but they are reunited and im so happy for them omg my bbs

Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Six - Draco’s Detour

lets go see this dickhead

He spent most of his days playing two-a-side Quidditch in the Weasleys’ orchard (he and Hermione against Ron and Ginny; Hermione was dreadful and Ginny good, so they were reasonably well matched)

LOL the shaaaadiest of burns to ron GAHD DAMN HP we only two sentences in!!!!!!

- wowza remus shows up on harrys birthday to say karkaroffs dead and florean fortescue and ollivander gave been dragged off. happy birthday!!!!! what a great gift!!!!!

- BRIGHTSIDE: harrys quidditch captain yall!!!!!!!!


“If you’re wondering what the smell is, Mother, a Mudblood just walked in,” said Draco Malfoy.


“Who blacked your eye, Granger? I want to send them flowers.”

ok to be fair, dracos insults have like, gotten WAY better. they’re actually pretty decent burns. NOT THAT I AGREE WITH THEM.

“They might be able to find you a double cell in Azkaban with your loser of a husband!”
Malfoy made an angry movement toward Harry, but stumbled over his overlong robe. Ron laughed loudly.
“Don’t you dare talk to my mother like that, Potter!” Malfoy snarled.
“It’s all right, Draco,” said Narcissa, restraining him with her thin white fingers upon his shoulder. “I expect Potter will be reunited with dear Sirius before I am reunited with Lucius.”

SHIT things r getting too real up here in the robes shop. madam malkin is NOT for it and neither am i!!!!

- fred and georges greatest accomplishment was putting “Why are you worrying about you-know-who? you should be worrying about u-no-poo- the constapation sensation thats gripping the nation!!!” on their window in the middle of a war

“You know,” said Hermione, looking up at Harry, “that really is extraordinary magic!”
“For that, Hermione,” said a voice behind them, “you can have one for free.”
A beaming Fred stood before them, wearing a set of magenta robes that clashed magnificently with his flaming hair. 

i have a boner. 

- im like tearing up bc im so proud of my bbies fred and george. the god damn ministry bought up all their shield hats!!!!! thats bananas!!!!

- they have a hot blonde assistant and i have never been more jealous in my life

“So what about Michael Corner?”
“I dumped him he was a bad loser,” said Ginny, putting a finger through the bars of the cage and watching the Pygmy Puffs crowd around it. “They’re really cute!”
“They’re fairly cuddly, yes,” conceded Fred. “But you’re moving through boyfriends a bit fast, aren’t you?”
Ginny turned to look at him, her hands on her hips. There was such a Mrs. Weasley-ish glare on her face that Harry was surprised Fred didn’t recoil.

yall leave ginny alone. and im never going to forgive the movies for killing her character

- lol of course as soon as harry spots draco alone out on the street hes like ‘OK TIME TO FOLLOW HIM’ and everyone just kind of groans

- ugh chills reading this part about draco talking to borgin about the vanishing cabinets. IT WAS ALL SO PREVENTABLE!!!

- hermione goes in the store like ‘i wanna get a present for that boy, what did he reserve, so i can get him a good present’ and its so cringey i want to die lol pure sweet innocent girl

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