but they are poop quality

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If you don’t mind a probably-silly question, why are pond snails bad and can you tell me more about assassin snails? I want to understand about the tiny murderers

I actually like pond snails as an animal, but I just have WAY TOO MANY of them in my fishtank. They poop a lot and mess with the water quality. They breed at an impossible rate- hundreds of eggs at a time- and just overtake everything- and if you have one, you’re going to have more, because they can reproduce asexually. 

Assassin snails are a whelk- most of those are saltwater, actually. They’re really pretty little snails with rich yellow and brown stripes. They’re carnivores, eating different kinds of inverts- but snails are one of their faves. They breed pretty slowly and have distinct sexes, so they don’t infest an aquarium like the pondies do.


boku no hunter x academia!!! deku is gon bc plucky shounen protag/green hair w enhancer abilities, todoroki is pika bc dark past nd incredibly op power, kacchan is killua bc they both wear baggy clothes lmao, nd listen,,, ochako is leorio bc CASH MONAYYY

 *Ringo sees men chasing them with guns and tries to alert John by tapping his     knee* 

  John:*with irrational hostility* Leave me alone! Don’t bother me!

 Ringo:*looks into camera like he’s on the office and shrugs*

 John: *literally gets shot in the head* Don’t bother me!



Hey I made a speedpaint video for the peeps that’s been asking! It’s not the best quality but I tried lol