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Surprise!!!!  See, I haven’t forgotten about this fic.  And somehow, I gained some inspiration to write it again.  So just in case you have forgotten about it yourself, Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.


The Weeping Willow – Part 3

She rests her head against the chair, smiling to herself as she hears the chatter and laughs of her best friend on the phone in the kitchen.  She loves days like these.  Days where she is able to step away from her celebrity life and embrace the normalcy she so often craves.  At least to the extent that she can.

She’s found herself craving it more and more these days.  Finding that for each day she is in the studio she prefers two at home. Sometimes she worries she’s become complacent with her career but she knows that’s not the case.  It’s just a balance that she longs for.  Her career is established.  Her life, not so much.  Or at least parts of it not so much.  The past few weeks have extensively shown her that.

She rolls her head to the side to look out the window.  It’s snowing. Not that that’s a surprise.  It is winter in New York and snow is commonplace. But for some reason, watching the flakes of glitter sparkle down over the past few days has produced an unnerving feeling in the pit of her stomach.  Perhaps because she has told herself a year ago that she’d always spend winters in Los Angeles.  Likely because she’s been unable to get the picture of Diana Hiddleston’s home out of her mind since she painted it three weeks ago.   And that memory just leads to another, this one with Tom, sitting in his car as she raves about how she can’t wait to see Suffolk, to see that home, as it’s blanketed in snow in the winter.  The Hallmark movie she so desperately wanted to see that she will no longer have the chance to.

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Joker Imagine - Where are you? Part 1

Anonymous said:Can you do a imagine where the reader thinks Mr. J died in some disaster idk and she decide to move on without him, but after some time she gets kidnapped and surprise… It’s him and this made him REALLY upset. Smut at the end pls! Hugs ❤

/Hi! Thanks for the request. I will write this in two parts and this is part 1 :)

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Your P.O.V.

Everything had been a living hell after my boyfriend the Joker died. The two of us had been driving wildly while trying to get rid of Batman in Gotham city. Before neither of us could even realize what happened, I was in awful pain. The car had flown of track and rolled over twice, hit a building and crushed us at the same time. Blood had soaked my dress and I had been pierced with a piece of the car in my stomach.

What happened after it?

I had no idea. Everything that I remember was seeing J crushed against the seat and the front of the car. His eyes were like dull doll’s eyes and his mouth was hanging open. Blood had splattered all across him and he didn’t move. He seemed so lifeless and it broke my heart.

Everything blacked out for me. For some reason Batman didn’t take my ass to Arkham. Instead I awoke in hospital with no make-up, a hospital gown and severe wounds. Doctors couldn’t recognize me to be the wanted criminal, queen of Gotham. They tried to get my name, but I kept lying that I didn’t remember. After a few weeks spent in a hospital, healing from the crash and pretending to have amnesia, I escaped.

Gotham city was full of memories and I heartbroken without J. He was dead! So I did the only thing that felt right. I left Gotham city and moved to Los Angeles, the city of angels. After such a great time and then living alone, I got depressed. My boyfriend had died. It was too bad to be true, but I knew one thing for sure.

I had to move on.

So I got a new identity and went out as Sarah Alisha Miller, a 27 years old woman that worked in a flower shop. As the time the flower shop seemed like easiest job instead of killing people or robbing stuff. A good person’s life was boring, but it kept my mind away from Joker. I missed him so much it was killing me on the inside, making me wish I died in the impact as well. But I lived.

After five long months, I ran into a man that seemed to visit the flower shop every evening, buying coffee from the cafe we had there. His name was Travis Parker and he was 30. He was a lawyer which was so different than a psychotic homicidal criminal, yet he made me think about him. In the end he had asked me on a date and we were currently dating.

Did it feel right? No, but hopefully Travis would make me move on and get over my dead boyfriend. I couldn’t mourn forever.

Travis didn’t judge my super white skin that was caused by acid, but I said I was born like this. Lie number 1. He didn’t even think it was was suspicious that I had grown up in England and didn’t have a British accent. Lie number 2. The list grew longer everyday, but if he ever found out my real identity, he’d never speak to me again. Everyone knew me and Joker, maybe not me without my signature make-up and my tattoo that had vanished. In the crash my leg was scraped hard and the skin with my tattoo literally tore off. The wound in my stomach left a scar which also made another tattoo go away.

‘’Sarah..’’ Travis called me by my fake name. We were in my small yet nice apartment. I was making food for us since he came over. ‘’Yeah?’’ I looked at him with a smile and ignored the spaghetti for a while. His brown eyes looked at me darkly and I felt a little anxious because he seemed turned on. ‘’We have been seeing each other for a while now..’’ He started slowly and made me look away. I didn’t like where this was going.

‘’..and I thought that maybe we should be more? I know we’re different and all, but I think it could work’’ He explained and then smiled. Oh shit. I held onto the knife that I used to cut some vegetables and stared at him silently. My mind was totally not normal. I could hear J’s voice sometimes ,but it just drove me crazier. I dreamt about him, I imagined him being Travis, but it wasn’t helping. I missed him so much, but I absolutely had to move on.

Kill him Y/N, he’s wasting you time’ I heard his voice in my head. It really encouraged me to leap against the man and stab his chest repeatedly ,but I couldn’t. ‘Shut up J! You’re dead’ I thought a little angrily and felt tears stinging my eyes. Travis noticed and seemed worried. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ He cooed and put his hands on my shoulders. ‘’G-Go away’’ I whimpered and stepped back. He seemed surprised. ‘’Don’t get me wrong! You’re amazing, b-but it’s..just that..my ex..’’ I started and thought hard whether I should open up to him or not. Travis sighed and walked next to me. He grabbed my wrist and made me let go of the knife that he then put on the table.

‘’Let me in Sarah’’ He begged and then held my hands. It felt wrong, but I forced myself to like it. ‘’I was in a car crash and it led to my ex boyfriend’s death..I-I should move on and I think you’re really nice, but sometimes I feel so weird’’ I explained and felt tears rolling down my face. Travis gave me a sad look.

Suddenly his eyes widened and he fell down onto the floor. I screamed as I saw a man masked in black in front of me with a gun he used to hit Travis’ head. What the fuck?!

‘’I’m warning you, go away!’’ I yelled and quickly grabbed the knife. Even tho I wasn’t in Gotham with J, my criminal mastermind and skills were still there, untouched. The man pointed at me with his gun, but I hit his hand and caused the gun to fall down onto the floor. A sudden impact of adrenaline pumped through my blood and I felt like myself again. The danger got me thrilled. 

‘’Go away!’’ I hissed and instead of looking angry, a smile appeared on my face. I wanted to stab this stranger over and over again until he was soaked in blood. Yes..blood. I wanted to take his life away for breaking into my apartment and scaring Travis. Talking about Travis, he was on the floor and he stared at me in surprise and fear.

A few other men rushed inside and I knew they had more power than me unless I let Travis see how much of a stunt killer I was. Oh no.. I had nothing to lose. So I leaped against the man and kicked his torso and used it as a surface to jump higher. He groaned in pain and fell on the floor as I was in the air, nearly hitting the ceiling. The other men tried to point their guns at me, but I spun mid air and kicked at least three men’s hands. As I landed on the floor, I got all the way down and made two people run into each other.

A crazy smile appeared on my face.. Oh how I missed this lovely feeling. It took control over me.

Instead of getting up, I grabbed someone’s ankles and pressed a weak spot, making the man yell out in pain and hit the ground. That’s when I jumped up. Another armed man ran against me, but I hit his face. He grabbed my arm, but it only gave me steadiness to leap up in the air and jump behind him, probably twisting his arm at the same time. I was doing good!

But it looked like the amount of intruders would never end. Just as I attacked another one, someone held my arms from behind. I screeched out angrily and then jumped, making the man lose his balance and let go of me. Quickly I hit whoever was behind me and heard a groan. Sweat started to cover my body, but I was so full of adrenaline that kept me going. I could even hear my mind in J’s voice to encourage me.

‘’Don’t mess with me! I’m Y/N the queen of fucking Gotham you idiot. You fucked up with the wrong person!’’ I growled in the heat of the moment and kicked someone’s balls. That’s when I froze. My eyes scanned the floor and I saw Travis leaning against the wall in a corner. His eyes were filled with horror and now that he knew my real identity, he seemed like he was in a nightmare. Oh no..

‘’T-Travis I..I’’ I tried to say something, but no words came out. Some man grabbed me from behind, but I couldn’t fight against him anymore. They overpowered me quickly but I gave up. Whatever! My life was messed up anyway. ‘’I trusted you!’’ Travis yelled and then started crying. A cloth was pressed against my mouth and my vision blurred, the last thing focusing on Travis. Then I blacked out in my kidnappers’ arms.


A strange feeling took over my body. I opened my eyes and immediately noticed that I was being held down by straps. My eyes looked at a grey ceiling until my vision got focused. My eyes scanned the weird room until I saw a window. Instead of a normal city view of perhaps woods, I saw something blue with white. It was the sky!

I felt scared. Why was I on a plane? Why did some people kidnap me? Where were we? 

A fearful whimper left my mouth, but it was muffled by a cloth in my mouth. I tried to scream because I was so scared. This time no one would save me. ‘’Boss she’s awake!’’ A familiar voice said, but I wasn’t quite sure who it was. It bothered me because I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t sit up to look. I heard footsteps coming closer  and suddenly I saw a face I thought I would never see again.

Joker was there, standing a little further away. Our eyes met and I couldn’t breathe for a moment. My eyes widened and tears started to gush down immediately. He was there! He stood there in flesh and bones, dressed in his purple coat and golden jewelry. He still had green hair and that scary look in his eyes if he wanted to. I felt so relieved, but kinda bittersweet as well.

He walked up to me after standing still for a while. He unstrapped the belts that held me on place so I wouldn’t roll in the plain. I spat out the cloth and wrapped my arms around his neck. His scent filled my nose and I nearly fainted from joy.

But he didn’t hug me back.

‘’J..’’ I whimpered and held onto his tightly, as if letting go would mean he’d vanish. ‘’Did you love him?’’ He murmured and made me let go. My lips parted and I stared at him with a shocked expression. He looked at me seriously. Frost was standing in the distance and that was the familiar voice.

My heart started aching. Was he mad? Was he over me? ‘’Speak to me’’ He growled and got angry. My heart started beating in my chest and the air was tense. ‘’No’’ I told him and expected him to talk about Travis. He hit the seat behind him and growled deeply, making shivers run down my spine. He was mad as fuck.

‘’J..I swear to god. I don’t love Travis! We were just fucking friends’’ I defended myself and held back tears. I didn’t expect this to happen, definitely not for us to fight. He turned back to me and clenched his jaw. ‘’Why would you even get so close to him? He said that you were dating. Want to explain that, huh?’’ J hissed so angrily and full of hate. My world that had been fixed in a second came crashing down again just as quickly. My bottom lip was trembling and my breathing got uncontrollable. I took short breaths and they hitched in my throat.

‘’I..’’ I started, but I had couldn’t speak. I groaned and pushed the words out of my mouth. ‘’I thought you were dead!’’ I cried out sadly and tears made my vision unclear. J looked at me silently and let me cry alone on the seat that was put down as a bed. After staring at me hopelessly, literally having a panic attack. he cursed under his breath. Then he ran his hand through his hair before walking back to me.

‘’I t-tried to move on..b-but I couldn’t. I kept hearing y-your voice J..I swear I didn’t love Travis because I still love you!’’  I roared out in tears. His words really messed with my head now and I was feeling so hurt inside. It felt worse than the crash. ‘’Don’t you love me?’’ I whimpered and then bit my lips so hard to hold my breath. J lifted his eyes from the seat to my eyes. The silence was dangerous. I could only hear my heart that was running faster than an animal.

‘’Oh girl…Take it easy’’ He tried to make me calm down. It really made me angry. If he didn’t then why would he take me away from L.A.?! ‘’Answer me!’’ I yelled and then felt fresh tears running down my face. I gritted my teeth and waited for him to tell me the truth. ‘’It’s not fair J! Please..j-just answer me’’ I begged, being completely devastated.

His hand touched my face and his thumb wiped away some tears.His touch felt so good after thinking he had been dead for half a year. His angry look faded and it was replaced by a smile. ‘’How could I not?’’ He just asked me. Hope sparked back into my chest and I leaped against him to a hug. It took him by surprise, but he hugged me back.

