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Writing is Hard, part 7: The Shower

Summary: Dean doesn’t appreciate the story you write about your first time.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Warning: Smut, awkward sex gone wrong (but it gets fixed!)

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

It’s a little sweaty when you wake up. Dean’s on his stomach with his face turned away from you, snoring a tiny bit, his body sprawling over the king-sized bed and leaving you curled up in one tiny little corner.

He does look good, though. The sunlight can’t get through the curtains, but you left a lamp on, and the muscles of his back are all exposed in the dim light. You lean up to get a better view and appreciate him fully, and instantly groan. Your muscles hurt. Apparently, you’ve been curled up in knots all night, and you desperately need to stretch out.

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Pairings: Steve x f!Reader


A Captain America x Reader one where the Avengers go camping and they get lost?

Pietro has created a chatroom.

Pietro has added Y/N, Thor, Bucky, Natasha, Tony, Bruce.

Pietro: Y/N. Whyyyyyyyyyy, whyyyyyyy did your boyfriend decide camping would be a good idea?!

Natasha: It was actually mine, Thor and Bucky’s idea.


Bruce: No one forced you to come, Pietro. So stop complaining.

Tony: Actually I forced him to come because I know how much he hates camping.

Pietro: Are you telling me the rest of you actually accepted to camping of your own free will?! Whyyyyyyy Tony?

Tony: I knew his suffering would be entertaining.

Natasha: Damn, Stark. I never knew you had it in you.

Tony: Gotta make up for the lack of tech somehow.

Y/N: Pietro, you’ll enjoy this trip. Trust me. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Pietro: We have been walking for hours and we still haven’t reached the campsite yet.

Thor: We have seen an abundance of cute animals, there is much deserved fresh air after many days spent on the jet after Clint consumed bad tacos, we are getting exercise in this trek - my pecs look impeccable, and we are in good company!

Pietro: 1. The only good thing out of this is the animals. 2. This isn’t my type of exercise ;) 3. Tony basically kidnapped me. He is not good company.

Bucky: Pietro is right, we have been walking for hours. We should be by the campsite by now.

Bruce: Question, why are we using our phones to communicate if we’re together?

Y/N: Because Steve is just… so happy. Look at him. He’s enjoying this so much.

Pietro: I may be bitter about this trip but my complaining would ruin it for Steve and he deserves a break.

Bruce: Ummm… Y/N?

Y/N: Yeah, Bruce?

Bruce: There’s a very large, angry looking bug on you. Don’t move.


Natasha: It’s gone! Calm down. You’re okay, you’re okay. I promise not to let any bug near you. Since the boys are pretty much cowards, I’ll take on the role of bug destroyer.

Bucky: …it was so big nat… so terrifying… you are our hero.

Y/N: Where did it go though…?

Bruce: Oh it’s entangled in Thor’s hair now.




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(this is probably gonna be a long oneshot and once there’s more it’ll be on ao3 but for now, let me know what you think?)

There are things that Kent can handle, and then there are things that Kent cannot, under any circumstances, in any universe, even begin to handle.

As it turns out, watching Jack Zimmermann, Alexei Mashkov, Randall Robinson, and Sebastian St. Martin attempt to build a deck is one of the things that he can’t handle, because holy fucking shit.

It’s about a million degrees out, and they’re all shirtless and covered in sweat and, yeah, it’s the off season, but they’re still professional fucking hockey players, for fucks sake, and Kent realizes then and there that accepting the invitation to spend the week at Jack and Bitty’s new cottage was definitely a mistake because, really.

Except for Mashkov, everybody brought their families, and they’re all friends, and they’re all teammates, and Kent is 99% sure that his invite was a pity one prompted by the Aces losing the Stanley Cup in game seven against the Stars, and he can’t help but feel like he doesn’t belong there at all, and he can’t help but think it’s because he doesn’t.

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Business and Pleasure - Part 10

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,201

Warnings: Swearing

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The two of you had fallen into silence, both seemingly lost in thought. The appetizers were delicious, but you couldn’t do more than pick at them. You were too distracted by your thoughts to focus on eating.

So much had happened in so little time. Sure, it seemed like you had your best friend back, but who knew how long that would last. He seemed sincere earlier, but there was no way to guarantee that the two of you wouldn’t get into another stupid argument and find yourselves right back where you started.

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Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff, romance

AU: best friend!AU x Jungkook

Warnings: Suggestive language, swearing

Words: 4170

Author/admin: HO

Beta: FeeFee


Anonymous said to kpop-reads: Your best friend, Jungkook, text invites you over to the BTS dorm and says it’s fine that you’re only wearing pjs cause he knows it’ll fluster his Yoongi hyung 

Author’s note: I wasn’t going to write anything for this blog and just remain a Beta. But this request was too good to pass up. Thanks for the glorious idea!

In which your best friend has his friends’ best interests at heart, despite being a little shit.

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Dean x Reader (it’ll make sense, I swear)

Summary: After seeing Jensen dressed as 1940′s Dean, you suddenly have an idea to bring this version of your husband into the bedroom.

Word Count: 1,441

Warnings: roleplay, oral sex (female receiving), smut, cursing

Submitted by: @sgarrett49

Jensen decided to let you visit set that day. They were filming a time jump episode and he wanted you to be there to see the way they changed the set. You were an aspiring artist in the film industry, wanting to be the one to create and switch out the sets when scenes changed. What you weren’t expecting was for them to throw Dean back into the 1940′s, part his hair and slick it to the side, and make him wear that fucking delicious outfit.

When he walked onto set from the wardrobe trailer, your jaw dropped. The shirt hugged his biceps so damn well. The vest showed off his broad shoulders but pulled in around his trim waist. And the hair. For fuck’s sake, that hair. You shook yourself from your daze as you sank back into your chair, thighs clenching together. 

