but they are on sale!


I am taking 2 discounted feetpaw commissions! Normally $225 now only $175 plus shipping! I can do custom colors and designs. Claws can be added for an additional cost as well as indoor bottoms with vinyl pawpads.

My feet are built to accommodate outside shoes, just unzip the back and slip your shoes right in! They are lined on the inside and the bottoms are made of heavy duty black rubber. The toes are soft, squishy foam. They are made to the clients specified size.

If you have any questions or would like a quote let me know!


Whelp! It’s that time of year again! It’s the beginning of the semester and I am once again at a major need for money for school books and supplies. So I’m having a BIG Etsy sale! No code needed! Every pre-made item has been dramatically lowered:D I’ve also added a bunch of new listings!
EVERY single purchase is appreciated, no matter how small!☺💕If you can’t buy anything, please reblog!

It’s with a heavy heart I decide I’m going to close down my little etsy store. It was fun, but I want to open a new etsy for stims and toys, and I’ve hardly sold much on this in the year or so that I’ve had it. 

Use coupon code “CLOS3OUT” for 40% off of everything! 

EVERYTHING MUST GO! The most expensive thing in the store now is only 40$, my necklaces are only 9$ mostly (other necklaces are only 12$ now.) and all my curiosity boxes are cheap as hell, with all of them having a rainbow of gemstones, skulls, bones, teeth and other oddities, perfect for beginning vultures and collectors. Please message me if you want better photos of everything inside.

All money goes into my medical fund for HRT and mental health. Please boost, check it out and buy.



So as I brought up previously, my computer died, and with it being a source of income , it put a dent in our funds that we weren’t expecting x.x so I’m hoping to make some of it back!

With Pinup Sketches!

• All characters welcome, OC, furry or otherwise.
• Please have references
• If you buy two (or just more than one, really) you can add color to all of them for free!
• No proofs will be provided, but this will make the turnaround time extremely fast (1-2 days at most)
• PayPal only

Please send requests to katydrawsthings@gmail.com and provide a reference, a pose/emotion, and your PayPal email so that I can invoice you :) Thanks!

Random idea thrown in the air

Got an idea for a Valdaya fic but because I really know nothing about Amber at least not enough to include her in a fic where I feel I am being respectful or least close to her personality I don’t think I can do it.

I know the fanfiction aspect here is at a dry spot but if anyone is looking for an idea or inspiration here is what I thought of. Feel free to switch up details if you wish.

Both Amber and Zendaya have personal crisis or some of emergencies at the same time. (I’d prefer no deaths) and both desperately need Val to be by their sides. He can only be with one and he ends up selecting Zendaya. Amber realizes this is a sign that no matter what she’ll always be second. And Val has to deal with that and himself realize she’s right…and his heart belongs to Zendaya

Or perhaps the idea sucks LOL.