but they both believe the best of people

chrissymck11: Please NO #negativity. Today I got to experience #democracy first hand and share that experience with my best girl and former and current students #whyiteach It was amazing to meet people from all across the nation sharing stories #whyimarch. Today I marched with young, old, gay, straight, and some members of the #hollywoodelite (thanks #jakegyllenhaal). I am proud my #mamma taught me to always stand up for what I believe in even when it may make others uncomfortable. To my friends from both sides of the aisle, today only solidified for me that there is room for all of us in the country. #womensmarch

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is there a aspec label that means "only experiencing sexual/romantic attraction with stated friends" like it's not demisexual because even people I have a bond with I don't experience attraction to but if I'm friends with someone (especially if we're best friends) and the both of us have stated where friends then I can be attracted to them like that's the only time I can even have the possibility of developing feelings?

Yes, there actually is a term for that!

Amicussexual/Amicusromantic: A subset of demi- where one only develops a type of attraction to those they are friends with.

I believe you could also spell amicussexual with one s if you want. 

Chriseva oneshot.

It had started with Sana pressing the stupid heart button in every single one of his instagram photographs. Then there was the kiss on his Halloween party while she had been heart broken by the thought of Jonas and Ingrid. The wink during Christmas, and her, confused by the brunette boy who seemed to hook up with a different girl every night.

And then both their best friends had flown to London, leaving them in Norway. And none of them know when it had started, but all of the sudden he was counting on her for every single party he went to. And she was calling him every single time she needed help with History. This led to people believing they were dating or some stupid bullshit like this, but they clearly weren’t. Right? They were… Friends. Friends who liked to kiss each other in every party they went to. Friends who simply watched films every now and then, which led them to fall asleep in his couch all the time. Friends who would deny jealousy when in reality it burned them inside to see the other flirting with someone else.

But that was their thing. Hook up, deny anything between them and care about each other. Because they cared so much. Whenever Eva was stressed, she would call him, and then she would lose track of time talking about the most unimportant things. And Chris would go to her house after a fight, not for her to patch him up, but because he trusted her enough to see him broken, to hold him and tell him that everything would be okay.

And so that was it. They were friends, there was trust involved, and that was it. Until Christmas, of course. Because he was the one person who went through Eva’s mind while preparing for the get together. She was unsure at first. Would he turn her invitation down? Would Vilde mind it if she brought him? Yet she called him. She didn’t have to be nervous. Yet, she was.

No one really seemed to be bothered by his presence and that made things so much easier. They were used to it. The Eva and Chris thing. And so, when they both appeared at the door, no one was surprised. Because regardless of what any of them both could say, they were so much more than just friends.

It was while contemplating the tree, that Eva knew. She knew that whatever was going on between them, had long cross the line of friendship. Not that it bothered her. It was more of a scary feeling. Because it was then, while looking at him rant about how he would always set up the tree with his family and sing weird Christmas’ songs, that she realized she was long gone. She had fell for him, and there was no turning back.

Eva smiled at Chris, not saying anything, and he simply smiled back. That smile right there hiding so many unsaid words, so many repressed feelings. Because he, as well, had fell for her against all odds. He wasn’t the type to fall in love, but god, looking at her green eyes did make his stomach do all kinds of acrobatics. And he wasn’t the romantic type, or one to express what he was feeling, but in that moment nothing else mattered. Because he was there, and she was there, and they were both feeling so many things at the same time.

The good thing about both of them was, they didn’t really need the other to say it. So Chris simply leaned and kissed Eva’s cheek. And so Eva hugged him by the waist, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Merry Christmas, Chris.”

“Merry Christmas, Eva.”

And that was it. They were both goners.

You know, I’m speaking right now as both a fan of YOI and MP100, and while I’m ecstatic that a show like YOI won every category it was nominated for, I still think MP100 should’ve gotten more recognition in the Best Animation category. I mean, holy shit. The people who have seen the show know what I’m talking about, but let me take a moment to show you some gifs:

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Now I wanna be clear; I’m not saying YOI has bad animation. Of course it doesn’t. Look how gorgeous it is!

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Both of these shows share a space in my heart. I’m not trying to put down YOI. Hell, I’m a YOI blog. I believe YOI deserved every award it got. I’m so happy that such a visually stunning and smartly written show with a canon queer couple at center stage tore through the competition. At the same time, I adore MP100 and wished it had got more recognition for its strengths. MP100 proves that anime doesn’t have to look “traditional” (you know, like sword art and whatnot) to be palatable. And my god, those fight animations!

As a final note, I congratulate Yuri!!! One Ice for all its deserved wins, and hope it continues its streak; I wish Mob Psycho 100 the best of luck in future polls and competitions. 

Apparently I don’t notice when people flirt or are interested in me???

My mom told me on Christmas dinner that one of our neighbours kids (older than me for a year or two) always had a crush on me and that’s why he was so nice, and I’m like ???? I just thought he was polite and we were engaging in obligatory small talk????

AND because she shared this story in front of everybody, my cousins both looked at each other then at me and said basically yep she never notices, anytime we go out with her for drinks or whatever and we tell her the bartender was flirting with her she never believes us and thinks we are messing with her.

And just to really shake my world perception, my best friend from high school told me today “oh you remember R? We had a get together with a bunch of people from high school and he asked about you and his friends started giving him shit because of that old crush” and I went “what crush?” “The one he had on you” “…really?” “Caroline he had a thing for you for like the last two years of high school, everybody knew!” “Well I fucking didn’t!!!!” “…omg even the teacher knew! That’s why he was your lab partner in biology.”

NOBODY TOLD ME! Like I thought I was good at this shit, but apparently unless I am interested in somebody and actively looking to see if that person is interested too I don’t notice a thing!!!


Differences between Ni and Si

SUBMITTED by anonymous

I thought this was a great area of controversy so i thought I’d try and help as an Ni user myself ( INFJ) with an ISFJ friend so I have a deeper understanding of both I guess.

The main difference is that we look at events differently.

The ISFJ is very confident about their physical environment with a more integral role for their past experiences, unable to react or think about new events or experiences without a basic understanding derived from a another past experience (either their own or others) as they believe all the world is just fixated on what happened and they know how that works (Si), so they build on the past experience while changing to the best route according to how much they believe would make them close to other people and it might affect their personal status (Fe) .

I on the other hand might not react at all to the new experience and just watch while trying to understand to understand how it is. I have a bit of a weird imagination so i would imagine what would happen next and derive the meaning behind it not only cause I believe that every situation is seemingly just new for me, but it is because i believe the world expresses itself through meaningful messages through people and the people are fixated on one idea and express it differently through different situations (Ni ), so I can relate to people’s feelings very accurately sometimes and my ego seems to feed greatly on compliments people give me although I believe it is trivial and unimportant but its a paradox cause i cannot prevent myself from being happy about it sometimes (Fe).

The next major difference is our reaction to being really stressed (the inferior function grip). The ISFJ would live inside their mind with tons of dark thoughts, how it could all go bad and how their life would be ruined afterwards (inferior Ne) while I would just start doing plain idiotic stuff. I’d maybe get into fights, or be addicted to doing physical stuff for a couple of days (inferior Se).

I guess those were the most prominent differences other than our social tendencies. All in all, Ni is more about the meaning and how it will all play out but Si is about relating to stuff and understanding it according to a major past-present experience .

Chibs Telford - Sneaking Around


Imagine secretly being with Chibs until you get hurt one day. Chibs’s emotions make everyone believe there’s more than just friendship going on.

Some people would say you had nerves of steel while others would say you were just stupid. But regardless on whichever it was, you knew damn good and well that the man laying next to you was worth the risk.

It had been a very long day and both Chibs and you were beyond exhausted. Laying there next to him at the end of the day was - to you - one of the best ways to end it. You looked at the man laying next to you. The man that was old enough to be your father. The man that you knew your elder brother Jax, would skin alive if he ever found out about the two of you.

You were over eighteen, you weren’t stupid, but even though it made you an adult you knew Jax wouldn’t see it that way. Ever since Thomas’s death all those years ago, Jax had made sure to be extra big brother protective over you. It was tedious sometimes, mainly when he butted into your and Chibs’s time when the two of you were sneaking around the Club, but you both still made it work.

Chibs was different that was for sure. You liked how mature he was compared to some of the other guys in the Club, yet still holding a playful side when the time called for it. You loved how his hair was styled, the lines on his face, the scars, his eyes – you could lay there and name things all day long if you had the time. But what you had to love most about him, aside from his personality and his good looks, was his voice. His voice made you melt even if he was just yelling over something stupid that Juice had done.

The accent had you hooked from the get go.

You don’t know what you would ever do without the man laying beside you. Slowly closing your eyes you sighed and rolled into him and felt his arm wrap around your body while he was still sleeping. You fell asleep with a smile upon your lips that night.

The next morning you woke up to not having Chibs by your side. You weren’t suprised, knowing he had to leave before his Brother’s came looking for him and found you and him together – that wouldn’t be good at all.

Climbing out of bed you got ready for the day before proceeding outside of the clubhouse and finding chibs sitting there on the picnic table alongside Tig, Opie, and your brother. Looking across the parking lot you seen Clay and your mom standing in the doors of the garage.

“Mornin’ sleepy head.”

Jax teased as you walked out and stood beside Chibs at the table. You scoffed and rolled your eyes before you sent him a playful glare.

“I manage to sleep in for one day, and I’m instantly a sleepy head. What does that make you then, Jackson?”

Opie and Chibs both chuckled. Jax just smirked and hopped up off the table before grabbing you around your neck and pulling you around in a playful manner. You squealed and squirmed as you hit Jax on the arm and tried to break free. As he pulled you around in circles by the headlock he had you in he could hear the guys laughing.

You yelled for him to stop, which only caused Jax to laugh harder. You started to get dizzy and lightheaded from all the spinning. Your stomach started to do flips and you couldn’t tell up from down.

“Jackson! Stop God damn it!”

You yelled and he finally let you go. But that was a mistake as you couldn’t walk right and your balance was shit which caused you to stumble and hit the edge of the picnic table and catch your ankle on the edge. You screamed out in pain as you tried to turn around to grab the edge of the table, but it only caused you to flip over the seat backwards falling onto your back and hitting your head on the cement flooring.


You heard several of the guys call out as you laid there motionless. You were so dizzy you didn’t even want to open your eyes, let alone move. You felt someone remove your foot from being stuck on the bench and pulled you up into their arms.

“Y/N? Y/N!?”

You felt their hand run through the back of your hair before yelling your name in panic. You groaned and batted your eyes open to see Chibs sitting on the floor and holding you up. You blinked a few times more before looking confused.

“Is that – Is that bl–blood?”

You asked before passing out as you felt light headed.

You woke up in one of the back rooms with your head bandaged up. You groaned as you ran your hand along the bandage.

“I wouldn’t do that, baby.”

You looked over and seen your mother sitting on the edge of your bed. Gemma looked at you with a frown as you lowered your hand back down.

“What happened?”

“You fell over the picnic table rough housing with Jax and split the back of your head clean open, baby. Tara came over and stitched you up, took eleven stitches for the gash you had.”

She explained. You groaned again feeling the pain throbbing in the back of your skull.

“That’s not all either baby…” Gemma said causing you to look at her. “Chibs has a busted lip.”

You raised a brow. What did she mean Chibs had a busted lip? Gemma had seen you didn’t understand what she was talking about so she continued.

“Jax found out about you and Chibs sneaking around. Both Jax and Clay lost it. Jax yelled while Clay – Clay actually popped Chibs in the mouth.”

You gasped and tried to sit up only to have Gemma push you back into the bed.

“Calm down baby it’s okay. I talked to them both and even though they don’t like it – they’ve accepted the fact that you’re gonna do what you wanna do. You’re not a little girl anymore, you’re a grown woman. Don’t get me wrong baby, I don’t like it either – but at least you didn’t go for Tig.”

She chuckled at the end. You felt more at ease now after hearing that she had taken care of things while you were knocked out cold. You still felt bad about what happened with Chibs, but apparently his emotions had gotten the better of him and the cat was out of the bag.

Regardless of how it had happened, everyone finding out, the good news now was the two of you didn’t have to sneak around anymore. Back news, you were probably gonna get a talking to from both Jax and Clay.

it astounds me that JJ gets more a fuckton more hate than yuri does sometimes. while i love them both a fucking lot, JJ’s self absorbent is mostly just annoying but he isn’t actually all that much of an asshole as people make him out to be. he believes himself to be the best, but doesn’t put others down as being the worst. he doesn’t underestimate his competitors and simply aims to beat them and win.

yuri on the other hand. oh boy.

yuri makes endless rude and spiteful comments throughout the series and no one makes a sound. probably because he’s only 15 and it’s ‘cute’ but that doesn’t really excuse his shitty behaviour.

