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Voltron Positivity Week Day 2

Voltron Positivity Week kinda hit me unprepared because I wasn’t paying any attention to the dates lol. I’ll be playing catch-up, but in the meantime here is a shoutout to my favorite blogs, all beautiful people I have had the pleasure of making friends with since the start of this ride. You guys are the ones who make this fandom completely worth it, and bring joy even in the midst of all the craziness. Friendly reminder that this is just a sideblog and I stalk follow from my main bluerobokitty. 

@mikuridaigo – one of my first Voltron friends. I forgot how we met, I think you were going crazy over writing from Keith’s POV and I jumped on your post like “bitch me too!” and then we ended up bonding over Keith’s vague personality and how much of a tree stump he actually is in the show. X3 Then you became my no1 salt-mate, helping me vent out my frustrations whenever fandom got out of hand. You have been such a wonderful source of support and inspiration and I can’t imagine being here without you.

@lynneve – a lovely person I met through miku when they came to one of my original Voltron streams. You are just incredible, and your blog is filled with such positivity. You remind us why we are a part of this fandom to begin with, a voice of reason when things get crazy. Thank you for navigating the strange of waters of Imzy with me to create safe groups for people to be a part of without all the discourse. Also, your selfies are so cute and bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. They inspire me to not be so shy with my own selfies, since I used to think I was horribly UN-photogenic.

@lowellfamilyprecepts – An old person like me! :D I met you through your funny, slighty angsty, and adorable Klance fic Imagination is Power. I was so happy when you got to join the OG streams and we got to talk a lot more! You are another lovely person and I hope we get to talk even more in the near future.

@isayvol – a new friend! I have a lot of fun telling you about all the crazy hijinks we Americans get into, especially how we celebrate Christmas. Your support, especially your tags on my art, has been incredibly overwhelming. You don’t have to do this, but you do, anyway. You spread so much love and positivity into this fandom, it has been a joy following you.

@damnspider – another wonderful blogger and amazing artist. I about died when I saw your art for Galra Companion. That piece had been on my desktop for a very long time. xD Your support has been amazing, and your art is incredibly cute with a distinctive style that I recognize immediately. I especially love your floofy Galra!Keith. I hope we get to talk more someday.

@browntiger15 – We just kind of hit the ground running when we started talking to each other, mostly through our mutual love of Kallura. Because Kallura is awesome. Your prompts and discussions have really been insightful and thought-provoking, helping flesh out this rare ship even further. You have made me seriously excited at the idea of this ship being canon endgame.

@itsdetachable – Your Klance BloodCam fic is amazing! It really, really is! It’s so sensual and detailed and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time now, but sometimes I just don’t have the words? I can’t even really pick a favorite scene. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I first clicked the link – I started reading because I’m a weirdo who likes reading unconventional romances and kinks. Talking to you on Twitter has been a joy, and I hope we get to talk more. :D

@fonbella – The embodiment of “be kind but take no shit”. Your handling of the salt that goes down in this fandom has been nothing less than perfection. It’s been inspiring watching you handle all the bs while at the same time still maintaining a positive presence, especially in regards to multi-shipping. You’re amazing!

@flavordays – Your art is just incredibly stunning – never give up on it even if the payout isn’t always great. I definitely relate to the art salt you sometimes post on a very spiritual level. We artists just have it rough sometimes. But I’m in love with your work, and it’s been wonderful following and chatting with you on Twitter. I definitely look forward to talking more with you if ever the chance comes up.

@biblicacelestia – We’ve never talked but I’ve been following your art for a long time now so I wanted to mention you. Your style is so floofy! So bara. ;D Keep up the wonderful work and I can’t wait to see what else you create for this fandom.

@autumn-sacura – One of the first artists I followed when I got into this fandom. I have no words to describe your art. None. Gorgeous? Detailed? Stunning? These words don’t do your work justice at all. And your NSFW… heehee… hee… :3 I know your on a kind of hiatus right now, but I really hope you see this at some point because your work is incredible and deserving of all the love it gets. Also, you were the one who got me considering shipping Kallura seriously before fandom imploded over it. I hope we have a chance to talk and stuff whenever you come back.

@ace-pidge – You’ve been one of the big names in fandom since the beginning. You were all over my dash even when I wasn’t following you yet lol. To see such wonderful support from you when I post my art has been a tremendous honor. You are too sweet and I hope you continue to be a positive impact on this fandom.

@zillabean – Another amazing artist I’ve been following for a long time now. Got some amazing premium beef, mmmhm~ Also, your Robeast is so CUTE I cannot and I really hope that bab wins I’ve been voting for that cutie every day! I want ten of them. TEN. Continue being awesome! :D

@donutsteele – the Pidge to my Lance. You shake your head even as you continue to support my work when it falls a bit on the weird side and for that I am immensely grateful. You get a special mention because much of my inspiration for Galra Companion comes from you (my later chapters will be dedicated to you because of the ideas you have given me).

To all my other prawns: @nowerewolves, @vir-ghilani, @istibaethoriel, @averagesparrow, @ridethefrostback, @destinyapostasy, @krysknife you guys are a constant source of companionship and support even if you may not technically go here. You listen to my salt and put up with my obsession anyway, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends. I love you. I love you so much, I have no words. God, I’m even tearing up a bit, why do I do these things?

To everyone who has ever liked, reblogged, commented, tagged, or kudo’d my work: no matter how small your feedback, it matters. You matter. Whether you are part of the fandom or whether you just like what I make, I could not have gotten this far without you. It is all of you, everyone mentioned and not mentioned in this post, who has made this fandom worth it for me even when things got crazy. I will try to give back to everyone as much as I can. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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making fancy tags!

          disclaimer: all the tags included in this post were inspired by other role players but thrown together by myself; anything matching anyone else’s tags is entirely coincidental.  that being said, feel free to copy mine if you want!

          there are a lot of big pros and cons to having fancy tags.  the biggest upside, obviously, is that they’re really pretty!  they can add a lot of aesthetic flair to your posts, but they can also be a pain in the butt.  special characters and long quotes mean you have to either save them to a text document or do frequent tag-dumps so they’ll show up in your suggested tags.  you should also be sure to include a link to a page of your tags, especially if you want people to be able to easily search through your memes and open starters!

          i have a few blogs that utilize very simple tags, and some that have more complicated tags, and they usually reflect the character’s personality.  quotes can be fun, if you want to put the time and effort into finding them.  lyrics are a good way to start, or taking things that your character likes (books, movies, poetry), and if your character is part of a fandom, grabbing quotes from their books/movies is also a really good way to keep with the aesthetic feel of the character and their universe.

          examples below the cut!

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(A TP Zelink/OoT Zelink fic)

Author’s note:

Boy, these were a doozy to write but I hope you all enjoyed them regardless. Sorry if some things seem so vague and weird, it’s just how I write so deaaaal. I’ll probably be placing these all in like one small post in order and placing them on my blog. Also, I did ended up using thechunkyballerina’s headcanon that OoT Zelda left diaries for all the Zelda’s to read so yee yee yee.


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150919 Super Camp - Members reaction when they hear their own audio recording
By @在牆邊徘徊的蛋蛋蛋兒2

cr: ELF Ngoc 

Kyuhyun to Ryeowook: Ryeowook ah, the day we’ve know each other for nine years has come. When I first become members, you console me a lot during my hard times, because of you I never give up and keep holding on. We are also compatible when talking, many time passes (without talking a lot) is a bit wasted. Let’s do it together now! You kept saying wanna meet me let’s meet and stop avoiding me. Anyway, the noisiest and have many doksa (poisonous mounth) among our team is you, having a friend like you I feel so bless you wouldn’t know. Always thankful and love you Ryeowook ah! 

Ryeowook to Siwon:  Siwon hyung should I say I respect you? You are good in self management, very caring to the people around you too. Actually these 10 years I have been using it to know you better. During these years we fight alot but I will use the next 10 years to understand and cherish you more. Siwon hyung~ I love you~ Ah… I’m so cheesy. 

Siwon to Donghae: Dear Donghae, it’s been 10 years since we got together. you must be the friend whom I have seen the most in the past 10 years. Since we have been really closed so sometimes I misbehaved with you, but thanks to the fact that I have always been by your side since then, as a friend, a colleague, and as a partner, walking side by side so I can be a man of a firm stuff. In the next 10 years, including our fans of course, it’s no matter on which road we will be walking, but we will always stay on each other’s side, supporting each other; together we share the happiness and sadness… one relationship, one friend, it’s really good that we could be like this. Love you!

