but they are my weakness


Power Couple

A relationship between two people who are equally as cool as each other. They are good looking, optimistic, and sparks a light in the world that people recognize that goes beyond a normal relationship, as individually awesome and fun to be around as they are when they are together.

Together they are the epitome of what anyone would desire in a relationship. They encourage goodness in the world and make it a better place by being together.


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mighty-mighty-titans  asked:

Modern AU Eren and Zeke as little and big bro?

Zeke’s exited as hell to have a little brother from the moment he heard about it. 

He wanted to be someone his sibling would look up to so he tried acting more maturely from a young age.

There’s about a million pictures of Zeke holding baby Eren with a giant grin in his face.

By the time Eren was around 10 Zeke had to leave the house for college but he made sure to keep in touch with the family.

When he came back Eren was around 16 and going through his Emo “I hate my family” faze.

Eren doesn’t want Zeke anywhere near his school because he is considered the “Hot Older Brother” and then Eren has to deal with a horde of girls asking him for Zekes number.

Zeke is as adept with technology as an 80 year old granny and always pesters Eren about how things work.

They spend bonding time playing baseball together.

Eren has the dilemma of either keeping his pride or asking Zeke for some much-needed advice on how to talk to girls.


May my words become unheared,

For I said them in moments of weakness

When my heart only felt bitterness

When my body became boneless

When my chest felt a lonesome bareness.

When I forgot to be like a  cactus,

Never exposing its weakness

Only showcasing its boldness.


anonymous asked:

I know a lot of people here are fond of isaac being really really annoyed with Johnny and Max's whole schtick, but imagine for a moment this: Isaac being absolutely ecstatic to now have a virtually unlimited fountain of ways to get back at max's for his teasing, bc Johnny Jhonny Based Embarrassment is a lucrative renewable resource



Did I already mention the fact that I love that black-hair Kirishima is canon I think I might have