JJ actually, never says anything outright shitty towards anyone? the only things I recall are his “ladies first” line, which honestly was likely to be teasing yuri and his speech of winning gold and getting married first, which no offence, all of the other competitors at that table were thinking lmfao

and before i end this, i’m just gonna say (because my last JJ-positive post got dumb comments like ‘don’t try and make me like an asshole’ jfc) i am NOT saying you should stop hating JJ. i am NOT saying JJ is better than yuri or vice versa. i am NOT saying JJ is flawless and shouldn’t be called out for his self absorbed behaviour. what i AM saying is, he isn’t as bad as people make him out to be. it just grinds my gears no one calls out characters such as yuri for acting like an actual asshole but JJ gets so much shit for merely being over-confident (but honestly after that reality check in ep 11 and him becoming vulnerable, i’m sure he’s developing which makes me love him in even more).

anyways that’s my little ramble. like i said, you can like or hate JJ, i’m not trying to dictate anyone’s opinions lmao, just sharing my thoughts on the fandom’s treatment of certain characters and not others

I’m going to say that not only did Yuri NOT fall in love with an idealized version of Viktor, but that he was incapable of doing so, for two reasons. A) Yuri was not at a place that he could even imagine someone like him attracting the attention of someone like Viktor and B) he didn’t really know the real Viktor. The story of Yuri on Ice is very much the story of people getting to the point that they can even have a relationship with anyone.

I look at this as they had to become equals, and for that to happen, Yuri had to build himself/be built up and Viktor had to come down off his pedestal. The best part is that they both had to work at both of those things. Yuri had to believe in himself, but Viktor’s support was a steady drumbeat of validation. The fact that he was even there proved that Yuri had worth. Yuri had to tear down the idealized images of Viktor, much as he tore the posters from his wall, while Viktor had to made a conscious decision to not neglect Life and Love. He had to remain open and vulnerable until he was sufficiently humanized in Yuri’s eyes, no matter how often Yuri reacted poorly to it. How many times did Viktor try to initiate contact or conversation only to have Yuri say that he can’t even and go flailing out of the room?

In the beginning, they BOTH had an idealized version of the other. Yuri was in deep celebrity worship with Viktor and had him on a pedestal, but Viktor had gotten the total wrong idea of Yuri. To him Yuri was a flirt who came on strong, then never contacted him,THEN posted this seductive come-hither skating routine, and THEN when Viktor came-hither to the family hot spring, Yuri acted as if he was this innocent naïve thing who didn’t know nuthin about eros. It must have seemed like maddening game playing, this boy running hot and cold. (I blame Viktor’s tendency to be a little brusque and rude with Yuri especially in the beginning episodes on this perception. If he thinks Yuri has the social wiles of, say, a Chris, then this is all just banter and he thinks Yuri can take it).

But this is where I feel this story gets its depth. Maybe a misunderstanding brought them together, but then they got to know each other. By the time the misunderstanding was brought to light (all the way in episode 10) it was too late, they had seen enough of the real Yuri and Viktor that they had fallen in love with.

To go back to the first part of the question, I bet Viktor did eventually talk about his background, but that’s not the key thing that made him ‘real’ to Yuri. Yuri was a major fanboy and new any personal details of Viktor’s life that made it in the press. True, there was more personal stuff to be shared (Early on, he did want to talk about his past relationships, a conversation that a nervous Yuri shut down) but that was part of the bigger picture of Viktor being open to Yuri. I don’t think there was one dramatic humanizing moment that made Yuri see Viktor as a real person who he was falling in love with. Mainly I think that because if there was a moment like that we would have seen it! It probably happened very naturally, off-screen, with these two nerds holding hands in the dark and talking into the wee hours.

Queen Bee from the Miraculous Ladybug’s cartoon ! Or at least what her Kwami and her might look like in season 2 according to the latest concept arts revealed by Jeremy Zag.

So, what do you think of her ? Many people believe her to be Chloé Bourgeois since the very beginning but a twin sister theory recently popped out in the name of Amber Bourgeois. I have to admit I’m down with both ideas ! Either we get a GREAT potential character development for Chloé OR we get a reverse evil-twin and the chance to learn more about the Bourgeois family. But then again, something else might come up, who knows ?

Anyway, was happy to be able to draw her even though, once again, this is not my best creation. Done using watercolor pencils, as usual !

Imagine #19: Haunted By His Eyes

Request: hi! um, I want to request an imagine based off of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift ❤️ um I love your stories and yes such love. much love 💕

You and Peter were best friends since early childhood. You grew up together across the hall, each in their own cramped apartments with their families. Each one just as miserable as the other, but both surviving because you had each other. The two of you were the perfect love story, two friends who fell madly in love and believed they were to be together for forever. You two would sneak out to the rooftop to lay under the stars, you would talk for hours about nothing and everything. Peter always talked about running away, leaving the cramped apartments and all the people behind, and when his green eyes light up at the thought of leaving with you, you knew that even Heaven couldn’t help you.

Even though you two were madly in love, you learned he was bad for you. He always got you in trouble at school, he taught you the tricks at conning people on the streets, and he made you the perfect thief. Except you didn’t care. Every time you looked up at him you would feel yourself swell with happiness. You knew nothing lasts forever, but you hoped this would.

The day you two went to Neverland was unexpected. You were on the rooftop, but instead of laying on your usual blanket Peter was pacing back and forth, constantly looking to the skies. You had grabbed his arm, “Peter, what’s going on?”

He stopped and stared down at you, a grin covered his face, “There’s this place, Y/N. We can finally get out of this town. You and I, we can go to Neverland, be young forever, be together forever.”

At that moment a shadow flew down, Peter looked to him and had no hesitation walking over to him. He glanced over his shoulder to see you frozen in your spot, “Y/N, are you coming?”

You felt light headed, your mind was racing. What about your family? Your friends? What about making something of your life? What about proving everyone wrong? “I..” you started, but couldn’t seem to form words.

His eyes turned pleading as he held out his hand, “Please, Y/N. This is everything we wanted. It won’t be perfect unless you’re there with me.”

Once again you got sucked into his green eyes, and you knew in that moment that you were his. You grabbed onto his hand and he grinned. You two were whisked away to Neverland, to rule over the island, to be young forever.

Living on Neverland was great. You two were free to do whatever you wanted. You ruled over the island, learned the terrain. You were in bliss. Eventually Peter started to bring other children onto the island, and together you made the band of misfits, of lost ones a family. You and Peter were happy.

Until the day he changed.

Peter always had an undying hunger. You knew this of him, but it was never a true problem at home because there wasn’t much for him to take. He had to have everything, at home he had to have all of you. On Neverland he had to have all the power.

It started with him learning the pan flute and how to lure lost children to him. He learned about the magic in it, and he knew he needed more. He left for a week’s time to find the shadow. You weren’t sure what happened on that trip, but when he came back he wasn’t Peter anymore. It was his eyes that gave him away, they were darker than before. That excitable spark that he always had became a malicious look.

Then his attitude came through. He used to laugh and joke with the kids, they were all about the games for innocent fun, but now he laughed when someone got hurt. He punished them for disobeying him, he made games to intentionally cause harm.

That was when you started to call him Pan.

You observed this change in him, and you even noted the change he had for you. Before he loved you with all his heart, now you were a possession that was his. An object that was his and something he controlled. It broke you heart, and you knew in that moment that this wasn’t going to last forever.

You took it upon yourself to fix the damage and destruction Pan had created. You were able to convince the shadow to take away some of the kids, the ones who came crying to you in the night about his cruelty. There were a few boys, and most of the girls. The rest had taken the change with him.

Peter was outraged when he woke in the morning. He came charging into the tree house, eyes practically black as he shook with anger. It was the first and last time he ever hit you. He struck you across the face and you collapsed to the floor, hand placed on your cheek as it stung.

He stood over you, and looked shocked by his own actions. You slowly stood up, tears rolling down your cheeks as you looked at the boy you once loved, the boy with an excitable spark to run away now a monster before you.

You walked up to him and placed your hand on his cheek. You gave him a sad smile, “Peter, I’m going home.” He went to protest, but you shook your head. “It’s the end. We are no longer who we used to be. We no longer love each other.” You let out a sob as you forced yourself to stare into his eyes, “Say you’ll remember me, standing in the nice dress on our rooftop, staring at the sunset. Please tell me you’ll remember me with red lips and rosy cheeks.” You let out a shaky sigh, “Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”

He leaned down and captured your lips with his, desperation and heartbreak poured into the kiss, and he pulled away. His eyes pleading with you to stay, “Please don’t go Y/N. I love you, I need you with me. This is our dream, it isn’t complete without you.”

You felt your heart shatter and you knew you would never be fixed after this, but for the first time in your life you looked into his green eyes, the same eyes that always melted you, and you shook your head. “I can’t Peter.”

You walked away from the tall, handsome boy and to the window. The shadow grabbed onto your arm and flew you away from Peter. Leaving him staring after you. His heart broken and his spirit crushed.

You left Neverland that day, and took Peter along with you. Your memory floated around, a constant reminder of what he had lost. He always remembered you in that nice dress, with red lips and rosy cheeks. He always stood at the top of his thinking tree during the sunset, knowing that out there somewhere you were looking at it too.

NDRV3 Boys- Kissing Scenarios/Headcanons

Shuichi Saihara:

  • He’s quite shy to kiss you in public.
  • With all the people watching, what if they judge him and deem him unworthy of the beautiful being with him?
  • His kisses are a bit uncertain in the beginning, and it kills you to know that he believes he doesn’t deserve you.
  • So, you try your best to show him that you are all his.
  • Letters, hugs, gifts, you’ve even tried baking him something.
  • At least the second batch of cookies didn’t burn.
  • And slowly, to your joy,he starts to get it.
  • Out of all the people in the school, you love him.
  • His kisses are more passionate, fingers playing with your hair and arms hanging casually around your waist.
  • Even small forehead kisses in public, as his arm is on your shoulders and you’re both laughing about the silliest things.
  • Still doesn’t stop him from blushing when you kiss him though.

Rantarou Amami

  • His kisses are warm, and you can’t help but crave more.
  • Neither of you really care about PDA, though the most you would do was kiss.
  • Or maybe make out in private corridors  ¯\_ツ_/¯
  • He can’t help but keep you close to him, always holding your hand or keeping his arm around your waist.
  • He almost has a sixth sense to when you’re upset or nervous, and he’ll always be by your side.
  • He won’t do much except hold your hand at first, since he’s scared you might need some space.
  • You have to be the one to pull him in, and as he hugs you, his lips will plant multiple kisses all over your forehead.
  • One day you’re feeling slightly self conscious, and lo and behold he’s there.
  • You honestly have to wonder how he just knows when you’re feeling down.
  • You pull yourself into his arms, but this time, instead of just kissing your forehead, he kisses all over,
  • And in between each kiss, he mentions everything he loves about you, your achievements, your personality, your laugh, everything,
  • And by the time he reaches your lips, you wonder why you were ever self conscious.

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A few people have sent me messages recently asking me to pinpoint my reasoning for being pro-Jess so I thought I would compile this list that sort of organizes my thoughts better on the subject.

To start, Rory and Jess share a similar history that allowed them to understand some of each others real world frustrations. Neither Rory nor Jess have ever had a steady relationship with their respective fathers and both mothers had them at a very young age. It may sound a trivial reason, but considering Rory’s discomfort with the idea of family as Dean sees it (working husband, stay at home mother, etc.) it is something that brings Rory and Jess together, a commonality if you will, something that they can see and understand in the other that other people don’t.

Alongside their instantaneous connection–not just physically, but intellectually, both Rory and Jess view each other as equals. They want the best for each other, even if it means they are not together, which I believe is why they work. Both Rory and Jess believed the other was capable of doing whatever they put their minds to, hell Jess even assumed Rory had graduated early from Yale before she informed him she was actually taking a break from her studies. There is never a play for control of the other within the relationship; it’s all very give-and-take.

RORY: You know you’re smarter than most everybody at your school. It takes you like five minutes to finish a book. You read everything, you remember everything, you could ace those classes easily. Why don’t you? You don’t need a tutor. It’s crazy that they’re talking about leaving you back.

JESS: Whatever.

RORY: You can do anything you wanted, you can be anything you wanted.

JESS: Rory.

