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Iwatobi as girls and their size of breasts/ass (sorry not sorry)

bruh don’t you dare be sorry ‘bout this (and yes, another kind of not an ask, apologies ;-;)

Haruka: Kinda flat in both areas. She’s never complained, though - she’s convinced it gives her an edge when she’s swimming, and hey, she’s gonna look damn good regardless.

Makoto: Tried to hold off saying this, but I can’t see her as anything less than an Amazonian goddess of sorts… fem!Makoto would undoubtedly have an amazing figure, a gorgeous toned butt and boobs to fit her figure. Yeah.

Nagisa: Relatively flat chest, but damn she got the booty. And yes, she’s the type of girl to happily flaunt what she got - not that anyone’s complaining.

Rei: Just above average size, but very perky boobs. She always found that the size of her boobs got in the way when she was in the track team - wearing two sports bras can get quite uncomfortable… As for her butt; it’s more on the flat side, but quite toned.

I… Look I know you only requested Iwatobi, but to hell with it-

Rin: Larger than average boobs, which she hates. Wears a sports bra most of the time to keep the damn things down - even tried wearing one when swimming before. Her butt is fairly average.

Sousuke: … Look, she’s my bias, whatever gender. Putting that aside, I’d put fem!Sousuke in a similar boat to fem!Makoto - gorgeous, muscle-bound, Amazonian goddess with one hell of a booty and amazing tits… Imagine.

Nitori: Relatively flat in both areas - something that, as a swimmer, she struggled with for a while, before realising that it was actually very helpful when it came to fitting into swimming suits properly, and not having to worry about excess… Bits.

Momotarou: Below average boobs - her sister being larger than her is a constant source of grief. fem!Momo has a pretty good ass, fairly average, but she does so love flaunting it.

Seijuro: Fairly large boobs, a little above average - she’s always been bigger than Momo, which is something that bothers her sister massively, but fem!Sei is an all-round bombshell, and, thanks to years of working out, has a damn good ass, too.

… Kisumi: Look, I couldn’t not include her - fem!Kisumi is the archetypal “hourglass” body type, and has a bangin’ booty and freakin’ great boobs. Deal with it.

It’s midnight. They’ve been on the road for two hours now since they stopped for gas station hot dogs and a coffee for dad.

They are moving again. He’s never had a permanent home. Dean (and the Impala) has always been his mobile home though.

He finally yawns, breaking the silence, and Dean nudges him with his left elbow. “Hey Sammy, no more looking at streetlights and signs, yeah? How about getting some sleep?”

“What about you?”

Both of you boys should get some sleep. Gonna need you sharp,” Dad cuts in, peeking up at them through the mirror.

He and his brother share a look before he repositions his body to lie down, placing his head in Dean’s lap. Immediately his brother’s hand starts to run through his hair slowly.

While he wishes they had a real home, Dean’s a pretty good substitute.


Puts on tinhat.

June 23: show in Gothenburg: Harry puts a balloon of Louis’ in his T-shirt as if he was pregnant. (not the first time, maybe not the last, but interesting.)


June 27: the next show after Gothenburg was in Helsinki, where for an unknown reason someone thought bringing a baby doll to a One Direction concert was a good idea, Louis thought of hey let’s talk about it, and both Louis and Liam addressed it as BABY. Louis said 3 times: IT’S NOT REAL.


louis: what’s this baby doing here?
liam: who has thrown their baby on stage!? that is OUTRAGEOUS!
louis: it’s not real!!!
liam: oh no… it’s.. it’s a fake baby guys.
louis: it’s not real… it’s.. not… real… (he’s looking on the ground reciting that)
liam: that is for all those people out there who think that was a real baby


July 14: the scandal breaks.

July 17: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson is the first song played AFTER they ended the show. No video yet, but several concertgoers confirmed it.

Friendly reminder that this is a line from Billie Jean:

It might not come from an official rep (and I trust that will be taken care of soon and this nightmare can be forgotten), but the BOY WHO CAN’T SPEAK UP is whisper-screaming to trust him (and Harry) in this.

