but they are both kind to each other

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IchiHime fandom are really insecure, they keep saying that they love the cover and they're really not bothered by it yet photoshop orihime over rukia and keep making posts about the cover. So much insecurity.

I knoooooow Nonnie~chan!!! It’s like their fucking mantra at this point.

Orihime is beaten up and Ichigo shows his concern by thinking 


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Ship becomes canon in what’s considered the most universally hated ending by both shippers and non-shippers


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Ship is given barely one panel of interaction in the very chapter they became canon while NOTP Ichiruki had over several


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 NOTP being ALL UP IN EACH OTHERS FACES and within kissing distance with other half of ship still in the room


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In all 686 chapters, Ichigo never being shown giving these kinds of hearteyes when talking to Orihime

or when she was beat up *cough* her shield isn’t working *cough*

nor making this type of expression when thinking about her

yet is shown doing them all with Rukia….


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Ship has so little substance that you have to steal all of NOTPs canon material and photoshop Orihime onto Rukia’s place on all official covers, color spreads, panels, and art. All while trying not to seem desperate and hypocritical


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After ship becomes canon, it still gets no promotion, recognition, or extra material showing off legitimacy of ship, while Ichiruki continues to shine, slay, and stunt with promo stickers, musical proposals, and now couple goal volume covers…


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y’all sure?

69: Namjoon (Tongues Series Part 4 of 7) [M]

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Warning: Cunnilingus. 69 Spanking like once… ehhh i can’t really think of anything else. there’s no story line here. it’ also kind of short

69 (SIXTY-NINE): Namjoon

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Of the two who do you think would be the more touchy affectionate one? I kind of feel like it would be Peri and that she would compliment Amethyst all the time.

I feel like that too, but I’m also lowkey feeling like it’s gonna be Ame

I feel like Amethyst is gonna be the one embarrassing her all the time lmao

I can picture Amethyst sneaking up and giving her a surprise kiss, after which Peri, pretending to be angry, chases her around in the background of the scene and they’re just being playful and gay

I feel like they’d both compliment each other equally, actually, but I see Peri being the one who’s swooning over Ame’s mad flirting skills all the time.

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After this ep i'm starting to wonder if they'll show their first time. They made such a big deal about them making out, that I don't know if they'll also make a big deal about their first time. Hope I'm wrong ofc. I don't want their first time related to how anyone else feels about them like this make out. Just want it to be a beautiful moment.

I actually thought the opposite Nonnie! Because of the family-friendly nature of the show and the official TV-PG rating, I thought we would rarely get anything heated/sensual/passionate/suggestive, but last episode proved me wrong and I’m glad it did. I think they made a big deal about their make-out because it kind of is a big deal for them to be physical with each other after years of friendship. I like that they are showing quite literally the progression of their relationship, and I have no doubt it will culminate in a beautiful and emotional first time for both of them. I really think the entire episode being centered on the two of them wanting their own space to be together was for exactly that reason.

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can i request a scenario where work has prevented Ranpo and his s/o from seeing each other face to face for a long, long time, and when they finally get to see each other again they're both just. absolutely overjoyed!!! and just celebrate by spending so much time with each other and being sickeningly sweet !! tysm !!!

Ranpo Edogawa

It has been days since Ranpos jolly personality fell into a sour looking guy with crossed arms. He even ignored the director when he asked him something. It was really odd for Ranpo and nobody could explain what was wrong with him. However he had some kind of lovesickness. He missed you, his girlfriend.

Due your work, you hadn’t seen him the past weeks and he was starting to feel lonely and a bit ignored. Nobody was there to spoil him or make him sweets. And of course he missed your voice and face.. He tried to call you, he stopped counting the times where he dialed your number but your phone was off.

Ranpo sighed and pouted. Slowly he started to think you had forgotten him. Well that was until the door to the agency bursted open and revealed a familiar figure. “[NAME]!!!” Ranpo exclaimed and wailed his hands. He didn’t bothered to run to you and waited until you came closer. When you were before him, he stood up from his seat and tackled you to the ground, hugging you tightly.

“Seems like you missed me, eh?” you teased him and patted his back. You could hear his soft sobs of joy, he really thought you were gone forever (though he hadn’t any reason to think that but.. it’s Ranpo.) “Maybe.” he then sulked and looked up. You smiled, that look was priceless. So cute.

“Awwwww.” you heard Dazais voice behind you. “Shut up.” you snapped at him and helped Ranpo back to his feet after you stood up. Ranpos feet continued to tap at the ground becase he was so hyped and you giggled when you twirled around with him, happy to be reunited again.