‘’I killed your friend’’He told me, but I was too happy to care about Travis anymore. ‘’Whatever’’ I told him with a big smile that seemed to stop the tears. I was just so glad to see him, to feel him and know he’s alive. We could talk about the accident later, but now I just wanted to be there and hug him.

 My muscles were tense, but when he held me, I relaxed and nuzzled my head in the crook oh his neck. Frost was looking at us and I even smiled at him. He smiled back quickly and nodded shortly to say hi, almost like he welcomed me back.

‘’You’re still yourself I see.. even tho you beat up my henchmen, I’ve gotta say it was impressive’’ He whispered with joy in his voice. That voice..oh how I had missed it. My Joker was alive and he still wanted me to back.

Headcanon: Dancer!Lily
•Lily had been taking dance classes since she was three
•Instead of dance, Petunia had taken piano so it was one of few things that Lily did without her big sister when she was younger, and therefore, one of few things untouched when Lily went to Hogwarts and Petunia stopped speaking with her
•Lily started out doing ballet and tap, did a few years of lyrical but quit the year she turned ten and did pointe instead
•In ballet and pointe she was a turner, like it was amazing she could do like quadruple pirouettes and not even be dizzy
•But she liked tap the most cause she could just zone out and let her feet do whatever step she was practicing at the moment
•When she went to Hogwarts she obviously couldn’t attend class every week but she went in the summer and practiced in abandoned classrooms at school
•James was absolutely amazed by this this redhead who could put her hair in a bun in fifteen seconds flat and cracked her neck like every five minutes
•"I don’t know how she does it Moony, and it’s always so perfect! Do you think Pads would let me try on him?“
•Sirius actually did let him try, cause Sirius loved getting his hair touched, but that’s a whole nother headcanon
•When she’d get up after a particularly long study session she’s lean back and her whole spine would crack at once
•And James always thought cracking knuckles was disgusting but somehow when she stretched like that it was mesmerizing
•She and Remus were friends and she tolerated the other Marauders but Remus was the only one of the group that knew she danced
•Cause he liked the music she used and sometimes when she practiced he’d sit in the classroom and study because it was quiet and Sirius wasn’t around to MUDDY UP HIS NOTES SERIOUSLY HOW DID YOU DO THAT WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DROUGHT
•And he’d get her books about technique and different styles for Christmas and her birthday because three books on ballet history is not enough for Lily and that’s all that was in the school library
•Sixth year after the Big Fight when James and Lily were starting to make up and even make friends James asked Remus what to get her for Christmas
•And Remus suggested tickets to The Nutcracker cause he knew she loved it
•And James was confused cause he always thought ballets were boring so he asked Remus why she would want that
•"I mean seriously Moony ballets are so mind numbing wouldn’t she rather have some jewelry or something?”
•So Remus told him where she liked to practice and when to go
•But he didn’t say why
•So James shows up at this random classroom right before curfew on a Thursday night and she’s there
•She was in the middle of a tap routine to some kind of jazz music James recognizes from Remus and she doesn’t notice him until she’s done
•His mouth is just wide open like he’s completely shocked that he missed this all these years
•Like srsly the clues were all there she’d practice combinations in Charms sometimes keep up James
•And she’s kind of embarrassed cause she knows she did one too many ball changes right there at the end
•Also how did he find her? Like wtf was he stalking her or something?
•James explains himself over her usual after dance snack of chocolate chip cookies
•And she realizes he has no idea she made a mistake and he probably wouldn’t care anyways
•And then he asks if she’d like to see The Nutcracker with him over break
•And obviously she says yes that’s like her favorite Christmas anything
•Including her mom’s sugar cookies so that’s saying something
•So they go together and James picks her up and her mom is charmed
with this boy that Lily’s been complaining about for years but is now kinda sorta friends with
•And she’s so completely enraptured she doesn’t notice James watching her, equally enraptured
•And he buys one of those signed pointe shoes they sell that have already been worn
•She hangs it in her dorm next to her other shoes and pats it for good luck every morning
•And when they get back from break James Transfigures her a ballet barre because she had had to make do with a stick Remus found in the woods and she charmed up to stay for years because neither she nor Remus could Transfigure for shit
•And he starts giving her foot rubs after she practices
•And she starts to fall in love with this boy who delivers her chocolate chip cookies to her after practice and then talks while massaging her sore feet
•And he’s been in love since the first time she tossed her hair in a bun halfway through brewing a potion in class
•So it’s not that hard for her, after he carries a mirror into her practice room and sheepishly tells her he thought she might like to watch herself practice, to absolutely throw herself at him
•So what her tap shoes gave him bruises up and down his legs, so what she’s covered in sweat, they’re kissing, and it’s better than any dance she’s ever done
•and they all live Happily Ever After with No Betrayal and No Ridiculously Premature Deaths The End

thewriterandthereader  asked:

Can I request a fanfic were Ota dumps Mc for someone 'better', and then one day he sees her and realizes how much he loves her, but Mc has a new boyfreind and Ota tries to win her back, and he succeeds...GO OTA GO!!! Can you make the first part angsty...Thanks so MUCH1!!!!

Hope you enjoy!!

How could he have done this? Even though it was two years ago the memories still flood back every now and than. As you sit and wait for your boyfriend you sit there and think how your life was a roller coaster. He just give up everything like it was nothing back than, as if you never met anything to Ota at all. He made it look so easy so leaving you for her. She was a famous model and he was an amazing famous artist. But how could you not feel like a fool? you always knew in the back of your mind anything could happen like this. I mean, you are just a normal everyday girl and they both were probably meant to be together because they are both famous. But you are important to and you matter. You caught him  before breaking it off with you, you caught him in the lobby and a girl was flirting with him but he wasn’t so innocent he was flirting right back to. As you walked over to them you smiled and called to him “Ota.” you spoke up and he turns around with a blank expression and the girl gives you a dirty look, looking you up and down “Ota hunny who is that?”. You were stunned, hunny? is that what she just called him?

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Last Call: Part II

hey guys! finally, fINALLY last call part ii is here! i took my time, but it paid off i promise. as always, it was so much fun. i swear, nothing brings me more joy than writing nessian. and finally, FINALLY I GOT TO WRITE NESSIAN FLUFF. as always a big thank you to @nightcourthighlordrhysand for proof reading and a nod to the Skype Court for helping me as well. you guys are the best! Hope you all enjoy! Feedback is always really truly appreciated.

Part I / AO3

Cassian was looking at her with pure shock in his eyes, a hand buried in his shoulder length hair and the other in the pocket of the cargo pants he was wearing instead of the usual ripped jeans. He seemed livid, as if this surprise was almost too much for him, as if he’d had too many of them already in his life. But it was a hopeful look, like something good had just happened, like this was the best news.

Nesta’s own mind was reeling, wondering what the hell was going on. What was he doing here, and how did he know her sister?

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Fights pt. 2 (Cashton/4)

Requested: yes this amazing anon did!  

Words: 1728

A/N: More of a forgiveness one. Might be confusing if you haven’t read the first part, but that’s your choice, you could probably skip the first part… ALSO I GOT A BIT CARRIED AWAY WITH ASHTON’S SORRY ABOUT THAT! 

ALSO Hair Color pt. 6 is in the works, so is pt. 2 to Paid to be Popular, for those people who care about that. I promise it will come out sooner than later. But for now, read this, enjoy it and shit :*






“Fuck of. “ Ashton chuckled, his eyes watering up.

“I’m sorry. “ You said as you closed your eyes, hoping a simple apology was enough.

“Yeah I bet. Just get out. “

“Ash, come on. “ You mumbled scared. Was he just throwing you out of the house or out of his life?

“Get out, Y/N. Please. “

And you did. You took your coat and walked outside. The sun was hanging, shining. It was wrong. It was supposed to be raining, pouring. Instead, the streets were filled with happiness – even the weather was too happy. You didn’t know what to do, so you unsteadily pulled out your phone. Your hands were shaking, dialing up the number of Calum.

“Hello, Calum’s talking. “ He answered, also excessively happy. “I can’t take the phone right now, so call back later or leave a message after the tone. “

And an annoying, high bip appeared. You wanted to throw your phone onto the ground so bad, just to watch the glass splatter. But you put it in your pocket, right where it belonged.

Then you started walking. You didn’t have a destination, you didn’t even release you were walking. But you did like a trance. People bumped into you and came with a rushed apology. But it didn’t matter if they hurt you – because you were already hurt.

How could you say those words? How could you hurt the one you loved?

You couldn’t get Ashton’s reaction out of your mind. He was smiling at you, clearly not seeing the insult coming. However, his eyes… his beautiful, green eyes filled with an ocean of tears. He didn’t yell, just talked very slowly, like he was trying to tame you, like you would attack him.

You had stopped walking. You were looking up at a store. Why did you stop here? You looked to your side, hoping that Ashton would come running down the street, begging for forgiveness. But, you knew, that this time you’d have to beg.

It hit you. You needed to buy him flowers and it was as if your unconsciousness knew that, because the store you were looking pointlessly at just happened to be a florist.

You walked in, the bell ringed. The strong smell of flowers hit your nose. They had everything in here: roses, lilies, daisies, tulips, everything. The desk was filled with flower decorations and behind it stood an elderly woman.

“What are you looking for, dear? “ She said with a calming voice, not noticing the tears on your cheek yet. She was smaller than you, walking with a bowed back. “Oh no, are you okay? Do you want anything? “

You chuckled. “I need some sort of apology. I’ve messed up. “

“Oh no. Was it your boyfriend? “

You nodded, swallowing. You just admitted something you wanted to do-over, making the tears appear again.

“Well, if you just wait here, I’ll make something for you. For free! “ She said smiling. Then she went out of your sight.

You stood on your heels, paralyzed. You wanted to look around, you wanted to smell the flowers and pick the prettiest. But you were nailed to the floor, not even moving your feet. You didn’t know how long you had been gone. It could be hours or just a few minutes. Right now, time stood still.

The lady came back with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. It was a mix of sunny colors and white colors. Sunflowers were almost hiding behind the white lilies and yellow roses sprung beside the white roses, all making it seem so happy.

“Here you go, sweetie. Get that boyfriend of yours. “ She handed you the bouquet and waved you out. But you turned around to say one last thing.

“Thank you. “You sobbed, making the woman seem worried sick. You didn’t know why the next sentence needed to be said. “People like you… there need to be more people like you. “

Then you stepped out in the sun. It was the same; people were busy, happy, living their lives. You started walking again, letting your senses guide you home. You remembered a few things; a certain poll, a red, big house and a small dog park. Then you were home, standing in front of the door.

You exhaled, knowing that you shouldn’t wait because then you would overthink it. Knocking at the door seemed ridiculous, but also like the only normal thing to do in this situation – barging in seemed wrong and hysterical. So you knocked, 1, 2, 3 times.

You heard steps walking towards the door. The door opened and showed your Ashton, the one you really would hate to lose. He blushed when he saw the flowers, making you more nervous. Your mouth went dry, but you know you had to say something. Ashton was trying to hide his smirk.

“I’m sorry. “ Ashton had been crying, without a doubt. His eyes were still slightly red, making your head redder.

“It’s okay. “ Ashton’s mumbled and went sideways so you could come inside. You walked a couple steps and he closed the door behind. You saw the donuts, untouched, on the kitchen table.

“It’s not okay. “ You exclaimed, throwing your arms out, forgetting you were holding the bouquet.

“Yes, it is. “

“Not, it’s not! “ You looked down on the happy colors of the bouquet. “You were going through a hard time and I’m supposed to be supporting, but I’m not. Instead, I’m hurting you!”

“I said hurtful things too. “ Ashton walked towards you. “It’s fine now. We’re both forgiven. “

You handed him the flowers in a rush, looking anywhere but his eyes.

“Here. It’s a sign of my apologies and my regret. “

Ashton laughed, which made you look up and see his gorgeous smile. He gladly accepted the bouquet and kissed you on the cheek.

“You’re adorable. “ You smiled foolishly when your phone rang. You picked it up as Ashton’s was finding a vase or something to soak the flowers in.

“What’s up? You called? “ Calum’s raspy voice sounded from the other end.

