but they are not really sorry

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Monkeyz is my favorite🔝band 😣😍👏🏻😫💕 The members👄👅 are so amazing👌 and so talented👐,, 😩👌 ❤ They’re better than the Beatles 🤗😒

• Brussel sprout 😋👏
• 4D 😍💦 🍆
• Soup 😇😨👏👌💕
•Mudkip pickles 😤👏💕

After having read FT 541,I am pretty damn,100% sure-hell,I bet your ass-that If Natsu would have been on Earthland now,he would have been pretty damn proud Of Lucy for having come up with such a plan(Kudos,Mashima-san).And it ain’t just my tingling nalu senses that are telling me that,yes,he wouldn’t have doubted her plan-not at all,not even for a second-because she is Lucy.He probably would have been like this hearts and all included:

On a side note:Lucy is beautiful #MoreLoveForLucy          #LucyBadassHeartfilia#readytokickyourass

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hi! I don't expect you to answer this but I remade my tumblr and I am having trouble finding people to follow :( do you know of any amazing armys on here who I should follow? thank you!! I hope you have a great day

Hi there ^^ ofc i know! all the blogs i follow are beyond amazing!

These are my lovely mutuals!!! aka A++++++ blogs

@kthish @yoonseok @jjilljj @comeherejimin @ttaewo @army-baby-gzb @mewchim @hoseokxx @park-jimizzle @nvmjin @jimiyoong @velvethoseok @nochuie @bfjoonie @yoonminnie @gukied @rapdaegu @ksjknj @kimdaily @kimstaehyungs @btssmutgalore @joonjuly @1lsan @mojozozoeffie @rapmini @glitchyoongi @harunyany @jaayhope @youngforevers @ahjiminie @softykook @jjeonguk @butaer @2seoke @vhope @eatkookiie @taesflower @jinsasleep @jinblond @sugashook @pjmjjk @jmins @kstopping @doona-baes @bfkook @je0n @jeohgguk @1kimjoon @bfmoni @sugaspiano @fapmonster @faenam @yoongiski @taesberet

other blogs i admire from afar! ❤️

@dearmyjimin @booptae @sweaterpawsjimin @bangtoori @kths @apgujeon @syubbed @mangaetteok @jjks @bwiseoks @sugutie @beuits @minblush @gotjhope @chimchams @chimcheroo @jiminrolls @jiminsaid @theseoks @kassareo @sosjimin @bwichim @ktaebwi @cyyphr @bwisou @daeguboy

me@all these people!!!

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just a little practice video i’ve been working on to get myself better acquainted with my new editor! it’s pretty random, so, i’m not sure if i’ll ever finish it properly, though

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do you have an blog recs. i have literally not followed any new people and i just need more friends bc im a pathetic potato sack

oh boy do i have blog recs…

✨these are some mutuals that i love very very much and most of them are really talented content creators (gifs, icons, moodboards,text posts, etc) and i know you’ll love them too cause they’re literal angels:

@vincent-phan-gogh @our-smol-beans @danielbear @devilester @internetfathers @spaceboyedan @boncasphan @lcssamazingphil @hydratedhowell @dxntasies @pugjumper @little-cheeky-monkey  @phandum @lestershorizon @doinganap @frecklednp @dayphil @celestialesters @jpgghowell @lesterscorgi @blushinlester @the30s @punklester @homesicklester @phanwhom @cutefreckledfaces @aforeverhome @illuminati-dan @little-lester @danlands @gleephaniel @cuddlesphan @pepperminthowell @galaxylestrr @bumbledan @believerphil @sharkdan @tealeaveslester @liabilitylester @rosepetaldaniel @softphanboys @rosehowell @fallinghowell @latte-howell @sleeplessphilip @nyellointernet @problemdan @fringez @curlydans @mostlyphil @fondnp @phreckledphan @htmlditl @dankdeepdaniel @rebrandes @spacekiddan @cuddlingsun

*this was a really short list of my mutuals cause i tried to add just the blogs that mainly post dnp sorry !!*

✨here is a list of other blogs that i really admire and follow and appreciate them from afar cause we’re not mutuals but i still really love them:

@princessdan @dantichrist @phillp @pinkpastelphan @masochistphil @ratinof @danisnotoffice @gamingmas @forgetfullittleguy @dawniel @princephil @astronautdan @oops-phan @acurlyphil @glowinghowell @borkdan @donthavetobebrave @phansterdam


headcanon that lance instinctively speaks spanish whenever he sees something cute as hell.

dialogue from this hella accurate video because my fam says the weirdest shit when they do this lmao. like one time my mom said something along the lines of “omg you cutie with the face of an ugly cat” when she was hugging our small yorkie?????

