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oh my god what if you were laying on Harry's chest and he thinks your asleep bc your breathe has slowed down or something, but then you bite one of his nipples causing him to jump or moan or both lmao I just really really really want to lick and bite his nipples they're so puffy what the shit

NO and he also giggles and is like “HEY” and looks down at you with his little Harry pouty face oh my goodness


Here’s the entire set of photos I have of Misha Collins snooping through my phone while I was on stage and inevitably finding out my background was a very well drawn, tasteful (but super gay) Destiel fan art. 

IMHO: Don’t go looking through stranger’s phones. You might not like what you see. 

Misha: “Are you aware that your phone is not password protected?”

Me: “Uh… yes. I take it you found my background?”

Misha: “I did and, oh my goodness.” *gets farther away so I can’t reach for my phone* “I think I recognize these two gentlemen.”

*lots of both of us laughing and him trying to keep my phone away from me Then…*

Me: “Hey. No shame. No shame at all I like that picture.”

Misha: “No. No shame. So this one is supposed to be me, er Cas, obviously. This one in the front here?”

Me: “Uh… yeah. You’re uh… the bottom. Sorry.”

Misha: *laughing* “I’m the bottom? Good. Great.”

Then he thanked me and we both laughed as he hugged me and finally gave me my crap back. 



louis: what’s this baby doing here?
liam: who has thrown their baby on stage!? that is OUTRAGEOUS!
louis: it’s not real!!!
liam: oh no… it’s.. it’s a fake baby guys.
louis: it’s not real… it’s.. not… real… (he’s looking on the ground reciting that)
liam: that is for all those people out there who think that was a real baby

Puts on tinhat.

June 23: show in Gothenburg: Harry puts a balloon of Louis’ in his T-shirt as if he was pregnant. (not the first time, maybe not the last, but interesting.)


June 27: the next show after Gothenburg was in Helsinki, where for an unknown reason someone thought bringing a baby doll to a One Direction concert was a good idea, Louis thought of hey let’s talk about it, and both Louis and Liam addressed it as BABY. Louis said 3 times: IT’S NOT REAL.


July 14: the scandal breaks.

July 17: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson is the first song played AFTER they ended the show. No video yet, but several concertgoers confirmed it.

Friendly reminder that this is a line from Billie Jean:

It might not come from an official rep (and I trust that will be taken care of soon and this nightmare can be forgotten), but the BOY WHO CAN’T SPEAK UP is whisper-screaming to trust him (and Harry) in this.

11.15: Dean Walks Into A Bar

How are we still debating this? I mean really.

Now normally I don’t usually consider the same things as a No Homo that a lot of people seem to (because bisexual means he likes BOTH, yes good okay), buuuut I’m not going to deny that “HEY, REMINDER THAT DEAN LIKES WOMEN, YES?” isn’t something that happens, and that it doesn’t end up being fodder for the Dean-is-straight-and-you-are-dumb people.

So. That fucking said.

The moments in this ep where a No Homo would have been shoved in not only just didn’t exist, but were DELIBERATELY PASSED OVER. Let me explain. –No, it’ll take too long, let me sum up.

Dean walks into the bar, and sees the girl dancing on the table.

He looks, but he doesn’t get invested. No smirking, no once-over, none of the tell-tale “aw yeah” reactions we usually get from Dean. The one who gets his attention is Rio, who gets a friendly, nonsexual nod of solidarity.

Then there’s a girl laying down on a table with her mouth open and being fed alcohol all sexy-like. Dean not only doesn’t look interested, but he gets that “oh, well, all right” face that people tend to make when they’re watching something that isn’t quite their thing.

And then he sees Gunner and makes a goddamn beeline.

Here’s his face when Gunner knows his name without asking and hands him a shot.

This is not subtle. It’s not played off as so much of a joke that it’s an effective No Homo. If you made it through tonight’s episode without at least suspecting that Dean isn’t straight, those Hetero Lenses are welded to your damn face.




