your blog so much. Thanks for being super awesome 💜)

Thank you so much! And thank you for being super awesome haha 💛 I tried to do as much research on anemia as I could but if anything here seems inaccurate please let me know!

-Dally would be a little clueless at first.

-He would be a bit distant at first because he was worried that something he would do would hurt you or make you worse.

-One day he demanded that Ponyboy read up on anemia for him and then tell him all he learned.

-Ponyboy helped teach him as much as he could.

-Dally was always checking in on you.

-And he would keep an arm around you in case you got dizzy or weak.

-He would rather stay in with you to be honest.

-He was worried that if he brought you out that someone would cause you to stress and some how that would make you worse.

-You promised him that you were not like some breakable doll and that you could handle yourself very well.

-But you would tell him you appreciated the concern.

-He still wouldn’t bring you to parties or rodeos.

-But he’d bring you to hang out with the guys.

-If he wasn’t by your side you would always catch him keeping an eye on you.

-He would try not to smoke around you too although that one was a lot harder for him.

-If you ever were laying down because you felt lightheaded or had a headache he would worry.

-He was never good at comforting people.

-The first time you felt bad around him he would call Darry and ask what to do to help someone who’s sick.

-Darry would give him some instructions on what to do.

-And you would tell him what you needed too.

-And Dally wouldn’t ever say that he was worried but you could see it in his eyes.

-And when he would leave you to rest he’d always make sure you were covered in blankets in case you got cold.

-And while you were napping he’d run to the store for a magazine or something else for you when you woke up.

-Dally wasn’t perfect.

-But he tried the best way he knew how for you.

I just want to apologize for not putting out anything new recently, guys. I seem happy go lucky but the reality is that I’ve dealing with a lot. I haven’t been well, mentally and physically, and have been under a great deal of stress lately but I don’t want to be inactive so I use my queue and random posts to help. I’m trying to gather myself and hope that you will stick with me while I do.

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