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Rushed Confessions - Requested

Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 1,905

Requested by: anonymous

“Can you do a tom holland x reader where the reader is sam and harry’s age and the three of them are really close but tom has always lowkey liked her and when he comes home or whatever he just like word vomits to her about liking her and just fluff?”

I absolutely loved this request, I may have tweaked it just a tiny bit, I hope you don’t mind. Also, apologies if it took so long! Thank you so much for sending it in, and I hope you like it! As always, REQUESTS ARE OPEN.


“Sam, mate, you’re supposed to catch it with your hands, not your face.”

“Shut up, Tom.”

“Sam! Sam! I’m open!”

Another day, another round of squabbles from the Holland brothers. The sound of their feet scuffling along the ground filled your ears along with a few (more than a few) colourful words coming from their mouths. The lads were playing basketball, if you could call it that. It actually looked more like they were just throwing the ball around then tackling each other afterwards.

“I’m not quite sure if that’s how basketball works.” You remarked from your spot on the Hollands’ backyard deck, there was no fucking way in hell that you were joining in with those cavemen.

“It’s not.” replied Paddy from next to you

“Padster, how come you aren’t joining in?” you asked

Paddy rolled up his shirt sleeve to reveal a rather nasty looking bruise. You let out a gasp that he promptly rolled his eyes at.

“Oh, come on, Y/N. It’s just a bruise, doesn’t even hurt.”

Harry let out a yelp as Sam and Tom tackled him to the ground. Paddy ran over to them, concerned for his older brother. You didn’t move though, you just rolled your eyes. He’d shake it off, like he always does.

Most your days were spent like this, being an honourary part of the Holland family, you basically lived with them. Sam, Harry, Tom, and you had christened yourselves “The Fab Four” since you were children, the fact that Tom was three years older than the rest of you never posed an issue (since he’s basically a child).

“Thanks for the concern, Y/N.” Harry said sarcastically as he passed you, going into the house to get some ice for his arm

“You’re so welcome, my child.”

“Shut up, we’re the same age!” he hollered from inside

You chuckled, quite pleased with yourself. Your phone beeped in your hands, you looked down to check it.

With Harry inside, the game had ceased. Sam had lifted Paddy above his head so he could reach the hoop.

“And here comes Paddy Holland with the winning shot!” Tom said in his special sports announcer voice

Paddy dunked the ball and both his brothers cheered. You chuckled to yourself but didn’t look up, too engrossed in your phone, well, until it was snatched from your hands.

“Rude!” you yelled, whipping around to face your enemy. All five feet and eight inches of Thomas Stanley Holland stood before you, he was smiling, your phone held high above his head.

“Using my height to your advantage, I see.”

Tom shrugged. “Well, love, I’ve got to. Sam and Harry make me look like a joke.”

Your attempts to jump for your phone were futile but since you weren’t one to back down easily, especially when it came to the brothers, you bent your knees and sprung upward forcefully. And although it was valiant effort, Tom caught you by your waist before you could even grab your phone.

Gravity pushed you down, inevitably taking Tom down with you. Your bodies crashed down onto the floor but Tom made sure to lay you on top of him so he could absorb the majority of the impact. The wind rushed out of your lungs as your back hit Tom’s chest, you heard him grunt from under you.

Sam and Paddy watched you two with interest, they shared a knowing look but said nothing, carrying on with their game.

“Tom! You fucking idiot!” you exclaimed, struggling to roll off of him since he was holding onto you tightly

He let out a big laugh, squeezing you. Tom has always loved you, he’s never told you right out, but as they say, actions speak louder than words. And in Tom’s case? They were screaming.

“Tom, come on, let go!” you elbowed him, making him loosen his grip on you

The both of you sat up, catching your breath. Your eyes met briefly, and you burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Paddy nudged Sam, “Look at them. Do you think Tom likes Y/N?”

“I’ll be damned if he didn’t.” Sam replied, noticing the way Tom looked at you.

Dom and Nikki invited you to stay for dinner which wasn’t an unusual occurrence. You all sat around the dining table, eating, laughing, swapping stories, and basically being a picture perfect family.

“I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have another lass in the house, Y/N. I’m so glad you’re around more often, love.” Nikki smiled at you from next to Dom

“I’ll be around even more, if you’d like.” you joked, earning laughs from everyone

“We’d love that, wouldn’t we, Tess?” Tom scratched the Blue staffy that has been sitting by his feet the entire dinner, scarfing down scraps happily

“Tom would love that.” Harry muttered as he sipped from his glass, a bruise was forming on his arm from their earlier game. Tom froze upon hearing his brother’s remark. What did this little fucker know?

Your spoon was suspended halfway to your mouth, you looked to Harry with a confused look on your face. The lighthearted chatter continued around you.

“We,” Sam punctuated, looking briefly at Tom “would all love that, Y/N. We could be the Three Musketeers while Tom is away.”

Tom inwardly sighed in relief. He gave Sam a thankful look, then simultaneously frowned at Harry.

“You could still be the Fab Four. I could stand-in for Tom.” Paddy said hopefully and oh-so adorably. You gave him an affectionate look and nodded.

“Of course you can stand-in for Tom. He’s a butt anyway for leaving us here.” you stuck your tongue out at the oldest Holland boy, which he returned. The parents snickered at all your antics, feeling accomplished for having created such a beautiful family.

“Who’s going to stand-in for Harry, then?” Dom asked

“Harry’s irreplaceable.” you stated nonchalantly, eating the last of your roast dinner

Dom stood up from his seat and called for everyone’s attention. “Can I have everyone’s attention, please? I’d better, or else you’re all grounded, except you, Y/N.”

You pumped your fist in the air triumphantly as everyone laughed.

“I just want to toast to Tom.” Dom continued, “As I always tell you, your life is changing. We all pray you never forget where you’ve come from, son. You’re doing us proud, representing Team Holland on the world stage and completely eclipsing my career. Safe travels, my boy!”

“Hear, hear!” Harry exclaimed as everyone raised their glasses


“Need help?” you strode into the kitchen, dinner having just ended. Tom was already doing the dishes, just like he always did.

“Oh shit, hey.” he hastily shut off the tap and turned to you

You leaned against the counter, gazing at Tom thoughtfully. He gazed back at you, trying to remember the way you looked.

“I thought you’d left already.” Tom said softly, leaning against sink, crossing his arms.

“Without saying good bye to my favourite Holland?” you replied, giving him a sly smile

He couldn’t stop the blush that spread across his cheeks. “And here I thought Harry was your favourite Holland, what with him being irreplaceable and all.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, well, well. I didn’t think my little comment would get under your skin so much.”