RORY: I…is it like a cool thing?

JESS: I could care less about being cool.

RORY: Well, inform me, please.

JESS: I’ll live where I live, I’ll work when I need money, and I’ll see where I end up.

RORY: You could do more.

JESS: Oh, here come the pompoms.

RORY: No, no pompoms, just me saying you could do more.

Rory is well aware that Jess “could do more”, and while not forcing him in anyway, nor cajoling; she tells him so, plainly and simply. There’s no pushing or pulling, just a statement that lets him know exactly how much she thinks of him. She regards him as her equal and doesn’t let him bullshit about not being capable or people having low expectations. From him she wants the truth and he gives it to her, willingly. I can think of only one time Jess actually lies to her, and it’s about a swan. That even from the very beginning, he trusts her with things about himself without griping about it, feels significant to me.

In contrast, both Logan and Dean seemed to at times try to have dominance over Rory on multiple occasions. Both Logan and Dean always seemed to find a way of making Rory call into question her actions and feelings. For starters, Dean was very threatened by Rory’s ambition and that became more apparent throughout the course of the series. This one could really be a list unto itself because it comes up so many times throughout the series. Dean and Rory ultimately break up for keeps because he can’t deal with her Yale friends/life, but well before that, Dean proved himself completely freaked out about Rory’s Harvard aspirations and basically any future plans that didn’t include being in Stars Hollow forever. There was the time in Season 2 when Rory canceled plans on Dean to work on planning for Harvard and he threw a fit about it. Then there was the time, in Season 3, after Rory had lunch with a Harvard alum in regards to her application, when Dean barraged her with questions about their future. Not that it’s not totally valid to ask your high school girlfriend about what she’d like to have happen after graduation, but this was another time when Dean got pouty and stubborn and passive-aggressive and ultimatum-y, proving that he loves the idea of dating an ambitious woman but not the reality of it.

Similarly to Dean, Logan also tries to assert his dominance over Rory but in subtler fashion. While there were positive aspects of their relationship, much of the self-doubt Rory felt stemmed from her relationship with Logan. An example of this is when Rory finds out about Logan’s infidelity during his sisters wedding. The scene almost made me feel as if Logan almost talks Rory into getting back together with him without ever addressing any of the underlying reasons why they “broke up” in the first place. He essentially twists the situation until Rory is in the wrong for being upset in the first place.

LOGAN: I’ve not even thought about another girl.

RORY: Except for Walker, Alexandra…

LOGAN: We were broken up, Rory.

RORY: No, you were.

LOGAN: I thought we were broken up. I thought that’s what the fight was. I thought that’s what the separation was. Do you believe me? Do you believe that I honestly thought we weren’t together?

RORY: I guess.

LOGAN: So then, if you believe that, that I thought we weren’t together, then do you believe that, in my mind, I was not cheating on you?

RORY: I guess.

Does he apologize for being jealous of Jess? Nope. Does he acknowledge that his past matters and that sleeping with a bunch of his sisters friends was an immature way of dealing with his heartache? Nope. He essentially twists the situation until Rory is in the wrong for being upset in the first place. Continuing on with this point, Logan relies on this tactic early on in their relationship aswell. He does it when they start dating, when Rory returns the car and they argue about the night before and how it was a group date. Logan talks Rory into agreeing with him, and it just sets things in motion. It was something he once said about his dad, too, that he could manipulate people into doing whatever, the Huntzberger charm. This manipulative characteristic is something that never allowed me to warm up to Logan as a character.

Moving forward, Jess always seemed fine with Rory having a relationship with past love interests which was a characteristic both Dean and Logan never seemed to possess.

RORY: This is an old subject, Jess. You know that Dean and I are friendly.

JESS: I know you’re friendly. That doesn’t mean I don’t wanna punch him.

RORY: This was not a plan. I was kidnapped by Miss Patty, so was he, that’s it.

JESS: Just tell me these things first so I don’t have to read about them on telephone poles.

RORY: I will, I promise.

JESS: Okay.

As long as Rory didn’t hide it from him, Jess always seemed fine with Rory having a relationship with her previous love interests. When you contrast Jess’ response with Dean’s aggressive reaction to the idea of Rory being with another boy, platonic or not (significant episodes being 1.09 ‘Rory‘s Dance’, 2.13 ‘There’s the Rub’), there is more trust in their relationship. Equally, when she’s in a relationship with Logan, he is immediately threatened by Jess. Whether this is simply because the chemistry between Rory and Jess is that palpable or because both Dean and Logan are more protective, I leave for you to decide.

My final point rests on the impact of their relationship on the other. Despite their relationship being the shortest of Rory’s three romances, it is clear that this is the one that has branded her for life; as it is with Jess. It is no coincidence in my eyes that as soon as Jess reappears in the sixth season even after three years of not seeing each other, Rory becomes herself again, alive and interested and standing up for herself. There is a lot to be said for this quality in a relationship. Additionally throughout the course of the series, Rory and Jess always seem to find their way back to each other.

To further demonstrate this point, it appears that ASP had originally intended Jess to be a series regular, offering Milo Ventimiglia a six year contract:

[from the February ’06 issue of Player magazine]

Interviewer: Let’s talk about Gilmore Girls, where you were cast as sort of the bad boy.

Milo: Reckless youth, misled youth, troubled youth, yes. That was the first job where I really was put into the public eye, where I was on a show regularly. With Gilmore, I had a two-year contract, they wanted six years and I said no.

That ASP had decided so early on to keep Jess in Rory’s life for the foreseeable future, only serves to underline my personal feelings about the epic nature of their relationship. What they have is something timeless, something that can never be quite fulfilled by someone else; Jess is Rory’s first all there love, passion and intellect colliding in their relationship, heady and intense. I think it’s fairly safe to say that Rory was Jess’ first love ever. In their last episode together, you can see them together as they always were, bantering with chemistry crackling in the spaces between them. The only reason that their relationship is never given the chance to bloom is because something gets in the way, whether it be one of them, the town or another man in Rory’s life. However, there’s something cyclical in their relationship, which encourages me to believe that they will get back together. It may be messy, it may hurt and it may cause problems, but they fit each other in a way no-one else ever will.