“It’s nothing. “ You confirmed, looking in Ashton’s direction. “I’m just hanging out with the one I love. “  


“Okay, okay, sshh…. “ Calum mumbled beside you on the floor, trying to make the tears to stop. “I love you, okay? “

He couldn’t just… That didn’t make it alright. You knew Calum loved you more than anyone did – just like he knew that he did take you for granted lately. Your brain started to hurt and you felt your whole body being weaker and weaker. So you leaned your head against the wall. Calum stopped breathing as soon as he saw your face. The mascara running, lipstick smeared and a wounded look behind the eyes.

“I love you. “ Calum whispered, making you turn your face. Calum didn’t usually cry – sometimes you were wondering if he even was able to. Still, it looked like his eyes were wet. It could have been the lightning or your blurry eyesight, but you wished that he did cry. You wished that he knew how much it hurt, every time he ignored your text or hung up on you.

“I need to sleep. “ You said, leaning up against him. Calum inhaled quickly as if he could hurt you by his breathing pattern.

“I’m sorry. “ He kept whispering, keeping you awake. “I’ll make it better, I promise. I promise. “
Then you fell into deep, calm sleep.

You almost forgot what was going on when you woke up. You lied with your head up towards the ceiling, your head still hurting from crying. You heard someone yelling and voices you couldn’t identify at the moment. You got out of bed – Calum must have carried you to the bed. You weren’t sure, but you thought it was night, since everything outside was dark and cold.

After standing up a couple minutes, you knew the voices’ owners, making it clear it was Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael discussing something. You could hear what, so you practically run to the living room and slammed the door open. The boys’ heads turned towards you so fast.

“Were you talking about me? “ You asked them, wiped sleep out of your eyes.

“No. “ Michael answered shortly, then sitting in the couch. Calum didn’t look at you, neither did Luke. But Ashton couldn’t stop looking you with a pity.

“Yes you did. “ You confronted. “Luke’s face is about as red as a tomato. “

Calum walked towards you and you remembered everything. The whole thing came back to you. Him getting home, him yelling, accusing, you crying, falling asleep on his shoulder. The flashback shocked you, making you take a step back in surprise, stopping Calum’s movement towards you.

“Guys, can you just get out? “ Calum asked, looking at the ground, fists clenched together.

“Yeah, sure. We’ll be in the bedroom. “ Ashton said as Michael got up with a sigh.

“Don’t do anything naughty. “ You joked and looked at Michael, making him chuckle. Calum stood there a couple meters from you, not talking.

“I’m sorry. “  He said as soon as he was sure the boys were gone. “I know, I’ve been a bad boyfriend lately and I… I just suck, huh? “

“Pretty much. “ You said, ice cold. Calum had to admit his mistakes before he could be forgiven. He knew that as well, but being a stubborn little bitch, it would be hard.

“I’m sorry. “ He said again with a gloomy gaze in his eyes.

“I get that, Calum! But why are you sorry? “ You yelled, crossing your arms, not giving in for his sad puppy-eyes.

“For taking you for granted. “ He mumbled, ashamed. It was like a teacher scolding a kid. “I won’t ever, EVER take you for granted again. I promise. “

He rushed towards your spot, pulling you close, tasting his breath. You felt yourself getting weaker in his arms, your heart racing, pounding against your chest.

“I love you. “ You whispered in his ear, before he pressed his mouth against yours. His hands running up your waist, your hands locking around his neck.

“Love you too. “ He mumbled between your lips.

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There are a Million Coffee Shop AUs but What’s Just One More?

Summary: Dan likes lattes almost as much as the cute boy with tattoos who sits across the cafe
Word Count: 1588
Author’s Note: written for iwouldshowyoutheworld. i finally wrote a coffee shop au. (so sorry for the confusion i had over who this fic was for, i completely got jumbled today.)

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Burn baby burnㅣyoonmin oneshot

Where Jimin prays for some decent air-conditioning. 

He can’t sleep.

 It’s much too hot; the heat settles over him like a suffocating blanket and his limbs feel like they’re manacled. He’s face down, with the side of his cheek mushed into the pillow and he exhales out and in with some degree of strife. Honestly, he wouldn’t be surprised if there was smoke coming out because he was So. Fucking. Hot.

 With enormous effort, (and some praying), he manages to heave himself onto his back and stares blankly at the dead air conditioning above him. Unfortunately, two days ago, Hoseok had decided that jumping on Jimin’s bed was a fantastic way to pass the time whilst Namjoon and Yoongi were composing in the studio. Since Hoseok had quite unnaturally long limbs coupled with a brain that was still in the first trimester of development, Jimin wasn’t too surprised when one of Hoseok’s elongated tentacles walloped the side of the already half-dead air conditioning. And so, Jimin was left to the mercy of one of the fans that their managers had lugged up from the recesses of the basement, every so often sending gales of hot air towards him and continued to make his room reminiscent of a furnace.

Or the ninth circle of hell. If Jimin was feeling particularly metaphoric.

 Taehyung’s bed was empty. The boy had given up within the first hour of sleeping without the air conditioning and so he had announced, pillow and teddy bear under both arms that he was moving to Jungkook’s room. Jimin had been transcending between the planes of hell and wasn’t able to respond until Taehyung had left, kicking the door shut behind him. Jungkook hadn’t seemed too pissed the next day, though there were some noticable shadows under his eyes, probably from Taehyung talking his ear off the whole night.

He’s in the midst of devising some horrific torture for Hoseok when there’s a knock on the door. Too baked to move, he raises his head a centimetre or so and hollers a weak ‘Come in!’

He hears the door handle turn and someone shuffling in, closing the door and suddenly, there’s a presence at the side of his bed.

'Can’t sleep?’ The voice is husky and low. It’s so familiar by now, that Jimin doesn’t even have to open his eyes to see who it is.

My air conditioning broke,’ he answers slowly, the words feeling like sludge in the air. 'Hoseok and his abnormally stretched appendages, that dimwit.’

'I heard.’ A weight settles down next to him and he feels the bed sink. 'He warned me before going in here. It’s like a fucking sauna.’

'My insides are oozing through my pores,’ groans Jimin. 'Help me.’

There’s a hand on his arm, tugging him off the bed and he allows the pressure to guide him onto the floor. Already, he feels like he’s going to pass out.

'Come, you can stay in my room.’

'Oh, is this another one of your clever plans to defile me when I’m weak and sweaty?’

'Or you could stay here and become a baked sloth. Your choice.’ The hand disappears and Jimin hears the door open again. 'Besides, I have air conditioning that’s actually functioning.’

Half a minute later, Jimin finds himself stumbling into Yoongi’s room, kicking the door shut behind him. He ignores the older boy, seated at his desk and instead, half zombie lurches, half trips onto Yoongi’s bed where his back is gratefully blessed by a blast of cold air. It’s great because Yoongi doesn’t share a room with anyone and there’s so much glorious space. And it’s cold.


'I told you.’ Yoongi’s voice is one of amusement and Jimin can’t even reply because it actually feels so goddamn good to finally be out of the freaking Sahara and he just lies there, basking in the cold relief. The air is filled with the sounds of clicking and keyboard clacking and when Jimin regains some of his energy, he hoists himself upright, leaning against the headboard.

'Are you working again?’

'Yup.’ Yoongi chews at his lip as he scrolls through pages of music notes, tracks and lyrics that make no sense to Jimin. 'Namjoon hyung  got tired and kicked me out of the studio. Said I needed sleep.’ The scrolling pauses and his fingers race across the keyboard for a moment then return back to the mouse. 'Wanker.’

Jimin glances at the tiny digital clock on Yoongi’s night stand and tries not to choke at the ungodly hour. 'Hyung, I’m pretty sure the sun rises in like, half an hour.’

'Bull. Forty-five minutes, tops.’

Jimin deigns a reply lest Yoongi unleash his holier-than-thou wrath upon him and settles instead for observing the older boy. Yoongi is engrossed in his work, now with headphones jammed over his ears and silently mouthing unseen melodies, lyrics and whatnots that Jimin wishes he could understand. Sometimes, he feels the jealousy burn low and dull in his stomach whenever he sees Namjoon and Yoongi bent over their latest project together, watching Yoongi subtly tilt his head towards Namjoon whenever he’s speaking, an air of respect and admiration hovering over the both of them. He harboured no ill feelings towards Namjoon whatsoever; the younger boy valued and honoured his leader but sometimes, he longed for Yoongi to look at him the same way.

And sometimes, he thinks he feels the older boy’s eyes observing him whenever he danced, and he imagines Yoongi appreciating and admiring him like he admires Namjoon and puts on an extra show, making sure that the older boy could see everything that he was doing. But whenever he tries to catch Yoongi’s eye, the boy would always turn away, face impassive and cold as ever. Often, that’s when Jimin would go to bed and wonder why his face was so stiff and pillow so damp in the morning.

The thought pricks at Jimin’s eyes and he blinks wildly, summoning all his willpower to try and quell the rising lump in his throat and looks instead at the brightness of Yoongi’s desk lamp, feeling the burn subside the emotion that threatened to spill.

'Why the fuck are you looking at my lamp like that?’

Jimin jolts out of his reverie and takes a sheepish glance at Yoongi who’s looking at him with amusement, not malice. His headphones are slung around his neck. 'Uh…’ He fumbles for a decent excuse that doesn’t make him sound like a complete twit. 'I was admiring it.’

Yoongi snorts then turns back to his computer. 'Thanks. And anyway, you shouldn’t look at bright lights too long. It’ll hurt your eyes.’

'Yes mum.’

'And why aren’t you sleeping yet?’ Yoongi chides.

'Cos you’re noisy.’

'Bitch, I’m working.’ It’s meant to be a snap but Jimin can hear the palpable exhaustion leak through Yoongi’s voice. It worries him, how much he has to work, and how early hours into the morning are just routine to him. He wonders how long it will take before Yoongi breaks under the pressure.  

Jimin sighs, rubbing at the Gucci sized bags under his eyes. 'Well, us mere mortals need to sleep.’

'Then sleep.’

'I can’t.’

Yoongi exhales heavily like it’s paining him and with some degree of amazement, Jimin watches as Yoongi actually shuts down his treasure, his laptop, and closes the lid, creaking out of the chair.

'Did you actually-’

'Yes. Now shut up and move over. I’m tired and my eyes feel like hell.’

Yoongi is impatient and Jimin obeys, rolling over to one side to make space and Yoongi kicks off his shoes, lying down next to him with his arms folded underneath his head.

It’s not good, how close the older boy is and Jimin regrets all the times that he’s prayed to sleep next to Yoongi because now, he’s not sure he can actually get to sleep. Yoongi’s eyes have fluttered shut and Jimin can’t do anything but watch.

In sleep, Yoongi looks peaceful, undisturbed and… almost angelic. The rock-hard, sarcastic, icy demeanour that Jimin always sees permanently associated with Yoongi is gone, all traces of tension and stress melted away from his face.

He doesn’t believe how impossibly soft and young the older boy is, all pale cheeks and elegant cheekbones that Jimin wants to stroke and memorise. He doesn’t believe how beautiful Yoongi looks, eyelashes casting shadows onto his skin, hair like a dark halo around his head. Jimin likes Yoongi’s hair like this, undyed and untouched. The bleach and colouring always looks fantastic on him, but it’s too harsh; a too harsh dye to match a too harsh personality. Here though, in its simple raven-black hue, he looks perfect.

His fingers itch to reach out and tuck a strand of hair away from Yoongi’s face but Jimin knows Yoongi would probably murder him and throw him out the window if he did so or even worse, throw him out of his air-conditioned room so he closes his eyes instead, eventually lulled to sleep by Yoongi’s soft breathing and comforting warmth.


'You two look like shit,’ comments Namjoon as a way of greeting when they stumble into the kitchen, hair mussed and yawning. Jimin’s Gucci bags have gotten worse despite the sleep and Yoongi can almost cosplay as a panda.

'Thanks hyung,’ mumbles Jimin, sinking into a chair. Yoongi ignores all of them and heads straight for the coffee machine, robotically making a long black. Jin places a bowl of cereal in front of Jimin and tuts, shaking his head like a mother hen. Namjoon informs them that the others have already gone down to the dance rooms to start practice and tells Yoongi and Jimin to follow after they’ve eaten. He and Seokjin leave the kitchen chattering and the atmosphere falls into silence. Jimin sneaks a peek at Yoongi who’s simultaneously chugging down the coffee and making another automatically, like he’s trying to consume the entirety of Starbucks. Obviously looking like he wasn’t going to start a conversation anytime soon, Jimin instead stares down at the bowl in front of him and swirls the fruit loops around aimlessly, watching them bob in and out of the milk.