He ran his still soapy hands through his hair, not noticing the suds that stuck to his hair.

“You’re always getting under my skin, Y/N.” he chuckled nervously as you moved closer to him

“It’s a talent. Hold still a minute, Tom.” His heart nearly stopped as you reached up to brush the soap suds from his hair. His eyes involuntarily fluttered shut, savouring your touch.

“Y/N,” Tom breathed out once he felt your hand caress his cheek

“I-I’m sorry.” you stuttered out in reply, wringing your hands nervously. Had you crossed a line?

You began inching closer towards the doorway. Tom finally snapped out of his stupor and noticed your retreating form, he grabbed your hand. “No, Y/N, wait. I-I need to tell you something.”

A mixture of confusion and anticipation flooded your veins. He took a deep, cleansing breath that he expected would give him the composure he needed to say what he wanted to say, but instead:


Real smooth, Tom, real smooth.

Both of you stood in stunned silence, allowing Tom’s rushed confession permeate the still air. The rest of the Hollands were eavesdropping on you from the opposite side of the walls.

“You.. You what?” you managed to get out

Tom just wanted to pull his hair out, how he wished he had some of that Spider-man confidence right about now. He took another deep breath, and looked you right in the eyes.

“I love you. I have loved you for a long time now but I never said anything because I thought you’d think it was weird.”

There it was. He’d finally laid it all out for you. Now was your chance, you could finally release all of your pent up feelings for Tom, you could finally tell him how much he actually meant to you without the fear of being rejected or the fear of ruining the amazing friendship you two had built.

“Eight years,” you mumbled, just loud enough for Tom to hear “Eight years, I’ve been keeping this from you, from all of you.”

His heart was racing. Could it be? Was he luckier than he thought?

“What are you saying, Y/N?”

You shook your hair out in mild frustration. “Tom. I’ve loved you since I was ten.”

And with that, Tom took you in his arms in a bone crushing hug. He then lifted you in the air and spun you around like you didn’t weigh a thing. A mix of elation and adrenaline was coursing through Tom’s veins, you didn’t have to say anything else, the kiss Tom pressed to your lips did all the talking for you.

Now comfortably seated on the couch, you and Tom snuggled together. His hand drew patterns on your back while the other held yours tightly. It was already rather late, the realization that Tom was leaving tomorrow hit you rather hard.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he whispered to you “And I was wondering, Ms. Y/L/N, if you would like to accompany me for a few weeks?”

You looked up at his handsome face, trying to gauge if he was actually serious. “You want me to come with you?”

“Of course, Y/N.” he replied sincerely, placing a gentle kiss on your lips

“I’d love to.. But, maybe you should ask my folks first?”

Tom laughed. “I will. Don’t worry, they love me. They won’t say no.”

“I admire your confidence, Thomas.”

“Not as much as I admire you… So, you’ve been in love with me since you were ten?” he wiggled his eyebrows at you with the smuggest look on his face

“Shove off, Tom.”

He got on top of you and began peppering your face with kisses. “Oh, come on, Y/N! You know you looooove me.”

And you did. You really, really did. The best part was, he loved you too.

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headcanon that the first time Eddie and Richie kiss is when everybody else is asleep at a losers club sleepover

this is canon this is fact this is history (they’re aged up in this so)

*send me headcanon/moodboard requests*

- they usually have sleepovers at mike’s barn but this time the barn’s dirty so the losers have to relocate and pick somewhere else, plus it was nearing december getting a bit too chilly to sleep in an old barn
- god knows why they chose to go over richie’s
- but his parents wouldn’t home until late
- they had another “buisness meeting” and the house was pretty big so that’s where they decided to have their weekly sleepover

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GOT7~ When Their S/O Plays a Prank on Them

Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: hello, hola, annyeonghaseyo, bonjour, ciao… sorry im a little bit… idle?? i think thats the way you say that.. well i have another request for you ☺☺… The thing is: how the boys react to a prank that you and the rest of the members did to him… happily waiting for all the request you’re working on… ALL THE LOVE TO YOU💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

A/N: 5 languages that I know of. I’m proud of myself for being able to recognize them all haha. Anyhoo! Hope you enjoy and I’m so sorry fav anon that this took so long!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for GOT7 AND BTS☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

Masterlist ^.^

Mark Tuan

Mark would be shook™ Like he never saw this coming, ever… never ever.
sorry not sorry.
He’d laugh off his confusion of course but now he’d be much more cautious around you knowing that you’re getting into the pranks.

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

Im Jaebum

Jae would be surprised at first like, Whaa? My angel couldn’t have done this… But soon he’d start laughing with you as he hugged you tightly. He’d shake his head and be a bit disappointed because the youngers have finally got you into their devilish ways.

Originally posted by daefsoul

Jackson Wang

He’d be a little surprised and pretend to be hurt by this but truthfully he’d find it very funny. He would also try and get you to turn on your allies and help him with future pranks on the other boys.

Originally posted by jacksonwangblog

Park Jinyoung

Death Glare™ Jinyoung would see you as the enemy in prank wars from then on and wouldn’t take it easy on you but when he wins he’d run up behind you and hug you. (Scaring you in the process) but then he’d tell you how much he loves you bc he is so soft for you

Originally posted by jypnior

Choi Youngjae

So I may or may not be the minority but I don’t think youngjae would be too surprised. Hear me out, Youngjae loves you so damn much so he knows everything about you. Honestly, he’d probs be so quick to notice anything different in you, from your movements to the pitch in your voice so he’d know something’s up.

Originally posted by youngjai


Bambi would be proud. Like he wouldn’t even care when he found out that it was you bc as soon as he heard your name and prank in the same sentence he would hug you while kissing your cheek. Bam would be like jackson in the sense of helping you plan prank on the others.

Originally posted by dailybamx2

Kim Yugyeom

I feel like Yugy would be a mix of all the members. He’d get shook and surprised at first then get salty for a .5 second before realizing that it was a pretty good prank an- OH MY GOD SHE CAN HELP ME GET BACK AT MY HYUNGS

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'Grey's Anatomy': Izzie to return in spirit for 300th episode | EW

George and Cristina won’t be the only ghosts haunting Grey’s Anatomy‘s 300th episode.

The landmark hour finds all hands on deck as the docs of Grey Sloan tend to patients of a roller coaster accident who spark memories of their past; for example, two of them look eerily similar to George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). But EW can now reveal that there will also be another patient who reminds the docs of Katherine Heigl’s Izzie Stevens. That means the original Fab Five interns, which also included Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), will sort of be reunited during the 300th episode!