Some of my actual experiences in musicals/plays that might make good AUs

- you’re the lead in literally every production, and I’m just a freshman in ensemble, so why are you winking at me and calling me “bae”? AU

- we’re doing improv and you’re talking about how there’s some birds loose in your school, but nobody is standing up to help you with this scene and you look very awkward, here let me run towards you shouting “WHO LET MY BIRDS OUT?!” AU

- we’re both auditioning for the same role and I know we’re really good friends but I’m going to take you down AU

- you’re a lead and everyone calls you by a different name and you REFUSE TO TELL ME WHAT YOUR NAME IS so I’m just gonna call you “asshole” AU

- hey we’ve never talked before so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- hey we’ve been good friends for years so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- I play a police officer and at one point I get to arrest and drag your character offstage and I’m having a little too much fun with it AU

- we’re both in the ensemble and get bored while the leads have their scenes, here let’s come up with dramatic backstories for our characters together AU

- these rehearsals are hella long and you always forget to bring food so I’ll share with you, what do you mean my gluten-free cookies taste like cardboard TAKE IT BACK YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT au

- QUICK I NEED A ROMEO AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THE LINES— oh you thought I was Juliet? Nah man I’m playing Benvolio, that dude is Juliet AU


- I’m seriously starting to think the drama club is a cult, because we’re doing a “pre-show ritual”…hold up it turns out the ritual is just the hokey-pokey AU


- I’m trying to figure out what the plot of this show is and so far all I’ve figured out is that everyone is a sinner AU

- the set for this show is a very big boat but the wood is always creaking and I fear for my life when I’m on the stairs AU

- before we do a show the cast of this small play stands in a circle and passes a baby doll around in complete silence and if you ask anyone about it they’ll say “what baby doll? we don’t have a baby doll.” AU

- you and I both love running around in the hallways in our costumes and freaking out the janitors AU

- everyone’s singing “Gay or European” before a dress rehearsal and you were getting ready but you run in at the very end wearing your fabulous red dress and scream “FINE OKAY IM GAY” can I please give you a hug AU

- you lost part of your costume and the drama teacher will kill you if you don’t find it so I’ll help you out AU

- “Say it. Say those six words and I’m yours.” “I have hot pants for you.” AU

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Liam Dunbar imagine. You both play sports and both of you are captains. Liam for Lax and you (reader) for soccer

this reminded me so much of hayden… whatever lol thanks for your request :))) hope you like it, I enjoyed writing this one a lot !

also it took forever so I hope it’s long and not horrible (sorry it took so long)

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Hey I know you write awesome solangelo so I've seen this prompt and I'm not good at writing but I'd like to read it. You Know? Well here it is: Both are frequent customers and exchange witty remarks in the morning (an interaction they both secretly look forward too). One day the café is immeasurably busy. Customer A has grabbed the last two chairs and is currently using one as a leg rest (a position Customer B frequently teases them about). Customer B walks in and sees Customer A. Customer A s

firstly: this is a very specific prompt and you know what thank you friend vague prompts are fun but thinking is hard sometimes

secondly: i think the message was cut off?? but i get the general idea don’t worry

thirdly(?): i know the feel bro


Nico lounged at the cafe, his leg propped up on the seat in front of him as he sipped leisurely on his bitter coffee. His taste buds had long since burned off, so the bitter taste was like licking a penny, basically. Why drink bitter coffee when sweeter options (mainly sugar) are available? Because he had an essay to submit that was due at midnight tonight for some stupid thing his boss was promoting. And since he was ‘hip and new,’ (translation: 'young and easy to pin the blame on if the project doesn’t work’), that meant he absolutely, positively had to do it. And he hadn’t even started it.

The blonde guy walked into the cafe, his pretty blue eyes scanning the place before resting on Nico. Nico, who sat in the same place every single day (the small two-person table by the entrance), wondered why the dude even had to look around. “Saving a spot for me?” he asked, motioning to Nico’s leg.

He took a sip, savoring the bitter taste. And then he looked up at the dude, letting the corners of his mouth quirk up. “Absolutely not.”

“As bitter as always, I see,” the guy responded, Nico’s attitude in no way bothering him. After all, it was like this every day.

“As chipper as always. How sickening.” The guy laughed, giving Nico one last annoyingly dazzling smile before going to the counter, where the barista was watching them like this was the most interesting thing that had happened all morning.