He’d woken up this morning cold and disoriented; after blinking the sleep out of his eyes, he had tentatively reached out his hand only to be met with the disappointing rustle of unattended sheets. Jimin had only barely registered the same clacking noise of Yoongi’s keyboard and had raised his head to see him seated instead at his desk in the exact same position as before. Jimin doesn’t bother getting up, just rolls over onto his side and burns the whiteness of the wall into his eyes until Yoongi grunts at him to get up before Namjoon yells at them again.

The fruit loops are soggy and taste like nothing when he finally spoons it into his mouth but he’s too tired to care. He hears the chair opposite scrape the floor and the sound grates on his ears but he doesn’t show anything when Yoongi takes his spot, cupping the mug and looking intently at Jimin.


Yoongi cocks an eyebrow and leans back. 'That’s, 'what hyung’ to you, you little brat.’ He takes a sip and makes a face. Jimin knows; Yoongi’s made it too strong this time and Jimin tosses a sugar packet across the table.

'Thanks,’ says Yoongi, surprised and pours the contents of the packet into his cup.

'Sorry.’ Jimin scratches his head. 'I’m just tired.’

'Yeah, you’re not your usual perky, annoying self,’ snorts Yoongi, surveying him. 'I told you, you should have gone to sleep earlier.’

Jimin only nods, clinking his spoon against the bowl. There was only one reason why he couldn’t sleep and it was something Yoongi could never understand.

'Also-’ There’s a slight undertone of amusement and Jimin looks up to see Yoongi’s mouth curved to one side. 'You talk in your sleep.’ Fuck.

'What-’ he squeaks and clears his throat. 'What?’

'Don’t worry.’ Yoongi waves his hand dismissively. 'You mostly talked about dance practice. And about dismembering Hoseok in several different ways.’

'That’s it?’ Thank the Lord Jesus.

'Yeah,’ Yoongi laughs a bit and stands up, scraping the chair back again. Jimin winces. 'Don’t watch Saw. It gives you too many ideas.’ He drains the cup then tosses it into the sink. 'Anyway, we have to go. We’re late.’

'Yup,’ Jimin says quietly and follows suit after Yoongi, wishing his blush wasn’t so noticeable. 


There were both good and bad things to having a leader, Jimin notices. It was good they were always watching out for the members. It was also bad that they were always watching out for the members.

Jimin doesn’t know if this applied to every group or just Bangtan, but he knows that Namjoon is far too astutely observant to not do anything about it. If anything, Jimin is too obvious, in the way he misses half a beat during dance practice, the way he laughs a second too late after Hoseok cracks a stupid joke or Taehyung does something obnoxious. But the others don’t seem to notice, carrying on like usual; Jungkook sends him a concerned look every once in a while but doesn’t press any further. It’s only when everyone’s left the dance rooms that Jimin’s yanked aside by an obviously cranky and sweaty Namjoon  and pushed indignantly into the big wheely chair in the composing studio.

'Hey, what-’

'Don’t what me.’ Namjoon crosses his arms and stands in front of Jimin like a burly prison guard. 'Either you’re tripping acid or something happened.’

'I’m fine, seriously hyung.’ Jimin goes to stand up but Namjoon shoves him down in the chair again. 'Jesus Christ what have you been lifting?’

'Not the point,’ says Namjoon, dodging the question. 'The point is that you’ve messed up more than usual; plus, every time I look at you, it’s like you’re somewhere else.’

'Hyung, you’ve been watching too much Inception-’

'Is it Yoongi?’

The question catches him by surprise and Jimin’s able to do nothing but splutter rather spectacularly. 'What? Fuck no.’

Namjoon’s face softens and he sinks into the couch, still looking at Jimin. 'Minnie, I see the way you look at him.’

'I don’t look at him. I don’t look at anyone.’ Jimin’s emphasising the word with air inverted commas. Because that’s how you really convince people. And yourself. 'I just didn’t have a good night’s sleep, that’s all.’

He goes to stand up again and at least makes it to the door before Namjoon grabs his arm, spins him around and pins him against the door. In any other situation, this would have looked like a really cliché scene from a drama and Jimin would have given Namjoon grief about it, but now he just wants to leave before Namjoon sticks his nose into places that he shouldn’t.

'Why do you keep denying it?’ Namjoon is almost livid and Jimin doesn’t get why he’s angry. He should be the one pissed off at all this.

'And why do you care?’ Jimin spits, exhaustion of the day’s practice and frustration at Namjoon making a rather nasty emotional concoction inside him. 'It’s none of your business.’

'It’s my business-’ Namjoon stabs a finger into Jimin’s chest, hard enough that the younger boy knows it’s going to bruise. ’-when one of my friends starts to look like he’s doing weekly therapy for depression.’ He releases Jimin and steps back. 'And it’s failing.’

'It’s not only today,’ says Namjoon tiredly and Jimin can finally see the lines of tension in the leader’s expression. 'It’s been like this for months now. The longer this goes on, the longer you stick around in this constant cloud of I’m-not-man-enough-to-admit-my-feelings-and-spare-everyone-the-fucking-theatrics.’

At this, Jimin only manages to sink down the length of the wall and sits down on the floor, in shock after someone finally lays the fucking cards on the table like that, raw and unconcealed. It’s like Namjoon’s ripped a bandage off an old wound and now it’s bleeding again, the stitching of Jimin’s efforts to hide everything coming undone in a matter of minutes.

'Minnie, you barely sleep or eat. It’s like you’ve been consumed by whatever this is.’ Namjoon’s statement is emphasised by a sharp snap of his fingers. 'Everyone is worried about you. Even Yoongi. 

'Hyung, what do I do?’ He buries his face into his hands, feeling the hot flush of his cheeks heat his palms. 'I’m pretty sure Yoongi’s going to skin me alive if I try and confess.’

'Or-’ Namjoon says softly, tugging on Jimin’s arm and pulling him up to stand. 'He doesn’t skin you alive and likes you too.’

Jimin exhales heavily and musses up his hair even more. 'Okay, okay, I’ll give it a shot.’


'Tomorrow.’ Jimin doesn’t quite have to fake the yawn. 'I don’t think Yoongi-hyung would appreciate it if I suddenly started snoring whilst admitting my feelings. Quite unpleasant.’

'Fine.’ Namjoon snorts, opening the door. 'I’m watching you, Park Jimin.’

'Whatever, mum.

Namjoon only splutters.


Actually, Jimin doesn’t do it tomorrow. Or the next day. Or within the week for that matter.

It’s not actually his fault; they’re so busy that they barely have time to breathe. Promotions are starting within the next fortnight and preparations are underway for their comeback. They filter through their schedules with military precision, which means that though Jimin feels guilty for not keeping his promise with Namjoon, it means the leader can’t do anything but scowl at him every once in a while. 

The air conditioning in Jimin’s room still hasn’t been attended to and so he’s been crashing in Yoongi’s room, which is a rather fortunate blessing on Jimin’s behalf. In addition, since all the tracks that they had been working on have already been sent to the higher-ups for approval, Yoongi doesn’t stay up any longer than he needs to, and that means, getting to bed quicker and Jimin getting to spend more time with Yoongi by his side, trying to slow his heart rate down in vain.

However, with this added pressure of comeback dates and working out and sound checks and accidental sicknesses and a flurry of stress and worry coupled with his problem, Jimin starts to get little hiccups in his performances, ones that get him sent a concerned glances from everyone but he manages to wave them off, no problem.

He should have seen it coming, the way Yoongi was looking at him. And it was only a matter of time when it reached the night before their comeback stage and Jimin was lying on Yoongi’s bed texting his mum and Yoongi was on his laptop like usual and then it happened.

Jimin doesn’t know what starts the conversation, but suddenly, he hears the snap of Yoongi’s laptop being closed and he whips his head towards the older boy, thumb hovering above the smiley emoticon he was about to send.

Yoongi was looking straight at him, dark eyes blazing with something indecipherable but Jimin knows it’s not good.

'What’s happening with you?’ Fuck he knows.

Jimin clears his throat and looks down at his phone. 'What do you mean?’

'Don’t beat around the bush you prat.’ Yoongi walks over and plucks the phone out of Jimin’s hands ignoring the younger boy’s protests and tosses it onto the desk. 'Talk.’ He sits down next to Jimin.

Jimin’s heart starts off like a racehorse, galloping off at a hundred kilometres an hour. All the prepping he’s done, the promise with Namjoon, it was finally here, this moment where he would confess and Yoongi would not laugh at him and hopefully, he’d get out of this without permanent mental scarring.

'Well, um,’ Jimin starts off, staring anywhere but at Yoongi. 'I’ve been distracted.’

'No shit there.’ Yoongi arches an eyebrow. 'Get to the part where you explain why you’ve been off with the goddamn fairies.’

Here goes nothing.

'It’s because of you.’

Jimin instantly claps his hands over his eyes and leans away from Yoongi, mentally praying to whatever higher power that he doesn’t end up being drop-kicked out onto the streets of Gangnam. One, two, ten, thirty seconds pass and he doesn’t know how long it’s been but suddenly he feels the bed shake and he gathers the courage to peep through the cracks of his fingers.

Min Yoongi is laughing.

As in, not the dry chuckle or sneer that usually comes out but it’s a full blown shoulders-shaking, tears-coming-to-eyes sort of laughing.

Jimin did not expect this at all.

It makes the situation more embarrassing to be honest.

The steady heat that rises to his cheeks doesn’t really help the situation and Jimin sulks whilst Yoongi just laughs and laughs and laughs.

'Stop it; this is already fucking mortifying enough without you guffawing like a baboon.’ Jimin pouts, crossing his arms. Yoongi finally comes down from his high and wipes away a stray tear, grinning at Jimin all the while. Of all the weird things that he’s been through, Jimin definitely puts this behaviorial change from Yoongi right at the top of the damn list.

'I’m sorry Minnie,’ says Yoongi, an odd tone of sincerity in his voice. 'But I seriously couldn’t fucking believe that you finally said it.’

…you finally said it. Jimin blinks once, twice and tries to process what Yoongi has just said. All he can manage is an eloquent 'Guhh?’

Yoongi does his infamous eye roll. 'Bloody hell Minnie, all this time. I was getting tired of waiting.’

'You knew?’ Jimin squeaked.

'Duh. You’re not exactly subtle.’ Yoongi smirks. 'Close the bedroom door next time.’ 

Jimin flushes from the roots of his hair. 'Fucking hell.’

Yoongi laughs and ruffles Jimin’s hair. 'You know the first time that we slept together?’


'And how I said next morning that you talk in your sleep?’


Yoongi smiles. 'You seem to be really fond of saying ‘Min Yoongi, Min Yoongi.’

Jimin cringes. 'Look, I’m sorry and-’

He’s cut off mid-sentence when Yoongi leans forward and presses their mouths together, slotting in like a missing puzzle piece. For a split second, he freezes, the pressure on his lips alien yet familiar but then Yoongi moves and suddenly, Jimin’s breathing him in like a man starved from oxygen.

They don’t get much sleep that night.



In the morning, they’re greeted by a chorus of wolf-whistling and cheering when they shuffle into the kitchen. Jimin of course blushes and tells everyone to shut up and Yoongi, in true style, just wanders over to the coffee machine like nothing’s happened.

'Doing the walk of shame now, are we?’ says Hoseok, waggling his eyebrows.

'We didn’t even do anything,’ whined Jimin sinking into his seat and burying his face in his hands. Jungkook slaps him on the back and murmurs something that sounds like ’Jiminnie hyung’s finally become a man.’ He makes a mental note to wash out the kid’s mouth with soap sometime later.

There’s more cat-calling and Jimin fears there’s no way to get the band of idiots to shut up when Yoongi saunters over and plants a soft kiss on the side of his cheek.

'I’ll see you down in the studio, brat,’ he whispers, breath tickling Jimin’s ear and disappears out the door in a whiff of coffee.

There’s a long, long silence after that.

'Please tell me someone got that on camera.’


'What a beauty,’ Yoongi breathes, staring down at the glistening thing in his hands.

'Glorious,’ echoes Jimin.

'I’m building a shrine,’ announces Namjoon and plucks the trophy out of Yoongi’s hands, Seokjin admiring it over his shoulder. Jungkook and Taehyung are wrapped in each other’s arms, snoring away on the couch whilst the staff bustle around doing last minute clean-ups. Hoseok is chatting to one of the stylists animatedly, and Jimin briefly considers warning her of his tendency to flail around.