“Cristina, George, and Izzie we’re thinking about a lot during this episode because our three guest actors on the show actually really look like them and remind the rest of the doctors of those characters,” Sarah Drew says. “That causes the original group to really remember those people well and want to fight for these ones to live.”

Brawling Love Part 13

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing probably, emotions

A/N: Sorry for not posting yesterday, I fell asleep at 1pm and slept the whole day away but I’ll try to post 2 times today.

You didn’t wait a day like Tony told you to. You didn’t even wait two. You waited five days until you mustered up the courage to speak to him. You practiced what you’d say to him, chose your words wisely because you didn’t want to say something wrong; to mess up.

You enter the common room, spotting Bucky raiding the mini fridge. With a deep breath you make your way over to him with a small smile on your face.

“Hey Bucky.” you catch his attention and he looks at you with no emotion. “Can we-”

Without letting you finish your sentence, he walks past you and into his room, slamming the door behind him. You stand there in shock, staring at the place he was once standing in. You lift your head, looking around at everyone who stared right back at you.

“What the hell was that?” you blurt. No one says anything in response. The short silence was interrupted by Steve clearing his throat.

“I’ll go talk to Bucky.” he says.

“Hold up there capsicle,” Tony stops him. “remember the last time you tried talking to him?” Steve lets out a sigh. “I’ll go talk to him.”

Tony exits the common room to go talk to Bucky and you scoff, shaking your head.

“Y/N.” Wanda comes forward but you wave her off, going back to your room as well.

Tony enters Bucky’s room, seeing him sitting up against his headboard. “Hey there bionic Buck.” Tony smiles.

Bucky glares up at him due to the nickname. “What.”

“Nothing just wanted to see how you’re doing.” Tony responds.

“Why would you want to see how I’m doing? You hate me.” Bucky says as Tony stood in front of him.

“You’re right about that.” Tony nods. “You did kill my parents-”

“Thanks for reminding me.” Bucky cut him off.

“But I do have a heart-”


“And I looked past that. We were working together to stop Y/N from seeing Ben.” Tony says.

“Is there a reason as to why you’re talking to me? Because it sounds like you’re just pulling words out of your ass.” Bucky sighed.

“Look, I just want to know why you stormed off back there, it was sudden and surprised all of us, especially Y/N.” Tony spoke.

Bucky scoffed. “Whatever.”

“So I’m guessing that talk you two had, didn’t work out?” he questioned.

“Talk? What talk?” Bucky replied. The talk with Steve?

“After you walked out of Y/N’s room I went in there to talk to her. She was gonna talk to you that same day but I told her to wait a day, you know, let you cool off.” he explained in little detail.

Bucky sat up straight. “She didn’t talk to me. Not until today.”

Tony rubs his facial hair. “Hmm. Interesting.” he looked back at the door. “I will be right back.”

Tony didn’t wait for Bucky to respond. He walked back into the common room and searched for you.

“She’s in her room.” Sam says before Tony could ask.

He nods and walks over to your room, knocking two times. “It’s Tony, open up.”

You shuffled over to your door and pull it open. “What did I do now?”

“Not talk to Bucky like you agreed you’d do.” he responds, raising an eyebrow.

“I just - I was scared and I didn’t know what to say. I was even gonna write a letter and give it to him instead. You wanna see-”

“Stop.” he held his hand up and you sigh.

“I just didn’t want to say the wrong thing and make the situation worse. He told me he liked me and I just stood there silently I mean who does that?” you say, allowing your arms to fall at your side.

“You were shocked, it’s fine.” Tony says.

“I should try again.” you speak, walking past Tony and over to Bucky’s room.

“Y/N just wait-” he calls after you.

You ignore Tony and knock on Bucky’s door until he opens it. “Listen Bucky, I-”

“I don’t wanna talk to you.” Bucky cut you off. You open your mouth to speak once again but he slammed the door shut, leaving you to stare at the wood.

Weeks have passed by and every time you try to talk to Bucky, he makes an excuse or simply leaves the room so, you stopped trying three days ago. In those three days you have gone on another date with Ben, to get your mind off things.

Bucky went to his old ways as well, going on dates with girls, bringing them home, you know the drill. The whole team noticed how you two went from arguing all the time, to being friends, to not talking at all and they hoped you two would talk again. Even if it was you guys arguing.

“Y/N can you call Bucky down for dinner?” Steve asked, glancing at you from where he stood, mixing whatever was in the pot.

“No.” you respond.

“It’s not gonna kill you to say two words to him.” he says.

“What words? Fuck you?” you respond with a smile.

“Slow down there tiger.” Tony cuts in. “Steve’s right, it’s not gonna kill you to talk to him.”

“Why do I have to go tell him? It’s not like he’ll stand in front of me long enough to get a damn word out.” you huff.

“Just go.” Steve sighed.

“Why can’t Clint or Sam do it? They-”

“Y/N stop being childish.” he cuts you off.

you scoff. “I’m the one being childish but the guy who won’t spare me a glance isn’t. That makes perfect sense.”

“Y/N I’m not-”

“I’m going, alright?” you groan, standing up from your chair and walking down the hall to Bucky’s bedroom. You knock twice before opening the door. “James, dinner’s rea-” you stop mid sentence when you see him lip-locked with some girl on his bed. You feel your chest tighten at the sight.

You know you shouldn’t be jealous or heartbroken because you’ve been seeing Ben but you couldn’t help it. Your crush was still there despite him giving you the cold shoulder. Why couldn’t you get over him?

“Fucking knock next time Y/N!” he exclaimed as the female patted her hair down.

“S-Sorry. I’m sorry. Steve told me to tell you that dinner is ready.” you quickly shut the door, placing a hand on your chest as you took in deep breaths, trying not to cry.

You repeated the words ‘don’t cry’ as you made your way into the kitchen where everyone sat at the table. You make yourself known when you rummage through the cabinets for a plate.

“I served you already, Y/N.” Tony speaks up. You turn towards the table, seeing a plate where you always sat.

“Thanks T.” you murmur. You sit down, getting ready to eat when Bucky walked in, arm draped over the girl he was just making out with.

“Glad you could join us, Buck.” Steve smiled at his friend.

Bucky nods. “Do we have an extra chair for Sophia?” he motions to the girl beside him.

“Uh, I think-”

“She can sit here.” you cut Tony off as you got off your chair.