“I’ll have the carmel frappicino with hazelnut syrup and a crap load of whip cream.” The guy had a total sweet tooth. Nico liked his coffee bitter, you know, to match his resting bitter facial expression and bitter voice. Maybe this guy liked his 'coffee’ sweet because he was sweet. Not that Nico frequently thought of the guy at the cafe as sweet. Because he definitely didn’t do that.

“I’ve gotta run today,” the guy said, giving Nico a salute on his way to the door. “Make sure to save me a seat next time, too.”

“Don’t count on it,” Nico responded, taking another sip of his coffee, his eyes following the guy on the way out. There was a split second of a pause as the guy opened the door, looking back at Nico with a soft smile. And then he left. Leaving Nico with a nice and fuzzy feeling in his stomach that the bitter coffee couldn’t wash away.


It was disgustingly crowded today. Normally, the cafe was quite empty with the occasional large group of high schoolers, but since some big shot celebrity visited, the place now was beyond crowded. And yet. Nico still managed to get in his usual seat, propping his foot up on the seat across from him. Several people had come up to him asking to sit down, and every time he said the same thing: “Sorry, I’m saving this seat for a friend.” Which was a lie, of course.

And then chipper frappicino boy walked in, looking at every face before looking at Nico. Seriously. He must know by now where Nico sat. “It’s a bit crowded today isn’t it?” he asked, leaning in so Nico could hear. He didn’t answer. “Well, it seems like you saved me a seat anyway, so I guess I don’t have to worry,” the guy said, winking at Nico before continuing to the counter.

“Hey, I didn’t-” Nico tried to say, but then stopped because he realized the guy probably couldn’t hear him anyway, and if he let the guy sit, then maybe he would stop getting glares from some angry business lady who was wearing five inch heels and a pantsuit. “Whatever,” Nico muttered, taking a sip of his ever so bitter coffee.

As the guy approached Nico’s table, Nico sighed heavily (and audibly - and dramatically), dropping his leg from the chair across from him. The guy raised his eyebrows, sitting down in the seat. “Wow, I didn’t think you’d actually let me sit here.”

“Are you kidding? I’m not rude. And besides.” Nico’s eyes flicked to the angry business woman. “She keeps glaring at me because I turned down her request to sit there. Maybe she’ll stop now.”

“The truth comes to light.”

“Oh, shut up.” Nico took another sip from his coffee, narrowing his eyes at the sugar monstrosity the other guy had in front of him. “How do you even drink that?”

“What, this?” the guy asked, poking his straw in the whip cream. “I don’t know. It’s sweet. I like it. What do you drink?” he asked, taking the straw out and licking off the whip cream.

“Black.” The dude practically choked.

“You mean you don’t put sugar or milk in it?”


“How? That’s basically drinking roasted bean juice.”

“When you put it that way…” Nico trailed off, thinking about it for a second. “Actually, I accept that. Roasted bean juice.” He took a sip, watching the guy gag in a quite entertaining manner. “I’m Nico, by the way,” he said, nodding his head.

“Oh, I’m Will,” Will said, taking his lips off the straw, whip cream sticking on his upper lip. Nico nodded, deciding not to say anything because as well as being bitter, he was an asshole. Nico drank the rest of his coffee in silence, his eyes focusing on Will’s face, which was very freckly and nice. And kind of grew red the more Nico stared, but that’s beside the point. Also beside the point was the fact that Will never noticed the whip cream smeared on his lip.

Nico finished his coffee, standing up from his seat and throwing the cup away in the garbage bin. “It was a pleasure.” He paused for a second, looking down at Will freckly and red and nice face. “Next time, save a seat for me.” Will’s nice face grew even more red as his bright blue eyes widened.

As Nico started to walk out, he stopped, turning back to Will. “Oh, and, you’ve got something right here,” he said, pointing to his lips. Will wiped his lips quickly on his arm, looking back up at Nico.

“Don’t count on it,” Will said, taking a sip of his sugary drink. “On me saving you a seat I mean,” he added, giving Nico a wink and a slightly crooked grin.

Nico left the crowded cafe with a warm and fuzzy feeling in his stomach that probably had nothing to do with his bitter coffee.


(it’s short I’m sorry)

do you know how hard it is to type right now

i feel like my writing style in this is just. so different??? how does one keep a consistent writing style

Thanks for the prompt!!!