Then again, his flailing around was what helped him in the long run.

His head is on Yoongi’s shoulder; the rapper is already scribbling furiously away in a notepad, probably scrawling new lyrics, despite them releasing their album only the day before.

'Why are you working?’ whines Jimin. 'Put that thing down and talk to me.’

'Just because we’re together now does not mean you get to boss me around without consequences,’ says Yoongi, flicking Jimin on the forehead. 'I am in the midst of a great epiphany.’

Jimin opens his mouth again to protest against this 'great epiphany’ being a massive cockblock to a possible make-out session when their manager Hobeom suddenly appears in front of them.

'Jimin, just the man I wanted to see.’

Jimin jumps up immediately. 'Yes?’

Hobeom flings his arms out in a sort of jazz hands ensemble and Jimin has to step back a bit to avoid being slapped. 'I fixed your air conditioning!’

'My…’ It’s honest to say he’s completely forgotten about that, having spent so much time with Yoongi. 'Oh, thanks.’

'Just thanks?’ Hobeom sniffs, excited grin fading to a pout. 'I thought you wanted it fixed for weeks.’

'Yeah well,’ Jimin sneaks a glance at Yoongi still engrossed in his work. 'Things have changed.’

'Things have changed,’ Hobeom mimics blankly. 'Fine, whatever. I can’t keep up with you kids and your mood swings nowadays. I’m too old for this.’

He walks away muttering unintelligibly and Jimin feels the tiniest twinge of guilt but it quickly melts away when there’s a tugging at his shirt and Yoongi’s yanking him back down into the couch.

'Don’t go anywhere,’ the older boy commands, never taking an eye off his work. 'I’m cold.’  

Jimin grins at Yoongi’s aloofness. 'I won’t.’

(For the rest of the night, Jimin is glad he ignores the gagging noises the other members make whenever he’s snuggling next to Yoongi).

A/N: Lol this was supposed to be the plot for a smut then it just turned into this whatever this is. oh well, enjoy this hot mess~ 

Always my savior // Part 7

PAIRINGS: Theo Raeken x Reader



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Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 

Originally posted by captainmorganslut

Theo’s POV.

Every word that came out of her mouth was like a dagger stabbing deeper and deeper in my heart, making it bleed, crashing it into small pieces which then stuck in my lungs. I felt how hard it was for me to breathe and seeing her tears down her beautiful face…She was shattering me. Knowing the fact I did this to her, I broke my fragile doll I had been trying to protect so much. “I don’t want to see you Theo Raeken! Not anymore!”  I lost my only anchor and it was my entire fault. Now she was running away from me, from the monster she saw. I knew it was hazardous since the first time I saved her life. I knew that falling for her would put her in danger and yet I did it. How could I be so stupid?! How could I lose my girl because of my silly actions? Anger filled my body. I found the strength to stand up. ‘I will fix this! Everything! I will make my own pack, I will get my girl back!’, I thought as I went to one of the doctors’ lab. The whole way I used to smell (Y/N)’s smell. A thought she was near, but that can’t be true. She ran the other direction. I tried to focus in my plan not on my fantasies. Soon she was going to be mine! When I got there I took the green substance I needed.

“What are you doing? Please, let me go!”, Lydia shouted but I didn’t listen to her. Instead I stuck my claws in the back of her neck in order to see where the Nemeton was.

“Yes! I see it!”, grabbing her body I went straight to that freaking old and magical tree stump. As I was on my way with the banshee on my shoulder I heard screams. I stopped and looked around but nothing. They were coming from far away but something in them was painfully familiar. Was that (Y/N)?! I put the body I carried on the ground but the shouts stopped. I must have imagined it. Maybe my mind was playing with me. Thoughts of her being tortured, raped or murdered filled my head. I gave all of myself to focus on the reality. Turning on my heels and went straight to the Nemeton who was some meters before me. I injected the substance in four of the chimeras.

“I’m your Alfa. And all of you”, I pointed at each of the creatures standing in front of me, “All of you belong to me.”

(Y/N)’s POV

I finally managed to open my eyes. At first I couldn’t focus on anything but soon when my sight clarified I found myself in some kind of a laboratory. I tried to stand but I was tied down. There were leather straps holding my hands, legs and body down. No matter how much I moved, the straps were bound strong. And then there it was – that strange sound. I knew it was the Dread Doctors way of communication. I turned away and saw them approaching me with a big injection. There was red liquid in it.

“No, no, please!”, I begged as I tried somehow to escape, although my efforts were all in vain. One of them put his hands on my head holding it firmly while another one came next to me and got ready to inject me.

“NO!, PLEASE, STOP!”, I screamed when I felt the needle in my neck. Seconds later I got the feeling as though my body were on fire. I began shaking uncontrollable. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?”, I shouted then threw my head backwards.

“New experiment. New experiment.”, they said but the pain didn’t give me the opportunity to hear it well. Then another needle impaled me but this time in my arm. The agony wasn’t that strong now.

“The mouth.” They said to each other. My eyes were like flying between them. I was looking at all of them trying to figure out what they were going to do to me. One of the doctors took a strange device and put in my mouth causing it to open widely. When they got out a scissor I panicked and screamed again but my throat was sore and it didn’t come out as loud as I hoped it would.

Theo’s POV

The next day I was in the library. I couldn’t sleep all night because of thoughts about her. And here was I now, sitting on our favorite place. My back pressed against the shelf full of books and watching the whole room, while being kind of hidden. I threw my head backwards and closed my eyes. Immediately some of our shared moments here appeared. I remembered how her head had been lying in my lap, while I had been sitting like now, both with a book in our hands.

“Have you ever thought about why we are here?”, she suddenly asked.

“Of course.”, I answered simply.

“Really? Why? ”, she looked at my surprised.

“Because we love each other and want to have some time alone without our friends interrupting.”, she giggled which caused me to do the same.

Only the thought of her laughing made me smile. The effect that girl had on me was amazing yet it was my weakness, too. She was my weakness.

“I wasn’t talking about the two of us, donut!”,I started playing with her hair. She put the book down and looked at the ceiling. “I was talking about the humanity. Is there a reason why we are here? Is there something we should do?”

“These are really deep philosophical questions, Ms (Y/L/N).”

“I know, but…I’m just curious.”, she said and stood, sitting next to me.

“You know that curiosity killed the cat, don’t you. Sometimes snooping and asking too many questions can get you in danger.”, I placed my hand on her shoulders and got her near me.

“But you’ll save me. You’re my savior, remember?”

“Of course.”, I leaned and we connected our lips.

“You stupid son of a bitch!”, someone shouted and got me out of my memories. When I opened my eyes I saw Stiles approaching me with a fast step, while Scott was trying to stop him. I got up In annoyance. “What are you even doing here?”

“I still need to graduate.”, I said calmly but hoped they would go away soon and leave me alone.

“Where are they? ”, Stiles got out his angry and warning face.

“If you are trying to scare me use another expression.”, I got my school bag but when I tried to pass them, Scott pushed me backwards, his red eyes placed his ordinary brown one.

“Tell us! Where are they?”, he asked wrathfully and slowly.

“I have no idea what you are talking about!”, I snapped at them “Now leave me alone!”

“We are not dumb, Theo! We know you have done something to Lydia and (Y/N)!”, Stiles said as he tried to push me up against the shelf. And at that moment my heart dropped.

“What do you mean?! (Y/N)…she-she is gone?”, I looked at the boys in confusion and horror.

“Since last night none of them appeared. I called them several times but nothing! And since you tried to kill my buddy here, I’m thinking you are part of their disappearance.”

The screams from last night…they had sounded so familiar. What if it was her? What if I could have saved her but I ignored it for creating a pack. What if my princess was in danger because of me? I hit the shelf so hard that some books fell on the ground. My heart was beating fast. I needed to find her. I had to find her!

‘You’re my savior, remember?’

I stormed out of the building rushing towards her house. Maybe Stiles was trying to play with me. Maybe she was alright, sleeping in her room, not wanting to go to school and see me. Maybe she was wrapped in sheets, reading her favorite book and drinking coffee. Maybe she just didn’t want to answer her phone. When I got there, I broke the door and got in. But there was no one, the house was empty.

“(Y/N)!”, but nothing. I went upstairs in her room. Seeing this place made me sick. I clenched my fist and tried to ignore the laugh and the happy moments filling this room. Blood started pouring from my hand but I ignored it. It would heal! I opened the wardrobe and got her favorite blouse. Taking it, I inhaled trying to catch her scent. It wasn’t that hard, I knew it too well.

(Y/N)’s POV

Everything was blurry and red, my body – unmovable. Torture by torture, screams, prays, fire…it all felt like hell. I didn’t know how long I had been there. Maybe hours, days, weeks but my body was feeling it like months, years. My clothes were ripped, the rags covering me were in blood. They had been cutting me, injecting me. My whole body was in scars of drilling, sewing. I was like an old tattered doll, which had been patched again and again. My tongue was hurting, I was barely feeling it, my throat – sore and dry. But the worst was my mind. In the beginning it wasn’t that bad but with each injection I started losing consciousness more and more often. Then the phantasms came. No matter if my eyes were opened or closed I was seeing Theo saving me. I imagined how he burst in the room and got me out of this infernal place. There was a moment I pictured one of the doctors as him. I had to hate him, to loathe him, but I just couldn’t. He had done so many bad things…but my heart wasn’t listening. Every thought about him was tearing me apart. My brain was telling me he was bad, that he had used me to get to the pack, but my heart… it was whispering me that not everything was affectation, that he had been honest with me for at least one thing – that he really did love me.

Theo’s POV

It’d been two awful days since (Y/N) had disappeared. I had done anything I could to find her, but nothing. I couldn’t sleep. When I closed my eyes, all I saw was her – dead on the ground, eaten by an animal, rapped by a drunk bastard or sometimes she was getting killed meters away from me. An no matter what I tried – running towards her, screaming, roaring, she was still untouchable and deaf to hear me calling her name.

I couldn’t eat. When I tried to take a bite from something I had ordered in a cheap fast food restaurant, thoughts about how I was wasting time on this stupid thing instead of searching her filled my head. How could I eat while she was in danger? Why was I satisfying my needs, when she was probably somewhere dying because of starvation or thirst?

I would die if something had happened to her.

“IT WAS MY FAULT!”, I shouted as I hit the nearest thing. It happened to be a school wall. I left a large hole but I didn’t care.

I had to protect her! I had to show her my love! I had to be the guy she deserved! But I was too scared. I’d never loved anyone so much in my life and instead of keeping her close I had pushed her away. And now…now I was dying! Because without her, I was nothing, just emptiness wrapped with a shell, which was now breaking.

I had to calm down. I needed to rethink all the information I had. I had checked almost the whole town! Except one place… My heartbeat speeded up. No, no, NO! Please, not there! I ran as fast as I could until I reached the Dread Doctors’ lab. Bursting in it, I expected to see my creators but it was empty. Some of the devises had been taken. Why would they move away? I went back into the tunnels in order to get out of this place as soon as possible but the thoughts weren’t leaving. Maybe it’s because the pack had found out about this place. But…where would they go? As I was walking and thinking I stepped on something. With confusion I stopped and looked at the object I just walk over. The blood in my veins froze, my eyes got wide and my mind was about to explode. I squatted down and took the silver bracelet. A tear rolled down my cheek. This was the present I gave to (Y/N) for her birthday and the only reason I had found it here was that the doctors had taken her. I clenched my fist and put the bracelet in my pocket. I had to find her before it was too late. But I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed Scott’s and his pack’s help which wasn’t going to be easy. Storming out I went straight to his house. I didn’t bother ringing, I just got in as if it were mine. And hopefully I found all of them around the table probably creating a plan for something.

When they saw me, Stiles was the first one to attack me. He punched me in the face but I didn’t stop him. I deserved this.

“Stiles, stop!”, Scott and Kira shouted but void Stiles had taken control, “Stiles!”, the Alfa separated us.

“Let me kill that son of a bitch! Lydia is in this condition and (Y/N) is missing because of him!”

“He’s right.”, I finally said in with a broken voice.

“Yeah, did you…wait, I’m what?!”,Stiles got surprised due to my answer.

