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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Several former cast mates went to go see the press viewing on opening day!  Visitors included Arai Shou (Aone), Kimura Atsushi (Futakuchi), Hirono Ryouta (Sakunami), Hashimoto Zen’itsu (Kamasaki), and Gotou Takeru (Yaku)!  

All of them were impressed by the new show and wish the current cast the best of luck!

Can’t help but notice every time there’s a black collaborator in gorillaz songs (who isn’t del) there are tons of people who are like “uh idk this song is meh” or “it would be better without the rap” or “this is too poppy and mediocre”

like ,,, I’ve only ever seen this on songs with black collaborators.
especially with the songs with raps in it. the songs could be fucking gold and there are still people who hate it seemingly just because a black person was the main focus of the vocals and not Precious White Baby Damon uwu


In honor of Five Friday Faves MSR edition I want to share some of my favorite PG13 msr after dark drawings. @megdoesart is a brilliant artist. I could look at her drawings all day long! (Especially the rated R ones 😘). Thank you to the brilliant artists for your beautiful work. @storybycorey you included ❤️