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Do you think Zack's bfs would play DnD with him if he asked? If so, how would they react to the request and the actual game? Who would demand to be the Dungeon Master?

I’d think Zack got into it playing with some of his friends in SOLDIER. But he was too embarrassed to admit it so he just called it his night off to his boyfriends. After they added Cloud, Zack tentatively invited him into the group and Cloud loved it, loved that he got to be a nerd and no one really poked fun at him for it. The other guys loved that Cloud was just a little shit, it made game night way more fun. 

It was Cloud’s idea for he and Zack to play with the others. Zack was still nervous, but agreed when Cloud suggested that he teach Sephiroth how it worked. “He likes fantasy stories like this, he’d love it.” Sephiroth was intrigued, but took it a little too seriously. He asked Genesis help him refine his character. Angeal found them arguing over it…and there was no more hiding it, but the good news was that they were all on board for it. 

Zack’s character is a human Fighter named Zinnalyssa Falconflight. Cloud is a Half-Elf Rogue called Crueak Stormwing. Genesis is a Wizard Human named Lord Graroar Moonshadow the Conqueror, and yes they have to address him by that full name every single time. Angeal is a Dwarven Defender called Alimorel Goldbludgeon the Wise. Sephiroth, after a lot of comtemplation and planning, decided upon elf paladin Stoiries Silentread Lightning-Bearer. These characters they use when making their own campaigns. Sometimes they play in some fantasy world they’ve read and just use the characters from the books. 

Genesis insisted on being Dungeon Master at first. He was fine at it, but he had to be taught to share. After everyone got a chance, they all (Genesis included) decided Sephiroth was the best DM. He came up with the best campaigns and didn’t get mad when they went off script or made a game that was supposed to last a few hours take about 20 minutes. Seph always has a backup plan too. 

After Zack and Cloud, Sephiroth loves D & D the most. It’s like making or reliving his favorite stories. Seph likes the funny campaigns the most, where his plans get ruined. He laughs a lot. Gen tends to take it a bit too seriously, but he likes it. Angeal wasn’t sure at first, he didn’t know what the point was, but the others all liked it so he made the effort. He admitted it was a nice way to spend time together. After becoming the big hero of one game he decided he liked it. The dice liked him that day. 

Mini PLL/Emison Theory

I think that obviously Ezra is AD.. so I think we are going to get all the way to the wedding part and find out Ezra is AD and then Aria realizes she can’t marry him or something happens.. they don’t want to waste the wedding and since everyone is already there Emily is like I don’t want to waste anymore time and asks Ali if they want to get married right then and there.. I think that would be a shocking Emison moment.. BOOM.. I would love it

Magnus with or without make up is a beautiful man….but I wonder if anyone would recognize him if he didn’t? Just for one day. Like, walk in the cabinet meeting with no make up on. Because…obviously Clary knew him in the Inverted World, but that ad mentioned his name, so it doesn’t count. They look so damn different, but not, you know? I just need to see Alec say,“You are beautiful in every way, Magnus.”

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Wait, we already have a picture of Aria's wedding dress? So that does mean her and Erza get married, and I doubt she'd marry him if he was AD?. Can you please link the photo of the dress? x.

It’s not confirmation she gets married, just her in her wedding dress.


Chapter 1: first you get close, then you get worried…

can’t believe I actually finished a chapter of a fic and i’m posting it?? amazing, huge shoutout to @kentvparsin​ for reading this over & not blocking me after the millions of texts i sent them

title is from “first” by the Cold War Kids

disclaimer: all emails & numbers in this fic were completely made up by me 

read on ao3 here!

     When Alexei’s roommate moves out to live with his girlfriend, he quickly finds out that he can’t afford is apartment by himself for very long. So, when he puts an ad out in the paper, his highest expectations are a roommate that leaves him with a messy home but still pays rent on time. What he gets is Kent Parson. Kent emailed him about his ad almost right as he posted it. Now, Alexei isn’t dumb, he likes hockey and he watches it often. He lives in Providence, for god sakes, if he wasn’t into hockey, he’d be run out of town. He heard about Kent’s injury when he was watching ESPN after work one night, he didn’t watch the Aces game the night before but they kept playing replays of Kent’s injury over and over again. Kent though, was back on the ice within a few weeks and Aces management and Kent himself assured everyone that he was fine to play. Then, one night during a Aces v. Kings game, Kent just collapsed on the ice. No one was around him, he was barely on the ice for a minute at the start of the second period. The refs blew the whistle, players and staff rushed over to him. Alexei was on the edge of his seat, waiting to see if Parson got up by himself. With the help of players and trainers, Kent eventually was able to stand up, even if he was using Troy for support the whole time off the ice. It was announced a few weeks later through Aces PR that Kent would be retiring due to an injury. Even though Alexei was never a big Aces fan, he was still crushed for the team and Kent. After the announcement, there was radio silence from Kent on all of his social media, even his cat’s instagram. So when Kent emailed him about his apartment, Alexei was surprised to say the least, mainly because the email he received did not sound like how he thought Kent would:

Kent Parson < kvparson@gmail.com >

to me:


I saw your ad about needing a roommate. I’m clean, wouldn’t be in your way or anything. I’m capable of giving you rent money for months well in advance. I need a place to stay to try and get back on my feet. I do have a cat, though, so if that is a problem, please let me know. Please contact me by either email or phone, either is fine by me.


Kent Parson



      Alexei read the email over and over again, he thought that maybe it was a prank, but then again why would it be? It would be a weird prank to pull on someone who has no connection to Parson at all.  After a few minutes of thinking, he decided to email back.:

Alexei Mashkov < mashkov.alexei@gmail.com >

to Kent Parson:

Hello Kent!

The cat is no problem, I’m not allergic but is smaller apartment so she might  not   have a lot of room to run around ((, but if that is no problem, then we can meetup to talk about rent and moving in!

Have good day! ))


    After sending the email, he debated taking down the ad, but decided to leave it up incase this was just some person messing with others. He closed the tab that had his email open so he wasn’t tempted to keep refreshing it as he was waiting for a response. He opened his school email instead, he had a few parents to email about their students performance in class and decided to get the drafts done now so he can send them out on Monday. Even though many friends and family thought his choice to move to America and become a high school teacher, of all things, was silly and stupid, he still did it. As soon as he got his degree, he moved out to America and got his teaching certificate at the first university that would let him. Alexei moved from state to state, trying to find a high school that would hire him. He eventually found a job at a high school in Providence that would pay him a decent amount for being a first time teacher. He loved teaching and he loved teaching history to his students, he loved when they got interested and asked questions. He loved his job even when he had problem students, like Jeremy from his fifth period class, he never paid attention or handed in his homework. The email he was typing out would be the third one to his parents, this time he’s hoping that they can get together for a parent-teacher conference. Alexei sighed, he finished his emails up pretty quickly, he was lucky that he didn’t have too many problem students. He shut his laptop and stretched, he looked over at the pile of ungraded papers from his senior history class and groaned, he really did not want to touch those yet. He was saved when his phone rang and was able to talk to his mother for a little.

Once he was off the phone, it was nearing late-lunch time, he talked to his mother for longer than he thought but it felt good to talk to her again. Deciding he can’t grade on a empty stomach, he gathers the ingredients for his lunch. As Alexei let his food cook, he checked his phone, scrolling through all his social media. He checked his email too and found a reply from Kent in his inbox:

Kent Parson <kvparson@gmail.com>

to me:


My cat will be fine, she’s older so she doesn’t run as much as she used to and if she wants to, she’ll find a way. Want to meet up at Bittle’s Bakery on fourth street around 3:30pm? Sorry it’s such short notice, I can work around your schedule.

Let me know,


Alexei flicks his eyes up to the time on his phone, it was almost two now and Kent sent the email around noon. He quickly typed a reply and hit send:

Alexei Mashkov <mashkov.alexei@gmail.com>

to Kent Parson:

Yes! Works for me, here is my number so we can message faster ))


See you soon!


He finishes up what was cooking of his lunch and packs it up, he figures he can eat it at another time. He freshens up and changes, Bittle’s Bakery was in center city and would take Alexei about fifteen minutes to walk there, he would drive but it’s a weekend and Alexei would like to save himself some frustration. He tries to clean up the apartment before he leaves, incase Kent wants to come back and see it in person. Alexei gets distracted in cleaning that he doesn’t realize that it’s almost 3:20 and he’s rushing out the door.