Sparking IED - Liam x Reader


Originally posted by showandwrite

Liam was a great boyfriend, everything you could ask for. Sometimes, however, things would be too calm because of he needed to be for his IED. Luckily, you knew exactly how to bring a spark back. You knew who Liam disliked and tonight, there happened to be a lacrosse game that both of them would be playing in.

“Good luck, baby,” you said kissing Liam.

“Thanks, Y/N,” he said smiling. You gave him a smile back and when you turned around, Brett Talbot just so happened to be looking at you and he was shirtless. You smiled and walked over to him.

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I love all the people who are like "Bernie Sandars is a socialist! That's just communism 2.0! Didn't you guys pay attention in history class?" and I'm like, yeah, I did, and I also paid attention when we learned that socialism and communism are DIFFERENT THINGS. Whoa. Also, he's not a socialist (that's it's own party, remember?" he's a democratic socialist which means "Hey look, there are good things in both systems, let's combine them!" but no, let's keep fueling the outdated red scare.

Pretty much. But thanks to the Red scare, people hear a word and shit themselves, even though they don’t know what it means.

-the Polish one


“You need to remember these things, Cupid” Monroe said, giving his son that look.

“I know and, and I usually do! I was just so excited about you both coming home that I.. I..”

“Hey, hey, don’t get wound up no. It’s okay to make little mistakes, but I’m sure that your cookies weren’t the reason”

“But what if they where?!”

“Then how am I not sick?”

Cupid opened his mouth to speak, but shut it again as his brow furrowed and finger curled around his chin in thought.

“That’s a good point..”

“Exactly. I’m sure that Pops just has some sort of flu that he’s not taking very well. You know how he gets when he’s poorly. He’ll be okay, he said so himself and I trust him. Do you?”

“Of course!”

“Good! Now eat up, Aunty Daph and Noel will be over soon”

Swimming (Nate Maloley)

Request: Hey! can you do a smut where Nate and Y/N are with Nate’s family, and you guys go swimming & Nate is frustrated cause he sees Y/N and she looks good. && cousins of Nate check Y/N out & Nate gets jealous! Thanksss

I walked downstairs with my cover up over my bikini, a messy bun, sunglasses, and flip flops. I was at my boyfriend of a year Nate’s house with his family today. A lot of his family was in town today so Nate invited me so we could all hang out. I walked up to Nate and linked arms with him. “Hey baby,” he said, linking his arm back. We both walked outside and I took off my cover up so I could swim. “Damn y/n you look good,” said Nate’s little brother Stew wrapping his arm around me. “Yeah, she does,” said Nate knocking his arm off from around me, “and she’s mine. So stop.” “Nate,” I began, “Stop. He’s just messing around. I want to spend time with your family today.” “You’re right lil mama.” Said Nate. “I’m sorry. I want you to hang out with them too, since you’re going to be apart of this family someday.” I smiled and we got in the pool. “Hey y/n!” Said Nate’s cousin Blake. “Hey Blake!” I responded, hugging him. “How are you?” “I’m great! And you’re looking pretty great too.” “Thanks,” I said chuckling. Nate came over and picked me up. “Nate, oh my gosh stop!” I said laughing. He carried me inside and up to his room. He shut the door behind him and looked at me. “Y/N, you just looked so fucking hot out there. I need you now.” He said pushing me down on the bed and kissing me. He started sucking on my neck and I palmed him through his swim trunks. “Hey guys dinner-” said stew. “Oh shit sorry.” He said laughing. I started laughing and got up. I changed into my regular clothes and so did Nate. He grabbed my hand and opened the door, whispering in my ear, “This isn’t over baby girl.”

The Signs (Sagittarius POV)
  • Aries:hey bb ;)
  • Taurus:ur pretty chill but we get in arguments a lot bc we're both stubborn
  • Gemini:calm ur tits
  • Cancer:u look like a sad little muffin but ur actually evil
  • Leo:ur a bitch sometimes but I enjoy your sass once I'm on your good side
  • Libra:ur fake af tbh
  • Scorpio:ur mystery is very intriguing but I'm too stupid to figure you out tbh
  • Sagittarius:half of you are assholes and the other half need to come hug me now
  • Capricorn:ur such a smartass I cry
  • Aquarius:love mE
  • Pisces:ur a cute patoot but something tells me not to trust u
Make-up Tutorial #4: Mel, as Magdalena (Empire)

Hey everyone, welcome to my makeup tutorial for Magdelena Alanga, a cambion from the League in PD’s Empire. This usually takes me about an hour or so, it’s got quite a few steps but it’s a nice morning ritual and it’s fun to see my character slowly emerge.