  • john:i'm not gay i'm not interested in sherlock nah
  • john during their first proper conversation:so are you single????? no????? oh good. i'm single too. not that i'm interested. but please remember i'm single. so yeah. we're both single haha. what a coincidence haha.
  • john looking at sherlock:licks his lips
  • moriarty:hey sherl--
  • john:looks at sherlock's butt
  • john:is that a woman what is a woman doing so close to you
  • john:we're not a couple
  • irene:you are a couple
  • john:well actually
  • john:your cheekbones are smashing and you look so hot in this coat
  • john touching sherlock's knee:¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fine with me
  • janine:emerges from sherlock's bedroom
  • john:????????????????????!!!???????????????
  • john:so you're in a relationship? that's fine btw. but you are? in a relationship? like really? in an actual relationship? are you sure?
  • janine:kissing sherlock
  • john:???!!!! hOW DARE ????!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!??
  • sherlock:fake-proposes
  • john:my heart didn't just shatter into a million pieces
  • john:yeah no we're just best friends

When it was my turn, I ran straight to her and she went “hi baby!! it’s so good to finally meet you! it feels like I already know you because I’ve seen so many pictures and videos on Tumblr!” and I started crying like really hard and she just hugged me so tight and when we both pulled away, she had her hands on my arms and was looking at me and she was like “you are so tall! and gorgeous and you’re crying and you’re STILL gorgeous” and I just cried even more. I got a picture of just me and her and then there’s one of me, her, and my dad because she asked if we could do two because she wanted one with just me then one with me and my dad and I told her I would talk to her on Tumblr tonight and she went “definitely!” and I said “I love you!” on the way out and she went “I love you too babe!!” and I’m not alive


Hey Keroro fans! Hanari here with some cool stuff to share.

If you’re like me and you’re hopelessly obsessed with Keroro Gunso/Sgt frog you’ve probably been looking for Sgt Frog merchandise for the holidays and haven’t been coming up with anything particularly good aside from Gundam models and the occasional Plush Doll that isn’t even a banpresto release.

But I found some things that are both really froggin cool and really froggin affordable for the holidays!

I recently stumbled upon the Rakuten website through the Keroro PR Facebook page and found out that they’re selling Keroro Shoutai themed glasses for roughly 25 dollars and they seem to take Visa and Mastercard! If you’re looking for a cool gift for a friend or are completely blind like me and actually need new glasses for prescription, these are totally up your alley!

Take note though, the glasses are not prescription, so if you’re planning on using them as real glasses I suggest you bring them to your local eye doctor and see if you can get fitted lenses for them, since I know some places do that.

I’ll be scouring the web this month for cool Keroro themed goodies for you guys so keep an eye out if you see something and let me know!

so I kept my guitar with me as I was waiting outside in hopes of getting the person who inspired me to play guitar (frnkiero) to sign it, but every time he would walk by he was extremely busy and I didn’t want to be a bother so I waited and waited. after a good 2 hours I figured he wouldent come out again so I started to walk to the car to put it away and I actually bumped into him. like actually, we were both looking down and our shoulders collided. at first I was like ‘oh sorry for bumping into you’ but when I looked up and saw it was Frank I asked 'oh hey Frank! do you have a minute?'and he said 'yea of course!’ and I asked him so sign my guitar and write down my favorite lyrics off his album. instead of rushing to get back in away from the fans, he took his time to figure out where to write it and carefully traced the lyrics. I felt so bad because he looked like he wanted to get inside away from the wind and a lot of people started crowding around him but after he finished he talked to me a bit more and shook my hand, completely ignoring all the other fans surrounding him. he put so much care and passion into writing the lyrics it’s unbelievable.
there are so many reasons why I’m more than proud to say Frank is my favorite musician, but the fact that he puts in time and dedication to his fans is a huge reason why.
he doesn’t even feel like a musician anymore. to me he feels more like a friend.

"You and I both know I'm his type."

But that’s the funny thing about this…Emma's not his type. Not until he meets her.

Go look at Past!Hook’s “companions” at that table. Both brunettes. Milah was a brunette. Nary a blonde to be found. It seems to me based on this admittedly limited evidence that Hook had a thing for the dark haired lasses. Which, hey, cool. Good on ya, buddy.

But then this ballsy blonde girl stomps her way into his life (both times, LOL) and BOOM, as our dear Captain would say. If you look carefully at that shot of past!Hook when bar wench!Emma bends over that table…his eyes are up. On her eyes. On her face. Emma’s other “assets” don’t even register at first (although I am certain he got a good look once he was alone with her, dude’s not dead). The look on past!Hook’s face is the definition of fuckstruck. He has no idea who this woman is but but he really, really wants to. The next time we see them, his harem is gone and they’re alone, drinking and flirting shamelessly.

Then he takes her back to his ship and…we all know what happened. Killian said that if he’d remembered her, he’d have gone after her. Basically, that even in that brief encounter she had the power to completely change his life. Just as she did when they meet again in his future, when she pulls him out from under a pile of corpses and ties him to a tree.

One woman, two encounters. Both of which leave the previously single minded pirate wondering just what the hell happened…and who the bloody hell is this woman?

If you don’t believe that they are meant to be after seeing something like that, then I don’t know what to tell you. 

