but they are poop quality


boku no hunter x academia!!! deku is gon bc plucky shounen protag/green hair w enhancer abilities, todoroki is pika bc dark past nd incredibly op power, kacchan is killua bc they both wear baggy clothes lmao, nd listen,,, ochako is leorio bc CASH MONAYYY


Hey I made a speedpaint video for the peeps that’s been asking! It’s not the best quality but I tried lol

 *Ringo sees men chasing them with guns and tries to alert John by tapping his     knee* 

  John:*with irrational hostility* Leave me alone! Don’t bother me!

 Ringo:*looks into camera like he’s on the office and shrugs*

 John: *literally gets shot in the head* Don’t bother me!


Kaze please……….


A one week film I made earlier in the fall called Sadness.

You all know this feeling.