but they are perfect * *

Hey, listen up. You’ll be fine. Just follow this path. Run as far as you can, I promise there will be people to help you. You might not find them right away…but keep running until you do! Now go! Run! Get runnin’!

July 26th, Happy Birthday Sasha Braus 🍃

i think its important to remember that behind every tumblr/insta theres a living breathing PERSON. everyone has feelings and nobody is perfect and u should never try to compare urself to others- and even tho putting ur heart out there for people to judge is a scary thing to do and u might get some haters, dont let it get u down cuz i promise there is someone out there who admires u and thinks ur the most beautiful thing. it always sucks to see ppl biting each other on social media and trying to knock each other down and if that is happening to u i want u to know that nobody should be treated like that!!! i love every last one of u and i only wish i could return all the confidence u have given me and then some cuz u deserve it more than u know ok?