“You are right. I deserve to die.”, all of them looked at me but nobody spoke, “I messed up. I did some horrible things and I am really sorry for this.”

“I don’t believe him.”, Liam groaned.

“Do whatever you want!”, I snapped, “The only thing I want is to save (Y/N) and I can’t do it on my own. And I want to smooth the things over.”

“Okay.”, Scott agreed

“Wait, you are going to trust him? Again!?”, Stiles protested

“Kind of, look at him, Stiles! He maybe lied to us but it seems he truly loves (Y/N)! An she is part of the pack! If he knows something, we better hurry.”

“I’m doing this only for one of my best friend. I still want to kill you.”, I inhaled and exhaled deeply to Stiles’ response, ”What do know?”

“The Dread Doctors had kidnapped her.”

“Why are you so sure?”, this time it was Malia who spoke

“When I went to their lab I saw the bracelet I gave her on her birthday.”

“Maybe she is in that place I and Hayden were.”, Liam suggested.

“No, the lab was almost emptied. They had gone somewhere.”, Scott got out a map of the woods. We tried to figure it out where exactly they were but it was impossible. What if we were too late? What if she was turned into Chimera and most importantly what if she was a failure? And suddenly it hit me.

“This.”, I pointed a place on the map. “I’m a hundred percent sure they are here. Once I heard them talking about other basis they can do experiments. They said this place was perfect but I still don’t know why.”

“We better hurry. Let’s hope you are right, Theo.”, Malia said and stormed out of the room.

Stiles got in his jeep while I, Scott, Liam and Malia were running with our super speed. I hoped, no I prayed we weren’t late. I hoped she was alive! Minutes later we were at the entrance of a small building. I tried to catch her scent but something was hindering me. Maybe that’s why they had chosen this place. I didn’t wait, I just couldn’t. With a roar I burst through the door. Anger filled me when I saw what was happening in front of me. The Dread Doctors were hovered above her with a knife and injection. I howled and got their attention at me. I jumped at them but they were strong. One of them easily escaped my claws and hit me in the stomach. Thanks to the adrenaline in my veins I didn’t feel much pain. Soon Scott’s pack joined the battle while with my periphery I saw how Stiles untied my princess and carried her out of the room. When the doctors saw that the body was missing the stopped fighting.

“Failure, failure, failure.”, they repeated as they slowly disappeared.

“No, no, no!”, I turned away and stormed out. The jeep was parked outside and the doors were open. I went to the passenger seat where Stiles had put my sweet angel. Seeing her in this condition made me cry. I interlaced our fingers.

“I should have protected you.”, I murmured.

“Theo?”,I opened my eyes immediately as I heard her weak voice.

“I’m here, princess. You are safe now, I promise you! You’ll be fine.”, kissing her forehead I turned towards Stiles who got in the jeep getting ready for a drive. With one look he understood the destination he had to reach.

“Don’t leave me.”, she murmured as she closed her eyes again. I took her body and laid it on the backseat, placing her head in my lap.

“Drive!”, I ordered and began playing with (Y/N)’s hair. “I won’t! I won’t leave you for anything.”

To be continue…

An Angel’s Grace [Part Ten]

Gabriel x Reader

Author: justcallmeyourgoddess

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Wing!Kink

Word Count: 2663

Description:  Reader is already officially mates with Gabriel with all the ceremonies, etc. and can see his wings. He wants to introduce her to his archangel brothers (saying as Lucifer and Michael and Raphael all live together peacefully in heaven). They discover something about the Reader in the process.

Note: Send me your requests for ideas for the next parts! PLEASE. i only have some ideas i need more.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

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The Messenger

Author: Zoe

Word count: 1,200 (EXACTLY)

Warnings: Blood, major injury, ANGST  

Request: Could you maybe write an x-reader with Laf, where the reader delivered messages during the war, and returned to camp with the return message, but also with a bullet wound? I’ve been thinking about this…

WHOOPS, THIS IS FOR:    http://triforcestitchery.tumblr.com/

 It amazed you at the rate in which people produced letters. Alexander Hamilton sends letters to his wife multiple times a week. George Washington had letters being sent out to all over the country to rally the troops. John Laurens sends in almost as many letters to Hamilton as Hamilton sends to him. And that’s not even counting the other thousands of soldiers who don’t hold a high rank.

Though, your most troublesome ones were Lafayette’s, who sent his all the way to France. Some to his grandparents, some to his old friends, and some to a guy named Thomas Jefferson. All and all, it was a mess to try and organize everything, so the majority of the time you were the one who had to go all the way to the east to get them shipped.    

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My Top 10 “Spider-Man is an awesome bad ass and owns in a fight” Moments

These are my top 10 favourite moments where Spider-Man is a total BOSS in a fight. These aren’t all the best fights he’s been in and they aren’t in order of any kind of quality. These are just my faves. Don’t expect anything high brow here. This is about blood pumping testosterone laced action. Let’s go.

10: Spectacular Spider-Man #250: Spider-Man vs Norman Osborn

This one is very nostalgic for me as it’s the lynchpin of my favourite era (and possibly run) on Spider-Man. Fundamentally though I like it because it is Spider-Man letting rip on the guy he hates the most when he’s been pushed to the limits. Despite it’s consequences it is cathartic to see.

9: Amazing Spider-Man #230: Spider-Man vs Juggernaut

Possibly the most famous Spider-Man fight of all time. You know the set up surely. Spider-Man is tough but Juggernaut is in another league and Spider-Man can’t hurt him. He’s tried his best to stop a guy who’s super power is literally being unstoppable. He’s tried hitting him, he’s tried, webbing him up, he’s tried blowing him up with a gas truck. Nothing works. But ol’ Spidey doesn’t give up and eventually he finds a way to stop the unstoppable. HE’S THE SPIDER-MAN BITCH!

8: Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man #110: Spider-Man vs Sin Eater

This fight is awesome just because in the wake of killing a load of people (including his friend Jean DeWolff) Spider-Man has had enough of Sin Eater’s $*** and let’s him have it. To give you an idea of how badly he kicks this guy’s ass, Sin Eater is crippled after this.

7: Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 #35: Spider-Man vs Morlun

In something of a homage to the Juggernaut battle, Spider-Man has spent several issues throwing everything he can against the mystical villain Morlun. Nothing works, but what’s worse with Morlun is that he’s actually attempting to devour Spider-Man as part of his mystic lunch, so Spidey is fighting for his life and running scared. Between being effectively cornered and Morlun killing his new friend Ezekiel, Spider-Man takes desperate measures and takes a second dose of radiation. This does the trick because now Morlun can’t stomach him anymore and the tables are turned. No longer running scared and with Morlun’s invincibility gone Spidey puts this sucker down hard and has him terrified for his own life.

6: Amazing Spider-Man #33: Spider-Man vs the Master Planner’s Goons

I love this fight despite it being an overlooked part of the seminal Master Planner Trilogy. Spider-Man has had it rougher than usual in the past few issues. His debut at College has resulted in everyone hating him, his Aunt is dying because of him, he’s torn the criminal underworld apart trying to find the guys who took the only thing which can save her, he’s swam deep beneath the New York river, he’s battled a load of goons, he’s battled Doctor Octopus and he’s been buried under a ton of metal debris with water rapidly spilling in preparing to drown him. Now I’m sure we all remember the iconic scene where Spider-Man overcomes the debris and finds the inner strength he needs to triumphantly lift the burden off his back. Well by this part of the story he’s pretty exhausted but things don’t let up. He’s swam to the surface only to be met by a horde of Doc Ock’s goons.

You’d think this would be too much for Peter. He’s mentally and physically exhausted. Surely he can’t beat all these guys? Well he does. In fact he not only beats them, but he’s so bad ass he let’s them beat him  in order to recover some of his strength. And then he proceeds to fight so hard he not only K.O.s all of the goons but he does so without even realising.






5: Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man #75: Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus

Ah, another iconic moment where Spider-Man is just tired of your $***. Doc Ock’s injured Spidey’s latest squeeze the Black Cat and tried to nuke New York City itself. And so Spidey does what he should’ve done a long ass time ago and rips off Doc Ock’s arms!!!!! Do I need to elaborate on how f***ing cool that is? He literally just disarmed the guy.

4: Amazing Spider-Man #270: Spider-Man vs Firelord

This is arguably the best retelling of the Juggernaut concept except in some ways it takes things up to an 11. Firelord is a Herald of Galactus. In case you don’t know that means he is a cosmically powered powerhouse cut from the same cloth as the Silver Surfer. This guy can tangle with the big guns. He can survive in open space. He smashes meteors.

He’s been chasing Spider-Man all over town for some dumb misunderstanding and after dropping a building on him and blowing up a gas station around him has failed Spider-Man has simply lost his rag and proceeds to hit Firelord hard with everything he’s got. And like the Master Planner’s goons before him he doesn’t even realise how strong he is or how badly he’s kicked Firelord’s ass because he needs to be told he’s already won the battle.

Little old solo Spider-Man just did what it’d take the entire Fantastic Four to do.

3: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3: Spider-Man vs the X-Men

Until a few years ago I merely enjoyed this fight but overlooked it. It was pointed out to me a while ago though that actually this is a pretty amazing show of force by Spider-Man.

The X-Men are super stars in the Marvel Universe. Back when Secret Wars was published in the early-mid 1980s, they were a hot property and no physical push over as a super hero team.

Cyclops can punch a hole through a mountain with his optic blasts

Storm is a veritable goddess who commands the weather itself

Nightcrawler is more agile than an acrobat and can teleport in the blink of an eye

Colossus has immense super strength and invulnerability

Rogue (at this point in time) could fly, was super strong, had a degree of invulnerability and can practically kill with a touch

Professor X can read and control minds

And then you’ve got Wolverine, a poster child for bad ass, with unbreakable bones, a healing factor, animal keen senses a feral rage he can fly into and of course those six razor sharp lethal claws which have slashed many an unfortunate S.O.B. asunder.

Spider-Man solos them in three pages.

He fights smart and he fights fast.

He disables the power houses and the telepaths

He, dodges lightning

He moves faster than the guy who can teleport

And he swats away the most popular X-Man as an afterthought

To make matters more impressive even the X-Men themselves are commenting on how much of a total f***ing boss Spider-Man was in this fight. Nightcrawler literally says ‘he’s awesome’ and the leader of the X-Men plus the single most bad ass member who’s extremely short on compliments (especially when it comes to brawlers) even say they were lucky Spider-Man didn’t own them harder.

It gets more awe inspiring when you consider he was just trying to teach them a quick lesson then move on, he wasn’t really trying all that hard.




2: Amazing Spider-Man #542: Spider-Man vs the Kingpin

*gurgling noises* This…This fight man. God I love this. Would you believe I despised this issue, this arc, this whole damn era when it was first put out back in 2007? Well hindsight has prompted me to give at least this issue a re-read and I’m slapping myself now because this is a true classic.

Kingpin is a awesome villain. He is.

Part of what makes Kingpin so compelling as a villain is he’s powerful without being super powered, yet he’s still a physical powerhouse amongst normal human beings.

He’s arguably Daredevil’s arch nemesis and it was kind of Spider-Man to farm him out to old Hornhead because bless him he doesn’t have too many villains of the same calibre as Spidey.

As much as I love Kingpin for being such a bastard I do wish at times to see him get his cummuppence. I wish he’d get knocked off his perch but alas that doesn’t happen too often since a big part of his concept is that he is untouchable. In particular he’s pushed and mocked and gotten under Spider-Man’s skin quite a few times in their storied history together.

And when push comes to shove Kingpin is still a Spider-Man villain when needs be as he proved in Civil War. After Peter revealed his identity to the world Kingpin wasted little time in putting out a hit on Peter’s family. Thus a gunman targeted Mary Jane but hit Aunt May instead.

Unfortunately for Kingpin he was criminally narrowminded about a few things.

