but they are all so pretty


+ Bonus Aaron hearteyes

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i feel like dan would be bashful meeting you bc hes been stalking your blog for months bc of the tea and gifs and to see you in person! his dream come true!

no fan meeting will ever be as iconic as anahita meeting dan and phil in 2015. but maybe dan would be happy because the only time i would ever see him would be to kill him


Less edited version of these icons

read terms before using


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day

This is super late because of exams and because I’m not fast but CONGRATS, Jack, for reaching 13 million subscribers!! Thank you for being such a beacon of positivity! :D


Yuri!!! on Ice Week ♢ Day 02 | Still Alive
option a: ladies appreciation