but they are gone


Modern AU and morning routines

tragically, i deleted my wip folder and have no back ups for any of the files except

screams for 100 years

“Okey, wen he bak we giv hom this!”

Okay, so what if Tomattordedd escaped. Torm thinks he’s dead while scribble Tom thinks he’s gone on an adventure or something and draws him a shit ton of pictures for they’re return, if they return.

This is so exciting! We’ve made our stretch goal for the hard cover art book!  Great work, everyone! We can now add more content and pages to the book. As well as giving the book an upgrade with the stylish hard cover. You guys are amazing!

We only have 24 hours left until the campaign ends but we thought we should include one more reward. If we reach $40,000 by tomorrow we will include Rawhide’s bandana to the Sheriff Pack Deluxe tier! It looks like Rawhide’s bandana but when you glance closely it has a tiled pattern of the main cast. Wear it around your neck, on your head or put it on your dog! Be as trendy as Rawhide.

We’re speechless by the never-ending support from everyone! 

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Riz Ahmed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert