but they are kinda cute

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What would the 104 and the vets reactions be if they saw a moose

Mikasa: SO CUTE
Reiner: Amazed
Bertholdt: Kinda scary, but also cool?!
Annie: Loves it
Eren: Okay
Marco: What a friend
Sasha: Moose meat is super delicious and they’re cool animals
Connie: Is it gonna kill me or nah?
Historia: I will ride the moose to victory
Armin: Tells everyone stuff about moose
Ymir: Lol what a dork
Levi: Cool, can we go now?
Erwin: Stares at it
Nanaba: It looks warm
Mike: Thumbs up to the moose, moose replies
Moblit: Draws it


Pointy teeth, droopy eyes. I’d say they look exactly alike

Also sorry for my bad handwriting. 

Maka: Soul! Look at this cutie!

Soul: For a bookworm I’m surprised you don’t know the meaning of cute.

Maka: SOUL!!

Maka: You know, you 2 kinda look alike.

Soul: Not funny Maka.

Maka: You’re right, Snubbull is MUCH cuter.


Chelsea: Woah… Who’s that girl?

Leeroy: You don’t know her? That’s Jessica Rhodes. She goes to our school.

Chelsea: She’s gorgeous! I mean uh, she’s kinda cute. Right?

Leeroy: Oh yeah, she’s a bombshell. So, are we actually going to go to that new bowling place or would you rather stay here and drool over your new crush?

Chelsea: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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GasP you're trans??? What?? You. You're now my favorite person. I never would've guessed! Can I say I'm proud of you? No? Too bad. I'm very proud of you, you've come a really long way! And I'll laugh forever because you'll never find out who I am aha a h a

ppl actually think im a cis male but my voice is kinda high so my friends go like “UR SO CUTE” when skyping w me and it pisses me off like im already on th plane to kick their ass (EYES @ KENNY)

Werewolf!Todd and Vampire!Dirk

So I imagine these two meeting almost exactly the same as the werewolf and vampire main characters in one of my favorite books.

Essentially, when Todd becomes a werewolf he just kind of *assumes* that this means that he has to go around killing and eating human beings once he turns, despite the fact that he’s almost entirely lucid after he turns.

He doesn’t enjoy it, but he’d always operated off of the idea that werewolves are just naturally bloodthirsty monsters and cannibals, and there must be something wrong with him because god damn raw human flesh just does not taste good.

So he’s just finished killing an unsuspecting human, and he’s munching on this guy’s intestines–which taste absolutely horrible. The guy is kinda cute but Todd didn’t manage to notice that until after he killed him.

Todd is just about to walk away when this corpse that he’d previously been eating fuckin gets up and starts gathering his intestines back into his stomach.

turns out Dirk is one of those really ancient vampires (although you can’t really tell it from looking at him; he looks youthful and almost hipster-ish). He helps explain to Todd what it’s really like to be a semi-human monster and to settle into his new life (he mentions that he knows so much about werewolves because he once dated one for a couple centuries, leaving Todd constantly wondering about the circumstances of this relationship).

And so the two of them kind of accidentally become travelling companions and eventually detectives once Todd discovers Dirk’s long-buried ~intuitions~, which he had even before he became a vampire.