  1. That Spider-Man might actually be itching to screw him over as much or more than he was itching to screw Spidey over
  2. That Spider-Man has actual super powers and ultimately he doesn’t
  3. That you do not mess with Spider-Man’s family (unless you’re Norman Osborn and even then it’s not a good idea)

And so Kingpin, cocky bastard that he is, prepares to humiliate Spider-Man in physical combat, or at least show him up for the fool he was in trusting the system and allowing his loved ones to come to harm. As far as he’s concerned Spider-Man is an impotent lily white idealistic hero, who’s childishly gotten upset about his mama being hurt. So he puts on a show by donning his classic white business suit to show Spider-Man just how untouchable he is. Showing him how even in prison he’s still powerful and can do whatever he wants and there is nothing Spider-Man can do about it. Kingpin is just about ready to show Peter this and give him a beating as he’s done in the past when…he learns a lesson…

This list is about my favourite moments from Spider-Man fights but even so….this is more than likely THE single greatest beat down in any Spider-Man comic ever. He takes Kingpin apart physically and mentally by humiliating him and showing him that actually his assessment of him is a zillion miles off. He shows everyone (including the readers) just how much of a bad ass he can be when he doesn’t hold back, and how when all is said and done Kingpin is a whale sized piece of crap compared to him, and that Spidey could actually own Fisk however and whenever he wants to. He just doesn’t because he’s usually so nice.

What more can you say about a comic where Spider-Man is literally (and repeatedly) bitch slapping the so called ‘untouchable’ King of Crime?

1: Peter Parker: Spider-Man #75: Spider-Man vs the Green Goblin

This is unquestionably my #1 pick. I will admit there are elements which are derivative of other stories. I will admit this isn’t as awesome as the Kingpin fight.

The thing is though…This sums up Spider-Man for me.

It’s not just that it’s bad ass

It’s not just that it gets to the core of the super hero genre with the hero battling his arch nemesis

It’s not just that it’s the best Spider-Man villain ever or that it’s so personal

It’s because this fight, this issue, this story encapsulates so much of Spider-Man’s mythology and who he is.

It’s him never giving up, never refusing to lay down and die. It’s the Goblin (and all the villains) never truly understanding that they honestly can’t beat him. No matter what powers they possess no matter how horrible their schemes are they cannot beat him. Because his inner strength, his will, his  desire to survive and his goddam humanity and heroism is always going to pull through.

I love this moment and think it’s the most bad ass moment of Spider-Man ever (at least in a fight) because I sincerely do not think he’s ever been as heroic as he is here.

I find the moments from this fight are the ones which remind me why I love Spider-Man so much.

anonymous asked:

Even though Valentine's day is over, would you please please please consider write a drabble about Eren being an amazing cook but no one knows because it's his secret hobby but for Valentine's day he makes a chocolate cake or chocolates for Levi... which results in Levi bothering Eren to cook more (or something else)? (So sorry for rambling) Also would you ever consider posting your drabbles on Ao3 or are you just leaving them on tumblr??

Ahh I really don’t know about putting the drabbles on AO3, though I do think about it sometimes. But some of them are really short, and… idk, I’m just indecisive. *rolls around* Anyway! I’ll give this a go. XD


Levi doesn’t know whether to be pleased or distressed regarding the current situation. He digs his fingers into the steering wheel as he sits parked outside of Eren’s apartment.

Really, what is he doing?

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and the guy Levi happens to be totally smitten with has invited him over to ‘catch up.’ It’s true that it’s been awhile since they’ve had a chance to really talk, and Levi is secretly delighted that it’s Eren who had asked him to come over instead of the other way around. But that doesn’t change the fact that his feeble heart is wishing for something more.

Levi sighs, resting his head on the wheel for a moment. He has to just appreciate that he has Eren in his life at all, and not fuck things up between them.

He makes his way to Eren’s door, heart thumping as he waits for Eren to answer. When he does, it’s with such a warm smile that Levi feels the need to go back out to the car and bang his head against the steering wheel.

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No Pressure

A/N: Thank you to everyone who has stuck around when I haven’t posted for awhile. Anyway I hope you enjoy it! All of a sudden Justin has been hitting your phone up and you honestly don’t know why after a year of being broken up why he was calling and texting you. A lot of things had happened when he was going through his rebellious phase. You couldn’t keep up with him and soon it just became overwhelming. You made the choice to take a step back from all of the chaos. You loved Justin a lot and wanted him to be happy but he was just not ready to make a change. He was doing too much all of the time and you couldn’t understand how he managed to get on stage every night and perform. If it had been you, you would’ve canceled the rest of the tour awhile ago. He was very strong though; he fought through all of his internal demons and every night he was on that stage giving his all even when he didn’t want to. There were multiple times where you had tried to sway his decisions. You just wanted him to look at every side and make choices that he wouldn’t regret. But you soon learned that he needed to be stupid and do those things because in the end he would become a better person because of it. You weren’t out for fame or money, you simply cared for him and wanted nothing but the best for him. This must have been something that set Justin off because soon he became distant and it didn’t take long for there to be no contact at all. This was great right? You could now have time to yourself and you didn’t have to worry about him 24/7. However, you still thought about him and every time another story or rumor popped up, you started a text message to send to him only to stare at the blank screen for several moments not knowing what to say to him so eventually you just exited out of your messages and locked your phone. But time heals all wounds and after awhile you started to focus on yourself. Your acting career was taking off and more roles were being offered to you. It had been a year and half since you two stopped seeing each other and Justin had just released a new single and announced a new album to drop in November. You had a couple of movies premiering in the winter so things had been looking up for the both of you. You were really proud of Justin and how he seemed to look more at peace with himself. You were in New York on a press tour for your latest movie; you had been in and out of interviews for the past three days and finally you had a day off. You were in your hotel room relaxing after your interview with Jimmy Fallon. Room service had arrived just a few moments ago and you were enjoying a pepperoni pizza when your phone buzzed. A text message appeared on the screen and you didn’t recognize the number. You were constantly changing your number or getting new phones because people we’re somehow getting their hands on it and texting you weird things. You ignored it but then another text came in a minute later. “This is Justin Y/N and I know I’m the last person you want to hear from but I just want to say I’m sorry for pushing you away. I’ve always loved you and still do.” Your heart stopped when you finished the message. It had been eight months since the last time he got ahold of your number and messaged you. You thought that he had finally given up. You stared at the screen for a few minutes not knowing what to say and it brought you back to those moments when you had wanted to call him just to hear his voice. Your fingers glide over the touch screen phone, “I love you too. You always knew that.” After hitting send you placed your phone down already feeling butterflies in your stomach. You hadn’t answered any of his calls or texts in the past because the heartbreak was still too fresh. Within seconds he sent you another text message, “i just landed in ny, can we meet up?” Reading those words made your stomach drop. Justin had always had this affect on you and it never went away no matter what. No other guy made you feel like this. Even though things had been tough while dating him you knew he needed time to figure out what kind of man he wanted to be and it didn’t matter that YOU wanted to be there during that process you just knew that for both your sakes that it was better that you left and did your own thing. “Okay.” You typed and pressed send. A few minutes later you two made plans for him to come to your hotel. You anxiously awaited his arrival, the pizza had gone untouched after the two slices you scarfed down before he had texted you. It felt like ages before he texted you that he was in the lobby and on his way up. You rushed to the bathroom and checked to see how you looked. You fixed your hair and grabbed a mint from your purse quickly before a small knocked vibrated through the room. When you opened the door, he was there in dark wash jeans, a black hoodie and a white t-shirt that went down to the middle of his thighs and black vans adorned his feet. His blonde hair was covered with a dark wine colored beanie and you didn’t realize how much you missed him until this very moment. Yes you went through those stages where even when you got a whiff of his cologne it made you yearn for his presence but seeing him in the flesh after so much time made your heart flutter. His warm amber irises met yours and you two couldn’t help but hug each other. No words were spoken and you both stood in the entrance of your hotel suite for what felt like hours but in actuality it had only been a minute. His arms had tightened around your waist and your arms squeezed him not wanting to ever let go. Finally you two separated and he closed the door behind him and followed you further into your suite. You took a seat on the black leather couch that was situated just in front of your king sized bed and Justin mimicked your movements and took a seat a few inches away not wanting to crowd your personal space, there was an awkward silence between the two of you. You didn’t know what to say and Justin looked unsure on how to start the conversation. After a few minutes of you two sitting in silence Justin spoke up, “I saw your movie the other night, it was amazing.” “Oh thanks.” You half smiled. That was a nice compliment from him but you just wanted to get to the point. “Justin why are you here?” When he saw the confused look on your face, he tried to explain “I’m sorry I just never thought I’d get this far.” His eyes looked down to the creme colored carpet. “So then what did you think what was going happen?” You questioned. “I thought you wouldn’t answer any of my texts like you haven’t been which you have every right not to.“ When you didn’t respond, Justin continued on speaking. “I was just going through so much shit when we were together and I made a lot of mistakes including fucking up what I had with you. That time just wasn’t right for us and I never stopped thinking about you. Anyway I just want you to know that i’m sorry for everything that happened between us.” You were speechless and you didn’t know how to feel at the moment. You never stopped thinking of him either and all you wanted was for him to find happiness. Even when you two were going through a rough patch a big part of you knew that he would get through this but it just took time. Time that soon ran out for you and you needed to worry about yourself for once instead of focusing on someone else. Before you could respond Justin took your right hand that had been resting on your thigh and held it gently in his larger ones. “Look I also wanted to say that I still love you and that I want to be with you but I’m also saying that I’m not trying to pressure you into anything that you don’t want.” There was so much to think about, Justin was about to drop an album and go on tour. There wouldn’t be much time for a relationship. And you had movies coming out and two others that you were getting ready to film back to back. “Justin you’re going to be busy with your album and I’m going to be focused on my movies I don’t think it’ll work.” You said meeting his eyes. He nodded his head, “Yea I guess I didn’t really think about that. But I really want this and I know I didn’t deserve you back in the day but if you’d give me another shot then I can prove it to you.” You were hesitant because you didn’t want a repeat of last time. Leaving Justin really broke you before and thank God you had a career to take up your time so it didn’t completely destroy you. “Justin I really want this I do trust me but you don’t how much it hurt losing you. And I don’t think I can go through that again.” His eyes traveled from yours to the carpet and back up to you before removing his beanie and running his hands through his blonde locks. “You’re right I don’t know how it effected you and for that I’m truly sorry. Just know that I don’t want anyone else but you and I’ll wait. I didn’t come here to upset you, I don’t want to add to your pain so I’m going to go.” Justin put his beanie back on and stood up from his spot. You walked with him to the door and before he could leave, you began to speak, “I love you Justin. Just give me some time alright.” His eyes immediately widened at your statement, he had the most beautiful eyes and they always made you melt. “No of course. There’s no pressure at all baby girl.” His nickname for you sounded heavenly coming from him. You almost gave in at just the sound of his voice saying it but stayed resilant. Justin leaned in to give a hug goodbye and this time he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. After a few minutes you two let go but before he left you kissed his cheek softly. “Justin I still have a few days here maybe if you stay, we can hang out?” You asked hoping he’d agree. “Yea I’ll be around.” He smiled so wide that his dimples showed through. You two hugged again before Justin left following behind his bodyguards. Maybe you two could make it work this time at least that’s what you hoped for.

howterrifying  asked:

I've got a song in mind, if you would - "Little Wanderer" by Death Cab for Cutie. Do with it what you wish because you're bloody amazing and I've no idea why I'd never thought of sending you prompts before. p.s. I'm sort of in love with you, hope you don't mind. xx

I’m terribly late with this, hah, typical. The song gave me an idea, besides making me listen repeatedly to ‘Turning Page’ by Sleeping at last. Odd how that happened. Anyway, it’s a wee bit rough. Forgive my mistakes and thank you very much sweetie! Also it’s like almost 4000 words, heh. 

Important note - Sherlock Series 3 AU ‘where Sherlock does fly away and Moriarty doesn’t return from the dead.’

When the planets align

Black liquid spluttered into her cup. The coffee machine humming loudly until the Styrofoam cup was just half-full, and the machine once again fell silent. Molly grimaced at the unhappy sight, taking a small tentative sip of what tasted like the bottom of a coffee cup that had the luxury of staying a week on a kitchen counter untouched. 

It would have to do, she thought, eyes fluttering shut imagining that it tasted something half-decent drizzled with hazelnut on top of the foam. Emptying it she made a face and begun her trek through the dull hallways of the hospital. Very few residents were walking about, though she was unsurprised to see Mike Stamford appear with a mug that said ‘the boss’ with a huge bold font. 

“Morning Molly,” he said grinning at her. She tried to return the same enthusiastic grin, but she only managed to stretch her mouth a tiny bit, the caffeine hadn’t taken its hold yet quite yet. “The rain is pouring outside of course, which it would. The minute I think we’re catching a break because he’s off for six months - the rain never seems to end - - well - we’ll make do-,” he added in much more morose tones, trying to match her mood by sheer sympathy.

