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boku no hunter x academia!!! deku is gon bc plucky shounen protag/green hair w enhancer abilities, todoroki is pika bc dark past nd incredibly op power, kacchan is killua bc they both wear baggy clothes lmao, nd listen,,, ochako is leorio bc CASH MONAYYY

 *Ringo sees men chasing them with guns and tries to alert John by tapping his     knee* 

  John:*with irrational hostility* Leave me alone! Don’t bother me!

 Ringo:*looks into camera like he’s on the office and shrugs*

 John: *literally gets shot in the head* Don’t bother me!


Kaze please……….

Ideas for a Coffee Shop AU I’m working on


  • Owner of coffee shop
  • Opened it so teenagers can have a safe and healthy environment to hang out after school
  • Will always let employees have time off to study because “education comes first”
  • Treats all of the employees like his children
  • Hates Starbucks with a burning passion


  • Started working there because Lance made him
  • Actually loves it a lot and is really good at his job 
  • Makes really good drinks and innovates new recipes
  • Really sweet to costumers
  • Prides himself on always making the bathrooms super clean
  • “The shop needs to be a safe place to poop, Lance” “Literally no one notices the ‘shine quality’ of the mirror” “I do”
  • All of the old ladies tell him how handsome he is


  • Frazzled college prodigy student
  • Regular at the coffee shop
  • Basically lives there
  • Lance is pretty sure there is no plasma in their blood. Just coffee.
  • Complains about being poor all the time but constantly refuses Shiros job offers
  • Has the most frilly drink order possible
  • Is the taste tester for Hunks newest concoctions always


  • Very successful CEO of the fashion company “Altea”
  • Somehow totally oblivious to the fact that Shiro is in love with her
  • Orders something different every day
  • Is So Over Lances flirting
  • Always offers to help Pidge with homework even though Pidge doesn’t need it
  • Helped Shiro design the interior of the shop and the uniforms
  • Is a major social rights activist and always manages to get Pidge to come to rallies with her


  • Allura’s doting assistant
  • Hardcore Shallura shipper
  • Everyone loves him
  • Hunk has named a latte after him


  • Guy who works there after class
  • Always hits on costumers
  • Is low key such a hopeless fucking romantic
  • “One day I’ll have my own coffee shop au, Hunk, like in real life” “Is that why you wanted to work here” “You know it”
  • Hates drinking coffee sticks with his job for the Romantic Potential
  • Bodacious Bisexual
  • Somehow spills something on his jeans every shift
  • Doesn’t actually make any coffee drinks
  • He’s just the cashier
  • How does he spill coffee on himself
  • He is literally never near the coffee
  • What the fuck Lance


  • Angsty musician
  • Plays at an open mic night and Lance falls in love
  • Lance continually writes cheesy stuff on his coffee cups
  • “I’m not gay no really I’m not”
  • Is totally gay
  • Very much has the hots for Shiro and it drives Lance insane
  • Eventually begins to hang out around the shop as much as Pidge
  • Lance has his order memorized


  • The coffee shop is called “Five Kitties” but Lance thinks it’s lame because “how am I gonna be like oh yeah I work at the Five Kitties” so he calls it “Voltron Coffee”
  • Shiro named it Five Kitties because of the five cats that visit his shop at night
  • Lance, Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge each take ownership of one cat, and name them Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green, respectively
  • When Keith starts hanging around the shop more, he names the last cat Red
  • They’re in constant competition with the “Galra Bean” coffee shop across the street

This is just what I have so far! Please please please let me know what you think!

                      LYNDSY FONSECA GIF HUNT PART 3

↳ Under the cut you will find +290 HQ small / medium gifs of Lyndsy Fonseca best known for her roles in Nikita, Agent Carter, and Kick Ass. All of these gifs are mine and have been made by me over the last few months. These gifs were created for the purposes of roleplaying, and roleplaying only. If you wish to add them to your own gif hunts / crackships, contact me first! Do not redistribute these gifs without my permission. Please like / reblog this if you it useful — Part 1 & Part 2

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tebarite  asked:

heyya can I ask you something? (<- I already did lmao) I love the blending effect your watercolors give, especially on blacks! it looks really cool, like kinda leather-ish✨ do you have any handy tutorials on how to do that effect and not die trying? or any advice bc i totally suck at watercoloring 💔 thanks in advance!!!

haha thank you! i made a rly quick demo thing, and i apologize for the reallllly bad quality video, it’s all pixel and just poop :[ but i hope it’s enough to get the idea across? if not i could do a better one if needed.


“Amanda, why don’t you like pelicans?”
they asked, blissfully unaware of how these bastards camp out on our lagoon dock every winter, shit everywhere, and try to steal food from our fish that live there