but they are children!!!

Me when Viserion died and was turned into an ice dragon:

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& maybe then we can stitch our halves together || m. flint ; p.1

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These boys are so talented.They conquered the music industry as a band and now they're doing it as solo artists. Harry is conquering the movie industry. Louis the fashion industry. Niall the golf world.Liam the dance scene (and the chain maker industry). When will your boys ever?!

We are kids of war.
beautiful eyes,
Arabic noses,
East-European mouths.
Stressing every letter
 Beating every word black and blue.
Kiss my bruised knuckles,
take my stones from my hands,
for my hearts.
In the name of Allah
at Nikkahs.
Tender looks with second and third
Second World War grandparents
and 16 years-old parents.
Lost aunts and uncles. 
Baby cousins with traditional names. 
Honor and blood in our necks,
make my lips famous. 
For you I will take any culture. 
For you I will give birth to any country.
For you I will die in any war.
The children of mine 
are not allow to belong anywhere.
They are belongingness. 
Like you and me, my love.
—  To Be Half Palestinian And Half Afghan from The Immigration Series by Royla Asghar

Sutiko Giazo | スーティコ  ジアゾ


Quirk | Cartoon Body
Sutiko’s body can bend and stretch like a normal cartoon! Depending on her mood her face emotes accordingly and she can edit her limbs and appendages with a pencil! If she draws muscle she can life, if she draws a jet-pack she can fly! As long as she can draw it she can do it! She is a little allergic to erasures though!

Hero Name | Quickdraw !
She has no real inspiration for her name, it was decided by her little brother when she was just a sketch and it’s made her smile every time she thinks of the public revering her as a hero and calling out that name!

Family ! 

Father : Sorce Giazo | 3D Body Quirk

Mother : Selena Giazo | Cel Shaded Body Quirk

Brother : Mono Giazo | Flat Color Body Quirk

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You like clowns. What do you think about the monster from IT (the movie/book)?

i do like clowns

i dont like IT. 

i dont care for clowns that rlly push for the horror side. the whole “childhood innocence being dark and tainted” thing is rlly old and making clowns scary was exactly that zzzz. i remember a lot of interviews with real clowns when scary clown movies or shows like IT or AHS came out and they were rlly struggling and ppl started to get scared of them which is a rlly heartbreaking concept because these guy’s jobs were to go to places and bring cheer especially to like childrens hospitals and shit.

chucko the clown is an example of a cool and nice clown, he was so popular at some point that whereas santa was to christmas, chucko was for childrens bdays he was a big deal. he quit his act due to the movie IT because it scared so many children nationwide that he didn’t want the image of chucko who was a fun loving guy to be tainted in the eyes of children as some sort of monster. its pretty depressing tbh.