but they are gone

i didn’t realise how much i loved her until we drifted apart. last night i lay in bed crying, realising how stupid i was for being hung up on him when she was right there eating chocolate with me on the kitchen floor.
—  if either of us had of been a tiny bit braver, we could have been magnificent

sorry i’ve been super inactive, you guys!

on friday i started coming down with a cold, and now it’s just full-blown horror ravaging my body, and today was the first day since then that i’ve had the energy to even turn my computer on :’u

i hate this very much and it’s wildly frustrating. i managed to dodge con crud ALL YEAR and then someone i live with brought the horror home

i have a lot of stuff i want to do, but just can’t concentrate long enough to do any of it. i’m hoping to be pretty productive in the coming week, though!!

anonymous asked:

Hey Lisa!!!! What did you and your girl do this weekend? It makes me so happy to see you so happy 😍😍 I live vicariously through you and sweat hearing about your love life!!!!!

Hi!!! OH MY GOD, IT WAS SO GOOD. Let me give you lot the breakdown because I’m so happy. We went to a winery and drove through all these backroads in her convertible and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL OUT AND SO FALL AND CUTE. At the winery, I guess we were giving off some kind of vibes???? Because two different lesbians approached us (at different times) and were just like “Tell me you guys got a picture together because you both look so happy and cute” LIKE THSHFJSKDN. I almost died. So….We drank and took pics and had so much fun!! AND THEN WE WENT BACK TO HER MOMS AND I MET HER FAMILY. We all made personal pizzas and played cards and it was perfect 😭 at the end of the night she invited me to her family’s Thanksgiving on Friday and ????? I ?????? I feel like I could burst. I’m so happy 🙈 OH and she got me this Sonny and Cher Live vinyl that she found because “I Got You Babe” makes her think of me. I might be dead. I really don’t know

Heartstrings - Chapter 17 - Weevilo707 - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Team as Family, Angus is lup and barry’s kid, Uncle Taako, eventual taakitz, Fluff and Angst, like mostly fluff, but some canon flavor angst for sure

Taako was not one for kids, holy shit no. Lup and Barry were different from him though. They were responsible and in love and if anyone deserved to have a happily ever after with a family it was fucking them. So of course he supported their decision. They were his family, and now this kid was too.

There’s a little half-elf kid on the train, in a fancy suit with a fancy hat and a fancy voice. Taako doesn’t pay him much mind at first, he’s not one for kids after all.

Fuck though, if something about him doesn’t pull at heartstrings that Taako hadn’t even realize were still there.

new chapter up!