It’s about 3:35 by the time he gets to the bakery, he checks his phone seeing that Kent texted him four minutes ago, telling him where he’s sitting. He scans the bakery, it’s pretty crowded, but Alexei was able to spot Kent sitting in the back towards the kitchen and Alexei rushes over to him.

“Hello, sorry I’m late, got distracted cleaning and not realize time. I’m Alexei.” He sits down in the chair across from Kent, giving him a soft smile.

Kent gives him a small smile back, “It’s alright, man. I’m Kent, nice to meet you.” Kent fiddles with his phone in his hand, spinning it and flipping it around different ways while looking around the bakery, like he’s waiting for someone to pop out.

Alexei doesn’t mention it. “So with splitting rent, it will be seven-hundred and fifty each month, is that okay? I’m pay directly to landlord so you give me the money each month.”

Kent nods, “Yeah, that’s fine, what do I have to sign?”

Alexei gives Kent the run down on the forms and things he’ll have to send to the landlord of his apartment. “Do you want to see apartment? Is not far from here.”

Kent shook his head, “Nah it’s alright, you seem like a cool guy and I doubt it’s gross. I got the idea from the pictures you had.” Alexei wasn’t going to argue with him, so he gave Kent the landlord’s name and email. Before he left, he told Kent to call him if he needed help and when he got everything settled. Kent said his thanks and smiled as Alexei left.

About a week later, Kent was moving in the last of his stuff into the apartment. It was a little crazy moving him, since the first thing he did was move his cat in, making sure she was comfortable. Kent didn’t have as much stuff as Alexei thought he would, he had his own mattress and furniture but not many personal items, he figured he would have more being Kent Parson, but Alexei realized you can’t judge someone based off how they appear in the media.

The first night Kent is officially moved in and settled, Alexei tries to make him feel welcome. He asked him if he wanted to get take out with him and watch a movie, but Kent declined, saying he was tired and still had more boxes to unpack in his room. Alexei smiled and told him if he needed help to come get him. Kent retreated to his new room in response, Kit following him and Kent closed the door once Kit was in.

Alexei got take out for himself and graded papers while he ate, he was worried about Kent but it wasn’t his place to, maybe Kent had just wanted to be roommates and didn’t want to be friends with Alexei. His worrying didn’t stop when he was getting ready for bed and heard Kent on the phone, obviously upset and crying to whoever he was on the phone with. Alexei tried to keep to himself and not worry, but it was hard when the next morning, Kent looked like he never went to bed and just gave Alexei a weak smile as he passed his room when he went to the bathroom.

Alexei tried not to worry, but he’s never been very good at it.

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2/27 for the kylo request thing ? :)

Author: imaginesxreaders
Warnings: lil angsty, mostly floof
Prompt #27: “I love you, you asshole.”


It had been so long, 88 days. You pretended you weren’t counting, but as you stepped into your living space through the thick metal doors, the numbers added up in your head. He said not to expect for him to return. You had to pretend that you agreed to not think about the harsh thumps of his metal boots that hit the cold hard floor each time he came to find sanctuary in your arms. You had lied, saying that you wouldn’t miss the warm skin of his calloused hands running through your hair.

But you lay awake amidst the cold metal of your bedroom, the silk sheets wrapped around you. You were so close to sleep, one thought away from drifting into the calmness of sleep.

But the metal doors closed with a slam, an echo that bounced around your metal quarters rather violently. The ache in Ren’s his jaw grew noticed from the clench of his teeth. The pain in his back throbbing from the heavy weight of his helmet. His neck stretched out as his gloved fingers jumbled with the buttons below his jaw, a hiss sounding as the grips released form his mask before he grew it across the room with a loud clang.

You stare at Ren’s haunting figure against the hallway wall, dark and elevated as he paced through the living space. His menacing shadow dragged across the floor with heavy steps with tired, dreary eyes. His chest heaved. The air in his lungs dry and cold. And although Ren was more than exhausted, the hum in his ears and the ache in his palms still appeared, the force pounding through his veins.

He felt your heartbeat rise, the covers pull against your body as you sat up to listen to the sound of his thick boots pound against the metal floor. You removed yourself from the warm comfort of your bed. He could feel the chill run up your legs as your feet met the cold floor, making your way towards the doorframe.