So, we see that intellectually they are suited together perfectly, they have similar interests, but with enough difference to allow leeway and encourage debate. They are instantly attracted to one another, they can play off each other, they calm the other down. They bring out differences in each other, some good some bad. He forces her to grow up, to think about the not so innocent, to contemplate something other than her set plan. She forces him to accept who he is and deal with it, to think about doing something with his life. All of this and a connection between them that can‘t ever really be severed. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is what it is.

After the new South Park
  • Creek shippers: look at them! they're still together! shit but what if they're ads? NO I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!
  • Style shippers: it'll be okay right? They're super best friends so they'll be okay RIGHT!? (panic mode engaged)
  • People who ship both: *on fire* I'll be okay...I think
An Avengers’ Prompt: “Pepe is my sole reason for existing”

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    Being a member of the Avengers was most definitely the best thing you had decided to do with your life. This life was never uneventful. Your days were filled with missions, work outs with- let’s face it- hot people and of course movie nights and play nights with them. You quickly became besties with Wanda and Nat, you couldn’t help it, both of them were two of the best people you had met, each one in their ways. You always teased Wanda about her crush on Vision and she would blush even more than the red of her powers. Also Steve and Sam were like the big brothers every one wished to have.
     There were some months that a certain Winter Soldier came to the Tower and you believe it was your duty to show him the miracles of the technology. You two always had the best time together trying to help him figure out simple things, like the toaster or the coffee machine. Pietro often joined you and the laughs instantly were multiplied. You loved your life and your friends. Also you loved causing a little bit of mischief.
    The last of your antics were creating a chat room with many of your friends. You loved confusing them with memes and such things especially Bucky, Steve and Vision who didn’t understand them. You were casually sending your favourite Pepe memes in the group chat when Bucky got into the living room and sat to the couch next to you. He saw you laughing at the memes Sam and Pietro sent and made a noise of annoyance. “What’s the matter, Buckaroo?” you smirked. “I don’t understand the purpose of the mems nor I find them very funny.” He said. You widened your eyes and took an expression like his words were the biggest betrayal of your life. “Firstly, it’s memes. And secondly they are for fun and for every occasion that’s why everyone likes them.” You let him know. Here you said as you turned the chat room to a video call. Pietro and Sam were the first to answer, Wanda following shortly and she was with Vision.    
     You gave her a knowing glare and winked causing her to giggle and blush lightly. “Sup, baby girl?” Sam asked. “Grandpa over here doesn’t understand memes.” You grinned. “No, no, no. That was a mistake for you to say Bucky.” Pietro said with heavy Sokovian accent as he laughed and knowing him, he probably prepared a ton of memes to send. “To be true, I do too have the same thoughts about memes.” Vision exclaimed. Pietro hanged his head laughing “I can’t believe Wanda has a thing for a person without meme-humor.” Wanda immediately turned red and mouthed something in Sokovian to her brother. Everyone laughed except Vision cause he didn’t understand what Piet said. “Here tin-man, I’ll show ya the secret world of memes.” Sam teased Bucky. Sending some of the most hilarious memes you had seen, leaving you laughing and almost falling off the couch. Bucky took your phone and scrolled up and down reading them. “That one is funny.” He said pointing one that had a bald eagle with Steve’s head. He snickered and continued scrolling. “I do not understand how a man can have an eagle’s body, especially Mr. Rogers. He surely has a human body.” Vision said confused and Wanda facepalmed laughing. Everyone laughed at that.
      “Yeah. It’s a metaphor.” You said. “I understand that reference.” Bucky said. “You know true pain then, son.” Sam said with a sigh. Everyone nodding silently. “I can see now why you like memes.” Bucky said. “But why are you so obsessed with this weird looking frog-like thing?” he wondered looking at you. “Bucky, Pepe is my sole reason for existing!” you said with serious tone. “There are millions of memes, always funny and for everything with him in them.” “She’s got a point.” Sam and Pietro agreed as you showed him your favorite ones. “I don’t understand that meme. There are better.” He said unamused. “Perhaps that’s better?” you showed him a picture.

“(Y/N) you turned me into a meme?” Bucky said with wide eyes.


What people don’t realize about the Kara/Mon-El ship is that they have shared experiences. Both of them are refugees on Earth, both of them have powers that they are trying to control, and both of them don’t have a home to go back to. I love their storyline because they see themselves in each other. Kara brings out the best in Mon-El (he only fought the parasite because Alex told him Kara believed in him) and Mon-El brings out the best in Kara (he helps her loosen up and have fun). You can tell by the way he couldn’t be in the same room as her when she had been almost killed by the parasite that he really cares about her, and you can tell by the way she tries so hard to put aside the prejudices she grew up with about Daxam that she really cares about him. The first thing I thought when I saw that Cadmus had taken him was that Kara would tear the world apart until she found him, and I can’t wait to see what happens when she finds out.

Hey so I need some advice from the autistic community

So about a year ago I started learning a lot about autism on tumblr and after a few months of soul searching and whatnot I concluded that I am most likely autistic. The only person I know off Tumblr who I told was my best friend because he’s the only person I felt would believe/support me.

The other day I was having another big breakdown about my complete social failure, both in college and my life in general and I was blaming myself and getting all worked up about how people call me quirky (a different story) and as my mom was trying to explain that it’s not my fault or whatever she tells me it’s because I’m autistic

I had never discussed my personal discovery of my being autistic with her, and as it turns out I was diagnosed when my elementary school teachers noticed symptoms and suggested that my parents have me checked out, which they did. But no one ever told me about it I guess because I can generally pass as being allistic except for my aforementioned social failure and my parents thought it would be better if I never saw myself as different.

I don’t really know how to feel about this. I’m okay with being autistic it explains a lot about my life and I’ve come to that conclusion months ago, but I don’t know how I feel about it being hidden from me.

I guess I want to know if it’s a common thing for people to not be told they’re autistic until they’re adults, even though the parents knew about it the whole time. If this happened to you would u mind talking 2 me abt it? I’m pretty conflicted :/

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 18

The radio station was only about fifteen minutes away which was a good thing. Since there was a bit of traffic, we literally made it with just minutes to spare. Knowing Jared, he probably wasn’t thrilled about that but he didn’t say anything. He was actually in a pretty happy, relaxed mood.

I sat in the back of the van with Jared while Emma, Shannon and Tomo sat in the forward seats. As we pulled up to the entrance, there were barricades up with a lot of security guards trying their best to keep everyone in control. Fans were literally scattered down the block on both sides of the barricades, holding signs and cheering. Apparently the band being here for the morning radio show was heavily advertised.

