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Can you do a drabble about Viktor trying to get Yuuri to come to bed and go to sleep?



Yuuri startles where he’s sitting on the couch and immediately rips one earpiece out of his ear. The living room is still bright with the lights on but the skies outside the windows are pitch black.

Right behind him, with a hand on Yuuri’s shoulder, stands Viktor, clad in the comfortable, oversized T-shirt he sleeps in. Yuuri’s eyes fall to the pillow that he’s holding in his arm. Yuuri’s pillow.


“Come to bed?”

Yuuri glances at the clock on his computer. 2:28.  He’s been playing games since Viktor went to bed four hours earlier.

“I don’t feel like sleeping yet,” he says.

Viktor is quiet for a moment. And then… “Please?”

The sound of vulnerability in his voice, no matter how hushed, fires alarm bells in Yuuri’s heart. He turns his head again and pulls the other earphone out, only now truly noticing how burdened Viktor’s eyes look.

Oh no.

“Is something wrong?” he asks, worried.

“I seem—” Viktor sighs and his shoulders sag like he’s carrying the entire world.

(Yuuri understands; sometimes one’s thoughts are much heavier than the world itself.)

He covers Viktor’s hand with his own, his game entirely forgotten.

“I don’t think I can fall asleep without you tonight,” Viktor whispers, hugging Yuuri’s pillow closer to his chest.


“Of course,” Yuuri murmurs. Seeing Viktor like this, so fragile under the weight of his own mind—he doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to it. He doesn’t want to get used to it, ever; he’ll do anything to make everything better before that happens. “I’ll be there in a minute, I’ll just turn everything off, okay?”

“Okay.” Viktor nods. “Thank you.”

As he’s stepping away, Yuuri tightens his hand on Viktor’s fingers. “Hey, Vitya?” When he has his attention, he gently pulls at Viktor’s hand and tilts his head up. He doesn’t need to say anything - Viktor leans in and Yuuri presses a tender kiss to his lips. “I love you,” he whispers.

Viktor smiles for the first time since he’s gone to bed. “I love you too.”

Yuuri’s eyes accompany Viktor all the way to the bedroom, and only when he’s alone again, does he look at the computer screen once more. He doesn’t care he hasn’t reached the saving mark in the game yet; he exits it without a second thought, turns the computer off and checks again if the front door and all the windows are closed before he shuts the lights off.

Viktor’s already in their bed, curled up on his side, waiting for him. As quickly as he can, Yuuri changes into his PJs and gets under the covers. They meet halfway; Yuuri opens his arms and Viktor snuggles close, letting out a soft sigh as Yuuri’s scent and warmth surround him. He surrenders.


Falling asleep is much easier when their hearts have each other’s rhythm to follow.

Birthday Little!!

Hey guys guess what!! Its my birthday today! WooT! ^_^ I’m so excited that I just wanna scream! (screams internally then explodes into confetti) Lol

Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone that I am still here. I just got a bit busy dealing with school and stuff. Also if you’re wondering I am still looking for a mommy or daddy.

Also before I forget, can all my followers/fans check out my YouTube channel Kingomiwater Gaming

I’ve been playing lots of games there lately but still need subs. So I hope to see you guys there. Thank you for loving my blog and I’ll talk to you guys again later!


A look inside the losers phones: Eddie Kaspbrak

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Guys. Nomura just confirmed that Sora’s birthday is March 28.

The same day KH came out.

Which, according to Nomura, follows the Disney character rule of your birthday being your debut day.

I just

My baby

Is an honorary Disney character

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Little logic.
  • Little: *doesn’t get enough of daddy’s attention*
  • Little: *instead of doing something decides to completely ignore daddy and not start a conversation*
  • Daddy: *doesn’t even notice it*
  • Little: *gets sad because daddy doesn’t notice that he is being ignored*