but they are cute and i adore them

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Vocal unit reaction to you writing a song about them and they don't realize until they see you blushing afterwards ~~ thanks have a nice day! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Ah this is such a cute request - thank you so much! ;u; I included some cute gifs 💕

So imagine that you’re writing a song about the member of your choice, and possibly a very cheesy one at that. They see you, clearly focused on writing while stealing glances at them, and eventually your work is interrupted by an amused and playful “What are you doing? Writing a song about me or something?” While they were joking, you can’t help but blush and avert your gaze a little, which gives it away.

Jeonghan would put pieces together pretty fast and find it adorable, and after the initial “Why would you write a song about me? I’m just… me”, he’d love to tease you about it in the most loving way possible. As in, he’d come hug you while you’re still blushing and trying to hide the notebook where you’ve written the song, and with a cheerful sing-song voice, go all “You’re writing a song about me. You’re so cute!” Chances are you’d feel embarrassed and try to push him away, but he refuses to budge, and instead kisses your temple. “I can’t wait to hear the song, Y/N. I’m sure it’ll be wonderful.” 

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Joshua would get so soft when he sees you blushing and hiding your notebook and realizes that you’re writing a song about him. He’d just smile incredulously, probably hide his mouth a little with is hand and ask, “Are you serious? Really?” You’d try to explain it, probably blabbering about how inspiring he is or how much you love him, and with the softest voice, Joshua would ask “Can I see it?” while sitting down next to you. If you let him, his cheeks would heat up as his smile widens after every word; if you don’t let him, he still smiles softly: “Well, you know… if you ever do want to show it, I’m curious.”

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Jihoon would fall silent when he realizes that you really were writing a song about him. He’d find it absurd, but once he gets over the surprise, he’d disbelievingly ask, although with a soft voice, “What kind of a song?” You’d tell him a bit shyly and shut your notebook before he gets to peek at it, and Jihoon chuckles at you. “I never thought I’d have a song like that written about me. I never thought I’d get a song written about me at all.” You look at him in surprise - how could that be when to you, he was one of the most special people in the world? He smiles at you, cheeks tinted the slightest bit pink. “But I’m very happy you are, Y/N.”

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Seokmin, like most of them, would feel incredibly touched at the discovery, but would probably try to hide it to an extent. Instead, you’d get him grinning from ear to ear, sounding even smug as he goes, “Oh, me? That’s gotta be a good song you’re writing.” Whether you giggle, roll your eyes playfully or do something else at his comment, he laughs heartily either way and joins you where you’re sitting and wraps his arms around you. Deep down he’s touched and excited, and honestly even though he tries to hide it a little, it shows in the way his eyes sparkle, at the very least. Besides, his words would be rather self-explanatory: “I love the song already.”

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Seungkwan would feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, and he’d have the happiest smile on his face when he asks surprisedly, “Really?” He wouldn’t be able to believe it for a moment, but when you show him (briefly, just so that he can’t read too much), he just looks stunned. He’ll also sound just as stunned as he looks when he dumbly states, “You’re writing a song about me,” with a smile spreading to his lips on its own accord. You’d chuckle and nod - yes, you really were. When it finally dawns on him, he gets excited and asks when he’ll get to hear it; you give him a kiss and tell him you’ll surprise him. He pouts, then frowns a little. “I didn’t know you were into song-writing.” Knowingly, you hum that there’s a lot he doesn’t know yet. 

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What other BatIM AUs do you enjoy?

@shinyzango‘s 2D AU is actually the most beautiful and adorable thing ever, please go forth and check it out

@eliana55226838 Has some pretty nifty ideas

@hazardgirl-art-blog/ @majorpepperidge‘s Lampblack City AU has been pretty darn entertaining to watch, and MMM MMM DAT GORE uh I mean cute OCs

And of course, everyone’s favorite, @doodledrawsthings‘s Hell’s Studio AU, which is Perfect and Great

Go check them out, why don’t’cha?

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Okay, going back to the Grease Monkey! Tyler. (this is going to be based off of my childhood but it is still sweet.) Imagine if reader and Tyler got together and had children, and whenever he got done working on a car he would chase the kids around yelling 'Icky Grease Monster' at them and they are having a blast. (low-key, I really miss when my dad did this...)

