but they all get si angry about it

ENFP x INFP joys

-shouting about politics

-shouting about social justice

-shouting about unscientific nonsense

-a lot of shouting and getting angry together, it’s awesome xD

-cheering each other up with Ne when topics get too depressing

-understanding all the high Ne/Fi and lower Te/Si things

-totally ignorant of time and space

-random topic jumping and no one cares

-inspiring each other with Ne and Fi

-basically the ultimate catalyst team

-starting a sentence at the same moment and then stopping with laughter

-making plans for a better world

-interrupting the other with uncontrollable laughter, because that Ne-image is just too funny

-mbti, mbti, everything is mbti

-”Wait a moment - how did we get to this?”

As always, all non-exclusive and subjective.:) Based on real-life experience with @gakuenkaoru.<3

I know one thing though. Nobody better ever never again complain about the Crew. I’m saying this so hard. I’m serious. I better not receive one anon about the damn Crew no more. Y'all wanna talk about aggy? Last night was completly uncalled for. You gotta let people do shit in peace, you think their shit is wack? Let it be. It’s not your shit. Some comments are to be kept to yourself. Also, don’t get angry at comments everyone make them all the time. Nobody should be shook by comments. The whole purge thing was okay, that’s their idea. If you wanted to join in, sis. Y'all should’ve asked them instead of sending anons. Y'all be dumb tight for what? If you not joining you wanna hate. Mad wild. The whole fight was stupid as fuck and let’s not bring it in today. Let them do whatever the fuck they want. It’s nobody else business. But, also if you going to do your shit. Do your shit and fuck what everyone has to say. Everyone want to be a part of everything like no. You can’t always. Either join them or just go mind your business. Stop letting your friends hype you up to make you look a fool of yourself. Remember. We hate all of you!


Gif source:  Wade  |  Steve

Imagine being Deadpool’s little sister and having a love/hate relationship with Steve and when Wade finds out about this, he decides to put the ‘Star Spangled Superdouche’ (in Wade’s own words) in his place and make him confess his real feelings for you.

——— Request for anon ———


“There’s that Captain America voice that gets my sis all hot and bothered! Can’t say I blame her. Very domineering.”

“W-Wilson! What do you think you’re doing?” Steve screams back over the sound of Wade’s bullets rattling off of his shield, despite the angry blush that’s now coming to his cheeks. “Stop shooting at me!”

“I’ll stop when you admit you’ve got a thing for her. I am sick and tired of watching the two of you run around in circles,” Wade accentuates his statement by shooting in a circular motion around the shield, “pretending to be annoyed one second then giving each other the bedroom eyes the next.”

“I don’t wanna’ fight you, Wade,” Steve’s frown deepens as his blush grows, “but I will if you don’t stop firing.”

“Aw, just come on, you Star-Spangled Superdouche!” Wade huffs, pausing in his shooting when he hears the gun click empty. Steve glances over the top edge of his shield just in time to see Wade reloading his gun. “Why does my sister always fucking pick the stubborn ones?”

“Alright! Alright! I admit it!”

Alister/Amelda (YuGiOh) ISTJ

Alister is one of my favourite characters in Yugioh and I feel he is often over looked, these are my thoughts on his cognitive functions

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