Donghae to Hyukjae: Eunhyuk-ah, when I saw you when I was in my second year of middle school, I thought of doing a duet with you and I also thought of doing Super Junior with you. As compared to saying that I like you, I think saying I love you is more fitting. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I REALLY LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU… a test message came, I love you now, I wish (the message) is from you. I love you. ELF you’re mine! 

Hyukjae to Kangin: King king king~ hyung, it’s me Eunhyuk! Thank you for being in Super Junior so that we are able to laugh happily, to be happy, to have all the dashing energy everyday. Thank you so much! But be cause we are artists, so please diet and carefully keep your personal life more private. Our fans will love you as the way you get close to them sincerely, right? To our fans: We have been working hard throughout 10 years together. In the future, we also keep growing old with you guys. I really thank you and love all of you guy! 

Kangin to Yesung: Yesung ah~ I’m KangIn~ In our group we are the only members with the same age and we are always there to support each other. During the past 2 years when you are not around, I have miss you too. I will try my best to be your supporting friend. Hope that you will always be the voice in Super Junior, please be healthy! To our ELF thank you so much for protecting us throughout these 10 years, in our group I am the only member that always make you sad, I promise I will no longer be like this anymore. Sincerely ELF Fighting! Super Junior Finghting! Kangin Fighting too! 

Yesung to Heechul: Hyung how are you? I’m your younger brother who have the same blood type as you. In a blink and its has been 10 years already, during these 10 years many things happened and we have always seek hyung for comfort. In the future, let’s walk hand in hand together too. Hyung, you really know that I love you right? 

Heechul to Leeteuk: Jungsu ah~ It’s me ! When is really time for me to talk to you I suddenly don’t know what to say. Let’s be together for a long long time ok~ Really you are my only 83line friend. No matter what, thank you, I love you! Brat! 

Leeteuk to Kyuhyun: Kyuhyun ah, the last connecting point in Super Junior is you! I hope that you will always be healthy and create more miracles! My precious little brother thank you! 

Leeteuk to members: And then members, I know it’s cheesy but please listen, for always staying beside me thank you. If it’s not you guys, it can’t be done you know right? Let’s keep making new and beautiful memory. Sincerely always thankful, sorry, love you and let’s be forever! We are Super Juni~~or! Bye~~! P/S: I don’t translate these messages. I just copy them from many sources and post here so that everyone can understand what they said ^^

Kylo Ren Imagine- Jealous Part 2

@lexispy requested “Omg please do a second part to kylo ren jealousy please!!!’ 

link to Jealousy Part One here


The day Kylo Ren vowed to become a better person for you was the day the entire Galaxy changed. All of his actions become more precise and directed, everything done to impress you. Occasionally both of your paths would cross but as your rank in the Resistance grew he felt you start to slip through his fingers.  Ever since you saw him that night, the feel of that kiss lingered on his lips, haunting him. 

In the mean time you found yourself alone after an incident with the First Order. Poe was days from proposing to you, but he tragically died in an explosion fighting for what he lived for, freedom. It killed you when Leia brought the ring to you, but slowly over time your woulds healed and you were back to normal. You lie in your bed looking out your window gazing at the stars wondering what was going on in the remotest parts of the galaxy. In your fingers is the ring that Poe was going to give you, fumbling in circles as you ponder everything. 

Out of the corner of your eye you see a red light flash across the sky causing you to jolt out of your bed in curiosity. Dashing out of your door, you run to the only spot you can think of, the top of the hill. You weave in an out of luscious trees in search of the mysterious red light. Without anything in sight you pause and let the force guide you. It draws you to the top of the hill as you suspected but to your dismay you don’t find the source of the light. 

“Peculiar.” you whisper to yourself. 

“I was hoping you would come.” a voice echoes from the darkness.

Kylo Ren emerges from behind the array of trees, the moonlight bouncing off of his skin. His eyes are dark and shadowy as he prowls closer to you. You immediately take notice of how brooding he is. He is even taller than the last encounter you had with him. Even though it seems impossible, he has gotten more handsome as well. His muscles are bigger, his jaw more defined. 

“Kylo.” you stammer.