“Y/N there’s another chair we can bring in.” Tony tells you but you shake your head.

“I have some work to do in my room anyways, I’ll just eat in there.” you respond, grabbing your plate and going to your room before someone could stop you. Obviously you were lying, you just didn’t want to be in the same room as Bucky and Sophia.

Bucky watched you leave the room and sighed softly before turning to Sophia. “Sit.” he nods over to the empty chair.

Sophia walks over to your abandoned chair, about to sit when Bucky stopped her. “Not that chair.” she gives him a look but goes to sit down in his chair. Even though you two weren’t speaking there was no way in hell he’d let another girl sit in your seat.

Bucky serves the girl a plate of food before sitting down in your chair. When he finally looked at the rest of the team, they were all staring at him.

“What?” he questioned. They all shook their heads, mumbling ‘nothing’ as they turned their attention to their food.

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baekhyun stans: people think they’re a basic bitch like fuck off

chanyeol stans: people just can’t relate to them that much

jongdae stans: they’re too fab that it poses a threat 

kyungsoo stans: resting bitch face

jongin stans: …………………awkward ???

kris stans: they’re indulge themselves in things that people find weird ??

yixing stans: fucking perverted like they misunderstand everything it’s scary

luhan stans: don’t like them because they’re jealous of them :////

sehun stans: also resting bitch face

junmyeon stans: highkey jealous of them or people don’t avoid them

tao stans: because they’re so fucking sensitive it scares them away

minseok stans: fucking scary whether or not they’re pissed or not

misc headcanons

-jet can pole dance, he used to do it at club starship but will do it now and again

-show pony can lick their elbow and their nose

-kobra secretly takes pictures of everyone to make sure the memories last

-jet can juggle, but no ghoul he will not juggle chainsaws

-tommy has on multiple occasions offered to buy party in exchange for a months worth of whatever the rest of the four want, ghoul almost got a month of smokes before jet intervened

-Dr.D has a notebook that keeps track of every stupid thing he’s seen people do in case he needs to blackmail them

-one of the entries is when kobra licked a cactus to see if he could “be one with nature”

-the girl likes to start rumors about the fab four so she can watch the chaos when they find out about them

-her favorite rumor is that party once made out with the witch and that’s why they can’t die, followed closely by kobra having a live snake in his pants 24/7

-mad gear and the missile kid have songs ranging from screaming for 20 minutes to so soulful you can’t help but cry

that’s all for today folks!

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smile headcanon!! who has the prettiest genuine smile?

uh tweek. jk jk jk it’s pretty much gonna be token cause he got them braces, took care of them, and now has fab teeth. the next person probably gonna be stan. then cartman. and then the rest has like crooked, braces or just okay teeth. 

tweek probably has stained teeth cause he drinks so mUCH coFFEE. 

'Grey's Anatomy' boss and cast on hitting 300 episodes | EW

On Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy will do what few shows have done before, hitting the landmark 300th episode.

Hot off the immediate successes of Lost and Desperate Housewives, ABC launched the Ellen Pompeo-starring Grey’s Anatomy as a midseason replacement on March 27, 2005. Kicking off with decent numbers in its nine-episode first season, the Shonda Rhimes medical drama became a runaway hit by season 2, partially thanks to the post-Super Bowl episode that helped cement the show in the pop culture zeitgeist.

“It’s been pretty special,” says original cast member James Pickens Jr. “I’m in a fraternity that most actors will never get into, and that’s to be in one show for this long. Most actors will go their whole career and never experience 14 seasons. We’re lucky to get a job and go several episodes, but to have something that has gone this long and had the kind of impact it’s had with our fans, it’s been pretty amazing, it’s been a true blessing.”

It’s a blessing many in the cast didn’t think would ever happen. In fact, fellow original Chandra Wilson kept her day job into season 2. “I [had] done a sitcom for ABC in 2001 and it’s the whole, don’t put all your eggs in one basket scenario,” Wilson says. “I said bye to everybody, packed up, moved to L.A., came out to do the show, and the show didn’t work out. I was like, ‘Oh no, what do I do now? Do I stay?’ I hadn’t planned on being in L.A. not working and had to go back to New York. I said, ‘Okay, I learned from that.’ So this next opportunity came up three years later, and I’m like, ‘Sure, I’ll go back and forth, I’ll commute, I won’t move — give me a chance to see what happens.’ I basically flew back and forth. I came to work and went back home on the weekends. Once season 2 started, my job said, ‘Do not call in this weekend, because you’re not coming. Your show is doing very well, you’re not coming.‘”

While Wilson says she’s constantly amazed by Rhimes’ ability to reshape the show and evolve these characters — the story originally centered on five interns in their first year, most of whom have since left — for their fearless leader herself, Rhimes says she’s also changed a lot over the last 300 episodes. “I’m not such an introvert as I was anymore,” Rhimes says. “I think I’ve grown a lot as a businesswoman and as a leader. I said yes a lot, I started having a little bit more fun, although [my daughter] feels that I’m a nerd, I think I’ve started to enjoy this. I’ve learned how to enjoy it and I’ve stopped thinking it’s going to go away. That only happened a couple years ago, where I thought that this is all going to stop at any minute.”

Rhimes certainly shows no signs of slowing down, either. Over the last 14 seasons, as Grey’s has continued to be a ratings juggernaut for ABC, the uber-producer launched six-season spin-off Private Practice, critically acclaimed Scandal and Viola Davis vehicle How to Get Away with Murder, along with short-lived fare Off the Map, The Catch, and Still Star-Crossed. She also recently signed a lucrative Netflix deal, while ABC has another spin-off of Grey’s in the works that will be set in a Seattle firehouse, with flagship star Jason George set to star. Mix that with actually reaching 300 episodes, and executive producer Debbie Allen says it’s all a testament to Rhimes’ staying power. “How many shows get to do 300?” Allen says. “It is a real point in the legacy of Shonda Rhimes and who she is, this is home base for her, this show is the beginning and it speaks volumes about what might come and what is coming.”

Part of the show’s own staying power came from Rhimes and the writers introducing new characters each year, from initial love interests-turned-beloved faces like Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) to legacy characters like Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary). “Everything that can be implied by the number 300, should be implied,” Capshaw says. “It’s weighty, it’s a lot, it’s incredible, it’s fortunate, it’s earned, it’s a ton of things — above and beyond all that, it’s sort of magical, it’s definitely a unicorn, it doesn’t happen often.”

