but they are on the orange team

So you may or may not know that a new game starring a blue hedgehog, orange fox and red echidna has been making news around the internet lately.

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Sorry if you've already answered this but do you think L truly has that "E" tattoo? I go back and forth, because of how some people swear it's drawn on and some pics make it seem like its moved positions on his hand. Also Alex de Mora on Insta released another bts photo of L in an orange hoodie and it doesnt seem like the "E" was there... this is like the 2nd time a bts pic from that shoot doesnt have an "E." If its drawn on, its a whole new level for L's team. Or am I seeing what I want to see?

Personally I think the tattoo is real. There are funny things about it, for sure.

1. It’s tiny. In fact, the tiniest tattoo Louis has.
2. It’s meant for public display. Can be seen when every other tattoo is covered.
3. It’s in a funny location. Someone else has a iconic tattoo there. It’s meant to evoke that other tattoo.
4. It’s on the same hand as his 28, tattooed prominently onto middle and ring fingers.
5. Looks like block printing done by hand – not a symmetrical font. Meant to look like a homemade tattoo.


I didn’t meet Rivers 😭😭😭

BUT I did have a great time. My boys gave all the players high fives as they got off the bus. Practice was fun to watch.

The fan base and the vibe there was so good. I felt at home. The chargers are getting such a bad rap here in southern California and it isn’t fair. So many people bailed on them when they left San Diego. It sucked and still does but don’t hate the team! They didn’t have a choice. Anyway! Rant over.

I’m looking forward to football!!!! The most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrrrrr!

Things that turn 10 years old this year

Wizards of Waverly Place
Super Paper Mario
The Orange Box
Team Fortress 2
Half Life 2: Episode 2(the most recent installment in the Half Life series)
Chowder(the cartoon)
Total Drama Island

Think about that for a second.

The moment Nicky told Lorna to go without her in the hallway, to the guards.
I had tears.
The moment when Daya turned herself in.
I had tears.
The moment Flaritza was split into and Mari yelled “I love you.”
I had tears.
The moment when Brook was pulled away while watching the hanging book memorial.
I had tears.
The moment when Piper gave Alex her glasses before proposing.
I had tears.
Mendoza had me in tears.
Red had me in tears.
Suzanne had me in tears.

But the moment I actually cried was when Taystee broke down at the very end.

An Ode to Kayzie Rogers

If you’ve heard or seen the newest episodes of Pokemon Sun and Moon, something is different! Longtime Pokemon voice actress Kayzie Rogers has decided to retire, after being on the show since the very beginning.

Probably her best known character vocalization is Wobbuffet.

That role has gone to Erica Schroeder. 

Kayzie voiced hundreds of other Pokemon over the years, from Eevee to Cyndaquil to Corsola to Mimey and others.

If I tried to fit the amount of Pokemon she voiced here it would break Tumblr. She’s also voiced plenty of important and characters of the day. From Professor Ivy to Brutella to Max in Battle Frontier.

Thank you, Kayzie, for all the memories and fun. Happy Retirement!


So the dev team of FFXV were at the community event in Osaka (FF15HTC大阪), and these are the tweets mainly regarding Nyx.

1. The coeurl-like creature in one of Nyx’s illustration (the last picture) is actually a species of Galahd. It is also a motif when designing Nyx’s character. The horn and fur attached to his Glaive uniform are used to show ‘the feeling of wild’ (or say, the exotic feeling) of Galahd immigrants that is different from the culture of Insomnia.

2. There’s a reason of the color blue in Nyx’s uniform. While Regis’s image color is purple, which represents mature and his nobility, Nyx had a more young and vibrant color.

3. In contrast, the image color of Drautos (Glauca) is red, which is also the color of Niflheim. Even the color of his uniform is representing the Empire. Other characters also have image color, for example, Crowe’s was orange.

4. Nyx was 32 during the movie. He was 20 years old 12 years ago when the Empire attacked Tenebrae. Kingsglaive was established 15 years ago, and Nyx was one of the early members. (Not the earliest) Despite his young appearance, he was a senior member of Kingsglaive. The dev team wanted to tell the story of this world through the eyes of character that were older and more experienced than Noctis and co.

this was the first PS1 game box art I ever saw and was also my introduction to the speculative world of 3D gaming. up until this point I’d only played a few games on my game boy and some sega megadrive games, and i found everything about this bewildering.

when i was a kid i interpreted crash bandicoots design as being a devil for some reason, and i also thought he looked really horny. i didn’t really have a fully formed understanding of why people had sex because i was 8, but his facial expression and the fact that he’s shirtless just made him look like a pervert and a fiend to me. sonic was totally naked but if he only wore trousers and nothing else the lack of the rest of his clothes would be more apparent. i also remember the advertisements at the time saying you could cheat in this game (it might have been crash team racing actually) and i was really worried by how unwholesome the whole thing seemed.

my first ever video game was pokemon yellow, a game which opens up with you in your bedroom, and you’re able to go downstairs and talk to your mum, which is something i could do in real life too, but this presented an entirely new and unfamiliar experience that thoughroughly haunted me.

everything else about this box art was frightening to me because so many things are happening. tiny tiger at the back especially, who not knowing anything about him, i just assumed he was some kind of orange orc or ogre with a tank for a lower body, the position of his cannon only furthering the very rowdy atmosphere i was imaging this series to contain. cortex being knocked away by coco riding a polar bear, an event that seemed to have nothing to do with the tank vs pogo stick action taking centre stage here, made my young mind really overwhelmed by just the thought of 3d gaming, which took me about a year to actually get over.

at some point i played a crash team racing demo disk at a friends house, and i was very hesitant because of my very negative image of the series, but i ended up really enjoying it, and eventually got my own PS1 so i could play the full game and the rest of the crash bandicoot games, i had a weird fixation on the character “dingodile” for a few years which i don’t have any real explanation for.

every new interaction in these stolen century episodes makes the fact that lucretia had to make them forget all that more and more heavy, but the thing that is really painful this time around is when you remember that merle highchurch, the man who communed with the hunger itself, is insecure about his place on the team