“You must be thinking what I am doing here. Before you run, you must remember that I am stronger than you.” he bellows. 

“They will be looking for me any minute. The stormtroopers are no match for the best fighters in the Resistance.” you state. 

“I came here alone.” he rebuttals. 

He folds his arms behind his back as he meanders closer to you. He is generally a person that is feared but you never feel scared when he is around you. Kylo has a tranquil affect over you instead of arousing fear. His eyes wander up and down your body. 

“Then why are you here?” 

“I came here to see you (y/n).”

“Me? Why?”

“Ever since that night I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I tried everything to let go of you but I couldn’t. I close my eyes and all I can see is you. I can still feel how your touch feels.” 

“You can’t move on.” 

“And seeing you do so was something I couldn’t stand to see.”

“Well you don’t have to.” 


“Poe. Poe was killed a while back fighting the First Order.” 

For a moment Kylo goes silent. Seeing the sadness deep in your eyes takes him back. The realization that something he did caused you immense pain sets in and he is caught off guard. He looks at you and you notice a change in his eyes. They no longer hold a certain umbrage but replaced with a soft sorrow. That is when you see it. You recognize the same person that you fell in love years ago, Ben. 

“I’m sorry to hear that.” he faulters.

“It took a while for me to come to terms with it.” you lie. 

You never actually got over Ben. Every time that you would kiss Poe you remembered your first kiss with Ben. When Poe would leave for a mission you thought back to the times when Ben would go off with Luke to train. Everything reminded you of Ben. As much as you hate to admit it, he left an imprint on your heart too. 

“You didn’t deserve that.”

You did deserve it. After Poe died, you longed for Ben to return to you. While he was days from proposing to you, you were days away from calling it off. You needed time to find yourself and decide where your heart lies. 

With Ben standing right in front of you, and your emotions running rampant, you make the rash decision to run up at kiss him. The kiss is sloppy and rough as you collide with your star crossed lover. Pulling away, you realize what you just did but before you have time to regret your action, Kylo grabs your cheeks and pulls you close once again. His kiss isn’t as desperate as you thought it would be, more resolute than anything. Unbeknownst to you, he has thought about this moment ever since he left you when you were sixteen. 

Your hand falls to the thickest part of his bicep as you stare up into his eyes. You haven’t felt this vulnerable since your teenage years. You silently showed your heart to the same person who single handedly broke it in your past. 

“Come with me. Come with me and I will show you everything you have ever dreamed of seeing. I’m a better person only because of you (y/n). Help me be the man I want to be.” he entices. 

You weigh your options as you stand there. Despite your better judgment telling you that this is disastrous, you decide to go with what your heart led you to do. For the longest time there has been this void of feelings that Kylo seems to fill. He may have suppressed the man you once knew, but deep down you know he is in there and that was enough for you. 

You can’t form the words necessary to respond so you shake your head sheepishly. You take Kylo’s outstretched arm and he guides you back to his ship. You turn around and scan the base one last time so you can remember all of your favorite memories and people. He tugs on your arm gently, relinquishing your thoughts of doubt. 

“I’m ready.” you breathe. 

A sense of pride overcomes Kylo’s ego as the realization that he completed his mission sets in. He managed to win you over again and even though he knows that you are not going to play for the Dark Side, as long as you are his he will be complete. 

First ask batch 2016!

Anonymous said: i was curious as to why you always draw killua so much taller!! when theyre only 4 cm (a little less than an inch) apart in canon o: not like i’m complaining tho i’m just curious!! ur art is very cute and i love it very much!!!

Mhhh maybe I do draw him a bit taller than what he is,but in most cases he looks taller cause Gon is bending forward like in here:

excedraexshadow said: Hello! I saw you use clip studio paint, right?? I just got the program and if you don’t mind, could you please give some advices on the brushes?? and also how do you do the dots for the backgroung?? Thank you!

Hi hi!I do use CSP but only for final touches,I draw and colour entirely on SAI ;;w;; so sorry I can’t help much haha I suppose that if you want the brushes to adapt to your liking you only need to try and try ;;e;; at least that’s what I did with SAI brushes haha dots?you mean as in the coloring sprinkles I add or actually dot tones?Anyways here you have both possible answers

rest of the questions under the cut uvu

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