You sat back and watched Jensen slide perfectly into his character, ending the scene when Bob called cut, wrapping for the night. Sliding down out of the tall seat, you practically ran to meet Jensen.

“Baby, you were so good!” You stood on your toes and kissed him. “And you look even better.” 

He smiled against your lips and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you to him.

“That’s not just a prop gun in my pocket, ya know.” He winked as you giggled.

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Requested by @captaindanindlovu​. I hope you like it!

Summary: Jared Padalecki x reader. Gen gives Jared and the reader permission to do what they’d like.

Warning: Smut, dry humping

Word Count: 2500

A/N: I’m still new to this RPF thing, so I hope y’all enjoy this! XOXO

Sex scenes aren’t the most comfortable scenes to shoot.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re shooting in front of the guy’s wife, who just happens to be visiting and has been given permission to be on the closed set.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re trying to get over the attraction you’ve developed to said married guy.

And sex scenes are incredibly uncomfortable when the married guy who you’re simulating sex with gets an erection. In front of the visiting wife.

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Horny teenagers - Carl Grimes

HEY GUYS so I really wanted to write a smut but there is no plot so whatever is just smut and I wanted to write something like the last scene of 7x01 of TWD and I did it! I hope you like it, and remember English is not my first language and this is my first TWD smut

Warnings: smut and language

Words: 2599

Gif is obviously not mine ​

The past few hours in watch duty had been kind of a torture for me. I’ve been trying to control this since I’ve learned what it actually is. We grew up together, we’ve seen a lot of nasty things together and suddenly we were at the age of awkwardness and hormones and, apparently, mine decided to show up. I’ve been trying to convince myself that he would never agree with this and even if he did it wasn’t a good idea. It would do us no good. Well an orgasm would, though. ​

Here in Alexandria they have lots of books so I’ve been reading a lot, especially about biology – my favorite class in school – and recently I read about menstrual cycle and sexuality, there is this period when women are ready to get pregnant and that’s when you only want sex. For the past few months I’ve been trying to convince myself that I just want Carl because of this annoying period and he’s the only interesting boy around. ​

Sometimes I have this feeling that our friendship has changed in a certain way. I think it’s because of the hormones, but we’re touchier and even occasionally flirty. He has this habit of holding the back of my neck whenever we hug each other, or when I’m mad at something he rubs my shoulder or my back, he plays with my hair brushing his long and cold fingers against my ears and neck and sometimes he whispers something to me and I can’t stand that. The hot breath, that amazing voice, the way he says my name. Oh, man! I was losing it. ​

I felt ridiculous every time Carl popped in my head or whenever I decided to touch myself he would always wind up in my dirty little thoughts.

​“(Y/N), you can go. It’s my shift now.” I hear Spencer say.

​“Okay, thanks.”

​“Oh and uh… Carol asked me to tell you she’s taking lunch to Rick’s place.” ​

I nodded and left. Great, I’m having one of those crazy moments and I’m heading straight to the danger. You can do this. I took a deep breath and knocked. I heard laughs from inside and that made me happy because we were doing fine here, we were adapting at last. ​

Carl opened the door while holding Judith and gave me a smile.

​“Come in, (Y/N)” Oh please Carl not today don’t say my name. ​

The smell of whatever Carol cooked was amazing and she was sitting next to Daryl and they were gazing each other with such warmth, in a cozy and even romantic way. I wanted them to be together but right now it just made me want to turn around and look in Carl’s eye. ​

We sat down, ate and talked about the most random things. We talked about things we did before the apocalypse, we laughed at things that happened to us and we just enjoyed each other’s company. Don’t think that’s gonna happen again in anytime soon tough. ​

Then I felt a hand touch my thigh lightly, I closed my eyes trying to keep it together because from where it was coming it had to be Carl’s. I looked at him and he was still paying attention to Glenn, who was telling something very newsworthy because Carl and a few other people in the table were concentrated. He caressed my thigh going down my knee and squeezed a bit and took his hand off. Like doing that was only a reflex, part of a routine. I don’t know if he hadn’t noticed or if he was just pretending to make me confuse. ​

Later in the same day he did that terrible/delicious massage in my sore shoulders. We offered to wash the dishes, so after lunch everybody went back to their normal activities, and when we were done I made a stupid joke about the amount of plates and forks and sighed. He must’ve gotten that as a complaint because he said “relax” and then came behind the chair I was sitting and pushed my hair aside. His hands were soft and steady, it felt great but I couldn’t let him carry on with this. I placed my hands on top of his and turned my head around. ​

“Does it bother you?” If he only knew what it actually does to me.

​“It’s not that. I just – I should probably get going.” I stood up and he held my arm. I don’t know why, honestly I do know, but when he did that I instantly approached him, looking at his lips. I was unsure if I wanted him to notice or not. If I wanted him to do something about it or just ignore the fact that I was staring at his lips wanting them so badly I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

​“Stay. We can go upstairs and read comics if you like.” ​

I can’t, not anymore. “I don’t wanna read comics, Carl.” I tried my best to make the sentence self explanatory and bit my lip. ​

“Do you – uh, wanna go upstairs then?” He clearly wasn’t expecting my reaction but he didn’t step back. ​

“Yes. Yes, I do.” ​

He was obviously holding a grin but I didn’t care. He grabbed my hand and led me to his room. The walk was kind of awkward and very silent. When we finally got to his room he closed the door and came towards me. He cupped my face and kissed me tenderly, he was nervous, I could tell. I placed one hand in his chest and the other one in his hair, it was so soft. The kiss was a little sloppy because this was our first kiss ever, I guess. It was amazing though, I just wasn’t sure of what to do so I followed my gut and I believe so did he. ​

He lowered his hands to my waist and gripped it. I let out a needy sigh and I feel my cheeks hot in embarrassment. I took the hem of his shirt in my hands and lift it, breaking the kiss. ​

“Are you sure about this?” ​

“Yeah.” ​

I ripped his shirt off and then my own. Carl looked at my breasts like they were a masterpiece, probably because he had never seen breasts before but it made me feel great anyways. I searched for his lips once again and this time he was more confident so his tongue was more demanding. He caressed my back lightly with the tip of his fingers making me shiver. I pull him closer to get some friction and I finally feel his boner and this time I moan in both pleasure and excitement. ​

Carl lays me down on the bed and kneels between my legs. He kissed my lower abdomen and came up, kissing my breasts still covered by the bra and my collarbone. When he got to my neck he gave me a hickey, probably wanting to mark me down as his and that turned me on so much I wanted to mark him too. He unclasped my bra and pulled it out so fast I didn’t even see what happened to it. Now he was finally looking to my breasts and he blinked a couple of times and said “Is it okay if I…?” ​

"Go for it.” ​

He grinned and caught one of them in his hand and massaged it. I had no idea that I was going to like Carl sucking my breast so much, when I felt his mouth on my nipple I was already in heaven, but when he sucked it was something else entirely. I wasn’t able to restrain my moans this time, they were a little loud. ​

Desperate for a kiss I pulled his hair to bring his head up, he moaned this time and I smiled in the kiss. I took off his belt and once I moved to the zipper his hand shakes a little while I brushed my hand in his arousal more than the necessary to open a zipper on purpose. Carl helped me with the jeans, picked a little package – probably a condom – and looked back at me only in his underwear and I couldn’t help but to look. I must’ve done something pretty greedy and ridiculously embarrassing because he had a huge smirk in his face. ​

"Shut up.” I said and the smirk became wider. ​

He took my shorts off and just stood there staring at me like I was his muse or something. I can’t say that I didn’t like it because I loved it but I felt a little uncomfortable. I am confident but suddenly realization of what we were doing and how I was in front of him hit me and I blushed. That didn’t stop me though, my cheeks were burning but so was the wetness between my thighs and I thought that was more important so I wiggled my hips against Carl’s to wake him up and it worked out exactly like I was expecting. ​

Carl touched the waistband of my underwear and looked at me again asking permission, I guess. Then I lifted my butt of the mattress so he could take the underwear easily and he did. ​

Carl gazed at my entire body and sighed and mumbled to himself “Finally we’re doing this.” ​

I felt butterflies in my belly and I smile, like an innocent virgin girl – which I am. I wasn’t the only one after all. ​

Carl did a trail of kisses from my neck to my lips and rubbed his thumb against my folds; I moaned and rolled my hips against his hand wanting more of that new contact. He smiled in the kiss, and I loved it. Actually I was loving every single moment of it. Carl slipped a finger inside me and curled it and took it off. Then he tried again, this time with two fingers. “Ah, Carl…” I groaned and mellow. My hands were gripping his shoulders for balance or control, I’m not sure, I just thought that if I let go I would fall. His hand were all over me making me shiver, his kisses weren’t sloppy anymore, and knowing that he wanted this too just made me feel better, maybe wetter too but that’s another case and he won’t be hearing about it. ​

He positioned himself to my entrance and gave me the look again, I nodded biting my bottom lip. Carl grabbed my thighs and spread them. He glanced to my core and licked his lips. That was so delicious to watch, it was kind of porn but it turned me on so much. He picked the condom and put it on. He pulled me down and I felt his tip in my entrance and rolled my hips to it. I wanted him to know how badly I wanted this, how horny he made me. ​

"Tell me if it hurts too much, okay?” So thoughtful, so gorgeous. I closed my eyes and nodded. Then I felt it inside me and I couldn’t hold back the almost musical moan. It feels so good, so right. He kept going slowly and suddenly I started to feel this strange ardency and I let out a painful moan, it wasn’t exactly hurting but the surprise and the little burning sensation were enough to make Carl gaze at me worried. ​

"It’s okay, you can carry on. Just keep the pace. I’ll be fine.” ​

He pushed a bit more and the feeling was still there but I tried to ignore it and Carl helped me a lot with that. His thumb came back to my clit, just up and down movements and he kissed me passionately while he pushed more. I was feeling the ardency but it didn’t matter because Carl was touching me so much, giving me so much, paying so much attention to me I couldn’t even process the pain. Carl was all over me, literally. In my mind, in my body, everywhere. ​

Once he was completely inside me with his eye closed and he sighed, he stopped and looked right in my eyes, he didn’t take his hand off my clit. The bad sensation was almost gone by now. “Are you okay?” ​

I grinned at him “Never better.” ​

He smirked and pulled it back slowly. It was a torture for him I could see in his eye all the effort he was putting into this, the self control and I smiled like an idiot. His thrusts were still slow and I think he was shaking a little. Just a little but he was. ​

I wasn’t completely comfortable yet but I was ready for this and his pace was making me impatient, I get that he was being nice and I love him for it but he could make this good for himself. So I rolled my hips a bit so he would understand that it was okay for him to go faster and maybe, just maybe, harder. ​

He picked up a good pace. It was faster but not too fast yet and it was so intense, it could be only me although his expression was showing that he was loving it as much as I was. His thrusts were getting faster and I was getting there, finally I was taking it all. This was so good, the pleasure was so intense and overwhelming. His sweaty body and his heavy sighs were giving it the best background ever. I think I’ve never seen such a sight. I let out a loud and full of joy and pleasure moan. He smirked at me because this was likely the most inappropriate moan ever. ​

I couldn’t stop them now, they just kept coming loud and awkward and hot, apparently. I decided to do something different for a change, I rolled my hips and caressed my body going down my clit and touched it for him to see it. ​

"Fuck, (Y/N)! That’s so hot.” ​

I smiled widely and arched my back feeling a delicious ache in my lower abdomen and feeling like there was not enough air in my lungs and the strength was leaving my body and I needed desperately to grip something – that something were Carl’s shoulders again – then I felt like I was falling apart and pleasure and relief hitting me like a truck. ​

"Oh God, Carl!” That was almost a scream, thank God we were alone in the house. ​

My orgasm show was enough to bring Carl his own, and again was an amazing scene to watch. He moaned loudly and let his elbows clench a little, falling on top of me. He was breathing heavily and he was all sweaty and that was so hot. I felt his heart beating so fast in his chest and I grinned satisfied. He threw himself in the bed and took a deep breath. ​

He seemed so tired but he was smiling so hard it was creepy. Us smiling wasn’t something easy to see. That made me even happier because I made him smile, I was smiling, we were satisfied and that’s all we need. ​

"That was fucking awesome!” ​I laughed at his excitement. I turned to face him and his eye was piercing. He was so handsome I couldn’t think properly sometimes, like now.

​“We can do this again sometime, if you want to.” I said a little scared but mostly confident that he would want to. ​

"Can ‘sometime’ be now?” he said with a smug smirk on his face and I laughed again. ​

"Okay, loverboy, just give me a few minutes and we’re back on.”

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You Look Good on Me

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1627

A/N: One-shot written for @casbabydontgoineedyou / Katie’s 1K Writing Challenge / prompt #18 - The last time you made dinner, you caught the kitchen on fire. NSFW/18+ readers/adult content – oral sex, female receiving (come on, who doesn’t fantasize about this angel between their thighs?).

Summary: Fluffy, adorable, eager-to-please-you Castiel likes the way you look in his white button down shirt the morning after a night of incredible sex. So much so, he wants to make you breakfast.

(not my GIF)

Lebanon Times daily newspaper tucked under one arm, paperboard Gas ‘N Sip coffee cup clasped in hand, whistling low to the classic rock tune of Smoke on the Water, Dean Winchester leisurely rambled by the bunker’s kitchen threshold. Several paces beyond the door, he stopped up short, coffee sloshing from the ill-fitting plastic lid to splatter his leather shoes, brow furrowing, brain incrementally registering the odd sight presented to his peripheral vision. Gravitating backward, he craned his neck, peering into the kitchen, calmly confirming with a bob of his head that Castiel was indeed situated at the counter attempting to assuage an angrily beeping coffee maker into producing a fresh pot while wearing nothing but crinkled white boxer shorts. Dean scanned up and down the empty hall and around the otherwise unoccupied room before clearing his throat to announce his presence.

Cas snapped shut the top of the ornery contraption, effectively silencing it. Angling to regard his friend, he cordially nodded in greeting, “Good morning, Dean.”

Dean stepped through the door, an amused smirk overtaking his features, “Uh, Cas, look man, it’s great to see you finally making yourself at home, but where the hell are your clothes?”

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changkyun as your roommate


    • a/n: haha, thank you very much love for loving the jungkook one, i appreciate it :D and sure!! i hope you enjoy it and the gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owners.

meeting // moving in-

  • he’s gonna be like super awkward
  • changkyun would walk into the house without you knowing
  • and you’d be dancing on history might just die
  • he’d be shook
  • i think this guy wouldn’t be able to look you in your eyes
  • when he did he bursted out laughing
  • the same for you
  • both of you were crying your eyes out because of laughing too much
  • “omg how much did you see?”
  • “i think i saw too much, so, that is what you do when you’re alone?”
  • “yep, gotta make sure that i’m as good as them hahaha”
  • “so, should i introduce myself, in a normal way?”
  • “you’re y/n, i’m changkyun, we’re roommates.”
  • “oh okay then changkyun, thank you for introducing myself. i think that i like you”
  • “i think that i like you as well”
  • you and changkyun would eventually dance on kpop songs 
  • “changkyun, do you know this one?”
  • “yep, i think he knows”
  • you two would also jam on k hip hop songs and expect him to dab lots
  • you’d do the same ofc
  • and that’s where actually you guys became the best of friends / roommates


  • lol? what rules?
  • i can already see him breaking the rules directly
  • like he’d accidently throw his smelly socks on your head
  • while you’re sleeping on the couch
  • you’d directly wake up to the smell and chase him
  • since he’s the only roommate that you have and no one else
  • when you finally got to hit him with a plastic sword 
  • the two of you talked about rules 
  • and the both of you didn’t wanted any rules since
  • you and changkyun would just do the things what you guys wanted and live a free life
  • when his friends come over or your friends they just stare at the both of you
  • like
  • “how the hell can you live like this guys”
  • kihyun would buy a big white board and write all the rules that everyone has to follow
  • and voila the end of the story of yours and changkyuns free life

feelings for each other?-

  • yes even though he’s rude towards you sometimes
  • he’s like that because he’s able to talk to you more?
  • and ye, he’s the person on your mind so that’s what he likes
  • sometimes it’s way too obvious
  • you catch him staring at you when you’re studying or
  • when you’re smiling
  • he smiles as well
  • “changkyun why are you smiling?”
  • “oh- uh, it’s just a thing that something funny popped In my thoughts”
  • “oh okay? what is it? is it something dirty??”
  • you would chase him around the house just to know why he was smiling
  • he’d eventually tell you that you look beautiful when smiling
  • you blushed and brushed it off like you didn’t heard anything
  • “so, what? do you like me back?”
  • you’d be shook since he’s not the type to say things like that
  • “wait, did you just confessed?”
  • “i did…i think?”
  • “okay, i like you too but this is awkward okay”
  • “what are we now, like love partners roommates??”

sharing ____-

  • beds 
  • you guys aren’t literally sharing beds it’s a bunk
  • he sleeps above, you sleep under
  • and it’s annoying sometimes since he moves a lot and
  • throws almost all of his clothing on you
  • “changkyun what is your shirt doing on my bed???”
  • “oh huh, what? oh wait i’m not wearing a shirt??”
  • “it’s on my hEAD”
  • “oh, oops sorry”
  • “you should be, this stinks”
  • sometimes when you wake up in the middle of the night
  • you can feel someone beside you
  • and dun dun dun
  • it’s changkyun who’s sleeping next to you
  • while having his arms wrapped around you tightly
  • “what is he doing here??”
  • you’d try waking up, but he’d be deep asleep
  • so it’s not really easy
  • you’d stay there, trying to sleep 
  • but ye, it doesn’t work as well
  • so you just stare at him, while you play with his hair
  • he’d wake up all of sudden
  • and blush at the situation
  • “oh, i wanted to sleep with someone today, you know”
  • “stop lying”
  • “no, for real, y/n.”
  • “i’ve known you for a couple of years now changkyun, you had a nightmare admit it”
  • “okay okay”
  • “see, i knew it!”


  • i can see him helping you 
  • actually 
  • “y/n, i can take out the trash if you want”
  • “oh, really? thank you”
  • “everything for you”
  • you’d smile there as you do the dishes even though there wasn’t many to wash
  • when you two hang up the laundry
  • you and changkyun would be laughing a lot
  • because you guys throw the clothes at each other
  • “changkyun stop!”
  • “you stop first!”
  • “okay, okay.”
  • you stopped but he didn’t 
  • in the end changkyun became tired 
  • but he still decided to mess with you
  • changkyun threw the blanket around you
  • and pulled it so you were closer to him
  • you’d hide your face since you looked like a tomato by
  • the sudden ‘k-drama’ moment
  • “hahaha, look at you, y/n.”
  • “it’s not my fault that my roommate is so ‘k-drama’ in his head”
  • “but you like it, don’t you”
  • “i do”
  • the rest of the day, you two would be all cleaning up
  • or else kihyun would take changkyun away and you don’t want that to happen

lazy days-

  • lazy days with changkyun 
  • always turn out to be one of the funest days
  • like the other time
  • when the two of you had nothing to do
  • he brought you to the movie theather and you guys ended up
  • watching some weird movie that was for children
  • “wait the turtle reminds me a bit of one of your friends, changkyun. what’s his name again? hyunwoo?”
  • “ahahaha, i can see it.”
  • after the movie ended you and changkyun walked around seoul
  • just to explore
  • but instead you two ended up eating lots of food
  • “this one! you have to taste this, chankyun. this is delicious.”
  • since you said it was delicious, he’d taste it
  • “yeah, it’s good.”
  • but actually he doesn’t really like it, he acts as if he does because he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • “y/n, let’s go taste some other desserts?”
  • “sure!”
  • he’d have his arm around you the whole time
  • just to make sure that you’re okay / safe
  • you and changkyun eventually bought clothes and ye basically shopped
  • in the end of the day both of you were exhausted and
  • slept next to each other on the couch
Secondary Check

A/N: A tradition in my family is that we all must become (basic) first aid certified. My younger brother is working on getting his, and I was reading through one of his books when I came across secondary checking. I know what it is, of course, as I am certified myself; but rereading the procedure made me think about how awful it would tickle if used gently. Solangelo is literally my joy in life, so I used them in this fic. It’s based… shortly after the Heroes of Olympus series, I guess?

(Also, I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in a while… please accept my apology along with this mediocre fic.)

“Please, Nico?”


“Oh, come on-”

“I said no!”

Will huffed at his boyfriend, annoyed with his stubbornness. 

“Nico, I just want to practice secondary checking. Is that so wrong?” Will asked, crossing his arms. “No, but I don’t want to be your guinea pig!” Nico responded, crossing his arms as well. 

“You make it sound like I’m some evil scientist,” Will mumbled, rolling his eyes. 

“You could be! We just got together, I don’t know what you’re capable of yet,” Nico retorted in a sassy tone, and Will couldn’t help but smile. Nico was just so cute when he tried to act all stubborn and tough.

In consideration of recent events, Will had decided he wanted to completely perfect his first aid; he had been practicing on everyone, constantly asking other campers to be his next “victim”. Hey, is it a crime for a medic to make sure they know what they’re doing?

“Come on, just once? I want to really know what I’m doing. Son of the god of healing or not, I need to review stuff!”

With a sigh, Nico looked up at his boyfriend and rolled his dark eyes. “Fine, but just because you’re annoying me, and doing this will make you shut up. And only once!” He reminded as Will gave him a bright grin.


“Yeah, yeah.”

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Surfer Boy (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “can you do an imagine based on ethans tweet “@ethandolan: Haha gray just texted and was like yo my face is so red I just saw a cute girl what do I do” 😌”
Word Count: 1,337
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is cute :’) Thank you for requesting, my dear anon. Hope you like it. xx

“People have a weird tendency of not cleaning up after themselves.” Your friend, and also your boss, pointed out as she carried in four glasses behind the bar, placing them by the counter so she could wash them.

You laughed, watching her pull a face before returning to wring out a dishrag. Your friend had always been an impulsive one, so it didn’t even surprise you when she had come home one day, claiming that she bought the small tiki bar on the beach, not far from where you lived.