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Hey I wanna make friends who really like Michael Clifford or even just 5sos and follow more blogs that are 5sos. Do you know any good 5sos blogs?

Nice. My true calling is to bring more Michael to the world :’)

Well, #1 you should follow mikeysource! We all adore Michael there and my partner in crime hemmojaw is definitely someone you should follow! It’s funny, Kaity and I look like Luke girls on the outside - two blogs with hemmo urls and Luke icons - but we are both weak for Michael and run MikeySource together lmao

Other Michael girls I know that are amazing blogs would be acoustcmichael, ashirtwit, hotdamn5sos (who I’m sure you’re already following). Those are the only Michael girls that I can think of at the top of my head…

Other 5sos blogs that you should follow are 5secondsofsummerdaily, all the source/daily blogs (!!!), 5sos-official (of course), anarchyaustralia, ashtcnsirwin, calumxhoood, calumunofficial, clumhood, hoodzer, irwnx (my photoshop queen tbh), lashtonirmings, llilacsky, outofmylimits, quiffedluke, omg I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them all and I really shouldn’t be answering this on my office computer but I’m on my lunch break and didn’t want to keep you waiting lmao

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Steve/Tony, #6: things you said under the stars and in the grass, please!

Here you go, everyworldneedslove!

“Whattaya think a’ angels?”

Tony turned his head just enough to see Steve out of the corner of his eye. Two hours after finishing up a particularly harrowing battle, they were now lying on a grassy field and pretending they weren’t both worried about Clint lying broken and unconscious in emergency surgery at the nearest hospital.

“Are we talking good samaritans, or 1990s apocalyptic anime monsters, or fluffy Cupids in the sky?”

Steve gave a small huff of laughter. “Option D.”

Tony waggled his eyebrows. “Well, I’m pretty fond of the one I’m looking at right—hey!” he snickered when Steve shoved him playfully. “Harsh, Cap. That’s the last time I sweet-talk you under the stars.”

“I’m being serious, Tony,” Steve chided, although his amusement was evident in the upturned corner of his mouth and the warmth in his eyes.

Tony sighed. “I don’t know, what do you want me to say? I’m the guy who meets gods and still considers himself an atheist. What brought this on?”

Steve held out an arm in a wordless offering. Tony didn’t hesitate to shift closer, resting his head against Steve’s shoulder. “It’s just been a while since I’ve had a chance to see stars like this. Really see stars, not just the occasional scattered glimpse we get in the city,” he admitted. “When I was little, my mama used to say every star we could see was an angel lookin’ over us.”

“Well, it’d explain the state of most big cities,” Tony drawled. “And hey, we even did it to ourselves with the lights and pollution. We try to make things better and safer and actively block out our own guardians in the process. How’s that for situational irony?”

“Tony,” Steve drawled mildly.

“Steve,” Tony returned just as blandly back.

They fell quiet.

It didn’t last, of course; with Tony, silence never lasted. This time, though, he broke it softly. “Lots of your angels up there tonight. Barton’ll be fine.”

Steve smiled. “Yeah,” he agreed. “He’s a trooper all right.” Nudging Tony up, he got to his feet. “C’mon. Let’s go check on our team,” he said.

Let’s go check on our family, Tony heard.


“This isn’t another Captain America memorabilia room, is it?” Steve asked wryly a month later as Tony led him through the Tower, a blindfold tied around his head.

“Nope! Even better. Patience, old man,” Tony teased as he steered him up a final flight of stairs and into a room. “JARVIS, lights on, please. Activate program: Michael.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tony untied the bandana.

The cloth fell from Steve eyes. At first, he was confused. The room was dark, so dark he could barely make out Tony beside him. “What—”

The lights came on.

More specifically, strategically positioned lights came on. The black dome they stood in came alive with stars, a sea of constellations blinking back at him.

“They’re accurate,” Tony promised, voice cutting into the silence in the room. “On the other side of the lights and the clouds and the atmosphere, their positions are as dead on as I could make them in a fairly small room. I can’t do much to clear up the skies for the rest of New York, but. You know. I wanted to do this for you.”

