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Do you and your S/O get into constant arguments and dont know how to get over it? Dont worry, lots of couples have those problems. Especially when the relationship is longer that 1 year. Here are some ways to help if you’re in an argument:

-Think before you speak: sometimes what you say can be taken out of context, especially if your tone or body language says somthing different. Try to sit down and have eye contact if the situation is very important.

-Apologizing: If you and your spouse just finished an argument and you feel terrible, apologize. Make sure its very heartfelt and have reasons why you’re sorry. Just saying sorry isnt going to help. Make them feel better with your apology.

-Activities: If you think your argument might’ve ruined your relationship, quickly take your spouse out the house. Fresh air can help clear your mind and relax. Maybe bring some snacks and drinks. Help fill the heart with some good tasting treats.

-Spend time apart: This is a laat resort type of thing. You never wanna spend too much time apart but it could help, Especially if they request it. Time apart can help make the heart stronger. You feel empty and want to be loved again. It can really make the relationship stronger.

I hope these tips help if you’re ever in an argument. I love you all and have a wonderful day. 💜💙🐱


2017 4CC FP

Wasn’t that exciting!!  I had excitement from Hanyu’s 4 minute Fp you normally get from a 2 hour action movie!!!  It gave me energy enough that I stayed the whole day despite waking up early to watch him!!  With a cold, fever and headache!!!  How’s that!? (how many energy drinks does that count?).

This is what I like about this guy!!  He’s a fighter who never gives up!!  He looks like a harmless Pooh but inside he has spirit & courage of the bravest men!!  God bless him and protect him.

Ok.. calm down!!  Honestly I was watching the Fp live and praying the whole time, I didn’t see the spins nor his step sequences!!  My eyes were locked on his jumps only until the end!!  I didn’t notice that he didn’t do the biellmann spin nor any other move OO just jump safely and I’ll enjoy the program later!!

When he popped his 4S, I went into space.. somewhere near Pluto.. noooooooooo.. but I teleported back to earth immediately when his second 3A combination changed and he jumped another jump!!  Wait!!  Was that a Quad just now??  And from the score I knew he did and got crazily excited and then the 3A jump came last!!  Oh my god Oh my god.. He did it.. (screaming & crying without a sound cause everyone’s sleeping)!!!

To be honest.. when he popped his 4S combination, I was wondering if he’ll attempt that 4S he practiced at the end as some fans reported!!  But I’m glad he went for the 4T instead!!  So relieved..

To change jump layouts is not that easy, I remember Oda the Japanese skater said once that it’s impossible, it’s too difficult.  Cause you ought to make mistakes.. that’s how Hanyu’s a genius!!

((Another thing that amazed me -he never stops to amaze me- he actually changed his 3A-2T combination into 3A-3T.. now that, i didn’t notice at all.. so he was preparing from the 6th Jump, he removed the 2T to put it with the 4T!!  Just subarashii, he’s really a crazy genius.  In the picture above the changes he did are in yellow))

If only he didn’t do a combination with that popped 4S.. he could have used the third combination with the last 3A and won!!  But that’s asking too much of him!!  He would be super human if he did that!!!  What he did was already great!!  It was an emergency, he panicked maybe and did a one turn jump in a desperate attempt, but patched that mistake greatly after that.

Though he didn’t win the gold!  I’m so satisfied with this FP, personally I think he deserved the Gold! His artistry is first class –even in state of panic-, and he moved and surprised everyone with those sudden changes even his coach didn’t expect it, I would give him points for that too.. but what happened happened! And it’s not like Chen didn’t deserve it.. he’s one tough rival who popped suddenly!!  I’m sure Hanyu is uncontrollably excited!!  ((Which will put more worries and nervousness on us, his fans and his poor coach))!!

Congratulations to Shoma too.. lol, I’m gonna start calling him the bronze champion.. he’s always third!!  Shoma ganbare.. and work on your stamina..

Yoku Ganbatta.. See you in Worlds!  Ja mata.. 

@e1mayarah​ from x

For a long moment, Kara manages to stare at Mon-El, eyes running over every feature of his face, memorising it. How his once furrowed brow now lightens and relaxes, how his scars that rest there uncreased and became hidden against the pale of his skin. They’ve been staring for what feels like forever now, his lips just mere inches from her own and pressing soft, low breaths against her. She’s never been one to recognise temperature on this planet, but as he lingers, he feels almost hot. And that in itself is enough to make the low, burning sensation that is brewing deep in the pit of her tummy, begin to bubble. It takes her a second to register the idea of his hands actually beginning to move, and as they slide down her body and hoist her into his grasp, she can’t help the very soft chuckle that escapes her lips. 

With a very small thud, Kara feels her back reach a wall and almost instantly, his tongue is gently touching her bottom lip. With a shuttered inhale, hands easily move to wrap around his shoulder, then around his neck. Tugging gently at the short hairs that grew there before they moved again. Desperate for any and all kind of simple touches she could grasp at. As her right settles against his shoulder, the left is lingering against the short bristle of the hairs that are upon his cheek, thumb gliding easily across his cheekbone. And that was fine until his body was flush against hers and it’s almost impossible to fight off the very small smile that has managed to weave it’s way across her features. For a moment, she is lost. Completely. In every movement he makes against her, how his chest moves against her own, she can hear his heartbeat thud. He pulls away then, and almost instantly, Kara finds her head following, lips pursed in order to reclaim what they had previously owned. His voice reaches her ears, and she pauses, eyes opening and searching for his own. How was it she seemed to lose herself completely when he looked at her like that? “Hi….” She nods, smiling up at him, teeth baring onto bottom lip as she does so, before, “yeah?” It’s a whisper then, as she looks at him, eyes almost searching for certainty, “I want you, too.”



isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.

I really need some like, otayuri fluff in my life rn?? Like pls

•At the beach and Otabek cant swim so Yuri tries to teach him how to swim
•it turns into a giant mess tho because Yuri is apparently a really shitty teacher
•Otabek kisses his frustrations away and instead they make sand castles

•Otabek can draw?? What?? So Yuri lays down on the couch in the LEAST sexy pose and says “draw me like one of your french girls”
•Beka takes a whopping 5 minutes on it, coloring and all, and they laugh at it for 10 minutes
•Later when Yuri falls asleep during the movie at the other end of the couch, Otabek sneaks down and actually does a very nice portrait of Yuri asleep
•Yuri has them both framed in his apartment next to each other

•Yuri constantly buys shit for Beka because he has like no impluse control
•Guys this boy has like a $1,000 backpack okay dont talk to me
•Anyways one day he buys Beka this leather jacket that looks like it belongs in a Lady Gaga music video. Its a crop top jacket with studs and fringe EVERYWHERE and Yuri LOVES IT
•After mails it, like, a week later, Otabek posts a pic on instagram of him, leaning against his bike, in leather skinny jeans and the jacket with ray bands on and it goes like, viral over night. Yuri is s h o o k. Otabek texts him later like, “Oh, by the way, thanks for the jacket Babe”

Give me the boys being silly and stupid and in love p l e a s e