It had turned out to be a smashing hit, everybody buying their cool drinks and their occasional cocktail to clench their thirst. You being the good, bored friend you were, you had offered yourself to work behind the bar. It wasn’t all too bad, you got plenty of Vitamin D, got drinks for free and got to watch a lot of hot guys who went to catch a wave or sat by the bar, sipping on their drinks under the scorching L.A sun.

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Happy Birthday!!!

So today is @tylertheinnovator ‘s birthday so I wanted to share a quick birthday drabble ^_^ I know you like Marichat and Coffee shop AUs so here you go. Hope you like it! 

(Not Gonna lie I got way more invested with this than I should have and am tempted to turn it into a short story) 

“Coffee for… Seriously? Ima Catch?  Really scraping the bottom of the barrel today aren’t we Chat?”

Marinette smile and she held out the large black coffee to her favorite regular customer as he smirked proudly from his place lounging against the pick-up counter.

“What can I say princess? Sometimes you gotta just go with the classics.” He took the coffee from her and immediately put it down on the counter, instead catching her hand and placing a delicate kiss on her fingertips. “So tell me Marinette, have you finally decided to take pity on this poor stray and agree to one, measly date?”

“Yes! Please, for the love of God yes!” Alya called out from the far side of the counter, much to the surprise of the customer she was assisting.

Marinette could feel her cheeks burning and Chat tried and failed to reign in his laughter.  

“It looks like someone is on my side at least,” he teased.

“And I told both of you, I don’t date guys who’s names I don’t know,” she replied, although her traitorous hand had yet to pull away from his. He had now begun rubbing his thumb in soft, delicious circle against her skin.

“I told you before, I promise- cat’s honor- I will tell you my name, address, hell my whole life history- at the end of our first date.”

“Why not just tell me now so that you actually have a shot at said date?” she asked for the dozenth time, wondering what absurd excuse he would give this time for the continued anonymity.

Instead of the teasing smile she was expecting, his whole demeanor drooped, his eyes dropping to their joined hands. “Because if I tell you, you are going to say no.”

Marinette gaped at him in surprise wondering what sort of secret could possibly be so terrible that it would make her instantly turn away a charming, good looking, and- if the number of coffees he had purchased over the last two months of their acquaintance where anything to go by- decently well off young man.

Before she could ask him something to that effect, a high pitched squeal echoed through the small café. Marinette could feel her entire body tense in loathing. She knew that squeal.

“OH MY GOD! ADRIKINS!!! IS THAT YOU!!” Shrieked Chloe Bourgeois, bounding into the shop with the same domineering arrogance that she had displayed all throughout their school years.

“Adrikins?” Marinette couldn’t help but snicker at the horrifying pet name, wondering what poor soul was being forced to suffer the affections of her long time enemy.

Chat when pale before literally face planting himself against the counter, his head buried under his arms as he muttered incoherently.


“Adrichou I haven’t seen you in- Oh my God it’s you.” Chloe’s cheerful façade dropped as she caught sight of Marinette.

“Hello Chloe.”

“Hello Marinette Dupain-Cheng.”

“Is it really necessary to use my entire name? We have literally known each other since we are five.”

“Adribear,” Chloe said pointedly ignoring Marintte, “what are you doing here of all places?”

The miserable lump on the counter didn’t reply, instead he just let out a low frustrated moan.

Marinette decided to take pity on her poor friend. If she had Chloe chancing her around making up embarrassing pet names she would probably have resorted to an alias too.

“Given how this is a coffee shop, I would assume he is here to get coffee.” Marinette said flatly, putting a hand protectively on Chat shoulder and holding back a smile when his hand clamped over hers like a life line.

“Adrien hates coffee.” Chloe replied, rolling her eyes at Marinette as if this was common knowledge.

“You do?” Marinette asked surprised, looking down at her still cowering friend. She tried to remember if she had ever actually seen him drink any of the dozens of coffees he had ordered. Unfortunately her brain was a little preoccupied screaming Adrien, Adrien, Adrien, over and over, as if she might forget his name if she didn’t drill it into her memory. Adrien. It suited him.

“Please don’t hate me,” he moaned, burying himself somehow even deeper into the protection of his arms.

“Adrien what are you…” Chloe began and then looked back and forth between him and Marinette with a look of mixed comprehension and horror. “Oh Adrien tell me you didn’t.”

“Please go away,” Chat… no Adrien, pleaded.

“Adrien Christophe Agreste I can’t believe that you are slumming it with some waitress!”

“Uh, the term is barista, and he is hardly slumming,” Alya introjected angrily having finally finished off the last of the customers and hurried over to observe the drama, “plus anything would be considered and upgrade after you.”

Chloe and Alya glared at each other, but Marinette was too distracted by Chloe’s latest statement to care.

“A-Agreste?” she stuttered, and felt Chat-Adrien- grasp her hand even tighter as if terrified she was going to disappear.

“Yeah, Adrien Agreste, son of fashion icon Gabriel Agreste, ring any bells?” Chloe spat. “And here I thought you wanted to be a fashion designer.”

Oh it rang plenty of bells.

Marinette was sure she was a brilliant shade of red as Adrien finally looked up at her apologetically.

Her mind flashed back to the first conversation she had ever had with “Chat Noir”, she had been in the middle of a long and very loud rant with Alya about… oh God…

“You said you don’t believe in dating co-workers,” Adrien muttered, his own face a brilliant scarlet. “So I figured…”

“Really Adrikins,” Chloe interrupted, not having listened to a word Adrien said, “what has gotten into you lately? I mean a couple months ago you were pining over some intern of your dad’s and now you’re mooning over Marinette of all people.”