“Tony…” Steve murmured. It took a second to tear his eyes away from the brilliant arc of the Milky Way, but when he looked down, his gaze was no less intense for reflecting Tony instead of stars.

He struggled visibly to find the right words. Giving up, he shook his head, pulled Tony closer, and kissed him. Then kissed him again. Then kissed him again. “Thank you,” he said.

I love you, Tony heard.

“Anytime,” Tony replied.

(I love you, too, Steve heard.)

Did you even loved me Brett Talbot long imagine

As you were trying to figure out what’s going on between you and Brett these days because it’s was constantly fighting all the time .

You didn’t know what to do at all because of all the words that’ve been said and it’s broken both of you . The words Brett said two days ago were painful and you didn’t know if your relationship was either a lie or it was a game to him .

( Flash back )

Brett “ hey babe what you doing ?”

Oh hey Brett how are you “

It started off a good conversation then it went to a full out fight between you but the next thing was even worst

” you know what (Y/N) this was nothing between you and me it was like a freaken rebound your just another girl to me “

Brett paused and just looked at you and silence washed over both of you and it wasn’t in tended to be said

” (Y/n) I didn’t mean it the hit of the argument I am - I am - I sorry “

You just looked at him and said ” did you really love me Brett ?“

” do you still love me or am I another worthless piece of crap to you or some girl you can fool around with ?“

By now your tears were flooding and you didn’t know what to do

” Brett answer me if you don’t I am out that door and your not gonna see me ever and we are done “

2 minutes passed

” fine that’s how you wanted it “ you throw the ring he gave you for your birthday and the necklace to the ground .

You wiped your tears and grabbed your coat and car keys and phone and was out the door .

Brett sat there in silence and was thinking what has happened.


You’ve been there for hours sitting in the coffee shop and thinking about all those time with Brett if it was a lie or was it a heated fight argument that could of caused it .

After you sat there for a well good hours you got out of the coffee shop and was walking towards your car ,

From afar Brett can see you sitting there thinking and he knew what he said did hurt you but what his been thinking if he should approach you but then again you might do something . So he just watched you drive off

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Hey there you beautiful piece of flesh... I was uhm wondering if you could to a sequel to This house is falling apart... ./////. Please please! I just want to see how eren reacts to Levi, and if they just fall for each other... And how Erwin sees them both together happy and realizes that this was the break he was looking for... (/.\) I'm not good with words like you but I know you'll make this just AHHH! I love you.. Keep doing you.. And Eruri .////.

“I don’t think he likes me,” Levi said, looking and sounding frustrated as Eren screamed in his arms.

Erwin plucked Eren away dutifully and kissed Levi’s furrowed brow. “He’s only a year and half, he promised, as Eren quieted and Levi wiggled unsure fingers at the baby’s face. "He doesn’t like or dislike anything yet, not really. Babies cry and fuss. It’s what they do.”

“Are you sure?” Levi asked, hesitant.

Eren caught Levi’s littlest finger and gave it a gummy kiss.

“Yes,” murmured Erwin, smiling.

Lone Wolf (Part Thirteen)

Pairing: ReaderXDaryl (The Walking Dead)

Prompt: You attempt to get closer to Daryl after his return only to have your attempts screwed up by the sudden appearance of a stranger named Andrea.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve

Written By: Claire

“Hey Hershel.” Daryl’s voice spoke softly from the door way into your cell where Hershel sat stitching you up. Both you and Hershel turned to look at him, causing a faint smile to appear on his face, a smile that you returned. 

“Good to have you back Daryl.” Hershel grinned softly, returning his vision back to making his last stitch in your shoulder. The stitch hurt, but not enough to cringe. You watched as he cut the wire and tied it off, wrapping your shoulder in a confusing maze of bandages and then standing up. “Come see me if anything doesn’t feel right.” he said before walking out of your cell, stopping and resting his hand on Daryl’s shoulder for a moment before leaving completely.

“Kinda thought I wouldn’t see you again.” you chuckled, grabbing an old sweatshirt that you had found during one of your car raids while you were out on the road.