“I’m so unbelievably grateful, it’s a gift,” adds Sarah Drew, whose character April Kepner joined Grey’s in season 6 when then-Seattle Grace literally merged with another hospital, therefore introducing a slew of new characters. “It’s not something I ever expected that I would have in my life. Before I did this show, I was just guest-starring from show to show to show, and so many shows start and go for maybe three seasons, maybe three episodes, but to be on a show this long-lasting, I’ve been able to have both my kids while being on this show, in a completely and amazing supportive environment of female leadership, who really lifted all of us up and never once made us feel like we were a nuisance for getting pregnant. All of that, I just feel like I have been nurtured and protected and cared for this whole time. It’s just a privilege to be a part of something that’s so huge and so far-reaching, and has affected so many people’s lives.”

It doesn’t hurt that the series tends to include a dozen or so series regulars at any moment — this season includes 14 — allowing for more ensemble stories despite the show’s title. “What’s wonderful is that it’s such a collaboration,” Scorsone says. “I think everybody turns in such beautiful performances and we all appreciate the work and the talent that all of our compatriots bring to the table. We get to go in and play, and do our bit. It really is a company of players and it’s greater than the sum of its parts. It’s an honor to be part of it.”

As for the actual episode, the milestone hour — which aptly pulls its name from Hamilton’s closing number, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” — brings the Shondaland roller coaster to life. Literally. After a nightmare accident involving a county fair ride, it’s all hands on deck as Meredith and the docs of Grey Sloan tend to patients who ignite memories of ghosts from their past. Those ghosts include patients who look like original Fab Five membersCristina (Sandra Oh), George (T.R. Knight), and Izzie (Katherine Heigl). “Cristina, George, and Izzie we’re thinking about a lot during this episode because our three guest actors on the show actually really look like them and remind the rest of the doctors of those characters,” Drew says. “That causes the original group to really remember those people well and want to fight for these ones to live.”

But those originals won’t be the only ones mentioned over the hour. Executive producer Krista Vernoff included an Easter egg hunt that will honor the beloved characters who have since left the show. Drew also mentions nods to characters including Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and Callie (Sara Ramirez), which Capshaw seems to confirm. “There’s just familiar faces that sort of re-conjure some lifelong loves that we might have had during the course of love in the show, and so they come up and they make you very happy,” Capshaw says. And certainly Meredith’s late-love Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) presence will also loom large during the hour. “There are definitely some echoes of my brother,” Scorsone teases. “There’s a situation that happens that has some similarities to a situation with him.”

A little something to start with...

Hello! Um so.. this is my first Simbar fic ever so please don’t judge me too hard 😅I tried okay?😁 I hope you’ll enjoy it, you can give me some feedback on what sucked and in what I could get better🤷🏻‍♀️ or just your opinion would be fine. I want to thank my twinnie Emma @deliverygirlx for giving me advices through out the writing process and for proofreading. I love you❤️ and then one big THANK YOU to the squad (you know who you are❤️) for encouraging me to write🙈 It means a lot.💕 I lava you, girls!!❤️❤️
Okay I’m done now, you can start reading

Ambar was sitting on her bed, staring at nothing and thinking about the Prom, which is coming closer and closer. It’s basically in a week and she still doesn’t have a date! I mean, she could ask any boy to go with her, it’s easy like that… except she doesn’t want to. Everytime she imagine dancing with a boy at her prom, she sees a cute little smile and soft brown eyes that are looking at her gently and.. cling . She jumps a little and blinks from her daydreaming. STOP! She can’t think like that! No. No, no, no, no! She takes her phone to look who’s writing her and then rolls her eyes at the message..
Jazmín: S.O.S.!! I need your advice immidiately! Roller in 20 minutes! It’s SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT!!

Twenty minutes later she arrives at the Roller. Before she enters, she suddenly becomes nervous and starts mumbling.
“Please don’t be here. Please don’t be here… okay Ambar. Breathe in and breathe out. What is wrong with you??” She puts on her confident face and enters the Roller. The first thing she does is look around carefully and when she doesn’t see him, she feels relieved.. but disappointed at the same time. She spots her friends and goes to sit down with them.
“So! What is it Jazmín?” she says instead of greeting them.
“Guess. You have one try..” says Delfi and rolls her eyes.
“I’m inviting Simon to prom and I need your advice how to do it in the most romantic way!!!” says Jazmín, almost jumping on her chair.
“What?” she stares at her in surprise, feeling like someone just punch her in the stomach with all their strength.
“What? Ambar! Concentrate please! This is super SUPER important okay? I need all of your ideas! So I was thinking: Simón coming to the Jam&Roller in the morning to work. Dark everywhere and then suddenly.. BAM! The lights are on and I will jump up from a huge box with a huge sign that will say: ‘PROM?’ BUT!! But!! There’s more okay?? Imagine Delfi filming that for Fab&Chic! LIVE! So the whole world can see Jamón finally get together!! Thousands of viewers, thousands of Jamón shippers! Ahhhh! PER-FECT. Genial right?” Jazmín clasps her hand excitedly.
Ambar bursts into laughing. “That’s one of the worst and most ridiculous ideas that you’ve ever had Jazmín. Please! Do you really think he would like that??!”
Jazmín frowns: “Really? And what would he liked then?”
Ambar imagines the brown eyes again and she get lost in her thoughts, doesn’t even realize she’s speaking out loud. “Something modest… just go to him and simply ask..he doesn’t like big things that catches attention. He’s too shy for that..”
She smiles unconciously and doesn’t see the puzzled look at Delfi’s and Jazmín’s faces.
“Just ask him? Without… anything ?!That’s SUPER OUT! How would you know anyway? You don’t know him like I do.”
She snaps out of her thoughts and swears in her head. Then put on a fake smile.
“Then why did you wanted my advice, Jazmín? It seems like you already have the perfect plan how to invite him! So why are you bothering me with it!!?” She doesn’t realize she’s screaming until she looks around and sees everybody staring at her. She takes her things and march out from the Roller.
Why is she so angry? What did Jazmín said that was so bad to start screaming? You don’t know him like I do … it keeps resonating in her head over and over again.
“Of course I don’t know him like she does! I don’t even want to know him more! Why would I? This is ridiculous! He’s just a stupid Lunita’s pet! I don’t even care if he goes to the prom with Jazmín! I can go with the hottest guy in this town! Ambar Smith can do so much better !” As soon as she gets home, she gets herself a hot date but for some reason, she doesn’t feel better at all. She actually feels worse than before. She lays down on her bed and can’t control the one tear that falls down her cheek..