Adrien dropped his head back to the counter as Marinette let out a long unintelligible shriek.

“Marinette, didn’t you start interning at Gabriel a few months ago?” Ayla asked slyly.

“Just kill me now.” Adrien groaned.

Slumber Party

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, detailed smut for all my fellow sinners, unprotected sex (I shouldn’t have to say this, but wrap it before you tap it.) oral sex (female receiving) and I think that’s it.

Word count: 2749 (this is an apology for not posting a lot)

Sorry to my followers; I know I’m shit at updating and posting but i hope you accept this sincere apology on my behalf. Enjoy the sin.

“Hey Seb, where’s the Bailey’s?” You yell down the hall of your friend’s apartment. You had just gone through a break up, and you wanted some drinks, and comfort. It’s not like it was a bad breakup; it was mutual, but you still didn’t want to be alone. And who better to be comforted by than your lifetime friend, Sebastian?

Plus, he has really good booze.

“There is no Bailey’s! It was just Christmas! You expect there to be Bailey’s left after Christmas?” He yells back, clearly amused at your obvious lack of thinking. Of course there’s none left.  

With a sigh, you plopped down onto the couch, waiting for Seb to get into his pyjamas to start the movie. You had settled on Star Wars episode IV, because neither you or Seb had seen it in ages. And if felt right, because Carrie Fisher was one of your favorite actors ever, other than the one and only Sebastian Stan. Obviously.

If you’re to be brutally honest, you were too busy spacing out to notice Seb had joined you, until a pillow hit you in the face, causing you to jump.

“Oh, is that how it is?” You ask, a smile creeping its way onto your face as you grab the pillow he just threw at you.

“Oh, that’s how it is.” He replies, and instantly jumps onto the couch to attack you. He has his signature smirk on his face, and you have plans to wipe it off. With a pillow.

Since you are a lot smaller than him, you have a bit of an advantage. It’s always been like that. You usually jump on his back, and slightly smother him with the pillow, but this time, its different. He has been training with Don, and he is a lot stronger than you, so when you jump on his back, it barely affects him. Instead of trying to throw you off, he just flops down onto his back, crushing you.

Hey; it’s not like you care. You can feel every muscle through his exceedingly thin shirt, and you’re basically in heaven.

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Characters: Jungkook X You
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Word Count: 5017
Song of the Day: BTS - Spring Day

A/N: Inspired by the lyrics of BTS’s Spring Day; in memories of lost love - Admin Ham

Originally posted by geeky-obsessions

“Kookie! Kookie! Kook-ah! Look, look! He replied to me!” You dashed through the entrance of the local bistro, ignoring the staff’s greetings and straight away landed yourself on a chair sitting opposite of your best friend, shoving your phone to his face as he pulled his head up from lurking over the menu at your hyper arrival.

“Oh god, I can’t read shit if you keep jacking it up and down like that..” Jungkook whined as he swiftly grabbed hold of the phone, pulling it away from your excited grasp as he leaned back towards his seat, calmly reading whatever content you had so eagerly wanted him to see.

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Blueberry Muffins || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Please write about a Reader that bakes to calm down, but lately she’s super stressed and bakes a lot and every time she gives Peter some of her muffins. He eventually notices her stress and comforts her. With a lot of Fluff please :D]]

time to work on more requests~ also my ask box is closed for requests since I have so many I have to catch up on ;w;

tags: {anonymous}

warnings: none

{{request status: closed}}

**don’t repost/plagiarize this plot**


For some odd reason, there was a strong scent of blueberry muffins detected in the air that spread throughout the hallways of Peter’s apartment complex.

This wasn’t to say that Peter was complaining or anything, since the scent was positively delicious to him, he just wasn’t sure how and why the smell of blueberry muffins baking started filling the air.

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dellastreet1933  asked:

I'd love a pre-phlint sickfic where Clint notices that Phil is sick and has to be stealthy about taking care of because Phil refuses to acknowledge his illnesses. At some point during the ridiculousness that ensues Clint discovers that what Phil hates the idea of "adorably amazing archers" being obligated to care for "pathetic paper pushing peons." (Phil either has a fever or is high on drugs, hence the alliteration).

“He did what?!”

Clint moved the phone away from his ear. His hearing was pretty shitty, but even so Sitwell was loud as hell.

“He drank the—”

“The green stuff?!”

“Yeah, he—“

Sitwell’s voice was climbing. “Why would he do that? Why would he drink the green stuff?! Does he have a head wound?!”

“No, no, uh, I think, maybe, it’s the flu? Or…what’s the one that’s like the dinosaur? Er, brontosauritis?”

“Barton. Make. Sense.”

Clint dutifully tried to reconstruct the past twenty minutes. “Probably the flu. I mean, I don’t really know, he’s been trying to hide it the whole mission, so I got him some cold medicine at the…well, anyway, I think he thought it was NyQuil, honestly.”

There was silence on the other end of the line.

“It is the same colour,” Clint added loyally.

The silence stretched. Clint pictured Sitwell pinching the bridge of his nose, the big lenses of his glasses riding up over his knuckles. It was an expression Clint was familiar with. In the adjoining room he could hear Coulson lecturing the potted plant about SOP for safe disposal of toxic spills in Research Lab A.

“Uh, hello?”

“Okay…okay. It’ll be okay. Where is he now?” Sitwell’s voice had smoothed out into that manufactured calm Clint assumed they taught people in S.H.I.E.L.D. Handler School.

“He’s here, he’s safe, he’s… uh…” The stream of dialog in the next room had turned heated. Maybe by now Coulson thought the plants were talking back. Clint stumbled onward. “So, what the hell did he drink?”

“The green stuff in the sealed container that was definitely not NyQuil?” Sitwell’s voice dripped sarcasm. “It’s truth serum, Barton.”

