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You can never thank someone enough for being willing to write stories for a needy audience, so this is for @korivnder because she caters to our needs and deserves WAY more than this (but alas, it’s the best I can do). She asked for Older! Damian Wayne so voila, here he is!

This story took two different paths; I chose this particular version because it came out better, but if anyone would like to see the other version, just let me know and I can post it. 

Title- The Quiet Day

Universe/Continuity- Future DC, specifically Batman comics. Who knows if this is pre-52 or post; just stick it where you’d like. 

Type-One shot reader-insert

Rating- General

Pairings- Older! Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings- Damian is being romantic. You may spontaneously combust.

If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?” -Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol)

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It was one of those days, the days that seem to come once a year or so, where something had fallen over the city and it was quiet. Not literally; Gotham was still as noisy as a big city could be, with shouting and honking and coughing and all other kinds of noises, but a hush had fallen over the crime activity. No one was in imminent danger of death and no one was running around the city proclaiming themselves to be the new governor.

It was a quiet day.

Quiet criminals, like quiet children, never bode well; it meant that they were up to something dangerous, or something was brewing just under the skin of the city. The calm had him feeling antsy and on edge, but he tamped it down through years of practice. Grayson had spent years teaching him to enjoy these days and use them as a chance to recharge and relax.

He had only truly learned to enjoy quiet days when you had entered into his life, somehow sliding in until you were irreplaceable to him. Suddenly, these days had become everything to him, the days he lived for when the exhaustion of fighting Gotham’s criminals and corruption had sunk into his bones and his soul. You were the chain that kept him tethered to reality, to normality.

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New Name/Pronouns Reactions
  • Students: Were perfectly willing to call me Alex, didn't really understand my pronouns, but whatever, baby steps
  • Science teacher: "That's not your legal name, I'm not calling you that"
  • One of my theater teachers: "No. Your name is not Alex, it's Iyonna." *took away the beanie I was using to hide my hair*
  • English teacher: "That was very brave of you to announce to the class, Alex"
  • Film teacher: "Alright whatever"
  • Math teacher: *gives me weird look* *points at me when I volunteer for answer, instead of saying my name* *realizes that I'm not gonna talk until he says my name* Uhh.... Erica? No.. not Erica? Oh, then what is it again?
  • World history teacher: "You're gonna have to wait until next year to change your name, because I designate names in the first week of school" *points to me whenever I volunteer for an answer instead of saying my name*
  • Long story short, the teachers were more douches than the students.
Overall the episode was okay

I mean this whole story arc has had me pulling at my hair in frustration which is why I stayed away from Doctor Who for so long because Steven Moffat’s story arcs give me an allergic reaction.
I was really looking forward to that scene where we thought the Doctor would regenerate. I suppose I expected more.
I feel kind of underwhelmed by it all.
The episode had some great moments and if there’s any justice in the world Pearl Mackie is gonna be getting ALLLLLL the awards!
But tbh it all felt like the writers were just bored and decided to throw together scraps of writing material that had previously hit the cutting room floor.
I’m hopeful for the Ice Warriors episode next week. Hopefully these 3 episodes aren’t a sign of what’s to come from the rest of the series.

my siblings' reaction to the sott video


7 yr old sister: why does he have a beard isn’t he like sixteen

me: he’s twenty three

7: that’s old but his beard is still gross

12: the camera is so close to his face that must’ve been awkward

7: his shoes are really pointy is he an elf?







12: where’s the mannequin I wanna see the mannequin head

me: that was the stunt double

7: he had a stunt double that means he’s puny





12: hey look there’s a rainbow on the water

7: ha is he gay


atmosphericomissionsystemsystem  asked:

I'm sorry. I didn't ask that question the way I did to get such a violent reaction. I've read the mission statement, and had before I asked the question. I'm bisexual myself, and am just trying to understand your interest in bisexual representation, because I don't share that interest, but I want to understand it.

Sweet muscular orlando jones give me strength…..