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So I'm home for the summer visiting my mom and her husband. My mom and I went grocery shopping and I asked her if we could get bananas since I like to have them for breakfast and they usually don't buy any. I went to get banana this morning after only having had one yesterday only to find out that her husband and his friends had eaten them all!! And all I could think was "Banana was my idea! Banana banana banana!!!" I was so upset.


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prompt: boy squad playing the floor is lava and Even being his usual extra self climbing in the most ridiculous places

skjdskdjskdj I LOVE THIS PROMPT!!! 
i took the liberty of forming it into them playing true american - and now im so hyped to play it soon with my friends hahaaaa - the rules are the ones we play it with i hope you like <3

It started out as one of the most normal pregames. They all planned to go to some party with Eskild and Eva later and the boys were at Isak’s and Even’s and had brought a lot of beer (even though Isak now was a bit offended because he finally was able to do that officially and wanted to do it but then again, he knew he would never see the money of those dudes before the year was over).

So, after they all settled in their usual pregame at Evak’s places (Mahdi, Isak and Magnus at the little table, Even and Jonas on pillows on the floor, their backs against the bed), they somehow got to the point where Magnus asked “Did anyone of you shotgun before?”.

This resulted in Isak’s head whipping around as he shot a warning look towards Even who grinned in his beer and raised his brows innocently as if to say what? And Jonas to ask, “What you mean with weed?” at which Isak relaxed visibly.

“No, what? No, I meant shotgunning a beer.” Mags explained and Mahdi nodded. “Yeah, you mean where you put the pencil in it and then open it.” Mags nodded and pointed a finger at Mahdi gesturing his agreement.

“Yes! Exactly! You ever done that before, Mahdi?” Magnus voice was excited (when was it not, though?) as he asked that. Mahdi shook his head.

“No, man. I just know it from this show, New Girl.”

“Oh, I love that show!” Came Even’s voice (the moment he didn’t have something to say about shows or movies was yet to come), Isak rolled his eyes. “You mean this ridiculous game they play there?”

So, this is how they ended up playing True American. Of course they googled the rules which let them to find, there are indeed no real rules to the game. At one point Mahdi held his phone in the air and signaled them to all stop talking.

“Ok, ok. Let’s just make up our own rules. We have five stations where each of us starts out and three obstacles between those and whatever you can find but you have to move on. Just whoever’s turn it is asks a question and we have to write it down and whoever is wrong needs to move forward. When you’re at the next station you need to take another beer and you can’t have more than two beers in your hand which means you need to chug if it comes to that. Oh, and the floor is lava, obviously.”

“Obviously.” Jonas replies and exchanged a grinning but eyerolling look with Isak. But Isak’s face morphed into pure fondness when he heard an excited giggle come from Even who rubbed his hands together and bounced bounced bounced up and down.

So, they placed the table in the middle and put the beer on it and after that decided on official obstacles in the tiny flat (pillows, chairs, duvet, the bed, basically everything was ok except from the tv stand and the table as they all agreed).

Isak and Mahdi took place on chairs, Magnus was on a pillow, Jonas on the bed and Even was sitting on a sideboard (this obstacle took the longest to convince the boys of as official).  

“Haha! Awesome!” Magnus exclaimed as Isak had all handed them pencils and they took their positions.

“What exactly happens now again?” Asked Jonas – they’ve gone over it at least three times already, so he was met with a lot of groans. Jonas lifted his arms to gesture sorry! And rolled his eyes again.

“We shotgun the beer.” Said isak, wiggling the can he was holding towards Jonas and Even added “Mags counts down from four to one and shouts JFK and we answer with FDR. First to finish their beer is the one that starts the game.”

Magnus lighted up (even more) at that and clapped his hands together. “I get to shout JFK?” he looked so happy that all the boys just smiled and nodded. “Awesome! Ok! Ready?” Again, all of nodded after they took position, pencil in place.