At one of the buildings on my university campus, they sell packaged foods that you buy and heat up. I was looking at my options on what to buy, and there was a guy beside me doing the same. I saw him choose the butter chicken and rice, and I thought hey, that looks good why not?

So I go and pay, and now we’re both at the microwave station waiting for him to finish microwaving his food, so I can heat mine up after. We exchange friendly glances. The microwave dings, he takes his food out, and leaves to go to the “eating area.” It’s been like 10 seconds since I’ve put my food in the microwave, when he comes back.

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turing is the most precious nb robot bab


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: physical and verbal abuse

Words: 1,595

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Goosebumps rose on your legs and you crossed them, feeling them rub against each other. Mike was running late, again.

You turned and looked towards the door of the restaurant and debated going in before he arrived or not. Every minute it seemed to be getting colder and the wind began to whip your dress around your thighs. You went inside.

“Good evening,” you were greeted by a server, “Reservations?”

“Yes.” You smiled and looked back over your shoulder for Mike’s car, “Under Levid, but I’d like to wait until he arrives, please.” The server nodded and checked Mike’s last name off in his book.

A hand slid onto your waist and you tensed.

“Hey” Mike’s voice whispered into your ear. The server brought you both to your table. Mike sat down and you pulled out your seat, sitting down before laying the cloth napkin across your thighs.

“How was work?” you asked, running your fingers down the cold glass of water.

“Like it always is,” Mike clenched his jaw, “Why do you always ask?”

“I just though-”

“May I take your order?” a waitress cut you off and you exhaled, grateful. You began to ask Mike if the fish was a good choice but he blurted out an order of his own.

“The steak for me, and the salmon salad for her.”

The waitress looked at you and you looked at Mike immediately with a forced smile. She nodded and disappeared. What you wouldn’t give for one of Dean’s burgers right about now. Mike reached over and squeezed your hand, tightly.

“You know,” he started, “I always wanted to see where you spend all of your time.”

You swallowed. The bunker was your safe haven. You slipped your hand out of his and reached for your glass of wine.

“I said,” he said more forcefully, “I want to see where you are all day.”

“At work” you said, “You know that, Mike.” The wine left a light stain on your lips. You pursed them together and forced another smile.

“Well, you have to show me wh-” your phone cut him off.

“Sorry.” you winced and reached to turn off the sound. Sam’s name was shining bright on the phone, illuminating your phone in the dim restaurant.

“Give me it.” He commanded and you relinquished the phone. “You and this Sam guy keep up work after hours?”

“He probably just had a question.” Yyou reached for the phone but he tossed it towards you. It skidded onto the table as you let your hand down. Sighing you shoved it back into your purse without opening it.

“I lost my appetite.” he shoved his plate forward.

“Mike.” your voice was soft, “Why don’t we just-”

“Shut up.” he got up and began walking out. Heads turned in your direction. You bowed your head down and left some money, too blurry eyed to count it, and headed straight out the door. You shoved the key into the ignition with a shaky hand and sped out of the parking lot and straight home. The bunker wasn’t too far.

You put the car in park and sighed before dropping your head against the steering wheel. Blinking, you stared up at the ceiling of the car and waited for the tears to recede.

Another failed dinner with Mike.

“Y/N?” a voice opened the door to the garage. Quickly you opened the car door and for the first time all night, a genuine smile bloomed on your face.

“Hey” you swung your keys around your finger. “How’d you hear me?”

Sam chuckled, “The engine still makes the noise when it stops.”

You followed him into the bunker.

“How was dinner with Mike?” he asked.

“It went well.” You took off your jacket and slung it across the back of the kitchen chair. He slid you a cup of orange juice.

“It’s ten o’clock, Sam.”

“Doesn’t mean you don’t need Vitamin C.” he sat down with a stupid smile.

Rolling your eyes you downed the cup and joined him in the library. “I’d rather have something stronger. And redder.”

“Is redder even a word?” he asked with an arched brow. You laughed and reached for the handle of the wine cabinet. You poured a glass of wine into the same glass the orange juice was in.

You kicked up your legs and crossed them, realizing you still wore your dress.

“I thought you said the dinner went well” Sam said after a few minutes.

“It always does” you took another sip and let your head fall back. Sam stared at your collarbone, his eyes dipped down to your bare chest.

“So, what’s with the liquor?”

“I’m just tired.” You lied and continued to stare at the ceiling. You felt the strap of your dress begin to slip but you hardly cared.

Sam’s breathing became louder and louder as you dozed off, head still hanging back against the chair. He smiled to himself and got up. He saw your jacket and rolled up; gently he lifted your neck and placed it under before picking the strap of your dress back up onto your shoulder.