She wokes up to a notification for Fab&Chic live. She’s immidiately wide awake and clicks on it to watch it. It opens right in the moment when Simon walks to the Roller and the lights turn on. She can’t believe Jazmín actually did it… she watches his shocked expression and when he says ‘Yes’, her world becomes a blur. She can’t see anything through the tears in her eyes but she’s glad she doesn’t see the rest. She doesn’t even want to imagine what came after that ‘yes’. She throws the tablet across the room angrily and starts screaming.
“I don’t need neither of them!! I don’t need anyone !! I am Ambar Smith !!! Neither of these losers matters to me!”

She manages to avoid both of them for the rest of the week. She even manages to convince herself it means nothing to her anymore. When she arrives at the prom, everybody is looking at her and her hot date, Marcos, amazed. But she can’t enjoy the attention.. not tonight. She sees Delfi and Pedro, already dancing and she smiles at how happy they look together. She starts searching the crowd again carefully, and feels relieved when she doesn’t see them . She drags Marcos to the dance floor and start dancing with him. A few songs later she looks up and completely freezes. Coming through the entrance are Jazmín with Simón, Jazmín hanging on Simón, and both of them laughing at something. She can see his dimples and his wrinkles around his eyes which appears when he smiles. She wishes it wasn’t so loud in the room, so she could hear his cute laugh. Suddenly he looks at her too and their eyes meet. She feels like her heart missed a beat and she stops breathing. He smiles a little and wave at her. But before she raises her hand and wave back, he’s already looking at Jazmín again, who is dragging him to the dance floor right next to her and Marcos. She tries to push back the disappointment and pretend that nothing happened, but she can feel the lump in her throat. She tries to shake it off and concentrate on Marcos and dancing again, but she can’t stop looking at them, dancing just a few metres from her. Jazmín talking and laughing all the time, looking at him with heart eyes. You’d have to be blind not to see how much she likes him. She gets a wave of nauseous feeling at the thought and looks away. When she looks back, it isn’t Jazmín, who is facing her, but Simón. To her surprise it seems like he’s not paying attention to what Jazmín is saying, just barely smiling and nodding absently. She feels the need to smirk but then Simón leans closer to her and whispers something in her ear. Jazmín starts jumping excitedly and hugs him. When she gives him a kiss on the cheek, Ambar feels like her heart dropped down to the ground and the lump in the throat gets worse. She can feel tears burning in her eyes.
“I need to get some fresh air, sorry.” she lets go of Marcos and starts running to the exit, trying to hold the tears at least a few seconds more, until she’s outside.
She runs out of the building and finally lets the tears go. She feels like someone is ripping her heart out of her chest, so much pain, but at the same time she can’t help herself being angry. SO angry. With him, with Jazmín, but the most with herself . Angry for being so stupid to fall for a guy like him . For being so stubborn and not asking him first before Jazmín. For missing her chance. A sob escapes from her throat. She feels ridiculous, crying here on the street for a guy that she used to despise. She’s so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t hear the door opening behind her.
She jumps a little and when she recognize the voice, she freezes. She quickly wipes away her tears and tries to calm herself down.
“Are you okay?”
Still with her back turned to the voice, she crosses her arms and says nothing.
“You know… you don’t look like you’re having much fun at your prom..” he tries again.
“You don’t look like you’re having fun either!” she finally snaps back.
“Well, it’s not my prom, so I’m not important in this. I wouldn’t even be here… If a friend hasn’t asked me to go with her..”
“Hey.. what’s wrong?”
She can feel him coming closer and when he puts his hand on her arm, she winces and her skin starts tingling right at the place, where he touches her. He slowly turns her around so she faces him and she looks away, trying to pretend like she hadn’t had a breakdown just two minutes ago because of him.
“Everything’s fine! I just needed some air.. there’s so many people inside..” She tries to avoid his eyes, while he tries to analyze her face.
“Have you been crying?”
Dang it! Why does he have to be so good at reading her emotions?
“No! No I’m fine!” she tries to lie, although she knows he’ll see right through it.
“Stop lying to me. Did the guy say something to you? Or did?”
“The guy.. your… date .” the way he says the word 'date’ surprise her so much that she finally looks into his eyes. She realizes too late that it was a mistake and she gets lost in them straight away.
“Uh.. I mean.. No. No, it’s not him.. he didn’t do anything wrong..”
“Then what is it?” his clueless face makes her angry again.
“And why do you care so much?!!! Why don’t you go back in there and enjoy the rest of the night with Jazmín?!”
She can see the shock in his eyes. “What? Is this what’s it all about? You are jealous ?”
“I am NOT jealous okay!? You can do whatever you want! And go to prom with whoever you want! I don’t care okay!?”
“Who are you trying to convince here exactly? Me or you?” he says quietly.
She gasps but doesn’t say anything.
“You know… if you wanted to go to prom with me.. you could have just asked.. I would say yes.” His smile is making her feel week, but she tries to resist.
“And what makes you think I wanted to go with you?! Huh?”
“I don’t know… maybe the looks that you were giving us all night and the fact that when Jazmín hugged me, you ran away?”
She’s so shocked that she just opens her mouth, unable to say anything.
He giggles. “Yeah.. I thought so..”
She can feel her cheeks getting red. “That… that doesn’t mean anything!”
“Are you sure? Because if it have meant at least something .. I could do this…”
She doesn’t realize what is he trying to do until his lips are on hers and she feels like something inside her exploded. When he moves away after only a few seconds, she almost groans in frustration.
He smirks. “What about now? Still means nothing to you?”
She tries to remember how to breath properly and tries to calm down her heart that is beating way too fast. She bites her lip to stop her smile that starts appearing on her face and somehow manages to answer. “Nope. Still nothing…”
“Hmm… well in that case, I feel like I have to try again..”
He kisses her again, this time with more passion, taking her by the waist and bringing her closer to him. She answers his kiss with eagerness, while putting her hands around his neck, bringing him closer as well. If she’s ever imagined kissing him, the actual thing was a hundred times better. For a moment, she forget about everything else, perceiving only his lips on hers. When they break apart after a few more seconds, she feels like her knees will fail her at any moment now. He leans his forehead on hers and then pokes her nose with hers and smiles.
“Still nothing?” he asks breathless.
“I think this time it was maybe a little something…” she answers and looks at him, this time she can’t stop the smile that is appearing on her face.
“Well.. I think that’s a good start..” he laughs and leans in to kiss her again.


