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5000 Followers Special // The Huntress Hair V1.0

To continue my string of special gifts, here’s some more Andromeda content. It’s Cora [Harper]’s hair in maxis match, the first initial version I made. It’s not as accurate as my V2.0, but it’s still quite a nice hairstyle option, so I decided not to trash it :P It’s name is derived from Cora’s personal history as an “Asari Huntress” since that was closest to any military rank/unit she ever mentioned.

It’s BGC, comes in all ea-base colors and is more or less hat compatible :)

If there are any major problems, hmu ;)

Download‘s down here↯

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| The Huntress [Cora Harper’s Hairstyle]

Imagine Barba v Reagan custody trial PART ONE

Masterlist With all the Parts HERE 

Imagine Barba v Reagan custody trial PART ONE

“May I make an observation, Y/N,”

“It’s your hour,” You shrugged.

“Actually it’s yours,” She reminded with a small comforting smile, “Which is what I wanted to say. We’ve had a couple of sessions now Y/N and you haven’t really discussed how you feel about what is going on for you at the moment,”

“I have my reasons,” You offered.

“Would you like to share those with me?“ She inquired simply.

"Your services are being paid for by Mr. Barba which understandably could make you bias so I feat whatever I say could easily be misinterpreted into supporting him,” You elaborated.

“I’ve noticed that you rebel from anything involving your Father,” She observed.

“He’s not my Father,” You stated.

“Even the mention of him, you rebel,” She continued.

You shifted uncomfortably in your seat and looked around the room for the umpteenth time this session. You were in a yet another session with your court mandated therapist. She was nice enough and very good at her job. It took a lot of effort to deflect her questions and not reveal too much to her. You were weary about opening up but most of the time you ended up doing just that. You feared to have all your private thoughts and feelings aired out for your family to hear. You often used the excuse of her having a bias as a reason to deflect. It was clear bias, its how it works in the real world. Though you knew deep down that she obviously didn’t have one but it was a sufficient enough barrier to stop yourself from talking. You tried to get things out of her instead as your Law Guardian had just concluded the ‘discovery’ stage of your case which meant that she had interviews with all of you family members, teachers and anyone else who is in contact with you. Though you weren’t supposed to know this, you just researched it.

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Bob's Burgers Season 8 to Have Very First Holiday Special and a Completely Fan Drawn Episode for the Premiere

Announced at Comic Con this past weekend, Loren Bouchard and company have even more fun than usual planned for the latest season of Bob’s Burgers. It’s kind of surprising to think that they haven’t done a holiday special yet, but it’s crazier to think that they’ll kick off season 8 with a crowdsourced episode.

Look for this new Bob’s Burgers to start on Sunday, October 1st on Fox.