There he was. As he fumbled with his tunic he struggled to remove the black, thick fabric. His chest moved rapidly, his breathing through the dampness of his teeth. He growled as he finally removed his tunic and tossed it across the room with a growl. So there he stood in his black tank top, the dampness of his skin clinging to the thin fabric.

His hands gripped his lightsaber at his waistband. The thick metal stinging the palms of his hands as he gripped it harshly. Pulling it from the safety of his waist, he ignited it. The hum echoing across the room, the crackling light casting a shadow over his prominent face. His chest arose and deflated slowly, his nostrils flaring as a sudden eruption poured into the empty slot of his memory. With a cry, his lightsaber flew across the room to meet the viewport window. He screamed, a violent, deep sob that vibrated through his chest. The ache in his back grew noticed and he winced. The lump in his throat and the soreness of his eyes causing his breath to become short spurts of air.

Suddenly, his ears hummed and his heartbeat grew thicker. You were near.

His head shot towards the doorway where you stood in your nightgown, the fabric clinging to your body. His eyes met yours as they were swollen and red. He ran to you. His body colliding with yours as his swollen lips met the nape of your neck.

His arms wrapped around your torso tightly, his finger inching towards your hair as he took in the smell of your freshly washed hair. Your head rested against his chest, his uneven breaths growing noticed as it vibrated against your face. Ren swallowed thickly, glancing to the viewport with dark eyes. He looked back to you an suppressed his seething breaths.

“You didn’t even send a message.” you blinked, tears filling your eyes as your head lay against his chest. “You were gone so long, I missed you so much and you promised me you’d send a message.” you looked up at him. His lips parted. His gaze falling from you to the floor.

“I love you, you asshole.” you say, your voice echoing through the walls as it rang in Ren’s ears.

“I was so cold. I w-” he cut your strained voice off as his chapped lips smacked against yours. His long fingers pulling your hair near the end of your scalp at the back of your head. Your back met the harsh metal of the doorframe, your back straining into the flat surface as he pushed his hips onto yours.

You gave into the heat of him, your lips in time with him own, his managing figure melting into yours.

His lips pulled away from yours, moving to your left ear as he gripped your torso. “Show your gratitude to your commander.” he whispered. Although his words where a slight whisper in your ear, you quivered against him as you melted into his thick arms.


Y'all this is unedited af and longer than I wanted it to be. But I hope you enjoyed it and please continue to send me some numbers for drabbles in my bio! (drabble request numbers in previous posts)

@cherik-trash-pile here is your “There! Right There!” au. Warning: I did not edit this because I’m a lazy ass and I’m doing this on mobile (also because I’m a lazy ass)

“There! Right there!” Raven exclaimed and pointed out the window. Charles and Erik were outside training while she and the others slacked off in their distraction.
Darwin looked to where she pointed. “What am I supposed to be seeing?” he asked.
“This is what I’ve been talking about,” Raven explained excitedly. “Look at Erik’s tan! His chin stubble! He’s totally gay!”
Hank glanced up from his book and asked, “Since when does stubble and a tan indicate homosexuality?”
“It’s rude to make assumptions based on appearance,” Moira chimed in. “But he does wear perfume every day.”
Sean stifled a laugh and Alex punched him before adding his opinion: “He does pay a lot of attention to his looks.”
“Well,” Hank hedged. “I believe we’re seeing the eternal paradox; is he gay–”
“Of course,” Raven said.
Hank continued without acknowledging the interruption, “–Or is he European?”
Everyone sat back to take this new possibility into consideration.
“That’s a tough one,” Darwin murmured and glanced at Alex.
“Hey don’t look at me!”
“There’s a different mindset in Europe,” Moira said, thinking aloud.
“Don’t they kiss in greeting?” Sean asked.
Angel slumped back against the couch with a groan. “This could take weeks to figure out.”
“I think he waxed his chest,” Raven piped up.
Angel sat up suddenly. “There!” She pointed at Erik. “That smirk! I’ve seen that look every day at work. He’s gotta be straight.”
“Hey, Raven, didn’t you tell me he came onto you the other day?” Moira asked.
“Oh. Shit, you’re right.”
“They’re coming back,” Alex warned.
Sean stood up and shoved his hands in his pockets with a sly grin on his face. “Leave it to me, guys.” And with that he strolled out of the room to intercept Charles and Erik in the hallway.
Everyone rushed to the door to listen as discreetly as possible.
“Hey Erik,” they heard Sean say. “How’d the training go?”
“What’s your last name again?”
A pause. “Lehnsherr.”
“And what’s your boyfriend’s name?”
Raven jumped out of the doorway. “Aha!”
“Raven?” Charles blinked.
Erik balked at her sudden appearance before realizing exactly what he had just revealed. “I misunderstood!” he denied. “I thought you said best friend.” Now Charles’s confusion turned to Erik, who repeated, “Charles is my best friend.”
“Really, Erik?” Charles laughed. “I’m not going to cover for you any more. Moira? Children? You can stop hiding. Come on out, I have an announcement.”
After exchanging a few looks of trepidation, the tiptoed out into the hallway.
“This man,” Charles continued with a chuckle, “is gay and European.” He turned to Erik, ignoring Raven’s fist pump. “We’re all family here, Erik. There’s no need to hide.”
“But I’m straight,” Erik protested weakly.
Charles laughed, long and loud. “You were not yesterday.”
“Ew,” Raven held up her hands to ward off any further information. “You can stop now.”
Charles smiled and held hands with Erik, who smiled back with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