Clint snorted involuntarily. “Oh come on,” he said. “There’s no such thing as truth serum.”

“Oh there isn’t, is there? And how long have you been working for S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Barton?”

“Uh, eight months?”

“So there are some things about S.H.I.E.L.D. that you might not conceivably know,” Sitwell said pleasantly. “Like who the odds-on favorite is in the betting pool for when Harris finally gets canned for yelling ‘Yippee-ki-yay’ every time he jumps out of a Quinjet. Or that Hill’s B&J favaflav is Lemont.Fuji which you can only get in scoop shops in Tokyo. Or that we have truth serum. We have all sorts of stuff. Including the stuff that you say Coulson just drank which is, alright, maybe not technically truth serum, but is instead AHC-73b, a substance which induces a euphoric sense of well-being and an overwhelming compulsion to talk, while completely destroying all of a peRsON’S INHIBITIONS.”

Sitwell panted into the phone for a couple of heartbeats. Clint definitely was not using the time to try to picture what his extremely buttoned-up new handler would be like without any inhibitions. He hadn’t known the guy long, but as far as Clint could tell Agent Coulson was all about inhibitions. On the couple of missions they’d been on together he had been the model of the impartial, efficient supervisor. From the impenetrable armour of the ever-present suit to his tightly-controlled badassery in the field, Coulson was…

Clint shook himself. He was being stupid. Okay, sure, the guy was attractive. And he ticked, like, every one of Clint’s boxes. Still, he’d begun to doubt there was anything at all under that suit…

…there was something under the suit.

Coulson lurched into the room, coming to a sloppy halt against the doorframe. If it wasn’t for his lack of coordination, glassy eyes, and the flush high on his cheeks Clint might not have known there was anything wrong with him. His black suit was immaculate as always, shirt crisp and white, his tie of some dark silky material that caught the light. He looked like he always did: contained, untouchable.

Except he wasn’t wearing any trousers.

His shorts were dark and made of some shiny, satiny stuff that looked all microfibre and tailored—Clint supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised—some kind of fancy underwear that was maybe boxer briefs. There was a scar across the big muscle of Coulson’s right thigh, leading upwards before it disappeared under the edge of the briefs, which were kinda tight okay, leaving nothing to the imagination…

“Barton,” Coulson barked. “We need to debrief.”

>>Read more under the cut or click here to browser<<

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Let me give you the world (SFW)

Originally posted by abcadz123

A/N: Hello! So i’ve been hella inactive, so i wrote this thingy with OtaYuri to celebrate a very late Valentine’s day. It’s heeeelllaaaaa long, but I hope you guys enjoy it. It was fun to write ♥ I think Yuri is like 18 here or something?? I don’t know, maybe??

There’s no proofreading at the end because I’m way too lazy guys, help

Words: 3,541 (I am so so sorry omg, under the cut for obvious reasons)

Otabek opened his eyes at the first ring of his alarm, (Yuri hates him so much because he’s the kind of person that gets up when it’s time), he poked a hand out of the blankets to turn it off, not wanting to wake up Yuri just yet.

Once the alarm was off he turned around to leave a kiss on Yuri’s forehead like every morning, however, he was surprised to find out that Yuri wasn’t laying right beside him, instead, a pink note was laying on his partner’s pillow. Otabek frowned, rubbing the sleepiness off his eyes and taking the folded note in his fingers. His name written in Yuri’s elegant calligraphy.

Otabek, I prepared like the cheesiest shit for Valentine’s day. You can’t laugh. Go to the kitchen.


Otabek felt his cheeks getting warm as a big smile started to pull at the corners of his mouth. He got up with a jump, walking (more like running) towards the kitchen. Yuri Plisetsky preparing something for Valentine’s day? The the Yuri Plisetsky who gets all flustered when Otabek brushes his har with his fingers? That’s definitely something forward to see.

He stopped by the entrence of the kitchen when a delicious smell filled his nostrils. He peeked into the room and his mouth watered when he saw his favorite breakfast waiting for him in the counter, a tablet and another pink note laying beside it.

Press play, dork


Otabek turned on the tablet and pressed play to the vide where he saw Yuri leaning against the counter.

“Yo, Otabek”, he brushed his blonde hair back with his hand. “Ah, I think I should say something… sweeter…”, he cleared his throat, looking away as his hand traveled down to scratch at the back of his neck, Otabek noticed how his cheeks started to turn pink. “Good morning, Altin. I made your favorite breakfast and also the smoothie you like, that one is in the frige”, he pointed to the fridge in the video and Otabek turned just to see another pink note.

“I can’t be there with you because I have more things prepared for you”, a happy smile broke into Yuri’s face. “But enjoy this breakfast because I woke up very early to make it! A-ah… and I made it with love”, Otabek laughed and at the same time Yuri did in the video. “Enjoy your breakfast and keep following the notes!”, he waved and the video ended.

Otabek was tempted to replay the video, but he remebered the note in the fridge, so with long steps he made his way to it, opening it up as soon as he took it.

Your smoothie is inside! After breakfast you’ll have to go to /men’s shop/ and said to the first employee you see that you came for “My best present ever”, like that, if you don’t say it they’ll not give it to you


Otabek rolled his eyes, reading the note over and over again. He could hear Yuri’s voice inside his head and his heart was jumping excitedly at Yuri’s next surprise. So far, Otabek didn’t know what to expect, turning back at his breakfast his stomach growled, desperate to dig in that glorious-looking plate, though, Otabek started to lead to the bathroom before anything else. His bladder about to explode.

He found another pink note in the bathroom’s mirror.

You look stunning today.

-Yuri ❤”

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