but they are special

I kind of love that Even & Eskild are the last people we see from Isak’s point of view. Eskild was there for him from the beginning, providing him with a comfortable home, never pushing him, never outing him, being there for him when he felt his whole world fell apart, educating him on pride but also being so understanding of why he made the comments he did. Then there is Even who made Isak feel so happy, so loved, and so comfortable that he was finally ready to be his true self.

“Threads of Gold” - Digital Oil Painting

I’ve started experimenting with adding some visual effects to my paintings, because I am obsessed with sparkle. It’s a little odd, but I kinda like how it turned out. This painting is also HUGE, so look at it in full size to see all the details!

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Got some low quality monthly scans for now, will have a look for better ones later. To give a basic rundown of what to expect:

Para-DX makes use of a Gamer Driver to achieve Perfect Knock Out Gamer Lv.99, which is a good way to keep him from being overthrown by Ex-Aid’s latest form!

Poppy Pipopapo transforms into Kamen Rider Poppy, fighting the heroes?!

Kamen Rider Chronicle initiates, allowing regular civilians to transform into Ride Players! How will Ex-Aid and the others handle THIS epidemic? Also, Niko even transforms into a Ride Player, sporting her cap and a couple other minor alterations!

Lastly, an announcement for a Televikun DVD spinoff for Kamen Rider Lazer! This will of course feature Kiriya/Lazer, and Genm making use of his old Gamer Driver form, so who knows when it takes place.

Not only will Proto Shakariki Sports be used by Genm as a proper armor, but also… a version of Proto Bakusou Bike with a colored design instead of greyscale. The text is small but I can just make out “Combi” in the title for this Gashat, which is shorthand for combination - could it be that this is a transformation Gashat finally being used in the second slot? 

Bill: Welcome home~

Dipper: We had a lesson, AND did arts and crafts for Valentines Day…

Dipper: Including the neighbors nearby which we had to walk a while…

Dipper: Pfff-! No. There are some for you too!

Bill: Oh?

Dipper: Here is one of them.

Bill: Awww how cute!

Dipper: Theres more where that came from. This whole bag is yours!

Bill: What! No way!

((Very VERY late Valentines Special. I had my reasons, and I’m sorry to make you all wait. Please enjoy~ ))

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2002-born Beijing babie Du Siyu scored 54.40 on her debut competition this year!!!  (even with stereotypical Chinese judging, lol)

Our princess Siyu became the centre of the Anta cup competition when she showcased upgrades on all 4 events despite a swollen ankle. Her coach has advised her to withdraw from the competition but she insisted on joining. 


Siyu debuted her DTY in the competition. It is abit low due to her ankle but she still managed to land it decently. She scored 5.4+8.45-0.1 = 13.75 on the event  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLtFfM1K6eY


Bars has been Siyu’s forte. This time she surprised us with a new combination of Maloney+Giant 1/1+Tkatchev. She also has an Ono which is really rare among even the Chinese nowadays! She is actually capable of much more than the current routine but Coach He told her to go easy :). She scored 6.0+8.05 = 14.05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VBoTfhBT2s


Siyu had a shaky beam year in 2016, but she underwent a complete transformation this year! She rocked beam with a BHS+Loso+Loso, switch+switch ½+Korbut and a new mount~ She wrote on social media afterwards that she’s shaking allover beam during the competition but it turns out fine! She scored 5.8+7.65 = 13.45. Again, she’s capable of even more difficulty, so stay tuned :). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrGeM575R8M


Siyu can barely do a double tuck on floor last year due to a injury the year before, but she pulled off something amazing this year! Her routine consists of 2 and ½ twists into full twist, and the very typical triple twist into punch front for Chinese girls~ She scored 5.4+7.75 = 13.15 on this event. Together, she scored a 54.40 which is really good for a junior! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMkzP4SmHYc

Beyond gymnastics, Siyu also stood out from others as she simply exudes so much happiness! She is an extremely popular girl who likes social media and interaction, and is the mirror image of the stereotypical Chinese gymnast who tends to be more reserved. Another rare quality she has is the fact that she trains gymnastics out of pure passion. While the gymnastic landscape in China is changing, it is still rare for children from well-off families to train gymnastics, as it is often considered too hard on children. Siyu, however, is one such girl. While she come from a really well-off family in Beijing, she is deeply passionate about gymnastics and is one of the most diligent gymnasts in the team. Her upgrades on all four events this year is the best testimonial to that. 


Some slightly better scans. Jumping the gun a bit but since higher quality scans have yet to show up, these are as good as it gets I guess.

Using a Gamer Driver, Para-DX inserts the Gashat Gear Dual to transform into Perfect Knock Out Lv.99. The form grants him the Gashacon Para-BlaGun, an axe with a gun mode. Para-DX takes on Ex-Aid in this form.

Using the Buggle Driver II, Poppy Pipopapo transforms into Kamen Rider Poppy with the Tokimeki Crisis Gashat, achieving Tokimeki Crisis Gamer Lv.X! She takes on the Riders with this form, apparently.

Then we have our immediate development with the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat. Civilians are now using it to transform into Ride Players. There are objects called Gashatrophies, which, if I had to guess, are collected when they defeat Bugsters since I see “Game Clear” beside them. Going with the old statement of “Collect 10 Gashats to defeat the Bugsters”, I bet you it won’t be hard for them to see the actual Riders as competition!

Also shown in this greyscale scan, Niko becomes a Ride Player with some of her attire carrying over. Also, the current CEO of Genm Corp turns out to be the Raburika(?) Bugster, which summons Bugster Viruses in… maid outfits. With such a feminine touch, this might be the work of Tokimeki Crisis!

The most important for y'all Kiriya fans is a spinoff for Kamen Rider Lazer, which is a Televikun DVD special. This features the Proto Bakusou Bike (Combo Revival Version) which apparently allows Kiriya to be briefly resurrected in this game world Ex-Aid finds himself in. Together, they take on a virtual Genm, who’s using Proto Shakariki Sports as an armor. Looking forward to that, myself!

Lastly, our teaser for next month: The month of May will feature the debut of Kamen Rider Chronos, the Rider who uses Kamen Rider Chronicle to transform.