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If you ever have the opportunity to meet Wade, JUMP AT IT.

I was wandering around VidCon on the first day feeling uncomfortable and out of place when I spotted lordminion on the main hall floor and chalked the nerve up to say hello. 

I went in for a handshake. 

No hesitation, he went in for a hug. 

Wade changed the mood of the entire con. It felt like I found a friend in the masses. Suddenly I had a person to wave to when I needed something familiar to tide me over in craziness. The Maker booth, which was where I generally saw him most often, was a haven. I actually regret not speaking with him a little more, but that’s besides the point. 

Simply put, Wade’s a ball of derpy sunshine and he’s packed with nothing but warmth and insight. If you have the opportunity to meet him, DO IT. Ask him questions. Engage him. He’s an excellent human being and I’m happy that of my top favorites, he was the first I ever got to meet. I can’t wait to see him again at Pax.

Wade, if you happen to see this, thank you. You’re even more lovely than I thought you would be and I’m so happy I got to meet you!


breaking news: local egg gets comfy in a blanket!!! so cosy!!!

things the marvel fandom wants: a

1. clintnat
2. pietro lives
3. fitzsimmons
4. more bucky
5. lots of bucky
6. like just put him in every scene
7. black widow movie!!!!!
8. (not another spider-man movie!!!!!!!)
9. more female leads
10. more merchandise featuring female characters
11. refer to points #9 and #10
13. hayley atwell to be crowned queen of the marvel fandom
14. erase all br*cenat scenes from aou
15. stop mischaracterizing natasha romanoff
16. you know what just go ahead and let us take over the mcu
17. i think it’s a good idea
18. we have lots of qualifications
19. have you read the fanfics????
20. have you SEEN the fanart??????
21. we’re also great at casting
22. it’s a great idea really
23. also, clintnat

tbh I like the whole argument with Warren in the episode 4, run without agreeing with the movies with him and with kissing Chloe, because while some people bring up Warren because they see he’s really in love with Max, even Chloe sees it, you can shut down all of their arguments. When you talk to Kate in the hospital and she mentions Warren, you can say “No boys allowed” and she replies “You’re right”. I can’t remember how much Brooke brought up Warren but since they decided to go to the movies together, she’s been a lot more friendly. She’s really bubbly and talks a lot about her ‘date’ with him because she likes him a lot!! and she’s really happy!! so she’s obviously going to talk a lot about it, not just to Max, but we just see the conversation with Max, you know? And Max is happy for her, for them. Chloe mentions in ep 3 about Warren, but you can choose as Max to shut down that idea as well, plus Chloe genuinely texts Warren that he’s “out of the loop”.

And Warren. I love Warren. He texts Max about it and says “Now I know why you didn’t want to ‘Go Ape!’ with me. You should go with her”. He realizes that Max probably likes Chloe. He realizes that and he’s supportive and he wants Max happy. He never stops being a great friend, without pushing his boundaries. After the fight with Nathan, when Chloe tells him that they need to do what they’ve got to do alone, he’s obviously a little sad and worried, because this obviously looks so much bigger than any of them, but instead he just says that he’s glad to help in any way if he can. He doesn’t push them to bring him with them or tell him anything, he just wants to be helpful.

Max in her diary calls him her “White Knight”, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be romantic. He did jokingly use that term before, and he genuinely saved her and Chloe, twice now, from Nathan. He got a black eye (and probably a headache) by fighting Nathan Prescott for Max. I’d say he deserves the title of White Knight, and that doesn’t have to mean anything romantic. Some character might bring Warren up because it’s absolutely obvious he’s in love with her, but he respects her, and hell, he encourages her to be with Chloe.

I know people are worried about queerbaiting and making Warren the ‘nice guy that gets what he wants’ but he was never too pushy. When he texts her about still having the tickets and checking by call if she still didn’t want to go, it was to make sure that she knew that if she changed her mind, he’d be alright with it. Kate didn’t die in my playthrough, but I’ve seen people saying that he’s considerate in that case, texting something like “I understand if you don’t want to go to the movies anymore after what happened” (if you accepted, don’t know what happens if you don’t accept). It’s just his way of saying “hey, I know what happened was harsh, so if you want to call this out it’s cool and I totally understand, but if you also want to get your mind off things and still go I’m still cool with that too”.

I know that there’s still the possibility of queerbaiting and God I’m super scared of that, but what I’ve got from the game makes me think that that’s not going to be the case. I just hope I’m right, you know? I also want less Warren hate because he’s a great character.

“I did all you asked and I still love you." 

commission for xiexiecaptain ‘s fanfic Autumn Children 

I very much recommend you read this beautiful piece of literature, Zoe also did a podfic of it (also included in the link above) if you’re prefer listening to it OuO

if you want to commission me here’s the info post X  

(picture taken by Marv Watson)


this is long overdue and i’ve had to postpone it several times now but here it is…you guys have no idea how much i appreciate this and how awesome the support i get on here is. so thank you all so much!! i love you all very much.

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Wednesday Things

  • Lower humidity and cooler temperatures made for a pretty fantastic run this morning. The struggle to get out of bed is still happening, but I’m working on it. I’ve ran each morning before work so far this week. Baby steps.
  • I came into work gushing about how gorgeous it is outside (sunshine, cooler, etc) and how great my run was. My co-worker (who had gotten dressed to run the previous 2 mornings but deemed it too hot and humid and just got ready for work instead of running) said, “It’s still too hot to run.”
  • Um, what?? Are you crazy? No. It’s not. I wanted to shout at her “WHEN MOTHER NATURE HANDS YOU 64 DEGREES AND LOWER HUMIDITY, YOU GO FOR A RUN!!” Mornings like this make me all giddy. Endorphins. Go get some.
  • Lessons I’ve learned: Rio is not a good running partner in the morning. She’s too sleepy to want to run at 6am. She flat out refused to go with me this morning. So we run in the evenings. This way I’m doing 2-a-days. So that’s good, I guess?!
  • I’m going shopping at the mall after work. 50-60% off sales at all the stores means I at least need to go look, right?? :)

Have a great hump day friends!

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Get to know me meme[2/5] music videos → Echo by Girls’ Generation

“It’s a crime to be clueless
No matter how much I shout in my mind
I can’t hear it because it’s part of the penalty
But it’s not easy to give up either.“