“It’s so cute to see you like that.” you admitted and kissed his lips softly. Ranpo kissed you back, but you could feel his pout during the kiss. “What do you mean? I am always cute!” he whined and flicked his tongue. You chuckled and caressed his cheek. Ranpo was childish and arrogant most of the time, but when was apart you a while, he realized why he loved you and become really sweet and affectionate.

Though it never took long until he ruined it..

“Have you got me some sweets?”


A lot of SuperWonder art and fic (both romantic and platonic) likes to emphasize their differences, with Clark being sweet and shy and soft in comparison to Diana’s stubbornness and prideful nature, but I kind of wish they’d do it more like how they’re alike. Like both of them having contests and sparring and snarking at each other and arm wrestling over the last cola in the League fridge. Like yes, in comparison they are a little different, but there is so much lost opportunity in genuine fun bonding when that’s all I see.

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Do you think That there was something between sasori and deidara? Honestly i think so, i think kishimoto hide it but he show us signs like he calls him danna and he only care about sasori :3 ah also did you heard about the interview where a fan told him what kind of relationship is between them, kishimoto only smiled ! What do you think about this kind of answer ?

They are definitively close at least. Like best friends close. I see so many making Deidara and Hidan be best friends and Sasori and Itachi be best friends but honestly, those combos doesn’t really make sense. Sasori and Itachi has almost nothing in common exept that they are both “calm” which isn’t even true either, and Hidan and Deidara would constantly fight and go on each others nevers. Sure, Deidara would fight with anyone but with Sasori he still finds some form of peace and calmness. When those two don’t bicker they’re really collected and agree on most things. They share similar pasions and over all they work smoothly as a pair of best friends should do.

I will protect their frendship with my life and honor because it’s pure and it’s definitively canon. Their relationship as lovers/boyfriends/romantic partners on the other hand I won’t say is canon because there isn’t enough to support it. But on the other hand, the line between friendship and love is pretty thin.

AGH. I’m both super excited, and terrified, for my LARP event.

I’ve got the regional magics set especially for this event, and I LOVE THEM. They fit beautifully with what’s going on, and they were the first thing other than the briefest part of the story to be filled out. The paid pre-reg perks are done and detailed perfectly for each of the players there, taking into mind their characters and skills. The special event mechanic finished, and is going to be kind of awesome to watch happen.

Only a handful of rooms, the props, the puzzles, and the NPC stats to finish.

There’s so little left to do, and 2 weeks to finish it all up. This is crunch time.

I’m literally chugging coffee, hoping people like the event, the mechanic, the quest as a whole. (Stupidly, the caffeine is CALMING my nerves.) Hoping hoping hoping.

I really would love pictures too.

CIVIL WAR SPOILERS: Transcript of Steve’s letter to Tony

in case anyone was interested for fic/discourse reasons, here is a transcript of the letter steve sent tony at the end of the movie, below the read more:

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I would just like to say how much I absolutely adore this scene and specifically this line. Before now Yuuri has been afraid to open up. Either people have just stayed where they are and expect him to come to them or they were too pushy when he wasn’t ready to open himself up yet. But now with Victor, he’s found that when he does open up that Victor will meet him halfway. And sure Victor will push, but he won’t push so much as to make Yuuri unbearably uncomfortable. Just to make his intents known. And this is so so important. It shows that it’s not only one-sided, that they are both trying for each other, and this bond is absolutely beautiful. No matter what kind of relationship they have, this type of connection and communication is so necessary and I love it. They both truly respect each other. If I didn’t already love these two to death then I’d start now.


i have to accept that he’s different now
and our relationship won’t ever be what it was. 
          little early to sound the funeral bells don’t you think?

(part 2)


Olicity Meme: favorite episodes [2]
2x06 Keep Your Enemies Close

Closed RP - with darlingmistress.

Kylie sighed, looking around her now empty room. They’d taken most of her things that morning, to be brought to the new house she and her arranged bride would occupy. It was a nice house, she’d snuck a look at the plans. Large, with a pool, gardens, everything. And of course: nurseries. She didn’t entirely hate Thera herself, she hated that they would be forced together. She shouldn’t have expected any better though, that’s what rich girls were for, after all.

They were brought up and sold- sorry, married- off to another rich family, creating ties and future heirs. But Kylie had been one of the many girls who had hoped their future spouse would be someone they were in love with, or their soul mate or something. Thera had certainly not been any of that for Kylie. Although, she should have felt lucky. Most of the girls she knew had been married off to guys or women, who she’d heard had been less than kind to them. Kylie had heard enough horror stories to never want to come near her wife alone, especially as she had a good half a foot on her at the least. 