Looking around, I was awestruck. “Wow… I can’t believe how many people are here.” I said, more to myself than anyone else.

“Yeah, I know. They’re giving away tickets to tomorrow’s show. What’s crazy is that they didn’t start to advertise that we were going to be here until this morning.” Jared happily said, I think just as shocked at the turnout as I was.

“Dude, this is unbelievable.” Shannon said, equally surprised, “There has to be at least 300 people.”

“Okay, baby,” Jared said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, “hang close to Emma.”

Nodding my head, “Got it.” I said smiling.

“We’ll get out after them and wait inside.” Emma instructed.

“I’ll just follow you.” I said.

As soon as one of the security guards opened the sliding door, Jared jumped out first, followed by Shannon then Tomo. The crowd went absolutely wild! The guards looked like it was a struggle trying to hold the barricades in place as fans pushed for a closer view.

Emma stepped out and I followed. We went straight inside to the reception desk to check in. Within just a few minutes, we had our ID badges but the guys were still outside. We were on a schedule so they couldn’t stay out there all day.

“They’re taking forever..” Emma said, looking slightly frustrated and just about ready to go get them herself.

“Yeah, there were a lot of people.” I said shaking my head.

Just as I said that, the three of them walked through the doors looking like they had been through hell but all three had smiles on their faces.

“Man, I thought they were gonna blow the barricades!” Shannon exclaimed.

“Dude, I know! That was crazy.” Tomo agreed.

Jared and Emma exchanged words…and they sounded tense. I heard words like late and schedule, not that Jared seemed to care. I think, just as in the other parts of his life, it’s HIS way or the highway. HE wanted to greet the fans so that’s what he did. I’m sure he thought, why not take advantage of the free advertising, right…

We boarded the elevator together and were heading into the studio with moments to spare. Just as the guys walked into the sound stage and put their headphones on, the commercial break ended and they were introduced on air.

Emma and I watched from outside the glass studio but we could listen in. I have to say it was a really cool experience and I was captivated but Emma was already on her phone, moving onto the next thing on her list. For her, this was nothing special, more of an everyday activity. For me, it was neat to experience.

She had business things to deal with so I stayed in my little corner outside the glass doors and watched. Every now and again, Jared would look towards me and I could see him silently checking on me but gave nothing away. Each time I just smiled as he nodded, continuing on with his conversation.

The interview was rather short and after spending a few minutes doing some pre-recorded promos, they were done. One down and one more to go. Hopefully the next interview goes the same so that we’d still have most of our day to explore the city.

“We have about an hour before the next interview and I thought after that, we could go grab lunch?” Emma asked as we stepped inside the elevator.

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Shannon quickly responded as Jared looked towards me.

Instead of answering right away, Jared squeezed my hand to catch my attention. Without saying a word aloud, I knew he was asking if lunch with everyone was good with me or if I’d rather us be alone. Honestly, it surprised me he didn’t just make the decision without my input but then again, I know he initially wanted today to be a free day for us. Taking my thoughts into consideration just made him stronger and even more Dominant in my eyes.

I simply smiled then lowered my eyes and he took that just as I knew he would. Whatever he decided to do is what we do. Period.

“Lunch is fine. Find a place close to the hotel though.” Jared said as the elevator doors opened and we stepped out into the lobby.

Emma and I walked out of the doors together with the guys following behind us. Quickly making our way into the van, this time the fans only got a quick wave as everyone piled in. Time was of the essence since traffic is always so unpredictable.

Luck was on our side though because we got to the next radio station in record time. Given that fact, the guys were able to record the commercial promos before the interview instead of after which would definitely save a bit of time.

By one o'clock, we were heading back towards the hotel to a little cafe Emma had found.

Lunch was really nice and the food was amazing but the whole thing seemed rushed. We had just sat down and started to relax, enjoying our conversations until the food came. As soon as the plates were set down, Jared was hurrying me along and ready to go. Everyone could tell he was anxious to break away from the group and it was borderline rude. At least, in my opinion.

To a certain degree, I understood where he was coming from. We were limited on time together, I only had a few days with him, but still. If he didn’t want to go, he should have just declined the invitation and we could have gone our own way.

After lunch, we quickly said our good-byes and splintered from the group. Emma took whatever we didn’t need for our day exploring back to the hotel so we didn’t have to make the extra trip. Considering Jared’s behavior, that was sweet of her. Though I must say, I seemed to be the only one surprised by how Jared was acting.

“You guys have fun!” Emma said, giving me a quick hug.

“You too!” I responded as Jared waved them off with one hand while pulling me down the street in the opposite direction.

As soon as we were away from everyone, Jared seemed to relax, at least a little bit. We had walked a block before I decided to say something. I didn’t think I did anything wrong but by the way he was acting, I knew something was bothering him.

Weaving my arm through his as we walked, I leaned into him, pressing my temple into his arm. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, why?” He asked.

“I guess you seemed fine earlier but at lunch you were a bit…. irritated.” I said as delicately as possible.

There’s nothing worse than telling someone they seem crabby.. In my experience, that’s just asking for a fight. Jared was quiet for a minute or two and suddenly, I got worried that the problem really did have something to do with me.

“I was ready for us to be on our own but I knew that everyone would have been pissy if we didn’t go with them.”

“Why would everyone be pissy? Not like you don’t see them very much!” I laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

“I think it has to do with you, not me.” Jared laughed, “They like you and want to get to know you which is fine but you’re mine and I don’t like sharing.”

I totally shared his sentiments but didn’t say it out loud. I was too overwhelmed by the adorableness of what he just said.

“Aww, that’s sweet.” I said, this time kissing his arm as we continued to stroll around Arendal. “I didn’t want to share you either..”

Jared smiled warmly as he kissed the top of my head. We didn’t have a lot of time together and I wished we did. Especially in such a beautiful place. Norway was absolutely incredible and I knew I definitely wanted to come back. After exploring the different touristy shops and museums for a few hours, Jared was ready to get back to the hotel.

“I had Emma make dinner reservations for us tonight so I think we’ll head back to the hotel and relax a little before we get ready for dinner.”

“Okay.” I happily said as we turned back towards the hotel. I didn’t really care what we were doing, as long as we were together.