“Who’s off for six months?” she said at a loss.

Mike raised his brows at her, pausing for a second before his eyes widened in some realisation. “Oh - oh - right, umm, Sherlock? - He’s gone on some top-secret mission for his big brother. He’s going to be gone for about six months apparently… I thought you’d have heard-,”

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Hartbig Fic: It's Grace [1/?]

This is a fic written and submitted by an anonymous author.  

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 1,509

Author’s Note: For the sake of the fic, everyone is in LA & this was written prior to the new YDAD. Deal.

Grace scrolled through her dashboard in a surreal state of shock and wonder. Her Gracists were unbelievably supportive. For Grace, it was always hard to read fans’ emotional text posts. Well, not quite as hard as it was to get Mamrie to read anything ever, but still pretty hard. If there was any time for Grace to see her fans’ love, this was it. The New Year was ushering in brand new things for Grace and it was nice to allow herself to revel in sappy sentiment for a moment.  

Grace got up and poured a second vodka soda, this time adding a real lime wedge. She turned to her dog, who had followed the blonde into the kitchen, “How grown up is that Goose? A real lime.” The French Bulldog barked back cheerfully. There were only had a few minutes before Mamrie and Hannah were coming over to film a YDAD, so she sat back down in front of the computer. Suddenly a fanfic pops up on her dash.

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Starbucks - Fic Off #7

StarsAndHarts chose this prompt for me to write. Whoever came up with this idea - you are an evil genius. S&H, I completely follow the prompt. Caps messages will only be taken into account if they are nice and fine. Threats will be ignored. 2.117 words.

Huge thank you to everyone who’s been reading the Fic Off and has been sending messages to either of us, liking things, reblogging stories, commenting on fics; you are all absolutely lovely. Round of applause.



There are a lot of things that Mamrie Hart excels at, Grace considers as they drive down a Californian boulevard. Mamrie’s great at making drinks that get her drunk; Mamrie’s great at making concoctions that somehow nurse Grace’s hangover after. Mamrie’s got a sixth sense for finding places that serve the best vegan food. Mamrie is good at getting ready in the morning (and by good, Grace means fast, giving her more time to hog the bathroom), and remembering every single line of Grace’s favourite movies. She’s also quite amazing at freaking Hannah out, which is perhaps the one thing that Grace loves most about the redhead. Bar the sex they have, because that – well.

What Mamrie Hart is not good at, is driving.

“Seriously, dude, get out of my fucking way!” She shouts as she slams her hand down onto the steering wheel, overtaking the Toyota that Grace thinks did not drive that slow, “Jesus Christ.”

“There’s no rush, you know.” Grace tries, “It’s just hanging out with Hannah.”

“It’s never just hanging out with Hannah.” Mamrie responds, sarcasm lacing her sentence, “You know what that girl is like, Grace. The second you are more than five minutes late, you are pretty much getting bombarded with texts until you get there.”

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Wild Country - Chapter 2

So, how are you guys doing? Still breathing? Grace’s book, am I right? I NEED IT 

Here’s a new chapter, I hope you like it :)

Oh, I think I’m setting a schedule for this. Perhaps I will post a new chapter every Saturday? What do you guys think about this?

Hartbig, sfw, 1747 words

All parts can be found here (x)

Chapter 2

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As I have owed enjolrate this for sometime, I present… My Top 10 Secret World NPCs!

Without further ado (Ado, ado, ado!), here we go!

  1. Andy Gardener - For his almost cursed life and very human neuroses and insecurities in the face of the zombie apocalypse, I proudly put this guy at the top. Every time the writers want us to connect to the humanity of the situation, they use him. And it works. Every time.
  2. Madam Roget - Roget has a special place in my heart for constantly subverting expectations. She speaks openly about bondage and her liberal sexuality in a medium (video games) where such topics are relatively taboo. She is resented by the rest of the town for this, and yet, her sense of justice and alpha personality has positioned her as an informal guiding hand for Kingsmouth. She helps others to find themselves and the player to find their way.
  3. Saiid - Saiid is a funny and amusing example of just how far out of left field characters can get in The Secret World. He is one of the most powerful characters in the series, simply because he’s spent centuries perfecting his business acumen. He is utterly fearless, possibly because he may well have truly seen it all. With enough sarcastic dialogue to make Joss Whedon blush, he is a delight in every moment.
  4. Carter - I am a huge fan of characters that don’t realize their full potential yet.Carter fits that bill and goes beyond. In the face of a quiet apocalypse, Carter has the potential to be one of the (if not THE) most powerful player. Watching her chomp at the bit for her turn, as well as the vulnerability brought on by her status as Benched Player, is another touch of humanity that goes a far way in the game’s storytelling.
  5. Dr. Aldini - Aldini! What can I say? He provides, hands down, the most cringe-inducing, awful, and all together hilarious mission out there. One of the appeals of The Secret World is the vast number of ways it interprets “Everything is True”. Aldini’s mission shows you the horror, the muck, and the gruesomeness of everything you’ve encountered and adds, with a smirk “Aint it awesome?”. For his mission; for 10 glorious minutes, you can hang your brooding angst on the coat rack and just hack up enemies like Tarantino directing a horror film. I will always be grateful to him for this.
  6. Houy - Oh, where do I start with this guy? A child and the embodiment of the power of Anubis. Infinitely ancient and, at the same time, all together young an naive. His innocence is humbling; his greatness is magnificent. The series of dualities within the youngest son of Ptahmose convey to me the mystical beauty within The Secret World. I love all the children of Pthamose, but this one stands out for me. The first time I heard his young voice, I stopped in my tracks. I won’t ever forget that moment.
  7. Tyler Freeborn - Us. He is us. He is the curious, the paranoid, and the creative. He is a hero for his bravery and a fool for his ignorance. He was unsatisfied with lies and fought all the way for the truth. Though he may have, relatively, vanished, he knocked a sizeable dent in the mysteries of Solomon Island. I admire how much he did with what little he had.
  8. Cern - He has a place in my heart similar to Houy’s; He is less about himself and more what he represents. I greatly enjoy a great and wondrous spirit spending his time drinking spirits. His mundane and anticlimactic lifestyle with his inherently amazing story is, in many ways, the epitome of The Secret World. It should be noted that Sophie and Cern are pretty much an inseparable duo, but since I wasn’t picking duos, the more outlandish one made the cut. This should read as both of them, though.
  9. Kristen Geary - I actually checked California law and apparently it’s illegal to make a “Top MMO Characters” list and not have the player’s contact for the Illuminati. Flippant and shrewd. Casual and cruel. She is everything great about the Illuminati. She wields her immeasurable power not without appreciation for it. It is just the opposite; she knows she’s untouchable. She knows she’s worked for it. And her ego isn’t hubris; it is an awareness of the canonical, provable fact that she’s better than you. In a world of moral greys, she represents the deep end of the pool in all of its decadent, arrogant glory. Truly phenomenal.
  10. Theodore Wicker - I don’t want to spoil much about Wicker, but I have nothing but admiration for this character. We’re talking a man who began fascinated with hell and studied it with all he had. While other stories would make this a character's immediate downfall, or where other tales would have them overwhelmed by the knowledge, Wicker instead saw the all of a dimension of demons and thought to himself “… This is a good start.” In the sense of a liking good villains, I admire the man.

So there it is. My top 10 List. Some of them should be rearranged, but that’s what I got.

What about you?

blossom-got7  asked:

"Dont touch me, I don't require affection from anyone." Yoonmin please💞

Yoongi wasn’t as untouchable as he seemed - Often taking criticism a little too personally, and always bottling it up as to not bother the people around him. A constant weight on his shoulders, some could say. He wanted to work harder, be better, show that he was a skilled producer who could create art himself instead of falling into the stereotyped laziness of a hip hop idol. 

“They always say they write their own stuff,” He’d grumble during dinner after Namjoon would ask why he hadn’t slept the night before, “But they always manage to finish their shit in one night. Kinda strange, don’t you think?” 

His train of thoughts wouldn’t make any sense, jumping from objective criticism to subjective complaining, which Jimin put down to the lack of sleep. Four night in a row the singer had heard his Hyung tip toeing down the hall of their dorm at five in the morning - Jimin and Jungkook would rise early to go to the gym, but recently Jungkook had been feeling slightly queasy, so due to the company’s instructions he was to calm down the training for a few days. Yoongi, however, would collapse into his bed as the sun welcomed the new day, and would only force himself back into the waking word minutes before they were all to leave for their schedule. 

It was a never ending cycle which had Jimin feeling second hand fatigue from simply watching. Comments as fanmeets would linger through the weeks, and remarks online would burn themselves into his thoughts. Of course none of it was malicious, but it was the kindness behind the words that stung the most.

“Yoongi Oppa ~ When are you going to release your mixtape?”

“Suga-sshi! I bet whatever you release will be amazing!”

“Wasn’t he supposed to release the mixtape around the time Rap Mon released his?”

“I wonder what happened?”

“Because he’s taking so long the songs are probably going to be such good quality omg!”

“Namjoon’s mixtape is going to be hard to live up to ~~ maybe he shouldn’t have announced it so early XD” 

Even Jimin noticed the almost constant pulling down of his lips, the furrowing of the brows, the drooping of his bloodshot eyes. Yoongi was a perfectionist, and the mixtape’s creation was hard to watch. That’s why the singer chose to rise at two in the morning, sneaking around to get dressed as to not wake anyone before leaving for the studio. Of course Yoongi would be there, as he always was, scarf wrapped securly around his neck with hooded eyes as the glow of his computer screen being the only source of light in the room - the didn’t do much in terms of light, but acted more as an air freshener as the room had little ventilation. 

“Hyung?” With a knock on the door, Jimin found himself entering before he was offered a greeting. “What are you doing here so early?” 

Despite his new-found company, Yoongi didn’t turn from the mixer program he was fiddling with. Instead, with a tone so dull it took Jimin by surprise, he answered with a simple, “I should be asking you the same question.”

On the screen read Track 2, which had Jimin’s heart sinking to his stomach as, a month prior, Yoongi had announced he’d completed the first four tracks and was determined to leave them as they were. Obviously, that was no longer the case. “How long have you been here for?” Yoongi didn’t answer immediately, and so Jimin sat himself down on a couch they had against the far wall. Usually it was Jungkook or Hoseok sat beside him, with Namjoon in a chair beside Yoongi - Now, however, it was just the two of them with a haze of lethargy weighing suffocatingly heavy upon them. “Hyung?”

“Not long.” A blatant lie, and both of them knew it. “Go back to the dorm, Jimin,” Finally, the man turned away from his work to face the younger. The shadows under his eyes and the dull tone of his skin was noticeable even from where Jimin sat. “Get some sleep, it’s going to be busy tomorrow. Do you want me to pay for a cab back?”

“No,” Instead, the singer rose and approached the rapper, who watched him with mild irritation beginning to seep into his aura. “I’m not going to leave if you’re not coming with me. You need your sleep too, Hyung.” He rested a soft hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, and it took a few seconds before the man shrugged it off, clicking his tongue as he did before showing his back to the other - getting back to work. 

“Don’t touch me,” He grumbled, his hand on the mouse as he begun to tweak beats and adjust sound levels. “I don’t need your affection, Jimin.”

It didn’t sting as much as Yoongi had intended it to, but instead gave Jimin further incentive to remain. Perhaps it was the fear of his health, or the nervousness of Yoongi finding his way home whilst lacking a dangerous amount of rest, whatever it was, it pinned Jimin to the couch, offering to bring him food and liquids - whatever that could keep his body functioning, as, no doubt, Yoongi had been relying on coffee during these all nighters. 

“Why do you do it?” It was a question Yoongi had asked out of the blue one morning, which had Jimin’s eyes raise from the magazine he was reading. “Why do you come every morning and bring me a sandwich?” Wheeling away from the computer, Yoongi spun to face the younger straight on. His complexion had brightened over the past few days, and his eyelids no longer hung dangerously low, which proved to Jimin that he was right, and that Yoongi truly hadn’t been taking care of himself throughout the long nights. “Why do you come at all?”

“You work yourself too hard,” Lowering the magazine slightly, Jimin’s pulling up of the lips could be see clearly from across the room - gaze fixed on the rapper. “Somebody has to take care of you, because we both know you won’t do it yourself.”