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Dear admin, I would like to request Yuta for the relationship from his POV series. Thank you very much

sure, added him to the list!

My thoughts on the Prompto DLC [Spoilers warning!]

Um…so, why couldn’t they make the rest of the game like this????????

Like, I get the open world would make it a bit harder. But Episode Prompto has so many good cutscenes, and it created a really good atmosphere. The music was on point. The fighting alright I guess, but it for sure made the story feel more personal.

yeah, the whole plot doesn’t have much behind it, but creating the right set up, and making it feel and be different is what creates a good story.

It didn’t change my feelings towards Prompto at all, because of the fact that this development doesn’t reflect on the rest of the game. BUT it did make me feel closer to him, and it made a good story and added content.

Overall, I give it a mashed potato out of a potato.

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I desperately want Ezra to be AD, but sadly I don't think he will be. But, if he's not AD, I really need him to be called out for all the shit he's pulled over the series. Not immediately be forgiven by Aria, not have the stuff he's done be brushed away. I need his manipulative, emotionally abusive, stalker ass to be questioned, yelled at, punished, etc. He doesn't deserve to just get away with all the dodgy, illegal things he's done. He shouldn't get a happy ending. Especially not with Aria.

Same. Like him bringing it up and using it as a “storm” they’ve “weathered” is bullshit and it’s not the same as him taking any kind of responsibility for what he did. I really need this to happen, like remember when Spencer said she needed a win – on an existential level? That is my win that I need. I need to know that not all men get away with that shit. I need it so badly right now honestly and the worst part is knowing it likely won’t happen

i missed the bus twice and i met this dude. told me he loves big booty brazilian girls. added him on facebook. then he gave me a dollar. never seen him again.

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Okay so I want to start off by saying that, before I continue, i swear i'm not trying to bypass the no smut rule or be like that anon, and if it seems like it, i'm really really realllyyy sorry. I just want to know what a day at the beach with their s/o would be like with Draal and Jim. With no mention of them getting.. like... turned on? I guess? Because that stuff makes me gag. It's gross in my opinion.

dont worry anon there’s a huge difference between “GIVE ME AN ANIME BEACH EPISODE!!!” and “lol wut if bikini and u had huge tits” ur good and ily

also disclaimer: im assuming jim’s/toby’s s/o is HIS AGE, and draal’s is an adult

also also: anon sent another message saying they forgot to add toby so i’m just adding him here


Draal would FUCKING HATE THE BEACH. It’s SANDY, he’s already eroding- and don’t you know trolls can’t swim?! He sits as far away from the water as possible, and gets personally offended if you splash any water on him.

Jim would honestly enjoy the beach. No more worrying about fighting, no practicing. Just relaxing! He’s that kid who enjoys swimming the entire time, and you often have to remind him to put on sunscreen.

Toby would love the idea, but as soon as he gets out in the heat? Nope. Nuh-uh, he’s going home. He burns like a lobster, and he can’t even swim that well. He does enjoy building sand castles with you, though!



Lance, you killed him

(Lance cradling Keith version!)