“Four, three, two, one, JFK!” dutifully the other answered with shouting “FRD!” and rammed their pencils in the beer. Mags, Isak and Mahdi got it right (which means they turned the beer can around before they hit the pencil in) but Even and Jonas didn’t which means before they could put their mouths on the can they were splashed with beer. (They may or may not have screeched while this happened, which may or may not resulted in Mahdi choking on his beer because he was laughing so hard.)

The game was basically a mixture of the best friend game and childhood memories of the floor is lava and their faces were soon red from laughing and when Jonas almost slipped on a pillow and caught himself with a hand on the floor. Isak, Mahdi and Mags all made “HGM!” sounds – all had their mouths full with beer – and pointed at him. While Even shrugged and said “Guess your hand is gone.”

“What?” He asked disbelievingly.

“Just don’t use it anymore.” Isak put in and Jonas shook his head with a frown,

“But I’m holding two beers and need to climb on stuff!”

Mags turned to look at a spot in the middle as if he was in an episode of the office and said: “And that kids, is why you shouldn’t touch molten hot lave.”

Which they all complained about was the ridiculous of obstacles Even found. He had the longest legs by a mile (“literally!” as Mags yelled) and could easily go from one station to the other and found safe places everywhere. Isak got nervous every time he chose something where it looked like he could fall like a windowsill and they all pleaded the case to exclude the ‘if you find a safe place you’re good’ rule after Even managed to balance on a freaking pot with the plant Liv got them (Isak lifted a finger in warning bc it was his birthday plant ok?? Don’t you hurt it, Even!).

The questions were mostly harmless: what’s your favourite breakfast food (which got them a revival of the pancakes vs. waffles discussion), longest relationship, favourite spice (at which both Isak and Even grinned and Isak exclaimed KARDEMOMME! Which had him drink 3 punishment sips because well now he already said it), what’s the thing you always have with you and so on.

Then of course there were the not so harmless questions: wildest position you ever tried, where was your most awkward/badly timed boner in public (“In English, all Isak’s fault” – “Whatttt??”), best blow job of your life, who took your virginity (when Even answered that with both Isak and Sonja you bet’cha that Isak – because he had a lot of beer and after a few he didn’t blush so easily anymore – looked smug and received high fives from Mahdi and Jonas (which was almost impossible from their different stations) and Magnus lifted both arms in the air and exclaimed “I finally have an answer!” before Even winked (attempted, he attempted to wink) and said “Are you sure?” Which left Magnus confused and Isak laughing.

So, when they finally made their way to meet up with Eskild and Eva, they were long passed tipsy and more than on the way to drunk. Mahdi walked in the middle of Mags and Jonas, an arm around both of them and told them over and over that he loved them both to pieces. Mags gushed about Vilde with a dreamy look on his face and Jonas nodded and agreed but at the same time was in the middle of a completely different monologue about capitalism.

Isak and Even were so tangled in one another that it was actually a miracle that they could even move. Both just nuzzled and hugged and gave each other sloppy, sticky kisses.

(Eskild and Eva were no different so all was good - It. was. fun.)

Hello friends I am a bit sad today please rec me your fave fluffy fics :’-( I don’t mind any pairing!

Waiting for someone

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Can I have some cinnamon roll Hotaru? Like something really cute and romantic with a shy little Hotaru that was in love with MC since he was pretty young, when he visits Saizo restaurant & in the way he bump into Mc accidentally, she was in a hurry to deliver food, it was an instant crush, everytime he went to Saizo's restaurant he try to find this girl but she was always with Toshiee who is bigger and stronger,Hotaru starts training harder to become a great ninja.He finally find her years later

Hi! I’m sorry, I couldn’t fulfil every part of your request :( but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. Hotaru’s interaction with MC in Kai is based on his (first? idk) Tenka event story.

everyday discovering something brand new

Summary: Hotaru hopes that eventually, they will have met so many times that he won’t be able to keep count. [SFW, 1140 words, warnings for surprise kissing, title from Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You]

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hey! I've been a fan of yours for a while and I've just started tryijng to sell my art to the world and I was wondering if you had any tips for me on how to get A Little Famous?

my process has gone as follows:

1. big fandom
2. mambostuck
3. ?????
4. profit

okay but seriously though, er.  fandom work is accessible and if you tag all your stuff people can find you through shared interests!  so that’s always good, and then if they’re following you hopefully they can develop a connection to your original work (if you’ve got it).  just draw what you want to draw b/c you don’t wanna get popular for drawing stuff you don’t care about.