Finally the servants came to tell her it was time to go. She’d been dressed in a white, simple dress, as was tradition, even though they’d been married earlier. All the way there in the car Kylie fidgeted with the dress, hating it entirely. She’d never liked dresses. Eventually they reached the house and Kylie was shown inside and left alone to wait for Thera, who apparently wasn’t there yet. Sighing, Kylie wandered to the kitchen, spotting the bottle of mead on the table with two glasses. Mead, to warm the blood. Also tradition.


they’re both disdainful of the sort of power the other person wields. My guy has gotten very far in the military at a very young age. He doesn’t look like he’s seen a lot of action so you can imagine he’s made very smart moves and put people down to get where he is, whereas Kylo Ren seems to have done it through action rather than political [moves]. He’s got these mysterious powers that are freaky, I think, to people like Hux. I thought that dynamic was kind of cool. And each of them needs the other… it appears.
—  Domhnall Gleeson, on relationship between General Hux and Kylo Ren [x]

A Ghost-compiled summation of observed behaviors and activities over the course of one cycle in the company of a Risen Gunslinger.

[Entry 1.1] Guardian has been standing completely still in Tower plaza for approximately 3 hours. By my count, Guardian has not slept in 36 hours.

[Entry 1.2] Guardian spent fifteen minutes repeatedly jumping off of Tower. Hence, ten minutes of near-constant Ghost revival, punctuated only by a single visit to Eris Morn. Eris refused to dance with Guardian.

[Entry 1.3] Guardian spoke briefly with Cayde-6 while crouched on Vanguard table. I could offer him no explanation.

Guardian returned to orbit; set course for Mars.

[Entry 1.4] Guardian encountered another Gunslinger while on patrol. The two attempted some kind of synchronized handshake or greeting for the better part of five minutes without speaking. I do not believe they succeeded in their timing.

[Entry 1.5] Both Guardians spent one hour attempting to kills Vex Hydras with nothing but throwing knives. Succeeded. Admired each other’s cloaks.

Guardian returned to orbit alone; set course for Luna.

[Entry 1.6] Guardian spent one hour repeatedly trying to jump over the Hellmouth while riding Sparrow. Did not succeed. Guardian has not slept in 42 hours.

[Entry 1.7] Guardian received assassination bounty from Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. Danced upon receipt; shot several rockets into the sky while spinning in circles. 

[Entry 1.8] Guardian has grown strangely quiet. Has been transmatting various weapons and armor for several minutes.

[Entry 1.9] Guardian has equipped gauntlets crafted from the bones of an extinct creature. Spent 45 minutes adjusting color scheme of armor. Seems quite fond of appearance; asked me for several image-captures. Complimented her own cloak several times. 

[Entry 1.1.0] Guardian abruptly re-summoned Sparrow, rode Sparrow into depths of Hive temple. Did not dismount Sparrow. Sparrow destroyed due to repeated collisions with sentient and natural obstacles.

[Entry 1.1.1] Upon reaching Summoning Pits, Guardian attempted to kill Hive Abomination with sidearm. Failed.

[Entry 1.1.2] Upon Ghost revival, Guardian managed to single-handedly annihilate Hive Abomination with the combined power of the City’s finest weaponry.  Proceeded to dance on corpse of eliminated foe. 

[Entry 1.1.3] Guardian spent approximately one hour shooting walls of Hive tunnels, attempting to spell rude words.

Guardian returned to orbit, set course for Tower. 

[Entry 1.1.4] Guardian spent 5 hours attempting to persuade Commander Zavala to read lewd/inappropriate Fireteam names over Tower PA system. Guardian has not slept in 55 hours.

Guardian returned to Orbit. Set course for the Reef.

[Entry 1.1.5] Guardian spent seven minutes crouched behind Petra Venj, trying to hide from other Guardians. Obtained bounties from the regent. Leapt to her death in apparent celebration.

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Venus.

[Entry 1.1.6] Guardian singlehandedly killed Stirok, Banner of Oryx. Proceeded to dance on corpse of eliminated foe. 

[Entry 1.1.7] Guardian lost consciousness [slept?] for ~30 seconds while dancing; jerked awake screaming, related a description of a “Giant, bottomless mouth” attempting to devour her.

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Taken Dreadnought. 

[Entry 1.1.8] Appears to be in a bad mood. Refused to speak with me. Spent duration of journey in silence, stroking bone gauntlets.

[Entry 1.1.9] Guardian descended into depths of Dreadnought. Grim of aspect. Has repeatedly refused comm contacts from Vanguard. Seems determined.  Guardian has not slept in 62 hours.

[Entry] Guardian has utterly destroyed legions of Hive thrall, several minor priests, and a Coven Mother.

[Entry] Guardian has discovered apparent target: Hive Priest.