Tangled Rapunzel Wig Tutorial by nocturnalbloom

Hello bunnies, this is my rapunzel wig I just finished for Anime Revolution 2015 in Vancouver. No photoshoot pics yet because the con is August 14-16. The wig is 150 cm and does not weigh too much! I saw these on etsy selling for like 300$??? I think in total this costed me like 75$. Not gonna lie though, this wig made me cry once, I hate tangly wigs ToT. Thinking about adding battery operated lights? I looked up a ton of tutorials but i ended up doing it a bit differently. Anywho here’s how I did this, i’m sorry I’m terrible at explaining things:

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anonymous asked:

How about some killjoy angst? Fights the four have had with each other or some negative headcanons you have (sorry but it's been that sort of day)

anon my buddy o’ pal you have opened a door you might not have wanted open
here we go:

-Once jet got so mad at party that he called party “a boy playing dress up for attention” and the two spent a month ignoring each other. Jet because at first he was mad and then couldn’t believe what he had said. Party because they trusted jet and had never felt so betrayed.

-Kobra once destroyed a new bomb ghoul was making, which had expensive materials in it. Ghoul got so mad that he started choking Kobra and it took both jet and party to separate the two.

-ghoul constantly feels like a burden and will do dangerous things on the off chance he’ll get killed

-Kobra feels terrible when party gets hurt because he’s the one who dragged party into the desert in the first place

-sometimes when visiting a neutral town, the girl will see kids her age running around with their siblings and parents. While she sees the four as family she still wishes that she knew her birth parents

-party constantly wonders if life would have been better in the city, sure they would be drugged up but it would be so easy. They don’t tell the others these thoughts

-due to the numerous times that party has been in “rehabilitation” centers, they can no longer sleep alone in fear that they will be back in a cold white room when they wake. Once they woke up alone and it took the rest of the four an hour to calm party down and remind them that they were safe

-all of the four have given up food and water to make sure the girl is fed, sometimes to the point of fainting

well this was fun! maybe I’ll share more one day

reasons for Vox Machina in a Grease AU:

  • Keyleth, new to the school, and Vax, singing “Summer Nights” to their respective groups
  • (Pink Ladies: Vex, Pike, Zahra, Keyleth is new; T-Birds: Vax, Percy, Scanlan, Grog, Kash)
  • Percy singing “Greased Lightning”
    • Percy and his shitty car that he worked all summer to buy, and now he’s going to fix it up and win the race against the rival gang who may or may not be the Briarwoods
    • Percy in tight jeans and a t-shirt doing the “Greased Lightning” dance  *fans self*
  • Vex as Rizzo. Vex with “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”, annoyed by Keyleth and also wary of her for Vax’s sake. Vex climbing down the drainpipe and kicking the T-Birds out of the car so she and Percy can drive off and make out. Vex and the pregnancy scare. Vex and “But the worst thing I could do…would be to cry in front of you”
    • (that whole song is so Vex’ahlia, I cry)
  • Vax joining track so he can get a letterman’s jacket and impress Keyleth tbh
  • Zahra drops out to go to beauty school but she does just fine because she’s hella fab and competent and amazing. Vax gets the angel who comes down to advise him like in that Debbie Reynolds movie. It’s Gilmore, obviously. He flirts the entire song, even while giving spot-on advice for Vax bettering himself and apologizing if he really wants to win Keyleth. At the end, he whispers, “If it doesn’t work out, call me”
  • Pike is in a long-distance relationship with a marine none of the rest of them know
  • Kima and Allura are background lesbians the entire time. They get like one line each, but they’re in pretty much every scene with background people, obviously a couple, and they come in like third in the dance contest
  • that girl who steals the show at the dance, and also steals Vax to do so, is totally the Raven Queen
  • Keyleth, hair permed, clothes tight and black, eyeshadow Expert: “Tell me about it…stud.”
    • Vax.exe ceases to function for a moment. Then he starts stripping, and all but kneels at her feet
    • Pike cues Keyleth to drop her cigarette and crush it beneath her heel
    We’re one of a kind, like dip-da-dip-da-dip doo-wop-da-doo-bee-doo
    Our names are signed, a-boogedy-boogedy-boogedy-boogedy shooby-be-doo-wop-she-bop
    Chang chang changitty-chang-sha-bop
    We’ll always be like one, wa-wa-wa-waaah
    When we go out to fight,
    Though dragon fire’s bright
    Up in the sky above…
    We’ll always save the day!
    Though doors may bar the way!
    Baby, it must be love!
Exo reaction to Xiumin's Abs

Luhan: Guys have you seen Xiumin’s body?

Suho: No…but we know he’s been working hard in the gym..

Luhan: well all that hard work has really paid off I mean his abs ….I’m just like woah…..


Luhan: I just…I mean its just I just

Chanyeol: Luhan why are you even talking to us about Xiumins abs?

Baekhyun: yeah…..i mean its not like we want to see them but if we did could we possibly you know look at them? Maybe even touch them….


Baekhyun: what?

Chen: Luhan do you need some water because you look thirsty haha

Luhan: You know what Jongdae how about I put my foot up your troll looking ignorant as-

Baekhyun: So are we not going to see xiumins abs? Or……..



Xiumin:* walks into the room*

Luhan: Xiumin!!

Xiumin: What luhan? What do you want?

Luhan: Please show them your abs….

Xiumin: What?! Damn it Luhan I thought I told you to not spy on me anymore! This is why I put a restraining order on your delusional ass!

Luhan: Oh come on you know you can’t say no to me

Tao: um what’s with all the noise?

Sehun: yes some of us are trying to get some beauty sleep I mean sebooty can’t look this fab without his beauty rest

Kai: what?

Tao: ugh you know we need our rest

Sehun: Tao you know they don’t speak pretty people language like us

Kai: and what is that supposed to mean?

Sehun: that you speak the language of a peasant duh ….you know what I don’t have time for this

Kai: What’s your problem?

Sehun:my problem is I’m surrounded by peasants and why is Lay shirtless?

Lay: What I’m expressing my mature side…we are grown men and its time to start acting like one. So enough with the stupid accessories and the fighting and unnecessary stalking and will someone get these thirsty hoes some water! And put your chest out…

Kai: wow

Tao: That

Sehun: Was

Baekhyun: Hot

Chanyeol: …….

Baekhyun: ugh what?!!

Xiumin: you know what Lay you’re right its time be a man!

Luhan:please take the shirt off! Please take the shirt off…..

Chanyeol: baekhyun I can’t believe you! What is wrong with you?! I’m the only man for you not xiumin or anyone else!