“Well here I am.” he spoke, walking in and sitting on your bunk. “Home sweet home.” his voice trailed off at the end of the sentence, wither it was a sign of regret or happiness, you couldn’t tell.

“I’m happy you’re back.” you stated, putting on your sweatshirt and then sitting next to him, close enough so that you could feel each others body heat, however not close enough to feel each others touch.

“And why is that?” he asked, still looking at the ground with a hesitant face.

“Because with you not here who would I make fun of?” you chuckled, punching him gently in the arm. He looked at you and smiled letting out a small laugh.

“I guess that’s true.” 

“And also who would look after me?” you said in a lower voice, leaning in close to him, a smile still on both your faces. You looked at his lips while he looked at yours, your faces only inches apart. You could feel his warm breath on your face as you leaned in even closer.

“Daryl! (Y/N)! We have a problem!” Rick suddenly shouted from outside your cell. You froze, dropping your head and closing your eyes. 

“Like I said, home sweet home.” he chuckled lightly before standing up and grabbing your gun that was leaning up against the wall, tossing it to you as you stood up. You both walked out into the jail yard together only to see a blonde haired women walking through the walker infested field, seemingly being ignored by the undead.

“Whose that?” you asked, raising your M24 and resting it on your non-injured shoulder. Everyone who was standing around had their own weapons pointed toward the women who you could now see had a walker on a stick, a form of diversion, so you assumed she was an enemy.

“Andrea.” Daryl growled in a low voice. “She used to be one of us, now she’s sacked up with the governor.” he explained, raising his crossbow.

“Damn.” you muttered.

“Are you alone?!” Rick questioned loudly over the sound of the walkers. Andrea didn’t answer, she just approached the gate and then started slamming on it to be let in. “(Y/N) open the gate.” he ordered you. You did as you were told, approaching slowly and then unlocking the gate, opening it enough so that the women could slip through and then slamming it closed, locking it once again. “I asked if you were alone.” Rick spoke angrily, grabbing the women and pushing her up against the fence, searching her and throwing her bag away from her.

“What the hell Rick?” Andre asked, looking around at everyone who had their guns pointed directly at her. “I’m not the enemy.” she said, her voice lighter after she realized that Rick wasn’t the only one acting out.

“Welcome back, now get up.” Rick ordered, grabbing Andrea’s arm and pulling her into the prison. Once everyone was in, they could all relax. You placed your weapon on the table and watched as Carol gave Andrea a hug.

“Hershel my god.” Andrea spoke once she laid eyes on Hershel. Her eyes then wandered a bit more. “Where’s Shane?” her answer was silence. “And Lori?” more silence. 

“She had a girl, Lori didn’t make it.” Hershel spoke in a mournful voice. 

“Neither did T-Dog.” you added from where you were sitting. Daryl had joined you, however he hadn’t put down his weapon.

“Who are you?” Andrea asked, looking you up and down.

“Her name is (Y/N), she saved our asses when we tried to capture the prison, she was the one that cleared out the cell block.” Rick said, looking at you quickly, then back at Andrea. 

“All by yourself?” she asked. You nodded. “You all live here?”

“Here and in the cell block.” Glen said. 

“There?” Andrea asked. “Well can I go in?” she attempted to start walking in, however Rick got in her way.

“No.” he said sharply. 

You all listened as Andrea started to make excuses about how she wasn’t the enemy. She even turned to blame Michonne at one point, then Meryl. However nothing she said made a difference.

“Leave.” Rick ordered. 

“What the hell do you mean leave?” she asked, looking at Rick, then around at everyone. “I’m not the bad guy.”

“Leave now, or we will kill you.” Rick warned stepping closer to Andrea who backed away with her hands up in the air.

“You’ve changed Rick.” she said in a hushed voice, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. “You all have.” she looked around at everyone.

“In case you haven’t noticed, that what the apocalypse does to people honey.” you said blankly. She glared at you before turning and exiting the room. 

“Meryl, Glen, Daryl, make sure she leaves.” Rick ordered. All three of them followed in Andrea’s direction and only returned when she was beyond the fence. 

anonymous asked:

Hey I have a question, I'm attracted to both boys and girls so would that make me a bisexual? I'm sorry for asking its just I've never been properly educated :(

I think looking into bisexuality and talking about other bisexuals about their experiences would be a good place to get educated and figure out your own sexuality.