but they are little boys

a soft son

Played with new brush to calm my nerves ahead of some upcoming exams aah
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Thank you Anaheim Ducks!

Some 16-17 season milestone & highlights

• 4th consecutive 100 pt. season regular season.
• 5th consecutive division championship.
• Patty Eaves reached the 30-goal mark for the 1st time in his NHL career.
• Cogs Iron Man streak.
• Getzy became the 2nd Ducks player to hit 800 NHL points.
• Pears reached 700+ NHL points.
• Coach reached 400+ NHL wins.
• Kes reached 300+ NHL career assists.
• Pears matched the NHL record for most OT goals.
• Monty scored his 1st NHL goal.
• Kerdiles became the 1st OC player to play for. Anaheim.
• We celebrated out 10 year Stanley Cup Anniversary.
• Paul Kariya finally returned to the Honda Center.

Man there’s this one reviewer I used to be a fan of when I was like 14 and forgot how many videos had him talking about how anything related to love makes him uncomfortable because he’s asexual and then randomly rants about how it’s weird that allos are into sex

Curse words incoming, Littles be aware

So Yeah I haven’t been around a lot and I’m sorry but I have things going on at the moment. Anways I was looking at my posts and I saw these very hateful comments on my mothers day post. Now for those who understand DD/lg and cg/l relationship then you can understand the struggle.

For those who still do not understand..

My pure involvement in the community is strictly non-sexual. I, as a little, want to be cared for by a dominant person who knows what’s best for me. I want someone who tell me what to do because they know if I don’t I will not be healthy. I DONT CARE WHAT YOU’VE SEEN IN THE DD/LG COMMUNITY AND DONT CARE ABOUT IT. BUT DO A LITTLE RESEARCH AND UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE 2 SIDES.


“Oh you call your bf daddy? Does that mean you like to have sex with your dad?”

You call your pet good boy/girl, does that mean you want to have sex with your pet?

Listen. Fucking read before you decide to write your dumb post about “oh motherhood is more than just taking care of an adult baby. Mommy doms aren’t real moms.” Mommy doms are absolutely real mothers. They do everything in their part to take care of the person who needs it. ALSO DONT JUST GO ON POSTING SAYING STUFF LIKE OH THATS GROSS OR THATS WRONG. SOME OF THE STUFF YOU LIKE, OTHER PEOPLE WILL SAY THATS GROSS OR WRONG.

and if you ever wanna pick a fight just drop a message in my inbox and i’ll gladly have a fun chat with you. I wanna help people and you are the gross, idiotic, uneducated scumbags who don’t know how to fucking READ! So please, do us all a favor and fuck off okay?

Self indulgent Nepeta? Self indulgent Nepeta. Transparent, tag me if you colour her!

I’m still surprised that I haven’t gotten much flack for woobifying Quark to the degree that I do……… ideally I aim to keep close to canon, or at least explore complexity in characterization, but the self-indulgence gratification impulse is a siren song… 

anyway I welcome constructive criticism, but also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the heart wants what it wants