Baekhyun: Chanyeol you know I only love you and only you

Xiumin: * takes off his shirt*

Baekhyun: and you know I would never- ahh he took the shirt off!!!

Luhan: God is real

Baekhyun: Xiumin I love you please let me have your babies!!!

Chen: What the?!

Luhan: uh Chanyeol come get your hoe away from my man

Xiumin: I am not your man

Kai: you know what I agree with Lay out with the chest *takes off his shirt*

Kyungsoo: * silently crying* yes….yes…yaaassss

Chen: out with the chest! *takes off shirt*


Sehun: Tao go get the camera this is so going to be on this years Christmas card!!!!

Suho:* having mental breakdown*

Sehun:Out with the chest *takes shirt off

Suho: oh no not my babies …oh no …..Kris help the kids are stripping!!!Kris!!!

Lay: That’s right boys out with the chest

millie will be laughing forever because julia and christopher arm in arm shopping for SEXY ASS POSH CLOTHES can you imagine i think i have a stick in my eye i’m not crying you’re crying

(eventually it is roger’s turn and christopher and julia look at each other in glee like mvahahaha YOUR TURN NOW TO LOOK FAB while millie waves her dear son goodbye while he looks at her like 'why mum why’)

marianne and joe and the rest of the pinhoes think the Family up in That Castle have finally snapped but cat assures them it isn’t catching

marcijensen  asked:

Okay, I wanna be educated, so WHAT IN GALLIFREY ARE THE BOOKS OF BAYERN?

These beauties right here. They are the Book of Bayern. A lot of people dismiss them as stupid fairy tail want-to-bes, but they are far from it. Also the descriptions on the cover are shit they only describe the fist 60 page of per book. Now allow me to break it down book by book. (If my terminology it wrong I apologize. I haven’t read them since 7th grade)


This fab book follows the wonderful Yellow Woman Andori aka Ani aka Isi. She is a bamf and pure awesomeness. She is the princess of a small kingdom called Kildenree. When she was a baby her aunt taught her the language of birds, but her mom said it was inappropriate for a princess and it’s inferred the reason her aunt left is because the queen made her. Well for the rest of her childhood Ani is treated like a delicate fuck because one night after her aunt left and she was banished from visiting the goose pond Ani sneaks out and nearly dies of hypothermia next to said pond. The only time she’s not treated like a delicate flower is when she goes riding with her dad, but one day he falls off his horse cause he’s stupid and dies. At his funeral Ani’s ass hole mother announces that instead of Ani taking the throne like she was supposed to she is going to marry the Prince of Bayern, a monstrous country that could destroy Kildenree just by sneezing, and her bro Caleb will take the Kildenree throne instead. Now the thing is on Ani’s trip to Bayern a crazy person, who I will not name do to spoilers, attacks Ani’s party and takes Ani’s place as the princess. Ani escapes, but the imposter puts a bounty on her head so ANi is trying to get back her identity and kill the bitch that took it from her all while working as a goose keeper at the castle and trying to get back in touch with her bird speak ,and learning she can also speak wind like a pro. And that’s super awesome cause wind was a lost language.


This book right here is the best one. This book takes place a few months after the Goose Girl and follows Ani’s (who now goes by Isi) best friend and all around bamf Enna. Enna is back chillin at her home when her bro shows up with some crazy ass fire wood. Well the fire wood has got fire language written all over it and he reads it and can now control fire. He decides to be a medieval super hero and joins the army to fight the on coming war with Tira. Well he’s a dumb fuck and burns himself out by barbequing the enemies, thus barbequing himself. Liefer is very stupid. Well anyway Enna is like “Dumb brospeh what is wrong with you. What was so great about your secret fire stick anyway” and reads the stick herself. Well obviously she get’s the fire powers now, and the book is her trying to stop the war dealing with People Speaking dick rags (people who are very talented in getting people to do shit because they are basically super charismatic brain washers), and trying not to get burned from the inside out like her bro. READ IT!


THIS BOOK IS A RIOT BECAUSE RAZO IS THE LEAD! Razo is another old friend of Isi’s and Enna’s and happens to be a soldier for Bayern. This book follows him trying to hunt down a dick wad trying to sabotage the peace meeting between Tira  and Bayern to stop the war. HE also runs into super mega badass Dasha during this who is the Tiran ambassador. He learns that she speaks water like a bamf for once it’s the boy that is a love sick puppy and not the girl. Dasha ends up saving Razo’s ass multiple times and Razo get’s self esteem BECAUSE HECK YEAH THIS BOOK HAS VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS!


Then we have the finale installment, Forest Born. This one follows Rin who is Razo’s mega badass little sister who could probably kill anyone one and everyone except Enna cause Enna is the best Rin is having issues cause she used to seek comfort from the trees. She doesn’t know why but when she was younger she felt like she could almost understand them and they’d always reflect back her happiest thoughts, memories, and feelings to her. But then she pulled a dick move and now the tree’s make her feel like shit there’s no other way to put it. She figures getting a job at the castle with her bro Razo and his pals in the city away from the trees would help. but NO! Some bitch comes and kidnaps Isi’s adorable as fuck kid and the entire fucking group is crazed and more war almost starts and Rin saves everyone and finally the wicked bitch is gone because Rin saves the day! (There’s more to it but this is just me explaining it quickly trust me it’s fab)

In conclusion this series is great and wonderful. It never get’s the love it deserves and people really should love it. It’s great for people on tumblr because of the great  strong female leads in it. Men aren’t depended on and women take care of there own shit. Not to mention name a Frozen AU with different powers and you have four of them right here. READ THIS PERFECT SERIES!!! GIVE IT LOTS  OF LOVE! Please and thank you this was a PSA by Murray

trashdrawer  asked:

Houdi tbh which outfit of nazuna is your absolute favourite? /wiggles eyebrows ((I just discovered you and ur fab art i rly hope u dont mind me talking to you about enstars cos i love rabits too))


srsly all of them but I’m gonna rank them so I have an exCUSE TO SHOW OFF MY BABE OK OK.

1. Constellation Choir

2. Valkyrie

3. Tanabata and Faerie anD THE TOY BOX OUTFIT WHICH DIDN’T COME HOME EVEN THO HE WAS A 3* YOU KNO WHO CAME INSTEAD? EVERYONE ELSE and the youth radio outfit because 👌 👌

4. His Judgement outfit and marching band rest in pieces me

5. Everything else which im too lazy to put together cause Nazuna has like 500 billion cards why is he in like every event my son is too active