[Entry] Guardian has dispatched said target using only her boot-knife. Did not cease stabbing corpse of creature until long after it had expired and her armor was covered in gore and ichor. Ignored my attempts to drag her away - too busy laughing. I returned to stasis in protest. 

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Tower. 

[Entry] Guardian repeatedly asking me “What I just said.” I have not said anything to her. She seems distracted. Has not slept in at least 68 hours. 

[Entry] Guardian spoke briefly to Hunter Vanguard while dancing on table. Returned to Tower plaza.

[Entry] Guardian has been staring into the sky without blinking for one hour. Guardian is muttering to someone who is not me.

[Entry] Guardian refuses to sleep.

Relationship check Up

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship means that both members of the couple are…

1. Communicating with each other: Talking about problems without screaming and shouting; listening to each other, and respecting their viewpoint; being willing to adapt and to sometimes change their mind.

2. Showing respect for one another: Valuing the other person’s culture, beliefs, viewpoints, opinions and boundaries. Also, treating each other in a kind and caring way.

3. Demonstrating and conveying trust: Each person is trustworthy and trusts the other person – because they have been shown that they are worthy of that trust.

4. Honest with each other: Both are open and honest – but are private as well; and they don’t demand the other person tells them everything.

5. Equals: They make joint decisions and treat each other well. No person calls the shots or determines all the rules.

6. Able to enjoy their own personal space: As well as spending time together, they spend time on their own. They’re respect the fact they’re different, and they need their own life, too.

7. Decisions about sex are discussed, and are consensual: They discuss sex together, including birth control. There’s no one individual sets the rules and standards here.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship

An unhealthy relationship develops where one, or both, of the partners is…

1. Failing to communicate: Problems are ignored, or not talked about at all. One or both don’t really listen, and they rarely compromise.

2. Acting in ways that are disrespectful: One or both are inconsiderate toward the other person; and they don’t behave in ways that send the message that they care.

3. Refusing to trust the other person: One or both is suspicion of their partner’s loyalty. Hence, they make false accusations, or won’t believe the truth.

4. Acting in a way that is dishonest: One or both is deceptive, or they lie and hide the truth.

5. Acting in a controlling way: One person thinks that they should set the one who rules, controls the other person, and say how things should be.

6. Beginning to feel squashed and smothered / cutting themselves off from friends and family: One partner is possessive, or feels threatened and upset, when the other’s with their family or spends time with their friends.

7. Attempting to pressurise the other into sexual activity / refusing to talk openly about birth control: One partner wants the other to participate in sex, or to engage in different practices against that’s person’s will. Or, one of the partners stops using birth control, or expects the other person to “take care of all that.”

Signs of an abusive relationship

An abusive relationship develops when one of the parties…

1. Starts to communicate in ways that are abusive: When arguments occur, one of the partners screams and cusses, or they verbally threaten or attack the other person.

2. Shows disrespect through acting in abusive ways: This is where one of the partners abuse, harms or threatens the physical safety of the other individual.

3. Wrongly accuses their partner of flirting or cheating: One of the partners is convinced – with no real grounds – that their partner is cheating or having an affair. Thus, they lash out verbally, or hurt, the accused partner.

4. Refuses to accept responsibility for the abuse: When they fly into a rage or act in ways that are abusive, they miminise their actions and refuse to accept blame. They may even blame their partner for “causing the abuse.”

5. Starts to control the other partner: One partner has no say as the other sets the rules – and arguing against that simply leads to more abuse.

6. Does what they can to isolate their partner: One partner has control of who the other person sees, the way they spend their time – and, even, clothes they buy and wear. Thus, they start to lose their confidence and personality.

7. Forces sexual activity: The frequency, type and circumstances for sex are determined by one partner – and the other must comply. If they don’t acquiesce it leads to violence or abuse. Also, sometimes violence is included in the sex.

The thing that’s exciting is, BB-8 is her first ever friend, so that relationship was wonderful. And then with Finn… she’s never really had relationships in her life, so to have someone that not only is talking to her like she’s a person, but also because they’re the same age and they’re both searching for something, and they can see that in each other … it’s fun. It’s a wonderful combination of things. He’s sure of himself — kind of like me and John — he’s pretty sure of himself and that’s helpful, that’s like an anchor. And he’s brave, he tries to do the right thing, and he risks things for her, and that’s never happened to her before.

I’ve decided to do some kind of silly series,a crossover between F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the sans from different AUs, including Dream,Ink,Error,Cross,Fresh and Geno has the main cast, but we also have Reaper and Blue. (They’re separated in this way: the uke sanses and the seme sanses, the seme sanses live in a different apartment, both apartments are in front of each other)