This is so cute omg mechanic! Tyler is adorable wow (also sorry this has been burried in my asks for like a month <3 ) Also the fact that this is a personal story is so cuteee

- Tyler running around the garage and the front yard with the kiddos
- his hands all black from the grease and oil and general car dirt
- the giggle screams of the little ones
- “Icky Grease Monster!!” Tyler yells, swooping one kid up and onto his shoulder before swooping the next one up
- You’re watching fondly as they try to jump off of him like some kind of human jungle gym
- “Monster’s trying to get me!!!” They scream as they run toward you and then then hide behind your legs
- “I know how to defeat him! But I’ll need your help.”
- They hold the hose as you spray Tyler down
- T: “Okay I think that’s enough!!”
- “Nah, I still see some on your face.”

things i think about a lot:
  • Tamaki trying to give Kyoya piano lessons
  • (He’s not v good but he’s doing his best ok)
  • Tamaki having a whole album of cute Kyoya pictures on his phone
  • Cute-but-grumpy morning Kyoya, candid pics, selfies of them together, etc
  • He always has one of them as his lock screen
  • Kyoya keeping a polaroid of the two of them taped on the inside of his notebook
  • The first time Tamaki notices it he melts. his bf is adorable
  • Tamaki is always listening to silly pop songs and Kyoya makes fun of him for it a little, but sometimes Tamaki catches him singing them under his breath and he just. smirks bc his bf is so cute.
  • After school they go home together and immediately take naps/cuddle for at least an hour
  • Kyoya like never takes care of himself bc he works too hard, so sometimes Tamaki has to force him to rest and gives him tea and back rubs and kisses
  • At first Kyoya acts like he’s annoyed from being interrupted but honestly? he loves it
  • Tamakyo getting a cat that ends up liking Kyoya more than Tamaki
  • Kyoya doesn’t think he’s one for pets but he falls in love w that kitty right away
  • It gets SO SPOILED
  • Tamaki has taken to calling him “cat mom”
  • Kyo does not approve
  • Kyoya meeting Tamaki’s mother (again) but as his boyfriend, and she instantly loves him like her own son
  • “Oh, Réne, he’s quite handsome- but so skinny! we need to give him a good meal!~”
  • no, m’am, h’es just an actual twig,,
  • Tamakyo wedding with all their friends and close family..…everyone’s emotional and there are tears
  • Both of them holding their kid for the first time. once again, lots of tears
  • Tamaki wishing his and Kyoya’s family could all have tea under the kotatsu together, like one big family

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got7 mtl to date somebody with glasses


I think Jinyoung and Yugyeom would think someone who wears glasses looks really cute and will definitely love dating someone who does wear them, whether it’s all the time or not. They’d find it extremely adorable if their S/O pushed their glasses up their nose too.

Jaebum and Jackson would think their S/O looks cute in glasses but I don’t think it’s something they’d consciously think about when looking at them. It’s something they might appreciate and compliment but doesn’t hold too much significance.

Bambam, Mark and Youngjae wouldn’t really care if their S/O wore glasses or not. They might think they look cute but I don’t think they’d mind at all. It’s not something they’ll ever really comment on or notice too much. 

Shout-out to everyone with a foot fetish. If I get one myself, it will entirely be Randl’s fault.

Dis boi actually shaved his feet XD

“I trimmed and I just kept going all the way up.” Link mentioned that twice, which means in my mind that he was trying to get Rhett to comment on the state of his pubic hair XD

“We used to wrestle, remember that?” YES

Oh be quiet Rhett, you’re pretty set in your ways XD

“You desire beauty in your surroundings, which explains my presence.” LINK WHAT

I am SO into them man-handling each other’s body parts while flirting cutely. Rhett has such dainty feet.

Rhett got mad and broke his toe when kicking the bleachers. Filing that away for fic purposes.

Link has one sensitive toe? How does that work?? Now I want to see more of him squirming adorably as Rhett grabs him by his toe. XD

Okay, I examined my feet along with them and here are my results. My feet are Egyptian, which (according to a couple of websites) means that I love being pampered (NOPE), love privacy, am impulsive, and have sudden mood changes (YEP). I have pretty flat feet too, but I am not sociable at all. My feet are wide, I guess, and I’m definitely happy when I’m busy doing something I enjoy? AND THE TOES…okay, ALL of my toes basically fall into the first column. XD My baby toenails face outwards, but I wouldn’t say that I’m rebellious. Hmmm…

Anyway, I’m glad they did another personality-based episode. Those are always good ones.

“If you don’t want it to come from the pelvis, then it can come from the nipple!” I’M CACKLING

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I was wondering, do the RFA memebers s/o do anything that makes them laugh or they just think is cute?

{47/100 lines done for abusive father fic!!!}


🌟Sometimes when he’s playing LOLOL you’ll grab a blanket and come lay beside his chair

🌟Occasionally you’ll sit next to him and yell at the game with him

🌟But most of the time you gently pap his face like a cat to tell him to shush when he’s being loud

🌟Honestly he thinks that’s so adorable and he ends up kissing you all the time

🌟Which makes him lose

🌟And then he rages

🌟So pap him

🌟And he kisses you

🌟But then he loses bc he’s kissing you

🌟And it’s an endless cycle


☕ Every week you find a breakfast recipe and drop hints about it to her

☕ You’ll ask how she likes her eggs, or if she likes merengue

☕ And then Saturday morning you wake up super early and make her breakfast in bed

☕ When you come to wake her up you’re always a mess with flour in your hair or chocolate across your cheek

☕ You always smell like coffee too

☕ And honestly it’s the cutest and funniest thing ever

☕ She couldn’t ask for a better s/o


😻 Literally everytime someone bothered him while he was working he was annoyed as hell

😻 Except when it came to you

😻 You walk into his office at the most random times while he was working and you sit on his lap and just watch

😻 Sometimes you point to a big word and tell him what it means and he finds it so adorable

😻 His heart honestly can’t when it comes to you


🎶 Sometimes he needs someone to practice with so obviously he chooses you

🎶 Honestly he does so much more laughing than working and it messes him up and he ends up scolding you

🎶 He always briefs you on the character you’re reading the lines for and the scene and plot

🎶 And then you read the lines in the funniest way

🎶 For some reason you love doing a really thick American or British accent and it’s so funny to him???

