but they are gone

I’m slightly bitter and going to make a slightly bitter post: anybody who wants to come specifically onto my blog/posts and tell me why Keith/Lance/Allura should be Black Paladin needs to first explain to me in detail:

  • Why Shiro is a bad Black Paladin that needs to be replaced in the first place (and no, “he’s somehow totally never going to come back even though him disappearing under mysterious circumstances is the cheapest and most anticlimatic way to kill off a main character and all these other dang reasons they wouldn’t” is not an answer)

  • Why bolstering your fave is important enough that you want a traumatized guy to get the message that he was right, he really isn’t worthy of leading, Sendak was right saying he’s unworthy of being a paladin, and that the people he cares about don’t need him

  • Why bolstering your fave is more important than the Black Lion, as a traumatized entity, being able to connect and relate to another party who has experiences the closest to her trauma

cause like. everything about the other paladins aside I see so many theories of Black Paladin whoever and I understand if it’s just a temp thing until they find Shiro but people act like it’s a permanent arrangement, golly, who possibly could be worthy of the Black Lion

and it’s like- what is Shiro? Chopped liver?

I think as a fandom we should really appreciate the work that @notafayz and the whole cast are doing for us, because honestly, they could call it quits at any time, and we’re really taking what they’re doing for granted.

They don’t have to make a series, they don’t have to spend money to fly the cast out and accommodate for them, they don’t have to do all this work on casting to get the best people for the parts. They do not need to do any of this.

There are some people who’ve just been downright nasty to them these past few days, and it really just is incredibly rude and unnecessary. 

Don’t like a cast member? Well, too bad buddy, they’re what the casting director deemed best for the part, and, as you’re not a casting director you can’t do anything about it. So keep your negativity to yourself.

Don’t like the way your questions are answered? First of all, go back and check to see if it hasn’t already been answered before, because if you’re asking about ‘Is casting international?!?!?!?’ it said on the casting page, it doesn’t need to be asked 28438548593 times a day. If you went a better response, send an email to them, it’s not that difficult. 

Everyone needs to just stop and be thankful that we’re even getting a series in the first place, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to participate in the fandom, you don’t have to watch it. Just block it out and ignore it, because your negativity will ruin it for everyone else, and I’d feel terrible for the cast if this is what they get trying to do something amazing for us.

I would like to personally apologise to Noah that someone would say that to him. He’s an amazing Sam, and I’m sure he’ll be incredible for Caine. Telling someone to kill themselves is the lowest of the low, and you should really think before saying that to anyone. 

That’s enough of my rant, I just felt like there were some things that needed to be said.


└ My thoughts: Mao-chan was a lovely, courageous lady.  Thank you for your kind words Sho-kun.

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