Look, I don’t really know how to explain it besides to say that it’s just like anything that someone likes but you might not be interested in.   I’m not interested in NASCAR.  I’m not interested in veganism.   I’m not interested in Christian apologetics.  I’m not interested in marathon running (unless I’m being chased by a bear or something).

But other people are, and I don’t go around asking them to justify their hobbies to me.  

Why does bisexual representation in literature interest me?  I don’t know man.  Because I’ve been frustrated by not seeing people like me in media?  Because seeing authors/artists/creators recycle stereotypes makes my eye twitch?  Because reading a book with a bisexual character puts a little spring in my step?  Because fundamentally I like books and reading and I want to merge that interest with an important part of myself?   Because I want to show the monosexual world that bisexual people are readers and I want to show other bisexuals how to find good books?  All of the above?

Why does anything interest anyone?  Sometimes an idea just takes root in you and you feel like it’s always there niggling at you and you want to run with it as far as you can to see where the ride takes you.     And moreover, this isn’t an interest that hurts anyone, so I don’t really feel like I need to justify that to strangers on the internet.   If you want to ‘get’ what we do here, then follow the blog for a while and maybe you’ll figure it out.  Maybe you won’t.   I still don’t get the appeal of watching cars drive in circles at a fast pace.  

But instead of feeling like you need to understand why we feel so passionately about this subject, how about you just show a little bit of empathy.   Respect that we do feel passionately about it and try to learn something about bisexuality from your fellow bisexuals.  Or kindly go away.  

- Sarah 

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Gif reaction of the boys when they find out that other member have a girlfriend for a long time but didn't say anything for them about her

omg be prepared for subtle jikook and vhope references

Jin: *frustration* DAMMIT SUUUGA give me your gift with women please

Rap Monster: *confused after Jungkook reveals his gf* But I’m a rapper…where are my hoes?

J-Hope: *does not believe him* We haven’t seen her, do we even know if V’s girlfriend really exists?! 

Suga: *holding back laughter* That is a very funny joke Rap Monster…girlfriend…ahaha

Jimin: Jungkookie has a girlfriend…buT I AM HYUNG I AM SUPPOSED TO BE FIRST. 

V: Hobi, you kept this secret from us?! How dare you!

Jungkook: *true disblief* Whaaat, someone is actually attracted to you Jimin?

omfg i’m sorry

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Love at first sight?

Based in this post. All my love and gratitude to @bleep0bleep, thanks for the beta and for being so amazing to me always <3 

Derek hated to work on saturdays.

It was tiring, loud and he had to deal with a lot of rude people, he just hated it, he hated it all.

Cora singsonged from her way to the kitchen that Derek just hated to work.

She’s wrong. In fact he actually likes what he does a lot. He opens his mouth to tell her just that, but Laura beats him to it.

“Don’t be silly, Derek loves working here, what he does in fact hate is dealing with human beings,” she said, laughing at the high color in his cheeks.

Twenty-eight years ago his father and mother met in high school, and while being friends they discovered that they had a few things in common, their love for food was one of them. Five years later they married and opened the family business, and what started out as a hole in the wall diner, today was the most sought place to eat from Beacon Hills until Sacramento.

Talia was in charge of the baking, her magic and capable hands could make any type of pie, cookie, cake, but for her own life and pride, she couldn’t cook trivial food. And that’s exactly why her relationship with Greg had gone so well, he couldn’t bake a cake to save his life, but would cook any other kind of food with expertise. Their work together flowed with precision and creativity, growing up Derek always thought that what they did in kitchen is more than cook, it was dancing, it was love.

Their love and chemistry was motive of why the Hale’s Diner was the best in the whole town. They have the best burger, the best red velvet cake,  best apple and pumpkin pie and Derek dares to say that they also have the best coffee. Their milkshake was a hit between kids and adults, Peter always says that his milkshake bring all the boys and girls to the yard.  

They’re also the only place open until two am in the weekends, what made them not only the favourite place for a late snack but also obligatory stop for the teens coming or going party.

Hence Derek’s sour mood in have a full house at one am on a Saturday.

He has a shitload of homework to do, he had to comfort Isaac because of his feelings for some couple that he wanted be part of,  Boyd and Erica were fighting about something, which to be honest Derek thought it looked more like foreplay than anything else; Laura was moving away in less than a month, and the diner was full of rude people.

His hair was greasy and  he needed a shower and a good night of sleep, a day off and probably to get laid. Shit thing was, he needed all those things, and he was getting none.

“Just one more hour, just one more hour,” Derek mumbled to himself.

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Hey! I have a beagle pup of about 4 months. Anytime she gets excited she pees on the floor, or our feet. It only happens when people come in the door, she's not aggressive , just pees on people and crawls towards them. I've read this is submissive behavior, but she's never been hit, so I'm not sure why she feels the need to do this. Do you have any tips or info on why she does this? (Also, I took her to the vet and he says it's not a bladder problem or health issue but really didn't help me)

Submissive behavior doesn’t always have to stem from abuse, it is just a reaction your dog has to that particular situation. Submissive urination can be pretty annoying; The best way to approach it is to try to reduce the amount of “dominant” behaviors that you and your guests unknowingly practice. Things like leaning over the dog, making eye contact and giving a loud greeting, petting the top of their head, or approaching them head on. Make sure you do not discipline her for these acts of submission - they aren’t potty accidents, they are white flags (i’m not a threat!) If you punish her, then she will feel like she isn’t submitting hard enough, and it will get worse. She just needs some direction and a confidence boost. 

Before anyone approaches her, ask her to sit. When people come to the door, teach her to wait in a designated area instead of jumping up at the door. When she greets guests, make sure they act as boring as possible; Have them turn around is she decides to jump up on them. When she is approached, have people pet her under the chin crouched to her level versus over the head. 

I once knew a Golden Retriever that was a submissive urinator, and eventually I found that it was best to not greet her at all and to wait until she was comfortable with her surroundings before petting her (i.e. be boring!)

The signs as No Control and 18 LIVE reactions
  • gemini: omg so happy! Finally! I'm so proud:)
  • virgo: yeah cool but LOUIS IS MY SON
  • scorpio: BRO TIE ME UP AND FUCK ME
  • sagittarius: this is it. This is the day. GOOD BYE
  • aquarius: YEAH BUT WHERE IS ZAYN
  • pisces: I DONT KNOW WHAt to feel right now i could cry

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How would Got7's Hyung Line react to their girlfriend kissing them for th first time out of excitement? [an be a Christmas or New Year's Eve request ^^] - Sarang-unnie

Mark: Due to him being American he wouldn’t really feel awkward or shy.. At least not too much.. It’s his girlfriend after all and it’s New Year’s Eve. He would extremely loved it. 

Jaebum: Awkward Im Jaebum.. He wouldn’t even be able to look into your eyes or make any eye-contact at all since it’s the first time and he didn’t expect it. He would probably even fly out of the room or find a lame excuse to leave you for a bit so he could collect his thoughts. I see Jaebum as someone who like to have control over everything in his life, so if you caught him by surprise he wouldn’t know how to act.

His abs though sorry not sorry

Jackson: He would literally freak out because he didn't expect it at all. You might think that Jackson is confident about those things but when it comes to girls he like, he’s pretty much the shy type (take Roommate for example). He would hide though his shyness by doing what he usually does.. being Jackson ya know.

Junior: That cute pie. He would be really shy but he won’t try to hide it.. He would be like “You’re going to give me heart attack one day I swear” or “Why did you do that, I’m supposed to be the one kissing you first”

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My Reaction to Sports Anime/Manga before watching:

KUROBAS: Really? Basketball?  (-______-  ; )


HAIKYUU!!: Really? Volleyball?  (-______-  ; )


YOWAPEDA: Really? Bikes?  (-______-  ; )