🎶 He’s practically dying and you’re just standing there straight faced while you read

🎶 And that makes it all the more hilarious

🎶 He loves you so much but please…

🎶 He has to do his work


📱You’re not allowed to see his work because he says he’ll be tortured and killed

📱You don’t know how accurate that is but you’re not taking any chances

📱So you try to stay away from his computer and if you ever have to bother him you always cover your eyes and he laughs and accuses you of peeking

📱He can hear him laughing at you so you get him back by pretending to almost drop his dinner whenever you bring it him

📱But it’s ok bc he gets you back with cheeky butt touches while you cuddle

📱You guys have so much fun and you love each other so much too

bias name song thingy

Rules: With each letter of any of your bias’s real (or stage) name, put a song starting with that letter that describes how you feel about them.

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❣️💕♥️ be prepared for some lovey dovey cute ass extra ass shit ♥️💗❣️

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How will a relationship between Punk-England and a really cute, shy and sensitive s/o which allways wear pastel be? (PS.: I love your blog your awesome)

  • To the world they’ll never know how two opposites attracted but to England things are just perfect
  • If his s/o wants he’ll perform songs for them in his usual loud way
  • Or he’ll turn it into a soft melody to sing them to sleep
  • England always makes sure he’s not too loud and doesn’t startle his s/o
  • He would love to hold his adorable s/o in his arms and give them kisses
  • Whenever he has a show he always asks if his s/o wants to go even if he knows they might say no
  • Even if they do say no he doesn’t get upset and completely understands
  • However he will request a bunch of kisses before he leaves for his show which he loves a lot
  • Although cheesy the punk man loves to bring his s/o flowers after the show and relaxes by cuddling with them
  • He enjoys being able to tell his s/o how everything went and in turn asking about their day as well

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How about.. Kogasa! ^o^

BROTP: Kogasa/Nazrin/Kyouko is SO PRECIOUS… Kogasa & Kyouko are so full of energy and they drag Naz into all sorts of shenanigans and Naz grumbles a lot. It’s very important to me ;_;

OTP: Kogasa/Yatsuhashi was not something I expected to enjoy, but it’s adorable. Kogasa as an older tsukumogami could bring a lot to Yatsu, and Yatsu would totally be the kind to support Kogasa in her quest to scare people, and fight anyone who bullies her >:v At the very least I can see them being great friends, and as a romantic ship it’d be so fluffy.

Second choice pairing: A tie between KogaNue and Kogasa/Kyouko? I like the “pranks senpai/kouhai” angle in koganue, and kyoukoga (?) isn’t something I’ve thought much about until now, but it sounds cute too.

Fluffy pairing: All Kogasa pairings are very fluffy :3)-< she’s so pure

Angsty pairing: Can’t think of anything… I don’t want the cinnamon roll to suffer

Favorite poly ship: Back at it again with the koganazkyouko

Weirdest pairing: (kogayatsu again) Hmm maybe KogaBanki? I rarely think about it and don’t ship it romantically, but it’s a fun rare pair.

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one thing i really like about exo is they're all so adorable :3 seriously, from the eldest hyung to the maknae yaaa i'm so happy that they exist ~~

Same same same ;_; 

They’re all cute in one way or another! They’re so loveable and adorable, I love them so much~ 

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ please!

Aaaaa that’s so many!!! I can’t answer that many at once o.o So Imma just answer two of ‘em!! Um um um….

I really really like to sing and dance and talk to myself in my room :) like when I’m talking to people online, I actually say what I’m typing out loud :)) like right now for instance! And I usually have either music or youtube videos on cause I like sound in the background and sometimes one of my favorite songs comes on and I just break out into song ^-^

Hmmmm…. oh! I usually wear super comfy clothes :)) like most of my clothes could be easily worn as pjs so if I fall asleep randomly I’ perfectly fine ^-^ I also have a bunch of super cute teeturtle shirts that I love so much cause they’re comfy and they have super adorable and slightly dark humor filled cartoon animals on them and aaaa I just love them okay? I really love them :) and comfy clothes! Comfy clothes are the best clothes!

Also! Bonus fun fact! It may or may not be my birthday tomorrow :)

Thank you so much for sending this!!! Aaaaaa I hope these are okay!! I hope you have an awesome day!!