A harsh knocking sounded at the door and your head snapped up to see Sam’s face a foot from your own.

“Dude!” you shouted and jumped up.

“It wasn’t me! I was just trying to fix your neck!”

“My neck?” you asked, then realized what he meant. “Oh, thanks.”

You looked at him, forgetting about the door until another round of knocking hit. Sam clenched his jaw and raised his gun. You followed close behind him. He placed his hand on your stomach and held you back.

Slowly he swung the door open and pointed his gun straight at Mike’s forehead.

“Mike?” you asked. Sam lowered his gun. Some part of you wished he kept it up, and you suffocated the thought quickly.

He welcomed himself in.

“Oh.” Sam smiled and stuck out his hand, “I’m Sam Winchester.”

Mike shook his hand, “Nice place.” he looked from the top of the stairs into the war room.

“No place like home.” Sam smiled and led him down the stairs.

“How did you know I was here? I mean, how did you even find here?” You began to ramble.

“I followed you.” Mike said as if that was normal. Sam looked at you with wide eyes but you kept your eyes trained on Mike’s back.

“I got here-” you looked at the clock, “three hours ago.”

Mike stepped around Sam and reached for your hand. It was sweating. He gripped it and didn’t seem to notice.

“I just wanted to know where you work from,” he pulled you around the library, “What do you do here anyway?” he pulled a book from one of the shelves.

‘Exorcisms’ was written on the leather cover. He frowned and slid it back onto the shelf. It hit the back with a thud.

“Mike, don’t you think-”

“Don’t tell me what I think.” he said bitterly.

Sam began to step closer to you without realizing it. He hadn’t unclenched his jaw for a full minute.

You looked up at Mike and tugged on his hand, “Maybe we should talk outside.”

“I think we’re good here. You spend more time with this guy than me! Say whatever you want right here.”

“Mike…” you pleaded, “Please.”

“No!” he shouted suddenly, “You spend all your fucking time here, you should be with me!”

“Don’t yell at her.” Sam said sharply and stood in front of both of you.

“I can do what I want with her, she’s mine.” Mike stepped closer to Sam.

“Mike, don’t.” you warned. Sam had an easy advantage over him.

“I don’t think she’s anyone’s.” Sam never looked so angry.

You slipped your hand out of Mike’s grip.

“We’re going.” he demanded and grabbed your arm, yanking you forward.

“Get off me!” you shouted, a voice you never knew you could use with Mike until this moment.

“We’re going to the car!” he shouted and yanked you for a second time.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” you shouted back. Suddenly, a bright pain shot through the side of your head. Mike pulled his fist back from your head.

In a split second Sam was on him. Sam grabbed Mike’s collar and lifted him, slamming his back onto the table.

“Sam!” you shouted, but before you got to him, he pounded into your boyfriend’s jaw.

“Never, ever, lay a hand on her” Sam said through clenched teeth. He punched him over and over again until Mike’s face was a bloody mess.

“Sam, please!” you begged and then Mike’s upper body hit the table with a thud. You reached for Sam and held his bloodied knuckles in your hand.

“He hurt you.” Sam stared at you. You looked up at Sam then turned to see Mike’s begin to sit up. Quickly you stepped behind Sam who was already holding you with both arms.

“Get out.” Sam commanded and Mike scrambled up the steps. Drops of his blood were on the floor near your feet.

You finally heard the door shut and you dropped your head. Four months of tears spilled out from your eyes. Sam gingerly placed both of his hands on your head and pulled you onto his chest.

“You’re bleeding.” he whispered as he looked at your temple.

Sam clenched his jaw and wrapped his arms securely around your waist and shoulders. Softly, he kissed the top of your head and you melted into his touch.

“That part will heal.” you whispered.

just imagine dan helping phil pick out a pair of glasses and like being all “hey i think these would look really good on you” and phil being like “oh i don’t really know” and dan just reassuring phil and telling him he looks amazing and then both of them making stupid faces with glasses they look horrible in and dan laughing so loud that he gets shouted at


It’s Friday and the last bell sounds.

Me: “Have a good weekend, everyone.”

The students pack up their belongings and leave. One student on the computer slowly gathers his belongings but doesn’t look too happy to leave.

Me: “Hey, do you have a computer at home?”

He shakes his head no.

Me: “Oh, because I need to show you this.”

I load up a viral video. We’re both laughing.

Me: “Your turn. It better be funny.”

Him: “Sure!”

We watch videos for thirty minutes and I’m late for an appointment with friends. Because it’s Friday and some kids need help starting their weekends right.