As we walked I could sense another change in Jared’s demeanor. It was subtle at first but it was definitely there. His mind was elsewhere and for the time being, I just left it alone. Although he held my hand while we walked together, he had let it go as we stood waiting to cross the street only a block from our hotel.

Unsure yet again if I had done something wrong, I looked at him, our eyes connecting for a moment, “Is everything…” I began to say but was cut off as Jared brought his index finger to his lips.

“Shhhh.” He said, his face calm but stern.

Just as I was about to speak, the signal to cross changed. People began to pass us, though I was rooted in place. Breaking eye contact Jared looked ahead then grasped the back of my neck motioning me to walk. Feeling his hand against the back of my neck, asserting his dominance, instantly made my panties damp.

After we crossed the street, Jared slowed his pace, bending to whisper in my ear.

“You didn’t think I forgot about this morning, did you, baby girl?” Jared murmured, squeezing his fingers tighter.

I instantly remember our shower this morning and knew exactly what he was talking about. Shit. I thought maybe he would have let that one slide but I should have known better. Swallowing hard, I tried to quickly come up with something to say.

“I’m sorry I was a bad girl this morning, Sir.” I said turning my head as much as his tight grip would allow, all the while trying to walk and not trip.

Jared didn’t acknowledge my response at all and I knew that was definitely not a good sign. After my apology, I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to take a chance at getting myself in more trouble.

Approaching the hotel, the bell hops immediately recognized Jared and greeted us. I smiled and said hello while trying to act completely normal. Which couldn’t be further from how I was feeling. His silence wasn’t making me feel any better either.

Walking through the lobby, I felt my legs turning to jelly. My mind and body were a mess, a bit of fear mixing with anticipation, were a dangerous combination. As we waited for the elevator doors to open, I watched Jared’s reflection in doors. I’ve seen this look before and although I didn’t know exactly what was coming, I had a pretty good idea.

As soon as the doors opened we quickly stepped inside. He was still silent and the longer that went on, the more my mind was building anticipation. It was completely unnerving and exciting at the same time. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I spoke up.

“Do you accept my apology, Sir?” I said, my voice so soft I wasn’t sure he could even hear what I was saying.

But before he had a chance to respond, the damn elevator doors opened again. It was our floor. Wordlessly, we walked down the hall to our room, his grip still firmly in place. Stopping at our door, he slid the key card in the lock then pushed the door open.

It wasn’t until the door loudly shut behind us that he let go of my neck and quickly stepped in front of me. Jared silently regarded me, his eyes dark as the connected with mine.

“You’ve been a bad girl, first your teasing this morning then continuing to speak, knowing I wanted you silent. We have some things to work on baby girl.”

My heart raced as each word fell from his lips. I didn’t even know how to answer.

“Undress then come to me.” He instructed, “You have ten minutes.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said, my voice trembling along with the rest of me.

When I didn’t immediately start towards the bathroom, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Go.”

*Shakes head in hands*

People! … Okay, maybe ‘disgusting’ isn’t the best word for us to be using, because, if Ian and Trevor are both tops, they kind of have to love bottoms (again, we’re still pretending that versatility and variability don’t exist, right?). The connotation of grossness of the other isn’t the point that we’re trying to make, it’s the subliminally misogynistic believed superiority of the individual that’s being implied, and that is clear (yeah, you can fight me on this, but it’s likely that I will have more receipts) in these two characters. … Saying that those of us whom are upset are “ready to be like ‘bottom lives matter’” might actually be a little too on-the-nose (conceding that Mickey is one racist person, not an entire disenfranchised race, do not come at me for being racially insensitive) because of how they continue to mock and destroy Mickey as a character at a systemic level. You are sadly kidding yourself if you don’t see that scene as yet an other latent dig at Mickey Milkovich, or the writing on the wall that it’ll become much less latent in retrospect when Ian leaves Mickey again, because he would rather go back and be with his ‘true love,’ Trevor, even though he will have had to acquire a taste for sex with Trevor, whereas, he and Mickey had naturally been two pieces that always fit perfectly together.




Intros and conclusions are often the hardest part of essay writing! Worry not, because here I will give you some tips to start your best essay yet!

* it can be just a general idea as many people prefer to write the intro until the essay is done *

-          Start with a quote:

“The best novels should be sensational and realistic, both in the highest of levels” said Anthony Trollope. When we talk about Dickens’ novels……

-          Start with a question:

How many words does it take to know you’re talking to an adult? In “Peter Pan,” J. M. Barrie needed just five: “Do you believe in fairies?” Such belief requires magical thinking. Children suspend disbelief. They trust that events happen with no physical….. (Magic May Lurk Inside Us All by C. Nathan)

-          Start with a fact:

Our education system is in a state of crisis. Among developed countries, the United States is 55th in quality rankings of elementary math and science education, 20th in high school completion rate and 27th in the fraction of college students receiving undergraduate degrees in science or engineering. As a society, we….. (Death Knell for the Lecture: Technology as a Passport to Personalized Education by D. Coller)

-          Start with some historical background of your topic:

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries Americans developed a unique system of government with revolutionary ideals – never seen anywhere else before. Americans adopted representative governments with democratic principles that allowed…. (American Identity and Unity from A.P. Study Notes)


Develop theme 1. Finish that idea and connect it with the next one and so on. Now is when all the previous research pays off  :D Pour all your knowledge here!!

E.g.: “….but we could not give all the credit to Fielding’s plot development if we do not discuss his ability to construct realistic characters. As Gerould expresses it:  ‘Tom Jones is great because it pictures real men and women, and because its craftmanship [sic] is marvelous’”…..

Here I connected plot development [theme 1] with character development [theme 2], I inserted a quote to validate my opinion and I started to write about Fielding’s characters.


Ask yourself What is the point of all this? Why did I just wrote all the above? Basically, writing the conclusion is your ‘get to the point’ moment.

Here you should make a summary of everything you have written, mention every point you addressed in your essay with a final thought upon it. E.g.

In conclusion with (THEME 1) we can understand that ……. And with (THEME 2) the relevance of (YOUR TOPIC) is seen with a different perspective. However (THEME 3) shows that (YOUR TOPIC) is still a field that needs more analysis/investigation/understanding) but with the coming years we might hopefully find and answer to this. 

Super generic yet, somehow effective. In conclusion: SUMARIZE EVERYTHING and say goodbye. (see, that is the conclusion of the conclusion section on this post. Not so hard, right?)

Hope this helps!