but they are beautiful screenshots


Blue Exorcist scenery ❄️❄️❄️

this is such a good mys. heroes victory screenshot

  1. a beautiful team comp of 3 zen, 2 symm, 1 mei
  2. mei standing the fuck out bc she’s the only mei and also red
  3. all the zens have the same skin
  4. both symms have the same skin
  5. all the poses are different
  6. yet the lineup is nice and even
  7. some rgb + gold accent aesthetic
  8. the fact that this was a mystery heroes roll
  9. and a victory
The Beauty of Tamriel

Some of my favourite landscape shots from ESO.

Auridon, Summerset Isles:

Greenshade, Valenwood:

Bal Foyen, Morrowind:

Glenumbra, High Rock:

Stormhaven, High Rock (that’s how I imagine the village where my Breton Dragonborn Remedios grew up):

Rivenspire, High Rock:

Wrothgarian Mountain region:

The city of Orsinium (I don’t know if anyone else played that game, but this part of the city somehow reminds me of Mercuria from Dreamfall: The Longest Journey):